Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 2 - Hardball - full transcript

Flashbacks reveal how far Olivia was willing to go to win the election.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So, tonight on behalf
of the 160 million mothers,

sisters, granddaughters,

and anyone else
who has been made to feel

that there are doors
in this world

that they don't have
the keys to,

I gladly accept
the Republican nomination

for President
of the United States.

Are you...

Are you crying?

I'm not crying.

You're embarrassing us.

Thank you, everybody,
but this is not my night.

This is your night, our night.

We made this campaign together,

so now
let's make history together.

How'd it play?

Could not have gone
any better from my perspective.

Yeah, his perspective
was through tears.

Shut up.

You cried?

Well, I think
that's beautiful.
I couldn't help it.

You killed it.

No response yet
from the Vargas campaign,

but we need to be prepared.

Told you so.

Thank you.


Be careful.


Marcus... I see
the way he looks at you.

Oh, come on.
He's not looking at me.

He doesn't look at me.
How does he look at me?


He's young, he admires you,
he works for you.


It's just very flattering.

I can be flattered, right?

You can.

Knees together.

Olivia, obviously.
My God.

I want to be absolutely clear.

You're clear.
Graphic and clear.

I've been where you are.

I am aware.

And we don't have time for it.

I am not you or Fitz, so...

you have nothing to worry about.

Okay. Good.


Frankie Vargas has been shot.

Literally killed for this job.

I know you killed him,
and I'm going to prove it.

I have some information.

I don't know who to talk to,

but this is...
Oh, my God.

It was Cyrus Beene.

He killed Frankie Vargas.

It's the only voicemail

that went missing
from the FBI tip line.

Less than a day later,
her cabin exploded.

Liv, you were with me
in the hospital

the night of the assassination.

You saw Cyrus.

You saw
how grief-stricken he was.

Just because he killed
Frankie doesn't mean he
didn't feel bad about it.

We have a suspect in custody.

Nelson McClintock?
Nelson McClintock is a patsy.

The evidence against him
is overwhelming.


Then why haven't you
charged him yet, David?

Has he confessed?

Has he?
We're still
working on it.

Of course you are,
because he's innocent!

What else
do you want me to do, Liv?

I sent the FBI out to the cabin.

There was no evidence.

You sent a couple of scrubs
out there!

Actually, he sent the director.

And I brought
an elite ERT unit with me.

We've been out there
for the past 15 hours.

Director Webster.

I didn't know.

I didn't mean any offense,

Is it obvious?

Have you found anything
at that cabin

to tie this woman's death
to Cyrus Beene?

No, Mr. President.

And based on what you've seen,

do you consider Cyrus Beene
a suspect

in the assassination
of Frankie Vargas?

No, Mr. President.

But you're not done looking.

Yes, she is!
Mr. President...

I am not
investigating Cyrus Beene

based on a tip line and
a blown-up cabin in the woods.

I'm not.

I went on television, Liv,
stood next to the man,

told the American people that
he was their next president.

That was a mistake.

Who told me to do that?!

The election is over, Liv.

And so is this meeting.
Thank you all for coming.

Frankie Vargas' funeral
is tomorrow.

I want this case locked down.

That won't stop Liv.

As long as she still believes

she has a shot at the Oval
with Mellie, any shot...

I'll take care of Mellie.

You make sure
we get that confession.

I didn't do it.

Yes, you've made
your position clear, Nelson.

The thing is, though,
the evidence we have...

It paints a different picture.

Like your
social-media presence.

We have several tweets here
that have made it quite clear

that you were not a very big fan
of Frankie Vargas.

Tweets like, "Get that
dumb Mexican off my television.

♪ PutHimDown."

We also have your prints on,
well, everything...

Gun, the roof
from which it was fired,

the elevator
leading up to that floor.

It's more than enough proof
to get a conviction.

Now, there is a way
to avoid all this.

What is this?

That, my friend,
is an agreement.

Confess to the killing
of President-Elect Vargas,

and we'll repay that honesty

by taking the death penalty
off the table.

You'll live a long
and healthy life

as a ward of the United States
federal prison system.

What do you say?

If I could just confer
with my client for a moment.

Give me that.

Can you read that okay?

It's a less polite way
of saying go have sexual
intercourse with yourself.


It's Mr. McClintock,
as in my parents

came to America
before yours did, David Rosen.

If you think I'm gonna confess
to a crime I didn't commit,

you are sorely, sorely mistaken.

Take me back to my cell!

I am done talking.

That bastard.

So he's just gonna let Cyrus
sashay into the White House.

"Here's the keys
to the residence, Cy."

We'll nail Cyrus without them.

Jennifer's a loose thread.

We'll pull on that
and see where it takes us.

Hold on.
Quinn. Quinn.

Get down to Jennifer's cabin.

Get every piece of evidence
you can find from the explosion

before the FBI packs it up...

They're shutting down
the investigation any second,

so now.
Right now.

On it.
We're on it.

I'm reminded of a movie

where two women
drive off a cliff together.

We can do this, Mellie.

Do not despair.
Where are you, anyway?

White House.

Fitz said Teddy's been
asking for me, so motherhood.

We'll drink later.

What the hell is going on?


Sit down.
I am not...

Sit... down.

You too.

You two
need to talk.

Ways to avoid the implosion
of the United States of America.

We are at a crossroads,
and the fact that no one knows

who will be sitting
in the Oval in January

isn't exactly helping,

so I'm gonna need the two of you
to come up with a way,

a plan, a compromise
to get us out of this mess.

You think you can do that?

Do you think you can do that?!



Get it done.


Go ahead.


You're gonna kill me, right?

I'm assuming that's your plan.

Am I in the right position?

I'm not sure
how you normally do this.

I can lean my head forward
if that's easier.

I want to make you an offer.

I want you
to join my administration

as Vice President
on a unity ticket.

I know.

It's not the job you wanted.

But this isn't the job
I wanted, either.

But I want to do whatever I can

to try
to bring this country together.

Vice President?

So... I'm supposed to
serve you?

I'm supposed to allow you
to just walk away

with a job
that I have worked for,

I have bled for, I was born for,
because why?

You just...
You asked nicely?

It's not because you deserve it.

It's not because you earned it.

It is certainly not
because you are

by any stretch of
the imagination equipped for it.

You were never
a candidate, Cyrus.

Frankie was.
I was.

I still am, not you.

And if you think
the only presidential candidate

left in this election
is gonna get down on her knees

and be a good little girl
for you,

the man who tried
to murder his way into the Oval,

you better think again.

Look at me, Mellie.

Look at me.

I had nothing to do
with Frankie's death.



And despite everything
Olivia's telling you right now,

at some point
along the way here,

you're gonna realize
I'm telling you the truth,

and then
you're gonna feel terrible

about the chaos you will have
helped create in this country.

I'm not...

the bad guy here, Mellie.

Not this time, at least.

This time, she is.

60 feet?

And six inches,

but that's if
you're throwing from the mound.

From here,
it's more like 51 feet.

Why am I doing this again?

Would you say you have a problem
with white male voters?

I can make a stronger appeal
to them, yes.

Well, they actually
still watch baseball.

And throwing out the first pitch
at Nationals Park

is a good way
to make a strong appeal.

In two weeks?

You can do this.

You have me.

I'm gonna teach you
everything I know.

I'm rich.
You know that, right?

We could afford a professional
to teach me how to do this.

I can see why
you don't have many friends.

I am just sure
you have better things to do

with your night off.

I can't think of anything
better than this.

Can you?


Are you gonna teach me
to throw that thing or what?

Let's go.

Show me how you grip it.

That'll work.

So, lob...

or heat?


That's my girl.

It's all in the hips.

You're gonna turn sideways

and point that hip
directly towards the plate.

Like this?




I got to go.


I'll see you tomorrow.

Look, Mellie...

See you in the morning!

Laptop. Score.

Hey, should I call your dad?

You know,
permission and all that.

What? No.

Who's gonna walk you
down the aisle?

Let's get out of here.

I've been thinking
the courthouse, or what?

You know, just...

All evidence goes in here.



Is this about that dead girl
in the cabin?

I hear Liv's
on a war path about it.

It's actually about
Nelson McClintock.

We have enough evidence
to prove he pulled the trigger,

but we still have to prove
he acted alone.

And until we can make
the argument convincingly,

this case stays open.

Okay, I'm not sure
how the NSA can help

beyond what we've already done,

I'm not looking
for the NSA's help, Jake.

I'm looking for yours.


Help me slam the book shut
on this

and the election is over...

And by "over," I mean over.

Everyone can move on.

I thought you might
be interested in that.

Am I wrong?

What kind of help do you need?


What are you doing here?

I was, uh...
There was a...

With Teddy just now,
there was a thing.

You all right?

Yes, of course.

Also, stop doing that.

Doing what?

Coming up to me
with your concern.

You don't
get to do that anymore.

Come on.

You didn't choose me.

Nobody does.

Strike one.

Senator Grant brings the heat
to Nationals Park

and to her political...

Sending that first pitch...

Every channel.
You missed your calling.

What a rush.

I'm still... Those guys
get to do that every day?

I particularly love the way

you brushed the dirt
off your shoulder afterwards.

This calls for a drink!

This is the good stuff.

The unmarked mayonnaise jar
gives it away.



We might win this thing.

I should go.


I should work on that speech.

Good job today.






Don't go.

Oh, you did it?

I have every mission
that Charlie has ever been on.

I know.
That's what I asked for.

I don't know
if it's a good idea.

I mean, you know who Charlie is.
You know what he's capable of.

What good comes from
reading all the gory details?

You can't just get married
without doing due diligence.
I need to know everything.

Okay, people. The
White House is sticking to
their lone-gunman theory.

We need major evidence

to counter their narrative
and show Cyrus' guilt.

What do we know about this girl?

Jennifer Fields, our victim.

Left a voicemail
on the FBI tip line,

blown up
in a cabin in the woods.

28, videographer
for the Vargas campaign.

Followed Frankie all day,
every day.

Probably captured
over 3,000 hours of footage.

We need that footage.

There's nothing on the cloud.

There was a laptop at the scene.

Kind of burned up, but
there could be footage on it.

We had our hands on it
at the cabin,

but unfortunately,
the feds nabbed it from us.

Then nab it back.

That footage is our only hope.
Let's go, people.

I apologize.

I was out of line

questioning your authority
in the Oval Office.

No, I'm the one
who was out of line.

No, it was me,

which is why
I'm paying for drinks tonight.

I insist.

Look at us.
All grown up.

Look at you.

The FBI.
How is it?

Well, I'm the boss,
so, you know,

no one's gonna actually comment,

but, you know, I get the look.

The usual
"How did you get here" glance.

I love the glance.

And the "You must be
in the wrong place" smile.

"The service entrance
is in the back" handshake.


Angela drives a nice ride.

I'm in.

Well, I'm glad that
you're here. The President
is lucky to have you.



Oh, no.

Liv, no.

I would never, ever.

You know that.

You and I go back!

I respect you.

I mean...

President Grant is very...




But no,
nothing has happened between us.


And it's important to me
that you know that.


And nothing ever will.

Unless you give me
the green light.

Got a print?

Sending it now.

If it's not okay,

if you still have feelings
for him,

the two of you are still......

Just say the word.


No, you should ask him out.

I should?

You think?


If he says yes, of course.

Charlie, I need that case file.

As fast as I can, Robin.

If you want to take a shot,

good for you.

Go for it.

♪ I like the sound
of funky music ♪

Yeah. Great.

Got it.

Case file 496-758329.


case file 496-758329.

Director Webster
needs it up here ASAP.

So, McClintock.

I'm sorry.

You know
I can't talk about the case.

Where the hell have you been?

Do you have any idea
how much trouble you're in?

I, um...
We just got the order.

You just got it?

Okay, listen.

I would turn and walk...
No, run

in the opposite direction
before the Director sees you,

'cause, man, she is pissed.

I'm sorry. I need
to get back to the office.

Angela, wait.


I-I just want
to say that...


That I'm really glad
we got to talk.

It was really good
seeing you, Liv.

Director Webster.

You can drop the fake deference,
especially since

you're interrogating my suspect
without authorization.

With all due respect,
I don't need your authorization.

I'm acting
on behalf of the White House.

I got here as fast as I could.
What's the emergency?

There's no emergency.

I need an injunction
against Abby Whelan.

She's jeopardizing the integrity
of my investigation.

Whatever's going on here,

I'm sure we can come up
with a non-litigious solution.

Knock yourselves out.

I'm gonna go check in
with my suspect.

I'm sorry.
You can't go in there.

Abby, she's the Director
of the FBI.

She's the one investigating
the shooting of Frankie Vargas,

not the White House.
I understand that.

It's just that, uh, well,

there's someone in there
right now.

Mr. McClintock has
confessed to the crime of
shooting Frankie Vargas.

Have a good evening.

let the President know he
should be expecting you.

What on God's
green earth is he doing?

Jennifer's laptop was damaged
in the explosion.

In order to access it,

Huck needs
to rebuild the hard drive.

You can actually do that?

Huck can.

He got that where exactly?

Do you really want to know?

So long as there is proof
on that video

that Cyrus killed Frankie,

no, I am more than happy
to stay in the dark.

Have you met
the new Director of the FBI?

Angela Webster.

I think I met her
a couple times.



The Constitution's
going up in flames.

I need to speak
to the President.

He's not in.
Where is he?

Hard to say.

He's a busy man,
running the country and all.

Don't do this.
Don't do what?

Allow you to bother my boss

with a matter that's already
been taken care of?

Like I said, he's a busy man.

This most certainly has not
been taken care of, Abby.

Not when the White House
has decided

to pin Frankie Vargas'
assassination on the wrong guy.

McClintock confessed
to everything...

To planning his attack
for months

to gaining his access
to forged press credentials

to his ties to various
white-supremacist groups.

He confessed.

Because you forced him
to sign some ridiculous paper.

That just isn't true.

Abby, how could you?

How could you manage
to do something so terrible,

something so beneath you?
What was it you said,

Sometimes we have to do
what's necessary

no matter the consequences.

Don't you dare.

That is
what I am doing, Olivia...

My job.

I am protecting this office.

No, you're destroying it.

And if you think a false
confession is where this ends,

then you are sorely mistaken.

Believe me when I tell you
Cyrus will go to prison

and Mellie will become
our next president.

So do me a favor and pass that
on to your boss, will you?


You hear they have
a confession out of the shooter?

That all?

Cyrus offered me Vice President.


What should I do?

What does Olivia say?

I can't ask her.
Why not?

You know why not.

Because it's a betrayal?

You're young, qualified.

Eight years in the second seat

will only make you
more qualified.

You can run again and win.

I believe that.

There's also a freedom
in the Vice Presidency.

You're not under a microscope.

You can...

you know, have a personal life.


Listen, I have to go.

Listen, what if there's a chance

I could still have
the presidency now?

I miss you.


You said
no one ever chooses you.


I did choose you.

I would choose you.

You just have to choose me.

I have you set
with a private sit-down

with Chris Stearns
at tomorrow's donor breakfast.

He liked your speech
on disability rights.

He has three disabled grandkids
and a lot of money,

so bring it home.

I also need you to
sign Eleanor Fuller's
letter personally.

She holds them up to the light
to make sure they're not stamps.


Mellie, where are you?

I'm sorry.

I just, um...

Where are we?

Melody Margaret Grant.

I know.

Knees together.

I just...

I couldn't help myself.

You didn't.
I did.

I so did.

Boy, did I!

And I know I should feel guilty

or some kind of shame
or something,

but I just can't because my God,

I didn't know
it could be this good.

So... okay.

The sex is good,
but, Mellie...


I don't think you...


I wept.

Literally wept.

I actually shed
uncontrollable tears of joy

while having sex.

That's not good.
That's... mm.

There is a fire inside me now.

I am having
almost a religious experience.

I got it.


I found the light, Liv.

I was living in the dark.

I was blind, but now I see.

My skin is warm,
and I feel generous,

and colors seem brighter,
and smells seem stronger,

and I believe in...

I believe.

And the thing is
I'm pretty sure it's just...


And I have gone without it
all this time.


Can you believe I've missed it?

Can you believe I went
for so long never feeling this?

Is this what you felt with Fitz?

Because if it is

I understand.

You should have it.
I should have it.

Everybody should have it!

It's happiness.

I'm happy.
Marcus makes me happy.

He loves me.

And I'm happy for you.

You deserve this.

And I'm so glad
Marcus is the guy.

I was worried,

but it sounds like you have
something real with him.

Why were you worried?

It's r-really nothing.

People in this town
like to talk.

You remember him
sleeping with the mayor's wife.

He cared about her.

Of course.

But also, when I met Marcus,

he was a community activist
with a civil-rights podcast,

and he gave that all up
pretty quickly.

Yeah, to come and work for you.

Yes. Was he doing it
for the right reasons?


But you can understand
why people might look at that

and, you know,
decide he's a climber,

someone who's always
looking for the next rung up,

someone who may not always
be the most loyal.

But as long
as he's doing right by you...

He is!


All right, enough girl talk.

I need to get some sleep.

I'll see you tomorrow.


I'm happy for you.

How's it going?
I disassembled the drive

and cleaned off the smoke
particles from the platters,

replacing the read/write heads,
but that didn't do it.

So I wrote my own software,

creating a virtual way
to rebuild the data.

Huck, did you fix it?


We got the footage back.

Problem is...

there's over 5,000 hours of it.

Senator Grant.

I'm still weighing Cyrus' offer.

I assumed you were, which is why

in the interest
of helping you reach a decision,

we need to have a conversation.

It's the pitch heard
'round the political world.

Senator Grant's stellar strike

has raised her polling

among male voters nationally.
A 14-point bump
among older white males?


Mellie got out on that
baseball field and she sold it.

America's pastime for the win.

Abby... I may need
a favor from you.


It's about Marcus.

I think he and Mellie...

I think there's something
happening between them.


I may need you to offer him
a job at the White House...

Something big,
something he can't turn down.

Is it just a fling, or...

I think it's more than that.

I see.

So, I'd be helping you
break them up

the way you broke up
me and David.

We're making
the President happy.

We do whatever's necessary,

no matter the consequences.

Did you get Marcus
the Press Secretary job?

I'll ask again.

Did you get Marcus
the Press Secretary job?



I can't believe...

This is...

Well, this is a new low
for you, for us.

I told myself that this
was true, that this was you.

You can't be the one person

who destroys every relationship
I ever have, can you?!


Why are you doing this?!

What is wrong with you?!

You asked me
to make you President.

Don't tell me
you didn't once think about

the laundry list of consequences

that would have ensued
if you and Marcus Walker,

a member of your very own
campaign team,

black, poll crusher,
public-opinion sinker,

political poison Marcus Walker
were discovered

to be having
a secret love affair

in the middle
of your presidential campaign?

I can't believe this.

Because I know
I haven't dedicated

the last two years of my life
to such outright foolishness,

and I know
that you are not that stupid.

It was a choice...

Marcus or the presidency.

One or the other, but not both.

You don't get to have both.

You get to be powerful.

You get to change the world.

You don't get to be vulnerable

or weak or compromised
in any way by anyone!

I am not
going to listen to this.

You didn't see it.
You couldn't see it!

So I did what I had to do.
I did my job!

And I made the choice for you.

You said
you wanted the Oval, Mellie,

and it was my job
to get it for you.

There are sacrifices.

Marcus was one of them.

Cyrus offered me Vice President.

I know, right?

I mean,
I wasn't going to accept.

There was no way I could accept.


We are done, Olivia.

Good luck finding a way
back to the White House now

because without me...

you have absolutely nothing.

I've got 20 minutes before
I have to get back to the Hill.

I've been trying to call you.
I got good news.


Abby offered me
White House Press Secretary.


Did you hear me?

You have a job.

But now I have the job.

It's the White House, Mellie.

"Congratulations" often works
in these situations.

When do you leave?


Okay then.


You should've told me.

I just did.

That you were unhappy here.

I wasn't.
Instead of
leading me to believe

that this was something
that you wanted,

like I'm some idiot.

Mellie, you should be proud.


Is that what you tell them?


What's going on with you?

I don't believe this.

I should be proud.

Of what?

Allowing you to use me
as a stepping stone?

A bullet point on your résumé?

Excuse me?

I'm curious.

When you're done
with Press Secretary,

what are you gonna do then?

Host your own political show?
The networks will be calling.

You gonna write a book?
A memoir?

That will be fascinating.

I'd love to hear all about

how you capitalized
on the death of Brandon Parker

to launch your failed
mayoral campaign.

And what exactly ever made you

sleep with
the D.C. mayor's wife?

Oh, oh.

Maybe it's a Cabinet position
you're really after.

That's got to be it, right?

Oh, let me ask you something,

How many women do you think
you'll have to screw

in order to get one of those?

You're unbelievable.

But I'm not wrong.

You are... wrong.

on your promotion, Marcus.

You earned it.

Wait, is that
what you're thinking?

That I shouldn't marry Charlie?

Because yesterday,
it seemed like you...

I'm thinking
we have a lot of footage...

Thousands of hours
to go through.

No, we don't.
You can stop.

Pack it up.
We're done.

I can do it.
I just need...

Doesn't matter because we don't
have a candidate anymore.

So we pack it up.
We give up?

What about truth,
justice, country, et cetera?

What is your problem?

My problem?

Back and forth,

hemming and hawing
about marrying Charlie.

It's a big decision.

And I made it quickly
without thinking.

And he's done horrible,
terrible things.


and he's old!

And he somehow loves you.

And you somehow love him,

and you're looking for excuses
because you're scared.

I am not scared.
Then what?

What is stopping you
from accepting something

that most people never have?


Share your life.

Because you're not
tethered to power.

Because you live
below the radar.

Because you're free from it.

Because you can.

You are being offered normal,
maybe even happy.

The fact that you're questioning
whether you should take them,

frankly, it's annoying.


You get to live
and love and be happy.

Do you know
what some people would give...

Okay, okay.

I got it.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Charlotte, I'm meeting Fitz
about Cyrus.

Senator Grant,
he's in a meeting.

I'll let him know you're here.

Thank you.
And, Charlotte?

Can you see
if Marcus Walker is in?

I'd like to see him, too.

Of course.

Mr. Walker!

Senator Grant?

She was just here.

It hurt this bad
when you left Fitz?



Huck, leave us alone.
We're drinking.

I've been going through
Jennifer's video footage.

You're gonna want to see this.

Sorry to interrupt.

There's something
you need to see.

I hate the fact
that I ever trusted you!

What you did is vile!


Frankie, please.

You don't understand.

No, what you don't understand

is the moment I'm elected
President of the United States,

my first order of business

will be to put you in
the coldest jail cell possible.

Over my dead body

will you get away
with what you did!


Well, what do you think?

Is it time
for the Justice Department

to actually investigate
the murder of Frankie Vargas?

Abby, get me
the Attorney General.