Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 1 - Survival of the Fittest - full transcript

Vargas is declared the winner of the election and when he's about to make a speech, he's shot. That's when everyone goes crazy. Rosen tells Fitz that because Vargas wasn't sworn in, an unusual situation arises; Fitz must decide who will be the President. And all of his choices, Mellie and Cyrus will be controversial. Olivia suspects Cyrus was the one behind the shooting and tells Fitz not to endorse him. He gives Olivia some time to get proof.

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Previously on "Scandal"...

You are gonna make me
President of the United States.

I've already
lost a daughter to hell

if I will let
what happened to you

happen to my son.

Jake Ballard is going
to take the stage tonight

as Mellie Grant's
vice presidential candidate.

I've gone from being his bitch
to yours.

Put the tie on.

You don't have to spend
a single second

looking for
a new chief of staff.

Hire me.

How would Frankie feel knowing

that his campaign manager
engineered murder

to make him a hero?

He said one of us

is getting back
to the White House.

He's right. Me.

I'm just saying marriage
is a crazy idea.

I don't know why anyone does it.

Marriage is bad for you.

Did you know
your chances of becoming obese

are 37% higher
if your spouse is obese?

60% of married adults
have had an affair!


What if she's not there?

Or what if she is there,
but she doesn't want to talk?

He could've gotten to her.

She could've changed her mind.

Come on.

With projections for Texas
and Virginia now clear,

this entire election
has come down to one state...


It's winner-take-all for those
55 Electoral College votes,

with only one county
left to report,

a county that will determine...
Where are we on San Benito County?

Who wins California and becomes
the next president. We'll know soon.

That county...
San Benito County...

Is set to make history tonight.

Last call!

Anyone who still needs to vote

should go right now!

Just because
we've already won Virginia

doesn't mean
you shouldn't cast your ballot.

I want "I voted" stickers
on everyone!

I never told you,

but POTUS is on with our guy
right now.

Exit polling data show
this is too close to call.

This could be a very long night.

Good evening, everyone!

I just thought I'd stop by
with some good news.

I just got off the phone with
California's Secretary of State,

and he says
we are up in San Benito County

by over 2,000 votes.


We're gonna win.

What are you hearing
out of San Benito County?



Are you covering San Benito?
Like a slanket.

Secretary of State said
we're up by 2,000 votes.

What are you hearing?

2,000? Wow.

What does that mean?

President Grant
won San Benito County

in both of his election cycles,

a good sign for his ex-wife,
Senator Grant,

who was very popular
as First Lady of California

and still retains a residence

down U.S. 101 from San Benito...
Hey, Liv?

I was thinking,

when she makes
her victory speech,

it would be great
if I could introduce...


Hold on.
I'm getting word.

Damn it.

- We now have it.
- This is it!

Turn up the TV! Loud!

BNC is now ready
to call San Benito County

and the state of California,

This is a surprise.

BNC is projecting
that Governor Frankie Vargas

will carry San Benito County...

and the state of California

to become the next
President of the United States.


Uh, amazing.

Well, that's it, folks.

After one of the greatest
setbacks in political history,

Frankie Vargas...
The comeback king...

Has done the unthinkable

and become the 45th President

of the United States of America.



there has been voter tampering
in San Benito.

So, Elaine...

get me the California
Secretary of State on the phone.

Conference in
the head of the FEC

and the FBI Director.

And make sure that
the entire campaign staff

is aware that this race
is far from over.

Got that?

Mellie needs you.

I just need a minute.

She's refusing to accept defeat.

The only person who can
see her through this is you.

I need a minute.

You waged a valiant
and historic campaign...

I need a minute!

Vanessa, where's Jake?


Your husband, Jake?
Where is he?

He left.

He left?
He can't leave.

We haven't even conceded yet.

Where'd he go?

No idea.

- There you are.
- Mellie...

Advance is prepping the plane.

I've asked Besma to write
some statements for our guys,

spin for the press.

And Renee
is working on my speech.

Oh, and we are looking into
constitutional lawyers.

We're gonna need the best...

No, we don't. Listen
Yes, we do.

We leave tonight for California
to push for a recount,

not just in San Benito County
but everywhere...

Mellie, stop. Look at me. What?

You need to call Governor Vargas
and concede.

It's over.


We are still in this. With the
right legal strategy, we can...

It's over, Mellie.
You need to call Vargas.

There is no strategy
to fight this.

Of course there is.

I don't know why
you're not getting this.

You have to make the call now,

before too much time goes by!

You wait too long,

the press out there
is gonna say you're ungracious.

They're gonna label you
a sore loser.

And because you're a woman,

half of them
are gonna call you a bitch,

and half of them are gonna
report that you cried.

You don't go down like that.

We don't go down like that.

The race is over, Mellie.

You have to make the call.

The race is not over.

It is only 4,000 votes.

It's 4,000 votes right now.

In an hour, it will be 20,000.

Every network is calling
California for Vargas.

California is over.
California is done.

America has made its choice,
and it is not you.

Do you hear me?

We lost.

We lost. They won.

It's over.

Make the damn call!


I have Senator Grant
for the Governor.


Congratulations, Governor.


You ran a great campaign.

I believe it is time that
we unite the country...

and I am ready to support you
in any way I can.


God bless you
and this great country.


We're told we're
moments away from Governor...

Soon to be President...
Frankie Vargas,

speaking live
from Fairmount Park

in his hometown of Philadelphia.

These will be his first words

after his historic win, and...

All right, hold on.

He's taking the stage.

Let's take you there, live.

Your next president,
Francisco Vargas.

You know what gets me?


Cyrus Beene
was on the winning team.

Cyrus Beene
gets to hold public office.

Can you believe?

Vice President Beene.


Vice President Beeeeene.

It's like having a vampire

a heartbeat away from the Oval.


Be nice.

I will be gracious...

out there.

In here,
I am spiteful and petty.

I'm sorry I lost.


Thank you.

For everything.


What's going on?

Wha...? Oh, my God!

Folks, this is just...

My God...

Frankie Vargas has been shot.

The President-Elect
has been shot.


Does the President have plans
to address the nation?

Yes, when we have
more information.

Tell me you have the shooter.
We got him.

FBI found him hiding in a shed

about a mile from the rally,

and Secret Service
has the weapon.

My men swept the parking
structure adjacent to the park.

Uncovered a 98-Bravo
long-range sniper rifle

on the fifth floor.

Nelson McClintock.

Prints on the sniper rifle
look to be his.

We're testing. Are we sure he's
not part of a terrorist cell?


The CIA has no intel
on this guy.

Appears to be homegrown.

We recovered a smartphone
on him, but it's locked,

and the tech company's
putting up a legal fight.

They aren't gonna
give their help.

We don't need it.
My team opened it already.

Nice of
the National Security Director

to show up on a matter
of national security.

I was being briefed by my guys.

We ran a vacuum
over the entire event,

sucked up the data
from everyone's phones.

McClintock didn't make or
receive a call, text, or e-mail

the entire time
he was in our zone.

So we're working under
the assumption he acted alone.

It would seem so, sir, yes.

I want hourly updates, and
I want to know... Sir.


You need to get to the hospital.

Which one of you
is Agent Spaulding?

That would be me, ma'am.

How can I help you?

Do you see those doors,
Agent Spaulding?

I'm the last person to go
through those doors tonight.

I want this place secure.

Shut the elevators down.

Close the banks
across the street.

Clear the floor.

Only essential personnel.

No campaign staff, no press,
no family,

no local police, no florists,

no orderlies, no administrators.

I want to see only doctors and
nurses, agents, me, and you.

That's it.

I want everyone else
off this floor.

And let's toss a net on all cell
service, WiFi, land lines and cable.

No communications in or out.

We are an island
until I say otherwise.

Is that clear?

Ma'am, I'm sure you have
some security clearance.

But I need you to know
this is a high-level operation.

This is my team,

and I'm in charge here
so with all due... No.

Excuse me? No?

"No" to what?

I don't have
some security clearance.

I have all of it.

No, this isn't
a high-level operation.

the high-level operation.

No, this isn't your team,
it's mine.

No, you are not in charge.

You were in charge.
I am in charge now.

If you have
questions or concerns,

I suggest you take
those up with your boss,

who can take them up
with his boss,

who can take them up
with my boss.

Guess who my boss is.

I will give you a hint.

His office is a big Oval.

You want the hospital secured,

Yes, Agent Spaulding,
I do. Thank you.

Now, where's Governor Vargas?

Vargas was flown
to Saint Anne's Hospital,

as was Vice President-Elect
Cyrus Beene,

whom we're told is fine

and only there
offering his support.

We now go to a correspondent
live on the scene.

I can't believe
Frankie got shot.

Hey, chin up.

At least now
we can pull the trigger

on that trip
to the Caribbean, right?


Oh, yeah, it's sad.
Very sad.

I voted for him.

He was smart...
and genuine...

and he would've been
the first Latino president.

That would've been pretty great.

Look, Frankie Vargas
is smart and is genuine

and is still alive.

Let's not bury him yet, okay?

Will he be giving an update

on President-Elect Vargas'

Not at this time.

Can you give us an update now?

The President-Elect
is being treated

by a team of
the best doctors and surgeons

on the East Coast.

As soon as they have an update,
you will, too.

James used to complain
about that same thing

back when he had your job,

having to shave a second time
when the days went too long.

There's no new information.

I haven't even asked you
a question.

just got shot.

I know what the question is.

You said the doctors
were working on him.

Does that mean
they're giving him stitches,

or does it mean they're
zipping him into a body bag?

The statement I just gave an hour ago is
The statement you gave an hour ago

is what you chose to say.

I want to know the truth.


When Fitz was shot,
it was me behind that podium.

It was on me
to keep America calm,

to keep the stock market
from crashing,

to keep an entire country safe.

So I bent the truth.

I said he was better off
than he really was

because that's what the country
needed to hear.

Is that what you're doing?
Are you bending the truth?

Come on.

I'm your friend.


You're Olivia Pope.

How is she?


She lost
a presidential election,

then this happened.

I have to imagine
she's pretty upset.

Marcus, I know you have a
job to do, but so do I,

and I can't do my job
if I don't have the facts.

How is he?

How's Frankie?

The first bullet
hit him in his arm.

That was nothing.

The second one
hit him in his stomach,

but with the medics
responding as fast as they did,

I don't think
that would have been a problem.

The third bullet...


The third bullet ripped a hole
in the side of his face.

Went through his skull
and into his brain.

He didn't stand a chance.

I just want a legal opinion.

If Governor Vargas dies,

who becomes the next President
of the United States?

Is he...?

I said "if."
But is he?

If, Rosen. If.

Is it Cyrus?
Yeah, could be.

the Vice President-Elect.

Except he's not, not really.
Not yet, anyway.

He won the election.

He won the general election,
the popular vote.

But you know as well as anyone,

the President and Vice President
of the United States

aren't actually elected
in the general election.

They're elected
by the Electoral College,

which meets on the first Monday

after the second Wednesday
in December...

A month from now.

That's the only election

that really matters
under the Constitution,

and Governor Vargas
and Cyrus Beene

haven't been elected
by the Electoral College.

If they had been,

if we were having
this conversation

in late December
or early January,

then, yes,
Cyrus would become president

if Governor Vargas died.

But right now...?
Right now.

Right now, we're in the
Twilight Zone, Mr. President.

If Governor Vargas dies tonight,

Cyrus Beene could be the next
President of the United States.

Or it could be Mellie
or Jake or me

or the Marine standing
in the hall out there.

The fact is,
it could be almost anyone

who meets the basic
qualifications to be President,

because, legally...
And there are very few limits

on what the Electoral College
can do

and very little precedent

to indicate what it might do
in a situation like this...

Legally, the next presidency
is wide open.

But practically,

I think it makes an enormous
difference what you do.

The reality is,
Mr. President,

the next President
of the United States

is who you say it is.

Isn't she something?

Look at her...
An amazing predator.

Can you believe this is
for a private collector?

Was it you?

Admit it, Olivia.
This is a gift.

Now you can make a case.

If Frankie dies, Mellie has
a legitimate shot to the Oval.

But be careful.

You have to play it just right.

I asked you a question.

Yes or no?

If you push Mellie too soon,
you look callous.

If you wait too long...

Did you shoot Frankie Vargas?!


I don't believe you.

Did I think about killing him?


It was...
It was a genius move.

But you made it very clear
during the generals

that you did not want my help.

I didn't need it.

San Benito County
begs to differ.

You had it right in your hand,
and you let it go.

How could you let that happen?

You... You know better.

You... You...
You are better.

You are faster, stronger,
and smarter than him.

How could you be so weak?

How would you let that man
outplay you?

That's what happened, Olivia.

He outplayed you
in the generals,

and he outplayed you tonight

when he paid an assassin
to shoot Frankie Vargas!

What did you just say?

And there it is.

That streak of weakness,

that crack that
allows anyone through.

See, that's why you lost.

Because you believe
I am a predator,

which is...

I am your father.

I am not a predator.

I cannot be a predator,
not in this world.

I am very smart prey,

trying to help my species

Think. Think like them.

Who gains the most
if Frankie Vargas dies?

Who has spent
decade after decade

helping fairer,
yet less competent men than him

raise their hand
on Inauguration Day?

Who has the heart of a conqueror

and the arrogance of a king?

Who would, quite literally,
kill for this job?

Cyrus Beene loves Frankie.

Cyrus Beene loves Cyrus Beene.

He's always been
the most dangerous predator.

I offered you San Benito,
and you turned me down.

That cost you the election.


you have a second chance
at the Oval.



Survival of the fittest, Olivia.

You see that?

He stepped away from Frankie

just before the first gunshot.

Like he knew it was coming.

You really think Cyrus had
something to do with this?

The man staged a shooting

in the Pennsylvania
State Capitol.

It's not that much of a stretch.

What do our sources say?

It's all about McClintock,
if he acted alone.

And they're pretty sure he did.

Look for a connections
between Cyrus and McClintock...

A phone call, a wire transfer...

If Cyrus and McClintock

shared so much as
a look on the street,

I want to know about it.

Teddy, what?


What color is it?

Teddy, honey, want to go
draw mommy a picture?

Oh, what a good one!

He's dead, isn't he?

And I think Cyrus may have had
something to do with it.

Of course he did.

Oh, this town...
these people...

We need to talk strategy.

You don't honestly think

I'm gonna step over
the corpse of Frankie Vargas

and make a play for the Oval,
do you?

Mellie... That could've
been me up there.

And I have sat here all night
with my baby in my arms,

and all I can think is
that this place is cursed.


I don't want it.

This big white house,
four more years...

I don't want it.

I lost my son here.

Fitz got shot here.

My marriage died here.

I don't want it!
Look, you had a scare.

It was scary, I get it.
I was scared.

But you have a duty
to the American people...

I am going to Santa Barbara,

lie on the beach.

We need to talk to Fitz.

What he says,

how he plays this out
over the next couple of days

is gonna be critical.

Maybe Spain.
Spain is lovely.

Mellie, listen to me...

I am done running for president!

Well, I'm not!

They stole my phone,
right out of my purse.

I want it back. No one stole it, Mrs.

It was removed,
and it will not be returned.

I'm sorry, ma'am, but we
can't make any phone calls.

I have to...

Look, I don't have time
for this.

I need to call my children.

Their father's dead.

I have to tell them
their father's dead.

I understand that,
and I'm sorry for your loss,

but that can't happen.

Who the hell are you?!

Who's in charge here?!
I am.

Now, I'm sorry, but...

Look at me.

You used to be a person,
I assume.

My babies saw their daddy
get shot on TV.

They're terrified,

and now their worst nightmare
has come true.

I have to call them.
I have to be with them!


You need
to announce his death, sir,

as soon as possible.

Do not give her a phone.

His wife
wants to tell her children.

I understand that.
She can't.

Sir, imagine if we were
talking about your children,

about you...
I am imagining!

Abby, this is not just about
announcing Frankie's death.

This is about reassuring
the American people

that there is
a clear path forward,

that there will be
continuity in our government,

stability in our democracy,

a leader they can follow.

That man wanted to lead
this country.

That man believed
in this country.

The responsibility...

Who should take his place?

Who's worthy?

Who do I point
the American people to?

Mellie? She lost.

If I throw my weight behind her,

it'll look like
I'm stealing the election.

I can't.

So I go with Cyrus.

The only problem is,

the country
didn't vote for Cyrus.

The country voted for Frankie,

the man dead on the slab.

How do either of those choices
make any kind of sense?

They don't, sir,
but you have to do something.

Not until I'm ready.

Sir, he's dead!

He isn't dead
until I say he's dead!

Olivia Pope is asking
if you have a moment, sir.

Put her on.
She's here.

You know.

Of course you know.


You haven't made
an announcement yet.


And now you're here
to "advise me" on my choice.

Let me guess...
Team Mellie.

She's what's best
for the country.

I've heard the stump speech,

Hell, I've given
the stump speech.

She would make
an exceptional president.

The world would embrace her.

You have to choose Mellie.

Because she's your candidate?

Because the other choice

just tried to kill his way
into the Oval.

McClintock is a setup.

This is what he does.

This is how Cyrus operates,

We know him...

What proof do you have?

Come on, Liv!

Please tell me
this isn't just conjecture,

that you have something

other than some
unfounded allegation

and that
this isn't just your gut

working in overdrive.

If I waited on this, Fitz...

If I waited on this, and I
turn out to be right, then...

What if you're wrong?!
I won't be wrong!

I can't be wrong.

150 million people
made their choice.

They voted for
their next president,

and it wasn't Mellie.
And guess what?

None of that matters now.

The King is dead, Fitz.

Long live the King.

Your word is all it takes.

I will get you proof
as long as you promise

to avoid making your statement
until I do.

I can give you until morning.

I need more time
than tha... Morning.

That's it.

Tell me we found something

that links Cyrus with McClintock.
Nothing yet.

No communication between
McClintock and the campaign.

No transfers of funds into
his bank account, either.

I spoke to a couple
of the guy's co-workers.

Sounds like he really
had it in for Vargas.

Full rage spiral
every time he talked about him.

There's no way McClintock
pulled this off all by himself.

Three shots, no misses,
from that distance?

dude's an avid hunter...

Knows his way around rifles.

Designs his own scopes,
regular at the gun range.

I could try combing through the FBI tip
line, 911 calls... Good luck with that.

We'll be here till next week
listening to all those crazies.

Well, what's your suggestion, Charlie?
I'm just saying...

Caribbean awaits, Robin.

We got to get a move on.

Look, you think you can get
in, Huck, to the tip line?


832 tips right here.

- 800?
- Look, enough, Charlie.

You want to be done
with this case?

This is our only option.

Chef said you didn't eat dinner.

I'm not hungry.

I'm sorry.

For what?

I used to lie in bed next to you

and listen to you
breathe in and out,

and I would loathe the sound.

I would resent
your right to air.

You were sucking up
all the presidential oxygen,

the rare air,

the air I would've
done anything to breathe.

And you didn't even
appreciate it.

You didn't even want it.

I thought...

"How weak.

How spoiled."

The view from here...

The view from here.

Thing about
the view from here is,

there is no view.

Here, we are the view.

All eyes on us.

You aren't weak.

You just aren't

I never realized that.

I'm sorry.

Let's not pretend
I'm a good person.

Oh, Mellie, come on,
I'm Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

I was born with power.

Me wanting power is like
a drowning man wanting a bath.

I'm supposed to choose...

between you and Cyrus.

My last big act as president.

This will be my legacy.
Can you believe that?

After all the stolen elections,
now here we are again.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.


if you don't want it...

now's the time to say so.

No one will know but me.

You can just walk away.

That's nice.


I want it.

The crown, the rare air...

I do want it.

It's been nearly seven hours now

since President-Elect
Frankie Vargas

was shot in Fairmount Park...

You'll see behind me

that a massive candlelight vigil
is under way,

the number of people
growing by the minute...

No appearance yet by Cyrus Beene

or by the hospital staff,
who remain tight-lipped

about President-Elect Vargas'

All we can do now is pray.

We went through all 832
voicemails on the FBI tip line.

No leads.
Check them again.

We did.

Look, I'm sorry,
but there's no proof

that Cyrus had anything
to do with this.

I don't buy that!

The tip line,
McClintock's social media...

Everything points to this guy
being a lone wolf.

Then we're not
looking hard enough.

Liv, it's over.

We fought a good fight.

I'm glad we looked into this...
Don't you do that.

But the clock
is about to run out.

Do not give up!
He said until morning.

Cyrus Beene murdered
Frankie Vargas!

He did this
to make himself president!

This was his plan
from the very beginning.

And while we're here
doing nothing,

he is in that
Pennsylvania hospital room,

launching a full-scale
presidential campaign!

Huddling with advisors,
reaching out to delegates,

practicing his speeches!

He murdered his way
into the White House,

and we are doing
nothing to stop him!


You may be okay with that.

I'm not.

Olivia Pope.
I'm here to see Cyrus Beene.

Sorry, but no one is allowed through.
I understand that,

but it's urgent. Ma'am, you're
gonna need to step back.

It's fine. She's with me.

What's going on?
I need to see Cyrus.

That's not possible right now.

Hey, Liv...

He's been like that
since he got here.

Hasn't uttered a word.

I made the doctors
check him out.

They said he's in shock,

that he needs to be left alone.

I had them check his heart
just in case.

The last thing we need
is the President-Elect shot

and his V.P.
having a heart attack...

I was sure it was him.

I'm embarrassed,

and I'm ashamed, and I am...

I am so sorry
for wasting your time.

I wanted you to be right.

You're always right.

I figured if you were right,

my choice
would've been made for me.

So what am I supposed to do?

You shouldn't be asking me that.

You know what I'm gonna say.

I'm biased.

You're the only one who can
answer that question now.

I don't want to fix
another election.

Then you know
what you have to do.

Frankie Vargas was a good man.


His family's loss
is the country's loss.

And yours.

I appreciate that,
Mr. President.

I need you
to promise me something.


I need you to make me a promise

right here, right now.

Uh, uh, I'm not following.

That you will uphold
the legacy of Francisco Vargas.

That you will be
honorable, forthright,

always put the country
above all else.

Be better.


Than you are.

Than I was.


I am handing you

the most beautiful thing
in the world.

I am handing you America.

Take care of it.

Yes, sir.

Good luck, Cy.


I already know.

The President's
going to announce

Frankie Vargas' death
this morning.

And next to him
will be Cyrus Beene.

Of course.

Thanks for the heads-up.

So, now what?

We wait on Liv,
see what she wants to do.

Or we could go to the Caribbean.

I can hack into
the airline reservation system

and get us a couple of first-class
tickets in five minutes

and be on the beach by dinner.

It's not the right time.

Not the right time?

Robin, how can you...

This is a place of work.

People are trying to work.

Charlie, Quinn doesn't want
to go to the Caribbean with you

because she's a workaholic

and she's afraid of the ocean.
I am not.

Quinn, Charlie wants to take you to the
Caribbean so he can propose to you.

Unless he wants to kill you.

Which one is it, Charlie?

Do you want to murder her
or you want to marry her?

I want to marry you,

if you want to marry me.

You look like
you're gonna vomit.

Uh... no, I-I-I just...

Marriage... that's... that's...
I mean... I mean...

Wha... Did you even, like,
buy me a ring?

Well, that was the plan,

and then this whole 833 tip-line
voice-mail thing happened

and kind of put a damper
on things,

so is it okay if I steal one
for you once we're there?


It was 832 voicemails.

I downloaded the call log
off the FBI server.

It was 833.

So what do you say, Robin?

Should we jump off a cliff

Let me see the call log.
Build a little home...

Let me see the call log,

Or, as our friends
in the Caribbean say,

"una casita"? Give me the
damn call log, Charlie!

Something wrong?

It is with
a profound sense of loss

that I am announcing the passing
of Governor Francisco Vargas.

Despite the valiant attempts
of his surgical team,

Governor Vargas' injuries
were too severe,

and he died this morning
at Saint Anne's Hospital.

There's another message?

Before I hacked the server,
someone else went in

and manually deleted a message
off the tip line.

What does it say?
Well, we don't know yet.

I'm trying to recover it.

Frankie Vargas passed away
before he was able

to inhabit the office
he was elected to.

But his achievements,

his selfless work,
and his dreams

shine a light forward
for all of us.

And even though
we don't have the message,

we do have the cellphone number
of the person who left it.

Her name is Jennifer Fields.

She's a volunteer
on the Vargas campaign.

Where is she now? Last
activity on her cellphone

came from a cabin she owns
on Burke Lake.

60% of married adults
have had an affair!


There is no replacing Frankie,

but if anyone is qualified

to uphold the values
he held so dear,

it's Vice President-Elect
Cyrus Beene,

the man Governor Vargas himself
chose to be his successor

in the event of such a tragedy.

God bless you,
and God bless America.

Why aren't they returning my calls?
I'm almost done

decoding the deleted voice-mail
from the server.

Did you try them?
I-I-I would,

but I'm just really close to decoding this.
Something is wrong.

I just told you to stop
what you're doing and call them,

so that's what you should be...

What happened?!

Sorry. We need new phones.

Did Jenny wear a ring?

Check the photo.

Ring... yes.

Right hand, ring finger, gold
band with a red stone? Yep.

We found Jenny.

At least, we found her hand.






What is happening right now?


Uh, guys, I think I got it...

The deleted message.

Hi. My name is Jennifer Fields.

I'm here at Fairmount Park.

Governor Vargas,
he just got shot.


I wanted to offer
my condolences.

Thank you, Liv.

That means a lot.

I was worried about you.

I mean,

I knew you could pretend
to grieve for one day,

but two days in a row?

Who knew
you had the acting chops?

I have some information.

I... I'm not sure
who to talk to, but...

My God...

It was Cyrus Beene.

He killed Frankie Vargas.

You son of a bitch.

I know you killed him,

and I'm going to prove it.