Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 3 - Fates Worse Than Death - full transcript

Cyrus seals his fate during a national crisis; Olivia and the gladiators do everything they can to find the truth.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
White House Switchboard!

Blue or red?

You gonna get that?

It can wait. In 20 minutes,
I'll be at the White House.

19 if you'll tell me
which tie to wear.



Do I seem nervous?

You seem... you.

For the first time since
election night, you seem you.

I like it.

Mr. President.


Cyrus Beene.

Are your shades closed?

What? Shades?
I don't have shades.

I have
handmade Venetian blinds.

Close them and lock your door.


Shut down your Wi-Fi,
lawyer up, get a handler,

a fixer,
someone to talk for you,

because in 30 seconds,
you no longer talk to anyone.

I voted against it.

Good morning.

is expanding the investigation

into the death
of Governor Francisco Vargas.

Are you saying
that Nelson McClintock

didn't shoot Frankie Vargas?

Is he...
Not at all.

We're simply opening the scope
of the investigation.

To include who?
Anyone and everyone.

Even Cyrus Beene?

Anyone and everyone.

Get Ella.
Take her upstairs.

So Cyrus Beene
is a suspect in the murder
of his running mate?

Ella, away, now!
Anyone and everyone.

That's all I have to say
at this time,

and now I'd like to introduce
our FBI Director,

Angela Webster, who will be
heading the investigation.

Are you investigating
Cyrus Beene?

I can't comment on that
at this time.

Mr. Beene!

Now we have no VP.
I know the perfect guy.

Cyrus Beene!

Fire! Fire!

My name is Jennifer Fields.

It was Cyrus Beene.
He killed Frankie Vargas.

The moment I'm elected
President of the United States,

my first order of business

will be to put you in
the coldest jail cell possible.

300 hours of Jennifer's footage,

2,200 hours of the security feed
from Vargas headquarters...

And 27 billion Instagram videos
from the campaign.

Now every idiot
with a smartphone
thinks he's Ken Burns.

You know, I've got a little film
project in mind myself.

You, me, Barbados,
and a camcorder.

I was in Barbados once.

Charlie, we are not
making a sex tape.

We were trying to weaponize
Dengue Fever.

Who said anything
about a sex tape?

This is a romance film, Robin.

Bubble baths,
walks down on the beach,

firing rounds
at the gun range...

I mean, if sex comes up...

You're crazy.

Uh, we need to focus!

We still don't know what Cyrus
and Frankie's fight was about.


So, I started putting together
a timeline.

Jennifer's footage starts
on October 4th.

October 4th?

October 4th, October 4th...

was the day Cyrus won
the vice presidential debates.

Admiral Ballard didn't have
a problem with free college

when it was his college.

He just doesn't want
other Americans

to have the same opportunities
he had.

Admiral Ballard,
given your roots,

I expected a little more
from you.

All of you, celebrate fast.

5:00 a.m.,
on the bus.


My man!

Every network
is calling it for you. TKO.

Brilliant stuff.
Who is this?

You really hammered Ballard

Made him sweat like Nixon
in '60.

Who are you?

Jennifer Fields.

Jenny's the newest member
of our team.

Fresh out of Harvard,
top of her class.

I studied film
and visual studies at Harvard.

Harvard, yes, got it.
She's joining us
on the road.

We have a videographer now.

Someone has to
document this historic run.

We're electing
the first Latino President

in our nation's history.

I'm gonna get Jenny...
Uh, Jennifer...

Set up with our media folks.

Come on.
Wonderful meeting you.

David Rosen!

The Attorney General
of the United States.

I will not...


I am being set up
by Olivia Pope.

She is trying to frame me
for murdering Frankie.

She is trying
to steal the presidency.

That is what is going on here,

and I am not going to
let it happen, okay?

Now, I just need to take
a minute and make some calls.

I will get this figured out.

And to answer your question...

No, I didn't do it.

I didn't ask you that.


You did.

What are you doing
back here, ma'am?

Let go of me!

I know him!
I know him!

Oh, thank God.

Tell them...
We're friends.


I crawled across the lawn
to get here.

My hands touched the ground.

Let me in.

What do you want, Liz?

What do I want?

I want to help.

No. No, you don't.
I know you.

You're not the helping kind.

You're a snake.

You are literally...

a snake in the grass.

Whatever it is
that you want, no!

How many times have you called
David Rosen this morning?

Uh, let me guess... 2, 3, 6?
Did he take your call?

Has anyone taken your call?

Here's what I know.

I know that you are
absolutely screwed right now.

I know the press
is ready to hang you,

and without someone
in your corner,

you will never be President.

So what do I want?

I want to help you.


And what?

And how do you want to help you?

Chief of Staff.


Let's get you a meeting
with the president.

Now, how did this happen
and why?



Nice work tonight.

Well, your guy
didn't make it easy for me,

that's for sure.
Yeah, he did.

We have some work to do,

but still, that was impressive.

You were impressive.

Thank you.

I miss you.

When all of this is over,

let's get a bottle of Du Bellay,

meet at the Lincoln Memorial,

and drink about this, because...

I know.

You're surprised?


You're surprised
that I'm impressive.

"You were impressive"...
You were surprised.

It was a compliment, Cy.

Was it?



How was it a compliment?

I'm saying you've changed,

you've evolved, you've grown.

You've gotten good at this.

So I'm no longer

the troll under the bridge
who grunts and snorts,

there's lipstick
on this pig now,

and look at the monkey dance?

That doesn't even make sense.

Yes, it does.

It does.

I'm surprised.

I didn't think it would work.

I was wrong.

I'm saying I was wrong.

Look at you.

You've bloomed.

So maybe putting yourself
on Frankie's ticket

wasn't the worst...

Putting myself on the ticket?

I put myself on the ticket?

That's what you think?


Come on, Cyrus.

I put myself on the ticket?

Are we going to pretend that...?

It's me.

I know you.
We both know.

I made his policies,

I hid his secrets,
I ran his country.

Watched the two of you
grope each other

like a cheap porno.

And none of you ever saw me.

And that's fine.

You think
what you want to think of me.

I certainly have all kinds
of opinions about Olivia Pope.

So you believe
whatever you want.

But this?

Me putting myself
on the Democratic ticket

for Vice President
of these United States...

Don't you ever say that
out loud...



I don't know what you did
to manipulate Frankie,

what angle you used,

what you blackmailed him with
to put yourself on that ticket

and I don't care,
but America will care.

So I'm gonna dig
until I find something.

You better watch yourself.

Goodbye, Olivia.


You're wrong.

I'm not wrong.
You're wrong!

Sir, opening up this
investigation into Cyrus Beene

based on some random voicemail

and 20 seconds of video footage

that's clearly
been taken out of context...

I made a decision.

This news
is less than a day old,

and already the Dow
has dropped 400 points.

Our global markets
are in a freefall.

The world is clamoring to know
what the hell is going on,

and we can't tell them.

We can't tell them that the
President of the United States

has allowed his ex-mistress
to brainwash him into thinking

his former Chief of Staff
is a murderer...

Watch yourself.
You are being played.

This election is all about you.

It's all about what
your future's gonna look like.

So this November, stay woke.

How was that, Jenny?


Pretty good, huh?
My daughter taught it to me.

Please don't.
For her sake.

All right, how about...

My free-college program
is on fleek.


Okay, okay.

How about, "Greetings, youths,

this is prehistoric talking
fossil Frankie Vargas..."

They were sleeping together.

Totally. Only explanation.
Because that wasn't funny.

Man, must've been real annoying
for their co-workers.

Talk to her friends.
I want to know if and when

Cyrus found out
about Frankie and Jennifer

and what he did about it.

Thank you for coming.

This can now go
either one of two ways.

We can finish the investigation

and you will be arrested,
tried, convicted, and executed

for the assassination
of Frankie Vargas.

Or you can step down.


Health, grief, whatever...
It doesn't matter.

In exchange for which...
For the good of the country...

I'll make the investigation
go away and you'll be cleared,

and you can live out
the rest of your days

in whatever peace you can find.

Those are the options.



really think I killed Frankie?

It doesn't matter what I think.

It matters to me.

It's time to make a deal, Cyrus.

It's a simple
yes or no question.

You are not in a position
to be asking me questions.

You want to make a deal?


How about this?

I'll withdraw right now
if Mellie does.

We'll put this all behind us,

let the country
pick a new president.

Call Liv.

See what she says.

I don't need to call Liv.

No, you don't.

Be... Because you... you know
what she's going to say.

She'd never give up her chance
at the Oval.

She's not interested
in justice or truth.

She's not interested

in doing what's best
for the country.

She just wants to win.

This isn't about Liv.

Of every offensive thing
you've ever said to me,

that might be the worst because
that insults my intelligence.

I'm not withdrawing.

For the good of the country.

Remember what you
so generously handed me

the night that Frankie was shot,

what you called the most
beautiful thing in the world?


I'm keeping it.

It's not safe with you.

"For the good
of the country."

I'll tell you what's good
for the country, Fitz...

You resigning from office.

My guess?

We're out of the woods
by the end of the week.

No way he can keep
this investigation going

with that kind of press
out there.


You don't think I forgot.
It's book time!

See? I told you
everything will work out...

Mr. President.


Hey, Cy.


You do remember my name.

I thought since
maybe I hadn't heard from you,

you might have forgotten.

You shouldn't be calling me.

You didn't think I'd just
stay in my hole, did you?

Maybe you did.

Maybe you think so little of me
that it never occurred to you

that I might have my own stakes
in all of this.

Listen to me, Tom...

You used me, Cy.

I didn't use you.

You used me, and you hurt me.


And now I have this tightness
in my chest,

and the only thing
that makes me feel any better,

the only thought that
gives me a shred of comfort,

is the knowledge
that at any moment,

I can take everything
away from you

simply by opening my mouth.

I'm gonna make this right, Tom.

I promise.



Back off!

I just want
to talk.


Why didn't you say so?

In that case...
Eyes! Elbow!

Hey, hey!

I'm not here to hurt you.



Hey, hey, hey!

I'm here to help you.

You were friends
with Jennifer Fields.

I told Jenny you never, ever
get involved with your boss,

especially when your boss
is running for President.

But she really liked him.

She used to tell me how much
she enjoyed being around him,

how much he used to
make her laugh.

And, then...

Then she got fired.


Does this
look like fired to you?

So, the man
who beat up Jennifer...

Was it Cyrus Beene?

This guy
was much more terrifying.

I'm only in D.C.
for 36 hours and...

I missed you, Tom.

You abandoned me.

As soon
as they put you on the ticket.

I watched your debate.

You were brilliant.


You guys are winning?

That's good.


I've been here before.

These people...

the candidates...

Frankie seems different.


He's more like Fitz
than I ever could have imagined.

One adoring glance

from some Harvard twit
with a camera...

and he's under a spell.

I've tried to separate him
from this woman, but... no.

We're this...

We're this close.

You hear me?
Do you realize?

I am this close
to the Vice Presidency,

and this girl is going to
cost me what I have earned,

what I have...
bled out for,

what I have literally
killed for.

I could.

You could what?

Take care of the girl.

Make her back away
from the campaign.

That's not...

why I called you here.

What's her name?


there's something
I'm not seeing.

Another angle?
What's her name?


there's nothing going on,
and I'm just being paranoid...


Just give me her name.

Jennifer Fields.

Can we get out of here now?

Because I'm pretty sure
this place is not serving

what I've been craving
for a long, long time, Cyrus.

We're lucky she didn't
understand what it meant!

I mean,
who tells a 6-year-old

that she doesn't have
what it takes to be a scientist?

I'm in trouble.

A racist, that's who.

Ella's smart...

Smarter than most of the kids
in her class.

And that teacher of hers,
I let her have it.

When you
are president...

I'm in trouble, Michael.

You're gonna do something
about the pervasive bias

towards children of color
in the educational system.

Michael, I'm in trouble.

I mean, what if... what if Ella
was at public school?

That... That teacher
would've gotten away with j...


What is it?

Honey, what's wrong?


would you just... just...

No, no, no. When you...
When you begged me...

Begged me... to come back,
you... you said no more Tom.

No more Tom!

You're disgusting.

I screwed up.
I didn't mean to.

I believed you.

I love you.

You are mad
and you have every right,

but you can't be mad...
Not right now.

Not now.
Tom is back.

And Tom is not
a regular person, Michael.

He's back,
and he's not going to go away.

I... I-I can't do this.
wait, please!


I know...

I've hurt you
in unimaginable ways.

I am sorry.

I am so, so sorry.

I don't want...
Want to be a bad person.

I... I am not...
Not a bad person.

I've just made mistakes.

This whole thing,

it's all because
I made a mistake.

I made a horrible mistake.

Cyrus, what did you do?

Did you kill Frankie Vargas?


Don't tell me.

I don't want to know.

I don't ever want to know.

Is it done?

Jennifer Fields will no longer
be a problem.

Tom, she's a civilian.

I wanted her gone, but not...

Barely had to raise my voice.


Get that coat off.

We're celebrating.

We really do make
an amazing team...

don't we, Tommy?



Frankie Vargas...


Is weak.

He's a normal.

You are an exceptional man.

You belong
at the top of the ticket.

Frankie will make
a great president...

Only because he has you.

You belong on the throne.

You're a king, Cyrus.

I can help you
take what's yours.

Do you want it?


W-What are you saying?

You know what I'm saying.

Frankie's been good to me.

Then he has done his service.

Do you want to be
President of the United States?

I want to be the President
of the United States.

Tom Larsen?

QR-24 facial recognition
picked him up on a street cam

in Jennifer's neighborhood
the night she was beaten up.

And he matches
the friend's description.

Okay, so he's Cyrus' thug.

It doesn't prove Cyrus used him
to kill Frankie that night.

It does if we're able
to put Tom in Philadelphia

the night of Frankie's shooting.

Start tracking Tom's movements.

Find out where he was that night
and find out fast, people.

Let's go!

Hey, you wanted to see me, sir.


I just came for my camera.

That's it.


would you excuse us
for a second?

She was a threat to you, sir.

To your candidacy,

to everything
that we've worked for.
A threat?

Are you serious right now?

I sa-saw
the two of you, Frankie.

I knew how that story
was gonna end.

Look, what the hell
are you talking about?!

I am
a happily married man, Cyrus!

I love my wife!

Nothing happened
between me and this girl!

Nothing was ever
going to happen!

You disgust me.

The two of us are done.

Frankie, don't be ridiculous!

You know that I...

would never do anything
to hurt you.

Everything I do
is to help you...

Help us, help the country.

What you did is vile!


Frankie, please,
you don't understand...

No! What you don't understand
is that the moment

I'm elected
President of the United States,

my first order of business

will be to throw you in
the coldest jail cell possible!

Over my dead body will you
get away with what you did.



Come on.
Come on!

Frank... Frankie!

You almost killed that girl.

Jenny was a threat
to your presidency.

My... what?

No, she was a threat to Frankie.

You were supposed to
scare her off.

She was a threat to you.

Frankie doesn't matter.
He's the vehicle.

We just need to get him
to election night,

and then we are onto
the final piece of the puzzle.

President Beene...

Look at me.

Will you look at me?

You are not to touch a hair
on Frankie Vargas' head.

Is that clear?

Yes, sir!

I get it.

I know what the plan is.

The scorpion and the frog.

This all began in Harrisburg,
and it will end in that...


No one...
No one is listening!


You're the one who needs
to start listening.

I am not kidding or pretending
or conspiring here.

I am telling you.

Do not touch him.

You got that?

I need you to understand!

You don't... You...
You don't want my help.

I do not want your help!

I do not want you!
You are dead to me!

You're dead to yourself!

You're ending this?

It's over, Tom!


I'm done.

This... is done!

I'll be careful, okay?

President Beene.


Thank you f-for coming.


Why... Why don't you
s-sit down?

I know that I...

treated you badly.

This is about
making up for that.

This is about making sure
we both have a future.

sit down.

We've been through
a lot together,

you and me.

And I know
that we left things badly,

but we've had a lot of good...

What do you want, Cyrus?

Going forward,

I need you to stay quiet
about me... about us.

The way I see it,
we had a... misunderstanding

about the plan,

and I don't blame you for that.

I don't.

There was a lot going on
with the campaign...

with us.

We were in love.

I loved you, at least.

I was in love...
with you.

That's the one thing
that I'm sure of.


I love you still.

And despite your anger...
Rightful anger...

About what happened between us,

I hope you can recognize that.

Do you, Tom?

Know... Know that
throughout everything,

I always loved you?

Ruff ruff!

Ruff ruff!

You think I'm a dog.

What? No...

Who comes when he's called.

And who can be sent
to the doghouse

when master wants to invite
his fancy friends over.

Not at all...

My turn to talk, Cyrus.

This is about
making up for that?


This is about
putting me back on the leash.

I'm done
being your bitch, Cyrus.

Time to switch positions.

I'm on top now.


You really thought
you could outsmart me, old man?

A trained agent?

Further proof
of your arrogance...

your total disregard for anyone

who didn't go to your schools
or get into your clubs...

We can...

Tom, please,
p-put down the gun.



So you can pick it up
and shoot me?

You deserve to die.

More than anyone else
I have ever killed.

You killed Frankie for me,
didn't... didn't you?

You did, didn't you?

I told...

you not to, but...

I begged you not to,
but I... I should have known

that you would go
to that extreme...

that you would kill him
to get me into the Oval.

And I loved him.

I loved Frankie.

I loved that man.

I never loved...
Loved you.


I used you.

You loved me...

and I used you.

Open up.


This is a much less efficient
way of killing you.

Increased margin of error.

Increased likelihood
of you living...

Severely impaired, of course.

There are fates
worse than death.

Much worse.

And you should know.

You handed one to me.

And now...

I get to hand it back.



At least have some breakfast.

I don't want Ella
to see me like this.

I'm not leaving you.

I had plans...

for when I became President.

How ridiculous does that sound?

When I became President.

Me. I.


My first 100 days...

would've rivaled...

friggin' F.D.R.

I was gonna tackle everything,

from... healthcare
to energy reform...

to education...

to saving
this precarious economy

that Fitzgerald Grant
never knew what to do with.

I w...

I would've been
downright transformational.

I had... plans.

would have my picture...

hanging in their dining rooms.

Little kids
would tell their teachers

they want to be me
when they grow up... me...

And not just the gay ones.

I mean, every last little boy
and girl in this country...

would be looking up to me.

Me. I.

Fat mouth-breathing "last picked
in gym class" Cyrus Beene.


Delusions of grandeur.

Like I said...


We can still beat this.

Mr. President?
Elizabeth North.

- Liz.
- Mr. President.

I understand you and Cyrus
worked out a deal the other day

for him to step down
as President-Elect

in exchange for clemency.

If the offer's still good,
he'd like to accept.

Is the offer still good?


So, he's admitting
to shooting Frankie Vargas?

Under direct orders
from Cyrus Beene.

I'm sorry.

You're gonna have to
repeat that.


Tom Larsen confessed
to the murder of Frankie Vargas.

He will testify that Cyrus
ordered him to do it.

The FBI is on their way
to Cyrus' house as we speak.


And with Cyrus in jail,
the Electoral College

will have no choice
but to vote for you.

Mellie, you are the next
President of the United States.

Come on, Els.

Let Daddy go.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say
can and will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford
an attorney,

one will be appointed for you.

Do you understand?

I need a verbal confirmation.


David Rosen?
I-I'm... I'm not convinced.

What is there
to be convinced of, Frankie?

He'll make
a hell of a running mate.

Not only a seasoned Democrat

but an integral part
of a Republican administration.

He's the best of both worlds!

Look, I don't know the guy.
I don't trust the guy.

You know me.

You trust me, don't you?


Of course I trust you.

Then you know
I would not steer you wrong!

Look, we're out of options.

There's no time
to vet anyone else!

Maybe we don't have to.


Maybe we don't have to vet
anyone else

because maybe I already know
all there is to know

about the man that I want
as my Vice President.

It's you, Cyrus.

I want you...

to be my Vice President.

You're serious?


No, no, I can't.

I'm not...

I'm not a politician!


I'm not good!

That's the important thing.
I'm not a good guy.

That's why you're perfect.

We complement each other!

You see all the bad sides.

I only ever see the good.

Y-You're making that mistake
right now.

And you're honest.


I am not gonna
let you say no, Cy.

I want you by my side.

I need you.
America needs you.

So, what do you say, Cy?

Will you join me on the ticket?

You want me?

I want you.

Just say yes, Cy.


It'd be both my honor
and my pleasure, Mr. President.

Let's make it official, then.

Come on.

I'll be right there.