Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 7 - Baby Made a Mess - full transcript

Unable to believe Jake is guilty, Olivia seeks out Tom for more information; Huck plays with fire.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ cellphone rings ]
Really. Don't be mean.
I'm not being mean. It's just...
So I say there's hope
And this means you call me every night?
Unless you want me to come over there and tuck you in.
That came out...Dirty.
I just want to [sighs]
I miss you.
Can we think about finding a way to spend time together?
Now that there is... Hope?
Well, it depends.
Is jake being fed?
Excuse me?
That's been sued three times in the last five years
For inhumane treatment of prisoners.
So I'd like to know -- is he being fed?
Sequestered from violent inmates?
Given access to sunlight?
Jake ballard is no longer any of your concern.
I want a full report of his condition.
Then we can talk about what "hope" means.
Olivia --
Good night, fitz.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
Mr. Winslow?
[ door hinges creak ]
Do we know each other?
My name is quinn.
And I work for olivia pope.
Of course you do.
You said you were out of town on business
The night your daughter disappeared.
But you weren't.
You were at your office having an off-the-books meeting,
And when caitlin came to tell you about catherine's affair,
She overheard something, something she shouldn't have.
So she grabbed the closest proof
She could get her hands on and ran.
She took a folder. It had pictures of olivia in it.
That's why she had to die.
That's why she was killed.
Is it her?
I haven't heard a question yet, quinn.
Why did you lie about that meeting?
What was the meeting about?
Why is someone taking pictures of my boss?
What does all of this have to do with olivia pope?
You can't stop what's coming.
I'm sorry. I can't help you.
No! [ gunshot ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Woman: [ laughs ] whoa!
Easy, cap'n!
Anchors aweigh!
[ laughs ]
[ gasps ] baby!
[ laughs ]
Baby made a mess.
[ laughs]
Oh, god. Did he just --
Number two?
Cyrus: Oh, god! [ laughs ]
I'm sorry.
[ laughing ] a United States senator just...
On tape...
D-don't mind me.
[ indistinct shouting ]
Everyone! Everyone!
Please, let's try to exercise some decorum this morning.
Woman: Has president grant seen the mcdonnell video?
President grant doesn't fancy himself a fan of reality tv.
He's busy running the country.
Okay, but senator mcdonnell just resigned his senate seat.
You'd have to ask the good people of virginia.
I'm hearing rumors president grant
Already has a candidate in mind to support.
I'm sorry. Is that a question?
Charles putney. Is he going to be the president's pick?
At this time...
No names have been discussed.
But, um, when we do have someone,
You'll be the first to know.
[ indistinct shouting ]
When exactly were you planning to tell me
We have a candidate to replace mcdonnell?
We have a candidate to replace mcdonnell.
Happy? Is it charles putney?
It is, red.
Everything okay?
Yeah, fine. I just know him, is all.
I think I knew that. Is it going to be a problem?
Of course not. Why would it be a problem?
Come in and meet the next senator from virginia, charles putney.
Call me chip. Chip!
Nice to finally meet you, cyrus.
Cy. Leo, didn't see you there.
Don't you look well-rested since the election.
Wish I had some downtime.
Too busy here in the white house.
Abby, let me introduce you to chip.
Oh, we know each other.
Oh. I didn't know you'd worked together.
We haven't, mr. President.
We used to be married.
Chip is my ex-husband.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ computer beeps ]
[ computer beeps ]
Quinn: Huck!
[ keyboard clacking ]
We have a situation here.
Olivia: You are the attorney general of the United States, david.
I know you have your phone on.
How long has she been like this?
She alternates between calling david rosen about jake
And grilling me about the winslow case.
[ sighs ] I mean, what do you think?
"hey, guess what.
"the envelope caitlin winslow stole from her dad's firm,
"the one she was murdered over?
"it had pictures of you in it!
"and when I went to question the one person
"who could tell us about the photos,
We don't tell her -- not yet. She has too much on her plate.
Those pictures will break her brain right now.
[ cellphone rings ]
About time, david.
What's wrong?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Abby: No one saw you come in?
Cyrus? Ethan?
I was careful. No one saw me.
I know you're worried about jake and you don't have time --
I always have time. [ sighs ]
I wouldn't have even called you except I ruined my dress.
I saw charles...
"chip" -- and I-I was calm and I smiled,
I kept it together, and I'm --
I don't think anybody could tell that...
But then I went straight to the bathroom
And I-I didn't know that was gonna happen.
And I got it all over my dress, and so it's ruined.
I usually keep another one
Except yesterday was dry-cleaning day.
And I can't go back out there with vomit on me, so...
Did you bring a dress?
I brought you two very nice dresses to choose from.
What am I supposed to do?
"the man that you publicly endorsed for the senate
Used to beat the crap out of me"?
If fitz knew -- not fitz.
Fitz is a man to you.
The rest of us, we only know the president.
The president is not a man. He's an idea.
H-he's gun control and equal pay and education bills,
And maybe the first proof ever of republicans and democrats
Actually being able to work together.
His needs supersede mine.
I know you're trying to be rational,
And I understand why, but you can't pretend this is okay.
It's not okay, abby.
We need his votes on the hill.
[ voice breaking ] it has to be okay.
[ cries ]
I can suck it up.
Damn it.
I cannot cry in the white house.
You cry if you want to.
No. Press secretaries can't cry.
It's like a rule. [ breathes deeply ]
Abby, look at me.
What do you want?
Liv, no. You can't.
What do you want?
You already have jake to deal with.
What do you want?
[ chuckles softly ]
The putney name means everything in virginia.
The president's already endorsed him.
Chip is never gonna lose the senate race.
You can't handle this.
Watch me.
[ sighs ]
Wow. It's a party.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Let's get started. Hi, there.
You work for the ross campaign, right?
I'm a volunteer.
Yeah, I need you t--
I need you to take down that sign.
There's a ladder in the hall. Make use of it.
You'll get your phone back when you're done.
From now on, any and all campaign materials need to be approved.
Susan: Implement these changes. We can completely eliminate --
We're gonna take a little break.
You're susan ross? Yes.
And you want to be the next United States senator from virginia?
Yes. Look, you just interrupted my campaign rally.
Susan, this isn't a campaign rally
For the next United States senator from virginia.
This isn't even a campaign rally
For a middle-school student-council treasurer.
Which is a shame because I think you have promise.
Do you know why that matters, susan?
That I think that you have promise?
And I'd like to run your campaign free of charge.
Not only can I make you
I willmake you the next United States senator from virginia.
All you have to do is say yes.
Say yes, susan.
Thank you, susan.
Okay, I want this sign down now.
Bring me the latest polling and finance stats.
This is the big-time, people! Let's go!
Susan ross. Virginia state senator.
Professor of political science at uva.
Widowed mother of casey, age 10.
And as of last Thursday, republican candidate for senate.
Post, times -- everyone calls her campaign hopeless.
Early polls show charles putney with a double-digit lead.
My image? What about my image?
Research shows that if a woman candidate
Is perceived as too pretty or too plain,
Voters turn against her.
Still, as a feminist, I absolutely understand
If you want to refuse to make adjustments to your image.
Adjust how? Adjust what?
Just a couple of tweaks.
¶ every one from a to z
¶ whoa, whoa, whoa
¶ ohh
Reworking her image will only boost her so far.
Putney's got a $50 million war chest.
With their ad-spend alone, no way we can win this one clean.
We're gonna need to put them on the defense. We're gonna need dirt.
Abby must have something from the divorce.
We should ask her. We're not involving abby in this.
¶ I'm every woman
[ knock on door ] hey.
Leo. I was in the area.
I thought I'd stop by. What area?
Washington, d.C. Mind if I take a seat?
So what is the deal with you and your ex?
There's no deal. We were married, and now we're not.
I'm not besties with my ex-husband.
Nothing. I just want to know where I stand.
You know, with the two of us working together -- you and me.
I mean, I figure we have two choices here --
We can either pretend this unbearable sexual tension doesn't exist,
Or we can address it head-on.
Is there a third choice?
Can I close the door?
No. Then no.
What am I watching?
Car bomb just went off outside the u.S. Embassy
In west angola. That's not good.
We have a press briefing in less than 30, people.
We have an update? All we know
Is that a car bomb exploded near our embassy in west angola.
Anyone hurt?
30 west angolan civilians were killed.
Is anyone claiming responsibility?
With the rebels' car bombing of the reserve bank last month.
It could also be president buhari
Wanting us to think it's the rebels.
He's asking us to send in troops.
Heighten security outside the embassy.
The u.S.S. Truman's in the red sea, near the gulf of guinea.
Send the truman in.
Yes, sir.
If she knows, how does she know?
Before you head out on a witch-hunt,
You might want to take a closer look at your own...Back door.
You sure you don't have time for round two?
[ sighs ]
It'd be round three, by my count.
They say good things come in threes.
They do. But I got to get back.
It's this embassy bombing in west angola.
Yeah, it was all over the news today.
We're sending in the u.S.S. Roosevelt
As a deterrent, but...
I'm sorry.
I'm boring you.
I don't mind.
You can talk about anything with me.
Monitor every news outlet for the next 24 hours.
I want to know if elizabeth north
Says anything about west angola.
Anything at all.
[ knock on door ] is it true?
Will there be a new china pattern
At the white house on your watch?
A first lady's job is never done.
Everyone likes the reagan china best.
But I prefer the roosevelt. What do you think?
Oh, well, the crimson border on the reagan
Is so elegant.
Eleanor roosevelt ordered her china service
To create jobs during the great depression.
Really? I didn't know that.
See how simple the pattern is? Not a lot of fuss.
Poor thing probably didn't give a rat's ass about china
Any more than I do.
[ chuckles ] I'll tell you something --
They'll suddenly make first lady an official paid position.
The minute a man has to do it, it'll become a real job.
I'm sorry, elizabeth.
I'm just so bored.
Then let me entertain you
With talk of more substantial matters.
Such as?
And how you can help the party shape it.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
David: The answer is no.
You haven't heard the question yet.
The question involves you asking me
To grossly abuse the powers of my office
And get you access to something you shouldn't have access to.
Is this why you've been ignoring my calls?
Yes. I need you to get me into supermax.
Liv, it's a supermax prison.
They added the word "super" to the already quite clear
"maximum security."
That place holds people who eat people.
And you want to what, just waltz in there
Wearing all your white stuff,
Have a seat in one of the cells, and drink tea with jake?
You can't just visit jake.
Hell no. There are clearances, protocols, rules.
You already have a plan, don't you?
I've been poped and I don't know it.
Yes. And, david? What.
Who said it was jake that I wanted to visit?
[ chains jingle ]
Hello, tom.
Warden roberts generously allowed me
The use of his office.
This way I didn't have to sign in as a visitor
And we get to keep this meeting off the books.
[ sighs ]
I'm -- I'm sorry.
I don't -- I don't mean to stare.
It's just...
I don't get to look at you very often.
I'm usually working, scanning the perimeter,
Protecting my president the way I do.
I'm in the room, but I'm never in the room.
You're usually in the corner of my eye.
I've never seen you.
And you... Are...Beautiful.
The face that launched a thousand ships.
Tom, I need you tell me the truth
About who ordered you to kill the president's son.
I need to know -- why did you leave him?
Tom, I need answers. So do I.
I've had so many questions for so long
That I've been wanting to ask.
What is it that is so special about you?
You have so much power over him.
He revolves around you.
So, I don't understand.
Why did you leave him?
I'm not answering these --
Was it an order from command?
My father? My father doesn't give me orders.
You think you...?
Oh, you think you have a father.
I am so sorry, but you don't have a father.
You have command.
You were raised by command.
Command doesn't have a family.
You take orders like any other soldier.
You've been taking orders from command
Since the day you were born.
Who made you kill the president's son?
He came to your apartment once after you left town.
He insisted.
So we brought him.
Middle of the night. Not even a follow car.
Just four agents and my president.
I think he had to see it for himself,
See that you were really gone.
We had a key from the landlord.
The president went in and he just...
The other three agents stayed outside in the hall,
But eventually I went in, too, because of the sound.
He was making this noise.
Not crying, more like...
I don't know.
I've never heard a noise like that before.
He stopped when I came in.
And we just didn't talk about it.
He's my president.
He needed you. He was in pain.
He wanted to die.
He tried, you know.
I could protect him from everyone.
Except you.
I could never protect him from you, ms. Pope.
You are beautiful.
But really, it's what's behind your eyes.
I can see it.
And you know they all love you.
My president, jake, command -- they all love you.
And I can see it. I can see why.
Helen of troy.
The face that launched a thousand ships.
She didn't have a father, either.
Her father was a god.
You listen to me.
My father is not a god. He's a man.
A very efficient man who does not like loose ends.
He doesn't need you anymore, so he will have you killed.
I will protect you, I will save your life,
If you tell me the truth.
Who ordered you to kill the president's son?
Jake ballard.
Watch your back, tom.
Hi. I'm susan ross.
As many of you know, virginia is in a state of crisis.
Olivia: You're blinking too much.
Am I?
Let's try it again.
It must be all the eye make-up.
Action! Hi. I'm susan ross.
As many of you know, virginia is in a state of crisis.
Still blinking. Shoot.
Action. Hi. I'm susan ross.
As many of you know, virginia is in a state of crisis.
Oh, good lord.
Congress's cap and trade laws
Are bleeding our coal industry dry.
Is it too late to make this a radio ad?
We've already bought the air time.
Uh...My eyes feel weird like this.
Can I get some eyedrops?
[ both laugh ]
That wasn't fair.
Hi. I'm casey ross.
And this is my mom, susan ross.
She's running for United States senator.
I think you should vote for her.
Why? Because she's awesome.
Check it out.
You see that?
That's my mom's doctorate degree.
I want smart people running my country. Don't you?
This is my mom and dad.
My dad died when I was five.
But my mom has done an amazing job raising me by herself.
This is a picture of my grandpa.
He worked in the coal mines for more than thirty years.
I think that's awesome. So does my mom.
That's why, when she gets to washington,
She's gonna make sure that she protects
All those coal jobs
That the other guy wants to get rid of.
Pretty cool, right?
I'm proud of my mom 'cause she cares about people.
How do I know that? Because she cares about me.
Susan: That's enough, casey. Lights out.
This is susan ross, and I approve this message.
Six hours it's been on the air.
Six hours, and already it's taking over facebook,
I didn't think ross had it in her.
The woman could sell a dual ticket of hitler and bin laden.
The point is, she's gaining ground.
Not enough to make me wet my pants, prostate willing,
But enough to make me wonder
If the president of the United States
Might have made a mistake endorsing you so quickly.
Are you going to embarrass him on election day, gentlemen?
Then you'd best hit the streets.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ car alarm chirps ]
Oh. [ chuckles ]
I didn't mean to startle you.
You didn't.
I just wanted to say hi.
Just us.
[ sighs ] you know, you look good, ab.
Just the same.
If I wasn't married now, we could have fun, huh?
No. No. No, we couldn't.
Ab, you're not still holding a grudge, are you?
A grudge? Am I...What?
Look, this election is important to me.
Yeah, our marriage wasn't perfect.
So I may have lost my temper a couple of times.
I'm lucky to be alive, charles.
It's always the blame game with you, abby.
We had a passionate relationship.
Move on. Let it go already.
Because, whether you like it or not,
I'm gonna win this election.
So you can call off your olivia-dog.
We're on the same team now.
So don't screw this up.
You've come a long way. So have I.
W-what are you doing?
I'm gonna shoot you.
I'm gonna shoot you, and when people ask me why,
I'll tell them it's because you used to
Beat the crap out of me.
And that's what's made me so messed up.
That's what made me so lonely.
That's what's stolen all of my chances
For normal with every single guy I've ever...
Or maybe I'll just tell them you attacked me
And I went crazy and shot you in the face.
Either way, chalk it up to p.T.S.D., chip.
[ car door opens, closes ]
[ engine turns over ]
[ tires screech ]
Olivia: Abby.
What happened?
I didn't, but I wanted to. I wanted to kill him.
I wanted him dead.
Charles? Uh-huh.
It didn't even feel wrong.
It felt good.
I crossed over.
I pulled out my gun and everything.
Abby... I know, I'm just saying --
It felt really good.
Abby, I'm gonna need you to give me your gun.
[ gasps ]
He can't win, liv.
He can't get to be a United States senator.
Chip can't be...
Oh, my god, what -- what am I gonna do?
What do -- what do I do? Tell me what to do.
Use your podium.
Don't wait for the election.
Stand up at your podium with its presidential seal
And tell the most powerful reporters in the world
Who chip is, who he really is.
You would destroy his career, just like that.
Think about all those battered women
Who would hear your story and they'd get a little hope.
Think of all the lives you could change.
You'd be a hero to so many women.
I did that.
We did that for clients for years.
They came, we fixed, and we conquered.
But what happened to those women, liv?
They became anita hill, monica lewinsky.
They stood up, liv.
They stood up and told their story.
But where are they now?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ sighs ]
[ cellphone rings ]
Jake ballard is eating 2,700 calories per day.
Three proteins, three vegetables,
One fruit, two carbohydrates.
He is alone in his cell,
Where he has books and paper for 23 hours a day.
For one hour each day he is removed from his cell
And taken to an exercise yard,
Where he exercises with two other prisoners
In the fresh air and sunshine
Under the safe watch of seven heavily armed guards.
Satisfied? Sure.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You sure?
What about you? Are you okay?
I'm a little annoyed that you decided
To represent susan ross after I endorsed her opponent,
But other than that...
There's hope, so...
I'm great.
I went to supermax last night.
Visiting jake was not part of the agreement.
I visited tom.
I'm trying not to get angry here.
You visited tom because you thought you could what?
Get him to confess? We already did that.
He confessed to killing my son and your friend
On orders from the guy you've been screwing.
I thought he would change his story. He didn't.
[ sighs ]
I don't know why you won't let this go.
He said you tried to kill yourself.
I want to talk about what hope means.
You said if I gave you a full report on jake ballard,
We could talk about what the fact
I would like to discuss what tom said.
I thought you said tom was a liar.
Were you lying when you said there's hope?
Was that just to save jake's life?
I wasn't lying. I don't lie.
Then come over here and prove it.
Excuse me?
If you're not lying, if there's hope,
Then come over here right now and prove it to me.
You know I can't do that.
Why? Because I'm at the white house?
It's not a problem.
I have people who will sweep you in here
And erase your presence in a matter of minutes.
I'm very powerful, you know.
Some women would find that a turn-on.
You're drunk.
And I shouldn't have brought up what tom said, so let's just --
Don't you want to know what you're gonna miss?
Fitz -- I'm in a...
Well, let's just say I'm in a giving mood tonight.
So first, I'd take off all your clothes.
I wouldn't kiss you, not yet.
I'd make you wait for that.
Then, once I had you naked,
I'd spread you out on the desk so I could see you.
Every inch of you.
And then I'd start at the bottom and I'd work my way up.
Slowly, deliberately,
So you fully understood the choice in front of you.
So you fully realized just what you were giving up.
And then, once you were begging,
Because I wouldn't stop until you were begging...
...I'd finally kiss you.
On the mouth.
So you could taste yourself.
And then...
And then what?
That depends on how much hope there is.
[ indistinct talking ]
[ machine-gun fire ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ knock on door ]
You found something elizabeth said?
There's nothing.
I've gone through everything
That she's said on the record
But there's no mention of west angola at all.
I'm really sorry.
Obviously, I can keep looking if you --
Go home.
Go home because... I'm fired?
No, because, ethan, for once,
You have not filled me with disappointment.
Go home.
[ knock on door ] leo: I thought you'd have left.
I came back. Fair enough.
The thing I've learned in this business
Is that everybody has something.
Usually it's obvious.
Liked to sing "kokomo" in his diaper?
But I knew there was something wrong about that guy.
Susan ross -- super-smart,
Mother of the decade, a sad widow.
Other than a passing resemblance to yosemite sam?
Well, it turns out she's not a sad widow after all.
She's not even a widow.
Susan ross wasn't married
To the dead dad of little casey ross.
Did you just say "yahtzee"?
I did. That saddens me.
Is anybody really gonna care
About the fact that she isn't a widow?
Oh, I think some people are going to care.
And those people are called republicans, abby!
She's immoral, a sinner, a liar.
And since she's also an ugly egghead
They didn't want to vote for anyway,
Now they don't have to.
Susan ross is going to lose. Olivia pope is going to lose.
And our guy, charles putney, is going to win.
That's worth a "yahtzee."
My jaw was wired shut for six weeks,
And I still have a pin in it that gets me a sympathetic look
From the lady manning the x-ray
Every time I go through security at an airport.
Two of my front teeth are fake,
And my collarbone hurts whenever it's going to rain.
Charles did that to me.
So, yeah, you won.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
What are you doing here?
First, you blatantly disregard my orders
To not get involved in jake's situation.
And now you go sneaking off with tom to badger him into...
What, exactly?
What do you hope to gain? You had me followed.
Of course you had me followed. You're inside my apartment.
Why would I be surprised?
Go home, dad.
You do not disrespect me!
Do you understand?
Can I make that any clearer?
I am the one who protects the republic.
I am the one who protects you.
Everything I do serves that purpose.
I have spent a lifetime keeping you safe from harm,
A lifetime worrying about your fate,
A lifetime making sure that the path in front of you
Was clear of debris,
A lifetime shining their shoes
So that you might always see your reflection at every turn.
You do not see this. You do not believe this.
You think I am some relic,
Some misguided, vicious dinosaur from my museum
Who attacks without thinking.
Let me assure you, I am not.
When I strike,
It is precise and it is for a reason.
You do not interfere.
You do not get in the way.
You never, ever
Choose one of them over me again.
I won't have it.
Is that clear?
What's clear
Is that you seem to have wasted a lifetime
Doing all the wrong things.
Against me, you will lose.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ keys jingle, door opens ]
Bunk inspection -- you know the drill.
I have a message from command.
[ groaning ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ grunts ]
Someone's been following me,
Taking pictures for god knows how long.
Why didn't you tell me?
Your dance card seemed a little full,
And we weren't going to tell you, but they found his body,
And it'll be all over the news, so...
It was my call.
What did jeremy winslow say?
Before he ate a bullet in front of me?
Not much.
He was drunk, rambling.
But the meeting that night at his firm?
Now we know it was about you.
Mrs. Grant, how does it feel
To be a part of a tradition that dates back to 1817?
My husband and I are so proud
And so honored by this, sienna.
And I know that a new china setting
May seem frivolous in the face of world events,
Are absolutely crucial to this nation's foreign policy.
In fact, at our very last state dinner,
Fitz and I were able to sit down
With president buhari of west angola
To discuss the human rights violations
Suffered by civilians in the ongoing conflict there.
It's a truly terrible situation,
One that fitz and I can't just sit by and let happen,
Because I don't want my children to grow up...
You want coffee? Coffee, yes.
...In a world that's dangerous and unpredictable,
Where violence is always at your doorstep.
Always coffee.
And fear is always in your heart
Because you or your loved ones could be the victim
Of some hateful act
Against the ideals of this country.
That's why I fully support my husband
Sending the u.S.S. Roosevelt into the gulf of guinea.
Are we still talking china, mrs. Grant?
Send the truman in.
We're sending in the u.S.S. Roosevelt
Michael: Black with a diabetic coma of sugar.
I know all your weaknesses now, cy.
Yes...You do.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Leo: I've come to celebrate.
My loss.
My client withdrew his candidacy 10 minutes ago.
Charles? Why would he --
Because he had to.
Someone leaked it to the press that it was charles
Who set up diaper boy.
Paid her to get the whole horror show on tape
To get mcdonnell to resign.
And now susan ross
Is going to be the next senator of virginia.
[ sighs ]
You leaked it.
What? Please.
You turned your own client in.
I would never.
Here, drink.
Come on, celebrate.
I can't believe I just let you kiss me.
Have some more bourbon and I'll touch your boob.
[ laughs ]
You were supposed to be talking about china patterns.
Cups. Plates. Saucers.
Cyrus said you did five minutes
On west angola.
You can't do that.
I'm back.
That's what you wanted, right?
That's what you screamed at me about?
How you hated drunk mellie and crybaby mellie
And there was one about food. I don't know what you called it.
I like to think of it as chicken-fried mellie.
You wanted those mellies gone, right?
So...They're gone.
And here I am.
I'm back, baby.
The real mellie.
Remember how much you hated the real mellie?
Be careful what you wish for.
Mellie --
That I have been holding up all the walls of our house.
I have been holding you up for 20 years.
And I never complained.
But when I fall down on the job for exactly two months,
You ripped me to shreds the first time it got difficult.
I won't soon forget that.
[ cellphone rings ]
Answer your phone.
Absolutely. He's right here.
Olivia pope for you.
You were right.
He tried to kill me.
Olivia: Who ordered you to kill the president's son, tom?
Your father.
The order didn't come from ballard.
It came from rowan.
Why did he do it?
He told your friend harrison that...
He took my child, so I took his.
Why did tom confess? Why now?
He's a b613 agent.
I handled him the way my father would have.
He doesn't need you anymore, so he will have you killed.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Javi: Found you.
I tracked you down by your I.P. Address.
Pretty easy.
What are you doing here?
I want to know why you left.
I've seen pictures.
I know you're my dad.
My president, jake, command -- they all love you.
Are you saying there's any hope now?
You're not going to choose me.
Olivia: You give him to my father!
Are you saying there's hope?!
Against me, you will lose.
Jake: I want you to know --
I need you to know not choosing me is okay.
Helen of troy.
The face that launched a thousand ships.
There's hope.
[ door closes ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]