Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Last Supper - full transcript

Fitz and Jake continue to fight over Olivia, but Olivia needs them to focus on the real prize, taking down Command. Meanwhile, Huck longs to connect with his family and Quinn continues ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So, now I'm innocent, is
what you're telling me.


Pleased to hear that.

Should we each take turns hugging?

Or how does this work, exactly?

- Look, Jake...
- Captain Ballard.

Jake is what my friends call me.
You're not my friend, Mr. President.

Friends don't put you in prison
for crimes you didn't commit.

They don't refuse to hear you

when you're telling them the truth.

They don't hit you when you can't hit back.

So from this point forward,
when you refer to me,

it will be as Captain
Ballard, is that understood?

Liv, has Rowan been arrested?

There isn't enough proof.

Okay, good.

- Good?
- What's easier?

Killing a man when he's
surrounded by guards,

or doing it when he's out on the street

and there's no one there to protect him?

No one's killing anyone.

Someone's killing someone.

- Jake...
- Captain Ballard.

We want justice, too,
Jake. We all want justice.

I don't want justice. I
want to kill your father.

And I want you to let me do that.

- I can't.
- Why?

What we're looking for here is evidence.

Excuse me. I'm talking to my girlfriend.

If we can build a case against Rowan...

He's still talking to me, isn't he?

...prosecute him for the
crimes we know he's committed,

- put him in prison...
- And what?

Expose B613?

That's not justice, Mr. President.

That's suicide.

Rowan goes down, but so do you.

Not if we keep the trial secret.

It'll never get that far.

- Jake...
- Are you really this naive?

It will never get that far.

Because as soon as you release me,

Rowan will know that you're onto him.

He will know what your plan is.

He'll do everything in
his power to thwart you.

First by killing me,
and then by killing him.

Which is why we're not releasing you.

I'm sorry, did you just say...

We're keeping you here.

Like you said, if Rowan
knows we're onto him,

there's no way any of this will work.

I see. So I stay down here
while the two of you...


Get together at night and strategize?

It's for your own safety, Jake.

Captain Ballard.

I will call you whatever
I want to call you.


I know you're angry, Jake.
I know you want blood.

So do I. But that's not who we are.

That's for people who live
their lives in the darkness.

But you and me, we stand in the sun.

We stand in the sun,
Jake. That's what we do.

So, please, if there's anything you know,

anything you have that will
help us put my father away,

you need to tell us.

We need to do this right.

That's one of our catchphrases,
"standing in the sun."

I'm not sure if you knew that.

Probably not.

It's from our time on the island together.

Did Liv ever catch you up on that?

Fitz, wait.

We don't need Captain Ballard.

We'll take down Rowan without him.

So, I guess I shouldn't tell you

about the thousands of
confiscated B613 files

I have sitting in a storage locker

waiting to be used as evidence?

It's not as good as killing him, but...

since I am standing in the sun and all...

Thank you.

No hard feelings?

No hard feelings.

Long time.

Mm. Too long.

No one stuffed the
party's collection basket

quite like you did for Fitz.

You did your part.

What can I do for you?

I think it's bugged.

Or someone's remotely accessing it.

I don't know. It's just asking strange.

Why do you think someone
would want to do that?

Obviously someone's trying to take me down.

Elizabeth North. Stanford law.

Broke with her liberal,
presidio heights family

by falling in love with a republican.

Started small in the party...

grassroots organizer in the Western states.

But when they found out she could
raise money, she rose quickly.

- Enemies?
- Enemies?

I am the female head of the
Republican National Committee.

I don't know what a friend is.

The Dems, disgruntled staffers, the NRA,

big pharma... every major
contributor to the party.

Oh, and my ex-husband
thinks I'm a real bitch, too.

- Is it as bad as she says?
- Worse.

Party leaders have been
calling for her head on a stick

ever since the president
shifted his agenda left.

Fundraising numbers have plummeted

- each month since the election.
- Republicans want her out.

They're just looking for the
final nail to put in her coffin.

I have worked long and
hard to get where I am.

Harder than any of the men

that were handed this gig before me.

Look, I know you don't like me.

That was where you were supposed to say,

"no, Elizabeth, you're great.

We're besties." But whatever.

I don't like you.

You cut corners, you're mean to assistants,

you never share credit, and you lie.

But I admire what you've accomplished.

I respect how hard you work.

And I don't have to be your
friend to do my job brilliantly.

So you'll look into this for me?

Consider it handled.

Tracer, Finch is on the move.

This way, sir.

One sec.


Nice to meet you, Mr. Vice President.

Hello. Sorry they made you wait out here.

You missed one hell of a riveting speech

on our foreign-policy priorities
in Africa, let me tell you.

Thank you very much.
Thanks for your patience.

Roadblocks are up. CIA
station chiefs in the region...

The longer we wait, the weaker we seem.

POTUS is gonna want to move on this.

Move too soon and risk...

They hit us first. We're out of time.

Now. People, now.

What do we know?

Three severely injured agents.

The vice president
suffered minor lacerations

and is on his way back to the White House.

- Who did this?
- No confirmation yet.

The vice president was
walking out of a speech

condemning the West
Angolan liberation front.

I'd say we have a clear suspect.

FBI, CIA, DIA all leaning
in that direction, sir.

But no claims of responsibility yet.

- Raise the threat level.
- Yes, sir.

And get the west Angolan
ambassador in my office.

- Right away.
- I have a list of targets at the ready,

squadron of F-15s on standby
on the deck of the Truman.

- Just say the word.
- Keep them on high alert,

but we wait for confirmation
on who's responsible

before we move, understood?

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir. Yes, Mr. President.

Do not call me unless
you are in the hospital.

I'm calling to make sure
that you're all right.

Why wouldn't I be?

Because there are bombs
blowing up our fair city,

and you missed our weekly dinner.

You didn't call. You didn't text.

I had to finish an entire bottle

of 2005 Contador Rioja by myself.

I wasn't aware we were
on speaking terms, dad,

let alone having dinner.

We are family, Olivia.

Families fight.

That is what they do.

That doesn't mean you stop calling

or you stop showing up for dinner.

When we fight, we forgive and forget.

I doubt that Jake's in
a very forgiving mood,

and trust me, he will never forget.

Jake is not family.

He is to me.

You may love these boys, Olivia,

and they may even love you,
but they are not your family.

These boys may go to battle for you.

They, perhaps, might even kill for you.

But after the conquest, after
they've enjoyed the spoils,

they will move on to other
battles, other conquests,

other spoils.

You're disgusting.

That may be, but I am still your father

and I will be here for you

long after these boys
have revealed themselves

to be who they really are.

I will be here to pick up the pieces,

to put you back together,

and remind you of who you really are.

You will always have a place at my table.

Whether we fight, whether you hate me,

whether you are willing to show up or not,

I will always be there.


For you.



I have to go.

The nation's capital
remains on lockdown

as the FBI and local law enforcement

hunt for those responsible for
this explosive act of terrorism

against Vice President Andrew Nichols

outside of the Taft Hotel.

- Mellie.
- Where are you hurt?

- Just some scrapes.
- Did you hit your head?

- Mellie?
- Did you rule out a concussion?

- Shouldn't he get an MRI?
- Mellie, look at me.

I'm fine.

Are you sure? Sometimes the adrenaline...

I'm sure.

Most importantly, they're sure.



Oh, my God.

I just... I couldn't believe.

I saw what happened on
the news and I just...

May we have the room, please?

Thanks for checking on me.

Honestly, I wouldn't have
guessed that you had...


Found it.

Someone embedded a remote-access worm

in Elizabeth North's feeder app.

Can't trace it.

I'll have to wait for them
to access the phone again,

track it from there.
Then I'll have our guy.

Let me know when you do. Quinn...

On Kubiak.

Call me when you have something.

David Rosen.

You want me to prosecute your father?

I assume you have evidence?

Documents, let's say,
that may or may not detail

the extent of his criminal activity?

We do.

This may come as a surprise to you, Rosen,

but I myself did a brief stint as command.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

And, while not something
I'm particularly proud of,

I did have the good sense
to keep a few souvenirs

for myself upon vacating my post.


And when you say "souvenirs,"
I assume you mean...

Files. Lots of them.

They've been sitting in a storage locker

collecting dust, but now they're here.

I should have used them earlier,
but for some reason, I didn't.

It's more than enough
evidence to make your case.

- The only trouble is...
- They're inflammatory.

And not that I'd know firsthand,
but one can only assume.

Which is why we need you
to handle this discreetly.

Discreetly and creatively.

Wait, what do you mean?

If we held a trial and the
court records became public,

not only would it blow back on Livvie

as the daughter of the man we're accusing,

but it could disrupt the entire government

and mire it in scandal
for generations to come.

You see how that would be a problem, yes?

So, if I'm to understand correctly,

you're looking for a legal Avenue

that provides the kind of discretion

that, say, a military
tribunal would provide?

Even though that hasn't
been a legal-legal avenue

since, what, 1866?

I should've used those files
months ago, Rosen, but I didn't.

This is my chance to redeem myself.

I'll see what I can do.

You all right?

I'm fine.

This can't be easy for you.

Whatever else Rowan is, he is your father.

I'm fine.

When this is over, you and
me, Camp David, just us.

You don't want me to
kiss you because of Jake.

- That's not...
- This is interesting.

- Fitz...
- No, really, it is.

You don't know what to do.

Is it disloyal to want me?

Or is it disloyal to want him?

You don't know.

- Okay, just stop it.
- Kiss me.


Kiss me.

- Let's just go.
- Look at me.

We are alone.

Locked doors, no cameras.

You and me.

Everything that has happened,
everything that will happen,

right now none of it matters.

There's no price.

This one's free. It's just you and me.

Kiss me, Olivia.

You know you want to.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

You don't go this way. Go another way.

It's a bunker. There's only one way.



I am so bored.

Kubiak is laying low.

I don't know if that's
because his boss killed himself

or because he's run out
of teenage girls to murder.

Stay on him.

He's the only link we have to the
photographs of Liv from the locker.

I'm so bored. Amuse me.

I traced the worm on
Elizabeth North's phone.

- So that means...
- I know who's spying on her.



I don't have a lot of time.

Sit, Cyrus.

Liv, I'm busy. You called, I came.

I have to get back. So whatever
it is you need to talk about...

I got a call from Huck.

I want to talk about why you are bugging

Elizabeth North's phone.


He's a whore.

I knew that he was a whore.

And I was willing to go along with that

because it was fun and weird and not real.

James was real.

Ella, who thinks I'm a stranger

and cries whenever I go near her, is real.

My life in that big White House is real.

Michael wasn't real,
and I think I liked that.

I needed that.

So, why are you bugging
Elizabeth North's phone?

Because Michael wasn't just a whore.

He was a whore sent by
Elizabeth North to entrap me.

I'm bugging her phone
because she set me up,

and I need to know what she has on me.

I need your help, Liv.

She's a client.

Who's trying to destroy your friend.

We've been on opposite sides before.

We've survived.

We won't survive this.

Neither will he.

These people are out for blood.

They fundamentally dislike
Fitz, me, all of us,

what we're doing, what
we believe in, who we are.

They want to destroy us.

Everything we've worked for,
everything we've sacrificed...

Clients are plenty, friends are few.

Your friend is asking for help.

Whoa. Careful.

- I'm gonna go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


I'm Olivia. And you would be...?

- Javi.
- Javi.

Javi was just leaving.

No, I wasn't.

Well, you are now.


See you tomorrow, dad?

I'll let you know.


- I'm his father.
- Okay.

Does his mother know he's here?


I'm his father.

Would his mother see you that way?

Would the law?

Do you have a work-related request for me?


Do you have a work-related request for me?

I need to know what kind of dirt

Elizabeth North has on Cyrus.

You mean that Cyrus has on Elizabeth?

No, that Elizabeth has on Cyrus.

- But Elizabeth's our client.
- I'm aware of that.

So we're going behind our client's back

to help someone who's not our client

in hopes of screwing our client?

We're doing our due diligence.

I wonder what the law would say about that.

Pictures, videos.

At least now we know exactly
what we're dealing with.

What Elizabeth North has on you.

God, I'm a stupid... stupid man.

We both know that isn't true.

No, I know exactly how stupid I am,

because I've done this to people.

I have set people up in exactly this way.

I exploited their lust and their greed

and their weakness to
get exactly what I want.

I wrote the book

on this particular brand
of political extortion,

and yet somehow I fell f... for it anyway.


The White House chief of staff.

Allegedly one of the most
powerful men in the country.

I've compromised... integrity... family...

My president.

For what?

We found out what happened to your phone.

That's great news.

Who was it?

Not a who, a what.

The goldilocks virus.

Struck dozens of kids'
sites a couple weeks ago.

It was just a virus?

Your daughter's tablet
must have been infected,

and it spread to the phone
over your home's wi-fi.

My associate ran a virus scan

and updated the firewall on your network,

so you're good to go.

What a relief. Thank you so much, Olivia.

Don't mention it.

I'll head back to the office...
Once I've steadied myself.

I don't want you going back
to the White House tonight.

With all due respect, I
don't take orders from you.

You do if you're my client.

I can't just not go back.

Call in sick for once in your life.

Give me a chance to do what I do.


When's the next time you're
supposed to see Michael?


At his new apartment, which
I paid for like an idiot.

Cancel. Blame it on work.

Blame it on West Angola.

But you're not to see him...

not in the state you're in.

You're right.

I'd only end up killing him,

and that wouldn't make either of our jobs

any easier, would it?

Go home.

Put your daughter to bed.

The files are on their way to the Pentagon

in an armed, unmarked vehicle.

Once they've arrived, David and his team

will go over them and we can
take my father into custody.

David thinks you may have
to appear before the tribunal

to attest to the documents' authenticity.

Is that something you'd be willing to do?

Of course.

You're getting me out of here, right?

Of course.

No, I mean if he somehow
comes up with a crazy scheme

for how I should stay in here
just a little while longer,

and then a few months more.

You're getting out of here.



You could let me rot in here.

Be easy.

Solve all your problems.

I mean, I did tell him
that you loved me, too,

but I was just messing with his head.

All you have to do is turn your back,

and you and that Fitz guy
can dance off into the sun.

Don't ever talk about me and
the sun and another man again.

Don't ever do that.




I... I know I shouldn't be here.

But when you canceled, I... I got worried,

so I pulled some strings and
got your home address and...

Can I come in?

Your home is perfect, Cyrus.

Exactly the way I imagined it.



You shouldn't.

Ella... She's asleep in her room.

Then we'll have to be very quiet.

I can't do this, Michael.

If you want me to go, I'll go.

But, uh... It doesn't feel
like you want me to go.

Turn around and bend over.

Now what?

Shut up. Don't say another word.


Not another sound.

We have to be quiet, remember?

I've been through all of their phones...

Michael's, Cyrus', Elizabeth's.

He didn't give her anything.


Michael had access to all
of Cyrus' classified intel,

but all he gave Elizabeth were
some military-base closings.

That's it?


Uh... who are... who are you?

My associates and I hacked
your e-mail, Michael,

and your phone.

We know you're working for Elizabeth North,

and we know what
information you've given her.

West Angola.

Ring a bell?

Look, I don't know what you think...

I think you had access

to the phone of a very important man.

I think you could've done a lot more damage

than leak a couple tidbits
about an African nation

half a world away.

But you didn't. Why?

♪ Ooh, my honey ♪

♪ you got me workin' day and night ♪

♪ ooh, my sugar ♪

♪ you got me workin' day and night ♪

Did Kubiak make a move?

Only towards type 2 diabetes.

Olivia's calling me.

I'm so bored.

Just talk to me for two sec...


Michael says Elizabeth North

keeps a secret apartment at the Findley.

If she's having an affair, we
can use it, but we need proof.

On it.

♪ If lovin' you will be tonight ♪

♪ but what is love, girl ♪

♪ if I'm always out of sight?

♪ Ooh! ♪

♪ You got me workin' day and night ♪

♪ and I'll be workin'
from sunup to midnight ♪

♪ you got me workin',
workin' day and night ♪

This is cool, dad. Really cool.

Do you like being a private detective?

It's like being a cop, right?

Um... Yeah.

Yeah, just like being a cop.

Javi, um... I'm sorry I had to...

I'm sorry I asked you to leave earlier.

It's okay.

It's just, it's better for us
not to hang out where I work.

But we can still hang out, right?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, we can still hang out.



It won't work.
Rowan has eyes everywhere.

So we move quickly. What'd I miss?

The Pentagon has the files.

As soon as David's team gives the word,

- we'll move in and make an arrest.
- How?

Oh, hombre here wants to storm B613.

I said that's a suicide mission.

It's a simple operation.

Tell that to the 30 black-ops troops

you'd be sending to their deaths.

They're trained operatives.

Who've never set foot in the building.

- What's your idea?
- To lead the charge myself.

I know that place inside and out.

And the second we release you,

God knows how many alarms we'll
trip. We've been over this.

- Liv...
- He's right.

If my father knows you're
out, we're finished.

So what's the alternative?

Barging in there with our eyes closed?

That building is his fortress.

It needs to be my guys on my orders.

- No.
- You see what I've been dealing with?

Did you really just turn
to her to take your side?

You know what?

Maybe just once, instead
of getting yourself laid,

you'll do what's best for the mission.

- Fitz.
- Are you seriously suggesting

I'm the one without discipline or focus?

We need to lure him to a secure
location, arrest him there.

- That's not gonna work.
- Why?

Because your father's not a small child.

We can't just dangle a shiny object

and expect him to come running.

We are doing this my way.

Because you want to be
the one holding the trophy

- at the end of the game.
- Hello?

Do you have any idea the kind
of risk I'm taking pursuing this?

Risk? You sit behind a
desk, you push a button.

It's on me.

- Hello?
- What's the risk?

- Breaking a nail?
- If this... if this fails...

- When this fails...
- If this fails, it's on me.

- Breaking a nail? I am the president.
- Fails...


O... Olivia, what is it?

You were right.

A... about what?



They just want to fight.

They just...

They just want to win.

It was never about me at all.

I... I sent you away.

You were too young.

I... it's my fault.

I damaged you.

I don't want to
be angry at you anymore.

And I just...

What do you need?

What... what can I do?

How about dinner?

O... of course. Um...

7:30 work?

The Artisan?

7:30 works.

See you then.

See you then.

7:30. It's a go.

You sit behind a desk, you press a button.

- It's on me.
- Hello?

What's the risk? Breaking a nail?

- If this... if this fails...
- When this fails...

if this fails, it's on
me. I am the president.

Who the hell are you?

Shut up!

We don't have time for this.

You said we can't just wave a shiny object

and expect him to come running.

You're wrong. I'm the shiny object.

And my father will come running.

Rachel, where are the latest
polling numbers on West Angola?


How's your head?

Feeling better?

What happened in my office was, uh...


It was the first time you
even looked at me in months.



It was amazing.

But I haven't even existed for you since...

you left me behind.

You picked the vice presidency over me.

And I was so...

I was so angry at you
that you had to not exist.

I needed to erase you.

And then Jerry died.

And I erased me, too.

Until that bomb went off and you almost...

Having someone die on you
before you have said everything

and forgiven everything and been there

and loved them as hard as you should...

It's not something I'd wish on anyone.

That bomb went off...

and I woke up.

My body woke up.

I'm not the same person I was,

but if you will give me a second
chance, if you will try...

I have some good news.

I can call off the hit men

'cause Elizabeth North is already dead.

Please be joking.

Please have good news.

A source close to Elizabeth tells us

she keeps a secret apartment

under an assumed name at the Findley.

A love nest, if you will.

- Oh, I will.
- Huck is there now

preparing to take compromising
photographs of her.

An eyeful for an eyeful.

Very republican.

Almost biblical.

But that's not the good news.

The good news is... are you ready?

The source was Michael.


You spoke with Michael?

Turns out he had a wealth

of your top-secret intel at his disposal,

but he gave her almost nothing.

I don't understand. Why would he...

Because he cares about you, Cyrus.

He thinks you're a good man.

- Ironic, isn't it?
- What?

It's always the ones closest to us,

the ones who say they care.

They're the ones who do the most damage.

So... Stakeouts are kind of boring, huh?

You have no idea.

Are you ever gonna tell me?

Why you left us.

Me and mom.


Look, it wasn't you or your mom, okay?

It had nothing to do with you.


You... you have to believe that.

I do.


So, why'd you leave?


Dad, look! Someone's there.

Uh, look, why don't you, um, take a walk

and, um, go buy us some ice cream, okay?

There's a market on the corner.

What? No.

Look, Javi, I can't have you here.

This man and this woman,
it's not appropriate

what they're about to do to each other

with their, um... bodies.

- Look, just...
- Dad!

Go get the ice cream. Go.

Come on.

Javi, I mean it. You can't be here.

- Quinn?
- Why are you at my stakeout?

And why the hell did you bring Javi?

Uh... He just showed up. Your stakeout?


This is Elizabeth North.

This is Dan Kubiak. I
just saw him walk inside.


With Elizabeth North. What the hell?

So, you're sure that there was no note,

nothing he might have scribbled
before shooting himself?

Shoved in a pocket or left on the floor?

I asked my buddies who investigated.

They said there was nothing.

They're talking about Jeremy Winslow.

Quick, switch the camera.

Oh, wait. Is that...


The vice president?

With Elizabeth North and Dan Kubiak?

Kubiak just got a lot less boring.

Where's your security detail?

Keeping a discreet distance...
because I'm having an affair.

Dan, can you kill 20?

Take a walk around the block?

Could you be any sexier?

We need to call Olivia.


Damn it!


Let go, let go, let go!

Are you okay?



I'm glad you called.

I didn't know if you would be.

I was.

I am.


Why are you looking at me like that?

I haven't been a perfect
father, Olivia, I know that.

I want you to know that I know that.

You don't need to say this.

I do.

I want you to know that I've
always wanted the best for you.

I wanted you to be the best.

Because, to me, you always were.

Now, I... I didn't have a... a role model

for how to be a dad, and I stumbled.

I know that.

I got angry when I shouldn't have.

I focused too much on how you did

rather than how you were doing it.

I didn't say enough how
important it was to me,

when you were trying,
that you were struggling,

because it was.

Because I should've understood

because that's what I was doing.


And struggling.

I tried.

I'm sure you thought that
I put my job before you

too many times.

It seemed that way, I know.

I want you to know, I
never put my job before you.

I never put anything before you.

What I've done,

all that I've done, is because of you.

We're gonna divide up the work, everyone.

Now, I've been told

the files have already been
organized and color-coded.

Why are you saying these things to me?

'Cause I want you to hear them.

I want you to know that I
am who I am because of you.

I'm here...

All agents in position, sir.

We don't shoot unless we have to.

- ...because of you.
- We want to take him alive.

That's what you were to me.


And that is now over.

I am leaving, Olivia, because of you.

And the men outside,

the ones you're waiting
for right now, are dead...

...because of you.

Oh, my God. What the
hell is going on in there?

Somebody get me some answers now.

You have forsaken me.

Your father.

Your family.

You wanted to stand in the sun,
in the bright, white light.

It blinded you.

Those, uh, people that
you've chosen over me,

you do not see who they
are, what they want,

how they see you.

Those people are not your people.

They never will be. And you
will never be one of them.


The pages, they're all blank.

They're all blank. They're all blank.

You know what they would have done to me...

what they always do to people like me.

A trial, an execution.

You were going to let them do that to me.

After all I've done to
protect you from them.

I tried, Olivia.

I tried my best.

For the first time in your
life, you are on your own.

You think the world is
so terrible with me in it?

Wait till you see what
it's like without me.