Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 6 - An Innocent Man - full transcript

Olivia is summoned by a convicted assassin who claims he was wrongly accused, and Mellie becomes intrigued by a former first lady whose stories seem to be strikingly similar to her own. ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
¶ oh, ho
¶ yeah
¶ summer breeze
¶ all in my mind
¶ no, no, no, no
¶ it's all in my mind
¶ no, no, no, no
¶ it's all in my mind
¶ summer breeze makes me feel fine ¶
¶ blowing through the jasmine in my mind ¶
¶ see the curtains hanging in the window ¶
¶ in the evening, on a Friday night ¶
¶ a little light shining through the window ¶
¶ lets me know every, everything's all right ¶
[ gasps ]
¶ oh, summer
¶ summer breeze my god, olivia.
¶ it makes me feel wake up.
[ gasps ]
[ exhales sharply ] you okay?
I'm fine.
You didn't have to stay over.
Yes, I did.
Did you call him -- the president?
Abby. You should.
He can do something about jake being arrested or --
He thinks jake killed his child.
Do you want to know what he did
To the last person he thought killed his child?
Besides, I called him.
I called him all night. He won't take my calls.
[ sighs ]
[ sighing ]
[ door opens ]
Mellie: What happened to your hand?
[ scoffs ] what?
Nothing. You look nice.
[ sighs ] well, I'm planning a state funeral,
Doing my duty as first lady.
Wait. State funeral?
President cooper died. An hour ago.
The secret service brought in a red file.
It's on the nightstand. Didn't you read it? [ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
You want me to have the chef send you up some fried chicken?
Noah: Former president edward randolph cooper,
40th president of the United States,
Died early this morning, succumbing to a stroke.
It is said that every republican president elected
In the post-cooper era stands in his shadow,
His military resolve so strong and sunny optimism so bright...
[ buzzer ] ...It brought this nation out of its postwar malaise
And onto its feet and another -- the soviet union --
Crumbling to its knees.
We all remember August 13, 1986, of course --
An early morning campaign rally in stockton, california,
When a single gunshot almost ended his life... [ gunshot ]
...A scenario which was eerily similar
To the assassination attempt on president grant
Over two years ago. [ buzzer ]
In the wake of such a brazen attack on a popular president,
Conspiracy theories raged --
The kgb, the mafia, even the c.I.A. [ buzzer ]
In the end, though, it was a lone bullet
From a lone gunman,
A disturbed outsider named leonard francis carnahan.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
How can I help you, mr. Carnahan?
[ buzzer ] the thing is, miss pope --
And you should feel free to laugh at this
Because everyone else does -- it simply isn't true.
Yes, I was there. Yes, I had a gun.
But I did not pull the trigger. That was someone else.
Someone who knew that I would be in that rope line,
Who knew that I'd been mugged months earlier
And I carried a pistol for protection,
Who knew my disposition, who could point the finger at me
And say, "hey, hey, check --
"check out that little fella over there.
He's got assassin written all over him."
Now, I-I know what you're thinking.
Your diary, the one where you spelled out,
In excruciating detail,
Your plan to assassinate the president.
Do you know who verified the handwriting?
The department of the treasury.
They're forgers, every last one of them.
So, the government did this?
The government, soviet super-spies, aliens.
There's a sweet old lady in tulsa
Who thinks that elvis did it.
All I know is that it wasn't me.
And with your help, I can prove it.
The bullet.
It's still in cooper's head.
We asked for it during the trial
So they could see that it did not come from my gun.
They wouldn't give it to me.
It's too dangerous, they said,
And removing it from his brain
Could put the president's life at risk,
So there it remained.
And here I remained,
Waiting for the day that he died.
I know I'm a lost cause, miss pope,
But if there's any part of you, any part of you at all
That believes that I'm telling you the truth,
You'll help me.
You'll get that bullet out of that dead president's brain
And prove to the world that I'm innocent.
I was in the middle of this lecture on constitutional law
When this student runs in and tells the class,
"president cooper has just been shot."
[ scoffs ] everyone remembers where they were that day.
Yeah. I had just turned 7.
First time I ever saw my father cry.
I'm getting an apartment for you.
I'm also getting you a secure phone
And having a bank account set up in your name.
Buy some new clothes. Go to the spa. Get a massage.
Cyrus, cyrus, this is too much. I can't.
You can! I insist.
Thank you.
[ cellphone ringing ]
[ sighs ]
[ beep ]
Cyrus beene.
I'm 20 minutes out.
[ beep ] [ sighs ]
Same time tomorrow?
Same time tomorrow.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Been a pleasure, michael. Good luck with b-school.
There's something else. What?
Information that you're gonna want to hear.
Look, I've already missed bar method.
Seems someone in the white house is worried
To shutter about a half-dozen military bases.
They're worried about the timing,
What with president cooper's death and all.
They mentioned fort robinson, buckner, patch.
And you know this how, exactly?
I read an e-mail sent to cyrus beene this morning.
I want to renegotiate the terms of our agreement, liz,
And I want to be compensated... Handsomely.
[ door opens ] mr. President.
Abby, come in. Where's cyrus?
I'm not sure. He said he'd be in soon.
He's just running a little late.
He's been running late a lot these days.
You tell me what you think.
I thought I'd keep my cooper statement this morning short,
Then do a longer round robin on the nightlies, yes?
That sounds like a good idea.
You need something?
Yes, um, I-I need to talk to you about jake ballard.
What about him?
He was taken into custody two days ago
And hasn't been seen since.
Has anyone from the press asked you about him?
Then you're not asking as part of your official duties
As white house press secretary.
No. You just thought
You'd stroll on into the oval office
And ask the commander in chief of the armed forces
About something you have no security clearance for.
I'm not asking the commander in chief.
I'm asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend
What exactly he has done with the man
She's currently sleeping with.
There's an edge to this cliff, gabby,
And you are dancing very close to it.
You know my name isn't gabby.
Why don't you report back to olivia that her boyfriend,
Unlike my son and your friend harrison
Will get his day in court.
So, he's being held legally?
He's been read his rights? He has a lawyer?
He hasn't been abused in any way?
I asked because your knuckles are awfully bruised.
All right, we're done here.
If you love her...
Excuse me?
I am overstepping the hell out of my world right now.
Do her the courtesy of telling her what is going on.
You may have never heard what it sounds like
When olivia wakes up screaming from a nightmare,
But I have, and it's awful.
[ door opens ]
[ door slams ]
[ gunfire ]
Oh, yes! [ laughs ]
I got you. Oh, no, no, no.
Huck. Oh, come on. No, no, no, no, no, no.
Huck! What?
Have you gotten anything on the key I found
In the dead girl's stomach?
Major lady wood.
Oh, yeah.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
It's obviously some kind of locker key, right?
That's somewhere in between where caitlin was running from
And where she was running to.
So the key should fit a locker somewhere in this radius.
Yeah, but look what's in that radius --
The national gallery, the american history museum,
Air and space, the newseum.
All these places have lockers, huck.
This is gonna take forever. Olivia: Quinn!
Get me everything you can find on leonard carnahan.
Leonard carnahan, the attempted assassin
Of president cooper leonard carnahan?
The alleged attempted assassin.
Huck: Leonard francis carnahan,
Dad sold insurance. Mom taught Sunday school.
Carnahan worked at a concession stand of a local movie theater.
The diary they found in his apartment
Said he wanted to see his own name in lights.
To impress a girl that he had a crush on.
Carnahan claimed the diary was forged --
An obvious defense -- but then you go online,
And you realize there are several handwriting experts
Out there who have admitted it's possible.
And he had been mugged twice that summer,
Meaning he had good reason to carry a gun.
Wait, are you two telling me --
That there could have been a second shooter
On the grassy knoll? Yeah.
He might actually be innocent.
But the only way to prove it is to get that bullet,
Is to remove it from president cooper's skull.
Before he's buried in arlington,
Which is happening in three days.
We could ask the family for permission.
They'll never grant it.
Cooper died of a stroke?
Would he have had that stroke
If that bullet wasn't lodged in his brain?
Wait. Are you saying -- he's saying
If we can get carnahan charged with murder,
If you're charged with murder, we can argue
That we need the bullet as part of your defense.
It's a long shot, but it's our only play.
So, you're not even sure if it'll work.
I'm up for parole in three years, miss pope.
Which is why I'd understand if you want to drop this.
Because if we lose this,
We're not just talking about more time in prison.
The attorney general will go for the death penalty.
You know... [ sighs ]
I read this thing in the paper a couple of years ago.
Some lawyer type said that the truth is like the sun.
You can shut it out for a while,
But it's not gonna go away.
You believe in that, don't you, miss pope?
I do.
I want the truth to come out.
Then I better get to work.
Thank you. Thank you, both.
What's wrong?
I'm just trying to remember who said it --
That thing about the truth and the sun.
I did.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ door closes ]
Ma'am, mrs. Cooper's on her way to the east wing.
[ sighs ] praise be.
Mrs. Grant.
[ sighs heavily ]
Let's get this over with.
[ door opens ]
[ sighs ]
Mrs. Cooper,
Fitz and I are just so terribly sorry for your loss.
The president was a wonderful man
And a true gift to the nation.
Oh, please, dear. You can call me bitsy.
Coop and I were just simple people.
We never much cared for the airs of the office.
[ gasps ] oh!
Would you look at this?
Now, that suzani was given to me
By the local mahalla in uzbekistan.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
Well, mrs. Cooper -- bitsy -- mm-hmm.
...Has had a long trip, and I'm sure she must be exhausted,
So that'll be all for today.
Thank you, everyone.
Bill, jenny.
So, bitsy... [ door closes ]
...I have adhered to the wishes president cooper laid out
In his funeral plan,
But there are a few options he left open.
In terms of hymns,
"bring us, o lord" is always so spiritual,
And since the president's faith
Was such an important part of his life --
Oh, please.
Was believing he had to screw anything with a pulse.
But since us bitches
Have got to get through this dog and pony show,
I'm gonna need you to sit down, shut up, and follow my lead.
Now, I'm gonna take the office.
I'll do the planning, and you go crochet
Or vaccinate fat kids or whatever silly hobby
Makes you feel like you're making a difference.
Show up for the photo ops,
And I'll have someone call you
If I need you for anything else.
Oh, um...
I'd get that filthy piece of crap out of here, pronto.
Probably give you crabs.
[ door opens ]
One of the greatest military forces of all time.
He embodied the spirit of the republican party.
All I'm saying is, there's a lot to learn
From our former president's policies.
You're specifically talking to president grant now.
Now, noah, you said it, not me.
President grant has been doing a remarkable job
Securing our homeland against threats
Both foreign and domestic.
But if these rumors about military base closings are true,
Then -- I'm sorry. Rumors of base closings?
I hate to be the source of gossip, noah,
But that's the word on the hill.
How does she know about base closings?
Creates rumors, and she's smart. She's wicked smart.
She knows. How does she know?
I don't know.
Well, find out.
But that's -- that -- that's not my job.
[ inhales sharply ]
Let me explain something to you, red.
Right now, in any sort of normal work environment,
You should be out of a job.
For gross insubordination to the leader of the free world,
And he wants you gone,
But I only need one, tiny reason
That can actually be written on an h.R. Form
To give him what he wants.
So your job... Is whatever I say it is.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You what?
I was trying to help.
By threatening the president in the oval -- abby!
And now we have this leak, and if I don't find the cause --
Cyrus is out for my blood.
He's looking for a legitimate reason to fire me.
[ knock on door ]
I was trying to do good.
I was trying to get the president
To at least talk to you and --
Abby, I have to go.
Liv! [ beep ]
Falcon's in the nest.
So, abby's kind of a bitch.
Don't say that.
The words used to describe women.
If she was a man,
You'd say she was formidable or bold...Or right.
Is she right about you having nightmares?
[ scoffs ]
Can I have one of those?
No. You're not staying.
Take me to see him right now!
Jake didn't do this. He wouldn't.
He couldn't do this!
Why? Because you know him so well?
The b613 agent who was spying on you?
That was before.
What? He changed? Is that it?
Did he change? Did you change him, liv?
He played you.
I know about him the way I know about you.
You don't know him the way you know me.
Tom and jake were working together at b613.
Tom stealing a vial of meningitis from fort detrick.
The transcript of tom admitting
That jake ordered him to kill my son.
You want more? There's more.
Read it all. Take your time. That copy's just for you.
You don't know him the way you know me.
I need to see jake.
Why are you being such a --
A bitch?
[ door slams ]
[ sighs ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Mrs. Grant.
Elizabeth! Hello. I went by your office,
But it seems bitsy cooper's taken over.
Well, there are just so many plans to make
What can I do for the republican party today?
Uh, mrs. Grant, uh,
Have you heard the rumor about the military base closings?
I can't confirm anything for you.
I leaked the base closings to the press this morning.
And it would be a real help to the party
If you could find some way to deny it on the record.
So, fitz will be painted into a corner.
[ sighs ] you're smart.
That's smart. Good. Then let's --
Mrs. Grant? It's smart for you.
What the world needs for me is the first lady right now,
The first lady of the United States,
Whose job it is to support her husband, the president,
And to make sure that the funeral to honor a great man
Is perfect in every way.
I'll leave you to your funeral.
Okay, I tracked down the manufacturer of the key
I dug out of faith's body, narrowed it down to lockers
In three museums and one metro station.
Now all I have to do is jam the key
Into a couple thousand lockers and pray one opens.
So, off I go. Joy.
Olivia: Hold it.
First, we need to convince david rosen
To charge leonard carnahan with murder.
To do that, we need to convince the white house
To charge leonard carnahan with murder.
The first lady is working closely with mrs. Cooper
To welcome foreign leaders from across the globe.
Grant has strayed from president cooper's
Core conservative views... [ cellphone ringing ]
...But still considers him his "all-time hero."
[ beep ] olivia.
Hearing the white house might ask justice
To file murder charges against carnahan
Now that cooper's dead.
Figured you'd know if that's true.
Yes, bill? Has the president asked
The attorney general to charge carnahan?
Not that I'm aware of, no.
So, you're saying he could have, you just don't know.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
We need to rile up the conservatives.
Blanket the red-state influencers
On twitter and facebook.
We need to brand it. We need it trending.
#cooperwasmurdered. Too long.
Jessica. Olivia pope.
Anything to those rumors about charging carnahan with murder?
Why not charge carnahan with murder?
That's a matter for the justice department.
It's a hell of an opportunity for the administration, sir,
Convicting a presidential assassin.
It makes you a hero with the conservative base,
Bolsters our defense of gun control,
And bumps base closings off the radar for now.
And I hate to mention it, but we gain big spikes
In approvals when we remind the american people
Of your own assassination attempt.
David: Today the justice department is filing murder charges
Against leonard francis carnahan for the assassination
Of president edward randolph cooper.
Due to the sensitive... What happens now?
...High-profile nature of this case...
...Justice has requested and received
An expedited pretrial hearing.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
So, I have the list of speakers
If you'd like to go over the order.
Does it matter?
I'm sure they'll all spout the same pretty lies
About my dead husband -- how he strengthened the military
And reformed the tax code
And negotiated the baltic peace accords,
Blah, blah, blah.
Well, he did do all of that.
I did all that.
You know, they didn't know about a.D.D. Back then,
But coop could barely sit through a two-page briefing,
On top of which he was never the brightest bulb.
I strengthened the military.
I pushed the tax code through.
I negotiated the baltic peace accords.
Brezhnev wouldn't budge because he knew havel
Was already halfway to disintegrating communist rule.
But I knew if we could just get everyone
In the same room together,
I'd talk coop through it, step by step.
I didn't know. No one ever --
[ chuckles ] you think those boys would ever admit
That they were being bossed around by a tri delt
From tuscaloosa for eight years?
[ chuckles ] I did all of it.
And what will I be remembered for?
Telling idiots not to litter.
You will be remembered
As one of our nation's greatest first ladies.
I will be remembered as the wife
Of a man who did something with his life.
Old pulteney -- 21 years old.
[ sniffs ]
Mmm. It's good.
Some think it's the best in the world.
Bet they've never had a 1955 bowmore.
[ sighs ]
I grew up in detroit, mr. President.
I don't know anything about scotch.
[ clears throat ] wines I've learned, but...
Sir, I'm here for jake ballard.
I know.
He's a dangerous dog out of my yard. And he's hurt people.
And I am responsible for that.
I take the responsibility very seriously.
I know what he's done to you, what you want to do to him.
I want that, too. I can do those things.
I can do things that cannot be done, mr. President.
I owe it to you. I taught him. I trained him.
He strayed. Let me discipline my dog.
I appreciate that.
But jake ballard is going to be tried in a court of law.
He's going to be convicted in a court of law,
And he is going to be executed before the world.
I've underestimated you, mr. President,
Probably not for the first time.
Your eyes are clear.
You're resolved, focused, objective.
That's what this situation needs right now,
Not anger, not emotion.
Stay focused. Do what needs to be done.
Don't be swayed by anyone.
[ scoffs ]
She wants to see him.
So? Let her see him.
I'm not going to let olivia see jake ballard.
Why not?
Do you believe that jake ballard killed your son?
Do you think that olivia can be manipulated
By someone like jake ballard?
Of course she can. Of course she can,
And she's being manipulated by him right now.
The longer he's in there and she's out here,
He's manipulating her into believing
That he is a helpless victim.
The silence, the lack of contact.
Every moment you keep her from jake
Is another moment that olivia spends making him a hero.
Give her what she wants.
Let her see what she needs to see with her own eyes.
Satisfy her.
Then do what needs to be done.
Stay objective. Stay clear.
Don't let love cloud your judgment.
[ sighs ]
Next time we'll try the bowmore.
[ chuckles ]
You are the expert on all things, mr. President.
[ chuckles ]
This is the last place the folder could be.
If the key doesn't open one of these lockers, we're screwed.
[ gunfire ] oh, come on.
Get the grizzly. Are you still playing that video game?
[ keyboard clacks ] uh, no.
[ sighs ]
If you're not busy, you can come down here and help me.
There's like a thousand lockers here.
I'm busy. [ beep ]
[ gunfire]
[ scoffs ]
[ sighs ]
David: An autopsy? Clark: Yes.
You're requesting an autopsy? Yes.
Of president cooper? Yes.
Your honor, president cooper is two hours away
From lying in state in the capitol rotunda.
That we believe will prove mr. Carnahan's innocence.
Mr. Carnahan was already tried and convicted
Of attempting to kill the president.
It was a fair trial, a well-publicized trial.
The only difference between that trial and this one
Is the victim is now dead.
Which is a very big difference
Potentially exculpatory evidence unavailable to mr. Carnahan
At the time of his earlier conviction.
Judge lancaster: Mr. Rosen.
Mr. Rosen, I believe due process dictates
An autopsy in this extraordinary situation.
It is so ordered.
That was you, wasn't it? #justiceforcooper.
Hashtag -- you want to screw me. This isn't justice.
This is you tricking me into filing murder charges
So you can get an autopsy.
How else was I gonna get it, david?
Ask nicely? [ scoffs ]
That bullet isn't gonna help him, liv.
It's gonna seal his fate.
You have no idea what this means to me.
I mean, do you -- do you know what you've done?
We still have to be prepared for the worst. That's my job.
The bullet might be so degraded that it can't be forensically --
No, no, no, I've spent the last 30 years of my life
Preparing for the worst.
And every day has been worse than that.
I mean, do you know what it's like
To have the whole world against you,
To have the people you love
And the people who said they loved you
Look you in the eye and -- and not believe you?
No, I'm...
I'm not preparing for the worst.
I'm preparing for the truth.
Clark, where are we on the ballistics?
Okay. Bring them to my office as soon as we have them.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
He gets within three feet of you,
The guards will take him down, so don't...Approach him.
[ door closes ]
Before you say anything,
I need you to listen to me very carefully.
Can you do that?
Jake --
Can you do that?
Yes. Good.
I have an offshore bank account. It's in the caymans.
The password to access it is "emily."
It was my sister's name.
There's no name on the account, just a number --
Why are you telling me this?
You want to write that down, or can you remember it?
[ sighs ]
I can remember it.
I want the money to go to my mother.
She lives in bloomington -- indiana, not illinois.
God forbid you should get that part wrong.
There's nothing she hates more than people mixing up the two.
You're not going to die.
I think your father might disagree with you about that...
Not to mention the president of the United States.
He thinks I'm guilty, and I'm sure you do, too.
So, I could sit here and rattle on about being framed...
And your father being behind the whole thing.
But, really, that's just my word,
And why should you trust my word?
I've been...Lying to you ever since we met, right?
My word is not going to change anything.
It can't.
We both know, in the end...
You're not going to choose me.
And that's okay.
Olivia, I want you to know --
I need you to know...
Not choosing me is okay.
Now, what's the number again?
[ sighs ]
The best view in the world.
Yes, it is. [ sighs ]
They're gonna cut my husband open like a piece of meat.
[ sighs ] I'm sorry.
I wish there was something I could have done,
But I don't exactly hold the same influence
In this white house as you did in yours.
Well, it wasn't given to me, for god's sake.
I had to take it.
I tried. I tried so hard.
But now I think I'm just gonna get through it, play my part.
'cause no matter what I do,
There's only one person my husband listens to, and she's --
[ laughs ] I'm sorry.
[ laughs ] only one?
Lucky you.
When we got to the white house,
I made sure his secretary
Was the homeliest woman I could find.
And he still managed to bang her twice a day
Every day for eight years.
[ gasping ] oh, my, that poor woman. [ chuckles ]
Ohh. But after a while, I mean, I was grateful.
Gave me time to actually run the country.
[ chuckles ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Ballistics are back.
That bullet was fired from your gun.
The ballistics say that?
Conclusively, irrefutably!
Your bullet, your gun,
So you better have a really good story.
[ sighs ]
You tell me, olivia.
Once upon a time, I drove to stockton, california,
And shot the president of the United States in the head.
It's a strong opening, right?
I dropped my gun, and I ran not too fast,
But I didn't want to just stand there and get caught,
You know, like some kind of a crazy person.
Anyway, it was all working,
And then cooper caught the bullet and didn't die,
Ruined everything.
So, what am I supposed to do now?
I can't confess to a failed assassination.
I mean, that's just sad.
And does anyone remember the failed assassins --
Richard lawrence, john schrank?
Right? Losers.
[ laughs ] I've been a loser for 30 years, olivia.
For 30 years, I sat in here, waiting for that man to die
So I could take my rightful seat at the assassins table
With john wilkes booth and lee harvey oswald.
You're sick.
Maybe, but you -- you made my dreams come true.
I mean, two weeks ago, people were still saying
That the russians shot cooper.
[ chuckling ] russians in stockton?
But you made sure that the whole world knew the truth.
'cause like you said -- the truth is like the sun.
You can shut it out, but it's not going away.
No, it's what you do. You fight for the underdog.
You gave the story a happy ending -- my story.
So, thank you, olivia pope, for making my life meaningful.
[ buzzer ]
Now, get me the electric chair --
And no lethal-injection crap!
I want to go out with a bang!
Life in prison, no death penalty.
I won.
I out-poped olivia pope.
Eat it, sucka.
[ sighs ] that feels weird.
Don't gloat, david.
I'm honestly saying this feels really weird,
Winning against you.
I believed him.
I looked into his eyes, and I believed him.
That is why our judicial system
Isn't based on looking into people's eyes.
I need you to help jake.
If they hadn't taken him away from me, I could have helped,
But... What does that mean?
Jake's been taken from d.O.J. Jurisdiction, liv.
What does that mean?
I keep my promises, jake.
I will watch the life fade from your eyes.
I will see you buried in the manner that you deserve --
Unmarked, uncelebrated,
The quotidian burial of a terrorist and a traitor.
I love her.
Does that matter to you at all?
I handed my greatest treasure to you on a silver platter.
All you had to do was pay your respects to her father.
And you couldn't handle that.
[ scoffs ]
It stops you every time, the arrogance,
The need to swagger, to show everyone who you are.
True power hides in plain sight.
I played this president like a fiddle
To get you back in my possession.
I was his daddy, his buddy, his priest, his valet,
His wet nurse, his concubine, his best friend.
I danced for him. I made him feel pretty.
I held him in the palm of my hand
Until even he believed I was the better man,
Until even he believed it was his idea.
That is how the job is done.
That is how the work happens.
Need I really remind you, after all this time, soldier?
You can't take command.
Command takes you.
[ door opens ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Noah: Earlier today, an autopsy confirmed
That leonard francis carnahan was indeed responsible
For the assassination attempt and now murder
Of president edward cooper.
As mr. Carnahan works out a plea deal with the attorney general,
President cooper now lies in state in the capitol rotunda.
I'm good, eric.
No one in or out. Yes, sir.
[ door closes ]
What did you do?
You transferred jake out of d.O.J. Jurisdiction?
Olivia, I can't be trusted to even be in the same room
With the man who destroyed my life.
I had to hand him over.
You had to hand him over -- to my father?
You had to? Why? Because you can't wait to see him dead?
Oh. [ sighs ]
Liv, he killed my child.
You've seen what that did to karen, to mellie...To you.
To you, liv.
He let you believe that your mother killed jerry,
And he let me believe it long enough
That I had your mother executed.
And then when harrison found out about it, he killed him, too.
Jerry, your mother, harrison.
Look what he did to you...
To us.
You and I are ruined. We don't have a chance now.
Too much has happened.
[ inhales sharply ]
If you hand him over,
If you give him to my father to be killed,
You and I will never, ever have any hope
Of ever being together again.
Are you saying there's any hope now?
I'm saying the man I know, the man I voted for,
The man who took the oath of office would never hand him --
Are you saying there's hope?
Don't hand him over, fitz.
Are you saying there's hope? If you give him to my father --
Are you saying there's hope?!
[ scoffs ]
There's hope.
[ door closes ]
[ indistinct shouting ]
Do you feel justice was served
In the carnahan case, mrs. Cooper?
Let's not give that man a second thought,
Not at a time when we should be honoring the life and work
And sacrifices that coop made for our nation
And the legacy he left us.
A legacy my husband is proud to uphold,
Particularly with respect to the former president's
Long-standing commitment to our military.
I know there's been a lot of recent speculation
About the closing of bases.
Those rumors are simply not true.
Fitz is a navy man who will never take action
Or in any way risk compromising our strength and security,
Both at home and abroad.
Thank you all!
I have a joint in my handbag,
And it's not gonna smoke itself.
Would you like to join me on the truman balcony?
[ shouting continues ]
[ chuckles ]
Fitz is a navy man...
Can you guess what I'm watching right now
And why I'm so understandably upset
That you've so far proved incapable
Of hunting down whoever hacked us?
It wasn't a hack. I.T. Confirmed it.
You assured me, promised me, with your job at stake,
That you were looking into this.
I did. Took some initiative.
Did a little digging just to see what I could find.
Well, for starters, cyrus,
You bought a new cellphone a couple of days ago,
Not on your plan, though -- a totally new account.
Must have been on the first of the month
Because it was the same day you rented
I'm guessing so you could stop paying for a hotel room
Every time you see your...
So, before you head out on a witch-hunt,
You might want to take a closer look at your own...Back door.
See you at work tomorrow, cyrus.
[ al green's "love and happiness" plays ]
[ beep ]
[ keyboard clacking ]
[ scoffs ]
¶ love and happiness
[ computer beeping ]
¶ wait a minute, something's going wrong ¶
¶ someone's on the phone
¶ 3:00 in the morning, yeah javi, time for bed.
One more, mom, please. We're killing it.
Who are you playing with again? Just this kid.
¶ how she can make it right, yeah ¶ okay, one more, and then teeth and then bed.
[ keyboard clacking ] ¶ well
¶ happiness is when
¶ you really feel good about somebody ¶
[ keyboard clacking ]
¶ there's nothing wrong
[ sighs ] ¶ with being in love with someone, yeah ¶
¶ hey
[ lock turns ]
¶ oh, baby
¶ love and happiness
¶ love and happiness
¶ hey I found it -- what was in the locker.
This is what they killed caitlin and faith to try to get back.
This is what they've been after all this time.
Olivia -- they are photos of her, hundreds of them.
It's like they're hunting her.
That's what they want.
[ inhales sharply ] olivia.
[ door opens ] ¶ I'm just saying
¶ love and happiness
¶ love and happiness [ door closes ]
¶ hey
¶ love and happiness
¶ love and happiness
¶ you be good to me
I'm transferring you to supermax.
It'll be nice, it'll be clean...
And it'll be where you're going to spend
The rest of your life.
You're not going to kill me.
Consider it my gift to the woman we love.
¶ oh, baby
¶ love and happiness
¶ love and happiness [ door opens, closes ]
¶ oh
¶ love and happiness
¶ love and happiness
¶ oh
¶ yes, yes, yes
¶ make you do right
[ panting ] ¶ hey
¶ love will make you do wrong
What the hell did you do, olivia?
Did you intervene to save jake ballard's life?
No. No?
No, not just jake -- both of them.
I intervened to save both their lives.
You. You crossed me?
[ chuckles ]
You may be command, dad,
But I have weapons at my disposal,
Weapons you can't possibly possess.
¶ uh-huh
¶ oh, yeah
¶ love and happiness
[ camera shutter clicking ]