Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 12 - We Do Not Touch the First Ladies - full transcript

Fitz faces a harsh reality when old feelings and jealousy arise at an event; Quinn wants to prove herself; Leo arranges a meeting between Sally and an old friend.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Can you just let it go?
- Let it go?

- No! I can't.
- Well, I'm not talking about it.

He's standing outside our door.

- You guys always lock down the entire floor?
- Standard operating procedure.

How many times are we gonna
have this conversation?

Well, what the hell is he doing here?!

He's here because there
is a pack of reporters

- covering your fundraiser downstairs...
- When we go international,

we lock down the floors
above and below, as well.

And I can't be seen alone
in a hotel with you!

He is here because
you want him here!

You have a wife.
You don't get to be jealous.

I am not jealous.
I am aware.

There's a fox in my henhouse.

- Did you just say henhouse?
- It's a metaphor.

I am not a hen, and my house is not yours.

You know what?

I don't want to fight anymore.

I don't trust Jake!

You made him head of B613.

If that's not trusting him...

Oh, is that what this is about?

You don't like my choices?

What, you are battling me for Jake's soul?

Jake is not your father.

Who you made an enemy of!

Your father had to go,

and I needed someone who was on my side!

You just said you didn't trust Jake!

I don't trust him with you!

And now he's compromised.

- He is not compromised.
- He is compromised!

He now has a
reason to be disloyal to me.

He wants you.
He will fight me for you.

He will try to win you.

- Two for two.
- What?

One, I am not a hen.

Two, I am not a prize at the state fair.

You can't win me!

You are trying to twist everything I say.

Because what you are saying is twisted!

Would you just give me a chance...

- Would you just...
- You think I care about...

Will you just shut up and let me talk?!

Liv, you did this thing!

And I know you did it for me

or because Mellie made you think
you were doing it for me.

I didn't do this for you!

I did not do this for you.

I did this for me.

So I could work on the campaign.

So I could walk down the street
and not be whispered about!

So I could stop being known

as the woman who screwed the President!

So the scarlet "A" on my chest
could be invisible!

So I'm not a joke!

I am a person.

I am not a hen.
I am not a prize.

And I have a business to
run, people to support,

a life to lead, a desire to wake up

and face myself in the mirror
every day, oh, and, oh!

Once, I fixed a Presidential election,

and I'd like a chance to right that wrong.

Your wife may be many things,

but on one thing, we are united...

I cannot honestly win
a Presidential election

if I am your public whore.

This is not about you.

My whole life is not about you.

I have goals.
I have dreams!

I did this for me.

Jake by my side is for me.

I'm sorry.

I don't think about
how hard this is for you.

No. No, no, no, no.

- Don't touch me.
- Liv.

- Someday...
- No.

Please. Don't.

Don't make promises.
Let's just...

This is where we are.

This is the only day.

You should go first.
Jake and I will follow in five.

All right.

When you talk to the donors,

hit on the economy, jobs, housing,
and don't trash Langston.

You want to appear gracious...
Above the fray.

Falcon is on the move.

sync and corrections by bellows...
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Oh, good.

I thought someone moved the
meeting and forgot to tell me.

But now that you're here, I know I'm safe.

- Stop it.
- What?

Looking at me like that.

Like what?

Why did you take this job?

You think I only said yes
to being the vice President

so I'd get to be in the
same meetings as you?

Tell me that's not the reason,

and this is the last time I'll bring it up.

That's not the reason.

Thank you.

Well, it's not the only reason.

Nothing's gonna happen here, Andrew.

If you have any hopes beyond that,

you need to tamp them down permanently

because they are misguided.

You are misguided.

Tell me what's wrong.
Tell me what I did.

Just tell me so I can make it right.

Nothing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong.

I just don't want to go.

This isn't just any dinner, Mel.

This is a dinner to honor my father.

I thought you two were close!

We are.

Oh, please!

You can't stand to be in the
same room with the man!

I don't know what the hell happened.

You used to like him more than I do.

That's not fair.

Why isn't it fair?

Why won't you let me touch you?

Why can't I touch you?
Why won't you let me...


You're my wife,
but you don't want to touch me.


You sure as hell won't sleep with me.

What the hell is wrong with you?!


Admit it.
You missed me.

Parts of you.

Which parts?

I'll tell you which parts I missed.


Lot of peaches in the tree, h.

Be a shame if you just ate one.

I have to go to work.

Of course.

Before you go...

Should have
known this was coming.

I haven't even told you what I need
you to do with this money yet.

It doesn't matter.
I'm not doing it.

Does Olivia know about clearwater?

Or does she think

the only thing you're guilty of
is insider trading?

Let me guess.

This is the part of me you didn't miss.

I love you.

I have to take this.

This is not good, David.
This is very, very not good.

What is it?

Cyrus and Vanessa Chandler.

I'm busted.
Publius is busted.

Publius is fine.

All Vanessa knows
is that Publius is her source.

She doesn't know you're him or he's you.

Why did you pick that name?

It has historical significance!

Also, I never said it out loud.

You're fine, James.
Publius is fine.

No one knows anything.
Just play it cool.

All right.

Thank you.

Okay. Good.


Close the door.

What's going on?

I need you to arrange an exclusive

between Vanessa Chandler and the President.

Vanessa Chandler,
the style section reporter? Why?

Because I promised her one.

What's... what's the matter?
You look ill.

You can't do this, Cy.

Can't do what?

Ask a journalist to name her source.
It's unethical.

So you'd rather I what...

Sit here with my fingers crossed,

hoping that whoever's whispering

sweet nothings to her
about Daniel Douglas' death

just goes away?

Did she tell you anything useful?

I haven't asked her yet.

Girls like to be kissed first, right?

Romanced a little before
you dive right into their pants.

Cy, just... wait.

I'll ask her after the interview,

when she's all...
romanced up.

The White House chief of staff
asking questions

is gonna set off all kinds of alarms.

It's better if it comes
from a fellow journalist.

Is this the advice of my husband
or the press secretary?


It's Carla Steele.
I-I-I got to take this.

If we don't
lock the money in now,

we can't afford
the big ad buys come October.

That's why your rollout,
Andrew, is crucial.

At every fundraiser, every dinner,

you'll be giving a speech...
Selling yourself,

selling the ticket, selling the friendship.

Selling the bromance.

How is that even a word?

We got a problem.
Carla Steele just called James.

She wants a comment.

She's got a source alleging drug use

in the California governor's
mansion during your first term.

- Drugs?
- Oxycodone.

- Who's the source?
- She wouldn't say.

- Well, 'cause it's ridiculous!
- Okay.

So we kill it before it gains momentum.

Find the source,
and attack their credibility.

Figure out why someone is pushing this lie.

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Why not?

Because it's the truth.

What's going on?

In the event of a change in command,

protocol requires us
to deliver this personally.

Say your name.

Jake Ballard.

You now have the highest
security clearance

of any intelligence officer in the country.

All top secret, S.C.I.,

and special access program
files are at your disposal.

In this briefcase,
you will find field reports

of all ongoing B613 operations worldwide.

Black ops missions, extraction efforts...

Assassination schemes.
...Maps and coordinates

of all U.S. nuclear sites,
the codes to override

the deployment of our
nation's nuclear arsenal.

Protect this country from itself.

B613 must operate without interference

several steps ahead of the President.

You also have a valuable resource

inside of the White House, a trusted agent

who will reveal themselves to you shortly.

Utilize them.
Utilize their access.

Protect the Republic.

So this donor is no ordinary big fish.

He is what's called a whale.

You know, if a whale was really a fish.

But this guy's not
just any tom, dick, or Moby.

He is the alpha whale.

Where he goes, so goes the money.

Sally, can you do this?

I know what a whale is, Leo.


Madam Vice President.
Or pre-President.

Or... hell, what are you calling
yourself these days?

Hollis, it's so good of you to come.

My deepest condolences
on double-d's passing.

The good lord called
his soul home too soon.

The lord.


Him, a former athlete, in better
shape than I've ever been.

It's been a wake-up call...

I swore off the Gettysburgers,
took up yoga.

They say it's not aerobic,
but if being cheek to chassis

with some of them young yoga fillies

don't get the blood pumpin',
you're already dead.


So, Mr. Doyle...

Energy secretary.
My choice.


Oh, let's dispense with the foreplay...

All our britches are moist.

Y'all let me pick the energy secretary...

Someone with an open mind about drilling

in that gas station they call
the north pole...

I'll cut you a check
that'll choke a damn herd.

We can live with that, can't we?



Andrew Nichols,
lieutenant governor

of California for both Grant terms,

went on to win the governorship
for two terms after that.

Popular centrist.

We vetted him ourselves, Liv.
Didn't find any dirt.

Well, Carla Steele did.

Carla alleges there was
some kind of drug delivery.

It was during the midterm push.

We were all over the state,
stumping for candidates,

and I threw my back out.

Couldn't even stand,
but I had to keep going.

It was only a few days till the election.

I knew I just needed some painkillers.

It was the only way
I was gonna make it through.

And at no point during your
long-slipped disc of the soul

did you ever think to...
Oh, I don't know...

- Go see an actual doctor?
- I did think about it.

And then I thought prescription
for oxy might not look so hot

when I'm spending my days out on the stump,

calling for stricter drug laws.

So I called a guy...

...Got a package delivered.

I just got an e-mail
from Carla Steele's producer,

and they've got a doctor

and copies of the governor's
mansion's entry logs

backed up with security footage.

Carla, you've had... what?...
24 hours to vet that doctor.

How do you know he's not lying?

You've enjoyed a good working relationship

with the White House up to this point.

All that changes
the minute you air this story.

Your access to the President?

Your press pass? Revoked.

Your relationship with every
important republican in this town?

All because I said so.

So you're a hypocrite.

Olivia. That's not fair.

No, she's right. I am.

And if someone needs
to take a fall for this,

it should be me.

That could work.

It shuts this down before
it gets to the President.

You fall on your sword,
and the story goes away.

We'll have a new V.P.
pick by morning.

See what you can do to fix this.

If we can't, we'll cross that
bridge when we get there.

One bad decision, Carla.
That's all it takes.

And you're back in Tulsa covering

the local beauty pageants
you swore off 20 years ago.

Trust me...

The only things that are ever
gonna bring me back to Tulsa

are Christmas and my daddy's funeral.

I've got hard evidence, Liv.

Rock solid,
seen-it-with-my-own-eyes evidence,

so if anyone should be worried, it's you.

That's not a threat.
It's just a fact.

Andrew Nichols
popping black-market oxy

- at the governor's mansion?
- It's Leo bergen.

Has to be. His fingerprints
are all over this, Liv.

It can't be Leo... he managed
the Democratic campaign

when Nichols ran for governor.

So that means he did oppo research.

His team would have spent months

digging up every scrap of dirt
on Andrew Nichols he could find.

They would have used this
against him already.

And if he never found out
about Andrew's drug use, then...

It means the story isn't coming from Leo.

Then who's it coming from?


What happens when the head
of B613 is deposed?

Someone takes his place.

Right, but how much power does
the old command still have?

Olivia, I'm busy.


No security detail,

no access to information or bank accounts.

When you're out of B613, you're
just a civilian again. Why?

I think my father

is trying to leak a story
about Andrew Nichols' drug use.

I think he's trying to tank
Fitz's re-election.

And you want me to stop him.

I have a job, you know.

One that doesn't involve your family drama.

My father is out for blood...

Fitz's and yours and probably mine, too.

However he goes about it, I assure you,

it will affect the Republic.

So if you take your job seriously,

you will find out what he's up to.

I will see what I can find out.

Thank you.



I brought you coffee.

Sure, boss.
No problem. I'm on it.

Truth be told, I've never
been much of a computer guy.

I mean, we all learn the basics,

but more killing, less coding, I say.

Are you looking into Rowan?


I promised the new guy
I wouldn't let you help.

Sorry, Robin.
You know how good I am.

I can get into his financials,

his cellphone SIM I.D.,
his browser history...


I'll just program a trojan

to penetrate his virtual private network.

I love it when you go all
"girl with the dragon tattoo."

But you can't play this round.
Sorry, babe.

Andrew. Stop.

I don't want to talk to you.

Too bad.

Why are you doing this?

You're gonna...
You're gonna ruin your career.

Because someone needs to look
out for you, be on your side.

God knows it's never gonna be your husband,

so why shouldn't it be me?

Tell him I'm leaving

my suggestions for
the revised budget on his desk,

and make sure he sees them
before the committee meeting.

Thanks, Jean. Good night.


Mrs. Grant.

Go away.

Mrs. Grant.

Oh, God.

So, we all set with Vanessa
Chandler's exclusive with Fitz?

Yep. All set.
End of the month.

End of the month.
That's not going to work.

Our deep throat can't be out there

spilling secrets for another three weeks.

I'm sorry, Cy, but between
the President's schedule and...

James, if this Daniel Douglas
thing comes out,

it's the election.

Forget it.
Thanks for trying.

I'll take care of deep throat myself.

We're out of time, David.

That metal-on-metal
sound you hear?

It's Cyrus forging his sword,

the one he's going to cut my throat with

as soon as he finds out I'm Publius.

Do you hear what I just said?

I did, and while I'm always up

for a good blacksmith metaphor,

I'm not sure there's anything I can say

that's gonna make you feel any safer.

I know it's inadmissible,

but if you sent
that NSA tape to your bosses...

I can't.

But we could send it to someone else.


Vanessa Chandler.

You send it to her as Publius,

tell her to write a piece about it.

The more people who know
the truth about what happened...

The less Cyrus accomplishes
by having me killed.

You're a genius, Rosen.

Who was that?

Oh, just... work.

Chief. Back so soon.

It seems we have a hydra
on our hands, Charlie.

Every time we cut off a head,
it grows two more.

I need you to burn the stumps,
finish the job.

Sounds epic,
but my dance card's pretty full.

I'll make it worth your while.

What the hell...

I'm at the intersection

of "Boresville" and "Snorefest" right now.

What do you need, chief?

I just wanted to see how you were doing.

I'm worried about you.

No need.

You're making threats
against the President.

Only you're the one without any protection,

without any authority...
of B613 or otherwise.

I'm worried about you.

I know this story

about drugs in the governor's
mansion was you, dad.

You're a thorn in their side.

I mean, if you were still head of B613,

what would you do to you?

You have no idea what you're talking about.

I've already lost mom.
I don't want to lose you, too.

Does this usually work?

I'm sorry?

Is this how you get things
done in your world?

Through manipulative, backroom
dealings, affected rhetoric?

I had hoped you held your own
father in higher regard.

Worth a try.

You are lucky it was me
coming out of that restaurant.

If it had been my father...

- I know what I'm doing.
- No, you don't!

This work, this life, B613...
You're not cut out for this.

What are my options?

Because the world
is just at my feet right now.

I'm a freakin' princess right now.

Come home.

Huck does not want me there.

I want you there.
I can't.

- Quinn.
- He licked my face.

Did he tell you that?

He licked my face like
I was a piece of meat,

like I wasn't human to him.

B613 will destroy you.

You can't do this.

I can help you.


I'm helping myself.

Now get out of my car.

I'm not leaving.

Get out.

Or I'll shoot you.

I'm violent now.
Or hadn't you heard?

Quinn, come on.

Get out of my car, or I'll shoot you!


Hello to you, too.

You called me.
You said it was important.

You told me to come home early.

I used my official
"boyfriend of Olivia Pope" key.

And now I'm here.
So what?

How many agents do you have under you?

That's classified.

200? 2,000?

Guessing won't make it any less classified.

What are you...

I ask you to watch my father,
see what he's up to,

and instead of putting

one of your unknown number of agents on it,

you assign Quinn Perkins?

I didn't.

I saw her staking him out.

After I specifically asked you not...

- You think I'm an idiot?
- That depends.

Did you put Quinn on my father?

No. I didn't.
But let me be clear.

You can ask a favor of me.

But you cannot tell me
how to do it, who to task,

or anything remotely close
to how to do my job

because you have no idea
how my world works,

the responsibilities I have

outside of the little errands you hand me

like playing your beard or
keeping an eye on your father.

- Jake.
- And one more thing.


Stock... your damn... fridge.

If I'm gonna be
your fake boyfriend all day,

I'm gonna come home at the end of it

and drink real beer and eat real food.

Wine is not beer,

and pop corn is definitely not food.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna take a shower.

It's been a long day,

and I want to wash it off me
before we have pretend sex.

Grant campaign headquarters.

I'd like to make a donation.


Picked out which cousin you want
for energy chief?

Nah, them boys are all dumber
than a trailer hitch.

But there's a nephew or two...

Say, our campaign treasurer tells me

that that check we talked about
hasn't come in yet.

Oh, well, arrangements got to be made.

Assets moved from there to yonder.

I got a couple of you sharp Jewish fellas

and a damn sight clever Asian
do all that for me.

Just making sure you're still on board.

I know Sally wasn't
100% on her game when we met.

Oh, don't you worry 'bout me.
I'm just like an ol' hound dog.

I got to circle around a spell

before settin' down and settlin' in.

I'll be in touch.


We can count on you?

They all said

I could hand-pick me
the next secretary of energy.

Not if they don't win.

You wouldn't be countin' your
chickens, now, would you, Cy?

I'll see what I can do.

Well, now, there's seein',
and there's doin'.


So, we can expect you
at the donor dinner tonight?

Wouldn't miss it for a chute
seat at a Texas rodeo.

I need you to hack into David
Rosen's e-mail account.

What, right now?

You think he's stepping out on you?

David? No way.
But he is up to something.

The kind of something that makes a woman

want to hack into her
boyfriend's e-mail account?

What are you working on?

I just found the doctor who gave
Andrew Nichols the drugs.

Bnc flew him in

and stashed him in a hotel
before the interview.

There he is...
Farragut towers, room 404.

I'm guessing Carla Steele doesn't
know you ditched the P.A.

Who's supposed to be
keeping you in your room.

So, what?
You here to threaten me?

Not if we don't have to.

But I should warn you...

If you go forward with this interview,

my colleagues and I may have to make

your private life
a little little less private.

Trust me.

My dirty laundry's already out
where everyone can see it.

Nothing to do now but get paid.

You honestly don't care
if you're responsible

for ruining a good man's political career?

Should have thought of that
before she called me.

I sent Chandler the NSA recording.

She wants to meet Publius.

- Good.
- Good? Not good.

The opposite of good.

I'm the White House press secretary.

I can't meet her.

Publius is me, and I'm too
close to all of this.

I'm gonna get caught.
James, relax.

She's just covering herself.

She can't go public
with a story of this magnitude

without verifying the identity
of her source.

You of all people should know that.

Yeah, I also know what
my husband is capable of.

What if he already got to her?

What if she makes the story about me?

A traitor inside the administration...

That is a headline.

Okay, I'll go.
I'll meet her.

She doesn't know who her source is.

The only way to protect you

is to get this story into the press.

Text Vanessa a meeting place and a time.

I'll go in your place.

"Darcy's café,
9:00 P.M. tonight."

Modern technology at its finest.

Got my hands on Vanessa's cell,
cloned the SIM, voilã.

We see what she sees.

This meeting cannot happen.

How do you want me to handle it?

Whatever it is, I don't have time.

I have to get through

four security briefings in the next hour.

The only thing worse
than running for President

is trying to run for President
while actually being President.

I don't have time.

Olivia's suggesting
taking Andrew off the ticket.

I just want to make sure
you are not on board with that.

It's not ideal,
but she may be right.

We're talking about drugs, Mellie.

If Liv can't shut it down, no one can.

Andrew's a good man.

We shouldn't throw him overboard

just because we're taking on
a little water.

I'll discuss it with Olivia.

Andrew's in the family.
He's loyal.

I can't believe you'd even consider...

I will discuss it with Olivia.

Okay. I'll take it off your
plate, and talk to her myself.

Like hell you will.

Fitz, I'm just trying to be helpful.


Like taking her to lunch

and handing her a list of men to date?

That kind of helpful?

I was solving a problem.

Olivia is not your problem to solve.

You stay away from Olivia.

What does that feel like?

What does what feel like?

To be so... hot for someone,
so turned on by them

that you would put everything
you have ever worked for

at risk.

Does it feel good?

Is it an amazing high?

Or is it so intense that it actually hurts,

like a fire in your belly?


I don't have time.


Not now.

I just want to talk to you.

There is nothing for us to talk about.

Really? So me sticking
my fingers down your throat,

that was what, a typical Tuesday night?

What do you want from me?!

Do you want me to acknowledge
that it happened?

Would that make this less weird for you?

Or do you want me to thank you?

Thank you, Andrew,

for saving me from my sad,
little suicide attempt.

Thank you for agreeing
not to call an ambulance.

Thank you for sitting up with me all night

and not letting me die.

Thank you.

Okay? Are we done?

I don't want you to thank me.

I want you to tell me why.

Because my father-in-law
forced himself on me,

and I don't know if my son is his,

and sometimes that makes me
not want to be alive.

Are we done?

Tonight on "Steele
trap with Carla Steele,"

a bombshell exclusive,

sure to rock the upcoming
Presidential race.

Rampant allegations that
are leaving the White House

in a state of...

Tell me you've got something.
The doctor wouldn't talk.

He's saving it all for tonight's interview.

Man's smart.

Doesn't want to ruin
his shot at a big payday.

He did let something slip, though.

What was that?

The recipient of his little
package wasn't a him, Liv.

It was a her.

I wonder who Andrew's protecting.

I don't know, but the fastest
way to discredit a source

is to make it look like they were paid off.

We can't do that.

The fastest way to discredit a source

is to make it look like they were paid off.

Is that...

Coffee. For you.

I'm just going over the donors.

Don't want to miss a chance
to reel in a big fish tonight.

Mellie, we got the network

to cancel Carla Steele's interview.

Turns out their source was being paid off,

so the story on Andrew is dead.

- That's great news.
- Yes.

I don't know how you did it,
but you are a miracle worker.

Thank you.

It was you. Right?

Popping painkillers that night
like they were M&M's.

It was you, and he covered for you.

I'm not going to ask exactly
what happened or why it happened

or how long you and Andrew
have been happening.

I'm just going to tell you
that it has to stop.

I know how hard this is, Mellie.
Believe me. I know.

But it has to stop now.
We have an election to win.

- You know.
- Mellie...

You know how hard this is for me
because you somehow think

that you screwing my husband is equal to...

You actually think that we are the same.


No matter what I went through back then,

no matter what happened and why,

when I was faced with the chance to cheat,

I kept my knees together, and I said no.

We are not the same.

He decided to spend the night
in San Diego, which is fine.

Don't worry.

I'm not gonna call that doctor again.

Your life-saving days
are behind you.

You must think I'm awful.

Actually, I think I'm the one who's awful.

Why is that?

Because I keep thinking about that night.

Not finding you or anything like that.

But sitting with you,

talking to you all night long...
It felt...


It's wrong. I know.

But I miss you.

I see you every day, but
there's always people around,

and I was so happy just now,
seeing you in here alone.

Which is crazy.
I, I'm sorry.

I miss you, too.



You are the lieutenant governor,
and I am the governor's wife.

Good night, Andrew.

There's been a lot of talk
about loyalty in this race...

Or, rather, the absence thereof.

The problem with Sally Langston

is less her disloyalty than
what she has been loyal to...

A radical, right-wing agenda

which now she will try
and temper and paper over

in a cynical attempt

to make voters forget
everything she's fought for...

- What the hell is he doing here?
- ..Stood for, campaigned on...

You think the man's scum. I agree... and
prayed on her entire political career!

But have you had a look
at this room tonight?

Scum or not, Hollis Doyle makes
the rest of these donors

look like welfare recipients.

We're not taking another cent from
Hollis Doyle ever again, Cyrus.

That goes for tonight's dinner, too.

Refund him whatever he paid to get in here.

That bad?


Oh, you can cancel
Vanessa Chandler's exclusive.

- Why?
- Don't need her.

I'm finding out who her source is tonight.

Hi, you've missed David Rosen.
Please leave a message.

David, wherever you are, do not
go to the meet with Vanessa.

It's a setup.

Abby, I've been abducted.

I'm in the trunk of a car, and
they're taking me somewhere.

I don't know what they want
or what's going to happen,

but I love you.

I'm saying it now.

I should have said it yesterday,
but I'm saying it now.

I love you.

You better, because I just saved your life.

Bad news, boss.
Publius was a no-show.

He didn't show?
Must have been spooked.

Want me to grab the reporter instead?

We could text Publius

that we'll kill her unless he shows up.

What kind of name is Publius anyway?

- Latin for "dweeb"?
- Go home, Charlie.

Lovely party, Cyrus.

Have we met?


But I wanted to thank you...

For getting me back in the country.

I'm sorry?

Adnan Salif.

It's so nice to finally meet you.

How the hell did you get in here?

Like everyone else.
A friend bought me a plate.

Well, you have to leave now.

We can't be seen cavorting
with, you know, criminals.

Okay. I may be dirty,
but my money isn't.

And with the chatter floating
around the room tonight,

you all are soon
to be desperate for new donors,

especially ones with unlimited funds.

Let me help you, Cyrus.

Isn't it time someone scratched your back?

- This isn't Charlie's fault.
- This isn't about Charlie.

I followed him on the job.

Which is why this is about you.

She's worried... Olivia.

A little late for that.

Well, I'm worried.

You're out of your league here.

Your level of training is low to middling,

and following Rowan
is the quickest way to prove

the limitations of your abilities
and wind up dead or worse.

Are you even listening to me?

Check your e-mail.

Looks like old command and Leo
Bergen are working together?

That's courtesy of a national
parks service cam, by the way.

You should probably let someone
know there's a backdoor

in the department of
the interior's cloud network.

So given it took me
half a day to learn something

your highly trained organization
was completely unaware of,

I should be the one who's worried...

About you.

That one was free.

You know where to find me.

This is for you.

Huck, you know I don't drink coffee.

It's a gesture.

It means I'm sorry about Quinn.

People get people coffee
when they're sorry.

I can get you tea instead.

That's not the point.

It is. It is the point.

You're mad at me, and I need
you to stop being mad at me,

'cause I don't like it.

You went too far with Quinn.


You went too far.

Excuse me.

You took in a wild monster, and
you groomed me and petted me

and trained me to sit at your feet,

but that doesn't make me a puppy, Liv.

That just makes me a very loyal monster.

So I didn't go too far.

I went exactly as far as my leash allows.

And you hold the leash.

You ruined her life,
and then you made me save her,

and then you gave her to me
to take under my wing.


You hold the leash.

You went too far.

You should have never
given me someone to love.

Monsters eat people, Liv.

That's what we do.

I don't mean
to sound like a rube,

but that's Jackie Kennedy's portrait.

Right there.

I could just reach out and touch it.

I could grab it off the wall and run.


Armed men will take you down to the ground

in under 15 seconds.

We do not touch the first ladies.

This air you're breathing is rare air.

You get used to it.


I am told eventually
I will become used to it.

You're clear.

Olivia pope shut down the story.

You don't seem to like Olivia very much.

She gets the job done.

Fitz likes her.

Like I said, she gets the job done.

What would happen...

If I were to kiss you right now?



"We do not touch
the first ladies."



It's slow, but it's a start.

We get a few more big names on board,

and the money will start flowing.

- Liv.
- Over the next week,

I'm going to edge up
our fundraising goals, and...

Olivia, can we go over this tomorrow?

Yes. Absolutely.

I don't want you to leave.
I want to talk.

You just said you wanted
to talk about this tomorrow.

I don't want to talk about that.

You're not even able to look at me.

I am.


There you are.

I have to take care of myself.

I understand.

I have to protect my people.
I know.

I can't spend all my time
worrying about you.

This whole house worries about you,

what you want, what you need.

It has to be about what I want,
what I need.

Do you have feelings for Jake?

That's none of your business.

I know.

Do you?

Have feelings for Jake?


Can I help you?

I believe it's how I can help you, sir.

This is everything from today.

I'll be making nightly
deliveries from now on

to keep you up to date.

You're B613?

Yes, sir.
I'm your eyes on the inside.

Thank you, Tom.

♪ What they do ♪

Do you have
feelings for Jake?

That's none of your business.

I know.

♪ Back stabbers ♪

♪ they smile in your face ♪

♪ all the time they want to take
your place, the back stabbers ♪

Long night?

You have no idea.

Do you?

Have feelings for Jake?


♪ Then it's all of you fellows
who better beware, yeah, yeah ♪

I don't know.

♪ Somebody's out to get your lady ♪

I don't know.

♪ A few of your buddies,
they sure look shady ♪

So... are we in?

We're in.

♪ ...their fist ♪

♪ aimin' straight at your back ♪

♪ and I don't think they'll miss ♪

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