Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 11 - Ride, Sally, Ride - full transcript

James tries to gather information about Sally murdering her husband, meanwhile rumors are going around about Fitz and Olivia having an affair.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Daniel! I cannot wait
till you meet your maker!

Previously on "Scandal"...

What if the man was murdered
and no one finds out about it.

You have to trust me.

No, actually, I don't.

Adnan Salif says hello.
Keep your phone on, "H."

Quinn, you've been a bad girl.

You're not a gladiator anymore.

You hurt her.

I had to make her tell the truth.

She was working for your father.

Don't worry, sweetheart.
I'll see you real soon.

Your father has to be
stopped, 'cause I need answers.

Do what you have to do.

I have never answered to
any holder of your office.

That changes right here, right now.

- I'm command now, effective immediately.
- The hell you are.

I'm gonna have to ask my agents
to escort you to the street.

I'm running against you as an independent.

You're making the biggest mistake
of your life crossing me.

See you on the battlefield.

She's running!

Waiting for what is nothing short
of a historic declaration.

The resignation
of a sitting Vice President

hasn't happened since 1973,

when Vice President Spiro Agnew
resigned under President...

The timing of Vice
President Langston's resignation

could not have come at a worse time.

Confidence in the Grant administration

is plummeting as a veritable
revolution plays out.

We are live at the White House

as we await the resignation address

from Vice President Sally Langston.

So, what is it? What's our message?

Cyrus, I have the entire
press corps waiting for me!

We're waiting on the poll numbers.

Well, what's the message?

- Do we call her a traitor?
- We're waiting.

I say we get personal.

Paint that reckless half-wit
with the crazy brush.

- She's delusional.
- And emotionally crippled,

her already-shaky mental
state suffering a deadly blow

from the passing of her husband.

Sexist but effective. Leak
that on deep background...

We're not leaking anything. We're waiting.

While we wait, the press
corps thinks I'm hiding,

and they're not wrong.

The numbers are the oracle.

The numbers will tell us what to...

- What numbers?
- The polls!

- Someone bring me the damn polls right now.
- Yes, sir.

The distribution list was limited.

From me? Where the hell are they?

- Sir, well, the President...
- Faster, Ethan, faster.

The President wanted to
review the numbers with...

With whom? With whom, Ethan?

With his new campaign manager.

The rest of your campaign team

would like to see the poll numbers...

When you get a minute.

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Remember... calm, measured.

Before the last word leaves your lips,

Grant's rapid-response goons

are gonna be blasting you
for being a spiteful squatter

suffering from a wicked
case of hot flashes,

but you're not.

You are standing up for the people

against the tyranny of a
decadent monarch, plus...

You know, Jesus loves you.

- Yes. Yes, I can do this.
- Yeah.

Two-minute warning.

Two minutes.

The numbers give us a chance.

Not a big chance, but a fighting chance.

So, these are your talking points.

Number one... Sally
Langston's a selfish quitter.

She abandoned her views on abortion,

and now she's abandoning her post.

Number two... Sally's a loose cannon,

a fundamentalist extremist
who's incapable of compromise.

Three... Sally's endangering
our national security

and the safety of our brave
troops serving overseas.

She's sending a message

to our enemies that we
are weak and divided,

which is why this country needs
to band together immediately

and show our unwavering support
to our Commander-In-Chief.

So, selfish quitter, loose
cannon, endangering our troops.

Stick to those talking points.

Do not stray from them,

and we will come out of
this stronger than ever.

It's starting.

My fellow Americans,

as we know from our nation's great history,

there are times when
political bonds must be broken

to preserve the will of the people

and the freedoms we hold so dear.

Like our Founding Fathers, I
have been witness to tyranny.

I believe our President's moral
corruption knows no bounds.

And so, as of this morning,

I am declaring my independence
from President Grant

so that I may run as
a third-party candidate

in the upcoming election.

However, because of my
duties to God and my country,

I cannot leave our nation

to the whims of its childish leader.

This is why I cannot and will
not resign as Vice President.

Until we
can turn out the lights

- on his irresponsibility...
- Staying? And running.

As you lie through your
opportunistic duplicitous teeth!

How could she do this? She can't do this.

She is.

Thank you for your support.

May God bless you, and
may God continue to bless

the United States of America.

Shocking move by the Vice President

to split the ticket, leave the party,

and run against her boss,

all while refusing to leave the west wing.

It's certainly historic,
but not unprecedented.

In the 1800 election, Vice
President Thomas Jefferson

ran against President John Adams.

Legally, Langston is
well within her rights,

and a very unpopular President Grant

would face an uphill battle trying to go

through congress to remove her from office.

He simply doesn't have
the political capital.


Sir, with all due respect...

Do something!

He listens to you.


Fitz, you need to stop drinking.
It's not even lunchtime.

What if Iran declares war on us?

Why don't you ask Sally?


Fitz, look at me!

Yes, this is a setback,

but we simply need to
change the conversation,

get the ball back in our court,

and shore up our support with the base.

We can achieve both those goals

with the right Vice-Presidential pick.

Now, Cyrus and I have drawn up a list...

I've already chosen a new Vice President...

Andrew Nichols.

Nichols? The governor of California?

Your former lieutenant
governor of California.

Sir, that's...

Get Andy on the line. I'll ask him myself.

Fitz, aside from the fact
you hail from the same state,

Nichols is a straight,
white man at a point in time

when you desperately need
to highlight diversity

and especially your support of women...

Andrew Nichols is a man who
has worked under me before.

He's a man who is loyal
and whom I can trust.

Fitz, he is a good man,

but I just don't see how he serves...

Call Nichols today or I will.

That's all.

I said, "that's all."


I have committed a sin.

It's Daniel Douglas.

He's... he's... I'm forsaken, Cyrus.

My flesh, it's venal and despised.

I fear it's time. I
have to give myself over.

Sally! It is not time.

Do not give yourself over. D... do not move.

Do not call anyone. I am
coming to you right now.

First, I'm sorry. You were right.

She's pretty much admitting
she murdered her husband.

Where did you get that tape?

Doesn't matter. We can't
use it... inadmissible.

Well, in that case, I
guess we're done here.

What? No. Sit down.

I have a job now, Rosen,
in the White House.

And if you haven't noticed,
our plate's pretty full today.

That's just it. You're on the inside now.

You're privy to everything they say.

We just need one unguarded moment

and we can nail these bastards.

Sorry. You're on your own.

Is this your M.O... you
storm into someone's office,

give them the story of the
century, and then bag on them?

Because you've pulled
this crap on me twice now.

I came to you a month
ago with my suspicions,

and you didn't want to
hear it, so I dropped it.

You should do the same.

So, your husband gives
you a sweet government job

and you walk right on
over to the dark side.

Yes, my husband gave me
a sweet government job.

And how exactly does that
differ from what he did for you?


- This is Harrison Wright. I need a favor.
- No.

You haven't even heard it yet.

Enough that I know who's asking for it.

An old friend of mine just
got a visa to come back in

the United States, named Adnan Salif.

- Can you look into it?
- Still no.

I'm serious, Rosen. Please.

I'll see what I can do.

After that, I was pretty much
persona non grata in Brazil.

Well, all of South America. Olé, right?

So, that's when I hooked
up with the agency...

a steady paycheck doing something I loved.

Killed two birds... and some people.

Well, I'm sure you'll see that in the file.

As the new command, I'm
sitting down with all the agents

to make sure there aren't
gonna be any problems.

Are there going to be
any problems, Charlie?

I take orders from
whoever's wearing the badge.

Keeps it simple.

Good to hear.

One more thing... Quinn Perkins.

Is that a name I should know?

She's a good kid.

Hit a rough patch. I've
been looking out for her.

What can I say? Mr. Softy.

I don't know what arrangements
were made before I arrived,

but Quinn Perkins is
not B613, never will be.

And if anything happens to her...

Say no more, boss. No
rocking the boat here.

Andrew Nichols, governor of California,

former lieutenant governor under Grant.

Governor Nichols, I'm
sorry for all the secrecy.

I'm sure you understand the
sensitivity of this meeting.

Riding over here in the trunk of a sedan

isn't my favorite way to travel,

but if it's in service of President Grant,

- hell, I'd sit in a rum barrel.
- ♪ All you got to do now ♪

What's his record?
First term was a success.

Reduced emissions, balanced the budget,

found time to date half of Hollywood...

actresses, models,
talk-show hosts, you name it.

Oh, right. So he's a playboy.

Yeah, but he's an age-appropriate playboy,

for the most part, so,
you know, props for that.

So, Governor, tell me
why would you want this?

To run for the Vice President
of the United States...

Isn't it obvious?

You'd have a clean shot to be
in the mix in the next cycle.

Joining this ticket now
you'd be selling yourself,

to a long shot with a lot of
baggage. Running with President Grant

could destroy your brand beyond repair.

My brand? I wouldn't
be Governor... anything.

I wouldn't have a brand if it
weren't for Fitzgerald Grant.

The President is asking me to serve.

- I could never turn my back on that.
- ♪ Oh! ♪

What about skeletons?

Not much. Never married.
No shady real-estate deals.

Dems spent a fortune on oppo research

in the last campaign and came up empty.

- He's clean.
- All right.

Let's test the ticket. Let's poll him.

♪ Express yourself ♪

Nichols is polling well.
His favorables are high.

- With men.
- They trust him to take over, should, God forbid...

He'll never have the chance.

He reminds suburban wives

that their husbands might cheat on them,

and single girls of
their boyfriend who did.

Put him on the ticket,

and Sally Langston will
think Christmas came early.

What's your solution?

My solution is for you
to talk him out of it.

Impossible. He's closing
ranks. Loyalty above all.

It's why he put Jake Ballard in charge of B613.

He did what?

I assumed you knew.




How did you know that I would be here?

It's where you used to take me after mom...

after I thought she died.

I suppose you're gonna
tell me that most parents

- would take their children to the playground?
- They do.

But I liked it here.

I liked the quote.

"Uncommon valor was a common virtue."

I like it, too.

It used to remind me of mom.

Going down in that plane crash

made me feel like, in the end,

maybe... instead of being
terrified to die, she was brave.

Maybe it wasn't so bad.


it makes me think of you,

and how you let me hate
you instead of telling me

about who she really was.

What do you want, Olivia?

I know that you've been
replaced at B613 as command.

I work for the Smithsonian.

My title is chief curator.

I'm just saying I know what happened.

No, you don't.

I know how hard this must be for you.


The Smithsonian... has been
a big part of your life.

I just wanted you to know...

- What?
- That I know what happened!

That I'm sorry, dad.

You know what happened.

No, you have no idea what happened.

You have no idea what
is currently happening.

You're skipping around
in a field full of bombs

and mistaking them for daisies.

This, dear... sweet child,

is what happened.

The married man you can't
seem to stay away from

had me abducted and locked me up in chains

and spoke to me about the way you taste

while he allowed the
terrorist who snaked her way

into my marriage bed
to clear U.S. air space.

What happened was the man you screwed

betrayed me by freeing the
woman who gave birth to you

as a bargaining chip.

What happened was the man who defiled you

also defiled an organization
that I gave my soul to build.

That is what happened.

What is currently happening

is that President
Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

has made an enemy...

the worst kind of enemy,
because I know all his secrets.

I know where every body is buried.

And the greatest weapon I can
use against him calls me "dad."

Uncommon valor was a common virtue.

The thing about that quote, Olivia,

is that is from the good old days.

It no longer applies.
Today everyone is afraid.

Everyone should be afraid.

The President should be very afraid.

And if I were you, Olivia,
I would be terrified.

I would pick up whatever
chips you have left

and run as far away as possible

from that burning building
known as the White House.

Run, Olivia. Run.

Because, mark my words, Fitzgerald Grant

is not going to make it
to the end of his term.

You wouldn't dare.

Watch me.

Start grieving now, Olivia.

Rend your garments, curse the heavens.

It will save you time down the road.

But first, run.

Oh. This one? Yeah. Don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous. Worry about yourself.

Me? Nervous? No. Distracted? Slightly.

Who could blame me?

I know you're not nervous,

but you might want to
convince your forehead of that.

- It's mighty shiny.
- Ha. Nice try, Bergen.

Nose, too.

Could you bring makeup to set?
I think she's having a little...

There's no time. We're on in 10 seconds.

Don't sweat it.

I mean, don't further
sweat it. You look fine.

Regardless of legality, this reckless move

by Sally Langston threatens
our standing in the world.

That's ridiculous.

Sally Langston is doing one thing

and one thing only... her job.

If Vice President Langston
thinks she can run the country

better than President Grant,

then she's free to run against
him during the general election,

but she can't trash him outside
the gates of the White House,

while working as the second
in command in the west wing.

Again, it's reckless behavior.

You want to talk reckless?

How about hiring your alleged mistress,

Olivia Pope, as your campaign manager?

I'm s...

Those unsubstantiated rumors

were put to bed months ago when...

Um, that is an
interesting choice of words.

Am I right, Ashley?

Leo, are you seriously
accusing President Grant

of having an affair with Olivia Pope,

even after the President himself

named Jeannine Locke as his mistress?

Who's to say he had just one mistress?

He's a handsome man with appetites.

I choose not to underestimate
President Grant in these matters.

So, are you
saying that there's no truth

to a romantic relationship
between the President and Ms. Pope?

This question has been asked
and answered to death months ago.

Why hasn't the President made a statement?

Again, I refuse to answer

any questions regarding
Leo Bergen's comments.

We need to hit back fast.

Change the story. Leak some dirt on Sally.

If I had dirt, don't you think
I'd have dumped it by now?

- Vanessa.
- Why hasn't Daniel Douglas Langston's

autopsy report been released to the public?

I'm not sure why it would be.

His medical records are government records,

yet they've been sealed
off from the public.

Why is that?

I'll have to take that question.

Would there be a reason
that the White House

The entire White House press corps

is pouring gasoline on
the Fitz/Olivia Pope fire.

Your approvals are up 6 points,
Twitter's got you trending,

and the radio is playing "Mustang Sally."

Ride, Sally, ride... they're
calling you a Maverick.

The lies are unspooling, Leo.

Someone knows about Daniel Douglas.

Someone knows and there are questions

and the lies are unspooling
and they will snare us

and bring us down in
the fire of God's wrath.

It is over.

Sally... we've talked about this.

It is because I turned
my back on the faithful

- and condoned abortion.
- Abortion? Really?

Because when I stop and rank

the things you've done sin-wise...

I did not murder my husband, Leo.

The devil murdered my husband
when he snuck inside me.

And the reason I was not vigilant,

the reason that I did not rise up

and turn the devil away from my gate

is that he distracted me.

With pride, he distracted me

into turning my back on my flock,

into abandoning the innocent unborn.

I was distracted, and I
let the devil inside of me,

and he used my hand as a vessel
of murder, a vessel of sin.

- Sir, please.
- It's all right, sweetheart. I work here.

Since we're neighbors now,

I thought I'd stroll
down the hall and say hi.

I'm calling security.

There's no electioneering
in the White House.

Special assistant to the Vice President.

Anyway, nobody follows that rule.

We do.

Is that why Olivia
Pope's roaming the halls?

What do you want, Leo?

It's nice in here.

The art's a little old man-y for my taste,

but I'm sure I could have
them hip it up for me.

You and your candidate

are on a bullet train
to political oblivion.

I've got two words for you... Ralph Nader.

Oh, wait!
Two more... Ross Perot.

Try these two... Teddy Roosevelt.

He lost his third-party race.

His face is on a Mountain.

Don't push me, Leo.

I know Sally Langston very
well, and I have no qualms

about exposing her for
the pro-life, homophobic,

raging bitch that she really is.

As opposed to the corpse-moving
obstructor of justice that you are?

That's right. She told me what she did.

More importantly, what you did.

So, go ahead. Get right on that.

So, what did he say, specifically?

Just that he needed some
time to think about it.

I'll just look for another job.

I'll babysit, wait tables.

Hey. We both know how
great you'd be in B613.

We just got to give command
some time to realize it, too.

In the meantime, great thing
about our line of work...

rock-solid job stability.

I mean, as long as people
have to live together,

someone's gonna pay to
have someone else killed.

Fact of life.

Anyway, when I get depressed,
I always like to go shopping.

Can I help you two find something?

Yeah, we're outfitting my
girlfriend's first tool box.

- Oh.
- You know, so she can put up some bookshelves.

Every home needs a great set of tools.

Truer words, Terry. Truer words.


Hey, boss.

I need a mop-up job on
your last assignment.

Can I still count on you for
some under-the-table work.

Of course.

Wouldn't want that yelp review

to say I was anything less
than thorough and discreet.

- Looks like the dry spell's over.
- Really?

What did I say? There's always work.

Do you have power drills around here?

Maybe something in a blow torch?

For a book shelf?

We're big readers.

Bye! See you tomorrow!

Hi, Billy. Hey!

Hey... oh, wait up.

I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

I'm not a stranger, silly.

I know your mom.

She asked me to pick you up, take you home.

- She had to work late.
- How do you know my mom?

Through your sister, Caitlin,

who plays softball with my little sister,

but she's not as good as Caitlin.

Caitlin is, like, really good, right?

Yeah, she's got a bunch of trophies.

Really? That's pretty cool.

Maybe you can show me her
trophies when I take you home?

That is, after we get ice cream.

It'll be our secret.

Seat belts.

I looked like an incompetent fool.

How am I supposed to
do my job when I haven't

the faintest idea of what the
hell is going on around here?

James. Why wasn't there an
autopsy on Daniel Douglas?

I need to know, Cyrus.

In order for me to stand
up there on that podium,

I need to know what not to say.

We are not having this conversation.

Oh, God!

Look at our baby, Cyrus. Look at her!

Do you honestly think I would
do anything to jeopardize her?

I'm on your side here, so why don't you

just tell me the truth
and let me protect you?

Refer any questions about
Daniel Douglas Langston's

unfortunate death to the
office of the Vice President.

That's what you say. That's all you say.

He ambushed me.

I had no idea he was gonna
make you the headline.

He went low, which just
means we have to go lower.

I want you and huck to
dig up everything we can

on the death of Sally's husband.

Are you saying there was a cover-up?

I'm saying there could
be more to the story.

A question came up in the
press room today from a reporter

claiming there was never an autopsy.

Looks like the reporter was right.

Coroner's report says Langston
died of natural causes, no autopsy.

There's also no record
of who looked at the body.

M.E. never signed off.

Can I help you?

Hi. We're from The Post.

We just had a few quick questions

about the coroner's report you prepared

on Daniel Douglas Langston.

Mr. Langston's blood had
elevated levels of troponin.

I'm confident he died
of sudden cardiac arrest.

Do you still have those results?

I shouldn't be talking to you guys.

Oh, this is all off the record.

Just let us take a look at those tests

and we'll be out of your hair.

They're gone.

I destroyed them.

I ran those tests against
the Vice President's wishes.

What's that?

It's New York times best-seller material.

Couldn't put it down.

Just two young lovers in Mexico
on the hunt for cheap oxy.

That was a long time ago.

I didn't even know my boyfriend

was trying to bring anything back.

Just tell us how Langston died, Linda.

He was a big drinker.

The night he died, he took
a spill in the bathroom,

smashed his head on the toilet.

Massive brain bleed.

I don't blame the Vice President

for wanting to keep that quiet.

I really felt for her.

Thank you for your honesty.

We'll bury this deep.

You've done good, Linda. Real good.

Where's my son?

Hey, Billster, you crazy kid. Get in here.

Mommy! Oh!

Are you okay?

Oh, my God.


Harrison Wright, it's your butler calling.

I looked into your
friend Adnan for you. And?

And I'm afraid deportation's not an option.

I called my contact at Immigration,

and apparently Salif's visa was issued

from pretty high on the hill.

Turns out your friends have more
powerful friends than you do.

Was there anything else you needed?

Some reservations to a hot new restaurant,

a massage for your tired, aching should...

What are we doing about
those Daniel Douglas rumors?

I'm taking care of it.

- How?
- Don't worry.

Don't worry? If you go
down, I go down, too.

And now Andrew Nichols is our V.P. pick?

Don't patronize me like I am
some hysterical teenage girl

at the beginning of my cycle.

There is plenty to worry about.

You want to worry about
something? Worry about this.

You need to focus on the big picture,

like getting your
husband to at least appear

to prefer you to his alleged mistress.

It's not my fault Fitz makes
googly eyes at Olivia in public.

Not your fault? It's entirely your fault.

Bringing in Olivia was your idea.

Now, we have the predictable
mess of your making, so fix it.

Do your damn job!

I'm doing mine.

Smile, Olivia. Smile.

The glitterati are watching.

That's better.

What are we doing here?

We are sharing a meal, being gal pals,

braiding each other's
hair, talking about boys.

- Mellie.
- Laugh.

I'm making a respectable
woman out of you, Olivia.

My husband can't be sleeping
with you if we're friends.

I would never embrace Fitz's whore.

I took the liberty of
ordering my favorite bottle.

I know how you love your wine.


Oh, thank you.

Oh, yeah.

- Oh.
- Thank you, Aaron.

Why are you doing this?

Because I like it when my
husband is the President.

I worked very hard for it.

I've done a great deal to get us here,

and you are gonna get him
across the finish line,

but you can't do that if people know

what kind of person you really are.


Now, I thought this public
lunch was a bold move.

And it is, isn't it?

Bold, but just the first step.


I assume you'd know better than me,

what, with all your
handling and your fixing.

There are the photographers out front,

two tables back is the gossip blogger

for Inside the Beltway,

behind me is the columnist
from the DC Daily,

and there's a woman
from BNC over to my left,

pretending she's not recording
us on her phone right now.

By day's end, we'll be everywhere.




But, yes, just a start.

Which is what I thought.

This little lunch will work for a few days,

but the rumors won't go away,
not if you and Fitz slip up.

So, I came up with step two.

Ooh. What is this?

A list of men... eligible bachelors.

Prominent, smart.

Pick one.

- Pick one?
- Any one of them.

It's an equal opportunity list.

Tall, short, black, white,
republican, democrat.

I don't care who.

Just pick one and start dating him.


So that people can stop thinking

that you're screwing my husband.

Smile, Olivia.

The world is watching.

Are you serious?

You're stealing my gun.


Harrison, you do not get to act all crazy

just 'cause everyone else here is.

We are the normal ones. You and me.

If we need to borrow a gun, we ask.

Also, why do you need it?

Adnan sent me that picture today.

It's a business trip to Dubai.

Adnan had a deal, so we went to help.

The other three people,
J.C., Hammer, and Ivy...

all dead now.

So, what? This is some sort of warning?

It's a promise.

Do you even know how to use it?

The safety and the clip

and how you're not supposed
to tuck it in your waistband

or else you could shoot off your penis?

I know how a gun works, Abby.

Just... be careful, okay?

So, you're testing
me in front of an audience

to... what?... Get my "Q" rating.

I'm trying to get past your problem.

- I didn't know I had one.
- You're a playboy.

Come on.

That's what people who date

starlets and socialites
and supermodels get called.

One supermodel...

plus one who was just swimsuit.

And another one... runway.

That you even know those
distinctions is a problem.

I've also dated C.E.O.s.

But you don't get photographed with them.

Like it or not, you're polling
as shallow, commitment-phobic,

closed off, unrelatable,
and therefore unelectable.

So let's get started.

So, why haven't you settled down?

The truth is I love my work,

and I tend to fall for women
who also love their work.

Let's try again.

- Okay, but the answer will be the same.
- Then we'll keep trying.

- I'm telling you the truth here.
- Maybe you believe it.

Maybe you've been telling
that lie for so long

that you've forgotten the truth.

Let's try this... what
do you want me to say?

That you're gay. That you're a mama's boy.

That you find the idea of monogamy

to be naive and unnatural.

Anything but the practiced canned answer

you're trying to peddle me.

- This is ridiculous.
- What are you afraid of?

Why haven't you settled down?

I had my chance, okay? I
had my chance and I lost it.

I let her go. So I moved on.

I married my job instead,
and I take great pride

in what I've done for the
millions of Californians

who have put their trust in me.

And, hey, down the line,

maybe I'll get another
shot at marriage. Who knows?

But what I do know

is that I'm not marrying
somebody I don't love.

And if that makes me unsuitable

for the vice presidency, so be it.

- Mr. President, Olivia Pope is here.
- Send her in.

Thank you, Lauren. Can you
close the door on your way out?

Lauren, could you leave the door open?

- Door closed, Lauren.
- Door open, Lauren.

I... I don't know what to...

Door open, Lauren.



And you stand there.

I have all the numbers
back on Andrew Nichols.

- And?
- They're good.

He's good.


Look, you want him.

And I can spin it. I can make it work.

I can sell it to the people,
and you'll seem loyal and good

and like you made a great
choice, but you didn't.

He's wrong. My gut tells me he's wrong.

- And mine tells me he's right.
- You don't do this for a living.

You don't run elections for a living.

I am President for a living, Liv. Come on.

I should resign.

Oh, Liv.

The rumors about us are
on every news channel,

at the top of every hour.

We're the headline.

I can't do my job. I can't
run your campaign if...

The news cycle will change.

They'll find something else to chew on.

Your wife took me to lunch

and handed me a list of
eligible men I could date.


She wants me to get a boyfriend,

have someone on my arm
for show, like some k...

I should resign.

You are not gonna start
dating some man for show.

And you are not resigning.

As far as the press is concerned,

I am a physical reminder of the fact

that you were unfaithful to your wife.

I am a liability.

Fitz, door open.

This is not... door o...

You are not resigning.

I refuse to accept your resignation.

You can't leave me.

I am not losing you again.

Why did you put Jake in charge of B613?

Who told you that I put...

You made Jake the head of B613.

You know what that place is
like, you know what it does,

and you made Jake command.



I killed 329 innocent people.

I let an international
terrorist, your mother,

out of the country, and
she killed three more.

And no one knows where she is.

If I have any hope of remaining President,

then it needs to stay buried,

and there's only one man I
trust to guard that grave.

Jake Ballard.


You are stressed, and you are scared.

And you want this...

you want to win this election
so bad, you can't breathe.

And I understand that.

But you don't trust me.

- I trust you!
- Andrew Nichols is wrong.

- He is not wrong!
- Like I said!

I trust you! I need you!

You want to win this election,
and you can't do that if I...

You are not resigning.

I won't win without you.



I'm not resigning. I'll be here.

Put that away. You look ridiculous.

I don't want to use this.

But I will.

No, you won't.

- Adnan.
- I just want to talk.

About your future, about
how we can help each other.

I missed you so much, Harrison.

Nice family.

I mean, could use a mommy, but...

I'll give you exactly one second
to get your feet off my desk.

Or what?

Or I'll cut them off and
shove them down your throat.

Size 11 1/2?

I seriously doubt my feet
would fit down my throat.

I'm not talking about your
feet, you baby-faced twit.

I'm talking about your balls.
Have they even dropped yet?

Will you miss them when they're gone?


Now out.

We need to talk about the leak.

- We don't need...
- Vanessa Chandler...

Someone is spilling the Daniel
Douglas files into her ear.

She has a deep throat.

Maybe it's me.

You're my enemy.

You would be unworthy of that
title if you were that stupid.

All you need to know is I'm working on it.

No, see, we're working on it.

Divided we fall on this one, Cy.


We're working on it.

Good. Fine.

So, who else knows? Who
did you have do cleanup?

Cleanup was professional.

Secret Service.

I thought you said you were dropping this?

I tried the dark side.
Turns out you were right.

Didn't suit me.

This whole time, you've been
standing up on that podium,

playing the good soldier.

My husband's a monster, David.

He's brilliant and ego-maniacal

and has done more to thwart the rule of law

than you and I will probably ever know.

He's a monster. And he's powerful.

And he thinks he doesn't have a weakness.

But he does.


And I will do whatever it takes...

play the good soldier
and stand on the podium

and sleep beside him
for as long as it takes

to take that monster down.

- Starting with this.
- It's a good start,

but the problem is it's still inadmissible.

Legally, at least one of the parties

needs to know they're being recorded.

And God help whoever it is who's
been leaking this stuff to the press.

If these guys figure out who
that reporter's source is,

they're as good as dead.

Oh, God.

James, please tell me you're not.

I am Publius.

Got a night off from ruling the underworld?

Liv, I received an order
from my commander in chief.

I couldn't say no, and I didn't want to.

I can run that organization
better than Rowan ever did.

There are good men and women

who deserve a leader they can trust.

Someone who...

I can do better, Liv. I know I can.

You need to give me back Quinn.

I don't have her.

Would you tell me if you did?

Or would that be classified,
one of the many secrets

you're going to have to
keep in order to be command.

Liv, I can find your
mother. Bring her to justice.

We both know what your father would do

if he were still in charge.

My father wasn't always a monster.

He started out just like you,

trying to do the right thing,
trying to keep us all safe.

I couldn't say no.

- You could.
- I couldn't!

I serve at the pleasure of the
President of the United States.

Don't we all?!

Serving the Republic.

I always thought it was a
good thing... a great thing.

True service, a calling.

Now I think...

I think it eats at you until
you are not you anymore,

until you are lost, until you
can't remember who you were,

until you forget yourself,

and all you can see is the greater good.

All you can see is God and country.

And you're so busy being a patriot,

you forget to be a person.

Liv, what's wrong?


Just... Vermont keeps getting
further and further away.


So, are you?

Am I what?

Are you a patriot?

And, yes, it's been
quite a year for Fitz and me,

ups and downs, I have never
been more proud of my husband

- for his unbridled dedication...
- What were you thinking?

- ...To the citizens of this great nation.
- You are angry, but I did the right thing,

and you know I did.

There are no more questions
about our relationship.

But I have some questions about yours.

I thought you trusted Jake.

This is a bad idea.

It's how I can stay.

But you all didn't come to see me.

You came to see my husband,

the President of the
United States of America,

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III!

Thank you.

Thank you all very much.

Thank you so much.

I'm very happy to be here with you tonight,

to make an historic announcement.

Now, some of you may have heard

that I've recently found myself

in the market for a new running mate.

Who is it?! Who is it?! Who is it?!

Hey. Look who's back on her feet.


Sit down, have a sweet tea, enjoy the show.

It doesn't matter who it is,
because Papa Bergen is on it.

Sorry about that. Wow!

You know, I never realized people
like you actually existed.

I don't know whether
to be excited or scared.


You should be both.

There's a particular value I looked for

when making the tough decision

of selecting my new running mate.

It's a value that the American
people possess in spades.

That value is loyalty.

Long way from Sacramento.

You and me both.

Madam First Lady, you
look stunning, as always.

Thank you, Andrew.

- Mr. President?
- Be right back.

Every day for the last 12
years, I have dreamed of this.

Being on a ticket?

Being near you again.

So, without further
ado, I'd like you to meet

the next Vice President
of the United States,

my former lieutenant governor
and governor of California,

a man I consider a brother
as much as a friend,

Governor Andrew Nichols!

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