Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 10 - A Door Marked Exit - full transcript

Everyone struggles to face the consequences of their actions now that the truth has been revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My entire life for one thing...

My blood, sweat, and
tears for one goal,

and you steal it from me.

It's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.

You wait until I'm standing
at the finish line.

You wait until I'm standing
on the doorstep of history,

and you betray me! You betray me.

James Novak isn't gonna
say anything, Sally.

- I talked to him. He promised...
- You betray me!

Our family, our marriage
bed, my future...

You snatch the one thing
that I care about.

You steal my future from me!
Our future, Sally!

Our future,
and I didn't steal it.

I'm telling you, nobody knows,

nobody's gonna know.
We're fine. We're fine.

Cyrus Beene knows.

You said yourself
he's not gonna say anything.

It's his husband!

Yes. You fool.
It is his husband.

You screwed his husband.

That was poison fruit!

And he will not rest
until he has vengeance.

You idiot!

You have unleashed a
snake into our garden.

You have spat in the face
of my hard work.

You have sullied my soul
with your perversion,

- your sickness, your disgusting need...
- Come on, Sally!

You have a right to be angry,

but do not play
the righteous victim.

Don't act like you didn't know
what you were getting into

when you married me.

I most certainly did not know.

If I had known, if I had
ever dreamed, dear God!

You knew. You knew all
the way back in college

when you saw me with that
boy from across the way.

I do not know what
you are talking about!

You knew and you didn't care
because you were shrill Sally,

the girl no one wanted,
the rich debutante

who couldn't find a husband.

You didn't care because

you needed a handsome
man on your arm.

You needed someone who could
put up with your aspirations,

and I needed my family
not to disown me.

So I sold my soul to you.

And I propped you up
and I played second fiddle,

and I smiled at every dinner
and rally and fish fry,

and look where I got you!

Where you got me?

You think you got me here?


Sweetheart, you are the
burden that I carry on my back

as I make my way to salvation.
You are my cross to bear.

You are my original sin.

You are pretty, and stupid,
and you can't make a living

to save your life.

What you've given me
is our daughter,

who can't keep her knees together.

I suffer you!

I got myself here.

And I am taking myself
to the promised land.

I cannot wait until you
meet your maker.

I cannot wait until you
are charged for your lies!

I'm done.


What the hell do you mean,
you're done?

I got the one thing
that you can't buy, Sally.

A very essential possession
if you're ever gonna be

of the United States...

A set of balls.
I got 'em. You don't.

So I'm done.

Maybe I'll find a nice boy
somewhere and settle down.

Or maybe I'll go
on "60 minutes"

and tell them the
Sally Langston story.

Who knows? Stay tuned.

- Daniel Douglas...
- Good-bye, Sally.




I have committed a sin.


Gentleman, good evening.

What are we to do, Cyrus?
What are we to do?

We had a fight,
and the devil came in.

The devil came in,
the devil came in.

He made me. I did this.
I gave into him.

I lost myself and now
I'm gonna burn in flames.

She's not his type.

I'm a sinner, Cyrus.
I killed Daniel Douglas.

- I murdered my husband.
- The plan is simple.

Daniel Douglas will
make a pass at my husband.

My husband will refuse
said pass,

slap his closeted face...

I judged him when only
God can judge him.

Now I am condemned.

You took photos?

You think I would go through
with all this?!

And not get proof?!

I'm a murderer.
I'm a sinner.

Go ahead.

Take a gander.

I'm a murderer.

You used me
like a cheap whore,

and then you made me think
that you were doing me a favor.

Because I trusted you!
You're the devil.

That you'd honor our marriage.
The devil is in front of me!

Get me everything you
can on Marie Wallace.

If she's on the FBI's
most wanted list,

- there must be a file.
- Liv...

My mother's plane lands

in Hong Kong
in less than 12 hours.

If I'm going to have her
arrested when she lands,

I need to know exactly
what she's guilty of.

So, go.

Where the hell is Quinn?

She's at B613.

She's alive.
Still moving.

You put a tracking device on her?


I put a tracking chip
where your tooth should be.

In case you decide
you wanna run.

I won't.
I promise.

I can do this.


Do we have a deal?


We have a deal.

Found her, sir.

Just took off from a small
airstrip near Manassas.

Your information
is no longer of value.

- I'll have to hold onto this.
- But, sir...

Get me Centcom.

You snooze, you lose.
But, hey. Upside?

You're still breathing.
He didn't make me kill you.

Quinn's gone.

What do you mean, "gone"?

Gone, dead gone?

I don't know.
The chip turned off.

She's just... gone.

And she won't reach out to us
even if she needs our help

because you what?
Tortured her?

- I followed interrogation protocol.
- You hurt her.

I did my job.

You hurt Quinn.

I had to make her
tell the truth.

She was working for your father.
She betrayed us.

She went off with Charlie,

and I had to make her
tell the truth.

Find my father.
He'll know where Quinn is.

Take Huck with you.
Keep an eye on him.

Where's my line with Centcom?

Patching you through now, sir.

- Back up! Back up! Back up!
- What the hell?

What is this?

This is where you're staying
until Maya Pope's plane lands,

until she's free,
until she's hidden so well...

You'll never find her.

So it looks like we both

have some free time
on our hands.

I thought we could have a little talk.

This is what
I don't understand.

Why have me shoot
down that plane

if you already
had her in custody?

That's a matter
of national security,

and it's above your
pay grade, Mr. President.

Here's the thing
about power, rowan.

It's always hard to accept
when you've lost it.

Or to realize you never
had any at all.

Why shoot down that plane?

Why keep Olivia's mother
in prison for 22 years?

And why let Liv think her mother
was dead all this time?

That's a matter
of national security,

and it's above your pay grade,
Mr. President.

Hey, where do you think
you're going?

- Uh, the...
- We have a client.

A client?

Just got a call
for a little side gig.

Daniel Douglas died
of a heart attack.

A heart attack?

Cyrus, I need to face justice.

I need to turn myself over
to the authorities.

If you wanna confess,
confess... to God.

Jesus wants to forgive you,
not punish you.

That's why he suffered...
So you don't have to.

Let him, let him forgive you
and then you show him

your loyalty by being
a good Shepherd

to the flock of people
you will one day

serve as President.

In the meantime,
give me your sin.

Let me lie.
Let me clean this up.

Uh, Mr. Rosen?
I'm Shelby. Shelby Moss.

Sorry, Shelby.
We were here first.

Okay, so, remember that time
I asked you to take

that totally innocent client of ours
off the no-fly list?

You mean yesterday?
Then, yes.

Let's say she wasn't innocent.

- Abby, you're my girlfriend.
- I know.

- We spend a great deal of
our time together. - I know.

I sleep beside you.

I put parts of my body
inside parts of your body,

and I'm very generous
when you ask me to...

I'm right here, y'all.

So don't you think
I deserve a little honesty?

Maybe some
professional courtesy?

Just let me see
Marie Wallace's file.

No need to make
a federal case out of it.

And yet that is what I do.

I'll e-mail it to you.

Where are we?

Uh, we used street cams

to track rowan
as he left wonderland.

Someone took him, Liv.

Who took him?

- We don't know.
- Of course not.

Two cars blocked him in.

- It was definitely a professional job.
- We'll find him.

Let's just hope
that finding my father

helps us find Quinn.

Hey, cut Huck some slack.

- Jake, this isn't your business.
- I get it.

You just found out your mother
isn't who you thought.

You just got your happy memories
of her taken from you.

She's bad.
We don't know how bad,

but that does not
make your father the good guy.

He is not a good guy, Liv.

And Huck? He's about to go
out there and look for him,

try to save your father,
save the man who tortured him,

manipulated him,
threw him in a hole

until he was nearly driven
out of his mind.

And then stole everything
that was important to him.

And you say
it's not my business.

But Huck and I?
We are in the same business.

And your father?
He is not our hero.

He is our demon.

And you're not the only one
to lose your happy memories.

So I speak from experience

when I say maybe you
cut Huck some slack.

The doctor will be here
any minute.

Now remember,
he can't look too close.

You can't let him look too...

Sally, I need you
to snap out of it.

They'll be coming through
that door any second now.

Look at me.

Shh, I know, I know.
I know. I'm here.

Oh, doctor, thank goodness.

I came as soon as I could.
Madame Vice President,

I am so sorry.

Just have to check a few
things to make it official.

She called me in a panic.

Woke up next to Mr. Langston,
and he wasn't breathing.

Isn't that right,
Madame Vice President?

There's no heartbeat.

Madame Vice President,
I'm going to need

to undress him
and look a little closer.

Would you like to step
out of the room for this?


Would you like to step
out of the room now?

Or would you rather stay
with Daniel Douglas?

No, don't touch him!
Don't you touch him!

Nobody touches him!

Doctor, she's in shock, doctor.

Can we just skip
the rest of it?

We all know what happened here.

Of course.

I'll just report his heart
stopped a few hours ago.

I appreciate it.

Let's give the Vice President
some privacy. Shall we?

Please tell me you
didn't hear already,

because I really wanna be
the one to share the good news.

Daniel Douglas is dead, Cyrus.

One of my aides is sleeping with one
of Sally's secret service agents,

and I just found out.

I'm sure you will be
getting a call any minute.

God has smiled on us, Cyrus.

Sally's God,
who clearly doesn't think

much of her now that
he's thrown a wrench

into her campaign at the very
moment we needed him to.

There's no way she can run now.

She'll have to grieve
for months.

Are you drinking
at 7:00 in the morning?

Sit down, Mellie.

The devil came in.
That's what she said.

The devil came in,
the devil came in.

The devil came in.
We came in!

Ergo, we are the devil.

I am actually the devil.

No, a person doesn't...

You should've seen me
handle it.

There's a dead closeted
hillbilly on the floor.

And there I am.
"Give me your sin, Sally."

I'm at the top of my game.

The devil is at the top
of his game.

No, a person does not just
get prodded into this.

Sally snapped.

Sally is the devil.

We've done many bad things, Mellie.

Many, many, many
bad things.

But this?

Well, I'd say this one
takes the cake.

We can quit now.

Game over!

Hell hath no fury,

like a woman whose husband
is screwing another man.

Cyrus, look at me.


This is not how the right hand
of the President behaves.

Do you hear me?
Pull it together.

Now tell me
you didn't use Olivia Pope

to clean this mess up.

No, she'd tell Fitz.
Top of my game.

Poor Sally.

Yeah, anyway,
I know you're busy,

which is why I thought
I'd head over

to the observatory myself right now.

Pass on condolences
for both of us?

I'll bring some flowers,
of course.

I think she'd appreciate that.

Thanks, Mel.

And Nero fiddled
while Rome burned.

She was 12 years old.

What kind of man...

Who takes a child's mother
from them?

I'm screwing her, you know.

Your daughter.

Every chance I get.

The things I could tell you.

About the way she tastes.

She's quite a girl.


You're funny.

You're a funny, funny man.

I am?

Or should I say "boy"?

You're a boy.

You've been coddled
and cared for,

pampered and hugged.

For you, it's always summertime

and the livin' is easy.
Daddy's rich!

And your mama's good-looking.
You're a grant!

You've got money
in your blood.

You... are... a... boy.

I'm a man.

I have worked for every single
thing I have ever received.

I have fought and scraped and bled

for every inch of ground I walk on.

I was the first in my
family to go to college,

my daughter
went to boarding school

with the children of kings.

I made that happen.

You cried yourself to sleep

because daddy
hurt your feelings.

Because papa banged
his secretary.

Because it hurt
to have so much money.

You spoiled, entitled,
ungrateful little brat!

You have everything

handed to you
on a silver platter,

and you squander it.

You're given the world,
and you can't appreciate it

because you haven't had
to work for anything!

So now you've decided that
the one thing that you want

is my daughter, my child.

Mine. What I made.
What I created.

You could talk about
what a great lay she is

to try to get a response
from me all you want.

But guess what?

I am actually quite literally
above your pay grade,

which means

that I know that you believe
that you are in love with her.

- As wrong as you may be.
- I do love her.

You love that
she is a door marked "exit."

You love that
she is your way out.

Because if you
are with Olivia Pope,

you don't have to fulfill
your father's dream

of being President.

If you are with Olivia,

you no longer have to be
your father's son.

An apple never falls
too far from the tree.

You are always going to be

senator Grant's
disappointing boy, Fitz.

She is always going to
be the formidable Olivia Pope.

Don't use the person
that I made

to make you into a man.
You're a boy.

You don't know anything about me.

Sadly, boy, I know
everything about you.

You... disappoint me

as a suitor
for my daughter's hand.


She was born in East London.

Both parents were linked to
the marxist liberation front.

When she was 16,
she fell off the grid,

until she popped up in Paris
under the alias Margaux Bouvier.

In Germany, she was
known as Hannah Stuart.

Tunisia, Ines Bassir.

Somalia, Saafi Ali Farah.

The list goes on until
she came to the U.S.

In 1972 as Maya Lewis,
soon to be Maya Pope.

But to her contacts overseas, she
was known as... Marie Wallace.

Who was paid large sums of money

by numerous anti-American groups
to steal classified documents

from high-level officers
at the C.I.A.

You mean my father?

My mother was stealing
government secrets

from my father.

She didn't kill anyone.
There's no blood on her hands.

Your dad kept her
locked up for 22 years,

away from the world,
away from you,

- maybe...
- Maybe what, Abby?

Maybe she's served her time.

That plane lands
in less than eight hours.

No one would know
if she just... walked away.

Daniel Douglas Langston,

husband to Vice President
Sally Langston,

is dead this morning
of an apparent heart attack.


Reports say the Vice President
woke to find him unconscious...

I was hoping to get to you
before the news broke.

- Why? - So you could control me?
Tell me more lies?


Will you pl...

...To be made available
to the press

later this morning.

At this time,
friends and family

have begun to arrive at the...

What most upsets you, James?

The realization that you
may have married a murderer?

Or the sad fact that
your closeted fling

will never be able to bend
you over a desk again?

You're sick.

While I know your inner
tween would love for me

to have flown off in a fit
of uncontrollable jealous rage

and killed Daniel Douglas,
that did not happen!

It was a coincidence.

And if I'm being entirely honest,
not a completely unwelcome one.

But I'm deeply, deeply
sorry for your loss.

Okay, we amend our announcement,
we'll push it back four weeks...

Six, even...

However long you need.

Leo, please.

My dear Sally...

You can run on
almost anything now, right?

Health care, wounded veterans?

We frame you
as a courageous widow,

soldiering on for her country

in the face of insurmountable
personal tragedy.

It's sympathetic, strong,
yet accessible,

an instant brand...


Sally, I am so sorry.

Fitz wanted to be here,
but I told him

to give you a little bit more time.

Leo... I didn't realize the
two of you know each other.

We're old friends.

Oh, it's so nice to have
the support of friends

at a time like this.

I will check in on you later, Sally.

Madame first lady.

We're taking care of all of it...

The funeral preparation,
the ceremony...

The coroner.

He told you?

No need to worry
about any of that.

Not at a time like this.

You look exhausted.

You really should reconsider

welcoming all of these
visitors, Sally.

Especially people like
Leo bergen.

Now is not the time,

given everything
that's transpired.

I am just so glad that
we can be here for you

in this terribly sad time.

And I am so hopeful
for the future

that we'll share together,
supporting our President,

working for the good
of the nation.

You're home now.
Part of our family.

Score. Fancy shampoo.

I need to go home.

I need underwear.

And I don't even have
my driver's license.

You know you can't go home now.

Not with Huck on your scent.

What's wrong, Robsies?

You know what I was
thinking about last week?

Like, really thinking
about hard?

Whether or not to get
highlights in my hair.

I used to be so... normal,
I mean, yeah,

I had a weird job
and weird friends.

So maybe not normal normal,
but... it was my normal.

Nobody was
pulling my teeth out.


Listen to me.


A girl like you was never
meant to be normal.

See, you got skills.

abilities that very, very few
people on this planet have.

You are freaking spectacular.

Look, if you wanna leave,
I'm not gonna stop you.

If you love someone,
set 'em free and all that crap.

But why don't you sleep on it?

You look tired.

I am.

So tired.


Mmm, don't change your hair.
I like it.

Niel Douglas Langston,

- the Vice President's
husband, he's... - Gay. Yes.

- And you...
- Sleep with him.

And either Cyrus got jealous
or Langston got jealous,

'cause the next thing I know,

he's dead of a heart attack.

I know it sounds preposterous,
and maybe I'm wrong.

I hope I am.
But what if I'm not?

What if the man was murdered and no one
finds out about it?

We've got to dig into this, David,

before they put the
body in the ground.

What is this?

A quiz I gave my students

back when I was
a substitute teacher.

My one keepsake from
that very special time.

Read the first question
to me, would you?

"In what town was

the shot heard
'round the world fired?"

And what was
the student's answer?

What was his answer, James?

He drew a picture of a penis.

And his answer to the
rest of the questions?

- All penises.
- All penises.

That was my life.

I trusted my career to you,
and you destroyed it.

This is different.

Why? Because last time
it was election rigging,

and this time it's murder?

You have to trust me.

No, actually, I don't.

So she was a woman
without a country.

With no ideology whatsoever.

She sold whatever she could
get to the highest bidder.

So why wouldn't Liv's dad
just confiscate the luggage

when the plane landed?

Why kill 300 people
over a bunch of a files?

Maybe he thought it was
more than just the files.

Okay, looks like
they're headed northwest.

Make a right up here.

Switching to another cam.

- What's wrong?
- I lost them.

Well, they couldn't
just disappear.

Well, there's a blind spot
between these two feeds.

Map's showing there's
a parking garage ahead.

Maybe they slipped in there,
swapped out the cars?

I don't think so.

Well, where else could
they have gone?


I know where your father is.

He's in the Pentagon.


I know you have my father.

I need to talk to him.

I know you think
he's the bad guy...

He is the bad guy.

I need to talk to him,
Fitz, please.

You shouldn't have
brought her here.

Dad, look at me.

Look at me.

There was a bomb on that
plane, wasn't there?

You pulled her off,
and you interrogated her,

and that's what you found out.
But it was too late.

The plane had already taken off.

So you made a judgment call.

Kill 329 people and
spare the thousands

of lives that would've been lost

if it had detonated
over London.

Except that doesn't...
make sense.

As I sit here and say that
it doesn't make sense.

Because she was a gun for hire.

She went wherever
the money was...

China, Eastern Europe,
didn't matter who she sold to,

so why was she willing
to board a plane

that was going to blow up
over London?

It's not like
she believed in anything.


she lied to you.


She told you there was
a bomb on the plane.

But it was a lie.

There never was a bomb,
was there?

She got you to kill

hundreds of people
all for nothing.

She fooled you
like she fooled me.

Didn't she?


Didn't she?!

Have her arrested the second
she gets off that plane.

You get her.

B613 is not an individual.

Cut off the head of the snake,

and another will grow
in its place.

Remember that, Mr. President.

I'd like my coat back.


And my tie.

I'm back.

Huck, I came back.

You really don't have
anything to say to me?

Do you want me to say
that I'm sorry?

Sorry for hurting you?
Sorry for making you talk?

I'm not sorry.

If it wasn't for Olivia

I would've pulled out
all of your teeth.

If I wasn't for Olivia,

I would've peeled off
all of your skin.

If it wasn't for Olivia,
I would kill you right now.

Right here.

Liv saves us,
and you betrayed her.

You're not a gladiator anymore.

What happens now?

"What happens now?"

What happens.. now?

Do you wanna fight?

Because I-I don't
wanna fight.

You wanna yell at me?
Go ahead, I'll listen.

You wanna call the police?
You don't have any evidence.

Do you wanna take Ella
and leave me?

You don't have a job
or an income

or the... ability to outrun
my legal connections

that will fight to give me
sole custody

of that sweet little girl
in the next room

that I bought for you.

Do you wanna not love me

Because I still love you.

You're still
the love of my life.

And I'm still the
same man you married.

You just maybe never noticed...

The "6-6-6" on my forehead before.

But now you see it.

I'm... I'm hoping...

You'll love me anyway.

I'm hoping
"for better or for worse"

means something to you.

But maybe... maybe it doesn't.
Maybe... l-love isn't enough.


I'm standing here, afraid...

And in my underwear
and without my soul,

asking you what...
What happens now?

I'll give you some time
to answer.

You take all the time you need.

But think carefully.

Think with your heart.

What happened?
Did they arrest her?

The plane never made it
to Hong Kong.

We found it in Darkhan, Mongolia.

She's gone.

I've got contacts
in that corner of the world.

If she comes up for air...

She's not coming up for air.

She's gone.
She's in the wind.

Look, about my dad...

- It's okay. We don't need to
talk about it. - No, we do.

He's not a man
with a short memory.

The attempt you made
on his life,

the President dragging him

into the basement
of the Pentagon...

Someone's going
to pay for that.

I wouldn't underestimate
the President.

I came to say good-bye.


I loved you.

Whatever happens next,

I wanna make sure you know that I...

Loved you.

I love you.


...With the walls, cables
not uniform, but...

You came back.


Oh, you came back.

Services for
the Vice President's husband,

Daniel Douglas Langston,
are set to begin shortly.

Mr. Langston died Tuesday night
from a heart attack.

We'll be carrying
the funeral live here at 3:00.

"Dear Sally, our thoughts
and prayers are with you

"and your family
during this difficult time.

Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus,

and your entire
White House family."

Leo, you really should leave.

It's done.
Someone might see you.

My father died of
leukemia when I was 19.

And people I had never
met before came up to me

and said things like,
"we're sorry for your loss,"

"and we're praying for you,"
and then two weeks later...


- Leo, I am not running.
I just think it's best... - Best!

Best. For whom?
For you?

Or for the Grant administration?

Because Cyrus Beene

is taking your grief
and bending it over.

He is milking it
for every ounce

of political capital he can
to keep you,

their Vice President. Why?

Because he knows that even
without Daniel Douglas,

you could slaughter Fitz
and the general

and become President.

So they may be on your side
right now,

but I promise you,
Sally, in two weeks,

they will not be
"sorry for your loss,"

or "helping you
in the days ahead."

Tell me you do not
want to be the President

of this great nation.

Tell me that Daniel Douglas
did not want that for you.

Because I know he did.

I know that he is up
in heaven right now

telling those other dead
people that his Sally

will be the first female
President of the United States.

He is in hell!

Daniel Douglas...
is... in... hell.


he is a sodomite.

He is a godless sinner,
and he deserved what he got.

You killed him?

You killed him.

And you called
the White House?!

I am your first call, Sally.

I am always your first call!

You kill somebody, you call me.

You never got to me yesterday.

I waited all day.
I can't wait any longer.

- Is that your cell?
- What the hell?

Uh, there's this new technology
that allows the N.S.A.

To hack into people's cell phones

and record whatever's happening
in the room they're in.

Yeah, I watch the news, too.

I wrote the code for it.

You work for the N.S.A.?

I'm a junior engineer
at McGregor Logistics.

They gave me a job
right out of college,

promised me I'd be doing
cutting edge research.

Then they won
an N.S.A. contract.

Yeah, I'm the wrong person
to ask for career advice.

I didn't know where else to go.

And then I remembered you
from the press conference...

The C.I.A. mole thing.

Here I am.

Go ahead. Listen.



I have committed a sin.

Yeah, that's
the Vice President.

Hello, Olivia?

I keep going over it and...

you hid mom away for 22 years.

You lied for 22 years.

Was it all just
to save your reputation?

Your job?
Or was it...

What are you asking me?

Was it you trying
to protect me...

From who she was?

329 passengers
boarded this flight...

Hey, dad.


There's something
I need to tell you.

Tomorrow's Sunday.
Come by at 7:00.

I'll have a pot roast
in the oven,

and we can talk about the things
that we used to talk about...

My job at the Smithsonian,
the movies we've seen...


Because the answers
you are so desperate for,

you're never gonna get them.
Not from me.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Good-bye, Olivia.

Bye, dad.

♪ A boy is born

♪ in hard time Mississippi

♪ surrounded by

♪ four walls
that ain't so pretty ♪

♪ his parents give

♪ him love and affection

I want to interface
with the station chiefs

at 0600 and gather the company.

I'll address H.Q. staff
in the briefing room in 15.

What's going on?

Give us a minute.

♪ Just enough

♪ for the city

Sorry you didn't get the memo.

I'm command now,
effective immediately.

The hell you are.

"B613 is not an individual.

"Cut the head off the snake,

another one will grow
in its place."

If you'd like a job
here at wonderland,

we can have you
take our aptitude test.

If not, I'm gonna
have to ask my agents

to escort you to the street.

♪ Living just enough

♪ just enough for the city

♪ yeah!

It's done.

We're gonna make
a good team, Jake.

Press secretary.


That's what happens now.

You name me White House
press secretary.

And you won't leave me?

And I won't leave you.

♪ But never are they dirty,
living just enough ♪

And you will...
still love me?

♪ Just enough

♪ for the city

Don't push it.

Do we have a deal?

♪ Mmm, her brother's smart

♪ he's got more sense
than many ♪

We have a deal.

♪ His patience's long,
but soon he won't have any ♪

♪ to find a job

♪ is like a haystack needle

And the devil did,
indeed, come in.

♪ They don't use
colored people ♪

♪ living just enough

♪ just enough

♪ for the city

This is Olivia Pope.

Hi, Livvie.

Where are you?

I know you must be
angry with me.

Where are you, mom?

But I just wanted
to hear your voice.

Tell me where you are!

Don't worry, sweetheart.
I'll see you real soon.

♪ living

♪ just enough

♪ living for the city

♪ yeah ♪ just enough

♪ ain't nothing but our city ♪