Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 13 - No Sun on the Horizon - full transcript

A well prepared Fitz gets thrown a curve ball during the first presidential debate, Olivia receives shocking news and is forced to make an extremely difficult decision, and the gladiators ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No family.

That's the first rule...
No families, no connections.

I never really had a family anyway.

I'm more from this group
of people related by blood.

Middle of nowhere.

She really liked that TV channel

where you call in and buy things...

Crap, you buy crap.

Fake porcelain dolls, magic stain removers,

big pictures of puppies wearing funny hats.

He really liked drugs
and sex with underage girls.

I had a sister, so...

She's dead now.
She died. Anyway...

Not having a family makes you ripe, ready,

a hunk of Clay waiting to be sculpted.

No connections.

No light at the end of the tunnel.

No sun on the horizon.
Nothing to wish for.

They could burn the wonderland
stamp on your brain,

and no one would be the wiser,

because there's no one there to miss you.

You're now the property of the
United States government,

division b613.

You come to work at acme limited.

You fake-sell fake paper,
and you run the world

in a way that no one even
imagines exists in real life,

and then, little by little,
you've been places...

And you've done things,
and there's been so much blood.

This becomes your home.

This becomes your family.

And you can't imagine any other life.

I'm sorry.

I-I don't think I understand.
The debate?

Debate prep... we're prepping
for the presidential debates,

the big time.

Langston versus Reston versus Grant,

a three-way,
heavyweight prize fight.

We should discuss confidentiality.

Mr. Bergen,
it's just I'm not sure

why you've asked me to come.

To help Sally...
Debate prep.

Anything she tells you
is confidential, right?

Like preacher/sally
confidentiality or whatever.

You took some sort of vow.


It's an honor to help
vice president Langston

- in any way I can.
- Good.

I'm just not sure that I...

Well, I'm not even completely sure

I understand what "debate prep" means.

She listens to you.

You're close.
You're her spiritual advisor.

Well, her family has been worshipping

at the good Shepherd baptist church

since before the civil war.

Okay, that's not what I
asked you, reverend.

I know she's a member of your church.

I called you and put you on a plane...
a private plane...

Because apparently God's
servant won't fly coach,

you son of a...

Reverend Dale, does the
vice president listen to you,

come to you for spiritual counsel,

or does she just, you know,

throw a few coins in your collection plate

for the photo op whenever
she visits her home state?

Mr. Bergen, please. This is a very
important question, reverend.

Think before you answer.

Are you an actual man of God who
can influence Sally Langston,

or are you a waste of my time?

I am a man of God.

Wonderful. Then, welcome to
Langston-for-president debate prep.

And where in hell
did you summon the audacity

to accuse me of dirty politics

while you're the one slathered in mud,

fornicating with whatever slithers by

while dining on your own filth
till you're too fat to stand?

Well, guess what.

Time for the slaughter, piggy, piggy!

Time for the slaughter,
you filthy, cloven beast!

I see the signs of the devil
branded into your flesh.

We all see them.

Time to serve your master.

Time to make the bacon!

Judgment is upon you, and, on that day,

you will no longer roam the temple,

soiling this nation's hallowed ground.

For you will be frying
in the flames of hell...

She's all yours, reverend.
Fix her.

For you satanic master to snack upon!

Yum, yum, crispy piggy!

Yum, yum!

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The only way
to improve that standing

and to keep our nation safe
is to replace you.

And if it can't be me... and
it should be me, of course...

Then I'd rather see governor
Reston in the oval office.

What a backhanded compliment,

typical of the kind of dysfunction

we've witnessed over the last three years

with Republicans in power.

Backhanded or not,
my intentions were sincere,

I assure you, governor Reston.

You want to discuss decorum, Sally?

Let's discuss your choice
to split with my administration

without having the decency to resign.

Look, you're a hard worker,
and you're smart.

It's why I chose you to serve with me.

But in the entire time
you've been in office,

you have wasted your intelligence

and your efforts on one goal,
one task alone...

Getting my job.

That is preposterous.

I have been instrumental
in... let me finish.

You can covet and
armchair-quarterback my job

all the livelong day,

but attacking my character
and quoting the Bible

does not prepare you to help
struggling middle-class families

or to know when or how or what it means

to send our troops into harm's way,

to risk American lives
so that others in east Sudan

and in Libya and in the Middle East

have a chance at peace and
prosperity and democracy.

I am proud of what I've done
for this country.

And while I am not proud of my personal...
Liv, he's killing it.

He's back.
He's on fire.

The phoenix from the ashes,
and you're missing it!

Where the hell are you?

Sally, it is not time.

Do not give yourself over.

D-do not move.
Do not call anyone.

I am coming to you right now.

You told
me Daniel Douglas was drunk,

that he hit his head in the bathroom.

The coroner
must have lied to us.

Paid off by
Cyrus Beene, no doubt.

Cyrus hates Sally.

He'd love to see her go to jail.

We'd have no opposition in the election.

It doesn't make sense.

It does when you throw in the fact

Cyrus set this all up in the first place

by pimping out his husband.

That's how James got involved in this?

So, he's working with you
against his husband?

James is just as committed to this as I am,

and you should be, too.
This isn't the only tape, Liv.

We have one of him talking
to Leo Bergen about cleanup.

We have an autopsy that was rushed through

without so much as a
single photo of the body.

Watergate had less to go on.
This is ridiculous!

If Cyrus Beene needed to cover
up a murder, he'd come to me.

We are the best.
You chose us.

Maybe, somehow, he was worried
you'd do the right thing.

This is your chance to be
on the right side again, Liv.

Help me bring a murderer,

the vice president of
the United States, to justice.

You been down to the debate prep?

Fitz is back at his fighting weight.

He's sharp, Liv. Sally doesn't stand
a... I know about Daniel Douglas.

I know everything.

Liv, I have this under control.
You have to trust me.

So, it's true.

You did this?

I have it covered, okay?





It's... it's not funny.

It's just that...

What? It's just what?

They're all murderers...

Reston, Sally, Fitz.

The presidential debate...

It's literally murderers row.

No matter who gets elected...

They're all murderers!

Nobody's perfect.


The fresh start...

The clean race,

the chance we promised Fitz
to run and run clean, it's gone.

You took that from him

the moment you sold your husband
to Daniel Douglas.

You took his chance.

You made this dirty.

- You huffed, and you puffed, and
you blew his house down. - No. No.

That... that candidate
down there in the debate room,

that's a Fitzgerald Grant
we haven't seen in a long time.

He's the candidate that made us believe

that giving up our lives in service to him,

to our country was the noble thing to do.

He never has to know what happened.

Oh, here we go.

Liv, he's ready to win this thing!

So, now this is the part
where I say that he can't.

Where I point out that he can't win

if his chief of staff
and his wife go to jail

with Sally Langston!

And then here's the part
where you say that you...

All you have to do is make sure we
keep a lid on this, Fitz included.


Where you say that.

Where you drag me back into the dark.

Liv, you can do this.

I know you. Stay with me.
Keep this quiet.

I'll handle everything else,
and it will all be fine.


It was supposed to be different
this time, Cyrus.

Okay, Liv...

You cannot tell Fitz.

Liv, I'm begging you.
You can't tell him.

We just need to get through.

What are you gonna do?

You're on our side.

You cannot let this out.

I can't do this again.

I want to walk into the light

and feel the sun on my face, Cyrus.

You're on your own.

I'm sorry.
You want me to what?

Answer the phone when it rings,
which won't be that often,

but when it does,

you say "Acme Limited"
in your friendliest voice

and proceed to sell
the lucky caller some paper.

- Paper?
- It's calle paying your dues.

All due respect,
I didn't sign up to sell paper.

Where's my mission?
Where's my gun?

I didn't become a B613 agent...

Technically, you're not an agent.
Your status is still pending.

Now, you're free to kill anyone
who walks through that door.

But until then, you'll be at this desk

answering that phone, selling acme paper.

And no more freelancing with your
boyfriend on the side, either.

In fact, as of now,

no one's doing any more
freelancing at B613 at all.

Are we clear?

We're clear.

Acme Limited.

Give me one reason not to fire you.

Fire me? Well, you can't fire me
because I don't work for you.

When I say "fire,"
I am employing a euphemism.

Our candidate has canceled
several key campaign stops.

Her poll numbers have dropped six points

in the past three weeks,

and her debate camp has been
nothing short of a disaster.

Things are prickly, yes,
but steps have been taken.

Well, take more.

Reston is a known unknown,

and Fitzgerald Grant has proven himself

an unacceptable commander in chief.

Grant has upset the balance of power.

A Langston victory
is the only way to restore it.

Make it happen... a whole
new world opens up for you,

power and influence you can't imagine.

Fail me...

Well, then, you're fired.

Simple... as that.

What's this?

Everything we've collected
on the Daniel Douglas murder.

- Thanks.
- That's it?

We're not gonna... what about David?
Are we helping him?

We're not doing anything.

- So, we're not stopping him or helping him?
- No.

Well, what should I tell him?

Tell him that he needs to
do whatever he needs to do.

But he's in danger.

We're not getting involved,
Abby... not this time.

I come bearing gifts.

What, you're not hungry?

I'm just...

Surprised that you're here.

I got you a double Lincoln with bacon.

You never come here anymore.

The last time you were here was...

I'm trying the Mary Todd Turkey burger

but with double cheese fries,
so it balances out.

I don't know the last time you were here.

I also brought wine, but this is for me.

I'm drinking the whole bottle.
You're on your own.

- Liv.
- Let it go.

- Liv, talk to me.
- I don't want to talk, okay?

Something is wrong.

Everything is wrong, but
I don't want to talk about it.

I want to eat too many fries
and drink way too much wine

and have a relaxing evening
with my fake boyfriend.

I want to pretend, for just one night,

to be a normal person
who doesn't live in this world

or know these things.

I don't want to talk.

I didn't come here to talk!

So, can you just be here with me
and pretend?!

I sold 1,500 reams of paper today.


At my job.

I sell paper at Acme Limited,
and today, I sold 1,500 reams.

They're making me employee of the month.

I get my picture on the
break-room wall and everything.

Normal is also a little bit boring.

But... I can keep going.

You want to talk
three-hole-punch or legal-size?

Every morning when I walk into
my office in B613,

it's like I'm realizing all
over again that I'm command...

And that it all falls on me.

And the stuff that I'm in charge of,

the decisions I have to make,
the knowledge I have,

the secrets I keep...

I'm through the looking glass,
and what's on the other side...

Some days...

I really do want to be
just the guy who sells paper.

How did we end up here?

What is this place?

We could run.
We could just disappear.


We could run.
You just have to say the word.

If you get drunk tonight, I am
going to take advantage of you.

No, you won't.

No, I won't.

Run away with me, Liv.
Save me.

Take advantage of me, Jake.

Reverend Dale.

Didn't realize you were still here.

I'm leaving now.

I think that my work here is done.

Good to hear.

If you will excuse me.

Madam vice president.


I confessed, Leo.


You confessed?!


Okay. All right.

Do you feel better?

I will...

After my penance.

Your penance?
What penance?

I must confess to the world
so the lord will hear me.

Oh, the lord heard you.

From what I hear,
the lord hears everything.

No, I thought so, too, but I was wrong.

- But how would you even know unless you
- .Because he stopped speaking to me!

I must confess my sins to the world

so he will take me back into his flock

so that he will speak to me once again,

so that he will show me a sign of his love.

I can't let you do that to yourself.

"Thou shalt not kill," Leo.

I must confess to the world
the breaking of his commandment.

It is the only way
I will hear his voice again.

We need to push the debate.

You're cute.
I'm not kidding.

You don't push a presidential debate.

The date, the location, the lighting,

the sizes of the podium,
the makeup of the audience...

This was all painstakingly
decided months ago.

Just a few days.

It's not a haircut
or a routine appointment.

It's a presidential debate.

You don't push a presidential debate.

Okay, then, we need to cancel it.

I feel sorry for you.

I do. Candidate's flaming out.
Peaked too early.

Money's trickling in.

And this debate could be
the nail in your coffin.

I've been there.

If this debate happens,
you are going to go to jail.

I-I don't know
if we sell copy paper.

Because I just don't, okay?

Yeah, well,
your phone manner sucks, too.


Come on. What the hell
are you doing out here?

- Oh, do you know if we match
our competitors' coupons? - No.

W-w-we sell paper?
For real?


Got a job for you...
Big one, sweet payday.

Big job, little job...
Doesn't matter, chief.

I'm out of the freelance
business. Boss's orders.

I don't know.
Command always has his reasons.

You want to change a policy,

take it up with the big boss himself.

We could go public,

but then you're relying on
the media not to screw this up.

Or there's the legal route,

and then Cyrus Beene calls in
a couple of chits with justice.

What would Olivia Pope do?

Someone really needs
to put that on a bracelet.

Or, just a thought, you could do nothing.

I just wish she was working with me on this

if only so I know
she's not working against me.

Liv's not working against you.

Are you sure?

'Cause part of me thinks this is
some kind of six-chess-moves-ahead,

kind of thing

where she's actually
lying in wait somewhere

to stop me from experiencing
professional satisfaction

at the last possible second...

You know, if past experience holds.

She doesn't want to stop you.

I do.


Because I love you
and because you could die.

Oh, my God.
You're scared.

I am not scared.

You are. Look at you.
You're terrified for my safety.

- I am not.
- Shh!

It's hot.
It's not hot or funny.

It's your life.

You can't just laugh that off.

It's not fair to me.

Okay, you're right.

I'm sorry!

Still here.

I thought you'd already be at home.

What is it?

What's going on?

Cy, tell me.

Whatever it is, let me help you.

Whatever happens...

Remember the best part of me loves you...

Maybe the only good part.

Okay, now you're scaring me.

Just go home. Please.

Kiss Ella good night for me. Go.

Where's the fire?

I need you to kill Sally Langston.

You want
all four of us to meet?

You, me, Shelby Moss,
and Vanessa Chandler,

then we go public with it.

It's still too early.

My husband told me he loved me tonight,

which means he wants me to do something
bad or something bad's about to happen.

And this time, he didn't ask for anything,

so that leaves door number two,

something bad happening, probably very bad.

I just don't think we're ready.

We need more time to construct a plan.

Oh, my God.
Are you getting cold feet?

- Listen, Novak...
- You're getting cold feet?

I'm the one they want to take out.

I think we need to step back, be smart.

There's a hit out on us.

Which is why we all need
to act now in unison.

Among the four of us, we've got the NSA,

we've got the times, we've got justice,

we've even got the white house.

The world cannot ignore that.

We don't have anything concrete.

We still don't have the smoking gun.

We have a body.

What? With the combined
evidence of the four of us,

we can force the government
to exhume Daniel Douglas,

and you and I both know what
they'll find if they do that...

Certainly not the corpse of a
man who died of a heart attack.

Does Olivia Pope
have anything to do with this?

No, though she found out about it.

How, I don't know.

Maybe the same way this Publius character

came across his information.

Lend me Charlie for a day.

Help me collapse the tent
on this circus once and for all.



The role of B613 is not
to protect the president

or the president's wife or
the president's chief of staff.

It's not about people at all. In
fact, it's about the Republic.

And me getting involved in some
petty white house squabble, it's...

"Petty white house squabble"...

You really have no idea what
you're talking about, do you?

The fate of the Republic may not
hinge on me or Fitz or Mellie,

but it does hinge on the American
people continuing to believe

that their elected officials
are not murderers.

Sure, may be a war here,
a dubious fda approval there,

but not murderer...

not "I stabbed my husband
of 20 years with a letter opener"

"and watched his blood seep
into my carpet" murderers.

Let me fill in this
paint-by-numbers picture for you

since you seem so unable.

Sally Langston goes down for murder,

and ma and pa kettle's hearts break

because how could the president
not know that the first lady

and chief of staff covered it up
using taxpayer money.

But forget about the three of us
going off to prison.

Faith in government will be dead.

People will stop paying their taxes.

Economic systems, institutions
that have lasted for centuries

will begin to falter
while our enemies pounce

on our crippled nation and hack away

until the great American
experiment is no more.

Whatever issues I may have had
with your predecessor,

he would have taken care of this by now.

No qualms, no questions, just action.

I expect you to wisen up and do the same.

You're a mouse, Cyrus...

A mouse on a wheel
thinking, truly believing,

that "if I just run a little bit faster",

I'll finally get
to the cheese."

You're small, and while
I'd love to explain to you

how the world really works,

I don't have the time,
and you won't understand.

Charlie never had to pay his dues.

Charlie... didn't even know
we really sell paper.

And Huck definitely
doesn't have a phone manner.

So, this isn't about dues.

You're keeping me at this desk

because you think it'll save
your relationship with Olivia.

What's your point, Perkins?

I bet you think she cares about you.

I bet she's got you thinking
you're part of her family,

a good, little gladiator
earning Liv's love,

maybe not normal, but close enough.

I bet she told you I'm
part of that family, too,

that I lost my way, that
I still need protecting.

But the thing is, if you believe that,

if you believe any of that...

You don't know Olivia Pope at all.

Watch the way you talk to clients, Perkins.

We're starting to lose fake business.

- Liv.
- Cyrus, what are you doing here?

We need to cancel the debate.

Why? Sally's going to confess
her sins to the world

on live television tomorrow night.

Cyrus, I told you.
I can't be involved with this.

I screwed up!

Royally, repeatedly!

One after the other, I made a series...

Of... giant, idiotic,
horse-ass-sized mistakes.

Do you not think I would
take it all back if I could?

If I could hit rewind,
go back to the beginning,

make some other choices, I
would do it without hesitation.

But it's not possible.

I screwed up!

And now... someone else
is going to pay for it.

Just, please, come see
what we're dealing with.

It's good to see you, Sally.

Olivia Pope.

The devil at my doorstep.

My last temptation.

I know what happened.

I know you want to confess.

You are mistaken.

I do not want to confess.

I must confess.

What good would it do to destroy your life?

Don't punish yourself like this.

The same thing was said to Jesus

when he stood in the garden of gethsemane

on the eve of his death,

aware that he'd been betrayed by Judas.

He could have fled his fate,

avoided the unbearable pain of crucifixion.

He even asked God, he begged
him to let him off the hook,

to use his powers to fix it,
to make it all go away.

God said nothing...

Silently condemning him to suffering...

His only son.

God showed him no sign of his love.

I have prayed to God over and over.

And where there once was his voice,

the warmth of his love,
there is now only cold silence.

You are not a woman of God.

I don't condemn you for that.

It just means that you cannot understand.

Without him, without the
sign of his love...

I am worse than dead.

Do you remember Vermont?

Of course.

We decided...

We decided not to lie to each
other. I remember Vermont.

What's this about?

It's about this time being different,

this election, you and me.

It's about lifting the curtain.

All right.

Sally Langston killed Daniel Douglas.

Cyrus and Mellie covered it up.

I need you to do something for me.

I need you to throw the debate.

Chinese food.


Let's eat.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine.

How about you? How much
paper did you sell today?

I think it's time we started talking.

I can't tell you anything.

Liv, this business between Sally
Langston and her husband...

I can't talk about that.

Well, the knowledge I have,
the secrets I keep...

I can keep yours, too.

I mean, if this is gonna be
real, you have to let me in.


To do my job, it's who I am.

I'm doing what needs to be done.

I've done terrible things, too.


You can't imagine,
but I want to stop doing them.

I'd like for us to stop being these people.

I-I'd like for us to...
Stand in the sun.

Stand in the sun, yes.

Stand in the sun with me.

It's too late, isn't it?

You're standing with him.

- I didn't mean for us t...
- No, I know.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

You're doing your job.

I should be doing mine.

About yesterday...

I crossed a line.

From now on, I will answer
the phones, sell some reams,

and pay my dues... sir.

Consider your dues paid in full.

I've got a real job for you.

We're just moments away
from the first presidential debate,

hosted by our very own Carla Steele.

"Turn to me and
have mercy on me."

Show me strength on
behalf of your servant."

How we doing, Sally?
You ready to go?

Ready to kick some presidential ass?


I know you're doubting yourself,
but I don't doubt you,

and neither do the millions
of your supporters.

To them, you're the light.

You're the salvation
they've been longing for.

Shine your light.
Be a beacon.

Show them the sign.


It's not just your soul at
stake, Sally Langston, okay?

It's my ass.

I might not make it through the night.

There are forces more powerful...

You have to pull yourself
together right now!


We're five minutes out.

I'm not asking you
to humiliate yourself.

That's exactly what you're asking me to do.

- Sally just needs a sign.
- A sign?

She needs to know that she's
back in God's graces,

that he's still on her side.

I need you to stumble.
I don't believe this.

I am surrounded by people

who have completely lost their minds.

I know this sounds crazy to you.

It's not happening.

Mr. President,
they're ready.

Good evening.
I'm Carla Steele,

and I welcome you to
the first presidential debate.

The audience has agreed
to remain silent tonight

so we can concentrate on what's being said.

I offer them an exception now, however,

as we welcome the candidates...

Fitzgerald Grant III...

Vice president Sally Langston...

And the governor of Maryland,
Samuel Reston.

Tonight's 90 minutes
will be about domestic issues

and will follow a format
designed by the commission.


Do I need to call my lawyer?


...Then open discussion.

What's this?

Everything we've collected
on the Daniel Douglas murder.

So, the argument that
Republicans raise taxes, too,

but call them "fees"...

It's ridiculous.

The only thing that raising taxes does

is increase the burden on the middle class.

I am not going to let that happen.

Madam vice president, how do
you see your economic policy

differing from the president's?

I'm more concerned about
this country's moral deficit.

Really? Would you mind
expounding on that a little?


Oh, boy.

Come on, now, Sally.
Keep it together.

Everything they've got on Daniel
Douglas, including a recording

of the vice president calling Cyrus Beene

on the night of the murder.

Madam vice president,

are you referring to
the president's moral failings?


Yes, I am.

Mr. President?

I'm happy to discuss my marriage
with you, madam vice president,

if that's where you're trying to take this.

But then you'd have to discuss yours.

And out of deference to your husband

and his tragic heart attack,

I'm not sure that would be
in the best of taste right now.

He's tempting her.

Sally, it is not time.

Do not give yourself over.

D-do not move.
Do not call anyone.

I am coming to you right now.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Have a seat.

And you'd, what,
keep the tap open indefinitely?

It's better than kicking
people to the curb.

Who's kicking people to the curb?

Look, people want independence.

That's what they want. Look for signs
that she's about to go off script.

We're making sure
that Americans end up with that.

Phillips, Phillips,
Larsen at post Alpha-six.

Heading out to perform a perimeter sweep.

If she starts to falter,

I'll need you in position to take action.

Don't miss.

You'll have one chance to take her out

before your fellow secret service agents

turn their guns on you.

Do you understand your mission, agent?

What you call big government
I call looking out for people.

And it's not just an American
value. It's a Christian one.

It confounds me that you
and your vice president

- can't seem to accept that.
- Madam vice president, care to respond?

Madam vice president?

Ladies and gentlemen...

I have a confession to make.

Oh, sweet lord.

I don't believe this.


I am compelled to say...

I am compelled to say...

What's the matter, Sally?
Bible verse slipped your mind?

Mr. President.

Vice president Langston

is simply trying to avoid a question here.

Let's call it as we see it.

We all need to be held
accountable for our actions.

President Grant would like
to discuss accountability.

Interesting choice.

I'm proud of what I've done
for this country,

and I am proud of my personal failings.

- I have admitted...
- Wait, wait a minute.

The president is proud
of his personal failings.

- No, that isn't what I...
- Can we get that on a loop?

- Don't be ridiculous.
- I didn't... - You... you did.

You... you... you said you were
proud of your personal failings.

Let's call it as we see it,
shall we, Mr. President?

Oh, a sign from God.

Since the president himself

so eloquently brought
the subject up, I-I'm curious.

Is he more proud
of his exploits in adultery

or his tripling of the national debt?

Where do his ineffectual foreign
policies in East Sudan fall

in this endless list
of his personal failings?

I would say right below the abhorrent
jobs report released last Tuesday.

I'm sorry, madam vice president.

We really do have to move on.

But I was just getting started.

your guy, losing the debate...

That move takes a will,
an appetite for destruction

sure to put you on par

with the roves and Clintons of the world.

And honestly, it gave me a political Woody

the size of a Louisville slugger.

Well, enjoy it while it lasts

because that's the end of my generosity.

Might have been too generous.

Thanks to you, Sally is
riding high back in the saddle.

Looks like I'll be renovating this dump

in just a few months' time,

starting by getting rid
of that buzzing sound.

How the hell do you get
any work done with that?

"Buzzing sound"?

Was I good in the debate?

Was it what you wanted?

If you're looking for an apology
...I'm looking for heads to roll.

You know what?
Grow up.

You want me to grow up?

I'm the only adult
within 10 miles of this place.

You want to pretend
to be above what happens here,

surprised by what we do
to keep you in the castle

dreaming your pretty thoughts
about Vermont and jam and me.

We said we were running clean.

We also said no more lying.

Maybe you didn't realize what that means,

how dirty and dark it is
behind the curtain of power,

the level of sins and the
sacrifices committed in your name!

Because you kept them from me.

You keep everything from me.

To protect you!

And don't ask me to apologize for it

or punish me when I tell you the truth.

This is what we do!

This is how it works!
This is how it's always worked.

There is no clean...

Just like there is no Vermont.


This isn't how I want it to be,

how either of us want it to be.

This is what it is.

Let's stop pretending.

Let's just be here.




- Cyrus, I...
- No.

Let me speak.

I...did this.

I...used you.

You... who I love more
than anything in the world.

You were right to lie...

To me.

I was so angry.

You were right to be.

You broke our family.

I know.

I know.

I did.

You shouldn't have...

had to pay for my mistakes, James.

Do whatever...

You want with me...

with... with us.

I'm in your hands.

Just know...

I'm so... very sorry...

And that I love you.

I love...
I love you, James...

More than... more...

Than anything.

I love you.

Maybe he got stuck in traffic.

There he is.

You are now the property
of the United States government,

division B613.

- Everything all right?
- No.

David, I-I'm bailing.

I thought I wanted justice,

but a-all I wanted
was an apology, really,

an apology and a good cry with a man

that I have no business forgiving

aside from the fact that I love him.

You come to work at acme limited.

You fake-sell fake paper,
and you run the world

in a way that no one even
imagines exists in real life.

You haven't said anything
to Vanessa yet, have you?

I was waiting for you.

Good. Don't.

U-unless you
really want to,

but I'm guessing from our
conversation yesterday...

- I really want to.
- You do?

I buried stories before, James.

I can't do it again.

And then, little by little,
you've been places

and you've done things...

And here I was thinking that you
called this meeting begrudgingly.

Wait, what?

I said I-I was thinking you'd
called this meeting begrudgingly.

You thought I called this meeting?

Yeah, didn't you?

What's going on? What's
with all the whispering?

There's been so much blood.

This becomes your home.

This becomes your family.

And you can't imagine any other life.

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