Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - White Hats Off - full transcript

Information about Quinn's real identity and past is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Fine. Who do you work for? - Olivia Pope.

Last season on Scandal.

*** but this is not a law firm.

We solve problems.

Manage crises, save reputations.

Why did she hire me?

Olivia Pope fixes things. That's who she is.

You need fixing.

Everyone in this office needs fixing.

Quinn, state your name for the record.

You don't have to answer that.

Her name isn't actually Quinn Perkins.

Who the hell is she?

Well, as far as we know,

Quinn Perkins didn't exist until 2008.

I'm an assistant U.S. attorney, Liv.

I prosecute crime.

So at some point, even with you, I gotta do my job.

I ran her prints.

Don't worry. I did it myself.

Which is a good thing, because otherwise, there would be

about half a dozen U.S. agencies looking for her.

Do you want to tell them who you are or should I?

You're having an affair with Olivia Pope.

I am not having...

"Having," "had." Don't Clinton me with words.

Something happened between you and Olivia.

A man who isn't president can divorce his wife.


A man who isn't president can have a life...

The life he wants, the life he's always wanted.

Some men aren't meant to be happy.

They're meant to be great.

I'm gonna need to take my husband back,

because clearly I have to do everything myself from now on.

I was on my way, but Olivia convinced me I was needed here,

especially at such a fragile time, given that I'm newly pregnant.

Who are you right now?

The woman who got you elected.

So go be the man I voted for.

Well, I was thinking yellow,

but if it's a boy, the press will make an issue

of a boy with a yellow nursery.

So we could do primary colors.

Red is strong, patriotic. Fitz, are you listening?


I think Kimberly Mitchell will like red.

DNC's logo for America's baby is red.

A few of the other networks are going with blue,

but that's just foolish until we reveal the sex of the baby.

I should've taken Martha Stewart up on her offer

to decorate the nursery.

Red is all right for a nursery, isn't it?

It isn't too nontraditional.

I don't know.

Kimberly Mitchell is coming.

She's coming, Fitz, here, to talk to us

about America's baby.

Amer... for God s... What?

I am working, Mellie.

You're staring out the window.

Because you are here.

Are you moving on east Sudan?

I am not discussing foreign policy with you.

The aircraft carriers have been on standby for two weeks.

Son of a... What's the delay, Fitz?

Move them off the east Sudan coast.

Show some power.

Make Kinyazi realize you mean business.

America is not having a baby. We are... you and me.

America's baby? For God sakes, Mellie.

Everything is not a political move.

Honey, you are not some toothless mechanic from Indiana,

and I am not some chunky girl from a trailer park.

We didn't fall in love

and get drunk and do it in the back of a pickup truck.

This baby, bless its heart, is not ours.

This baby is our patriotic duty.

This baby was conceived in service to our country.

This is America's baby.

And Kimberly Mitchell is coming

to watch us find out whether it's a boy or a girl

because you are the leader of the free world

and you couldn't keep your pants zipped

and your hands to yourself.

This baby is my way of giving you

a little political bang for your buck.

So tell me, do you like the red

or do you like the yellow?


Great. Me too.

There she is!

What is Ms. Dwyer's state of mind

after six months of federal detention?

What does she think about her new nickname...

"The molotov mistress"?

Do you think she fancied fire play

during sex with her boyfriend?

We've heard the government feels very confident in their case.

Insiders are calling it a slam dunk.

Oh, I'm sure they are, bill.

But I find that a bit premature,

given that we've just started hearing opening statements.

If I were the U.S. attorneys office,

I think I'd stay away from sports metaphors.

They're not the most athletic group now, are they?

Look, all I'll say right now is,

everyone on the defense team is very much looking forward

to making our case.

We have no doubt justice will be served.

She killed seven people! Where's their justice?

The molotov mistress should burn for this!

My client, Lindsay Dwyer, will be proven innocent.

Ready for court, Ms. Dwyer?


I helped you move!

I lent you 2,200 freakin' dollars,

and you go bang that skank

while I took your freaking laptop

to the freaking genius bar for four freaking hours.

You are so dead!

Two days later, Ms. Dwyer

calmly wrapped a bomb in a box

and mailed it to her boyfriend's office.

And when Jesse Tyler opened that box,

he and six of his coworkers

were blown to bits.

How could they think i built a bomb?

You know me. I can't operate the cappuccino machine.

Focus, Quinn. Tell us what you know.

She'd been dating Jesse six months.

Jesse banged Elaine,

a programmer who worked two cubicles over at Cytron.

Quinn... sorry, Lindsay Dwyer...

Saw a text on his phone that read, and I quote,

"you wore me out. I think you broke my bed.

Sideways happy face."

She called him immediately, got his voice mail.

I was drunk. I was angry. I said things.

You threatened his life.

And then he died.

Motive is clear as day.

So let's poke holes in this thing.

It's all circumstantial. There's no signature or receipt

proving it was Quinn who dropped off that package.

No prints on any of the bomb components.

Your honor, the defense would like to make a motion

to dismiss the indictment for insufficient

and circumstantial evidence tying my client...

Motion denied.

Look, I can stomp on the evidence till I'm blue in the face,

but the question we still can't answer is,

if she didn't do it... Why did you run?

I was scared.

Look, I went home, and my apartment was surrounded...

Cops and FBI agents taking out all my stuff.

A woman standing outside told me that the girl who lived there

blew up a building, killed seven people.

But if you were innocent, you just could've called a lawyer.

You did work with a bunch of 'em.

Also I hear they're in the phone book.

Enough. She thought she was being framed.

It makes no sense. Do you buy it?

No question she's lying about her alibi.

But I have a hard time buying her as some unabomber freak

who can mix Clorox and toothpaste

and blow up half an office park.

- No offense, Huck. - None taken.

Olivia obviously knows something we don't.

Stephen would've been able to get it out of her.

Stephen's gone.

And now she's drowning.

I freaked.

I checked in to the first motel I could find.

I-I needed to think.

Look, and then suddenly, someone knocked me out,

and a couple days later, I woke up in a D.C. hotel

with this new identity.

Passport, birth certificates, social security card...

Those things don't come easy or cheap.

When I woke up, they were all there,


Laid out for me.

A whole new life.

If you tell me what you know about the girl,

maybe I can help.

She didn't do it.


How do you know that?

Liv, you gotta give me something, anything.

For God sakes, I'm the prosecuting attorney.

If anyone even knew I was here...

If I take this to trial, you know what'll happen.

You'll make your career.

I'll eviscerate her. I'll have to.

You wear your hat. I'll wear mine.

Dr. Brown, this dissociative fugue state you described,

the one the defense claims explains

her magical travels from California to D.C.,

have you ever witnessed this condition?


In the last hundred years,

how many of these fugue states are on record?

Well, uh, none that I've heard of.


So we're witnessing medical history.

How exciting. And how convenient for the defendant.


What about putting her on the stand?

She's the girl next door. She's likable.

It might be our best shot.

No, we do that, we open her up to cross

and expose the gaping holes in her story.

We find whoever set her up with her new life,

whoever brought her to D.C.

She says she never even saw the guy's face.

Because she made him up.

She's lying to us.

Lindsay Dwyer had the motive.

Lindsay Dwyer had the means.

And after she murdered these seven people,

Lindsay Dwyer ran away, changed her name to Quinn Perkins,

and started a new life,

like nothing ever happened.

Fun's over.

Now is the time to hold her responsible.

Now is the time for Lindsay Dwyer

to stop playing games and pay for her crimes.

I'm asking for the death penalty,

because that woman is a cold-blooded murderer,

and I believe she deserves it.

And by the time we're done here,

I'm pretty sure that you'll agree with me.

Kimberly Mitchell is coming.

America gets their news from Kimberly Mitchell.

America eats dinner with Kimberly Mitchell.

Be nice to her.

Kimberly Mitchell.

Kimberly Mitchell is good. It's good.

Is it? Because I thought we were running a country here.

You need it after the "New York Times" thing,

which I told you...

The man should get to take a vacation.

Yeah, at his ranch, behind gates,

where the public can't see how rich he is.

He's the leader of the free world.

He's not supposed to be successful?

He's supposed to be poor? Man of the people.

Man of the people. Name me one president...

- Abraham Lincoln. - Abraham Lincoln?

He was on a yacht, Cyrus. It had a crew of 14

and was trailed by a coast guard vessel

housing eight secret service agents

and a special diving team in case he fell overboard.

The economy is in a freefall. People are hungry and jobless.

They don't want Donald Trump. They want...

Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln.

Kimberly Mitchell. Okay.

He's gonna invade east Sudan?

We haven't decided.

He invades, he's gonna get his ass kicked by the democrats.

- We haven't decided yet. - He hasn't decided.

They're beheading children, Liv.

The CIA reports say little kids, 4 or 5 years old.

Not American kids, but still,

the heads of kindergartners are piling up in east Sudan.

I've decided.

Then don't push him. You push him...

You lose him. I know.


Five minutes every other monday in the park isn't enough.


- You know that man better than anyone. - Cy...

- He responds to you. Talk to him. - No.

I'll talk to him. Maybe see if...

Stephen quit.

He moved to Boston, married Georgia.

He's gonna be, I don't know, a normal person.

What does that have to do...

People move on.


I have to go.

Be nice to her...

I'll be nice to Kimberly Mitchell.

Look, I obviously don't have all the information

about why Quinn's so important to you.

You'll probably never tell us.

Personally, I'm not happy about it.

I can live with it, but at this point,

we're spinning our wheels. We're gonna lose this, Liv.

Then let's get started on that jury reading.

I want to know where we stand.

Olivia Pope, Associates?

And you are?

I'm an aide to congressman Shaw. The great state of Rhode Island?

He told me to get you and your associates.

He's got a problem.

I don't get summoned. Clients come to me.

He can't come to you.

The problem... It's in his office.

There is a really big problem in his office,

and if you don't come, then I am probably losing my job

and going back

to the... the... the great state of Rhode Island.

If I'd made a decision to go to war in east Sudan,

I'd be talking to my generals instead of you, Mr. President.

And a united front

is the quickest way out of this mess, don't you agree?

We all have interests in the region...

All right.

Good night.

- Russia? - France.

I find it's easier to unite our allies

and get congress on board when I'm not busy

showing off a baby crib to Kimberly Mitchell.

Well, that baby is getting us

piles and piles of political capital,

enough to fill fort knox.

Mellie's approvals are in the high 80s.

Yeah? Where are mine this week?

Mid 50s.

Low mid 50s, high 40s.

Nothing a splendid little war wouldn't fix.

Am I right?

I hadn't considered that, but come to think of it,

Teddy Roosevelt did get a second term.

We're talking about American lives.

Don't be cute.

Listen, I don't like this baby parade

any more than you do.

It's a pain in the ass and distracting as hell,

but saving the union wasn't Lincoln's only concern either.

Can't hurt to be a man of the people,

especially in the flyovers.

How is she?

Man of the people?

That only comes from one person.

She's good.

She's busy, you know.

Olivia Pope.

And all this time, I thought I'd never have to meet you.

What can we do for you this evening, congressman Shaw?

The thing is, my desk clock stopped.

Mm. It's lucky we came to you then.

I went to change the batteries, and when I did,

I found this.

It's a live view C.C.D.

motion-activated wireless transmitter,

- 2.4 gigahertz, .00... - Use your words.

Someone's been watching you.

Any movement in the room turns on the camera,

records what you're doing, even if the lights aren't on,

then transmits the signal

to whoever has the camera's I.P. address.

- So that could be... - Anyone with a computer.

Anyone with a smartphone. Anyone at all.

Congressman, do you have any enemies?

Anyone who might want to catch you doing anything improper

or even just embarrassing?

You work in this town.

Show me a politician who doesn't have enemies.

Any republican operative could've put that here.

Hell, any democrat who wants to score a point off me

on the house floor could've done it.

But when you found out someone... republican, democrat...

was illegally recording you in your office,

you didn't go to security or capitol police.

You came to me.

Ever take a bribe in this office?

No, Ms. Pope, I do not take bribes.

Trade votes for campaign contributions,

reveal state secrets,

fund raise on government property?

Of course not. I don't break the law.

I'm sure you don't, but yet, here we are.

So if you didn't break the law, what did you do?

I had...

Relations earlier tonight.

In this office?

On this desk.

Jacob Louis Shaw, 32, single,

first-term congressman from the great state of Rhode Island.

Trying to make a name for himself on the hill,

but he's a little too pretty

for the party elite to take him seriously,

meets Jennifer Price, 35,

junior partner at Frey and Kimble...

Also single...

At a fund-raiser at the Smithsonian

at or around 5:30 this evening.

Armani skirt suit,

mid-heel pumps, tasteful cleavage.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Let me reiterate that from what the congressman has told us

and the angle the camera was placed,

your face was most likely kept out of frame.

Most likely?

Oh, my God!

The girl didn't do it. She's mortified,

and a registered democrat, who would still like

to donate the maximum personal contribution

to your campaign.

I went through all the D.C. gossip web sites.

One called Capital Spill

just bought a bunch of bandwidth.

They're expecting extra traffic.

The right-wing blog? What does that mean?

They're launching something big.

Something that'll bring in a lot of eyeballs.

It means they want to save America

by streaming your private parts, congressman.

Surprised me, Hollis.

Thought you were strictly old-school...

an oil and gas man.

and solar.

You can't just leave that to the Chinese.

Y'all should come down

and see what our lab boys are cooking up with manure.

- Just don't shake their hands. - I'll warn the energy secretary.

The president close to pulling the trigger on east Sudan?

He's carefully weighing the options.

It breaks your heart to read what's going on over there.

Assure the president that if, in his wisdom,

he does take us to war,

he won't have to worry about any disruptions

in the foreign energy market.

No shortfalls or gas lines.

Grandma won't even shiver. You got my word.

And I know texans and their word.

I believe you do.

Hollis. So nice to see you.

Well, look at you...

Plumped out and pleased as a deer tick on a prize bull.


I haven't seen you since the campaign.

Have you been behaving yourself?

Oh, I doubt it.

- Y'all take care. - Bye.

What did he want now?

To pledge that his company's fully prepared to realize

even-more-obscene- than-usual profits

should we go to war.

I can't make any headway with Fitz

about this east Sudan thing. He won't hear it from me.

He won't be pressured on this. Not by you, not by me.

I don't understand him, Cy. It's a win-win.

No more dead kids and he gets a second term.

Relax. Put your feet up.

You got your big Kimberly Mitchell thing tonight.

You and that belly

have done enough for Fitz's reelection chances already.

Our bomb guy did okay, right?

The jurors bought his testimony?

Except the three who were sleeping.

Yeah, well, he's a bomb expert.

He's not an entertainer.

Sadly, we needed him to be both.

The girl Quinn's boyfriend was cheating with,

maybe she had a boyfriend on the side.

We need to find someone else who would've wanted him dead.

I still think our best bet

is trying to find this mystery guy

who changed Quinn's identity.

Maybe he's holing up with Santa claus.

Have we tried the North Pole?

You checked the tapes at the Grand District Hotel

where Quinn says she woke up?

Six months ago. Nothing.

Maybe Houdini snuck her in through the back.

Could be tapes of a freight elevator

or loading dock.

Worth a shot. Go check it out.

Even if I wanted to help you,

you're talking about over two years ago.

We don't keep security footage that old, man.

- You okay? - Fine.

Where are we?

Look, I know with Stephen gone,

you haven't, uh...

If you ever want to talk,

you know, to a person about anything,

I'm a person who talks...

Abby, where are we?

Just talked to Drew Havenwood at the Capital Spill offices/

roach-infested frat house.

They got the sex tape by anonymous e-mail.

They're releasing it tomorrow at noon.

Just in time to get picked up

by the major networks for the evening Blitz.


We got 24 hours before Capital Spill

blasts Shaw's naked ass onto every desktop in America.

Get to court.

File an injunction, effective immediately.

We can't stop the blog from releasing the tape

if they got it clean, Liv.

We can try.

In the meantime, we prepare to spin if this thing comes out.

I want every skeleton in Shaw's closet dusted off

and lined up so we can take a good look.

You think he's hiding something else?

Aren't they always?

Where are we

with the Grand District security footage

for Quinn's trial?

Dead end, but I found a couple of cams across the street.

It might take a while to get through their firewall.

- What do you need? - To get our hands on that sex tape.

Can you take a break?

Oh, you should be in court.

Why aren't you in court?

What the hell is going on?

Thank you for all your hard work, Ms. Pope,

but my client no longer requires your services.

Damn it, Quinn.

Look, he's getting me a plea deal.

It's my best shot. It's my only shot. So...

You're fired.

I need to speak to Ms. Perkins alone.

I'm afraid that's out of the question.

Which might be interesting

if your permission entered into it.

- I have to counsel against this. - Why is he still here?

Give us a moment.

I'll be just outside.

Do I really have to do this,

explain to you who I am, what I do?

Look, I am on trial for my life here,

and I'm losing!

And you won't answer a single...

You won't tell me anything.

You haven't leveled with me for six months.

What do you want to know?

- Why are you doing this for me? - You're my client.

- Why do you care? - I care about my clients.

You knew my name wasn't Quinn Perkins. How did you know?

- I do my homework. - How did you know?

- I do my homework. - That's not an answer!

I don't have to answer to you.

I have to produce for you.

I don't do lost causes or tilt at windmills.

I don't perform miracles or the impossible.

I make cold calculations about difficult situations,

and I do not take on anything I know I won't win,

and I will win this! I just need you to trust me.

I promise you, I will not let you die in here.

- We just worked out a plea. - Oh, really? Congratulations.

For who now? Because you no longer represent my client.

It's a good deal, Olivia.

Yeah, seven consecutive life sentences.

For the seven people she killed.

Except you're fired and there'll be no deal,

if you can even call it that.

You don't ever seem to know when to leave, do you?

Liv, you're not gonna win this,

and I'm not saying that to rub your face in it.

I'm saying it because I've been watching you sacrifice

everything for this girl.

You've been walking around

with the weight of the world on your shoulders,

and a loss this big, this public... It could end you.

I'm giving you an out here. Take it.

Take the plea, Olivia.

I'll see you in court, David.

Her client obtained the sex tape illegally,

your honor.

It was attached to an e-mail.

An e-mail from someone who obtained the tape illegally.

It's fruit from a poisonous tree.

Which would constitute perfect grounds for an injunction,

your honor, except there is no proof

that the tape was obtained illegally,

which means there aren't technically any fruits

to deem poisonous.

What if the recording were made using government property?

It wasn't.

- Can you prove that? - Your honor...

What are you arguing, counsel?

Copyright infringement.

The government owns the recording device,

so the government owns the tape.

The government owns a sex tape?

Why not? It's an entirely legal business enterprise.

It's pornography.

Come on, counselor.

Who are you to tell Uncle Sam he can't get his rocks off?

Are you hacking?

Would you like me to explain it?

That would ruin it for both of us.

Oh, I grabbed the sex stuff off the Capital Spill server.

It took me less than a minute.

They didn't even have S.S.H. tunnel protection. Morons.

Thank you.

Abby's got it.

Anything on the sex tape we need to be concerned about?


No, sirree.

You sure?

Watched it four times.

I'll watch it again just in case.

I don't think that's necessary.

You find anything else on Shaw?


- Anything I should know? - Uh-huh.


Oh. Right? Yeah. We've got a problem.

When I ask a client to tell me everything about themselves,

I mean everything.

I did.

Here's 12 things you didn't tell me about.

I wasn't filmed having sex with any of them.

I didn't think it was important.

Last week, you were seen with these three,

two of them in hotel lobbies.

It's not like they're prostitutes.

You think that matters?

It only took Abby two hours to find these women.

If that tape comes out,

how long do you think the media's gonna wait

before throwing these on the sexual bonfire?

I am single.

I date women. I enjoy their company.

There's nothing wrong with any of that.

Nothing wrong with it

if you want to be a one-term congressman.

I'm not an idiot, Ms. Pope.

I am a grown man engaging in grown-up behavior

because I have the freedom to do so

and because I believe in my right to privacy.

I may be a one-term congressman

with a head of hot air and lollipop dreams,

but I believe our elected officials

should actually serve the people who elected them

rather than spending all of their time

mudslinging and politicizing every damn issue in this town.

We didn't get the injunction.

I tried everything. Judge wasn't biting.

Tape's going viral tomorrow at noon.

So what do we do now?

Now I know you are even more excited

about what's in this envelope than I am,

so I won't keep torturing you two anymore.

Just tell us already.

All right.

Here we go, everyone.

America's baby is...

A boy.

A baby boy.

Oh, Kimberly, I am so glad.

I am just so glad, in light of this wonderful news,

with a baby boy about to be born into our family,

that my amazing husband and his administration

believe in doing whatever is necessary

in east Sudan

to protect those mothers and their beautiful children

from the truly horrific genocide that is happening.

I'm so sorry.

It's just my... mMy hormones.

Have you come up with any names yet?

Are we not going to discu...


Oh, Fitz.

I understand that you're upset,

but there is no reason for you...

You ambushed me on live tv, you tried to force my hand,

and you used our unborn child to do it.

I simply did what I always do,

which is help you get the result that you need.

They're saying this might be the highest-rated news broadcast

on any network in years so I think it worked.

And I struck just the tone you need with the public...

Both hands on my belly as I shared my concern...

No one elected you! You're not the president!

You don't weigh in on foreign policy.

Your opinion doesn't matter!

You are the first lady.

Your job is to plant gardens and decorate rooms

and let them blog about your clothes.

You're ornamental, not functional.

So don't come into the oval and try to use your brain,

because no one cares.

You always did know just the right way to hurt me.


I gave up my law career so you could run for office.

I didn't have to do that.

I know that. And I appreciate it. I do.

I understand that you might miss her,

but taking it out on me...

I'm not the one who changed. You are.

I apologize.


I'm sorry.

The baby's kicking. Do you want to feel?


I don't feel anything.

Wait for it.

It's coming.

All right. Here we go, everyone.

America's baby is...

A boy.

A baby boy.


It's me.

Kimberly, i am just so glad.

I am so gl...



Liv, it's a secure line.





You can't call me.

You think I don't know that?

I know that.

I can't call you. I can't talk to you.

I can't see you. We can't do this.

We can't do this.

What did I say? I know.


No. Pretend I'm somebody else,

somebody you hate.

Hang up.

You hang up.

Did you see it?

I'm on my third viewing.

Mellie rang the genocide bell.

The mother of my children, ladies and gentlemen.

And the crowd goes wild.

They love her.

She's a rock star.

Are you going to invade east Sudan?

You know what I think about?

The guys at Dover air force base

who unload the planes that carry the coffins.

There's a whole section of the military

dedicated to returning soldiers killed in combat

to their families for burial.

Right now those guys are sitting at their desks somewhere

twiddling their thumbs,

collecting a salary for doing nothing.

Best waste of taxpayer dollars I can think of.

You have to decide, Fitz.

I know that.

Mellie's genocide quote is going to be everywhere.

- I know that. - You want to know what I'd do?


I don't need you.

Spin it. Get out of it. Don't let it seem like

she boxed you into a corner on the war.

Use what she said to scare the crap out of Kinyazi

and the east Sudanese army.

Let people believe you orchestrated

Mellie's ringing of the genocide bell

and buy yourself some time to decide what you want to do.

Don't let them push you.

There's only one leader of the armed forces,

and his name is Fitzgerald Grant.

If you go to war, it's because you want to go to war.

I hate you.

I hate you, too.

Good night, Olivia.

How much time we got before capital spill posts the footage?

About three hours. Why?

- We're gonna release the tape. - Ourselves?

Right now, before they get a chance to.

Why would we want to do that?

We can get ahead of this. Use it.

It's all about controlling the narrative.

We e-mail the footage to a bunch of friendly sources.

We leak it to a celebrity gossip site

so it doesn't have the stink of politics on it.

Get ready.

First couple of hours, there'll be blood in the water.

Our top story, congressman Jacob Shaw

is dismissing calls for resignation.

The ethics committee is meeting today

to discuss how to handle an alleged...

The guy may not talk softly, but he carries a big stick

is all I'm saying.

So right off the bat, you're contrite,

apologize to the voters.

Congressman Shaw, who's the girl?

Look, what I did was wrong.

This office belongs to the people of the great state of Rhode Island,

and I work very hard days to represent their interests

in a manner that's worthy of their trust and respect.

And I'll do everything I can to restore honor to the office.

We'll use the media attention

to focus on the issues you want to discuss.

I just want to point out that while it's my own fault

that I've become a national joke,

we're talking about my sex life instead of the 46 million Americans

who are currently without health insurance.

Thank you.

And then it's up to you.

We toss it down the middle,

hopefully, you'll knock it out of the park.


I need to make two calls before we jump off this cliff.

I appreciate you wanting to notify your staff,

but until we go viral, it's best if we...

To Jenny, the girl on the tape.

It's not just my ass out there, it's hers, literally.

And the other call?

My mom.

In other news, congressman Shaw,

seemingly undaunted by the media attention

his sex tape is generating,

today taking the opportunity

to talk about his education reform plans.

Political pundits are loving

Shaw's Bob-and-weave performance,

saying this is exactly what to do

when your candidate gets caught

with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Have a seat. Thanks for coming.

These cameras you see,

they are on.

They are recording us right now,

so try to keep your pants on.

They got to 'em, Liv.

I finally got into the security feed.

You can see the Grand District entrance

clear as day...

But someone erased a bunch of footage.

There's no sign of Quinn or the guy that took her.

Where are we with the jury reading?

I overheard juror number five on their cell phone.

They're set to hang her.

We're gonna lose.

Someone must have seen something...

Me or this guy.

I woke up across the country with a new name.

That doesn't just happen. It doesn't just...

He's gone.

Whoever made you Quinn Perkins is gone.

It sounds like I made it up.

Crazy psycho killer with a crazy psycho story

to cover her ass.

You think I made it up?

It doesn't matter what I think.

It's all about the jury.

They come back with a guilty verdict, we appeal.

That doesn't work, we appeal again.

You know how this goes. You know how we do.

Gladiators in suits,


Now you know I gotta make you say it.

Gladiators in suits.

That's right.

Hi, it's me... Olivia.

I know. It's been a while.


We're gonna lose this thing.

That concludes the testimony in this case.

Your honor, the defense would, at this time,

move for judgment of acquittal based on our earlier assertion

that the government evidence is circumstantial and does not

- Didn't she try something like this already? - support the charges.)

It's another pro forma motion before closing.

Defense can try it twice. It never works.

Motion granted.

Except when it does.

What the hell?!

Order. Your honor,

on what grounds?

I agree that the evidence presented by the people

has been largely circumstantial.

And because of that,

the government has failed to prove its case.

This trial is concluded.

This is outrageous!

Order. This... no, I would like to see you in your chambers.

Counselor, do you want to be held in contempt?

I said this case is over.

I wouldn't go out there.

Every reporter in Washington's out for your blood.


No, you don't get to do that...

Talk to me like we're still Ali and Holmes,

sparring partners by day, drinking buddies by night.

What happened today wasn't sparring.

It was me putting on boxing gloves

and getting stomped on by Godzilla

before I even entered the ring.

I had the motive. I had the evidence.

I had the jury.

I won this case.

Let me sneak you out through the back.

I know you did it.

I don't know how.

But I'm gonna find out.

So we need to talk about...

Back channel to the east sudanese.

Tell them Mellie's statement was part of a P.R. strategy

orchestrated by me to rally the country and our allies

and show that I am willing

to spend every cent of my wife's political capital...

all of Fort Knox...

on shutting down his death squads

and protecting our interests in the region.

Then leak it to the "Times."

Use the First Lady's press secretary,

and make sure he's quoted on record.

I want her office saying she followed my orders.

It's a good plan.

It'll buy you time. It's a great plan.

It's not a plan. It's a cover.

It's a lie. It's defense...

The consequence of being sabotaged by my own wife,

which I couldn't help but notice you looked rather pleased about.

It's getting awful drafty around here, Cy...

Leaks flowing out,

special interests flowing in.

Why am I playing defense when that's your job?

Why am I cleaning up your mess?

- Mr. President... - If we go to war,

it's because I want to go to war.

I don't give a rat's ass

if my approvals sink below Charles Manson's,

no one...

Not you, not Mellie, not America's baby,

not the oil lobbyists...

No one tells me when to take this great nation to war.

Am I making myself clear?

- Crystal. - Good.

You want to give me a time-out?

Fine. Great.

My garden's a weed patch. I haven't seen James in weeks.

I'd relish the chance to get home before midnight.

But before I go tend to my roses,

let me just say, this plan of yours,

this great plan... It's not yours.

It's Olivia's.

And as long as we're rewriting our job descriptions here,

keeping your wife on her leash,

that's not in mine.

Quinn will be released in an hour.

I want a car waiting.

Full security detail at her apartment 24/7.

There are protesters outside the courthouse.

We're not taking any chances.

Really? We're not gonna talk about what happened?

We asked for acquittal. Judge acquitted. It happens.

No, it doesn't.

The jury was set to convict.

You see their faces? They were as shocked as we were.

We won this case.


Quinn is going to live.

Our client, a 28-year-old girl, is going to live.

And despite popular opinion around here,

that is a good thing.

Seriously? That trial was a joke.

You know it, I know it, Olivia knows it.

And the only reason she won't say it

is 'cause she also knows a whole hell of a lot more

than she's letting on.

What do you think, Huck?

Ready to work across the hall from the molotov mistress?

Olivia says we trust her, we trust her.

Company man.

I freaked.

I checked in to the first motel I could find.

I-I needed to think.

And it was only hours ago a deadly bomb exploded

at Cytron Software Company,

leaving seven dead.

At this time, the FBI and local police

are looking for possible suspect Lindsay Dwyer,

a 26-year-old attorney who...

And then suddenly someone knocked me out.

was romantically involved with one of the victims.

Of course we'll have much more on this story as it develops.

At this time...

And a couple days later, I woke up in a D.C. hotel

with this new identity.


When I woke up, they were all there,

just... laid out for me.

A whole new life.

She took it, everything we left for her.

She's good to go.