Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Other Woman - full transcript

Olivia and her team must do some heavy lifting -- literally.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
After she murdered
these seven people,

Lindsay Dwyer ran away,
changed her name to Quinn Perkins

and started a new life.

WOMAN: Previously on Scandal...

The government has failed
to prove its case.

- What the hell?
- JUDGE: Order!

LAWYER: Your Honor!
On what grounds?

- I said, this case is over!

Olivia obviously knows something
we don't.

The Agency took stuff from me.

I was young,
they made it sound fun.

MAN: If you meet this guy in
a dark alley, you're done.

Are you moving on East Sudan?

I'm not discussing foreign policy
with you.

- What's the delay, Fitz?
- Son of a...

There's only one leader of the armed
forces and his name is Fitzgerald Grant.

If you go to war,
it's because you want to go to war.



Twenty-three people.

FITZ: What?

When you stay late in the Oval,

there are 23 members of your staff
that have to stay late, too.

I'm reading briefs on East Sudan.

They can't go home until you do.

How are you?

Richard, Jo, Marybeth, Ted, Hank,

that guy with the briefcase
handcuffed to his wrist,

Jos? the chef, Kayla, Susan...

Susan went to the State Department.
And the briefcase guy is Rashid.

I'm saying that 23 hard-working
Americans are staying late at night

so you can call me.

You want me to hang up?

How are you?

I'm serving out my sentence

in the crown jewel
of the American prison system.

How are you?

Fine. Except my married ex-boyfriend
keeps calling me.

This is friendly. We're being friends.

We're not friends.

We're good friends.

How's your pregnant wife?

Whose fault is that?
Who fixed that for me?


Tell me to stop calling.

Tell me you don't want to hear from me.

Okay, then.
I'll speak to you tomorrow night.





- (RING)

Stop calling.
I don't want to hear from you.

Take a deep breath
and say that one more time.


And then she just goes,
"Jill, Dad died six months ago."

I was so wasted, you know,
I guess I forgot.

ALL: Thanks, Jill.

MAN: Would anyone else
like to share tonight?

What about you, in the back?


Uh, no, thanks.


Don't you ever sleep?

I have work. You're the one who...

I slept better in prison.

- There are extra pillows in the...
- It's not the pillows!

Quinn, your story isn't dying down yet.

So, what?

You saved my life. I know that.

But I still don't know how, or why,
and until you tell me,

I might as well still be wearing
that freaking orange jumpsuit!

Do you want answers?
Fine. You'll get them.

But you have to trust me when I tell you
it's in your own best interest

that you don't have every piece
of the puzzle right now.

If you change your mind about sleep,
pillows are in the closet.

The Right Reverend Marvin Drake.
68-year-old civil rights leader,

gay marriage crusader,
our nation's pastor.

Everyone knows who Pastor Drake is.

Well, his wife doesn't know where he is.
He's missing.

He's supposed to be
at the National Prayer Breakfast

with the President and the important
half of Congress in nine hours.

He's got enemies.

Since he officiated
that mass gay marriage

on the National Mall last spring,
he's had over 100 death threats.

So much for turning the other cheek.

He's always home by 9:00.

He pours a sherry, reads a verse or two,
asleep by 10:00. Like clockwork.

I know that it hasn't been long enough
to call the police.

And I know what a news story
it'll be if I do,

but I'm telling you, Olivia,
something has happened to him.

I can feel it.

No luck at the shelter.

Nothing on the police scanners.

No sign at his church or office.



Please be dying. Are you dying?

David, Pastor Marvin Drake is missing.

I know I'm the last person
you'd do a favor for right now, but...

A favor?

Boy, I'd love to. But the thing is,

I just lost the highest profile
trial of my life, and with it,

any and all juice I may have had
in the professional favor department.

So even if I could help you,
even if I wanted to help you,

which I don't, that was sarcasm before,

the days of favors from me
are very, very over.

At 8:14, he withdrew &500

from an ATM on the corner
of Connecticut and K Street.

What's nearby?

- Something called Camelot.
- Strip club.

- What's the Scorpion Room?
- Gay bar.

The Adams Morgan Hotel
is across the street.

Married dude pays for
a hotel room in cash?

Nine times out of ten
he's getting it on with a hooker.

Let's get all the facts before we jump
to conclusions, people.

- (BEEP)

Pastor Drake, are you in there?


Oh, God. Okay. We really shouldn't...

This is so wrong...

Wait. Huck?

Cold, no pulse.
Probably been dead a couple of hours.

Well, we found him.

Ethiopia is closing.

What? What?

We waited too long
and Ethiopia is closing.

We can't get a baby from there now.

Unless you can pull some strings.
Can you pull some strings?


Frankly, I think we should go
for a domestic adoption.

There are a lot of babies in our
own backyard who need homes.

It's 5:00 a.m.

I quit my job, Cyrus.
I'm an award-winning journalist and I...

You won one award in college.

It wasn't even lvy League
for God's sake.

I was on the short list
for the Pulitzer in 2009.

That's like winning.

I quit my job to stay home
and take care of you,

and the fat, smooshy baby
that you said that we could have.

But there's no baby.
Where's the baby, Cy?

You've been dragging your feet.
That ends now. I want a baby!

And Middlebury is just as good
as the lvy League,

you elitist, high-brow,
conservative snob.

I cannot believe I fell in love
with a Republican!

Being on the short list
is not like winning!

Winning is like winning!


WOMAN: I have to go.

I really have to... I can't...

- What's your name?
- Anna.

Listen to me, Anna. You're in shock.
You need to sit down,

drink some water,
and relax for a minute.


- We need to get him out of here.
- ABB Y: Really?

We shouldn't just maybe
get rid of the lady of the night

then call the cops?

Marvin Drake is the most respected
religious leader in our country.

He was naked and dead on top
of a handcuffed hooker.

I think he just lost the title, Liv.

How do I tell the congregation?

What the hell am I supposed
to say to our children?

Your children will never know.

And the Pastor's legacy
will remain intact,

we'll make sure of it.

Harrison, Anna needs to stay quiet,
pay her whatever it takes.

Abby, find the nearest route
to the freight elevator.

Huck, what are you gonna need
to take care of this?

Uh, latex gloves. A 24-inch bone saw,

a skull chisel,
an industrial meat cleaver,

three dozen heavy-duty trash bags,
10 bath towels,

a 30-foot roll of plastic wrap
and two black coffees. Extra tall.

It's gonna be a long day.

I want you to move him,
not dispose of him.


Well, in that case, I'll just need, uh,
six king-size sheets and lots of ice.

Standard non-disclosure.

Sign, tell me whatever you were
supposed to make for the night,

so I can add a few grand on top of it,

and we can forget this ever happened.

Look, we're not gonna
hand over the cash...

I don't want your money.


He's ready.

Thank you.

Thank you so much
for bringing him home.

I'm sorry, Nancy, but it's time.


I put my nightgown on. I...

You put your nightgown on
and you get into bed,

toss around a little
and you get up and call 9-1-1.

He was asleep when you came in,
and dead when you woke up.

That's all you know.

That's all I know. Yes.

You'll do great. I'll talk to you soon.


We just had to carry 300 pounds
of Pastor up a flight of stairs

and put him to bed. Where are you?

HARRISON: Alexandria.

I followed the cab to Anna's place.

She wouldn't sign
the non-disclosure agreement.

She wouldn't take the cash.
Liv, I don't think she's a hooker.

She's the Pastor's mistress.

Morning, Mr. President.

Why didn't I know about that photo?

I found out this morning, sir,
just like you.

Why don't I believe that?

What am I looking at?

My God.

Who did this?

MAN: The government of East Sudan.

Confirmed by?

Our analysts at Langley, sir.


Mr. President, we were able to date
the photo to three days ago.

Based on the environment,

the location is in
the southwestern region.

Near a village called Sinkala.

WOMAN: Sinkala is an opposition

and the government
is blaming the rebels.

All kids?

Without live assets on the ground, sir,
it's hard to say.

We'll keep working on it
but it doesn't look good.

Gather the Joint Chiefs.

I want military options
on my desk by noon.


You okay, son?

Yes, sir.

Anna Gordon, 38. Works as a lawyer at
the National Tolerance Foundation.

So, she's a professional
civil rights activist.

And a hate-group educator,
and a regular churchgoer.

And in her spare time, she runs a
canned-food drive at a women's shelter.

So she's a saint.

Well, a saint who was (SNIFFS)
Sleeping with a married man.

A saint who enjoyed
being handcuffed to a bed.

Just like Mother Teresa.

Maybe she didn't know he was married.

She didn't know he was married?

The Pastor's cell phone has calls
to Anna going back 15 years.

E-mails. They met in hotel rooms,
secret weekends...

Fifteen years.

Fifteen years! She probably thought
he was gonna leave his wife.

He wasn't gonna leave his wife!

They never leave their wives!
What was she thinking?

- We don't...
- Not judging, just saying.

Think she'd call The Enquirer
for a payday?

Fifteen years? She could've had
a payday a long time ago.

She loved him.

And that means she cares
how all this plays out.

Abby, you're on the funeral.
Make sure it goes off without a hitch.

You want me to cancel
on Justice Thornton?

We'll have our hands full with this one.

She's a Supreme Court Justice.
We can't cancel on her.

Plus, she hates doing press.
She needs me.

Harrison, you're on clean-up.

How squeaky clean do we need to be?

Everyone in this city who knows
about the affair?

Make sure they don't breathe
a word about it.

- Got it.
- Will you check on Quinn for me?

See if she's okay?
See if she needs anything?

She was going a little stir-crazy
this morning.

Thank you, Senator. All right. Bye.

You're busy these days.
Working late, up early.

- I'm running a country.

I can see that.


Can we just skip to the end?

Excuse me?

You come in, I hear how I'm failing you,
I yell, you yell,

I feel guilty for yelling
at the mother of my children,

I apologize, you're cold
and then you leave.

Can we skip right to you leaving?

Reverend Drake died
of a heart attack this morning.

I wanted you to hear it from me because
I know how much you admired him.

How much his endorsement meant
to you during the campaign.

How kind he was to you

even when the liberals
wanted your head on a platter.

I thought you'd want to know
that a great man died today.

I thought maybe you'd want
to pray for his family.

But you're running a country.
I'll let you get back to it.







ANNA: You know, we had
Christmas together every year

with presents, and a tree.

Every year on December 28th,

when Nancy went to the Cape
to see her sister.

It was Christmas.

To us, anyway.

I have a non-disclosure agreement.
I need you to sign it.

So what do you need from me
to make that happen?

Six million.

She has it.

She does have it.

But despite 15 years
of not-quite-Christmas,

you're still just a mistress
with a pair of divorces under her belt.

You have circumstantial evidence
of an affair.

That's worth a few hundred
thousand dollars.

You have nowhere near six million
worth of leverage.



Mommy, I can't find my magic cards!

Hey, baby. Come on over here.

He is the spitting image of his father,
isn't he?

I'm sorry, what were you saying?


Damn it!

She wants money.


Of course she wants his money.

Here's the alternative,

she writes the book,
does the talk shows,

and your family is at the center
of a tabloid tornado.

And your husband's legacy,

all that great work will be tarnished
and his opponents will be justified.

You're gonna have to pay
one way or another.

So it's time to negotiate.

- Six million.
- I can't start there.

Maybe if we came down to...

Up front. In my name.


She's a lawyer. She's smart.

She knows that the book deal
alone could be worth that.

Let's say we pay.

What is to stop her
from asking for more?

What's gonna stop her from leaking it?

Part of any settlement is going to be
an airtight non-disclosure agreement.

What you're asking for,
a lump sum up front,

gives the other side no assurance

no leverage
and it's not going to happen.

Now hold on...

We also have no idea
who else knows about your relationship.

If any of this comes out,
any credible leak at any time,

the deal is off. Agreed?


Now, one million up front.

Three million in a trust only your son
can access on his 30th birthday.

Does this woman think I'm an idiot?
You have got to be...

...kidding me.
Is that woman out of her damn mind?

This is not an awards show.
It's a funeral.

Tell the Congressman
I cannot get him "on the list,"

and I certainly can't get him
a "plus-one."

So please, stop calling.


I understand that you marched
with Dr. King, Mr. Speaker,

and while I do agree that's beautiful,

the Reverend Drake's widow asked
for one eulogy only,

and that would be from
the President of the United States.


I know you ran for President,
but to be fair, you did lose.

So I'm thinking no speech,
fifth row, center-left?

Center-right. Of course.


Two million up front.

Two million in a trust
she controls until he's 25

and two more in a trust in his name

which will be released
on his 30th birthday,

given that he agrees not to go public.

And if he ever decides to go public,
we come after you both. For everything.





There he is!


How'd you slip your leash?

Learn the boys' names
and the girls' birthdays,

you can have the run of this place.

President make up his mind yet?

Photo's going around,
the public's there.

You don't launch a war
based on Internet buzz.

We want to be sure.

Now you've got a soul?

Funny, I thought you sold that
to me a couple of years ago.

Besides, you do the right thing for
the wrong reasons, no one gives a crap.

Sooner we get in,
the more lives get saved.

And better for your bottom line.

You know us business boys,
money's just a way to keep score.

Hollis, your Super PAC
has been very generous,

but not everything this administration
does is geared towards re-election.


Take my advice, ride that photo
all the way to four more years.

Now she's doing
both shows on Sunday?

I have to move some stuff around, but
tell Justice Thornton I will still be there.


Quinn's gone.
She took a plane to Oakland.

- What?
- I can take care of it.

You okay, Huck?

Are you sure?
Because when we were figuring out

what to do with the Pastor,
you thought...

- You wanted me to cut him up.
- Right.

Misunderstanding. I'm fine.

HARRISON: We have a problem.

The morgue's releasing
Pastor Drake's body.

And the Medical Examiner wants
to do an autopsy.

The family can say no to that.

Not if the M.E. Thinks the person died
under suspicious circumstances.

Liv, if they find out
he didn't die at home...

And that we tampered
with a crime scene...

- This story blows up.
- We go to jail.

The man's a joke.

Every anti-gay, anti-woman,
anti-minority group in this country

has a full round of fresh ammo.

Not to mention jail.

That's great. Thank you.

So tell me about Janice.
You said she's a nurse?

Yeah, over at County.

That's great. And you're living together?

Yeah. I moved into her place last year.

Hey, look. Dad, if there's anything
you want to ask me,

any questions you have.

I mean, please, tell me you don't think
I did those things.


- Oh, my God.
- It doesn't matter.

How can you say that?

Because it doesn't.

If it was two years ago
and I was still sitting on the couch,

watching the news,
waiting for the phone to ring,

waiting for my daughter to explain

why in the hell a building blew up
and why is she the main suspect?

Maybe then a phone call
would have been nice...

I couldn't call you, Dad,
I couldn't call anyone.

But now?

You know, now, after I finally got
some peace back in my life.

You're mad.

- I'm tired. I'm tired.


I got a furnace to fix
in Rohnert Park, but...

Okay. Janice is fixing up a bed for you,

and she's been a big sport about this.

Try to make her feel appreciated.



Can I help you?

Can I help you?
Or do you two just like to watch?

Abby Whelan and Harrison Wright,
we're with Olivia Pope and Associates,

handling Pastor Drake's arrangements.

You know, we're backlogged,
but you can leave a number

and I'll call you as soon
as we get to him.

Yes. Well, the thing is,
the family wants an open casket...

And unless the Pastor is going
topless in his coffin,

the incision will be well hidden.

I don't mean to brag,
but I'm something of an artist.

I'm sure you are.

Ma'am, listen, is there any way
that I can convince you

that cutting Pastor Drake open
is unnecessary? He was a man of God.

And I'm a woman of the government.

The autopsy order came from
the U.S. Attorney's office.

So, he gets the deluxe package.
My hands are tied.


There's no justification for autopsy.

The good Pastor died in his bed.

Which I found wonderfully odd,

considering that the night before,
you told me he was missing.

I promise this wasn't foul play.

Pinky swear and hope to die?

Because I know you have no proof
or actual evidence you're willing

to share with me
to back up said promise.

You just expect me to bend
the law for you once again

out of blind faith and admiration.

You pour a good bourbon, Olivia,

but like I've recently discovered,
so does the dive bar down the street.

I'm telling you to let this one go.

It'll only make things worse for you.

Who the hell do you think you are?

A friend.

FITZ: What's the order of targets for
the first round of drone strikes?

Air defenses along the northern border

accompanied by attacks
on southern command,

followed by Special Forces
to help target additional assets.

How many?

Well, just enough to secure
the military compound...

Just enough? You remember
Black Hawk Down, right?

Mr. President, I graduated
from the Naval Academy

and taught at the Naval War College
in Newport...

And yet you're missing my point.

No Special Forces until I order them.

And when I do,
I want more than enough...

Mr. President.

I need a moment. It's important, sir.

Everyone, can we have
the room, please?




What? You don't like my battle plan?

Twelve hours from now not soon
enough to juice my approval ratings?

The photo. Mass graves?

Don't you find that a little convenient,

popping up just when
you're sitting on the fence?


But then I'd have to wonder
who made it convenient, Cyrus,

and I don't think either one
of us wants that.

I don't trust the intel.

Approval ratings be damned.

What do you suggest we do?

Perimeter secured.

(MOUTH FULL) Can I help you?

Let the kid eat.

Holy crap.

Hey, Matt. This a good time?

This is where it happened.

What are you...

This is where they took you, huh?

Are you kidding me?
You followed me here?

She had you follow me
across the country?

She's worried about you.

That's the thing, she doesn't need to!

I just wanted a minute, okay?

One minute without all the freaking...

To be a normal...

I came to see my dad.

I thought he would want to.

My mom died when I was seven
and my dad and I were always...

It was just us.

He was always so proud of me.


But he looked at me
like I was somebody else.

This is where they took you.


No, I mean, this is where they took you.

Lindsay Dwyer.
They did something to you.

When they do something like that,
you don't go back.

You can't.

They said seven people died
in that explosion, right?

- Yeah.
- They were wrong.

Okay? It was eight.

Let's go home.

Let's talk about the picture.
What's wrong with it?

You should talk to my boss, sir.

I am your boss.

It's the millet, sir.

The millet?

The crops in the picture.

Millet's native to East Sudan,

and if this were 10,
even five years ago,

I'd say, yes, absolutely,
this is East Sudan

and this could have
happened yesterday.

And the difference between now
and five years ago?

Global warming.

Shortening the growing seasons.

And millet? There hasn't been millet
in that part of the continent

since July, August at the latest.

Well before the conflict started.

And you shared these concerns
with the Director?

What the hell's going on?

Nice place you got here, Amos.

Get out of my way, Cy.

Actually, I need you
to stay out here with me.

It's a clearance thing.

I'm the Director of the CIA!

Not anymore, you're not.

I won't be Photoshopped into a war.

I want a resignation letter
on my desk in the morning.

You've been wanting to spend
more time with your family.

People still buy that one, right?

Hell, I plan on using it someday.

It's just one kid's interpretation!

He loved to quote Mahatma Gandhi,

"We need to make our opponents
see the injustice of their ways. "

- Pastor Drake lived what he preached,

leading the famous voting rights march
on Tallahassee.

- (RING)
- At the age of 22, he...

- Twenty-three people.

I sent half of them home early.
So it's, like, 12 people.

Besides, I'm working.

I'm working on my eulogy
for Pastor Drake,

who I did not know you were handling.

I'm handling Pastor Drake.

Very sad.


I shouldn't.

What? Tell me.

You cannot repeat this to anyone.
I mean it.

Are you in?

I'm in. Tell me.

He was kind of kinky.


Pastor Drake.

He died on top of a woman who was
handcuffed to a bed in a hotel.

Are you serious?

She couldn't call for help

because the sounds of her screams
were muffled by his girth.

Pastor Drake?

The nation's pastor.




Stop laughing.

(LAUGHS) I'm sorry.

This is wrong. He was a leader.
A civil rights icon.



It's like hearing about
your father's sex life.

That image... burned on my brain. (LAUGHS)



She was his mistress.

The woman in the handcuffs.


He loved her.

What do you want me to do, Liv?

Tell me what to do and I'll do it.


Let me go.

Anything but that.

Okay, I should go.

- Liv...
- What?

Mellie's going to see the Pastor's wife
tomorrow to pay her respects.

I just thought you should know.

Great, thanks for the heads up.

You know what I need?

I need you to shut down
the autopsy on Pastor Drake.

I need you to shut down
the U.S. Attorney for me.

Liv, I can't just...

That is what I want!

Consider it handled.

Thank you.



Okay, so the First Lady
is less than a minute out.

There's gonna be one photographer
allowed in to take some pictures.

Just one. And one pool reporter,
big fan of your husband's.

The First Lady will stay between two
and five minutes and then she'll go.

Then we'll go to the church. Nancy?


What did you take?

A sedative.

Can someone bring me
a cup of coffee for Mrs. Drake?

Nancy, listen to me.

Nancy. She says how sorry she is
for your loss and you say, "Thank you."

She says she hopes you'll get
through this and you say, "Thank you."

She says she and the President
are praying for you

and you say, "Thank you."

That's all you have to do,
is say, "Thank you."

No matter what she says,
you say, "Thank you."

What do you say, Nancy?

What do you say?


Thank you.

Good. Drink the coffee.


(WHISPERS) Excuse me.

Mrs. Drake, your husband was
a great man and a great leader.

I am so, so sorry for your loss.




I'm so sorry for your loss.

(WHISPERS) He had a mistress.

I'm sorry, I don't think I heard that.
What did she...

Can we clear the room?

I think Mrs. Drake and I would like to
have a private moment to pray together.

Everyone, if you don't mind.


We'll be fine.


Thank you.

I'm supposed to say, "Thank you."

But he was a cheating bastard.

How did I not know? I'm such an idiot.


There's no way you could possibly
know what that's like to...

It's like, it's like, it's like...

It's like you didn't know him at all.


You thought the two of you
were partners.

You thought the problems
in your marriage were solvable.

You thought "for better or worse"
meant something.

You thought, no matter what,
he'd be faithful.


Nancy, right now you are angry.

Right now you feel betrayed.
But here's the thing.

You are his partner.

You are his wife.


Some mistress doesn't change that.

He made a mistake,
you have to forgive him for it.

You weren't wrong about him,
you were just stronger than he was.

And he's not a monster.


He's the man you fell in love with.

You have to bury the man
that you married.



Somewhere in all the cheating, Nancy,
is the man that you married.

And you are his wife.

Right to the end.

Be his wife.



Stupid money-grubbing
mistress whore!


She's not signing.
She says she wants more money.

Apparently &6 million
isn't enough for her!

Did she say how much?

Nope. Just that if she doesn't get it,

she's gonna blab to the press
before the funeral.

Which is in three hours.

At this point she knows
we'll give her anything to shut her up.

Between this and the autopsy,

Pastor Drake's gonna be
a punch line by the end of the day.

- I took care of the autopsy.
- What?

- It's handled.
- How? How is it handled?

It's handled!

- Where'd it come from?
- David.

How high does it go? Your boss?
Your boss's boss?

Take a seat, David.

The government says no autopsy
when the evidence says otherwise.

That kind of decision's gotta come
from way up top.

Your boss's boss's boss?

I don't even know who that is.

You get that high,
it's probably not even a person,

it's a super-secret brain
being kept alive in a bowl of Jell-O.


I just wanna know how she did it.
Olivia. How did she swing this one?

Nobody swung anything.

Of course she did.

Anyway, I'm not gonna argue with you.
It's done. No autopsy.

I just wanna know how she did it.

You lost a big trial.

First, what does that have
to do with our autopsy?

And second, the trial was lost.
I didn't lose it.

David! David...

Would you have argued that case
any differently than I did?

- Would you have?
- You need to take a vacation.

Get away for a few days.
Take some time for yourself.

No. I don't need "me" time, Pat.
I need you to help...

It's not a suggestion.

The department has decided
you need to take a leave of absence.

And that decision comes from
my boss's boss, my boss, and me.

You said six million. Nancy agreed.
And now you have to sign.

It's not enough.

- How much is enough?
- I don't know.

- I need a number, Anna.
- I don't know!

- Ten million? 20?
- I don't know!

I know.

What you want is 15 Christmases
on December 25th.

Fifteen birthdays,

15 years of sleeping next to him,
and waking up with him.

You want anniversary dinners,

and parent-teacher conferences,
and school plays.

You want fights over whose turn it is
to wash the dishes and walk the dog.

What you want, what you've always
wanted is to be part of his life.

And now he's gone
and you want to be part of his legacy.

But you aren't. And you never were.

And I can get you &6 million
to try to fix how much that hurts,

But that is all that I can do.

I just thought we'd have more time.

That Vincent would
really get to know him

And when the time came,

we'd have our chance to say goodbye.



She hasn't signed. There's no deal.

You tell me this 10 minutes
before I'm supposed

to say goodbye to my husband
for the last time?

Before my children say goodbye
to their father?

It's also 10 minutes before this funeral
is carried live on three networks.

Anna could make it
so your husband's legacy

is the one thing
people aren't talking about.

What does she want?

To be here. At the funeral with her son.

That's out of the question.

Nancy, she's in a car outside.

This would be it.
The last thing you'd ever have to do.

That woman is not setting foot
in this church.

In that case, all she has to do
is walk up to a television camera,

and everything we've done
in the last few days,

everything your husband's done
in the last 50 years is for nothing.

If you are just joining us,
we are talking about the latest news

regarding the East Sudanese
mass grave...

... now have official confirmation
that the photo is not authentic...

CIA Director Amos Carver resigned
amidst the growing controversy.

We'd like to remind you
that tomorrow night,

we have an exclusive
primetime interview

with Supreme Court Justice,
Verna Thornton.

But now let's take you live
to the National Cathedral,

where the President and First Lady
have just arrived

for Pastor Marvin Drake's funeral.

- I'm so sorry, Nancy.

He was a remarkable man.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Lorenzo, I'm so sorry for your loss.

He was a great man.

MAN: Thank you, sir.

Yeah. Hi, sweetheart, I'm so sorry.

Marvin Drake gave spiritual counsel
to seven Presidents.

In times of crisis he was
a tireless reminder to all Americans,

to every citizen of the world,

to heed those better angels
of our nature.

With his departure,
it's incumbent upon the rest of us,

most especially those of us
in public office...

- Damn.
- We give great funeral.

Temper our divides.


And while the world
and nation mourn his passing,

there is, of course,
a more personal anguish,

that's suffered by his family,
and by his friends.

We knew his greatest contribution
wasn't simply in his inspiring words,

but in his deeds.

That hope was attended by generosity.

Tolerance, by forgiveness.

Understanding, by acceptance.

Do you remember
when we first got married,

that little apartment we had
on Morgan Street?

The one that was always freezing.

How we'd get in bed
the minute we got home

because we had that electric blanket

and it was warmer in bed together
than anywhere else in the house.

What do you want, Mellie?

I'd like you to forgive me.

I've forgiven you.

We can't do this.

Live in a perpetual war zone.

We were never...

But we were always partners

and we were always friends.

I know you hate me.

I know you don't even want to be
in the same room with me,

but somewhere in here

is the girl you got under the blanket with
on Morgan Street.


I am still the girl who kept you warm
and you have to forgive me.

Tell me what to do and I will do it.

But you have to forgive me.

Come here.

I forgive you.


You're forgiven.



My name is Huck. And I'm an alcoholic.

ALL: Hi, Huck.

I like to drink, let's say, whiskey.

I used to get paid a lot of money
to drink whiskey

because I'm really, really good at it.

But now it's all I think about.

The way the whiskey makes me feel.

And I don't want to be that person,
a person who does that,

who drinks whiskey for a living.

And I just hope that by coming here
and talking about it,

I can stop drinking whiskey.

ALL: Thanks, Huck.

Secure line, please.




FITZ: ... gave spiritual counsel
to seven Presidents.

In times of crisis he was
a tireless reminder to all Americans,

to every citizen of the world,

to heed those better angels
within ourselves.


In his departure,
it's incumbent upon the rest of us,

- most especially to those of us...



I did not say one word.

I can't have a baby with you

because I already have a baby and
his name is President Fitzgerald Grant.

And my baby is troubled and angry
and exhausting and brilliant

and he might actually change the world
if I keep my eyes on him every minute

and make sure that
he eats his vegetables

and so I don't have the time
or the energy

or extra space in my soul
for another baby, James. I'm sorry.

I don't. I can't.

I don't have it in me
to take care of someone else

because I'm busy taking care
of the United States of America.


For the record, this is not over.

But you know I find power, Cyrus,
very sexy.

You wanna fool around?



Okay, Justice Thornton,

since it's so rare to get a Supreme
to make a TV appearance,

they're definitely going to go after
your decision on Murrey vs. Murrey.

I voted with six of the others on that one.

Keep your answers short and sweet.

You're a Supreme Court Justice,
you don't have anything to prove.

Most important, don't get defensive.

She's the only one
I let talk to me like that.

Could I bother you? I think I may have
left my cell phone on the table out there.

- I'll check.
- Thank you.

Where are we?

She tried to go home,
we talked her out of it.

I won't lie, Liv. There's a part of me
that wishes we'd let her hang.

She's innocent, Verna.
She didn't ask for any of it.

That innocent little girl of ours
could bring down this government.


I can't find it.

Would you look at that?
In my purse the whole time.

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