Scandal (2012–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Grant: For the People - full transcript

Quinn finds herself in a tragic situation; Billy makes an announcement that shakes Fitz's presidency to its core.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Okay, not only are you

And have a great address,

But you have literally
the nicest people

Working in your bagel shop
that I have ever...

no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, god. Ohh.

I- I... Ohh.


Oh, god. Ohh. Oh, g-

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.

You're-you're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.

I'm gonna get help.
Hold on. Just...

Hold on. Hold on.

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be...

Morning again, mr. Chambers.
You've been a busy man.

I signed you
in two hours ago.

Most people are just prying
their eyelids open,

And you've already been out
causing trouble.


have a good one.

You have a 9:30 with
the legislative affairs team

To discuss
the gulf coast initiative.

The advance briefing is on
your desk, and then at 10:00,

The vice president would
like you to join her

For the prayer breakfast,
and then-


Oh. Thank you.
Thank you for coming.

I didn't know what to do.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.

I'm sorry.
I was gonna call 9-1-1,

And then he...

Quinn, who else have
you called?

You. Just you, because whoever
k- killed gideon, he's out there.

We should call the police.
We should.

The police have
to be called.

Quinn, we can't call
the police.

Why, why, why, why, why?
He's dead.

When someone's dead,
you call the police.

You and I both know why
we can't call the police.

What? He's dead. Why can't we?
We have to. Why?

Because if we call
the police,

James wants to adopt
an ethiopian baby.

That's good.

It is. It is good, but I've
been fighting him on it,

Been making all sorts of excuses
about why it's not a good idea.

I'm not a young man.
I work crazy hours.

Once you have a kid,
your life's no longer your own.

The usual suspects.

The whole thing was
off the table,

At least until last night.

Last night?

Yeah, last night,
when I went looking

For the president
of the United States

And found out that he was
at his girlfriend's house.

Here it comes.
Cyrus the holy.

You tell me to go to war
with olivia pope,

Then you spend the night
with her.

Are you out of your mind?

What did you do,
throw pebbles at her window,

Hide under her bed
while her mom and dad

Came by her room,
said good night?

All right. That's enough.

Why did you even run
for this job, to get laid?

You couldn't get laid
as governor?

Get out of my office.

What you did last night
was stupid and reckless!

You want to know what I gave up
to put you here in this office,

What I've done for you,
the ends that I've gone to?

If you had any idea-
I am so sick

Of you saying you put me
in the white house.

I got myself elected.
I put myself in the white house.

You were a flyboy
with a good head of hair

And a pushy dad.

I'm sorry if the girl
that you hired,

The girl you mentored, the girl
you brought in to save the day,

Your girl,
fell in love with me.

That must really eat
at you, cy.

You don't deserve this job.

And yet here I am!

Sorry to interrupt,
mr. President.

It's the cult situation
in georgia.

Three a. T.F. Agents were just
shot near the compound.

she's our client.

we barely know her.

no, she's an employee.
Who we barely know.

And now she's our client. there
is a dead reporter on the floor.

Can we have this conversation
someplace else?

I don't know why
we're not calling it in.

I'll dial 9-1-1 right now.

We can't do that.
why not?

I'm gonna have to ask you
to not move.

You're leaving footprints.

If we call the police,
there's gonna be

A problem for quinn.
What? What problem?

She can't be photographed,
booked, or fingerprinted

In any official capacity.

She cannot be connected
to the crime scene in any way.

Why not?

Her name isn't actually
quinn perkins.

who the hell is she?

She's our client.
That's who she is.

That's all I need to tell you.
That's all you need to know.

She's our client,
and she needs our help.

What are we supposed to do?
She's covered in blood.

Her fingerprints are

How do you think we're
getting her out of here?

I'm gonna want hands

No way! I am an officer
of the court.

So is harrison.
So is abby. So is liv.

Okay, if we're doing this...

we're destroying
all the evidence.

You realize
what this means, liv?

I've been to prison,
and I'm not going back.

You were in prison
for three days.

It was prison!
Who are you?

No! Do not.
She's our client.

I don't-

No moving.
We can't leave her here.

I'm gonna want you to say it,

Because once you say this,
there's no going back.

The police will never be able
to find gideon's killer.

His murder never gets

We clean it.


Take 'em or leave 'em?

Did you touch them?

Did you touch
the scissors?

I pulled them out
of his neck.

Take 'em.
What's happening?

I think they had sex.
What's happening?

Did you sleep with gideon
last night? What's happening?

If you did, your d. N.A.
Could be on the sheets.

We'll need to take them.
Did you?

I don't understand. I found some
clothes. I think they'll fit.

I'm gonna need you to change
the clothes that you're wearing.

A laptop computer.
We should take it.

What? You'll need to remove your clothes.

Judging by lividity, he's been
dead less than two hours.

They had sex and ate
grilled cheese.

I bagged that, too.

Can someone- your clothes-
they're covered in blood.

Your shoes, too. I'm gonna need
you to take 'em off.

Put on this t-shirt
and sweatpants.

no moving! Right here.

Quinn, I'm sorry, but-

Please do not spread
your d. N.A. Any further.

Just change right here.
I don't-I don't understand.

Look, you have to change,
and it has to be now, okay?

You're the client.
No one's looking.

These are-
gideon's clothes.

I'm sorry, but you're gonna
have to put 'em on.

we ready?
we're good.

We sure?
We're good.

What's happening?
We're cleaning the scene.

You were never here.
Let's go.

But we can't just leave him
here like that

On the floor by himself.
We can't j-

Do you know what we just
did for you?!

Do you know what's happening,
what this could do to us?!

He'll be all alone.


I'm at 2950 prospect street.

I'd like to report a murder.

A murder.

everybody out.

wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Did anybody get his cell phone?

His cell phone.

Anybody find it?

We don't need to-
we need it!

I already called
the police.

We have maybe eight minutes
before they arrive on the scene.

He's 202... Quinn?

Uh, 555-0196.

Where is it?
We're running out of time.

I got it. It's there.
It's in his pocket.

Get it.
I'm not getting it.


Let's go.


For you,
when you get the chance.

Mm. Well, aren't you going
to join us for prayer breakfast?

No, I've got a full plate
this morning.

Mention me
in your prayers, though.

I'll take all I can get.

everything okay
today, billy?

Well, why wouldn't it be?

I've got the greatest job
in the world,

Giving a voice to people
who don't have one,

People who depend on us
every day

To make this country better
for them.

We're blessed to be doing
what we're doing.

Someone give this man a raise
and a pulpit.

Working for you has been
reward enough, madam president.

All right. Gideon wallace.
What do we know?

The last couple of weeks,
he's been working on a story

About amanda tanner.

obviously he got
too close to something,

Got a pair of scissors
in the neck for his trouble.

He figured out who sent her
to sleep with the president.

Somebody sent amanda in
to sleep with the president?

How do we know that part?

We just do.

But how do we just do?

I don't think it's important.
Let's move on.

Gideon made 28 phone calls
last night,

All d. C. And virginia
area codes.

The last call was
to the white house switchboard.

So he was trying to call one
of these people.

"boyfriend lives
in logan circle. "

Amanda had a boyfriend? Who
works at the white house.

That's our guy.
What about his laptop?

He was on it most of the night
looking at video.

It's gonna take me a few hours
to go through it all.

Abby and stephen,
call every number on that pad.

Harrison, follow up
on the addresses.

I can help.

I'd rather be doing something,
anything. Let me help.

You can help by sitting
on that chair and not moving.

You're the client, quinn.
Let us do our job.

At 9:30 this morning,
gunfire erupted outside

The heaven's rapture compound
in hacklene, georgia.

Three a. T.F. Agents
were wounded,

Though I can confirm that
they're now in stable condition.

Come on. Come on. Come on.
Folks, please. Please.

One at a time.
It's been a long morning. Yes.

what course of action can
we expect from the president...

It's a crazy world
we live in, ted.

What? You're gonna want to get
this next part loud and clear.

...Which include
vice president langston

And attorney general sawyer,
are determined not to use force.

Excuse me. That doesn't mean they're not going to,

And as to further details...
Excuse me.

I can't tell you anything new.
Excuse me.

We have
a couple of options here.

If we go in through the back
of the compound,

That will give us
the easiest access

To the schoolhouse building.

Our satellite images confirm
that the adjacent armory

Is accessible through
an unarmed rooftop doorway.

Holy crap.

The president is determined
not to use...


Sorry about your morning, marv.
It's about to get longer.

Good morning, everyone.

My name is
william david chambers,

And for the past 14 months,
I've had the great honor

To serve
vice president sally langston

As her chief of staff, so it is
with deep sadness and regret

That I will resign
my position officially,

Effective immediately.

now I've prayed long and hard

For a solution
to the painful situation

I find myself in,

But I've come up short.

Now the bible tells us,

"a false witness
will not go unpunished,

And he who pours out lies
will perish,"

So I will take what
little solace I can this morning

By simply telling the truth,
and the truth is this...

I had an affair
with a white house aide

Named amanda tanner.

Gideon had it narrowed down
to 57 male employees

in the west wing

He's on tv right now.
I want blood types on everyone.

If we crossmatch them
to the coroners report-

Find amanda's baby daddy,
and gideon's murderer.

He's on tv right now.
it's a twofer.

he's on tv right now.
amanda and I met

On the campaign trail
two years ago.

Uh, we fell I love,
and when I learned that...

She was carrying our child,
I planned to propose,

So you can imagine my shock
and horror when I learned

That the president
of the United States

Was abusing
his power and privilege

To take sexual advantage
of ms. Tanner...

When I learned
that she killed herself

Only weeks after sleeping
with the president,

And when I... When I found
an explicit audiotape

That amanda had made

Of her sexual encounter
in the oval office

With the president
of the United States.

If you have any questions,
I'd be happy to take them.

have you spoken
to ms. Tanner's family?

I haven't, but, uh, obviously,
my thoughts and prayers

Are with them
and have been all along.

Where did you find the tape?
what does it have on it exactly?

Please guys, one at a time.

did amanda tanner
tell you she was seeing

The president? She did. She was
very upset about it. She came...

Red team will take the lead.

they will secure
all of the children

In the compound first,
prior to the arrival

Of the blue team
and intelligence-

Now what's interesting is,

Lincoln never actually... have you had
a chance to talk with the president?

Slept in the lincoln bedroom. No, I haven't.

I- I don't think
the president cares

To speak with me right now,

I discovered it among
amanda's personal effects.

so, billy, you've
heard the tape yourself?

Unfortunately, yes.

When you hear the tape,

And I-I can promise
that you will,

I think you will all agree

That it is unmistakably
president grant.

do you feel the public
has a right to hear

What's on that tape?
you get him down.

I don't care how you do it.
Why is he still talking?

all due respect, sir,

We need to consider
the optics here.

Oh, no. Go.
Forcibly removing

The vice president's
chief of staff

From the press podium
is just gonna legitimize...

I want him down now.
Whatever this-

Now! Now!
Everyone, it looks like

That's all the time I have.

It's been a morning.

You're fired, marvin.

and it was just minutes ago,

Former vice president
chief of staff billy chambers

some truly shocking charges

Against president grant.

The president
of the United States was

Abusing his power to take
sexual advantage of ms. Tanner.

{Pub}You are letting
billy chambers run roughshod

Over everything we've spent
the past 15 years working for!

I am not! I am trying
to figure out what to do,

The best thing,
the best way to-

Get out there and tell them
you didn't do it!

Right now. Walk outside.

Tell the press
you never touched her,

You don't even know which girl
they're talking about.

That would be a lie.

Then lie!

I can't.
Why the hell not?

Because I'm not you, mellie.

The american people
put their trust in me.

I've already let them down.

I'm not willing
to lie to them on top of it.


You don't want to save yourself,
fine. You're on your own.

It's about time
they brought you in.

They need the big guns
on this one.

But I can't make
any promises.

Hey, in all my years here,
he's the only president

Who's made a point to ask
about my wife and kids.

You do your best, ms. Pope.

all right, guys.
Let's go.

okay, let's go back and take it
from the top. All right, henry.

We're going live.

Only deafening silence
from the white house in response

To the allegations. Details are
starting to emerge about amanda tanner,

Can't be determined
at this time...

We can clearly hear
the president saying the words

"take off your clothes. "

You know, in vegas you can bet
on political candidates.

Before I brought you
on board,

The odds on grant for president
were listed at 70 to 1.

You should have put
money down.

You didn't.

Won enough for a nice vacation
I'll never take.

Think we could do it again,

The impossible?

Or we go down trying.

You publish president grant's
political obituary,

And you will eat those words
for the rest of your days, tom.

I'm just asking you to keep
the damn caucuses at bay...

Well, that's why... Until I get you talking points.

You should wait
for the whole story.

do you want to owe your readers
an entire apology? Everyone.

No, it happens. yeah. No. There are a lot of-

Hold on.

I need the room.
Cyrus, olivia, stay.

I'm gonna need to call you back,
tom... I have to call you back.

But you are to make no decisions
without talking to me first.

Clear? Got it?

Thank you.

Catch me up.

billy's making the rounds.

Networks are wall-to-wall
with this.

Majors broke into daytime
and trotted out the big guns.

We need a statement
from you on camera,

Preferably with mellie
by your side.

That ship's sailed.
She's taking the kids

Fine. You alone from the oval.
A flat denial.

I'm not lying
about this, cy.

Anyway, a cover-up's always
worse than the truth.

Well, we don't have enough
truth yet.

There's more to this story.
I'm sending you to georgia.

Milk the end
of the cult standoff.

It will buy us some time.

He'll look like
he's running from this.

He'll look presidential.
We need you business as usual,

Focused on what's important
for the country.

Wave as you walk out
to marine one.

Remember, you're not dodging.
You're working.

We'll let that image
speak for us

Until we figure out
what billy's up to.


I never thought it would be one
of our own trying to sink us.

look, I can speculate...

all day long as to why

The most powerful man
in the world would want

To throw it all away
for some tawdry affair,

But... I think we should
let president grant

Speak for himself.

Here it is, folks.
Your president.

take off your clothes.

mr. President.

Did you have sexual relations
with amanda tanner?

Was mellie aware
of the affair?

Is billy chambers telling
the truth?

We've been focused on protecting
the innocent children caught

In the middle
of this terrible ordeal.

no lives were lost.


take off your clothes.

No president has done more...

To put women at the forefront of
his administration. Oh, okay. Yeah.

Your organization...
Like hell you will, senator.

Okay, fine. Endorsed him in the
election, and I need you to stand firm...

We can switch from frenemies
to enemies. I'm flexible.

Yes. I'm easy, you stupid,
ungrateful son of a bitch.

take off your clothes.

How bad?

Internal flash poll has us
down 25 to 28 approval

With 67% answering yes
to the question

Of whether the president
should resign.

We gotta rein this in.

There's only one person that may
be capable of that right now.

So you think billy chambers
is the problem,

And I'm somehow
the solution?

Let's not be coy
with one another, sally.

Billy's your boy.
Are you really saying you had-

No idea. Absolutely not.

You saw me when I read
that letter.

I was as shocked
as you were, mr. President.

Now whatever menage a trois
you and billy chambers

Have got going on
with that poor dead girl,

I have nothing to do with
and I want nothing to do with.

Now I offer to keep you both
in my prayers

And remain a humble servant
to both god and my president,

In that order.

♪ hey, I'm so fly ♪

take off your clothes.

Finger billy
for gideon's murder,

His whole story unravels.
It all goes away.

You save the presidency. And
get justice for amanda tanner.

there's no security
camera in gideon's building.

I checked his neighbors,
the local shops.

Nobody places billy chambers
at the scene.

And all physical evidence of
the crime is gone, thanks to us.

♪ fly ♪

We should know
what we're doing this for,

Protecting no-name in there.

come on.

I know that she just lost
her boyfriend,

But the girl could be
a serial killer,

And we're breaking
the law for her.

We broke the law for her.

Olivia hired her.
Olivia knows who she is.

That makes her worth protecting.

Hi, guys. Whatcha doin'?

You all look like you've got
your thinking caps on.

Wouldn't be about that crime
scene you cleaned up, would it?

You can't just barge in here
without a warrant.

And you can't
just steal evidence,

So let's just call it even.
What are you talking about?

Where's quinn perkins?

A neighbor saw her going
into gideon wallace's place

The night he was killed.

Is that why you cleaned up
the scene?

His personal items were
all gone.

A little odd to find
a journalist

Without a blackberry glued
to his hand, even a dead one.

♪ ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah ♪


I just need to make
a quick...

You need to turn off the ringer
when you steal a phone.

Detective marsh,
find that phone.

Take it into evidence.


This is fun.
What's quinn's number?

I'm right here.

give harrison a dollar.

Just do it.

♪ hey ♪

He's now your lawyer. You don't
have to tell them anything.

We do this in your office,
not downtown. No booking.

Fine with me. Let's go.

no fingerprints, right?

no fingerprints.

♪ deep, deep in the middle
of the jungle ♪


I'm surprised you made it
through all the press out there.

I've lost count of how many
interviews I've given

Over the last few days.

I know you didn't come in here
to use the men's room.

you might as well say it.

You're a murderer.

I... Am not proud of that.

hell, I-I didn't
think I'd get away with it.

I didn't hear
from the police,

So I asked around and heard
that they didn't find

A single fingerprint,
not even the murder weapon.

Some... Angel cleaned up
the crime scene.

What the hell happened
to you?

Look, I know
what I did, okay?

I made a mistake...

A big one, and I'm gonna be
judged for it,

But he should be judged
for what he's done, too.

He took advantage
of that girl, of you.

He took advantage
of the whole damn country.

He betrayed the very people
who elected him.

Good, honest, god-fearing people
elected that man to office,

And he promised things to us!

And he didn't deliver
on any of it.

I mean, come on, liv.

The whole country's going
off the rails.

I don't think that defense is
gonna work in court, billy.

By the time I'm in jail,

Sally langston...
will be president,

And she is going to be
the finest president

This country has ever known,
and that's all that matters.

I got chris matthews waiting.

Why don't you start

By telling me how you know
gideon wallace?

You don't have to answer that.

All right. Why were you
at gideon wallace's apartment?

You don't have to answer that.

Okay, fine.
We'll start with the basics.

Quinn, state your name
for the record.

You don't have
to answer that.

Here I thought your boss
was the biggest pain in the ass

In d. C. Speak of the devil.

David, new shirt?
I like it.

What the hell's
going on, liv?

You don't have to answer that.

Yeah, I do.

So... The vice president's
chief of staff

Convinced amanda tanner
to seduce

The president
of the United States...


And then he abducted her
from your apartment

And killed her
when she wouldn't go through

With the intense media scrutiny
her accusations would bring,

Dumping her body in the river
for my people to find?

Well, he contracted out,
but, yes, billy had her killed.

He then went on
to murder a reporter

Who was presumably
quite close to figuring out

What he was up to?

A reporter who was also sleeping
with one of your employees,

Whose presence
at the crime scene

Your associates erased
all evidence of,

Thereby rendering
the first-degree murder

Of an innocent 29-year-old man
all but unsolvable.


Well, I did say
I wanted to know.

David, I know this is crazy.

I believe you, oddly enough.

Then help me.

Put on your white hat
and go after billy chambers

With whatever you think
you can make stick.

He's a murderer,
so do some digging.

Find some evidence.
Make some evidence.

Give him a parking ticket.

Whatever it takes
to get him down here.

Get some justice

For amanda tanner
and gideon wallace, please.



I am the law, the law is me,
and I might bend it

From time to time,

But I don't break it
for you or anyone else.

But you said
you believed me.

I do, and if you had left me
any evidence to build a case

Against billy chambers,
that's what I'd be doing,

But you broke the law,

So get out of my office
before I have you arrested

For tampering
with a crime scene.

Quinn perkins is
a material witness

To a murder, and as such,
she stays with me.

The law, olivia.

What do we do? What's next?

I get up there and say
it's me on the tape.

That's ridiculous. What-
what does that even do for us?

He's not tied
to a girl's suicide.

It's not perfect, but it takes
care of the impeachment problem.

Oh, wonderful, so now we've got
a slutty president problem?

He slept with two women.
I'm sorry. I just...

Maybe there's another option
we're not seeing here.

There is. I could resign.

We all know how this goes.
The prosecutor is appointed.

Every single person
in the west wing is deposed.

This thing is a circus
that's gonna go on

For the next three years.
I'll wear it around my neck

Until the end of my term.
My hands will be tied.

I'll be lucky if I can get
a parks and rec bill passed.

Let's put the country
out of its misery, end it now.

and then what?

We go be regular people, cy.

you can't be
a regular person.

We-we can't.

we're not...

ohh. I...

I can't adopt a baby!

I'm so sorry.

I'm not.

A man who isn't president
has options.

A man who isn't president
can divorce his wife.


A man who isn't president
can have a life...

The life he wants,

The life he's always

With the woman he loves.

the cameras.

I don't care.


Of all the paintings
in the white house...

This one is my favorite.

Alexander hamilton-
as brilliant a political thinker

As any man or woman who has
ever walked these halls,

But he wasn't the president.

Washington was the president.
He was the winner,

But hamilton could pick
a winner.

He knew who the country needed
when they needed it.

I don't doubt that
he could do it,

Live the normal life
he's always wanted-

Walk the dog, mow the lawn-
a simple life, a happy life.

For most people, that's fine.
It's all they need.

For him, it's a waste...

Of talent, of potential.

that man was born
to be a leader.

He was born to do this.

Anything less would diminish him
and deprive this country.

He can talk all he wants
about a regular life.

Some men aren't meant
to be happy.

They're meant to be great.

I got this.

I've been screwing around
on georgia.

I don't want to lie anymore.
I'm gonna tell her the truth,

And then she'll break off
the engagement.

I tried, liv. I... Leapt.

You said
if I tried and failed,

It was not on me.

You were wrong.

I cheated. It is on me.

And it's on you, too.

It's always on you.

You can't do this.
You can't have him.

Normal is overrated.

Abby, stephen,
dust off my campaign file

For sally langston.
We need ammunition-

Big, small,
anything you can find.

Dig deep and dig fast.

Huck, I need
the first lady's schedule

For the next 12 hours.

I'm gonna need to see her alone.
Find me a window.

check back with quinn.

Make sure
david's behaving himself.


Billy chambers-
I can take care of that.

Take care of?

If you want me to,
it's no problem.

huck, I do not want you

To kill billy chambers.

okay, that's cool. Whatever.

Promise me.

I promise.

Say, "I promise not
to kill billy chambers. "

I promise not to kill
billy chambers.

I'm gonna need to talk
to the nanny.

She can fly the kids out
once a month

Until school is out in d. C.

I also need you
to call ahead and make sure

Both the main house
and the beach cottage are ready.

I'll be spending at least
some of the weekends

At the cottage.

Ma'am, you have a visitor.

Thank you.

He's talking about

you must love that.

This isn't about me.

Really? Seems like
my whole marriage is about you.

Mellie, he can't resign.

I'm sure we can make
some kind of deal.

I try to be pleasant.
I try to be...

I'm the first lady.
There are sacrifices.

There's a price,
and for a time, that was fine.

You and I wanted
the same thing-

Fitz in the oval.

We were on the same team,
you and I,

And everything was fine.

I just don't understand
what happened.

What happened?

You let that girl
get into his pants!

You left the team, liv!

You fell down on the job!
You broke his heart,

And you left him open
and vulnerable and helpless,

And that is how
that snake billy chambers

Got that shiny red amanda apple
right into fitz's hand.

I do my job.

I smile, and I push him,

And I make sure he has
what he needs.

I do my job.

Why couldn't you do yours?

You want to deal?

Fine. Let's deal.

For starters,

I'm gonna need
to take my husband back,

Because clearly I have to do
everything myself from now on.


I'm going to new mexico.

I am, I promise.

It's just my car's in the shop.
It's getting a tune-up.

You can't go just yet.

I gave you the girl.
That was the deal.

That wasn't a deal.
I tortured it out of you,

But thank you. Very helpful.

The guy who hired you-
billy chambers-

He's talking an awful lot.

Right now it's just about
the white house,

But at some point,
he may talk about you.

He can talk all he wants. He-
he didn't hire me for that job.

You see, charlie,
you're honorable.

You would never give up

But billy may not be
as honorable.

why don't you do it?

I can't. I gave my word.

Oh, and we're gonna need
a suicide note,

Something sad that says
he's a liar.

And then you'll
leave me alone?


on a personal note,

I think it would be a big boost
for your confidence.

I can tell that's taken a bit
of a hit since I last saw you.

I'm not saying anything
without my lawyer present.

You need his permission
to eat?

You must be hungry.


Turns out I don't even need
to question you anymore.

Olivia told me everything-
amanda, billy chambers,

The whole shebang.

So... Why am I still here?

Because there's one thing
she didn't tell me. Why?


Why you called olivia
and not the police,

Why her people would
clean up a crime scene

They obviously want to be

Why everyone,
and I do mean everyone,

Seems to be so invested
in making sure quinn perkins

Has nothing to do
with any of this?

I need to know
what's really going on,

So you can tell me
what would happen

If I sent you down
to booking,

Or... I can take
the prints from this fork,

And we can just go ahead
and find out.

It's your choice.

I thought you left
for santa barbara.

I was on my way,
but olivia convinced me

I was needed here.

We've come up
with what we feel is

A solid plan of counterattack
in the media.

Oh, and we also figured out
who the woman on the tape is.


It was me. At least,
that's what we'll tell "20/20"

When they arrive
to interview us in about...

What time did you set
that up for again, liv?

We have about an hour.

Mm, and when I tell them
it was you and me on the tape,

I will also share my outrage

About the replaying
of our private moment

In such a public, reckless,
and irresponsible manner

By the gossip-hungry,
left-leaning, mainstream media

And how upsetting
its been for our family,

Especially at such
a fragile time,

Given that I'm newly pregnant.

Liv suggested we remain vague
on the exact timing.

It's none of their business.
Plus, that gives us

A few weeks' buffer
to actually get pregnant.

We'll have to start trying
right away, of course.

Of course.

Uh... Well, olivia can fill
you in on the details.

Like I always say,
if you've got a problem,

Get olivia pope on it.

You could look
a little happier, honey.

We did just save
your presidency.

Well... I'm off
to hair and makeup.

This is insane.
We are not doing this.

It's the only way.

what are you thinking?

Who are you right now?

The woman who got
you elected,

So go be the man
I voted for.


You're all set, sir.


You can put this one
at the top of your resume.

Truly a masterpiece.

The one interview that
fixed it all.

Not all of it is fixed.

There's still
billy chambers' credibility,

But this should take care
of that.

It's cyrus-approved.

We're ready for you,
mr. President.

Lean forward during
the denials of the affair,

And keep your eyes on mellie
when she's talking.

I know how to fake it
with my wife.

You taught me well.

I was outraged.
How could someone do that?

Ms. Pope, you did it again.

The president has
a great team.

Nah. Don't give me that.

Listen, I don't exactly know
what you do or how you do it,

But when you walk
through these gates,

Things start happening.

The press starts falling
in line,

The secret service
gets extra secret,

And the problems-
they just kinda disappear,

And when you go back out,
everyone's breathing

A little bit easier.

Good night, morris.

you see, this has been
very difficult for us,

For the whole country.

The best thing
for everyone would be

If we can move past
this painful distraction

And focus on the issues
that really matter,

Don't you agree?

I saw the interview.

I thought that
you and the first lady

Were very polished in the face
of all that, very poised.

Thanks for coming, sally.
Have a seat.

I thought she handled herself

Difficult situation for her,
I'm sure, having to listen to...

I can't even imagine.

May I speak candidly, sir?

Why stop now?

I don't think
it's gonna be enough.

I think it's wonderful
the first lady

Is standing by you,
but I don't think

The american people are
gonna be so quick to follow

In mellie's lead.

And that's exactly why I need
you to show them the way, sally.


I want you to hold
a press conference tomorrow.

I want you to express
your shock and dismay

Over the actions
of billy chambers.

I want you to condemn
his allegations

As baseless and false,
and I want you

To tell the nation that
you support your president.

Well, now I'm just afraid
that dog won't hunt.

We need to think about
what's best for the country,

About the stability
of our economy.

We have a duty that goes beyond
our ideological differences.

Focusing on my sex life
is bad for the nation,

It's bad for the white house,
and it's bad for you.

Our first female president
ought to be elected

By the will of the people,

Not by some ugly
backdoor political agenda.

Mr. President, I have based
my whole career,

My whole public life,
on my values,

Strong, conservative,
christian values,

And I know
that might seem naive

To you
and your ivy league crowd.

I know what you say about me
behind closed doors,

But those are my beliefs.

They are not accessories
I put on to win votes,

So if you think you can
treat me

Like some religious lunatic
sideshow act

Who will drop
everything she believes

For political expediency,
you have gravely misjudged me.

You know what?

I think I have.

Now how old was your cassidy
last spring, 14, 13?

They grow up so fast.
Anyway, we know she wasn't 18,

Because georgia requires
parental notification

For a minor
to obtain an abortion.

That must have been awful,

For you and dan to get
that call.

It brings to mind
the gospel of john.

Something about
he who is without sin

Casting the first rock...
Or stone.

I don't know.

You know it better
than I do.

Thanks, sally.
That will be all.

it's sad, matt.

You work with someone
for years,

You think you know the kind
of man they are.

Billy chambers is
just a huge disappointment.

If I had any inkling that

The man that worked by my side
for all these years...

god's honest truth,

I would have done
everything in my power

To send him away,

To send him away
from my house...

Where's all the press
today, george?

From my precious family.
Are they sleeping in?

I just think that the man is
sick in the head,

And I just pray that billy gets
the help that he needs,

Because these malicious lies
he's been spreading-

They're ridiculous.

Well, I just thank god

That we have a leader like
president grant

To take us through
this difficult and trying time.

I believe that this country was
founded on truth and justice

And plain old fairness.

♪ ah, it's your thing ♪
♪ it's your thing ♪

Oh, oh! Hold the elevator.
Oh. There you go.

What floor?

Oh, you first.

♪ oh, yeah! ♪

Is there
a war going on, cy?

There's always a war
in the world, james.

You know that.

Fine, but you said
the latest one, the bad one,

The nuclear one,
the one that's taken you away

Every single weekend
for the past month, is over.

It is. It's finally over.

Then why is
your work colleague

At our front door
on Sunday morning?

I will send him back here.

I'll make it up to you.
I promise.

I want a baby,
a fat, drooling, smushy baby.

Let's start with dinner
and a movie.

A baby, cy. I mean it.
A fat one!

Sorry to bother you
on a Sunday.

Now, charlie, I thought
I was clear. You know the rules.

I do. I know. I'm, uh,
you have been very clear,

And normally I wouldn't come
by the house like this.

It's just, uh, I have
to leave town,

So you're gonna need to wire
the rest of the money

For the girl... Amanda.

You'll have it tomorrow.


I ran her prints.
Don't worry. I did it myself,

Which is a good thing,
because otherwise there would be

About half a dozen
u. S. Agencies looking for her.

I'm breaking the law
bringing her here.

I don't break the law, olivia.

Do you want to tell them
who you are, or should I?