Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Caution! It could be an ambush.





Go away!

Tiger! The parrot!
Brooke is coming!

Come on, come on, come on!


You will be escorted to the boat.
Do not be afraid.

Wait there for me.
As soon as possible I will come to you.

We arrived in time, the wagon is there.

- Where's Colonel Fitzgerald?
- Up ahead, Sir James.


Stop it. It's useless.

Stop fire!

Light another cigar,
so you save the match.

You smoke too much.
Smoking is bad for your health.

An Indian doctor said he was
going to live a hundred years.


It is just over two
hours before sunset.

Mompracem Tigers, listen!

They know me,

know that I always make
and make my decisions alone

and I answer for them personally.

But this time...

is different,

want the decision
on this man's fate

be everyone's.

Not just because you,
Samo, were tortured by him,

because they had
hidden the rice harvest.

Or because he had your house burned.

Or because the Sambilhong
brothers were beheaded by their daiaki.

Tiger, we all suffer,
we all want revenge

- and many others as well.
- That's what I wanted to know.

If they felt the suffering
of millions of people

exploited and oppressed
by James Brooke worldwide,

we the oppressed must
today judge the oppressor.

- What is your decision?
- Death.

- Death.
- Death.

- Death.
- Death.

- Death.
- Death.

Did you hear?

and I saw...

Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Do not.

I have nothing to say in my defense,
nothing at all.


I want to ask you a question, Sandokan.

If you hang me,
you make me disappear from your life.

After so many years of fighting.

Regardless of
each other’s lives,

with a strange mutual respect,

Don't you think that
part of you dies with me?

Do not.

You are as dangerous as you are intelligent.

You are guilty because
you could be one of us.

No, James Brooke,
I will not be missed.

Because without men like you...

Life can be better.

This is your strength, Sandokan.

You are only sure,

not a doubt.

I have many doubts.
But you also have a weakness.

In you,
the heart commands not the brain.

Nothing more?

Do not.

Just a wish.

The last cigarette...
are here on the belt.

It was a Scottish Lord who gave it to me,
one you also know,

by your real name,

Mr. Yanez de Gomera.

A man of unusual intelligence,


I'm sorry to have
ordered you to be hanged

if I didn't return until sunset.

I have always said
that cigars prolong life.

If I didn't smoke,
I wouldn't be here and I

wouldn't like the idea
of partying without me,


Stop it.

Of course... we have
to admit that the party

would be better if we
hadn't released Brooke.

Not everything is possible, so...
let's continue.

As captain of this ship...

As the captain of this ship,
with the authority that belongs to me,

I ask you, Sandokan,
my brother and you, Mariana Guillonk,

do you want to get married?

- Yes Yes.

I declare to you husband and wife.


- I couldn't offer you more.
- It was beautiful.

Not everyone is lucky enough
to be married by a great friend.

It is the greatest honor
that the daiaki could pay you.

They guard the heads of enemies,
not out of atrocity, but out of respect.

They say that by guarding their heads,
they guard their courage.

Come on...

One of them saved the other's
life and the other promised that

he will give his life for him,
if one day it is necessary.

They come to offer you their lives,
they will die for you if necessary.

This belt is made with
our hair. It's for you.

Here everyone has jewelry

that would make
a European happy.

But they wanted to give you more,

they offered you a
part of themselves.

"Loro" is a very simple dance.

Tell them their lives.
They are the gestures they make every day.

These are the foods
that dry in the sun.

How to wash your clothes
in the current of the river.

How to cut herbs for medicine.

Sir James?

I want to talk to you, MiLord.
Alone, if possible.

This is a private matter that I want
to discuss with you: Mompracem.

It doesn't seem private at all.

It is becoming a political issue
and an important economic problem.

I am convinced of that.

So I felt the need
for your advice.

Mompracem has never been
more prosperous and powerful.

It is becoming the
symbol of Malaysian seas.

The mere fact that

shows that you can live without an English,
Dutch or Portuguese flag.

Mompracem is now more dangerous
than when it was just an island of pirates.


If 3 or 4 Mompracem islands
were born in Malaysia as the first,

it would be the beginning of the end.

- There is an alternative.
- Which one?

End Mompracem.

It is possibly inevitable that
Mompracem will disappear.

Why do you tell
me that right away?

You are the representative
of the Company of the Indies.

If the Company does not make history here,
at least it inspires it.


Here your opinion is more
important than that of an ambassador.

Their decisions are the result of a
deep knowledge of the problems.

Sometimes it is better to inform
London after the decision has been made.

I wonder if attacking Mompracem,

now, which instead of a pirate
island is a real small state,

it wouldn't just be revenge,

political or human...

Sir James, do you want me to
say the things you fear to say?

In politics, the concepts of

humanity and
justice are just words.

We do what suits you

and I assure you that England
will do what suits you best.

For almost a year, Lady Mariana
has been the queen of the little rock.

Aren't you worried
about your niece's safety?

It is not my habit to mix
business with family matters.

Due to your choice, I deleted
Mariana from my heart. No longer exists.

My interests cannot differ
from those of England.

What is England's
interest at the moment?

There is absolutely no doubt,

England's interest is that
Mompracem disappear from the map.

But this operation...

it cannot be carried out
under the English flag.

la tarnish with an infamy.

Great Britain against
tiny Mompracem.

England cannot be defiled.

Let someone else get dirty.
James Brooke, for example.

Did you ever think in London that
one day I could choose Malaysia

and fight only for my people?

I didn't want this meeting.

I have nothing to do with the
problems of your conscience.

But one thing I tell you,

I do not think it is opportune to attack
Mompracem now with your forces.

I am convinced that it will be
destroyed by its own legend,

for the jealousies that will arouse

through disagreements, enmities.

If we don’t maintain a
totally inflexible attitude,

the people of the archipelago
will have to choose,

they are either with
Mompracem or England.

I was once told

that there are
probably two languages.


- This water is dirty. Change it.
- More water.


Come on, Kilala, I don't tell anyone.

Let go of me.

Mr. Yanez! Mr. Yanez!

People are arriving on the island.


- What they want?
- We want to live here.

I heard that people from all
the islands arrive at Mompracem.

Everyone says that Sandokan and his
wife created a free and happy kingdom.

You can land.

you who draw animals very well,

draw a boar near this tree.

On here.

Kadan, you draw a boat.

Come here.

- I'm happy.
- Teach children good things.

No, I learn a lot from them.

- Of us?
- Yes.

Where I was,
people were very different.

They were never always sincere.

It's because?

I don't know either.
It is so, there is nothing to be done.

So, we have to decide
what we're going to do today.

- What they say?
- Let's make a war.

And yesterday what did we do?
Because we don't do something different.

But when do you teach us to read?

You saw that you understood.
We can start now.

A candle.
I'll let Sandokan know.

Tiger from Malaysia,
I'm Batu, Raja de Mati.

I've heard about your
exploits for a long time.

My kingdom is small and it
is not comparable to yours.

I know your name and your kingdom.

Although there was not always
good relations between our families,

I receive you friendly.

That's what I wanted to propose to you,
let's forget the past.

A small people like mine
today has only two options,

serve the Europeans or live
free under your protection.

We chose to be on your side.

No offers are needed
to seal a friendship.

From now on Mompracem
will be your homeland.

The first time I heard your name
it was because of that harmonium.

- It was meant for you.
- But the ship was taken by Yanez.

The captain,
a brave Dutchman, told me:

"you will not be able
to play this instrument,

years of study and
delicate hands are needed "

He added that it was intended
for Lady Mariana Guillonk.

"I don't know you, who is it?" I said.

"How?" He said.

"She is the most beautiful
woman in this part of the world,

and is known for
the pearl of Labuan ".

At that moment I was sorry
that the harmonium had not

reached the beautiful woman
who was waiting for him.

I offered the captain a jewel,
not so much for him,

but to release me from fate.
- Fate thanks you.

I came to have Mompracem
here with my harmonium.

You brought peace to this island.

Since you arrived even
the people have changed.

Before, this was just a hiding place
for pirates, for rough and violent people.

Now it’s becoming my homeland,

with people you love and respect.

It seems that I always lived here.

Don't you miss it?

Don't you miss your
past life in London?

Do not.

I feel happy here.

Your Highness,

can you explain why your
servants wanted to kill Giro Batol?

With pleasure. He attacked me suddenly.

I sure wanted to steal from me.

Cute Batol,
why did you attack His Highness?

He was near the well,
whose water he stirred,

and he threw something into it,
perhaps poison.

This accusation
is a real affront.

I just wet my head to
purify myself before praying.

Do you have anything against
postponing prayers and following me?

in fact, I went ahead of me.

Let's fill the bucket with water

and His Highness will drink.

It is a mere formality.

Drink it.

What is it? Are you afraid to drink?
Drink, Your Highness, or I'll shoot you.

Be careful, I won't repeat it again. Drink!

That's enough.

I am sorry for his lack of manners,
but obviously he hates you.

Put three men on guard.
Let's see if tomorrow is still alive.

Is alive.

- Is there a poison so slow to work?
- No, Mr. Yanez.

You can drink.

I had it closed in the cabin.

He did not poison the well, as Giro Batol
feared, but he did something suspicious.

- What do you plan to do with him?
- Still do not know.

I want to talk to you before I decide.

He stuck an iron in his stomach.

I poured water contaminated
with cholera into the well.

Instead of dying me too,
I preferred...

Sandokan, please finish me off.

Who sent you?

No one.


Why did you do that?

I told you...

We are forced to choose,

or if you are with the Europeans,

or against them.

I thought that by destroying Mompracem,

could make my kingdom

in a powerful kingdom.

I hoped...

It's our people to betray...

our own brothers.

Burn your body and clothes!

And boil the water before drinking it.

Too late...

Too late...

- Mom, my stomach hurts.
- Samin!

It hurts me so much here.

Let's go home, it's over.

- It hurts...
- Come on.

Taka! We have to take it with us.

My daughter is not touched. As
long as I'm alive, nobody takes her.

Don't be silly, do you want me to die?
Lady. I will heal you.

- I'll take it.
- It's ok.

Leave it here.

Here is Sandokan's wife.

She will heal your daughter,


It hurts me here.

Mr. Yanez...


Mr. Yanez...

We have to burn your house too,
I'm sorry.


The only weapon against infection

it's fire.

Little tigers, my brothers,

I see your bodies, that of your children,
that of your women,

disappear into the flames
of the fires without a tear.

I ask for forgiveness, but inside me
the anger is stronger than the pain.

Why should Mompracem be
destroyed by a non-combatable enemy?