Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

I heard the music and
realized you were back.

I felt alone

and I called you.


- You're tired.
- No.


I can't, I have to go.
They are waiting for me.

It's all over. There have been
no new patients for almost a week.

- Rests.
- The others need me.

I need you too.

when you were between life and death?

At your uncle's house in Labuan?

I took care of you

and when he was not close,
he played the piano.

It was a way of calling you,

because I needed you,
I wanted you.

I was walking through the rubble,

from the ashes, from the tombs.

He sought out men,
companions in many battles.

I didn't find anyone.

Yanez told me...

that survived only about 50.

Together with them,
we can start over.


we can both start over.

- Look.
- Silence!

You will notify Sandokan.

Kill that woman!

Calm down, it's over.

My God!

I had already forgotten about
the effect of water on my skin.

Sambilhong learns to use water.



What is that smoke?
But they are shots.


Yanez! Help!

- Help!
- Run to Sandokan! Noa, run away!


I thought you were still in bed.

I knew you'd be where
there is a burning smell.

- We're in danger.
- It is true.

The biggest trouble
to face since we met.

You are listening?
They disembark from everywhere.

You will see that, after the cholera,
Brooke himself arrives.

No! Leave it to the daiaki.

Mompracem Tigers!

They won't catch us alive!

Tigers strength!

Yanez! Mariana calls me.
Come to me and bring the men.

It's ok.

Come on.

It's all that's left of Mompracem.

We have to get to
the west coast quickly.

There they did not land,
no shots were heard.

Hurry then.
We have to cross the whole island.

Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!

Did they capture Sandokan
or Yanez de Gomera?

Not yet. They fled through the jungle,
but our men follow us.

We go too.

I don't want to miss the end of the hunt...

when the tiger will
roar for the last time.

They must have passed through here.
There are no other ways.

Let's move forward!

Leave it to me, Tigre.

- It's ok.
- Tamake! Kibur! With me.

Starting from this point,
and from here, our men

go north,
in the same direction as the pirates.

All men must reach the west
coast as quickly as possible.

Sandokan is also heading there.

We have to arrive early,
to prevent any chance of escape.

Brooke! Brooke!

- Sandokan disappeared.
- Wait, there is something strange.

Get down! Already!

Go! Let's go!

Hurry, though!


- Are you hurt? Didn't you say anything?
- I didn't want you to stop.

Go, Sandokan. I got it!

Sambilhong, give me your pistol.

Courage, the coast is close.

I love you. I love you so much.

The little I have lived with you is
worth more than a hundred years of love.

I die with you, Mariana.

Without you,
my heart will not know love anymore,

by anyone.


What is the symbol of your religion?

in death he wants his god beside him.

Samo! Samo!

We will!

Sandokan, come on, we have to go!

Tell the men to stop,

to pay military
honor to this grave.

If we stop, the pirates will flee.

Order that military
honors be done!

Good night, sweet princess.

May the angels lead you to your rest,

It's still there, I wasn't mistaken.

To the sea, quickly! Embark that
later you will come to pick them up.

Do you remember the beautiful
fishing we did here last time?


Come on, Sandokan,
we don't have much time.

It's useless, Yanez.

There is nothing to fight for.

You're wrong, brother.

Mompracem continues.
It's all in that boat.

I'm ready, Tiger.

You don't want them to die alone.

It's the end of Sandokan.

It is the end of the Mompracem legend.

Who knows? If I hadn't been born with
white skin, would I be on the other side?

If you asked me who I would
like to be if not James Brooke,

Maybe he would answer... Sandokan.

First day of navigation,
24th of June,


Strengths and resources:
crew with five tired men.

Groceries: none.
Water reserves: a bucket.

First four hours
of sailing: quiet.

No date. Just a few dolphins.

Twenty-fifth hour of navigation.

We left Mompracem a day ago.

No date yet.

The situation is getting worse.
They even ran out of tobacco stocks.

Why should a captain
always keep a logbook?

The next.

Samo is injured, double ration.

You drink.

Me, drink water?
How does it go through your head?

Do you know what you knew well?

A glass of XerĂªs or Alicante,

or even something stronger,

a whiskey.

You're hurt.

The last bullet fired from the ground,
the last...

Big bad luck...

During all this time...

So many hours...

What could I do? Fire me?

The rifle.

It is necessary to extract the
bullet and stop the bleeding.

What are you doing? No,
not with this big guy! I'm not an elephant.

- It has to be, Mr. Yanez.
- Listen...

I know it has to be done

but I have the right
to choose the surgeon.

I want Sandokan.
I apologize, Sambilhong.

Sandokan is my brother, companion
in many battles. And if you have...

to beat the boots...

it better be a
matter between us.

Here, bite this well.

- No. I could use a cigarette.
- Enough?

Better than nothing.

Are you ready?



Give me the bandages.

Candle in sight.

Come towards us.

Browse the bowline!

- Turn!
- No!

Even if it was Brooke,
we wouldn't run.

Now enough. We have to fight!

This is the Sandokan I like.

If this blessed didn't turn my head,
they seem to be friends.

- Viva Mompracem! Long live the Tiger!
- Daro.

Brave Malay.

Welcome aboard, Tigre.
Glad to see you safe and sound.

It's Mr. Yanez.
The one who smokes. Here it is.

Don't thank me,
it's Lord Guillonk's credit.

We heard about the attack on Mompracem.
The news spread from village to village.

We did everything to
get a ship. Here we are.

Sandokan, this ship is yours now.

Don't thank us,
we don't want your flag to be lowered.

We don't want to,
because it has always been our hope.

The flag of Mompracem...

fell into Brooke's hands,
along with the island.

Kipur, come here.

Sandokan, accept this offer.

Our women wove it for you.

- Thank you friends.
- Sandokan, look!

Forgive me, Mariana,
my heart did not die.

I love these people,
I can't leave them.

As long as I have a breath of life,
I will fight for my brothers.

A hundred boats...

250 to 300 men,
poorly armed and untrained.

Two squares, 20 cannons,

100 barrels of gunpowder and money.

At least 20,000 or 30,000 pounds.

We have no alternative,
we will have to be pirates.


Hoist the flag!

Sandokan! Sandokan! Sandokan!

England, the Tiger is still alive!