Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Quiet! You can go.

I thought I would surrender to the English,
not you, Brooke.

If I knew I would prefer death.

Better yet, I prefer you alive.

I didn't think that one day you
would let yourself be arrested.

I probably overestimated you.

The man who thought to fight,
possibly, does not exist, after all.

There is only the legend of that man.

You don't fight a legend,
it's like fighting a ghost.

But now its over.

You will be hanged in the
main square of Sarawak,

so that everyone, when they see it,
says "Is this the famous Sandokan"?

"The tremendous Malaysian Tiger?

He was just a rebel,
who died as he deserved ".

Your legend will also end.

James Brooke, you will not
be able to hang all of Malaysia.

Any boy in any village can
become another Sandokan.

For now,
all I have to do is catch this Sandokan.

With your death,
you will give the Malaysians

the will to revolt,
at least for a while.

If you have a god,
think about him these last few hours.

Now I understand.

He surrendered to save her.

I owe you my victory.

He won where I always failed.

But to save your reputation,
Lady Mariana,

the official version will have been kidnapped.

Sir James,
if your aim was to humiliate me,

then he got it.

It's not me you should be thanking,

but whoever dragged her
to a path covered in blood,

death and destruction.

I also chose this path,

but I walk it alone.

When I chose him,
I knew I should give up love.

He probably renounced
something he was never able to do...


Be loved...

In a few hours we will be in Labuan.

You will be escorted to
your uncle's residence.

And Sandokan?

He will be hanged.

When he surrendered he
knew what he was going to face.

He chose, not me.

I want to see you one last time...

you cannot deny that to me.

I'll order you to be taken to him.


Surrender for me.
You shouldn't do that...

You should not...

You're alive, that's what matters.

I will follow you,
whatever happens.

Not everything is lost.
I have a plan.

Hear me.

In my ring there
is a powder that

gives a sleep
identical to death...

For three hours,
not another minute,

it seems that the heart stops,
that the

blood does not flow
and the body is frozen.

- I'll swallow the powder.
- No!

You must get him
buried in the sea.

Not too late,
so as not to wake up on the ship,

neither too soon, or I will drown.
- No!

It is the sign of changing the guard.

In three hours, the sun will rise,
that's when I should be thrown overboard.

It will be the right time.

I will pick you up,
wherever you are...

nothing will separate us.





Call the doctor. Fast.

My love... Why did you do it?

Take out his irons.

Too late.

Death occurred.


Thank you, Captain,
for accepting my request.

Any man who dies on a ship
has the right to be buried at sea.

So don't thank me.

I must ask you one more favor...

I want to watch it until sunrise

No, Lady Mariana.

Sandokan's body will be
landed and hanged in the square.

- But this man is dead.
- Still, he must be hanged.

Take care of everything and distribute
a double dose of rum to the sailors.

No, I promised Lady Mariana that
this man would be buried in the sea.

His Majesty's government
made it available to me

and you will carry out my orders.

He seems to forget that I
am the captain of the ship.

Only I can give orders on board.
The corpse will be buried in the sea.

There will be no rum on my ship
to celebrate the death of a man.

Captain, do not understand that it
is not the death of a man who counts,

but the end of what Sandokan represents.

Therefore, the corpse will be hanged.

If it were possible to kill the legend without
killing the man, it would have already done so.

This corpse must be hanged,

or everything will have been in vain.

- It is England that wants it, not me.
- Which England are you talking about?

Certainly not mine.

My England is law,
order, sacrifice,

but also dignity, respect for man,
even when he is an enemy.

That is what I was taught.

Do you think it is possible to create
an empire with these principles?

Listen, if the people of these islands

do not see the corpse of the Malaysian Tiger,

you will never believe in his
death and his legend will continue.

I'm sorry,
but I gave my word to Lady Mariana.

This time he wins his England.

Lady Mariana.

One more moment, please.

Present the weapons!


To the sea!

Mr. Yanez.
There is something moving.

- Lower the candles, let's see.
- He's a man, Mr. Yanez.

- Alive?
- It seems so.

Nothing at all.

- Can you see who it is?
- The face cannot be seen,

but he looks like a strong man.

But with little judgment,
if we think about sharks.

Let me see.

But it's... Yes, it's Sandokan!

We will pick you up.

Put the candles down.

- Go ahead, quickly.
- What is up?

Let's go get Sandokan.

- Where?
- In my country they call this luck.

We turn right.

On the right! On the right!
Quickly! Quickly!

Is this the famous
Chinese warmth?

Expression of an ancient civilization?

A culture that boasts to
be the oldest in the world?

It is an affront, it is unworthy!

The denial of a sacred principle,
even in

the wildest African
tribes. The hospitality.

Animal, do you know who I am?
I'm Sir Anthony Welkwer!

What is this?

English "Lósbife", sir.

How dare you serve a bad
English roast beef to a Scotsman?

Has lazão.

Are you a traveler who likes
local specialties, old age?

It is certain that I want to taste.

Leave it to me, sir.

Oldinei small snack
Quel also small entlada?

It is better not.

Hurry, hurry.

- What is it?
- Hello with evil fleas. Very good.

- Drunk crab.
- But he's alive...

Crab always alive,
to reduce appetite. Sugarplum.

Tonkinese cat stew.
Tasty, very tasty.

Fish in the flock,
slashed with frogs and locusts.

Appetizing, very appetizing.

Prawns cooked with lemon and
shark with seaweed and pili-pili.

Good good good.

I see... I'll start with
the lemon prawns.

Cooked prawns are not eaten now.
Too salty.

This yes. Shark with pili-pili.
Delicate flavor.

I take your advice. Let's try.

Good, very good, old age?

- A little... a little spicy.
- Drink, drink.

Great. Superb.

- I'm sorry, who are you?
- I'm a pimp.

You want pretty Chinese girls,

Who tells me that you are
not a thief and not a pimp?

It doesn't suit me,
a pimp makes more than a thief.

It is true.
Where are those girls?

Go Go. Come on.

They're back here.

Get him on the first
ship to Australia.

Treat it with great care.
He's a Scottish lord.

- Sir Anthony Welker.
- Okay, Mr. Yanez.


Let me guess, Lord Welkwer.

- Elementary school in Eton.
- Obviously.

Like me.

- Secondary at Oxford.
- Of course yes.

- Member of the Royal Yacht Club.
- It is true.

Guard regiment, I imagine.

Scottish Marines regiment.

I apologize.

- A tea?
- With pleasure.

Marked smoked taste. A right mix,
with two

thirds of pekoe,
I would say. It has strength.

I'm glad you like it.

This is his first trip to the
East and he came to buy tea.

And so?

Say, to make money.
It is my favorite sport.

A sport that I share and respect.

- Can I go see?
- For sure, come.

Here are the tea champions.
An exceptional harvest.

The years ´42,
´48 and ´50 were the best.

- The price?
- Six coins per ounce.

- Transport?
- On my own, obviously.

- Risk?
- Usually it is...

- On behalf of the Company.
- It depends on the quantity you buy.

All. How much do you have?

An entire harvest.
It was an exceptional year.

We decided on this detail later.
In the meantime, here's my credentials

and an advance for the business.

But with this...

you can buy up to ten crops.

I am interested in all the merchandise,
also in pearls, pepper, tobacco.

Put it in the safe and prepare the receipt.


Can you give me a little time?

Pack your clothes in the big green chest.
For the bags wait for me.

Don't cry, Mennoa,
don't make things even more difficult.

We have a guest,
Lord Anthony Welker.

Aren't you afraid of thieves,
Lord Guillonk?

These windows look
directly onto the garden.

I am a businessman,
a Scottish one at that,

I know that a lot of
prudence is needed

lest they steal our treasures.

I close my treasures in
the Company's coffers.

It's my niece Mariana.
This is Lord Anthony Welker.

Does this magnificent
girl lock up in the safe too?

I wasn't going to waste a safe for me.

- And I'm leaving for England tomorrow.
- I'm leaving too.

Now that I've seen it, Malaysia
will look like a desert without you.

I must say that it is a
country with strange habits.

They serve cat stew and weird

mischief instead of
sherry and scotch.

- Malaysia is a wonderful country.
- Just imagine, Lady Mariana,

that yesterday I drank one of these
mixordias and fell to the river as dead.

Fortunately I wasn't really
dead and a friend saved me.

I woke up after three hours.
Three hours!

A strange adventure. Unbelievable.

But Malaysia is the country
of unbelievable adventures.

- If you like it so much, why leave?
- I was the one to insist that you leave.

- My uncle thinks that...
- The climate is not suitable for your health.

I advise you to leave on
"Almirante Bembow", a great ship.

- I already booked at "King Henry".
- Are you leaving Sarawak port at night?

No, tomorrow morning from Victoria Harbor,
at 12:00.


Watch out for women.
It didn't hit one.

What is it, an armada?

It is the escort of Sir James Brooke,
the Rajah of Sarawak.

You will also be my guest.
I am sorry, I will receive you.

My dear,
Sir Williams will also come.

Tomorrow morning he will
escort you with his men to the port.

On the journey of Lady Mariana.

May our affection be happy with
her and defend her from the elements.

And the pirates.

I also wanted to propose
a toast to our homeland,

to dear old England,
which we hope to see again soon,

if the fog allows.

I join your toast for patriotism,
Sir Anthony,

but I don't believe anything I said.
- How, Sir James?

You don't miss England at all.

I read it in your face.

Yours is the face of a man who
has lived most of his life in this world.

Like me too.

We are English, who in the sun of
the tropics acquired an oriental flavor.

I tell you more.

If we went back to England,
we would be two fish out of water.

You may not believe it, Sir James,

but I came to Malaysia
also curious to know you.

In England only the exploits of
Sarawak's White Rajah are spoken of.

I can imagine what they
say of my wickedness

in London's cowboy circles.

The usual Anglo-Saxon hypocrisy.

People speak ill of what is most useful to us.

Don't you think that hypocrisy
is our national defect?


A defect against
which it is immunized.

I like to speak clearly,
even when circumstances do not allow it.

But I can honestly say that I
like to participate in this dinner

and have met him personally.

Sir James.

A sergeant from the Indian soldiers
wants to see Colonel Fitzgerald.

He claims that his men
fought with the pirates.

- Where did they get them?
- In a cave, two miles from here.

We were returning from
patrolling the road to Victoria.

We heard the dogs
barking and approached.

- Dogs?
- It was a half dozen of them.

All tied to a rope.

- We had arrested the dogs.
- And they ended up getting attached to us.

You have to have a way with dogs.

Especially with those beasts,
Of the nation.

As soon as the pirates found us,
they hounded the dogs

and they attacked us impishly.

The dogs killed four
men and injured a dozen.

It must have been the dogs
that followed the Sandokan trail

when you kidnapped my niece.

In fact, they never returned.

Dogs prevented these
three from boarding.


have landed again to attempt
the abduction a second time.

I do not believe. Sandokan died.

Yes, he died.

His body lies at the bottom of the sea.

- How did he die?
- We captured him.

He killed himself with
the poison hidden in a ring.

Are you James Brooke?

Are you Sarawak's white rajah?


You have a reputation for being fierce,
but you didn't go so low as to lie.

If the Malaysian Tiger died,
Yanez will avenge him.

A new legend to
replace the old one.

Then call Yanez to set you free.

- Get us out of here.
- Move.

I am happy that the Colonel
escorts my niece tomorrow morning.

It's incredible! How can you
harm a girl like Lady Mariana?

The pirates vowed to kidnap her.
I owe you an explanation...

I never stick my nose
in other people's affairs.

I don't want the pirates
to cheat and kidnap me.

Enough, that whistle makes you sleepy.

Here, keep me awake.

- What is up?
- Do not know.

- Everything calm now?
- I was catching my breath.

- I'm going to go off.
- It's ok.

There is nothing more to do.

Sound the alarm.

Alarm! Alarm!

Gather all men!

Gather everyone! General call!

They ran away in our beards.

Great courage...

What's it?

Someone has released three prisoners.

You are bleeding.

You have to be medicated.

Doctor Kirby.

How did you get hurt?

Fault of the bush.
There are some thorns here...

You, head the column.

I can pray that the way is
fast and happiness awaits you,

but there is something, however,
that you will not deny me,

a friend's right to
cry with longing.

- Is it a Malaysian poem?
- Or my... who knows?

Goodbye, Sir Anthony.

My compliments to our island,

since it will be possible for you.
- I'm looking forward to getting there.

The trip will not be very smooth,
but certainly interesting.

I'm ready.

We will!

When I return to England,
I will visit you.

My mission in Malaysia
is almost complete.

In London you will find the
serenity to reflect on my proposal.

You certainly understand that I
cannot give you the time you asked for.

Time is not everything.

Don't you think, Sir William?

For you,
the best thing is to leave

and forget about Malaysia.

Forget Malaysia?
I don't think so.

Sir Anthony...

Last night he gave me a toast.

Now it's my turn.

I am not in the habit of
drinking in the morning.

You could offend me, Lord...

- Welker
- Yeah...

Lord Anthony Welker.

Okay, if you're offended...

To your health, Sir James.

I must say that this liquor is terrible.

Do you not drink?

You know, the long years on this earth

they taught me many things.

- Which are?
- The mysteries of the East,

if I may use the banal expression.

I am curious, for example,
to know something more about you.

This is the reason why I
offered you this liquor, it is yuma.

I don't know what it's made of,
it's a secret of the daiaki.

A correct dose nullifies the
will and conscience of any man.

A wrong dose
kills within minutes.


I hope I wasn't wrong.

What I want is not your death,

but find out the reason for your
disguise and your presence here,

Mr. Yanez de Gomera.

Yanez de Gomera, beautiful name.
It sounds better than Lord Welker.

Because it's your real name.

Seeing the wound on your hand yesterday,
I realized that you released the pirates.

Angry! Why didn't you arrest me?

Because you're here for a reason
and I can't figure out what it is.

Why did you come to Labuan?
And Lady Mariana's house?

Now that Sandokan is dead?

Dead Sandokan?
Give me a fire, James.

Sandokan did not die.
I drank yuma...

and he took a powder that
simulated death for a few hours.

They threw him into the sea

and I went after him and
chopped him up like a fish.

The mysteries of the East are
becoming increasingly mysterious.

- Where's Sandokan now?
- Where's Sandokan?

Go on, say it! You have to talk!

Where's Sandokan?

I am sure you will enjoy tea.

It helps to clarify ideas.

Thank you. Tea is great.

I can't say the same about yuma.

I want you to know that I'm
glad I didn't miss the dose

- and for having recovered quickly.
- I also want you to know something.

I was faking it when I passed out.

You must admit it was
a great representation.

It is a very subtle
way of not responding.

The most important now

is that we are sitting here,
calmly discussing the situation,

in front of a cup of tea.

Or should I say that we
are running a business?

I like the negotiations
over a cup of tea.

Lord of Gomera,

in all businesses there
is demand and supply.

You know what I try to know,
where is Sandokan,

because you disguised
yourself as Lord Welker,

and because he came
to Lady Mariana's house.

Regarding the offer,

I confess, Mr. Yanez,
that I had great doubts.

There are few people like
you on this side of the world.

If I disappear, modesty aside,
there will be none like me.

I see that you know
perfectly well what awaits you.

I assume that your
projects for my future

be surrender to your daiaki,
head cutters.

I would never do that to you.

- I would say, before...
- A rope,

with the slippery knot soapy.

I really appreciate your care.

I have a high opinion of you,

Mr. Yanez de Gomera.

The offer I make to
you is very generous.

Come with me, not at my service,

but beside me as a lieutenant.

A very flattering offer.

I suppose I will become
very rich and powerful.

I know that is not what interests you.
All men have a price.

I had to think hard to
understand which one was yours.

What united you with Sandokan?
Not wealth, being already rich.

Not the power. He is a nobleman and
in Europe the nobility is still powerful.

Not even the adventure,
has had many,

in Africa, in America, in China.

I know everything, believe me,

or almost everything, about what
he did these years around the world.

In the end I found out what it was.

The innate taste for the
game as an end in itself.

Giving this expression
its most noble meaning,

that is, that of action whose
purpose is only to give pleasure,


For any other descendant
of a noble Portuguese family,

being a pirate would have
been just an exciting experience.

For you, on the contrary, it is an
extraordinary intellectual emotion,

which was repeated whenever
he disguised himself to play pranks.

This is not all due to
the need for adventure,

but for the pleasure of
dressing someone else's skin.

even the skin of a person

who until recently
was his worst opponent.

Is there a game more skillful
than playing the role of the enemy?

He had fun fighting
alongside Sandokan.

Now fight for me.

There will be no official charge.
It will help me, it will work with me.

I guarantee you unexpected
emotions and situations.

I don't doubt it. He does not
lack the sense of the show.

But he only realized half of things.
Do you know how I met Sandokan?

I traveled on a
freight ship from Goa.

On the previous trip he had
transported African slaves.

In the crossings he alternated
between slaves and merchandise.

On that trip, the ship was
assaulted by Malaysian pirates.

Those pirates,
inferior in number and weapons,

men who had lived in the
east always subjugated, slaves,

they fought with impressive
courage and anger.

Suddenly, I saw the Portuguese captain
aim the gun at the back of a pirate.

I had the gun loaded and I fired,

I hit the captain's forehead.
The pirate was Sandokan.

At that moment,
with my finger on the trigger, I chose.

I had two lives in my hands,
I decided his fate and mine too.

I chose and forever.

One thing is right, there are few like us,
it is a shame to waste them.

I want to make you an offer too,

let me be my lieutenant.

He likes to play with his life.

Now the game is over. He
accidentally answered my questions.

I know where Sandokan is now.

I should inform Lady
Mariana that Sandokan is alive.

That's why it's here.

A test of friendship
is more of an emotion.

Sandokan must be
here for Lady Mariana

and probably on
the road to the port...

where also, unexpectedly,
I will be. We'll see what happens.


Third squadron ready to go.

Lieutenant, take care of the prisoner.

I will return with the
Sandokan in chains.

If you don't come back by sunset...
hang him.

If there is a pirate god it is a
case of saying "help Sandokan".