Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Sandokan's true identity is revealed during a tiger hunt by Colonel William. The tiger hunt quickly becomes a man-hunt as Sandokan tries to escape.

We will!

- Did you hear? They shot the tiger.
- Was it Tremal Naik?

- I had no firearm.
- The Fiztgerald!

We hope you killed him.
A wounded tiger is terrible.

I warned His Highness that it
was crazy to face the tiger alone.

- There's only one knife.
- We hope nothing will happen to you.

Marianna! Marianna! Where are you going?
Go back. It's dangerous.

We will!

Move forward! Now!

There were two tigers.

This is mine!

There are only two men in all of

Asia who face a
tiger hand to hand.

One is me,
the other is the Malaysian Tiger.

The tiger is yours, Sandokan.


Marianna, stop, don't move!

I can't lie to you.
You must know who I am.

I have the name of a pirate,

a name that scares,
that announces fire and death.


Drop that woman!

Stop it! What's going on here?

how dare you point a gun at my guest?

I recognized your cry
when you killed the tiger.

The same scream you gave
when you assaulted my ship.

His guest, the false prince of Shaia,
is not only

an imposter,
he is also a pirate and a murderer.

In fact, it is the worst of the killers...
Sandokan, the Tiger from Malaysia.

to tell you that, Marianna.
My kingdom is Mompracem.

I became a pirate to get back
from the English what was mine.

Now, enough! Arrest that man!

Get those beasts! Get them!

- I saw everything from the top of the tree.
- We have to teach the pirate a lesson.

- He's not a man, he's a beast.
- It's true, let's go hunt him.

Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

This is a military issue,
not a hobby for beginners.

Follow me, friends!
Let's take care of the Malaysian Tiger.

Force. On the move!

What does this manhunt represent?
A lesson in civilization for the natives?

- If it's to teach lessons, I'm going on vacation.
- Do something!


I drink a drop.

Thank you, Tremal Naik.

Here, it could be useful. You have
some advantage, but this isn't over yet.

They'll hunt you down like an animal.

I will return it to you.

I feel like we’ll meet again,
and one day...

I will ask you to come
with me to Mompracem.

You will fight beside me.

I appreciate your fight.
But I cannot fight men.

I don't hate them enough.

My life is in the jungle,
there is not enough hatred for men.

I don't know if your jungle will
be big enough to protect you.

Each one follows
his path of life,

and you will follow
yours until the end.

So we will always be friends.

You too will follow yours, Tremal Naik.

But our two roads will meet,
you will see.

So Sandokan, until the next meeting.

Ahead, Sabah. A pound
for you if we find him first.

- The first shot is mine!
- Okay, but I'll hit him.

The tiger came by.

He took the weapons.

In front!

Come on, move!

Hurry up!

No, Tiger! For!

I'm your friend, really!

You no longer have a deaf-mute servant,
but a faithful friend.

Did you see anyone pass by?

The men of the Company of the Indies,
in charge of controlling us.

- Since when are you here?
- Since dawn, as always.

In front!

They left.

You risked your
life to save mine.

- I'll never forget that.
- I brought you here because they are friends.

Shut up! Don't shout like that, Daro!

- I knew I could count on them.
- Now you talk too softly.

I've been deaf and dumb for four months.

You need to give the
voice time to get used to it.

We are happy.

Happy to have helped
the Malaysian Tiger.

Yes, they helped, but to the English.
Sandokan would have killed them all.

Let's go.

- Goodbye, Tunka. Be right back.
- If you don't come back, I'll kill you.

It's a girlfriend of mine.

We arrived.

How beautiful is my river!

- It's a rich land.
- Fish, fruit, tobacco, indigo, tea...

But it's all from the Companhia das Indias.

We hid half and sold it
to Chinese smugglers.

The Company's
Sipoys came here once.

- They wanted to know about the merchandise.
- And thou?

In order not to answer,
I pretended to be deaf and dumb

and sent me as a servant
to Guillonk's house.

- Why didn't you run away before?
- I didn't run for love.

Dating with Mennoa,
Lady Marianna's maid.

I declared my love to you with gestures.

He was deaf and dumb!

My girlfriends!
Yeah, and they too.

It's for you,
from Lord Guillonk's cellars.

Last night,
some men landed in Labuan,

a few kilometers further east.

- How did you know?
- News travels along the river.

They hid at the foot of the beach.
They are looking for a friend.

- One of them is white, but not English.
- This river is really cheap.

How can I go to them?

One of my daughters
will take you to them.

Thank you.

And thou?

What did you decide to do?

Everything I have is here...
my land, my people.

I don't have the courage to abandon them.

And what would my girlfriends say?

They're on the beach down there, Sandokan.

Good luck.

Knee to the floor!

To point!

What are you doing? Cowards!




I expected more enthusiasm.

I am surprised it happened so early.

I thought you liked him.

A handsome man, a great officer
with a brilliant career ahead of him.

Not to mention family heritage,
which is not negligible.

I know that very well, uncle.

I am grateful to Sir William
for asking for my hand.

Nobody wants you to
make a decision already.

In my opinion,
you will hardly find better.

Think of the love he has for you.

I don't even talk about the happiness
that would give me such a good marriage.

I believe that mutual attraction is not
enough to get married and live together.

You should see life in the same way,
have the same ideas.

Do not ask a misanthrope for
the rules of a perfect marriage.

You know what I'm talking about, uncle.

Since I arrived, I saw that the world
does not end in good British education,

at tea, at parties,
and in certain rules of life.

There is another life, the life of
the world that lives outside of us.

The lives of these people
around us that we ignore.

Why don't we try to understand it?

I don't understand what this has
to do with Sir William's proposal.

You are confused,
this stay did not do you good.

You forget the responsibility of
us whites towards these people.

We are here to set an example for you,
to help you.

Can you help them without understanding them?

In fact, you don't care about them,
in fact, you even despise them.

Know why? Because you are
convinced of your superiority.

I am convinced of my
superiority because I am superior,

and that is because my
civilization is superior to theirs,

my culture is superior to theirs.

We give these people
more than what we receive.

We are bringing civilization to them,
as the Romans brought it to us.

They don't want our civilization,
but theirs.

We are here to bring civilization

or to earn money
by exploiting them?

What is this conversation?
Since when are you engaged in politics?

It is not a matter for you.
Get certain ideas out of

your head, and consider Sir
William's proposal carefully.

- Colonel Fitzgerald.
- Let him through.

You will agree, my dear,
that it is a theatrical entrance.

This avoids a painful speech
that I don't want to face again.

- Milord. Lady Marianna.
- Good news? Did they capture him?

The pirate is thought to have
managed to leave Labuan.

- They saw a praho with its flag.
- The tiger flag.

This is not a joke,
our survival is at stake.

To think you were half dead here,
unable to defend yourself...

It is more interesting to dislodge
him from his Mompracem hideout.

One way or another,
Sandokan will fall into our hands.

Sir William,
the uncle told me about your proposal.

Please don't answer now.

I feel that this is not the right time.

The winds eased and
the currents parted.

I need some time to reflect,
to get used to the idea.

I know it.

It is not like being in England,
in our world

protected by the
civilization we were born into.

Try to understand me,
everything here is so different.

With the exception of my feeling,
which will

be immutable forever,
whatever your answer.

In war and in love,
they taught me to choose only once.

- Sergeant.
- Yes, Milady?

We stopped here.

- Wait a moment.
- Come down.

Be at ease, in fact, forgive yourself...
But orders are orders.

Don't worry, sergeant,
I'm getting used to you.

It's for your safety.

- But the pirate left Labuan.
- They guarantee so.

When we stop escorting her,
the soldiers will be sad.

- They talk only about you.
- You don't?

I wouldn't allow myself,

but I am ready to serve you
and risk your life if necessary.

Whenever I need
comfort I come to visit you.

Today you say nothing...

You're offended because
I came with the soldiers...

It was imposed on me, I can't do anything.

I see the mark of God on your forehead.

- He's not here anymore.
- It's clearly visible.

What exists cannot disappear,
although the appearance dissolves.

Jewels and pain surround you,
and are about to start the great duel,

because the gods have decided
that you will become a woman.

Enjoy the last moments of your childhood,
take a deep breath,

are yours.


I came to take you with me,
do you want to come?

Yes! Yes!


I would swear that someone is
in the middle of the vegetation.

Prepare your weapons.
Don't show that we noticed it.

Sea Spider!

Run away, Milady! Run!

It is frightening to look at death,
and I bring death.

You knew that before,
but now you saw it with your eyes.

Marianna, can you continue to love me?

We will.

The forest is very dense,
we continue on foot.

Send the horses away.

It is impossible to chase them on horseback.

My uncle's dogs!
They can follow a track for days.

Divide into parts, Sambigliong.

It must be an area rich in animals,
full of holes.

I know, Sambigliong found
a Babirussa in one of them.

Sambigliong, do you know what a saying is?
I don't think so...

Do you know what a man is?

A crazy.

And a man in love? Three times a
madman. It is a saying of my country.

- Yanez!
- Sandokan!

This is Marianna.

I no longer say that
you are a nutcase,

but the wisest and
lucky man in the world.

They are Lord Guillonk's dogs.

- It will be difficult to lose our trail.
- Absolutely.

Go on, we take care of the dogs.

- No!
- Get Marianna safe.

There are two praho in the sea, take the
biggest one, and leave the other one for us.

If it weren't for Marianna,
I'd stay with you.

Now that you've said the historical phrase,
leave me with my dogs.

- Cute Batol! Sea Spider!
- Here we are.

- See you soon, Tigre.
- Sambigliong, bring the Babirussa.

Such a Babirussa
is really a waste.

But there is nothing to be done.

It seems that dogs
love this blood.

It disgusts me.

take us to where you saw the traps.

Arrange yourself on
the four cardinal points.

We meet in Mompracem.

Come on, beautiful!
Go ahead, courage! Do yourself a favor.

Here is the two-legged babirussa!

Very well, like this!
Go ahead, there are holes for everyone!

Very well, anyway.

Ready to go?

- Sandokan.
- Sandokan.

I always fought out of hate.

I didn't care about death.

Mine, that of enemies,
that of companions

Today, for the first time,
I fought for love.

And death weighs me down.


- How fast are we going?
- At seven knots, Sir James.

How many can we reach?

To more than twelve knots.
It is the fastest ship in this sea.

And better armed.
It has long-range cannons.

I am pleased that the admiral
made this cruiser available to me.

To be honest, I am not.

I attended the military academy and
always fought in conventional wars.

Fighting pirates in a way that I don't
understand, doesn't appeal to me.

I swore obedience to
the queen and the flag.

I don't understand what
you have to do with this.

Officially, nothing.

But don't forget that Drake,
an almost pirate,

destroyed the Spanish
fleet in the name of England.

- Would you be the new Drake?
- I do not...

but you are, commander.

Ours will be a fruitful collaboration.

How long will you be in Labuan?

Strictly necessary to
talk to some people.

Sometimes I dreamed of what
my wedding night would be like.

I was afraid, and I pushed the thought away.

I couldn't imagine so much tenderness,
so much love and happiness.

I also feel happy.

No. You are not completely happy.
I see you, I begin to know you.

What are you thinking about?

- In the past.
- In your past?

- Yes.
- And does it hurt so much?

I thought of my father.

He was a just man,
a sultan loved by his people.

I don't even know where he's buried.

I will never forget your
expression of disbelief,

not out of fear, just out of astonishment,

when the killers
suddenly appeared.

The whole family was in the palace.

Me, my brothers and sister, the uncles,

and many other family members.

I saw them fall, one after another,

in a lake of blood.

Everyone was screaming, there were
those who tried to run away, grab weapons.

They were all strangled like beasts.

I was little more than a child.

A servant saved me,
taking advantage of the confusion.

I learned that it was the
English who paid the conspirators

to place a usurper on the throne.

Since that day,
revenge is my only reason for living.

After so much hate, you needed love.

You're right...

It is not possible for a man to
live by consuming himself in hatred.

I realized that with you, tonight.

There will be a different
way of being in the world,

and you will teach me that.

Sail to starboard!

This is called "luck".

Your cruiser couldn't have a
better baptism of fire, Captain.

On that ship is the
Malaysian Tiger.

It's a little praho.
Do we order you to surrender?

It is wasted time.

Neither he nor I
want a surrender.

As soon as they are within reach

we stand on the side and
shoot with all the cannons.

- What we do? Do we reverse the route?
- No.

The wind is against it.

The ship is moving at least ten knots.
We have no alternative.

We have to fight.

Ready to open the fire.
Expect them to be within reach.

Wait, they're still out of reach.

Who knows English signs?

Me, Tigre.

They are communicating something.

They ask that the Englishwoman
on board be landed in

Labuan, and that the crew
of the praho can leave freely.

I accept with one condition,
I want the Sandokan.


"the Tiger surrenders".