Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

We tell sitting in the bare land,
sad stories of the death of kings,

as some were deposed,

others killed in war,

others pursued by the ghosts
from whom they took the throne.

Some poisoned by their wives,
others slaughtered in sleep.

All murdered.

In the hollow that girds
the deadly temples of a king

death has a cut.

I didn't think I'd hear Ricardo
ll recite verses in these parts.

The death of a king,
because Sandokan was a king.

Everyone celebrates as they want.

I declare Shakespeare...
and my courtiers, do you hear?

They're on a spree.

Don't you think, Sir James,
that the event deserves to be celebrated?

Like hyenas...

and crowded over the corpses.

It looks like you're sad.

It's hard to explain.

And even more to understand.

Colonel, what is England to you?

The green of the meadows on your farm?

The lights of "Trafalgar Sqquare",
on a Christmas night?

Your college at the Military Academy?

Your circle,
the court of "St. James"?

For the English like me, born far
from the motherland, it is different.

England is the Empire.

It is the course of barbarians in
the desert, illuminated by the moon.

It's sarg. Irishman who taught
me military songs as a child.

It is the farming market, where a
thousand Indian dialects are confused.

It is Niro's Muslim rebellion.

It is the tragedy of Afghan children.

It's the adventure, it's...

maybe Sandokan.

Coleri was right.
In each conqueror there is a poet.

I never felt that when writing
like this in our Imperial vocation.

Sandokan and I were
against each other,

for a long time.

Now that he died...

it's like a part of me dies.

- Is the bet always valid?
- Obviously. 24 bottles of wine.

I'm sorry, but in my opinion,
he's a dead man.

You never know, with these Orientals.
Marsala, not just any wine.

Rest assured,
4 boxes came from our duchy in Sicily

and ensured that it is
better than last year.

- Do you want to try it?
- With pleasure.

They say it was an
exceptional harvest.

- Better than the Indian they give us.
- I take my hat off to a connoisseur.

Four bullets, four days in a coma.
The merit, if saved, will be your Dr.

He regained consciousness.

This man has a fantastic fiber.

Maybe it was wrong to bet,
Lord Guillonk.

I wish you could talk...

I probably wouldn't
understand a word

and maybe you don't even speak my language.

But at this moment,
I have the feeling

who would hear your
voice like you hear a song.

I don't know why you caused
this restlessness in me.

It must be because it is the first time
that I see a man of your people up close.

We English people are
so pale compared to you...

As if... in you,
life had more strength.

I feel that in you,
that strength is still alive.

Don't die...

You can't, you shouldn't.

Can you talk?

Where am I?

What is this place?


It's in my house. I'm Lord Guillonk,
from the India Company.

Sleep, you are very tired.

What a strange song...

So different from ours.

It is very beautiful.

It's my niece Marianna playing.

Is it English music?

No, it's Vivaldi. My
niece's mother was Italian.


- What does Italian mean?
- Europe is so far away for you.

ltalia is a country similar to yours,

by the sea and warmed
by a beautiful sun.

My brother was a consul
in ltaly with the Pope.

Now he will ask who the Pope is.

It's Patan.
It was found on the high seas.

He must have been at
sea for at least ten days.

They are bullet holes.
There was a battle.

Prepare two praho. We left now.

Poor Patan,
insisted so much to embark.

I am glad to know that you are better.
You are already out of danger.

It is a miracle,
for ten days the fever gave him no rest.

I'm sorry that,
because of me, I lost a bet.

- 24 bottles of your wine.
- So you heard? Don't misjudge us.

It's our addiction, English,
to bet on everything, Your Highness...

What makes you think
I have noble blood?

The ring on your finger. It is a royal
coat of arms and is worth a fortune.

It was an offer.

An offer from my brother.

You probably know him,
he is the Sultan of Shaja.

- Shaja?
- Yes.


I have wanted to do business with
this kingdom for a very long time.

I'm sorry,
I've never been in business.

On the contrary,
I live in Labuan for that very reason.

I will accompany you to Shaja and
you can introduce me to your brother.

A little curiosity that
I hope will satisfy.

The surgeon extracted 4 bullets from the
chest. His body was covered with wounds.

My ship was attacked by pirates.

I threw myself into the sea,
I don't remember almost anything.

I don't know how I got here.

It was found by our servant Daro,
a poor deaf and dumb.

He managed to explain that a prince
or something was injured on the beach.

The happiest person to know that
he is better will be my niece Marianna.

He watched it day and night.

Your niece is...

the pearl of Labuan.

It is called that by the Malays.

He just arrived from England.
My brother died four years ago

and his wife, as an Italian said,
just a year later.

Marianna finished her
studies and I sent her to come.

I will throw a party for your 18 years,

I hope you'll be our
guest if you can get up.

Now I let you rest.

Rascal! Trickster! Thief and scoundrel!

I'll teach you how to steal.

- What is up?
- I'm sorry, sir... Excellency.

This man must be punished.

It is possible, but not here.

- What did he do?
- Stole the boss's cigars.

He is deaf and dumb, but with
his hands he is faster than lightning.

Give back what you stole.

I told you to return what you stole.

Nothing more than a pack of twenty.

Moreover, the village where
he was born has only thieves.

They worked for
the India Company

and half the
harvest disappeared.

We had to arrest them
and burn the village.

- Can go.
- Your Highness...

You are, then, a poor deaf mute,
a terrible criminal.

You stole tobacco from the English,
tobacco grown on Malaysian plantations.

A package of fifty.

You really are a thief.

There is not much difference between us.
You are a thief and I am a pirate.

Don't worry,
you are well accompanied.

They call me the Malaysian Tiger.

My dream...

The image he pursued in delirium.

Why wasn't it just a dream?

It is the pearl of Labuan.

But also an enemy's niece,

the representative
of the India Company.

Merchants, speculators,
not even soldiers.

What am I doing here? Yanez
and Mompracem are waiting for me.

I have to go.

I'm sorry, but I have to eliminate you.

Better this way, much better.

After all, I owe you my life.

We arrived.

- Do you live there?
- You won't get a word out of him.

Sometimes he sits and says nothing.

- Nothing is known about him, where does it come from?
- From India.

Malaysians call
him the Holy Man.

- Have you known him for a long time?
- Since my husband died.

I was desperate, I didn't know
what to do and I came here every day.

- What did he say to you?
- Nothing or little more.

We were sitting in silence,
we didn't even look at each other.

That's how I decided
not to go back to Ireland.

Words and silence in the
East take on different meanings.

It is another world and I feel that I am
crossing the border that divides them.

Everything must happen slowly.
It can be painful, but very beautiful.

Sometimes, I'm even afraid.

There is a Malay poem that says:

If life is born within you,
from death, let it live.

If death is born within you,
do not be afraid.

Death is also life,
life is also death.

Death is also life,
life is also death.

It is very different from the
poems that teach us at school.

It's like it's written just for me.

Go to him.

Why don't you come with me?

Go alone.
It is certainly what you want.

I brought my friend Lucy Mallory.

Do you remember the red-haired
lady from the plantation to the north?

Can you teach me to
understand the world around me?

I want to learn to
love the people here.

- They consider you a kind of Saint.
- I just try to understand God.

Is it possible to understand God?

It is certainly possible to try to perceive Him.

- What does God believe in?
- In the true God. The Trimutri.

This temple is dedicated to him.
It has three names.

Brama: the force of creation,
which always continues to create.

Visnú: the force that continuously
preserves what was created.

Shiva: the force that always destroys.
However, they are all one force.

Each different and equal to the other.

You understand my words,
my language.

It is strange, it seems that you
also understand what I am not saying.

Come closer.

- What is?
- I marked you with the sign of God.

Do not be afraid.
The fugitive returned voluntarily.

Labuan's pearl is too beautiful,

your look...

lit a fire in my heart.

I won't leave...

while it hasn't burned me.

Magnificent party Mr. Guillwert.

And champagne to match the situation.

- Have a drink with me?
- Why not, for once!

If he were someone else,
I would say he was an abstainer.

Almost, abstainer!

I can't do it with these
Muslims who don't drink.

- All compounds.
- They may feel uncomfortable.

Here is Ireland on the attack.
I fold and give the game as a win.

Is it possible that an intelligent
man like you doesn't understand this?

They invited him and
do not speak to him.

What can we talk about with the
indigenous people? Neither time nor racing.

How would you feel if you were
the only European at a Muslim party?

Thirsty. I prefer parties
with a lot of champagne.

Captain Van Doren.

Captain Van Doren.

Dear Captain,
I am happy for your presence.

It's my pleasure.
Too bad we can't conclude business.

You'll know I lost the ship and the cargo.

I am glad that at
least I saved my life.

It all happened in an unusual way.
An adventure romance story.

I don't see your niece Marianna.

Lady Mallory says that
women must be difficult.

Especially the most admired.

Will you stay for the hunt?

I certainly know that it will be led
by the most famous Indian hunter.

- Bengali, it's Tremal Naik.
- Are you here at the party?

I didn't want to come.
He also wants to make himself difficult.

I know you have one more special guest.

I had the honor of saving the life
of the brother of the Sultan of Shaja.

He was also attacked by pirates.

I negotiated a lot in Shaja,
I know both the sultan and his brother.

I would like very much to greet Him
and congratulate Him on escaping.

Come with me.

Here is Your Highness.

Highness, do you know Captain Van Doren?

You can't have forgotten about me.

I recently had the pleasure of
being a guest in your kingdom.

And he wanted to offer
me a priceless jewel.

Seriously? What did the Captain
do to deserve such an offer?

He behaved very courageously.

I'm glad to be able
to thank you again.

And I for confirming
my judgment about you.

An original way
to face the heat.

- I think it looks great.
- If my daughter wore that...

Are the effects of the
classes on the Orient?

These indignant fools should
learn something from Marianna.

Marianna, what was that
idea of dressing up like that?

Change your clothes now!

Uncle, we're in Malaysia,
there's no harm in wearing a Malay dress.

Lord Guillonk. I need your help.

Certain masquerades are in bad taste.

Milady, when I was sick you
were by my side, day and night.

It is the sign of my gratitude.

Your Highness, offering a ring to
a European has a special meaning.

Please don't be offended,
I can't accept it.

Am sorry.


You are a prince, it is true,

but there’s always Malay
blood in your veins, don’t forget.

It is better not to exaggerate
with your tributes to this country.

Colonel Sir William Fitzgerald.

Lord Guillonk. Lady Marianna.
Congratulations on your 18 years.

I traveled a lot of the road
to be by your side today.

Thank you very much, Sir William.

I want to introduce you to a valiant
officer from His British Majesty.

Colonel Sir William Fitzgerald.

As soon as he arrived he was filled with glory

fighting and killing Sandokan,
the most terrible pirate in Malaysia.

I couldn't imagine meeting the
man who killed the Malaysian Tiger.

Our guest was also a victim of pirates,
they attacked the ship and injured it.

It could even have been Sandokan himself.

- Where did your ship go to the bottom?
- Off the Romades Islands.

That's where we sank the pirates.

Strange, we did not hear the battle,
nor did we see the rubble.

The sea is very big.

remember? You owe me a dance from London.,

- Didn't we dance together all night?
- Actually, not all.

The last dance was with the host.
Now you have to make up for it.

With pleasure,
but I promised His Highness this dance.

Forgive me,
but I don't know European dances.

So, here we go.

- A really great couple.
- We will admire them.

Youth and happiness are so brief.

- They look great together.
- Watch out for gossip, Mrs. Mallory.

We hide in the ditch.
As soon as they pass, we fire.

There are hidden sepoys.
There are three and a sergeant.

Wait for us to pass to fire.

- Do what I do.
- It's ok.

So, Sambigliong, are you kidding?

Go on. Hurry up.

I'll go now.

Always the same story,
there is never anyone my size.

All skinny.

I have you arrested for
having your uniform rumpled.

It's not my fault,
I don't fit inside,

- The boy is the great Tremal Naik?
- Yeah, but wait until you get in on the action.

- Why is it sitting there?
- Before starting the hunt,

he always asks his God for
forgiveness for the tiger he will kill.

It was the tiger. When we
entered the jungle, he went ahead.

We hear roar and screams.

When we arrived, it was already late,
the tiger was gone.


- What does female mean?
- The Tiger.

We saw only one male in this area.

- These are female teeth.
- Where are you going?

The scouts will direct the tiger in
our direction, then we will leave.

I'll go ahead.
Between you and the scouts.

I'll wait for the tiger alone.

No, you're going with us.
Guests want to have fun.

Death must not amuse,
even the death of an animal.

Are you becoming a philosopher now?

Tremal Naik, I paid you,
remember that.

To kill the tiger.
But I decide where and how.

He is very young,
but also very brave.

- It's yours if you want.
- I already have this one.

- This is a perfect weapon.
- What counts is not the gun, it's the man.

Highness, don't you take part in the hunt?

No, Milady, I'm leaving.

- Part?
- Yes today.

So early?

I miss the fever that burned in me,
Lady Marianna.

I wanted to go back to delirium,
to be between life and death

because I saw the image
of a wonderful woman,

who seemed to be able to understand
and love me while taking care of me,

a woman who, I hoped,
would never abandon me.

But the fever passed, the dream ended

and reality presents me
with a different image,

too different. So, I'm leaving.

Your Highness,

said things I wish I had said,

indeed, who dreamed of hearing it said.

- Stay longer, please.
- He told me...

that in your country offering
a ring has a special meaning.

I believe it represents a promise.

We also have a way
of making promises.

Kill a tiger for the
woman you love.

I will kill the tiger for you,
Lady Marianna.

Your Highness, what are you doing?
Go back, go back!

It's not just Tremal. It doesn't make
sense to face the tiger alone. It's insane.

If it's crazy why not stop it?
Or does your sporting spirit forbid it?

It's just pride. They are exhibitionists.

Exhibition, pride, courage...
what does reason matter?

It is a beautiful gesture,
which can also

be done by an official
from Queen Victoria.

Friends, attention! Everyone on the march!