Sandokan (1976): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

The Tiger.


Hurray, Nisa killed the tiger.

Did you see my brave little brother,
little one? With a shot.

To sit. Sit down.

Now I finish it with my kris.
- Don't hurt him.

Was it known that I
would come today?

Sir William Fitzgerald is expected
to join the regent of Selangor.

Did you hear it, Colonel? Please
go to His Highness the Regent.

No, this is not a trade agreement.
This is theft.

The East India
Company gets everything.

Not everything. 80%.

We let you take advantage of the rest.

You get protection
from the pirates.

Pirates can never steal
more than the Company plans.

Because I'm a Malaysian, do you
think I don't know what you want from us?

Coal for your ships. Antimony.

I predict political changes.

And I give you good advice.

England will soon
be in charge here.

Wouldn't it be
better to be our ally?

But my answer remains no.

I'm only regent for the
young prince and princess.

I don't make a decision that
conflicts with their interests.

The situation in the palace
changed after you left.

If you do not sign the treaty now,
it is certainly not in their interest.

There are many soldiers here.
Afraid of an attack?

Peace is not yet prevalent everywhere.
- Is it true that there are pirates?

Pirates. A bunch of bandits.
- And why all those troops of soldiers?

Are you in Malaysia for the first time,

Everything is different here.
What do you think of the enemy?

A neatly arranged army in order of battle,
with banners, at a certain distance.

Is that right ?

And how do you see the enemy?

Like a snake crawling behind
me and suddenly biting me deadly.

Your Highness.

I am a British subject to you,
not the Rajah of Sarawak.

Lord Palmerston,
Prime Minister of England, is sending me.

He warned me it
would be a long journey.

Here in the east,
time and distance differ.

In any case,
I would like to get to know you.

I have heard a lot about the white raja,
the pirate exterminator.

A man of standing.
To be afraid of.

You seem surprised.

Didn't they tell you that?

I bet the prime minister finds
me competent but unscrupulous.

Frankly, he said even more.

What do they know in London?

What it takes to keep
them in check here?

I was born in India.

I have built an
empire on my own.

I am radja from Sarawak.

I have a throne,
but I serve England.

It is not about your loyalty,
but about your methods.

I ignore that majority
in the Senate.

My methods are the only
option for here and now.

Come on. I'll show you something.

These are also my subjects.

They live off piracy. Some I hanged,
others incorporated.

Terrible, isn't it? It is the
only way to prevent worse.

Adaptation to local customs.

There are many things we
cannot leave to uniformed soldiers.

This would not happen in England.

And not be tolerated.

I also prefer executions
that don't involve blood.

But I'd rather give them scalps
than let them find them themselves.


Before you the sun is almost setting.
The Tiger is coming.


Is that a native curse?
No, rather a prediction.

Get that man.

That's a Sandokan man.
The Tiger, a pirate.

The Tiger of the island of Mompracem.

I haven't caught it yet.

That's why the man
says Sandokan will kill me.

I also heard of
Sandokan in Labuan.

How can a pirate with a pair of
savages be such a problem for England?

You. Halt.

Take you.

What do you want from me ? Cursed
Englishman, the Tiger will kill you.

Why do you let him live?
- It's worth more alive.

My soldiers work very efficiently.

I think I can use that
man well for my plans.

So you want Sandokan.
Isn't it a waste of your time?

I think we should wipe this
sea clean with a thoughtful plan.

England wants to rule here.
The Company is there for trade.

After trade, a political and
military conquest had to follow.

Time for action. Malaysia must
be a base for the British Empire.

I must maintain contact
with you and the Company.

You are our support here.

You can get ships and cannons.

With your troops and native soldiers
we easily exterminate the pirates.

It's just wanted, yes. Still,
don't underestimate them, Colonel.

Because among them...

there are men who interpret
the feelings and needs of others.

Then their rags become uniforms.

Daggers become cannons. Unfortunately
for us, Sandokan is such a man.

Mompracem is his island.
Almost impregnable.

His right hand is a Portuguese,
a white renegade. Yanez de Gomera.

Intelligent, civilized, very cunning.

Sandokan has the bravest
and cruelest men in Asia.

Malaysians, Borneo negritos,
Indians, Khmers, Chinese, Siamese.

Daydreams. Just like my
men willing to give their lives.

This sea is rich.
Until now, at least.

I do not understand.

He is also late for his actions.

Then drink tea.

You see, Sambigliong,
tea is very important.

The English have
conquered the world with tea.

Drinking tea, my friend,
is not a habit, but a philosophy.

This is all strange to you.

You tell me.

What would we do if James
Brooke were here as our prisoner?

Do we ask him
what his last wish is?

Maybe he wants a cup of tea.

What do we give him?
Dirty water ?

No. - Sure.

We must not make a bad figure.

Pretend Brooke is
here and serve tea.

Remember. First the tea.

Then the milk. No more than a cloud,
as it should be.

Now pour the rest on the floor,
by my foot.

That rule is new to me.

We cannot apply rules from
the salons here in the China Sea.

Clean up immediately, please.

Do you know what
this English tea proves?

That a strong people
have bad habits...

can also impose on the enemy.

For a good Portuguese like me,
there is nothing better than some Alicante.

On your smile, Noa.

My cigarettes are gone.
- I have good chewing tobacco for you.

Getting black teeth, sure.

Ragno di Mare!
- Here I am.

How quiet it is. Is there no
more life on Mompracem?

They are waiting, Mr Yanez.

It's been so long since he
left. And he's not back yet.

He'll come.

The Company's representative,
Lord Guillonk...

said the regent would not sign
the treaty with the Company.

It can also be done differently.

I assure you that the
regent will sign tomorrow.

Then the proceeds
come into our hands.

Why do you think the regent signs?

Because he can no longer refuse.

The two heirs to the
throne are here in Sarawak.

As prisoners?

As soon as the regent signs,
they are just guests here, free to go.

I'm going to visit them soon.
Are you coming with me ?

I would be happy to be
friends with them in the future.

But as a British officer...

you should not know that I
am holding the children captive.


Still I can go.

To see if they are
treated correctly.

Perfect. You play well.

Sir James, you're demonstrating
the latest punches to me.

Where are they ?
Who has been here?

The Tiger. It was the Tiger.

Is this the island you
would take me to?

How beautiful. Can we stay here?
- Yes, we can stay with you.

Your country is waiting for you.

Now you are still young.

But a prince and princess.
- She's afraid.

I can't do more than
deliver you from Brooke.

If danger threatens again,
can we call you?

Nobody hurts you.

What is your name actually?

What is my name?



Finally. The children are safe.

Bad luck for Brooke.

I would have liked to see his face.

I hope to meet him someday.

And what have you done?
- Queer pranks.

To pass the time, I sank a
Dutch three-master. Beautiful loot.

Mompracem does not live without you.

This is the loot
of the Dutch ship.


From the sixteenth century.

This ring was a gift
from Queen Elisabeth.

You don't know the history of my
continent. The ring is very precious.

These things give me
an idea of your world.

It has changed so much.
Maybe I wouldn't run now.

I also captured a lot of weapons.
And exquisite wines.

Precious wine is on the table in Labuan.
There are tapestries, weapons.

And what is this?

A harmonium.

A musical instrument from Austria.

This is the Dutch
captain Van Doren.

He courageously
refused to surrender.

To play on that you have to study
for years and have refined hands.

Get closer.

Who was it intended for?

For a woman.
The Pearl of Labuan.

The most beautiful white woman,
Lady Marianna Guillonk.

Marianna, the Pearl of Labuan.

Captain, your life is in my hand.

We are both sailors.

And we are willing to take risks.

Brooke has my men
scalp through his Dayaks.

I know that.
- But I'm not Brooke.

I recognize brave men,
even when they are white.

Come on, take this.

Souvenir from Sandokan.

You will be escorted to
the mainland and released.

You are incorrigible, Sandokan.
A generous pirate.

Halt, who's there?
- I'm Koa. I'm looking for the Tiger.

All right, come on.

I was afraid they got you.
- No, it is not.

How was Labuan?

Good. I was hiding in the
harbor disguised as a beggar.

The wait was worth it.

A merchant navy fleet arrived.

They unloaded cargo
for Lord Guillonk's stores.

Rubber, tea, spices, brocade.
The stores were overflowing.

And the warships?
They took in drinking water and left.

So the coast is not monitored?

There is also little security on land.
Only some native soldiers.

In strange service
for a few rupiah.

They are soldiers who
understand their trade. Dangerous.

We have encountered them before.

We must launch
a surprise attack.

We must seize such an opportunity.

I was just doing that.

Here we are. This is Sarawak,
Brooke's domain.

Those coasts are in English hands.
This is Labuan.

Easy. Block Fort Victoria.

Landing on two sides,
striking and leaving.

Fifteen ships and two thousand men.

Do we have it?

You're right, Yanez.
It's not like that. A plan is needed.

I am glad you understand
that you cannot attack Labuan.

Still we do it. But at night,
with only one boat.

I'm going to Labuan.

Even now alone?
- Are you stopping me?

No, I don't even try.

Until your orders.

Remember when you
were drunk last time?

I should have hanged you actually.

When we board, you'll be the
first to jump on the enemy bridge.

Thank you. That is how I can die as a man.

- Yes, Tiger.

When Patan dies,
you take command.

Ship on starboard side.

How big ?

Not big.
It looks like a freighter.

What is his course?

The stern is in our direction.
He seems to be still.

A Chinese junk.

It is fully loaded.

They lowered the sail.
- Beautiful prey.

Prepare cannons.

Quiet everyone.

I see smoke.
Is there a fire on board?

I see the white flag.

The guns are pointed.

Don't fire too fast.

They ask for help.

Let's see what we
can do for them.

They fell for it.
They are heading straight for us.

We're lucky, Colonel Fitzgerald.

On that boat is Sandokan, the Tiger.

He is doomed.
Great trap from James Brooke.

What is it, Tiger?

The waterline is too low.
- It's full of firewood.

He can also be full of men.

I admit I am disappointed.

I expected more from Sandokan.

They said he was a
brave and cunning man.

It is a trap.
That boy is full of soldiers.

Shall I turn the guns?
- Too late.

They wiped us out with a salvo.

Full steam ahead. To the junk!

They have gone mad.
They are approaching us.

We can't shoot like that.

All the better.
I always wanted to board.

On your places.

Fasten all sails.



Attack when the
pirates are on the bridge.

On your places.

Don't move.

Patan. Come on.

Now. Attack.


Come on.

You are one hundred
against one. Shoot.


Eradicate them.

Firing. Shoot.

Sandokan was hit.


The Tiger is dead.
Then we all go.

Which of them is the Tiger?
- He fell dead and overboard.

I want you to search with a dinghy.

Why ?

I want to see that pirate's face.

Fine. You kept your word.

In Sarawak you get your reward.
You get your money.

Why that ?

A Malaysian does not betray himself.

You there. Put that man on the boat.

Immediately back to Labuan.

All on that boat.
We leave the junk.