Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

I want to show you Mr. Block.

He had two eyes and a full set
of teeth when he arrived here.

- What happened?
- Siri Brandt happened.

Man: What happened to Svala?

The XO think you might have
something to do with this.

I told him no,
but it had to be someone

who has seen the map we've made.

I want that map.
It'd be good to have.

The girlfriend in that photo
is Svala Inberg.

You believe me now, right?

Why would I tell you all this
stuff is it wasn't really Hel?

I don't know.

You're Helena.
Siri had a scar there.

She left you here?

Dr. Kowalska: I know.
We think that the psychopathy

is not curable,
but what if it's possible?

Is that... Yes.

It definitely was handing Martin

the holy grail of a cure.

Helena: I thought I saw
a child in here.

If I find her,
I could find the way she got in.

You want to find a way
out of this place?

Yeah. All right.

Follow me.


How did you get in?

Was there a hole
in the fence or...

Yes, over there.

You can go under it.














No, don't, don't.

No, don't, please. No.


Next one takes your eye out,
you little shit.

Screw you. That hurt!

Tomas, back off.

I'm just a kid.

All the less of you
to bury then.

I was just playing.

I'm not. Get lost.

[Vehicle approaching]

Okay, okay, but I'm only

going because the hosts
are coming.

You don't scare me.

You hurt? Yeah.

What'd he do?

He ran me
into something over there.

The dead zone.

It made me sick, like...

Like an invisible punch.

All right. These need to be cut.

Look, the host will do it.
I have to go now.

Better I don't
get caught up in this.

No, don't... Don't worry, I'll be in sight.

Tomas is gone, okay?


Someone on the ground.


I repeat,
someone is on the ground.

Siri Brandt.

She's out of the dead zone.

Hi.What happened?

Seems all right.

Who did this? This kid.


No, Host Bruno is with her now.

Yeah, no.

No, no, it's no drama.
I just thought you should know.

Dr. Fisher: You think Siri was
the only one involved?

Well, she said she was jumped
by Tomas Nicht

and made
to go into the dead zone.

It's not making any sense
at the moment.

I think she's playing games.
I just don't know what.

That's our Siri.

Mind you, it was Tomas, as well.

Yeah, well, now we have to
find time to go through the CCTV

and try and figure it all out.

You sound awfully stressed
about having to do your job.

No, no, it's okay. I'm just...

I'm just trying to get
everything settled

for this funeral tomorrow.

Ah, yes, our fond farewell
to Father Block.


"Farewell to Father Block."

Yep, they're sending a Jesuit
and an empty coffin.

We're digging the hole.

So they're not going to take
their garbage away with them?

As far as the church
is concerned,

Father Block never existed.

And the other drama?

Siri Brandt?

Carol, you know I can't
discuss other patients.


Of course you can't.

But then you're happy
to pump me about shit

like the X Organization, right?

Only with what
you're comfortable sharing.

I wouldn't hold it against you
if you didn't know anything.

Oh, I'll find them.

I don't like not knowing
what's going on in my valley.


Well, you're the boss in here,

but on the other side
of this glass...


It's like the t-shirt
my dad wore

after he came back from Nam
with his nuts shot off.

"Yea, though I walk through
the valley of death,

I shall fear no evil,

for I am the meanest
motherfucker in the valley."

Know who said that first?

I'm going to guess a guy
making t-shirts to sell

to some disillusioned Marine.

Oh, have some respect, Doc.

John Fucking Milton,
"Paradise Lost."

Rebel angels get tossed
out of Paradise and land

in the bad place,
and the big bad guy, he says,

"Here at least we shall be free.

It's better to reign in Hell
than to serve in Heaven."

And you see yourself
as the big bad guy?

Lucifer, perhaps?

Don't judge me, Doc.

I'm just trying to be free.

You're the one playing God,

pretending you got
all the answers.

I'm just here to listen.


So you were, uh,
throwing stones at Block's dog?

Siri: So what? It's just a dog.

Do you not like dogs?

Do they make you feel nervous?

No, they don't
make me feel nervous.

I make them feel nervous.

That's why they bark
so fucking much.

And... [Sighs]

...did you
ever hurt dogs before?

[Recording stops]

Still the fascination with Siri?

Take it as a compliment.

It's your revelations
that alerted me to the ways

she seems to have changed.

It's intriguing. Well, the plot thickens.

She's in the medical wing, ran
into the dead zone on purpose.

Then I'd better go talk to her.

Actually, I'm going to
debrief her on this one.

If you wish,
you can observe with Martin.

Sorry, it's his request.

But your idea, right?

Actually, it was my thought.

Sophia has written
a paper on it,

"Opportunities Afforded
by Emotional Plasticity

in Post-Traumatic Care."

I read it.

It's just like shock therapy

but without the electricity
and just as questionable.

From one perspective.
From another,

it's a potential
for accelerated remedial care.

The closer to
the traumatic moment,

the more plastic the mind.

It's like shaping metal
when it's hot.

It's wholly unproven.

Well, all theories are
unproven until they're proven.

- And that's just glib.
- I...

I'd really like to try this.

I feel we have a chance here.

She's my patient.

She's my patient, too,
and at the risk

of sounding uncool,
it's also my institute.

All right? Come on, Luke.

We'll be right there observing.



Why would you do something
so stupid?

Why would you go
into the dead zone?

I said I was trying
to save a child.

Answer the question.

I am answering the question. No,
you are not.

It's very simple.
Answer the question.

I thought I was trying
to save a child.

Anyone in my position
would have done the same thing.

Anyone but someone
with your condition.

I don't have a condition.

Why would you go
into the dead zone?

This is a mistake.
She's being too aggressive.

Luke, let her drive.

I-I didn't know it was
gonna feel like that.

That's not true.

It's your second time being
dragged out of the dead zone,

isn't it, Siri?

Siri? It's your name.

You've been calling me Hel.

Because it allowed you
to speak truth to yourself.

I'm not a psychopath,

and I don't think
Siri is either.

I don't know what the fuck
you're basing this diagnosis on.

On those tests that we did? Mm-hmm.

On what she did
to that kid in Italy?

That was an accident.

It's very impressive.

You blamed the victims before,
but calling it an accident?

It's new heights.

What are you talking about,

The family you attacked.

Stop playing games.

I'm not playing games. Yes,
you are playing games.

Should I tell you
who you really are?

Burglar, thief, housebreaker,
robber, liar,

and that's not
all you did, is it?

You really think
this is gonna work?

Yes. She's breaking through
the Hel persona

to get to the real Siri.

It feels wrong.
It's not therapy.

This is interrogation.

You came to Italy.

You sold a house to a retired
English couple.

Then you robbed them
when they went back to the UK,

but you didn't know that
at that time, their daughter

was going to be staying there
with her own little girl.

The mother caught you
in the act.

You saw her in the living room.

She was trying to say something,
and you hit her

in the head with a hammer.

Then you saw a little girl.

Little girl, 11-year-old girl,
came to the room.

She saw her mother laying
in a pool of blood

and started screaming,

and you hit her
with a hammer, as well.


And then you calmly went
through the cupboards

and luggage

to clear all of the belongings

like nothing had happened.

That's not true.

It is true.

No, it can't be true.

The camera on the mom's
laptop caught the whole thing.

They showed in court, remember?

Maybe that jogs your memory.




[Woman screams]


What fascinates me is her
performative skills,

as if she were seeing this video
for the very first time.


[Door opens]

That's enough.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize to me.

Apologize to her.


You sure you don't want to go
back to the medical wing?

You can rest there.

No, I'm... I'm...

I'm glad you're okay.

I don't want to be
locked in anymore.

I'm fine.

Okay, I'll see you
tomorrow morning

at our regular session alone.


Hey, pal.

No wonder you didn't
like my sister.

You had no right to do that.

I was...

I was making a difference.

You were feeding your ego.

What are you feeding, Doctor?

That was your last session
with Siri.

I'll make sure Martin
is up to date.




Your dog had a shit on my deck.

Maybe he's a music critic.

[Lock beeps]






I was just playing a game.


Do you remember what we said
about playing games

that hurt people,
about consequences?


You hurt Siri.

She hurt herself.

Tomas, Siri knows not to go
into the dead zone.

What was the plan?

I don't know anything
about a plan.

Can I go now?






the way we treat you here,

the radical way we treat you,

is unique.

What does radical mean?

It means that we treat you
with freedom.

No other place is like this.

They'd lock you in a concrete
room like this one

with no lights,
and they'd give you

lots of drugs
that turn your brain into mush.

Do you know what mush is?

Yes, it's porridge.

Yes, and we don't want

to turn your mind
into porridge, do we?


No, we want to see you
grow up and be a good young man.



So can I go now?


I'm gonna think about it.


[Lock beeps]


[Birds chirping]

[Door opens]

You've been watching me?

Watching your front door.

And that's not creepy.


Everything here is creepy.

Did Tomas hurt you badly?

I'll live. Good.

Was there something you wanted?

You don't trust me, do you?

It's okay. I get it.

Everyone here is a guard
or a psychopath,

so you cannot trust anyone.

Something like that.

I did save you
from that little shit.

You did. But now you wonder why.

Well, wouldn't you?


Yes, I would, Helena.

But you know what?


A psychopath wouldn't.

They don't give a flying shit
about other people's motives.

They're, like, blind
to other people's minds.

You and me, we're not.

Right, 'cause you're just
another innocent

stuck in here just like me.

No, no.

I-I'm guilty as fuck.

I did a bad thing,
should be in jail.

So why are you in here?

I thought if I acted as a crazy,

I would serve softer time
in a psychiatric place

than in a prison.

And you...
You talked your way in?

Genius move, right?

Except now I can't get out
'cause when I told

the shrinks what I've done,
I found

I'd jumped out of the frying pan
into the fucking fire.

It's seen as evidence
that I'm a psychopath

'cause, I don't know,
being manipulative and shit.

You can't imagine how it is
telling the same story

to everyone
and no one believing it.

It's like claustrophobia.

It's like a constant pressure.

I wake up with a headache like,
"Today is the day something

gonna burst in there."

Maybe I can imagine.

Yeah, maybe you can.

So you trust me?

No, but I understand
what you're saying.

I think I'll settle for that.



[Drill whirring]


Luke: It's not healthy
to keep this buried.

The shock you displayed
when you watched that video

was unlike anything
you've shown before.

when we watched it together,

you were very matter-of-fact.

I'd like to unpack
that with you.

What's the point?

I understand.

It's... It's a matter of trust,
of course.

Dr. Kowalska was
very heavy-handed.


I apologize
for letting that happen.


You must be very angry.




[Clears throat]


What about the dog?

What about him?

What's he called?

Luck. Luck?

It's a nice name. [Chuckles]

You like him.
I've seen you with him.

Yeah, I-I like him.

What is it about him
that you like?

He, uh, he doesn't
ask questions.


Of course.

Were you always a dog person?

I suppose.

Ever hurt one?


Did you have dogs growing up?

Yeah, Zorro.


[Both chuckle]

I loved that dog. Mm.

What's wrong?

What happened to him?

Got hit by a car.

Did you see that happen?


Dad wouldn't let us see him

before he buried him
in the garden.

He was... He was too badly hurt.

I see.

I'm sorry.


That was a bad year.

The worst.

Wasn't that, uh...

also the year
the family split up?


Must have been very hard
for you.

You can cry.

It's absolutely normal.

[Voice breaking] Yeah, but you
don't think I'm normal, do you?


How did it feel?

Can you describe the feeling?

I don't... I don't know.

I don't know.

Just try. W-What's happening?


I-I... can see my dad.

He's on the roof.
He's clearing the gutters...

...and he's crying,
like, in big sobs,

like he's never going to stop,
and my dad, he never cries.


he found something
in the gutter, and he's...

He's just holding it
in his hand,

just looking at it.

What is it?

It's his hammer.

His hammer? Yeah.


Dad lost his hammer,
and he turned the whole...

The whole workshop upside down.

He turned the whole house
upside down.

He was pissed off, and he...


What is it?


I'm so fucking stupid.

I'm so stupid.

Zorro wasn't hit by a car.

Siri killed my dog
with his hammer, didn't she?


That's why Mom separated us.

She wasn't the crazy one.

She was just...

protecting me from her.



- Mm-hmm.
- [Clears throat]

So in this narrative,
the mother recognizes the child,

as a psychopath in the making

and decides to save the normal
sister by splitting them up.

"Sophie's Choice."

The mother sacrifices one child
in order to save the other.

It's a coherent narrative.

It's a sad one.

Yeah. But do you believe it?

Well, she's never talked
about this part

of her childhood before.

In this new Hel persona,
a whole different story emerges.

Siri makes up stories
all the time.

Yes, and they always
have the same narrative.

Uh, "It's not my fault." Yeah.

Well, the tears
are disturbingly genuine.

Disturbingly genuine?

You are right.

We should call her
the Meryl Streep of psychopaths.


[Indistinct conversations]


I'll see you later.Okay.


May I?


How are you feeling?

The photo... the photo
of Svala's injuries, th...

There was a hammer in it.


Now there's an imaginary
hammer in the imaginary photo.

No, there was a photo.

I-I've seen it, okay, and...
And... and it might prove

that Siri attacked Svala,
because she hits things.

She... She hits people.

She hits animals, and...
And with hammers.

The only proof we have that
you ever used a hammer

in an attack is the...
The crime on the videotape.

Where Siri used a hammer,
and on my dog, and also...

Why would you want
to incriminate yourself?

If there is blood on the hammer,

it would prove it was used
in an attack, right?

If Svala's accident
wasn't an accident,

you will have to call
the police to...

To investigate it, right?

To check fingerprints
and everything?

Sure, of course, if it wasn't
an accident and if...



What are you doing?

I'm looking for something.

If you're thinking of hanging
yourself, I can get you a rope.


[Bell tolling]

What's that?

Father Block died.

Didn't you hear?

Heart attack, so they're having
a service for him in the chapel.

In the chapel?

Yeah, and then
they're burying him.

Good a place as any, yeah?

Mountain worms got to eat, too.


[Blows smoke]


[Bell tolling]



What are you doing here?

Do you remember when Raymond
tried to drown me?


I saw a hammer in there,
and I-I-I need to get it.

But there's a bunch of people.

You should wait.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Everything all right
with you two?

Yeah, no worries.

You look flustered.

This is a funeral, Siri.

Don't want no drama here today.

I-I'm not going to cause
any drama.

This is Father Block.

You two didn't exactly
see eye-to-eye.

Why would you be at his funeral?

It's his funeral. Come on.

[Somber organ music plays]


Thank you.

You paying your respects. Hmm.

I was hoping for an open casket

so I could be sure the short-eye
bastard was really dead.

People who live in glass
houses shouldn't throw stones.

Your hands are hardly whiter
than white, Carol.

Maybe dirty, Doc,
but not with kids' blood.

Fair enough.


Man: Siri.

Hey! Get up.

- What is she doing?
- Is she looking for something?

Man: Siri, get up, please. There's
supposed to be a hammer here.

There has to be
a hammer here somewhere.

Woman: Siri, what are you doing?

You know... you know,
the hammer that's missing.

Yeah, I saw it.
I saw it in here.

- No.
- Calm down.

- Siri.
- Raymond.

What's this all about? Come on, Siri.

- No, come on.
- No, he's got it!

Let me go! Wait!


- Siri!
- Stop!

Siri, stop! - No!

- Siri, stop!
- He has the hammer!

You said you'd behave. He has the hammer
that hurt Svala!

It's in his bag! Raymond, come here!

You st... You stay there.
You stay with her.

Raymond, you stop now!

Raymond, stop,
or I'm gonna put you down.

I will put you down
and confiscate your binoculars.

Come here.

Thank you.

I'm just doing my job.
You stay there.

You're still on
the naughty step.

On your knees, Raymond.

On your knees.

Raymond, on your knees.

Put your hands behind your neck.

Have a look in his bag,
will you?

There's nothing there.

Check his clothes.

- Really?
- Yeah, his coat.

You don't tell me what to do.

If it calms you down, yes.

Frisk him.

He's clean.

No, no, he took it. I know it!

He must have taken it.
I-I know it.

I know he has it. Wishing
doesn't make it so.

I don't really think Raymond
could hide a hammer up his ass.

Siri, no hammer.

No more drama, okay?

No more drama.

See, all this drama kicks off
after the twins visit.

Which you advised against,
I know.

Well, we've got to find some way
to calm her down.

Any suggestions?

She won't like it.

You should stay here.

It will... You need the rest.

No, I don't need a rest.

I need you to find
whoever took that hammer.

Look, you can eat well.

You can sleep well.

It'll make you feel safer,
and you can calm...

How the fuck can I be safe
when I'm trapped in here?

Look, this isn't
the chemical cosh.

You don't have to take
this medication,

but I think
it will help you relax.



[Door locks]


[Water running]






[Breathing heavily]

Man: Deep breaths, calm breaths.

Woman: You think I'm
just playing games?

Woman #2: I think she's playing.

[Indistinct voices]

Woman #3: I thought that
you could just be more.

Woman #4: I know things
about you, Siri.

- Nice touch.
- No, Dr. Silva.

- Siri.
- Do not touch me.

- Really well-played, that.
- Are you really happy?

Man #2: With you, there's never
a dull moment.

Woman #5: This is Himmelsdalen.

[Echoing] No escapes.



Oh, you're back, are you?

Been anywhere exciting?

Not now, Margot.

[Lock beeps]Mm-hmm.



[Siri whimpering]



Carol, please don't do this.

You wish this was Carol.

He's just a stupid old man who
thinks he's still a big deal.

He's not the boss of me.

No, no, why are you doing this?


Because you told them
I'd been a bad boy.



Don't worry.

I'm not going to eat you.

Raymond told me a hot knife
slows bleeding.



Kid, I need a word
with the lady of the house.

Do you want to hurt her, too?

Now, we talked about
impulse control, right?

So, uh, no, I don't.

That is unless Siri here

doesn't want to share her
XO contact.

Kid, seriously, cool your jets.


You want to tell me who it is?


Why do you think he's in
such a hurry to shut me up?

Tomas, you got the knife.

Either you let me go,
and we sort out Carol together,

or I'll...
I'll tell him everything.

What? Tell him what you like.

I don't...

The kid's your XO contact?

Then how come
he's got you trussed up?

Well, you haven't really
made it a secret

you were looking for the XO.

They think I'm a weak link,
so he came to scare me.

You think I'm stupid,
some kind of inbred

hillbilly or something?
I know the kid.

I mean, shit,
they got me mentoring him.

I need a sight more than
your say-so

to believe that crock of shit.

Well... Well,
if he isn't in the XO,

why did he bring me the map?

The map? Look at the table.

Bring it here.



It's just a fucking map.

Hold it to the light.

Do you see the holes?

Each one is a working camera.


Ray-Ray, get that fucking kid
out of here.


Don't call me Ray-Ray, please.

My bad, Raymond.

Now get him fucking out of here.

[Door opens, closes]


Please don't.


[Pliers click]


See how everything works out?

I come to offer you
a fair trade,

and you give me
what I want anyway,

so now I've still got
the leverage

for next time I need a favor.

What leverage?

Raymond there brought me
a hammer

after your colorful cabaret
in the church.

You went to a lot of trouble
trying to get it, huh?

What do you want for it? I can see why.

I mean, blood stains,

I'm sure you'd do a lot to keep
it out of the staff's hands.

What do you want for it?


No, I think I'll just keep it
for a rainy day.

Fuck you.

Oh, fuck me?


You'd be so lucky.

Just give it to them.
I don't give a shit.

Siri, you are one
crazy piece of strange.

If they hadn't chemically
cut my nuts off,

I might just like
to have gotten me some.

Never try and bluff a bluff.

Just give it to them.

Be a man. Call my bluff.


Be a man?

I tell you they fucked up
my mojo

and you go right for that
like it's a weak spot.


Don't try and punch my buttons.

You can't reach them.


You may be one crazy bitch,

but now I've got your hammer,
you know what?


You're my crazy bitch.