Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Should I tell you
who you really are?

Housebreaker, robber, liar?

I'm glad you're okay.

Helena: So fucking stupid.

Siri killed my dog
with his hammer, didn't she?

The photo of Svala's injuries,
there was a hammer in it.

If there is blood on the hammer,
you will have to call

the police to...
To investigate it, right?

To... to check
fingerprints and everything.

Luke: Sure, of course.

Carol: Raymond there
brought me a hammer

after your kung-fu cabaret
in the church.

- He has the hammer!
- You said she'd behave!

In his bag! Raymond, come here!

You went to a lot of trouble
trying to get it, huh?

- He's clean.
- No.

I was just playing a game.

Do you remember what we said

about playing games
that hurt people?

The kid is your XO contact?
You think I'm stupid?

Well, if he isn't in the XO,
why did he bring me the map?

Ray-Ray, get that fucking kid
out of here.

You may be one crazy bitch,

but now I've got your hammer,
and you know what?


You're my crazy bitch.

Woman: Yeah, there's a parcel
for Siri Brant.

It's a cake.

Do you want me to inspect it?




[Knock on door]

Come in.

Luke, what happened to you?

It's started.

What's started? The meeting.

Come on.




Okay, stay. Stay here.


And then a group of women
came back after a sixth month.

It was only women? Yeah, exactly.

It was a part of an experiment,
and they...

Sorry, everyone. I...

I must have missed the memo. Not a problem.

We were just reviewing
Siri's progress.


The impact of my
disruptive therapy

has been the primary point
of our discussion so far.

We're talking about
her regression, then.

Luke, take a breath.

I'm fine, Martin. Thank you.

I must admit, I find it tricky

to talk about Siri's behavior
as an improvement.

You're right.

She's been disruptive,
but that's part of the purpose.

Wasn't she disrupted
by the sister's visit?

Her behavior,
everything since then

has taken a turn for the worse.

All right. I think we all sound

a little bit
disrupted this morning.

Why don't we take a break, huh?

Perhaps we can reconvene
when I've had a chance to factor

in my notes into Dr. Kowalska's
report on my patient.







[Door opens]





You hear anything?

Raymond: No.

In the shed, go check it out.




Nothing here.

All right.




[Luck whines]


[Speaks indistinctly]

Don't think I've ever seen
young Tomas

without his bike before.

Well, maybe he got bored of it.

Come to think of it,
I haven't seen him at all

last few days.

Vanished into thin air.

It's got nothing to do with me.

Oh, what's that expression
you're trying out there, Siri?

I don't think I've ever seen you
going for upset before.

If you have to kill yourself,

it's just as quick
go on your porch.

Pardon me for breathing.


[Luck barks]

[Footsteps approaching]

- Hey.
- Hi.

What are you doing under there?

Oh, you know,
just digging an escape tunnel.

You got a parcel.

What? From who? I don't know.

You need to get it from
reception as soon as possible.

Luck, come here. [Smooches]

Good luck with your tunnel.

Come here.

[Door buzzes]

Siri, no dogs in the main
building, please.

What's he going to do?
I'm only grabbing my parcel.

Here you go.

It's been opened.


So is this the one
that has to be double-checked?

Why does he always order
things that look like weapons?

Well, he likes to keep us
on our toes.

Unbox it, then.

I-I don't think I have
anything sharp enough

to cut through this tape.


That's why no dogs!

Get him down! Get him down!

Just forget about it.
I'll take care of it.

Just get him out!

Come here. Good boy, good boy.

Don't do that.

[Luck growling]No! Luck, Luck, no!


Who's sending Carol that?

He probably ordered it himself,

or it's a present,
like your cake.

It's a cake?

I didn't know it was a surprise.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Is that a gift? I don't know.

Look, h-have you seen
Tomas anywhere?

Well, you dumped him in it.

In what?

Did... did Carol
do something to him?

I don't know.

I found his bike
outside my place.

I chucked it under the house.


You and Siri are more alike
than I thought.

You better ditch it
before you get in some trouble.

No, but wait. I'm not sure I want to be
around you right now.



Luke: Come in.

I wanted to apologize.


No wine this time?


I really don't know
what happened with the meeting.

I-I was sure I CC'd you in.

Well, maybe next time
you want a meeting about Siri,

why don't you tell me first?

This way it won't matter
whether you forget

to add my e-mail address
to your fait accompli.


Shock therapy,

female psychopathy
is all my area of expertise.

Please, give me a chance.

And Siri is my area
of expertise, and I can tell you

there's no magical
cure-all miracle treatment here,

even though I do think
we might be missing something.

Well, so...

you think
she's telling the truth now?

No, I think we should make
our judgment calls

based on clinical intelligence,
not ambition.

I haven't heard Martin
complain about my methods.

I think Dr. Fisher may be
a little taken by your passion.


Yeah. Why don't you
just say it outright?

He's attracted to me.
That's what you think.

He's attracted to your shiny
new ideas,

making out Siri as a tool. A useful one.

Siri is a patient, not a tool.

You know what?

I think you're jealous.


[Chair scrapes]

[Door opens]





[Indistinct singing]


- Three!
- Three!



I thought you didn't want
to be around me.

I'm here to get the bike.



Carol sent me.


You know I didn't have a choice
with Tomas, don't you?

I didn't want anything
to happen to him.

I'm sorry.

I'd offer you some cake
as a thank you, but...

[Chuckles]'s a bit messy.

Um, what exactly
this cake ever do to you?

I don't like marzipan.

Oh, you don't like marzipan.

Still, a little extreme,
isn't it?

Well, did Siri ever tell you
about prinsesstarta?

Princess who?

It's a birthday cake.

Wait. Is it your birthday?

No, it's coming up
the week after next.

Oh, so it's just a cake. No,
it's a birthday cake.

It's a thing.

it's a Swedish thing.

Okay, so what's the problem?
Problem is that I hate it,

and Siri loves it,
but she always made a fuss

about me choosing
kladdkaka instead.

Oh, so the problem
is that you like, um,

kladdkaka more?

Kladdkaka, yeah.

Who doesn't love too
much chocolate?

Let me guess. Siri?

She might be a psychopath,
but she's not a pervert.

She loves chocolate,

but she always choose

'cause she knew I hated it

so, you know,
she could eat more of the cake.

Clever Siri.

[Sighs] She's taunting me.

There was a message?

The cake is the message.

"Fuck you.
You're trapped in there.

I'm out here.
I can eat whatever cake I want."


When I told you
that you reminded me of Siri,

I was joking,

but I do believe
this place is making us sick.

We have to get out of here.

Tell me about it.

We need just two days.

Your kamikaze plan?


I want to escape.
I don't want to die.

Okay, so I guess
you have a better plan, then?

I-I-I need to
convince Dr. Silva.

I need to make sure
I get the hammer so...

So he can take it to the police

and start
a proper investigation.

Carol will never hand you
over the hammer

because he knows
it's important for you.

That's his power.

It won't work.

You need another plan.

Luke: It looks delicious.

Presentation could be better.

You heard I'd been sent this?

I know you think we follow
your every move,

but I don't get a daily report.

Okay. It... It arrived today.

It's from Siri.

You need to find out
where it was ordered from,

who paid, with what card.

We're doctors, not the police.

Okay, then... then...
Then let me check

my credit card online.
That way we can see

where she's been
spending money, where she is.

I would love to get
to the bottom of your concerns,

but you know better than to ask
me to allow you Internet access.

Then you look it up!

Find out what she's been doing
on the outside.

She must have been
creating her usual chaos.

Or maybe a counter argument
is it's you creating the chaos,

casting yourself as the victim,
deploying the smoke and mirrors.

Well, I-I can't have sent
this cake to myself.

Really? Are you sure?

Okay, then check the logs.
I haven't used the phones.

This is...
I know it's from Siri.

She's taunting me.

We have a history
with this cake.

Maybe somebody sent you
Siri's favorite cake, hmm?

Your favorite cake.

Well, don't you think it's weird

that there is no card, then?

This is classic Siri mind games.

If it'll help bring clarity,

I'll have security look into it.


I don't know how far
you think my resources stretch,

but I can't file a trace
on a package or a payment.

What? Can... Can I call you back?

Yeah, sorry.

Yeah, that package
for Siri Brandt,

who checked it for security?

Um, I did.

Why? Is there a problem?

Was there a card with the cake?

Yeah, I think so.

There was or there wasn't.
Which one?

Yes, yes.
There was a card, yeah.

Yeah, my guy says
there was definitely a card.

I mean, let's be fair.

Who are you going to believe,
me or Siri?

What? She had... she had dropped

the box, like, here.


Mop it.


[Knock on door]

[Door buzzes]

Dr. Silva.

Thank you.

Wait. There's a card?

Do you mind if I, uh...



[Sighs] Fuck.

It's a very nice card
from a very nice sister

wishing you
a very nice birthday.

Is this a joke to you?

No. I don't think
there's anything, Siri.

Don't fucking act like you care.

You don't care at all.




Ah, fuck!









Hey. Hi.

When can I get into
You can't.

Well, he doesn't order
a flashy, new telescope

and then sit inside.

He's got to be
heading out at night.

So what? So his cabin will be empty.

I have a map of the blind spots.
I just need a time.

To break in
and steal the hammer?

It's better for you
if I don't tell you the plan.

Just can you find it
out for me or not?

I don't need to find it out.
He told me already.

I'm going with him.

I didn't take you
for a stargazer.

I'm just there to carry the
telescope, or that's the story.

Well, w-what
do you reckon the real story is?

I don't know.

With Carol, you never know.

It can be a game, can be a test.

Maybe he does want to see
the stars,

or maybe he's burying
something he needs to hide.

I don't know.

Look, the worst thing that can
be is that he knows about us.

He knows that
I'm working with you.

Well, then, don't go.
It could be dangerous.

It's Carol. I have to go.

Look, you're right.

There's an easier chance.

Just be sure to get in
as soon as we leave.


You get the hammer,
and you get out, okay?

Okay. Just be careful.



Man: Tomas. Please.

Let's talk.


Isn't Carol
Dr. Fisher's patient?

To my knowledge, yes. Thank you.

This is, uh, Tomas' session.

Uh, where is he?

I wanted to come myself
and explain.

He won't be coming in today.

Uh, this isn't how this works.

Has something happened?

Carol, should I be worried, hmm?

Like his little tracker
there will tell you?

He's all holed up at mine.

He did a bad thing,
doesn't want to face the music.

What bad thing?

Well, he didn't want me
to tell you,

but he nearly
hurt someone again.

Who? It's okay, it's okay.

They're fine.

But he knows I'm mad, and you're
gonna be a lot madder.

If there's a regression,
then more than ever,

he should be coming
to his sessions.

Well, I'm talking
to him about it.

Carol, you don't get
to make those decisions.


you're a smart man.

You done a lot of good for him,

but I'm the one that knows
what's going on up there,

so I'm helping him through this.

It's part of my deal, right?

Well, uh, doesn't helping him

entail getting him to check in
for his sessions?

Well, I'm checking in for him.

In loco parentis, right?


[Door buzzes]

I'm so amazed.

You ride that thing
on these hills?

It's okay so long
as the drivers you meet

aren't on a power trip.

But you like living on the edge,

don't you,
putting children at risk?

Um, sorry?

The patient mentor program?

You've left a child in our care

in the hands of a psychopath?

You're spying in on my
sessions now, Dr. Kowalska.

That's not very professional,
is it?

I'm so sorry, Luke.
I have to report it.


You're familiar
with our incentive ladder,

increasing responsibility
both for Carol and Tomas.

We believe it pays off.

Then give Carol a hamster,
not a boy.

Why don't you take it up
with Martin?

It's his idea, and I'm sure
he'll find your disapproval

very, um... attractive.


[Keyboard music plays]

[Luck growls]


[Music stops]

Hi, Margot.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, beautiful night.

Cut the platitudes, will you?

You're wasting valuable
smoking times today, yeah?

All good, Siri? All good.



May I?

Sophia, you're here
awfully late.


How can I help you?

I've just heard about
Tomas and Carol.

And you find it,
what, contentious?

Well, unconventional at least.

Unconventional, exactly,
taking a mature psychopath

and putting him
with a young one,

seeing if something
positive happens.

It's called reparenting.

But it's...
It's very, very risky.

Not really.
I mean, it's all being

very closely monitored.

We have hosts observing
all the time.

Plus, Tomas has
an ankle bracelet.

What are you thinking?

You think we should stop?

I think, in the right hands...

it could even expand.

I like the way you think.





Carol: Hurry up.


Come on.




We should have brought
something to eat.

I'm already starving.
Stop your fucking moaning.

You're going to have dinner
on the table when we get back.

What do you mean?

Tomas is slaving away
as we speak.

I hope it's trout

'cause I can't eat
any more fucking rabbit.

That's for sure.

So wait. Is Tomas cooking?


Him and that host, you know,
the big goofy one?

Kid's a good little chef
these days.

His butchery sucks,
but it tastes fucking good.





















[Footsteps continue]


Hey! Hey, a shooting star!


My nana used to say that someone
died when you see one.

Carol: Yeah. Your nana
didn't know shit.

It's just a satellite.


Keep an eye on its track,
and you'll likely see

another one come along
in a few minutes.

It's the A-train, six birds
in a row, like on a rail.

They call it that because
the lead satellite crosses

the equator
at 1:30 in the afternoon.

"A" for afternoon, right?

You know your shit.


Oh, shit.

What do we do now?

Well, we can either sit here
all night

and stare at the ass end
of a cloud or go eat.

I know which one I want to do.
Pass me that case.

Let's get the fuck out of here.







[Clattering, footsteps]

[Door closes]


[Boy grunts, falls down steps]

[Breathing shakily]



Shit. Hey.



Wake up.

Tomas! Tomas, wake up.


[Knock on door]

Man: Tommy, how's
it going with...

Oh, my god.

How's it going with the cooking?


Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Tom, Tommy.

Tommy, Tommy, wake up.
Wake up, Tommy, Tommy.


Carol: Now bring it up here.

I want to get it
inside the house.

My dinner's got to be ready.








[Bird cries]






Well, look who's here.
Morning, Enzo.

Morning. You're up early.

Couldn't sleep.




[Water running]





Love's young dream.

Bit early for you, isn't it?

Or were you hoping to start
the day with a bang?

What? Hot roll, full English.

A little spot
of the mornification.

I don't get it.

What, a hunk like you?

You're not asking
the right people, poppet.


What's going on?

What did you do to Tomas?

Nothing. Why?

Carol and I got back,

and we found Tomas
in a bloody heap.

He looked like
he'd smashed his skull.

Is he dead? I don't know.

He was not moving,
and Carol sent me out.

Did you at least get the hammer?

Was it worth it?

When I told you how to get in,

I didn't think you could
do something like that.


You knew he was gonna be there?


Not until after I left. Oh, really?

'Cause, to me, it fucking
sounds like you...

You were setting me up.

That's what it sounds like.

You know what?

You're right. You're right.

You should fucking
keep your distance.



Do you hear yourself?

A kid might be dead, and
you're here throwing shit at me.

Who the fuck are you?


[Door opens]


Oh, you're a lovely boy,
aren't you?

Luck. Is he yours?

Sort of. Sorry.

I know another boy
who would like to meet you.


Mrs. Nicht, I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.

What is it?

Well, I'm sorry. Uh...


Tomas isn't available today.

But I've come all this way.
It's been arranged for weeks.

I don't understand why
I can't see Tomas.

Your son's sessions have been
canceled for this entire week.

I'll look into it.

Is it a punishment?

Has Tomas done something?

Mrs. Nicht, there's nothing
to worry about.

Is he hurt? Tomas is going to be fine.

Why don't we go up to my office,
where we can talk?

- You doing all right, Siri?
- Yeah. I was just...

Actually, Jack, I was hoping
to grab you next.

I got something I want
to talk about.

Matter of fact,
it concerns Siri here,

so maybe the three of us
can have a little chat.

Yeah, sure.

I'll be in my office.


You come shit in my house,

I'm gonna burn yours
to the fucking ground.



So, Carol, what was it
you wanted to share?


There's something
you should know.

We have a resident in here

who's a danger
to her fellow patients.

Well, I think we could all agree

that that applies
to most of our patients.

Yeah, but most of us
don't act on it.

Siri here has caused
serious injury.

Fuck, man.

I'd go so far as to call it
attempted murder.

Now, I don't think you can go
around making those accusations

without... without proof.


Which is why
I brought this with me.


Wait, b-brought what?

I found something I thought
you should have.

See, I don't like my friends
getting hurt.

No, I-I didn't mean
to hurt anyone.

I promise.


Siri's been trying to hide this,

and I think you can see why.

I'm sure you'll find
Svala's DNA on it.

That looks like blood to me.

Anything you want
to say about this?

No, no. I-I-I...

I had nothing to do with this.




You can go.

Of course, I'll, uh...

I'll be sure to let Dr. Fisher
know how helpful you've been.

Thank you. Isn't this when

you're supposed
to arrest her or something?

We'll follow due process, Carol.
Just like any other patient.

Yeah, right.


[Button clicks]

Yeah, put me through
to the police, please.

Yeah, hi. It's, uh,
Jack Redpath here

from the sanatorium.

Uh, could you put me through
to Inspector Gatti, please?

Inspector, yeah,
I think we've uncovered, uh,

some evidence that may show

that one of our clients
was deliberately assaulted.

It needs sent in for testing.

Um, if, um...

if I bring it
through to reception,

could you send an officer
to pick it up, please?

Okay. Yeah, sí.

Hey, grazie mille. Ciao.


That hammer will
prove me innocent.

Just wait here for a second,

[Door opens, closes]

[Door opens]



[Hammer thuds]