Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript


No! [ Grunts ]

What the fuck, Siri?

How do you get in? You knew I was coming!

She does seem very invested
in this business

of being her sister, Helena.

I think it could be
a tool we could use.

Margot: You carry on like this,
you end up on the mushroom farm.

What's the mushroom farm?

This is Himmelstal.

No escapes.

Even if I have to climb
that mountain,

I'm getting out of here.

[ Luck barks ]

Let's not go here.

Siri: Tell me why
Svala Inberg is scared of me.

Margot: Well,
I don't know, peach.

You're the one who's been
fucking her.

Where's Carol?

And you know
damn well I'm Carol.

You're Carol?
I-I've got your camera.

I tried to tell him.
It's over there.

I don't really care
about the camera now.

I just want you to tell me
what you know

about the XO and those maps.

I don't... I don't know. Drown the bitch.

No, no, please, don't!

[ Gasps ]



Carol: Enough, Ray-Ray.


[ Gasps ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Gasping ]

Pretty boy!

[ Coughs ]

You know what
we need her to tell us,

so, uh, talk
some sense into her.

[ Breathing heavily ]



Who was in your room last night?


Siri, we're going to
find them and hurt them

until they give us the map,
so tell us what we need to know.

Raymond: I could just
break her thumbs.


[ Grunts ]

Aah! Aah!

[ Gasps ]



[ Crying ]

[ Groans ]


Carol: Siri, I take it all back.

You're every bit as
crazy-dangerous as they say.

[ Gasping ]


[ Engine rumbling ]


I used to coach
pee-wee football.

Done this scads of times.

Hurts like a bastard,
but needs must.

[ Bone cracks ][ Enzo groans ]


Siri: What are you doing?

Saving his pretty face.

Give us what we want,
and maybe I can save yours.

[ Engine rumbling outside ]

Get up.

[ Grunts ]

If you're good, Enzo won't
grass you up for his nose.

If I'm good?


And don't think I won't find out
if you start telling tales.


There you are.

Well, a bit late
for prayers, isn't it?

Enzo, what happened
to your face?



It's almost curfew.
Anyone want to leave back?

Nah. We're just fine, thanks.

I do.


Guess that's a rain check.


[ Engine rumbling ]


Wait, stop! What?

Just stop.

What? Did you see that?

What? See what, Siri?[ Engine stops ]

What's going on?

Is there a little girl in here?


Yes, we went.

Yeah, she's fine.

Okay, I'll tell her.

Dr. Kowalska want
to see you tomorrow.

But I-I just saw a little girl.

Oh, yeah, the girl.[ Chuckles ]

Little Red Riding Hood.[ Chuckles ]

[ Engine starts ]

Hang on.



Well, lookie here.

This little creature met
a sticky end.

Huh. Rabbit pie tonight.

Wonder who we have
to thank for that.


How's your nose?

Hurts like a bastard.

Well, you might be hurting a
lot worse if she hadn't hit you.

Ray-Ray thought it might
have been you he saw

in her cabin last night,
out for some strange.

[ Scoffs ]

Fucking Raymond.



[ Engine stops ]There we go.

Chauffeur service ends here.

Wait, wait. You...

You said Kowalska
wanted to see me. Yeah, tomorrow.

Can you check if she's still in?
I'd like to speak to her now.


Tell... Tell her it's Hel.
Hel needs to talk.

[ Door beeps, buzzes ]

Hel, you wanted to see me.

Is there a little girl in here?


Just tell me, is there
a little girl in here?

Can... Can you look it up
on the system?

I don't need to.

The youngest female in
Himmelstal is actually you.

Why are you asking?


Did you see a little girl,

as you saw your sister
everywhere when you were a kid?

Forget it.

Okay, Hel. [ Exhales ]

Why are we here?

The hosts told me

there was something
going on at the chapel.

Do you want to talk about it?

[ Sighs ]

Do you feel threatened,
or you're in danger?

Of course I'm in danger. I'm...

I'm in a fucking valley
with psychopaths.

Okay. If there's a problem,
you can tell me.

If... If I tell you anything,

and they figure out
I've said it...

We can protect you.

Oh, like Corin was protected,
like Svala Inberg?

Svala Inberg was an accident.

Or you know otherwise?

[ Sighs ]

Hel, do you want to tell me
something about her accident?


Can I trust you?

Of course you can trust me.


I can only do this
if we're alone.

It has to be
just between you and me.

Sure, as you see.

But I can't see, can I?

It has to be clear
in there, too.

You have my word.

Show me what's
behind that mirror.


It switches, doesn't it?

Switch it for me.

All right.



You're good?



Okay, so, what did you
want to tell me?

I'm not safe in the valley.

What do you mean?

I-I-I've been targeted

Just now, Carol had Raymond
hold my head underwater.

They were ready to drown me.

Why do you think
they targeted you?

I don't know.

It... It's something to do
with Siri, stuff she did

that I'm not part of because
she had something they wanted.

Do you know what it is?

Yeah, a camera.

A camera.

What did they want
with a camera?




Listen. [ Clears throat ]

[ Chuckles ]
You have to be honest.

Tell me everything or nothing.

Half-truths just mean
I cannot believe any of it.


Siri needed the camera
so she could convince me

that her girlfriend
on the outside was in danger.

It was all part of her plan
to trap me in here.

She... She told me she had
finally fallen in love,

her big love, her... her David.


Who's David?


I had someone.


He died.

I'm so sorry.

But it was David.

No, this is not about me.
This is about Siri.

Okay, but she used him.
How... How did she use him?

She didn't use him.

Siri: She... She said that
her girlfriend was in Milan.

What do you think? And that she was...

She's certainly constructed
a very compelling tale.

I just don't like us having
to leave the viewing window.

Dr. Kowalska might need us
to intervene.

Sophia is a professional.
She's an academic.

So she wanted us to swap.

She hasn't been involved
in real-life scenarios
like this before.

And when I said no, she...
She had this photo delivered

of a... of a woman badly beaten.

What you are saying
is the girlfriend

in that photo is Svala Inberg.

Yes, but she called
her Graziela.

You believe me now, right?

Why would I tell you all this
stuff if I wasn't really Hel?

I don't know.


If I'm Siri, I've just confessed
to assaulting Svala Inberg,

and I told you everything about
what Carol just did to me,

and he already wants me dead.

If I were Siri, I would
never tell you all this.

Can you prove it?

Well, Svala is
shit scared of me.

That's a pretty good clue.

Ask her what happened.

Take me to see her, and...
And... and you'll see.

it's not possible.

She's had to be put back
into a medical coma.

But I-I-I thought
she was getting better.

Is there anything else
to support your story?

That photo of Svala
with her face smashed in.

Have you got that photo?


The question is how would
she have managed all this?

The CCTV cameras...

There are blind spots,
and Siri used them.

How? I don't know.

If I knew that, I'd have the map
they want so much,

and I wouldn't be
in all this trouble.

A map.

So, I've told you everything.

I can't go back.


Come with me.

Dr. Silva:
Where is she taking her?

Man: Okay, Doctor. Thank you.

[ Keypad beeps, buzzes ]Where are we going?

You just told me
you're in danger.

I have to put you somewhere
you'll be safe.


This is the mushroom farm? It's all right.

Come on.

[ Distant grunting ]

[ Man groans ]

Guard: What's going
on? Guard #2: What is it?

It's okay. Open the door.

[ Banging ]It's this one.

[ Keypad buzzes ]

[ Man shouting indistinctly ]

I-I don't want to be down here.

It's this, or it's outside.

It's for your own safety,
just... just overnight.

Listen, I have a plan
for tomorrow.

I've got to get clearance, but I
think Dr. Fisher will agree.


Trust me, I will tell you
everything tomorrow.

I promise.



Get some sleep.


We'll talk in the morning, okay?



[ Knock on door ]

Sophia, I hear you have a plan.

[ Door closes ]


I need her trust.

Just, uh, remember,
you cannot trust her...

Never, not a single word.

Look, I know that.

So, you watched it all?

Riveting stuff.

Yeah, the story about David...

I wasn't able to...
To get her to open up.

It does check out.

David Nyberg, uh,
died in a bus crash in Nepal.

Siri would know about that.

Mm-hmm. And the other stuff...
Uh, Carol?

Oh, well, Carol's
Dr. Fisher's patient.

Carol sees himself as a
kind of king of the valley.

Siri is on his radar,

and I think he might see her
as a threat to his power.

Hmm, so she's not necessarily
lying about everything.

What is your plan for Siri,
Dr. Kowalska?

Martin. Hm?

With your permission,
I would like to take her

through our full range
of admission tests again,

everything that positions her
on the psychopath scale.

As if she were a new patient?

Yes, exactly.

And... [ Chuckles ]

...what do you think
this will prove?

That there's been
a mix-up with security?

She's not a psychopath
after all,

and we really have locked up
her sister by mistake?

No. I don't know.
I don't know. I...

Look, I want to ask questions.

I really think I'm achieving
something by treating Hel

as a separate individual,

but to make it work,
I need to take it further.

I think there's such a thing
as taking it too far, Martin.

Well, Luke, if there is,
we haven't gotten there yet.

But this is completely
untraveled territory.

Yes, and sometimes, it's good
to take the road less traveled.

I mean, Sophia has gotten
more out of her in one session

than we have in a year.

I mean,
the Svala confession. It was just amazing.

But, Martin,
you know Siri is the queen

of the tidy explanation
after the fact,

and it's always a fake.

Do I have a green light?

Absolutely. Why not?




Bad luck, Prince Charming.

Cinderella's not in.

Never came home last night,

so maybe she turned
into a fun pumpkin.

You think she's in trouble?

You should know.

You're the one who's
camped out of Carol's bum.

Fuck off, Margot.

Charmed, I'm sure.

[ Keypad beeps, buzzes ]

Good morning, Hel.

We brought you some
clean clothes.

In a while, Anna will show you
where the shower is,

and... and then
we'll get started.

I'm afraid you won't get
breakfast this morning,

but you can eat afterwards.

After what?

Dr. Fisher is permitting
some psychological testing,

everything we present
new patients with,

admitting you as Hel.

Obviously, we have government
authorization for Siri's

treatment, but for Hel's,
we will need your signature.

Um, but how is this
supposed to help me?

It means we are taking seriously

a potentially separate

If you are Hel,
if you are not a psychopath,

this is the moment
it becomes beyond doubt.

Siri tested very clearly
when she arrived.

Sign here.


Nurse: Take a seat, please.

We'll start with
your blood tests.

What for?
Dr. Kowalska:
Standard procedure.

We look at genetic variants,
possible mutations

that may be factors in
conditions such as psychopathy.

But me and Siri
are identical twins.

Any genetic variants
she has, I have.

Yes. So what's the point?

It's not gonna prove
that I'm not her.

We're just running everything

the same as we do
for all first-time patients.


Did Siri have
any genetic variants?

I can't discuss another
patient's results with you, Hel.


What's gonna happen now is,

you're going to see
different faces on that screen.

On the pad, you will see
four different emotions.

Just pick the emotion
you think fits best the face.


Are you ready? Yes.

[ Computer beeps ]


[ Pad beeps ]


It's going too fast.


None of these emotions fit.
They're... They're all the same.

There's no difference.

It's not a right
or wrong reaction, Hel.

It's just what you feel.


This looks at your physical
response to emotional stimuli.

Images... some extreme,
some very banal.

You don't have to do anything.
Just look at the screen.

The sensors will
tell us the rest.


I want you to get
all this processed

as quickly as possible.


So, what's happening now?

Dr. Kowalska:
I have some questions.

Try and answer them
as honestly as possible.


Would you consider yourself

as someone committed
to a career?

What do you mean?

Have you ever worked your way up
in a job or company?



Not exactly.

What about money?

Are you responsible with that?

It all feels a bit pointless
lately, but I used to be.

Legal or criminal trouble,
any history of violence?



Do you plan things carefully,
or you're impulsive?

[ Scoffs ] I can be spontaneous,
but I can also be thoughtful.

These are very binary questions.


Dr. Kowalska: Okay.

You can expect images
to come up one after the other.

The fMRI will
track your responses.


Is that...


[ Machine whirring, beeping ]


Dr. Kowalska: What is really
interesting about what we are

seeing here is when we
compare it with this...

Siri's one year ago.

Where is this going?

I'll get to health diagnosis
in a minute.

I have some more comparisons
to show you first.

The psychopath questionnaire,
the emotion identification.

Can I just have
a little word with you?

Hold on, Jack, not now.

The visualization
isn't quite as pretty.

Excuse me, could you...


But the results are the same.

Let's see.


and Hel's.

And once more, Siri's and Hel's.

[ Clears throat ] Sophia,
are all these divergences

within the normal realm
of testing?


Any one of them is at the edge
of but within an expected range

for tests carried out
on the same person, yeah.

Because that could be true
of any one of these tests,

but if they're all divergent
and in the same direction,

we have to accept there
is something different here.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, thank you.

The functional MRI results
were so different.

I ran the test three times
across the range of testing.

This is something Siri
just couldn't fake.

I can see this is no longer
a psychological test for you,

so what is your diagnosis
for Siri,

or, excuse me, Hel?

Sorry, this is ridiculous.

You're... You're saying
that you think

that despite our security
and all evidence, what, that...

That somehow Siri
managed to swap?

No, but... Well...

what other explanation
could there be?

Actually, I have something more.

Thank you.

Last thing... our final fMRI.

Dr. Kowalska: Hel, thanks
so much for coming back.

I wanted to track your responses
to our responses

if that's all right.

Yeah, fine. Just get on with it.

Wait a second.

My results were different
from Siri's, right?



Your results were not the same
as those we took a year ago,

but they weren't so different
as for us to formally conclude

that you are
a separate individual.

No, that... that can't be right.
They must have been different.

The results we obtained
yesterday suggest

that you're closer
to the edge of normal

than we had previously
positioned you.

That you positioned
my sister, Siri.

However, clinically,
on every scale,

you are, in fact, a psychopath.


No, that can't be true.

Dr. Silva: But I don't follow.

Is she a psychopath,
or isn't she?

Is she Siri, or is she Hel?

You don't seem to have
a consistent argument to make.

Exactly... the inconsistency.

The inconsistency is my point.

She is a psychopath,
but a different psychopath.

She's Siri, but not Siri.

She's a psychopath
who you have started to cure.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Come on. That's...
That's not even possible.

How do we know that?

Man: Psychopathy
can't be cured.
I know.

We think that psychopathy
is not curable,

but what if it's possible?

What if all the work you've been
doing here, Luke,

has really paid off?

What if Siri's sister's visit
just unlocked

some of the changes
that she has made,

and playing the role
of her sister

has allowed her
to explore emotions

she wasn't previously
capable of?

Oh, come on.
It's... it's just a game.

She's playing with us,

this sister acting
that she's doing.

Okay, she's still manipulative,

pretending to be Hel,
and violent, hurting Svala,

but in admitting
to hurting Svala, she's...

She's showing remorse.

With Corin, she's going out of
her way to help other people.

What if your certainty that
a cure is not possible

has made you blind
to what's happened

right in front of your eyes?

[ Scoffs ]

Do you think that's possible?

[ Indistinct chatter ]


Great showmanship.

It wasn't a performance.

I think you might be

doing something
really extraordinary here.

[ Laughs ]

Trust me, I would love
to believe you, but, uh...

But confirmation bias. I know.

You see, Luke, this is
exactly why I hired her.

I just didn't see it
paying off so quickly.

What's next?

We keep doing exactly
what you've been doing.

I think we should build
on this growth, Luke,

by releasing her
back into the environment

that's allowed
this kind of progress.

Don't you think?


[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]





[ Knock on door ]

Still here? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

May I? [ Door closes ]

Sure, sure.

[ Exhales ]

Got a glass for me?

I thought you don't drink.

Special occasions.

Okay, so this
is a special occasion?

Of course.

Thank you.


[ Glasses clink ]It's your breakthrough.

Congratulations are
definitely yours, Sophia,

handing Martin
the Holy Grail of a cure.

But you don't think
Siri's improved.

[ Chuckles ]

I think she's so improved,

I'm no longer completely sure
she's the Siri I know.


Is it possible that we might
have pushed her

into schizophrenia?

I didn't see any sign of that.


It's not what Martin wants
to hear, either, is it?


I don't know
what Martin wants to hear.

[ Chuckles ]


Thanks for the drink.

But you've hardly drunk any.

No, it's a little sweet for me.


[ Door opens, closes ]



What do you make of Siri, hm?

Do you find her different
from before?

I don't have much
to compare her with.

We never mix much.

Uh, are you avoiding her?

I'm just trying to live quiet
and do my thing.

I mean, I'm really
just trying to get

your impressions of Siri.

I don't know.

On the one hand, she seems
a little lesser than normal,

bit confused, maybe.


Would you just like me
to think she's vulnerable?

I'm just an observer.


[ Keypad beeps, buzzes ]


Good morning.

Anna will, uh, take you home
whenever you're ready.

Home? To the cabin.

Well, you can't do that.

I told you,
I'm not safe out there.

We're keeping a close eye,
especially on Carol.

No, but if...
If he wants to reach me,

he won't have to do it himself.

We'll be keeping watch,
but if I can make a suggestion,

keep any mentions of Hel
to a minimum out there.

It... It only makes you


[ Door closes ]

Dr. Fisher: I'm surprised your
paths haven't crossed more.

Why is that?

Professional courtesy.

Siri's not a power
in the valley,

not like you.

You're afraid she's,
what, a threat?


My Uncle Joe lived down
in Oxnard,

collecting scrap metal.

Kids would break into his lot
and steal stuff,

so he had these two
mean old junkyard dogs,

and they'd have
killed each other,

except the lot was big enough,

and they each had a separate
kennel in either end,

so they didn't have to get into
each other's face all day.


Well, one day,
the county was spraying for

some damn Mexican fruit fly
or some shit,

so Uncle Joe put the dogs inside
the trailer for the night,

save them from the, uh...

The Agent Orange
or whatever toxic shit

the county was gonna
drop from the sky.

The trailer was a double-wide.

It was plenty big enough,
you'd have thought.

And the dogs fought,
and the weaker one died.

No, poor mutts
killed each other.


Place looked like
Carrie White's prom night.

There was even blood
dripping from the ceiling.

See, those dogs knew enough
to stay out of each other's way.

It was Uncle Joe that denied
them that professional courtesy.


See, I always thought
they got it wrong...

The dogs.

Their problem wasn't each other.

Their problem was
Uncle fucking Joe

forcing them into
that confined space.

See, the two of them
working together,

they could have taken him...


Your metaphor seems to have
taken a rather violent turn.

Really, Doc? Mm-hmm.


How does that make you feel?




Going somewhere?


What the fuck
are you doing here?

Siri, it's me. We're cool.

You can stop now.

We're cool? [ Chuckles ]

I find you in the chapel
together with Carol

letting Raymond
fucking drown me.

No, we're not cool.

[ Laughing ]
What do you want me to do?

It's my job, isn't it?

Stay close to Carol,
learn all we can.

We're only going to get
out of here if we have

all the information
that's available.

You said that.

I didn't know it was going
to be you at the chapel.

What do you want?

You've been missing
for three days.

I was worried.

Carol is not exactly
happy either.

He thinks you've been
blabbing about him.

[ Scoffs ]


Wait, what happened
to your scar?

Look, I don't want
to get involved anymore, okay?


Hey, just hold on
a second!



I just want to check something.


Could you please
show me your neck?

My neck?

Please, follow me
on this one thing.

Can I just see
the left side of your neck?

Why? Please.

You're Helena.


I knew it.

But how?

Siri had a scar there
from when we went fishing.

It was an accident.

I can't believe it.
She left you here?


That bitch.

Sure, you're in. Siri's out now.

Everything makes sense.

That's why you behaved
that way at the chapel.

I trusted her.

Wait, we need to tell them.

We need to talk to
them. No one believes us.

No, we have to tell
Dr. Silva you...

You know about this.

We can just go there.
You can go with me.

Hey, listen!

These people, they don't believe
a word of what we say.

No, please. Just come with me.

There's nothing we can do.

Besides, Carol will kill me
if he knows about us.


This is crazy.


[ Birds chirping ]

[ Creek babbling ]

[ Sighs ]

What are you looking for?

I thought I saw a child in here,
a little girl,

and I thought if I...

If I find her,
I could find the way she got in.

It was just a stupid idea.


You want to find
a way out of this place?

Yeah. All right.

Follow me.

I'll show you something.

Come on.

Helena, trust me.



Wait for me here.




Hey, wait!

Wait! Stop right there.

[ Gasps ]

Open your hand.

Please, please,
please don't shoot.


Don't shoot, please.

[ Laughs ]

I knew it was good,
but not this good. Take it.

It's wood. I made it.

It's made of wood.

So that's the plan.

When the house are on patrol,
we show up with that gun.

They're gonna be shit scared.

We stop them,
take their uniforms.

That's a kamikaze plan. Wait,
let me finish!

Where are you going now?


[ Wire snaps ]Ah, fuck!

[ Groans ]






[ Tires rumbling ]


Why are you chasing me?

I-I'm not.

Uh, I've been looking for you.

I-I need to ask you how you...

No, wait!



Wait, I just want
to talk to you!


Wait! Wait, stop!

Stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop!


That wasn't me.

I did not kill
those animals, okay?

You're... You're right
to be scared.

There are some really,
really bad people in here.


How did you get in?

Please, just tell me.
How did you get in?

We... We have to get out
of here, okay?


Because the people in here,

They're dangerous, okay?

Dangerous. Yes.

Please, just show me
how you got in, okay?

Was... Was there a hole
in the fence, or...


Down there. Down there?

Okay, come on. Come on.

This is not a place
for a kid, okay?

Come on. Show me.



[ Bicycle horn honks ]

It's here?
This is where we go through?


[ Fence buzzing ]

You can go under it.

Is it safe?

Yeah. I do it every day.

Just be careful.


[ Beeping ]