Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

I know this is gonna sound
shocking, but I'm not Siri.

She's pretending
to be her sister.

She's saying they swapped.

Of course she is, but could
she be telling the truth?

[ Grunts ] Where's the camera?

Tell Carol I'll bring it up.

Yeah, we all get a case of

the get-me-outs
every now and then.

Do you know a way
to get out of here?

It's just this place is...

I hear you.

What's Graciela doing here?

Dr. Silva:
No, that's Svala Inberg.

[ Car horn honks ]

[ Speaks Russian ]

Dr. Silva, this is Dr. Kowalska.

Ah, my new shadow.

A psychopath is a person
unrestrained by conscience.

You think Siri's a psychopath?

Corin: I need it back. What?

Don't play games, Siri.
This is serious.


You took my thumbprint
when I first got here.

Check it.
It will prove who I am.

I'm afraid your bluff's
been called, Siri.

With you,
there's never a dull moment.



[ Wolf howls ]



[ Gasps ]
What the fuck
are you doing?


Get off.
Siri, I'm...
I'm so sorry, Siri.

My bad. Jesus.



Corin: Hey, Siri!

Have you got the camera?


Hey, why are you trying
to get me killed?

I'm not trying
to get you killed.


Jesus, Siri.

I like having my fingers.

You want me to tell Carol
it was really you

that wanted the damn thing
and then lost it?

No one's gonna
break your fingers.

No, no... take, Siri.

Not break. Take, like...
[ Imitates cracking ]


I'm talking about Carol.

And this Carol
has done this before?

There are cameras.
They're our hosts.

And accidents never happen?

No, Siri.

Unless you get me the camera,
I have to tell Carol.

[ Alarm blaring ]

This shit is on you.



[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Piano playing inside ]

[ Stick clatters ]

[ Keypad beeps, buzzes ]


[ Exhales ] Shit.








[ Knock on door ]

All good, Siri?

Happy as a clam. That's great.

Sleep well. [ Laughs ]

Mark is improving.

[ Speaking indistinctly ]








[ Shower door closes ]


No! Oh!

What the...

[ Grunts ]

What are you doing? Oh, shit.

What the fuck, Siri?

How did you get in? You knew I was coming!

You moved the twig on the door!

Shit, Siri.

I was just going to
surprise you with...

With some flowers, okay,
from the greenhouse.

It's the last time I try
something this cheesy, okay?

You can't just...

[ Banging on door ]


Or Carol's guys?

I can't be found here.
I got to go.

Uh, I'll see you later.

Oh, I was never here.

[ Banging continues ]

[ Clatter ]



Corin: Siri.

[ Coughs ]

Oh, my God! [ Gasps ]

[ Crying ]
Shit. Shh!
What happened?

What happened to you?

Help! I told you.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, Margot! Margot!

[ Sobs ] Fuck.


[ Bangs on door ]


[ Sobs ]

It's okay. It's okay.



[ Muttering indistinctly ]

Help! Help!


Back off! Back off!

What happened? You have to help!

He's bleeding!
It's all over...
Stay there!

Stay there! Stay there!

[ Crying ]

[ Monitors beeping ]

Did she mess him up like this?

No abrasions on her fists.
CCTV doesn't lie.

He was already messed up
when she got to her cabin.

This isn't good.

The valley's been
safer than ever.

Then we have Svala Inberg's

and all this violence
in a couple of days.


Zoom in on her.

Now play this one.


Her reaction...
It's very interesting.

Every display of normal affect.

Empathetic, horrified, scared.

Well, Siri does know
how to play a part.

Well, I'm guessing you want
to keep her

in Category 1 for observation.

Not at all.

Clean her up and let her
go back to her cabin.

You're sure?


[ Crickets chirping ]

Siri: What?

You're just gonna put me back
out there in the cabin?

It's your home, Siri.

Did you see what someone did?

Someone who...
Who's still out there?

Did you see who it was?


Do you know who it was?


Well, try not to worry.

Enough people out there
looking for whoever did it,

and believe me, there'll be
a full investigation.

Plus, Corin was moving
about the valley after curfew.

You'll be inside.

And that's safe?

Safe as hell.

Listen. Corin...

He must have had a
disagreement with someone,

and sadly, as you know,

such things are often
settled in the dark,

or if you're experiencing
heightened fears,

I can always ask Dr. Silva
for some medication?

Chemical cosh?

No thanks.



I'm sure you'll sleep
much better in your own bed.


You'll be fine.


[ Piano playing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Soft thudding ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Piano continues playing ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Guys, I hope you've all had
the opportunity

to meet our new colleague,
Sophia Kowalska.

- Hello.
- Welcome.


Sophia comes to us from Harvard,

but we won't
hold that against her.

[ Laughter ]

And how are you settling in?

Good, thanks.

So, what did you make of her?

Siri Brant... what do you
make of her shenanigans?

Atypical. Atypical?

Really? Because...

She has put herself
in harm's way in not one

but two acts of altruism
in as many days.


Oh, I'd like to say it was the
result of our work with her,

claim it as a
long-awaited success,

but I'm afraid we do have to
beware confirmation bias.

Of course, but my gut tells me

it was very odd behavior
for a psychopath.

Sophia, these guys have heard me
say this a zillion times,

but we look into the abyss,
and the abyss looks back at us,

trying to find itself
in the reflection.

As we study them, they study us,

learning how to mimic emotions
that they're not able to feel.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, of course.

But there's
something different here.

She does seem very invested
in this business

of being her sister, Helena.

Yeah, and it could be
highly manipulative,

but still, it's unusual.

I think it could be a tool
we could use.

[ Chuckles ] A tool?


Go on.


You have headphones?

Oh, afternoon, duchess.

Nice of you to get up.

The piano is electric! Yeah, so?

So you can use your damn
earphones at night!

What, you don't like Chopin?

Not as much as I
like sleeping, no.

Well, these, Siri,
are his fucking "Nocturnes,"

and Chopin wrote these for his
friend who had insomnia.

When Chopin shows up, call me.

Maybe he can get the notes
in the right order.

Until then,
use the fucking earphones.


Where are you going?

I'm gonna find a way
to get out of this place.

Well, good luck with that.

I don't need luck.

Even if I have to climb
that mountain,

I'm getting out of here.

I don't blame you.

That scary nutter Carol
was around earlier

asking all sorts of questions

about who's been
visiting you after dark

and how close you were
to Svala Inberg.

Jackals are circling.

So, you want to continue
doing sessions with Siri

as if you're speaking
to her sister, Helena?


As far as I know,

there's no literature
about the correlation

between psychopathy and
multiple personality disorder.

Right, but she's chosen
to counterfeit an identity.

I'd be interested in following
her down that rabbit hole

and see where she intends to go.


I could establish
a relationship with Helena,

and then your relationship
with Siri

could go on uninterrupted,
as usual.

Luke, she's your patient.

Why not?

I'm all for a new tool.

But there is something
I'd need you to see first.

[ Camera whirring ]

Hey, you again!

You lost?

[ Electric buzzing ]

[ Luck whines ]

[ Luck barks ]

[ Barks ]

Yeah. Let's not go here.

[ Luck barks ]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Okay. Come on.


Dr. Silva: Welcome to
the mushroom farm.

Sadly, most of the inmates here
are drugged into a stupor.

That's what you want to show me?

Uh, no, I wanted to
show you Mr. Block.

Father Block was a priest.

Also, he was a predatory
sex murderer and a cannibal.

Picked up single women
at the dog park.

Used puppies as bait.


Everyone loves a puppy, right?

They're a great icebreaker.

[ Chuckles ]

He had two eyes and a full set
of teeth when he arrived here.

What happened?

Siri Brant happened.

When she got here, like a
message to the other inmates,

"Just because I'm a woman,
don't mess with me,"

and she made her point,

and even though I believe that
we made great progress with her,

the thing to remember is this...

What she's actually capable of.

So you think
I shouldn't pursue it.

No. [Chuckles] Not at all.

I'm just saying be very,
very careful.

[ Water rushing ]


Luck! Come here!



Oh, shoot.


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Exhales ]





You shouldn't do
that tai chi crap.

It's not tai chi.

I don't care what it is.

It's not your culture.

You're not an Asiatic.
You're appropriating it.


You're taking something
that doesn't belong to you.

I don't know
what you're on about.

I know you've got it.

Your little friend told me.

He didn't want to.

He even tried to be a
stand-up guy...

until he broke.


Return the camera you had him
borrow from Carol or pay.

It'll get really ugly for you
if you don't pay.

Pay her what?

You know Carol.

You know Carol's rules.

No. What does she want from me?


I'm sure you could learn
to do those exercises

without your thumbs.




[ Exhales ]

"Okay," what?

Carol. Why is everyone
scared of Carol?

Piss off.
You know all about Carol.

Don't try and draw me
into whatever bullshit
you're brewing between you.

No, but that's not me. It's...

[ Exhales ] O-Okay.

You said the jackals
were circling.

Did I?

I do have a lovely
turn of phrase.

I'm a bit sketchy
about which jackals.

I feel like
I'm forgetting something

I should be taking care of.

You want me to jog
your memory, peach,

it's gonna cost you.

Since I'm on the naughty stuff,
get me a pack of 20

from the shop and a lighter,

and then I'll tell you
all you're messing up.

Messing up how?

Oh, interested now, aren't you?

Make it two packs...
Full strength.

No funnying around with any of
that low-tar crap

with as much kick
as this fucking vapor.

Sure. Sure.

Fags first.

But I will tell you this
for nothing.

This place, not all the jackals
are in the zoo.

[ Birds chirping,
water trickling ]

Things are changing
in our little community.

Things are always changing.

Can't control it.

How does that make you feel?

That question, Doc,
makes me feel like

someone put a penny
in the cliché machine.

[ Chuckles ]

You've been talking
to Siri Brant.

Did she tell you that?

The host or your cameras?


Fuck you, Doc.

There's not meant to be
any cameras above the lake.

That was the deal.

Well, it's not just cameras
that see things.

Yeah, but you know I'm gonna
look for them now, right?

Well, not a good idea

to destroy more
of the institute's property.

Perish the thought, huh?
[ Chuckles ]

I just like to know
where they are.

Someone's got to watch
the watchmen, right?


[ Church bell chimes ]

Hey, Brant. Peace offering.

I know you like them.

I just ate.

No, you haven't.
I've been watching you.

You've been walking around
all morning, looking shifty.

But you love these things!
Come on.

Oh, you're sulking
for last night?

No. Well, I'm sorry.

You know, I have a bad history
with being hit.

Y-You surprised me. That's all.


That would be, normally, a good
thing in our relationship...


[ Indistinct chatter ]

I got to go now.

You-know-who is pissed off
at something.

No, wait. Who?

Come here.

What happened to Svala...
It's got Carol really riled up.

The accident?

And, Siri, apart from Carol,
the others have been talking.

The others?

The XO.

The XO think you might have
something to do with this.

I told them no,

but it had to be someone
who has seen the map we made

who did this to Svala,
know what I'm saying?

The map we made? What map?

Don't play dumb, Siri.

You're in danger.

Carol is really pissed.

He wants that secret CCTV map.

Shit. I'll see you later.



[ Luck barks ]


Hey, Luck.

Hey, boy. Where did you go?

There you are, Siri.

[ Barks ]

[ Growls ]Shh, shh, shh.

Good boy.

I don't want any trouble.

Carol wants the camera.

[ Barks ]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

And you know where it is,
don't you?

Here come the cavalry.

If you don't want any trouble,

like the sort that got
poor little Corin,

bring the camera
to the chapel at 6 o'clock,

and don't bring that dog,
or I'll gut it.

Woman: Siri, hurry up.

You're late
for your physical checkup.


[ Flashlight clicks ]


[ Flashlight clicks ]


And no headaches,
blurred vision?


All right.

I think you're fine.

If there's anything,
just come tell us, okay?

How's Corin doing?

Not so good.

You can go see him.
Maybe you can cheer him up.

He's in Room 3.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door closes ]


[ Whimpers ]

[ Machine beeping rapidly ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Step aside, please.

Man: Morphine?

Yes, 0.5.

[ Nurses speaking indistinctly ]



[ Monitor beeping ]




Look, Corin, I'm not
who you think I am.

I didn't tell them anything.

Raymond did this to you.

Said you'd take care of shit.

Said you were part of the XO.

Said that between you and them,
no one would dare hurt me.

Said I was on your team.

[ Sniffles ]

But you don't have a team.

You only think about
yourself, as always.



What's the XO?

Do I look like Wikipedia?


You look like you need a smoke.



The XO...

as in Escape Organization...

It's an urban myth around here.

Meant to be a secret
organization of inmates

dedicated to finding a way
out of this place,

but it's fucking futile,
peach, because

A... the place is impregnable,
and B... you know,

organize a bunch of psychopaths
like we've got in here?

Be easier to herd cats on crack.


[ Cigarette wrapper rustles ]


Do you want to go for
the full pack?

Tell me why Svala Inberg
is scared of me.

Well, I don't know, peach.

Maybe you're scary in bed.

You're the one
who's been fucking her.


[ Door closes ]


Ah, Dr. Kowalska.


How are you settling in? Good.

I was thinking, actually, um,

maybe you'd like
to go for a jog.

You know, I can
show you them trails.

[ Chuckles ]

I'd like that.

Yeah? Good. Yeah, it's a date.

I-I mean, it's not a date.

It's not a date. It's a... Plan.

Plan... that's the one.

Well, I gather you're...
You're going to see Siri Brant.

Yes, Dr. Fisher thought
it might be interesting

to try something different.

Oh, okay.
Well, I won't keep you.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Door opens ]

Siri: Try what?

Dr. Kowalska:
It's your choice, of course,

but if Helena would like,
still, to talk to someone,

I'm... I'm... I'm interested.

So you believe me?

I believe Hel has something
to say, yes,

and I have questions.






The first one is not
especially surprising.

Your parents?

My parents aren't relevant.

Actually, everyone's
parents are relevant.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Um...

My dad was a practical man.
He was a farmer.

And my mother lived
a life of the mind.

That sounds rehearsed.

It's something he used to say.

Was that why they split?

No, that was us.

Dr. Kowalska: Us? Me and Siri.

Siri and I.

That's novel.

Novel? Yes.

They thought
we'd be better apart.

Usually, family stay together
because of their children.


Together, we fought.

Like siblings fight?

No, not like that.

Not like what?

These were fight fights.

Fight fights? Yeah.

Our dad... he thought

that women should be able
to defend themselves,

so instead of ballet classes,
we did aikido.

And you would
rather have done ballet?

Not especially.

But you mentioned it.

Yeah, I mean,
if we'd done ballet,

then maybe the fights at home
wouldn't have got out of hand.


Even if they started
as practice,

she always went too far.

She bit. She scratched.

She hit me with a hammer once
and broke my wrist.


She didn't mean to,
but she was too...

Too what? ...too unbreakable.

She couldn't bend, and she would
never admit to losing.

That would drive her into fury.

And then I'd get upset
'cause it was so unfair.

Define unfairness.

What do you mean?

I mean, uh, how did unfairness

feel to you as a child?

Well, fairness would have
been not stealing

the trophies I won at school.

Silly little plastic cups,

but I won them,
and I liked them.

And she took them? Yeah.

They'd be there by my side,

and then they'd disappear,
like all my toys.

She would say that I hid them
myself just so I could blame her

from stealing them from me,

and we never, ever found
where she put them,

so she could never be
punished for it.


That was what unfair felt like.

And then they split you up?[ Exhales ]


Yeah, Mom did.



And for you,
how did it feel being split?

Could you...

describe it somehow?


I don't know. Try.


Think of precise words.


[ Exhales ]

I felt sad, weird... Mm-hmm.

...angry, guilty,
confused, relieved.

Pick an adjective.



When Siri left,

I didn't think
it was gonna be forever.

You missed her?

She's my twin.

When you see yourself
as a child missing her,

what exactly do you see?

[ Sighs ]


I'd see her.

I'd see her in school,
on the street, in the woods.

I'd see her red jacket
and run after her,

but when I caught up,
it was never her,

always some other kid.

She'd still be away in America.

And you'd be
still alone at home.


What are you doing there?

I'd just be in my room.

I'd lay on my side of the room
just looking at her bed,

her empty bed.

Can you describe it more?

It was just a kid's bed.

Flat and empty.


Do you think you were
mourning her

as if she actually died?

[ Sighs ]




And then I found them.

You found?

All the things that
had gone missing.

All my trophies, my prizes,
my awards, my best-loved toys,

my cups were hidden
in the mattress.


What's wrong?

No, it's just that I...
I forgot about the mattress.

What are you thinking now? Nothing.

I was surprised that
I'd forgotten about the mattress

until now.


Are we done here?





[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

That bitch.



What's wrong?

No, it's just that I...
I forgot about the mattress.

Letting Siri pretend to be
Helena was such a good idea.

Yeah, she...
She was very compelling.

Siri: ....I'd forgotten about
the mattress until now.

If there were Oscars
for psychopaths,

Siri Brant would be
our Meryl Streep.


Are we done here?

Dr. Silva: Where is she?

Where did she go?

Oh, there she is.


She seems in a hurry. Hmm.


She's headed for the chapel.

That's one place
we don't have cameras in.

Maybe she's having
a come-to-Jesus moment.


[ Church bells chime ]




[ Siri gasps ]

No! No! No!


[ Grunting ]

[ Inhales sharply ]


[ Inhales sharply ]

You're out of control.

[ Coughs ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Coughs ]


[ Clatters ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gasps ]

It's okay.

Raymond's not gonna hurt you.

Where's Carol?

Yeah, that's right.

[ Breathing shakily ]

Word is you're so messed up
in the head these days,

you're claiming
selective amnesia.


I'm not judging you.

Whatever works.

Who wouldn't want to start
with a clean slate?

It's a fair play, you going
for the karmic reboot,

and you know damn well
I'm Carol.

You're Carol?

No, but wait.

I've got your camera.
I tried to tell him.

It's over there.

Aw, shit.

I don't really care
about the camera now.

I just want you to tell me
what you know

about the XO and those maps.

I don't... I don't know
...Are you in the XO?

[ Gulps ] No.But you know why I'm asking.

No! Shit.

And I thought you were meant
to be something, Siri,

but you're not really much,
are you?

See, now, Fisher's got
this valley

covered in hidden CCTV cameras.

We are like little lab rats

in this big fucking
pine-scented maze.

The XO have a map
with all the blind spots.

I want that map.

It'd be good to have...

for some people, anyway,

like if, uh, Svala didn't have
an accident but got attacked,

which is my theory, right,

But she's a feisty one

and ain't no fucking
midnight mountaineer,

is she, you know?

So now, they couldn't have
gotten away with it

unless they could get around
without being spotted, right?


So, like, logic tells me

that they must have been
in the XO and had that map

'cause they disappeared
like poof...
[ Gasps ]

...before Svala
was found all bloodied up.


Shit, Siri.

You are fucking up to something.

I don't know what, but there's
a reason you got

that short-ass little fucker
to borrow my camera,

and then Ray-Ray here
tells me he saw someone

he couldn't quite make out
climbing through your window

after curfew last night,

so, um, I don't give a fuck
about the camera.

I just want you to tell me
who was in your room last night.

I don't know.


See, um, this is what I hate
about being reasonable.

What I said about Raymond
not hurting you...

I take it back.

Drown the bitch.

No. No, please!

Please don't!

Aah! No.