Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Hel? Hel, it's me, Siri.

I'm in the sanatorium.

It's in Italy.

I'd really love it
if you could come and visit me.

[Chuckles] Hey.

Welcome to Himmelstal.

Your thumbprint will
give you access to all areas.

Hi, Margot.
This is my sister, Hel.

Oh, Rose-Red and
Snow-White, huh?

Siri, why did you ask me here?

I thought that you could just
be me here for one day.

I have a girlfriend.

She's in the hospital,
and I need to see her.



Helena: You fucking bitch.

You just went and did it anyway?

This is not as easy
as you said it would be.

Jack: We found Svalla Inberg.

Corin: Don't play games, Siri.

You said you'd get it
right back to me.

I'm not Siri.
I'm her sister, okay?

We swapped, and she went to...




[Glass shatters]

[Computers beeping,
indistinct conversations]



Siri Brant.


Wake up!



I said, "Wake up and shut up."


Man: What's going on?

Siri was talking to herself.

She was just having a nightmare.

Well, there's nothing
more fucking tedious

than other people's dreams.


I'm... I'm... I'm not Siri.

I'm Hel, her sister.

What's happening?

Man: Margot threw water on Siri.


Margot, if you can't behave,

we'll cuff your other hand, too.

You caused enough
trouble tonight.

And you might want to cut her
a little slack.

While you were unconscious,
she dragged you out of the fire.

She saved your life.

Behave, Margot.

Helena: No.

Wait! Wait!

Don't make me do it again.

[Breathing heavily]

Alright, what do you want?

Out... I want out.

Oh, well, good luck
with that, peach.

You and every other bugger
in here.

I mean, what do you
want with me?



Why did you save me?

I was awake.

You were unconscious.

I know things about you, Siri.

You could've had a nice tidy up
if I'd croaked in the fire.


So what was your angle?

No fucking angle, okay?

I just did it.

Well, you don't do anything

without thinking about it,
Siri Brant.

You've always got an angle.

I'm not Siri.
I told you I'm Hel, her sister.

Yeah, and I'm Titania,
queen of the fucking fairies.


Redpath: We could've lost
the entire wing.

Yes, and Siri Brant,
of all people,

does us a good turn.

Do you remember,

I did question
from a security point of view

if it was wise to let the sister
come and see her?

Siri is just using
all this drama as an excuse

to play one of her games.

She's pretending
to be her sister.

Mm.She's saying they swapped.

Of course she is.

But could she be
telling the truth?

Plus, the security system
is foolproof.

You know that. Yeah.

Still, it's a shame
she left early.

I would've liked to have
talked to her privately,

get into the whole
nature-and-nurture thing.


Nature, nurture? Yeah.

Is a psychopath born or made?

This was a chance to interview
identical twins,

one neurotypical, one not.


Maybe we can get the sister
to come back.

What was her name again? Helena?

No, my reservation
will still be the same.


That's why you're
in security, Jack.


[Woman singing indistinctly]



[Horn honks]

Excuse me?

Hello, sir. Could you...


[Horn honking]


[Speaking foreign language]

[Horn honks]

[Speaking Italian]

Oh, come on.



[Breathing heavily]


Oh, I'm sorry.

Dr. Fisher wants to see you.

Hmm. What?

Dr. Fisher wants to see you.

Keep the bowl. It's better.

Let's go.

Here we are.

Well, hello.

She's having a bad reaction
to the tranquilizer.

Dr. Fisher: Oh.

Sorry you're not
feeling yourself.

I should've given you
more time to recover,

but I really just wanted
to pass by and say, "Thank you."

We all know that Margot
insists on killing herself

with her tobacco addiction.

My lungs, doc,
my choice.

Uh, well, sure, your choice,

but it's not cool
to nearly take out Siri

and half the medical wing
because of your choice.

But I... I can dream big.

Dream as big as you want,

but you are officially banned

from smoking cigarettes.

From now on, it's, uh, vape

or, uh, nicotine gum.

I'm sure your neighbor
is going to sleep much better

knowing that you're not

falling asleep
smoking cigarettes.

Isn't that right, Siri?

I'm not Siri. Oh.

I just came here to... So I've heard.



I don't think
I've ever seen, uh,

her react this way
to sedatives before.

Let's find out
what she's used in the past

and make sure she doesn't
get that type any more.

No, really, I-I'm not.

We swapped. Uh-huh.

Siri, you promised to stay cool

if we let your twin
come to visit, didn't you?

I amthe twin! I amHelena, okay?

She... She left me here.

She left me trapped in here,
and then she took off.

Siri, deep breaths, calm place.

Why don't you listen to me?
I'm trying to explain.

Dr. Silva is returning
from leave today.

He'll be the best person

for you to have
this conversation with, yeah?

Again, thank you very much.

You're showing
wonderful progress.

[Birds chirping]

Dr. Kowalska.Dr. Kowalska: Hello.

Welcome to Himmelstal.Hi.

Hi. Welcome.

I'm... I'm a little late.

Oh, no worries.
I'll help you with your bag.

Can I help you? Sure.


It's amazing.

Well, "Himmelstal" means
"heavenly valley,"

our own slice of heaven.



I don't like owing people.

Owing you...

makes me all itchy.

Yeah, you don't like it?

Not a bit.

Then pay me back.

Here comes the angle.

It's not a big thing.

As the priest said
to the altar boy.



Pretend that you believe
that I'm not Siri.

How would you make
this Dr. Fisher believe me?

Jesus Christ,
you carry on like this,

you'll end up
on the mushroom farm.

What's the mushroom farm?

Do you want to end up
hit with the chemical course

like little Einstein over there,

pissing in your pants,
brain like mashed potato?

No, I... I just want to get out.

You'll get out the same way
as the rest of us, peach...

in a coffin.

This is Himmelstal.

No escapes... ever.

No, they can't just keep
the wrong people in here.

I'm going to talk
to the doctors.

Right, and if they don't bite?

Well, then,
I'm going to call someone.

And how are you going to call?

Well, I'm going to call with
the phones by the reception.

Oh, but they're in
category two, peach,

and we're in category one.

So you be a good girl,
and you'll get sent back.


Siri, we need to do
another physical check

before you see Dr. Silva.

Yeah, sure.


Dr. Fisher: Yes.

Dr. Fisher? Yeah.

Hello, Doctor.

Dr. Kowalska.

Sophia, call me Martin.

We're not big on formality
within the team.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

Oh, don't worry about it.
Uh, have a seat.

It's a bad way
to start my first day.

[Clears throat]

Well, as I told you
in our interview,

I think of ourselves
as a great, big happy family,

and families
cut themselves slack,

especially on the small things.

[Drone whirring]

Yeah, we're all watched here
on campus,

for our safety
as much as theirs.

It's a good thing
we're well-funded.

Come on.
I'll give you the grand tour.



Your numbers are actually better
than they usually are.

Yeah, of course,
because I'm not Siri.

You have to take that up
with the doctors.

Hmm? [Velcro rips]

Please, can you sit?


[Inhales deeply]


[Inhales deeply]


Doesn't sound too bad,
given the smoke you inhaled.

There's blood on your shoes.

I was changing the dressing
on poor Svalla Inberg.


How is she? She's still in a coma.



You are in good shape, hmm?

Um, so that means
I can go back to category two?

Uh, not yet.

Dr. Silva needs to sign off
on your mental state.

You can see him
as soon as he arrives.


[Rain falling, birds chirping]


I warned you.

Our little perch in
the Dolomites is hardly Harvard.

But it's much more beautiful.

Oh, you have a lot
of activities here.

Yes... happy bodies,
happy minds, right?

Most of the patients
are category two.

They live here in the valley

and in the residential cabins
down in the village,

along with some
covertly embedded researchers.

Our category-one patients
live here in...

Are locked down here
in the sanatorium.

Uh, with good behavior,

they can get promoted
to category two.

That's right. [Chuckles]

I read
the orientation packet, Doctor.

It's your in...

Incentive ladder. Right.

It's so nice to have somebody
who shows up prepared,

and it's Martin.


So, Martin, the people here
are all inmates?

Yes, they're all here
serving life sentences

for crimes committed
in their home countries.

Mm. It's better to have them

living here productively
where they can be studied

rather than having them
rot away in some prison, right?

By "productively," does that
mean they have to work?

Well, it's optional.

It's a way for them
to earn special privileges,

extra money,
like these two fellas here.



[Birds chirping]

[Bell tolling]

[Upbeat music playing]




[Music continues]


[Music stops]



Big knife
for such a small person.


What do you mean, small?

I mean, you're in proportion
and everything,

but you're short.
You must have realized.

Fuck off.

I'm just trying
to make conversation.

We're having classes
on, uh, empathy and stuff.



Where's the camera?

It's not here.
I'll get it later.

Later just makes it
more overdue.

Do you need it now,
like, right now?

It's not about what we need.

It's about what you agreed on.

Just... tell Carol
I'll bring it up.


I'll make it straight.

That's your message?

That's my message.


Corin will make it straight.




You should take better care
of your blade.

A workman is only as good
as his tools,

and if I was so keen

to get on
the wrong side of Carol,

I'd keep mine
a lot sharper than that.


Must be wondering
why I hired you, no?

Top of your class
but barely got your doctorate,

and your professors
didn't give you glowing reviews.

I'm painfully aware of all this.

They also rejected your

PhD paper on female psychopathy.

Three times.

But you kept resubmitting it.

Because I believe
it has validity.

I think there's a gender bias.

There... There's a gender bias

in diagnosis of psychopaths.

So I assume
that was why you hired me.

No, I hired you

because you're not afraid
to think outside the box.

Our little community here
can become quite incestuous,

and because we have
so much power over our inmates,

I needed someone to speak truth
to that power.

Ah, a devil's advocate.


The next few weeks,

you're going to be shadowing
Dr. Silva, Luke.

Is he back yet?

he's just checked in.

Would you be so kind as to
escort Dr. Kowalska to meet him?

Yeah, sure.

Uh, you see the grounds
are quite big,

so sometimes,
it takes you a little while

just to get your bearings.

It's okay. Okay.
Keep walking. Alright?

It's okay. Now, look.

We got CCTV everywhere
in category one,

most of them in category two.

Just don't go into the valley,
not on your own, anyway.

Morning, sir.

So this is the... the art class.

Dr. Kowalska: Seems popular.

Yeah, well, Dr. Fisher

is very keen on letting them
express themselves.

You don't like art?

Eh, it's all Pollocks to me.


It's a very old joke,
Mr. Redpath.

Yeah, well, I'm a very old guy,
Dr. Kowalska.

You're not so old. No?


Well, it's a...
A lot to take in.

It's a very big campus. It's very good.

Walking keeps you fit.

Yeah, well, we got some
lovely trails for walking...

Or running.

Do you run?

I jog, but reluctantly.

I really make myself do it.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Well, you know, uh,
if you ever want anyone

to show you the trails,
you know,

I run every morning
before breakfast...

Early bird.

This way.

[Telephone rings]

Mm, that's strange.

Ah, here we go.

Dr. Silva: Do you think she
planted it there for us to find?

Dr. Silva, this is Dr. Kowalska.

Ah, [Chuckles] my new shadow.

Oh, uh, thank you, nurse.

I'll make sure she gets it.

Welcome to the team.

Thank you.

Uh, [Chuckles] give me
10 minutes to shower and change,

and you can jump right in

with our first session,
Siri Brant.

She's one of our
more colorful subjects.

She's playing up today.

And every day.

Uh, interview rooms
are that way.

See you in 10.


He's another fitness fanatic.

You'll get along famously.





Siri. Hi.

Hi. Oh, [Chuckles]
this is Dr. Kowalska.

She'll be shadowing me
for the next few weeks.

Hey. Hi.

Uh, this is a short session
just to assess

whether you're still suitable
for category two

and can go back
to your cabin, okay?

Yeah, and you're Dr. Silva?


Yes, Siri, uh,
this is not a mask.

It's the real me. [Laughs]

Right, um, I know this is
going to sound shocking,

but I'm not Siri.

Yes, I'd heard
you'd been saying that.

Um, you've been having a lively
time while I've been gone.

No, but I... I'm not.

I'm Hel, her sister.

Your twin, Helena, who visited
you and left yesterday.

No, that... that was Siri.

She drugged me.

Drugged you?

With what?

Sleeping pills...

But it doesn't matter.

She... She walked out
pretending to be me.

That's a good one. [Chuckles]

Why don't you believe me?

Just look at me.
Ask me questions.

I can prove it.


Uh, in-instructions...
She left me instructions

and a note on how to be her.

These instructions?

Yeah, right.

After the fire, nursing staff
took her clothes to be cleaned,

found these planted
in her pockets.

It was not planted.

Nice touch, Siri.

Really well-played.

If your time here
has improved your condition

in only one small way, well,

this proves it's in your ability
to plan ahead

rather than
just act impulsively.

We can really build on that.

You don't believe me.

Siri, with your disorder,

um, that's an
occupational hazard.

I don't have a disorder.

Condition, then.

I'm sorry. I misspoke.

Psychopathy is a condition.

I'm sorry. What?

Psychopathy is a condition.

You were right. I was wrong.


You think Siri is a psychopath?


Siri is not a psychopath.

Siri, you know why we're here,
why we talk.

No, I mean, she...
She's impulsive and...

And do you know what that means?


Do youthink she's a psychopath?



You don't even know Siri.


Um, right,
we don't know each other,

but I know psychopaths.

What's so funny?

I'm just smiling.

Perhaps you could
refresh Siri's memory.

What do you mean, Doctor?

Tell her about psychopathy,

just, um,
to get to know each other.

Siri and I have
a very frank relationship.

Go on.

Well... in simple terms,

a psychopath is a person
unrestrained by conscience.

And in not simple terms?


It is a complex disorder

with a well-defined
set of symptoms,

one of which is
being manipulative,

another of which is
being egocentric and grandiose.

Both of those might, for
example, explain why you insist

I go through this charade
of justifying myself.

maybe I just like charades.

Maybe, but that's very glib.

Glibness and superficiality
are both symptoms.

Yeah, I wouldn't know.

Being deceitful [Chuckles]
is another symptom.

It feels like you are trying
to make me angry.

It... It won't work.

Of course not.

Shallow emotions...
That's another one.


Look, I just need you
to help me, okay?

I don't need you
to play games with me.

Siri, are you sure?

Because psychopaths have a very
low threshold for boredom,

which means
they need excitement.

You think I'm doing this
for excitement?

You think I'm just
playing games?

I have no fucking idea
why you're doing this.


Absence of empathy,
that's another big one.

I think perhaps that's enough.

I'm almost done.

Psychopaths display behavioral
problems from childhood

and as adults
manifest antisocial behavior,

which often results
in incarceration.

It is very specific skill set,

great for serial killers,

but also
for captains of industry,

international bankers,

fund managers,
and all kinds of criminals,

including, of course,
politicians and presidents.


Will that do? Yes,
I think that's enough.

Thank you, Dr. Kowalska.

You're welcome.

So you seem to have made
a big step

by thinking of someone
other than yourself

and rescuing Margot.


It speaks well
of our work together,

but in conversations

like the one you just had
with Dr. Kowalska,

and given your usual tendency
for changing identities,

you don't show much progress.

So I don't get cleared
for category two?

Yes, of course you do.

Trouble is your business,
after all,

like most of our patients here,

and I don't believe
the level of threat

you pose to yourself
or others has changed,

and you know
that's the criteria.

So privileges for, uh,
category two...



You are free to go
wherever you like in the valley.

[Buzzer, door opens]See you later.






Is... Is this the police? Sí.

Do you speak English?

I do. Okay. Good.

Um, my name is Helena Brant.

I'm being held against my will

in a sanatorium
called Himmelstal in Trentino.

I'm a Swedish citizen, and I...

I-I need you to...
To alert the Swedish Consulate.

What's your name again,
please, ma'am?

Helena Brant. Where do you find yourself?

Himme... Himmelstal,
yes, yes, that's it.

I'll alert them
immediately, ma'am.

You will? Yes.

Okay. Stay right there.

Great. Uh, should I just...

I will get in touch... I
should just stay here?

...with them
as soon as possible.

Okay. Yes, ma'am.

Okay. Thank you. Okay.

We'll take care of it. Thank you so much.

Thanks. My pleasure.


[Birds chirping]








Hey. Hey.

What's up?

Someone used the phone
to contact the police again.

Oh, yeah?

Just got off the phone
with them.

They told us
they got better things to do

than drive up here
every time we can't keep control

of our patients,
you know, same shit.

Who do you think
it was this time?


Who do youthink?

Siri Brant?

Yeah. Again?

God, they are like
little kids sometimes.



[Man speaking indistinctly]



Woman: That's Siri...
Siri Brant.




Hey, Luck.

Come here.

What are you up to?

Hey, sexy. Ah!

Ow! What the fuck?

Stop touching me!

You said we had something.

[Scoffs] It's me, Corin.

Uh, hey. I'm sorry.

Okay? I'm sorry. Sure.



I need it back.


Don't play games, Siri.

This is serious.

I went out on a limb
to get you that damn thing,

and if I don't get it
back to Carol,

I'm in big trouble.

Listen, I don't know...

No, just get the camera back.



[Exhales sharply]


You want to
watch yourself, peach.

What? Dicky-bird tells me

you were seen
having a bit of aggro

with your little friend, Corin.

That was nothing. Not like you

to wash your dirty linen
in public.

Looks weak.

People see you weak,

they're going to remember
they want payback.

You've made a lot of enemies.

Everyone always wants payback.

Well, not me.


[Scanner beeps, buzzer]

[Gate creaks]


Dr. Kowalska: Fuck.

[Speaking Italian]

[Knock on door]

Digging an escape tunnel?[Both laugh]

No, the... the sockets...

Oh, I know.

It seems we have to see
Siri Brant again.

I thought you might want
to have a look at her file.

Ah, yeah, thanks.


I... I wanted to apologize.

[Scoffs] For what?

We're... We're both
pretending it wasn't me

who flipped you off on the road.

I was so late.

I was frustrated
because I was going to make

very bad impression
my first day,

and it was so childish.

I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm sorry.

I was going, uh,
to give you a peace offering.

A peace offering?

Are... Are... Are we at war?

No, but I thought
you made me explain psychopathy

to Siri Brant
as a way of getting back at me.

Why would I do that?

I... I, uh,
I offended you again.

[Scoffs] Not again...

I, uh, I didn't know
it was, uh, you

who flipped me off the road.

Please take the bottle.


Uh, I don't drink.

Oh, [Chuckles] my apology.

This is fine, Dr. Kowalska.

Everything is fine. Sure.

I'll see you later on
at the session.






[Breathing heavily] Fuck.


Hey, Siri.


Beautiful day, no?


You want some coffee?

No, thanks.

Uh, I'm all good.

I... I didn't mean
to interrupt you.

I'm sorry. Hey, it's okay.

It's just Hemingway,

and he ain't
going anywhere fast.

Besides, I read this book
three times already,

and I'm still trying to figure
out what the fish means.



You all right?

It's just...

It's just this place is...

Yeah, I hear ya.

You know, we all get a case

of the get-me-outs
every now and then.

I like to call it cabin fever,

and there's no shame in it.


Do you know a way
to get out of here?

[Vehicle approaches]


What the hell are they doing
up here so far?


Hey, guys.
Y'all come for the coffee?

No, thanks. Siri,
Dr. Silva wants to see you.

He sent us to pick you up.

You were seen running up here

like your life depended on it.

Is everything all right?
I just had to get out.

I thought the exercise
would de-stress me.

Well, hope it worked.

You can get a ride with us.

Hey, Siri. Look after yourself.

All right?


Dr. Silva:
You called the police,

told them you were Helena Brant
being held against your will

and that they should alert
the Swedish Consulate.

Yeah, if you would've
believed me,

I wouldn't have had to do it.

Which explains that,
uh, sudden concern

at the end of last session
when you thought I wasn't

going to sign you back
to category two.

The patient phones
are a category-two area.

I told you the truth.

When you said I was a liar,
I had no choice.

I thought you would've learned
your lesson last time, Siri.

Local police know all about
what you guys try and do.

I don't know why you did it
again, especially after...

I told you why...
Because I'm Hel.



I told you why...
Because I'm Hel.


So why?

Why does she wants
to be Hel so badly?

Dr. Fisher: Good question.

Uh, dissociative behavior
for her own protection.

More importantly,
her unselfishness

in saving Margot from the fire

is a sign that your
overall approach is working.

Don't you think this, um,

pretense is a sign
of regression?

Maybe, or maybe
she's just uncomfortable

with these
new altruistic impulses.

Yeah, and she's wearing them
as a new identity,

as if Siri wouldn't do it,
but Hel... Hel would.

It could be so fascinating
to explore it.

I agree. Uh, much better

to get her to discard
this new fake identity

and own her change,
don't you think?

Siri as Siri.


Could I question her on my own?

Just to try something.

I don't think
that will be in line

with the current course
of therapy.

Well, I think it's a good idea.

Let's shake things up.

Dr. Fisher:
Sophia is the new girl.

Siri thinks she's
a new type of girl.

Uh, let's see where it takes us.

Maybe they'll reach
a common ground.




What does she like to drink?

A latte for you.

I don't drink milk.

Siri loves a latte.

This is her playing games
with the new kid.

Maybe you sit down.

So long as it's her
playing games and not you.

Helena: I'd rather stand.

I'd never do that
to a colleague.

I would like to... to talk
to you about your childhood.

I just want to get out, okay?

Uh, and if I screwed up
by letting Siri trick me, fine.

I'll take the consequences,

but I just want you
to call the police

and call the Swedish Consulate.

It's very interesting.

I don't care
if it's interesting.

I just want you to do it.

It's really interesting
because, Siri, as I read,

has a history of doing
almost anything

to avoid the consequence
of her actions.

Yeah, see?
It's because I'm not Siri.

I'm Hel.


You don't trust me.
I... I understand it.

I... I really do,
but maybe I could help.

What have you got to lose
by talking to me about yourself?


Hel, please.


Thank you.

So... you grew up together?


Yes and no. It's complicated.

Okay, so simplify it for me.

Siri must have
talked about our parents.

No, I gather Siri never ever

wanted to talk about her family.

Please tell me about them.

They... They split up
and each took one of us.



My mother was a shrink like you,
but American.


She had advanced views.


Yeah, that's what
Dad called them.

So, you know, we...

We grew up
in separate countries,

saw each other on holidays,

mid-summer, our birthdays.

I wouldn't call that
particularly advanced.

Hmm. How was that?

It was what it was.

I guess every childhood
is normal

for the child lucky enough
to survive it.

Why have you never
spoken about it before...

Your family, childhood, Hel?

Because I amHelena.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

If you persist in this,

you know what Dr. Silva
will do next, don't you?

What do you mean?

He may downgrade you
from category two,

put you on medication.

Is that what you want?

The chemical course?


Are you really Hel?

[Buzzer, door opens]

Doctor, would you step out
for a moment, please?

Yeah, sure.

Dr. Silva: Don't make threats
on my behalf.

I built up trust with Siri.
You are jeopardizing it.

What if she's telling the truth?

[Chuckles] Not possible
and... and not the point.

Why? Why?

I've spent almost a year
building a rapport with Siri.

Her identical twin
was allowed to visit.

Maybe that was a mistake.

Failing to consider that
could be confirmation bias.



Is this because I didn't take
your bottle of wine?


This is because

you all may have given
a dangerous inmate an inch

and don't want to consider the
fact she may have taken a mile.


Hey, guys.

Are you in there?
I can prove it!

Can we go back to work, huh?


I can prove who I am!

[Buzzer, door opens]

I can prove it.
I can prove who I am.

I've been... I've been an idiot.

Well, Dr. Kowalska
should be pleased.

She was just telling us
we must have made a mistake.

I'm afraid the doctor
is making a beginner's error,

jumping to conclusions
before she has all the facts.

But, no, the only fact
that matters is the thumbprint.

You took my thumbprint
when I first got here, right?

Yes. Check it.

It will prove who I am.

Okay. She's right.

Identical twins
share the same DNA,

but their fingerprints
are always different.


Let's check it, then.


That's Helena Brant signing out.

No, that's Siri.


And that's her ID
checked with her thumbprint.

How can that be?


Put your thumb there, please.


[Scanner beeping]


[Computer beeps]

Thank you.


I'm afraid your bluff
has been called, Siri.

What do you mean?
I'm not... I'm not bluffing.


Nice try, Siri.

With you,
there's never a dull moment.