Sam & Cat (2013–2014): Season 1, Episode 26 - #BlueDogSoda - full transcript

Sam & Cat must find a way to enjoy their favorite drink after it's been banned from California. But once they manage to have as much of it as possible and share it with everyone else, they find the authorities are searching for th...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Hi. How many?


Yes. Make it six.

Yeah, that's all of us.

How's this table here?

Very, very good. Thank you.


Sounds good. We're good.

Oh, no Goomer,

we're just goin' to..


If we just...

How about...

You're just going go...

But I...


This is perfect, it's perfect.

It's good. You sit, sit, sit.

It'll work fine.

There we go.

I'm back.


How come I can't sit over
there with you guys?

'Cause you're not a main character yet.


Hey, man, I know how it feels.

Hey, guys.

Welcome to Grimleys.


Hey there.


Can I get you all some
drinks to start off?


No, we're in a...

We're in a huge hurry.

Yeah, we gotta be back
at work in a half hour.

And actually, we know what
we're going to order

so we'll just goin' to go
ahead and do that now.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.

You guys are from that TV show,
"Sam and Carly."

It's "Sam and Cat".

Oh my gosh. I am a
huge fan of that show.

Thanks. Thank you.

Wow. What are you guys doing here?

We were hoping you'd
bring us some food.


Oh, oh my gosh.

You're just like you
are in your TV show.

Yeah. Yep.

Hey, I play Goomer on the show.

So you know, I happen
to be an actor myself.

Oh, wow.

Oh here it comes, you whipped
it right out there.

And I had a question for you guys.

What is it? What's the question?

How do you remember your lines?

Like, do you ever forget what
you're supposed to say and mess up?

All the time. Oh, yeah.

As a matter of fact, I happen to have a series
of clips that shows us messing up our lines.

No way. Like bloopers?

Exactly like bloopers.
That's what it means.

Come here. Watch this.


Hurry, come here, hold the monkey bag.

Pills of bag.


Why would I hold the bag
monkey pills of bag?


All right. I got to...

And then little red
riding hood said, beef...

Oh I messed up.

See that way they wreck your whole
friendship as revenge for when you...

for when you...


Okay, Clarice, I gotta big
pumpkin for you to carve.

One for Jen...

Hey Dice.


Back to one.

Well, they're guys who... [mumble]

You did this for revenge
because I think...

That you think... That I...

Oh, is that my hairdresser?

Dryer, yeah.

Oh, Sam just forget it.

I don't know my line.

I'm like nervous because there's
like stunts, I'm sorry.

Do your American accent.

I like...


A game I learned at camp Wigawami.

That's not my line.


That's my line.

I'm not talking.


Say you're sorry.



Oh shoot.


What is it? What do I say?

What's the line?


You know what, it wasn't usable anyway.

What's up?

Always the last scene of the day.

We won't let it happen.

Let's get over it.


We got it? Can we go home?


Oh my gosh. That is
hilarious to see that.

But we really are in a hurry.

Yeah, could we please order some lunch?

In a minute, I got to go call my
grandmother and tell her I met you guys.

But don't... We just
want to order... Ahh.

It's hard being famous like us.

Oh my gosh, Sam and Cat. I
love your show so much.

Aww, thank you. Thank you. Cool.

Did I miss the beginning?

The beginning of what?

The show, you know, the theme song and the
cleverly edited images that go with it.

Show her.

Come here.

♪ I'm never that far

♪ no matter where you are

♪ believe it ♪ we can make it come true

♪ and I, I, I, I, I,

♪ I'll never say never ♪ as
long as ♪ we keep it together

♪ it's the life ♪ that we choose ♪
and we still ♪ break the rules

♪ but it's all gonna be ♪
just fine ♪ (just fine)

♪ You and me ♪ we're
going to be ♪ just fine

Hey, have you guys seen our waiter?

Uh, I haven't.

Cam, how much longer
do we have for lunch?

Twenty-five minutes.

Oh, we better hurry.

Uh, excuse us.

"Sam and Cat," right?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

I knew it. It's so cool.

So look, we don't want to bother you
guys while you're eating or...

That's really nice of you.
That's real nice. Good.

But since you're not eating yet...

Ohh. Ohh, of course.

When you guys are filming your TV
show do you ever get the giggles?

Like you just can't stop laughing.

Does that ever happen?

Oh yeah, absolutely. All the time.
Here, I'll show you.

Back to your chair.

You want to go by it this afternoon?

Sorry, Steve.

So why do...

Well, we got the plant job.

What is a hair model?

My mom hired...

I'm gone absolutely.

Your eyes...

Hold. Back to one.

Don't cut, don't cut, don't cut, right.

Wait, wait, wait,

I'm sorry.

Say what you said again.

Say it one more time. Go.

I said I...


Well, thanks for stopping by.

Oh, so cool.

You guys sure I can't sit
with you at your table?

Oh we're positive. We're sorry.
Yeah, no.

Hi. My daughter is such a big fan
of your TV show, "Sam and Cat".

Aw, sweet.

Isn't that right, baby?

She's awkward.

I was wondering, when you're filming your TV
show, do you ever have trouble with the props?

Oh, yeah. All the time.

Here, take a look at this clip
which I have already to play.


Yep, all done.



[Glass breaking]

Back to one.

Try again.

This, sorry.


Oh my gosh.


Yay, the door's this way.

This is fun, right?

Cookie down.

Oh no.

I just went like that and it fell.

Thanks so much, Tandy.

Oh my... No.

Oh my goodness, what
hilarious bloopers.

Uh, I wish my daughter had friends.

You guys, we gotta order lunch.

You're right. Yep. Where's our waiter?

Waiter, please come
here, we're starving.

Excuse us.

Hey. Hi. Hi.

Can we get a picture, please?

Oh good yeah.

Arioni, will you take our picture?

Um, sure.

Wait, you want me in
the picture, right?

No. Oh, no.

We want a picture with Maree.


You kids want a picture with me?

Yeah. You're the best actress ever.

We've seen you in tons
of TV shows and movies.

Like "Gunsmoke.", "General
Hospital.", "Cagney and Lacey",

"Beetlejuice", "Search for tomorrow.".

Well, of course, I'll take
a picture with you kids.

Come on over here.

Okay. Go Arioni.

Got it.

Is it a good pic?

Yeah, yeah, fantastic.

So do you kids have any
questions about our show?


Well yeah.

For example, do you want to know if
we ever dance or sing between takes?

I do.

Do you guys ever dance
and sing between takes?

All the time. Yeah, we do.
Uh-huh. Yeah.

There's a lot of dancing
and singing between takes.

Here I'll show you on my pea pod.

♪ Come on

♪ and make some noise

♪ everybody get up

♪ come on and give us

♪ some noise

♪ come on and make

♪ some noise

♪ we're taking over tonight

♪ yeah we're itchin'

♪ to fight

♪ oh oh oh oh oh

♪ raise your voice

♪ make some noise

♪ girls and boys

♪ make some noise

♪ everybody get up

♪ come on

♪ and give me some noise

♪ yeah

♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ we're taking over tonight

♪ yeah we're itchin'

♪ to fight

♪ everybody say

♪ make some noise

♪ girls and boys

♪ yeah make some noise

♪ make some noise

♪ make some noise

♪ everybody get up

♪ come on

♪ and give me some noise

♪ everybody at home tonight

♪ has gotta make some noise

♪ everybody at home tonight

♪ has gotta make some noise

Wow. Great stuff.


So how much time do we
have left for lunch?

I'm not sure.

We haven't even ordered yet.

This is ridic.

I'm feeling angry.

Are you guys from "Sam and Cat"?

Of course we are.

So you guys are doing a blooper show.

How do you know?

Oh Dan tweeted about it.

Oh, he's a great speaker.
Best person to speak.

So are there going to be
commercials in this episode.

Of course. Absolutely.

Awesome. I love commercials.

Cameron, why don't you
show her the commercials?

Sure thing.


All right. Here you go.

I'll watch from over here.

Hey, you guys, where is our waiter?

Oh, here he comes. Oh. Thanks.

Hey, guys.

Anybody want any dessert or coffee
or should I just get the check?

What are you talking about?

You've got to be kidding. We haven't
even ordered our lunch yet.

And we have to be back at
the studio in 15 minutes.

Hey, don't worry. I'm
here to take your order.

Thank you. Oh, that's great.

But first, on your
show "Sam and Cat"...

Oh no.

Is it really exciting?

Hey Zoran, why don't you show
him how exciting it is.

Sure. Get over here.

Look at this.

♪ We're all waiting

♪ for the world to wake up

♪ open their eyes

♪ to the sunrise

♪ new day dawning

♪ and it's time to shake up

♪ it's our day

♪ do it our way

♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

That was the wrong clip package.

Yeah. Show him the exciting clips.

Okay, okay. Here.

Whirling wigs.

Could you turn on the radio?



Watcha got?

Whoa. Your show is fantastic.

Thanks. Thanks so much.

Now, will you please
take our lunch order?


Yes. Finally.

I'll just go grab a pen.

No, no, no.

I'm so hungry.

Me too.

If I don't get a sandwich or something
soon I'm going... Tandy's here.

And they're getting him food.

Hey Tandy.

Ooh. Hello.

Hey guys what's up?

You already got food.


That man over there is
putting it in a sack for me.

Well you have to share
your food with us.

Uh, oh yeah, sure.

I'll share my food with...

Holy. Oh my gosh.

Does anyone else want my food?

No we're... We're fine.

Hey, aren't you one of those
robots from "Sam and Cat"?

Yes, I'm the important red robot.

Wow. It's really cool to be
talking to you in person.


Do you and blue robot get to all
kinds of fun, wacky stuff?


Follow-up question.


When you're filming...


Does any of that wacky
fun stuff ever go wrong?

It sure does.

Would you like me to show you a
delightfully entertaining clip package

of our work including our flubs?

That's what I was hoping for.

View my face.

The red-headed girl is
done with her food.


But... but what... no.

Oh, look at...

could I have another cup?



Hello, hello.

Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire.

Oh no. Stop it. Stop it...

That was stronger.

Nice, that was great.

I know.

So are you and that blue
robot like dating?

No, why, what did she tell you?


Uh, those text messages
weren't from me.

My phone was hacked.

Whatever, man.


What do you know about it?

It's not true.

Aha. Uh. Uh, wait a sec.
We didn't order this.

Oh, thank you guys so much for bringing
us this food that we ordered.

Oh right. Oh right.

You know, because I ordered this.

Thank you. It's exactly it.


You know, this is someone else's food.

Who cares?

I'd eat anything right now
and not even complain.

Hey, I think you guys brought
us some other people's food.

Zoran, you wanted to eat.

Why would you even..

No, no, no.

Ari, Ari, Ari. Shh.

Shh. Don't cry.

You got a huge music
career going for you.

Double platinum.

Thank you.

Hi. I'm back.

Oh joy.


What happened to the
kid who plays Dice?

Tandy the robot disintegrated him.

Uh, well anyways, look I
brought my friend j.D.


He's never seen "Sam and Cat".


Whatcha need?

Well, since my friend
never seen your show...


I was hoping you could
show him some fun clips.

What kind of fun clips
do you want to see?

Just some really fun to watch clips that
showcase the magic that is "Sam and Cat".

And one blooper from "Drake and Josh."

Uh, Zoran, show them.

Sure. Take a look, weirdos.

Everybody let's do a great job, okay.

There's something wrong with me.

I'm coming in with a small goat.


What do you want?

Ellie always...


That was solid.

That was a one-er.

How we doing?


No, you can't.

Well, hello Freddie Benson.

I can't be anymore vicious than that.

He hates my guts.

Lots of noise. Having fun.

You poofed.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh...

Hello, baby, oh, oh...

That's not a real trash can,
Jennette, things are fake here.

But I just got the line right.

Oh, that was perfect.

And cut.

You sat on my...

Can we do it again?


You want to see how much sass I got?

Sorry, I'm just really... Dumb.

I feel it.

Now make it good.

You won the scoring game.

That didn't make any sense.

I'm sorry.


It was rhetorical.

Ooh, rhetorical.

Aw, he uses big words now.

And I twisted it in her bra.

That was so great.

Dang, this show is hilarious.

I got to watch "Sam and Cat".

I've been telling you.

Ahh, I am so hungry.

Me too.

We've almost been here a half-hour.

And we still haven't
even ordered our lunch.

Hey guys. Remember me?

Yeah, of course.

Of course.

What's up?

I hear you got 45 seconds
left in this episode.

Mind if I do my blooper dance?

Well, what's your blooper dance?

I'm glad you asked that.

Here I go "Sam and Cat" -style.

♪ Swimming in dreams

♪ floating in air

♪ wide awake, fly away

♪ 'cause sometimes

♪ we're here

♪ sometimes you're there

♪ inner space, out of place

♪ always dreaming

♪ finding meaning

♪ so come take my hand

♪ it's just you and I

♪ swimming in dreams
♪ floating in air

♪ wide awake, fly away

♪ 'cause sometimes

♪ we're here

♪ sometimes you're there

♪ inner space, out of place

♪ always dreaming

♪ finding...

[oven bell]