Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Rite of Thunder - full transcript

As Leslie gives birth and Xavin fulfills her prophecy, the kids go head to head in a final battle against the aliens.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

Fear is clouding your judgement.

The staff is just a tool.

Don't hate it, master it.

I'm so burning you!

Go to Wizard and finish the platform.

The only way to truly know
if the platform works

is when all four of us are standing on it.

Alex, can we forget for one moment

how we got here?
Forget that you murdered my friend

and a bunch of innocent teenagers?
I love you.

Go to hell.
Tamar says hello.

There is a fourth member
of the Magistrate's family.

- I think that thing is inside of me.
- Kill the host.

No! We're not killing one of us!

There's no coming back
from hosting a Gibborim being.

I may have hid
a few cameras in the Hostel.

There's Alex.

We have to get you out of here.
The Magistrate has found us.

Dad, I got something to bargain with.

Something I think you are
definitely going to want.

Come on, Dale. Please tell me you have
one preset that's not a jam band.

All good?

So, Dad, deal or no deal?

You're absolutely
certain she's bearing my child?

I checked the biomarkers.
You are definitely going to be a father.


I'd congratulate you,
but you're pretty bad at parenting,

so this isn't great for anyone.

Bring her directly to the jump site.

You know the location?

I have the Abstract.

Good. Then you also know
we don't have much time.

We leave tonight.

- You didn't answer my question.
- You'll get what you want

if you keep this just between us
and deliver Leslie and the child safely.

That won't be a problem.
She still thinks I'm Alex Wilder.

Good. Keep it that way.

And, son‐be good.

Aren't I always, Dad?

I can't believe this.

But he helped us
get you out of those tubes.

Why would the alien do that?

The Magistrate's son may have been
dormant at that time.

Dormant like hibernating?

Inhabiting a new host
is a challenge for the Gibborim.

A stalwart host can resist
the intrusion for a short time.

If their will is strong.

Wilder is stubborn as hell.

Or he was just playing us this whole time.

The broken goggles,
the fact that he could read the Abstract.

He skipped out on the "which one of us
is a creepy alien" test.

Okay, so we missed a few red flags.

He was just trying to get my mom alone
so that he could take her.

But it's not like
he's going to hurt Leslie, right?

I mean, she's pregnant with Jonah's baby.

No one is truly safe
from the Magistrate's son.

On the surface, he projects no shortage
of what you would call charm.

He's amiable.
Able to put people at ease.

Hey, what are those, uh,
long brown ones there in the middle?

Oh, those are
the Long John Horchata Twists.

I have no idea what that means,

but that's not gonna stop me
from getting a dozen of them.

Good choice, my friend.

But under the surface there's a cruelty

that has become legendary to my people.

He's notorious for the pleasure he takes
inflicting pain on others.

Especially the innocent.

Very few have escaped his wrath.

Those who did were never the same again.

Oh, here you go, Mrs. Dean.
One dozen.

I called the crew. Everyone's safe.
We're gonna meet up‐‐

What's wrong?

Alex, my water just broke.

You need to get me to a hospital.


Chase, where did you put the keys
you made for the Rolls?

You can't just run back to my old house.
It's not safe.

I have to get my mother back.

Wait. What makes you think
that Alex even took her there?

Jonah's behind this.
I just know it.

We killed Jonah with the inhibitor pods
when you two escaped.

No, we left him to die.

We didn't finish the job
the way that we should have.

The Magistrate may have been revived
with another life force.

You think they stuck someone else in
that light‐box‐thingy to bring him back?

No, the Son didn't hurt us.
He took my mom.

And I'm betting that that has
something to do with Jonah.

I say we start at the house.
Who's coming with me?

I cannot let you face
the Magistrate Family alone.

Yeah, of course. We'll all come.

Wait. Back up.

Am I the only one that remembers that we
barely got out of there alive last time?

And that was just against my dad.

Well, your dad. Whatever.

The point is, there was one.
Now there's four.

I hate to admit it, Chase is right.

You don't actually have to
hate to admit‐‐

If we go back in there
against the whole Family,

we're gonna get our asses kicked
and probably die.

If Alex was here, we'd have a plan.

But if Alex was here,
he wouldn't have taken Leslie,

which means we wouldn't
really need his plan.

Never mind.

Molly has a point.

Alex would have a plan.
And Alien Alex clearly does too.

He wouldn't take Leslie
to the Stein house

because that's exactly
where we'd go looking.

- So, where else would he take her?
- I don't know.

But if he has been planning this,

then maybe he left something behind
that can tell us.

Okay, divide and conquer, people.

Let's turn this place upside down.

Like a scavenger hunt!

We have to find her.

We will.

We'll get her back before anything bad
happens to her or the baby, okay?


Okay, here's the plan.

We go in, you have the baby,
then we're back on the road.

Alex, it doesn't work like that.

They're gonna want to keep me
for observation and check the baby.

No, we can't let that happen.
There will be too many questions.

This baby is coming, Alex.

Let me out. I can't do that.

Unless you want me to give birth
in the front seat of this Volvo...

I know where we can go.

What did you do to the inhibitor pods?

I thought that we were supposed to be
looking for any kind of evidence

about where Alex took Leslie.
And then what?

We're still not equipped to fight.
You said it yourself.

That doesn't mean taking the only thing
that gives us any kind of chance

and smashing it to pieces.
That is not what I'm doing, all right?

I'm seeing how they work.

Karolina was right.
We didn't finish the job with Jonah.

And these are defensive,
designed to block their powers.

The strongest defense
is a swift and decisive offense.

Coach Alphona told me that.

I hate to break it to you,

but Machiavelli and Sun Tzu
beat him to it.

Okay, say I am still curious.
How do we go on the offense?

Well, we rig this inhibitor tech
to something we can strike with.

It's like killing a vampire
with a silver bullet.

Direct contact.

Don't move. Be right back.

How's this for something
we can strike with?

What the...?

Where did you get these?
Quinton the Great.

The original owner of this mansion.
Some kind of old‐timey magician.

Must have been one hell of a stage show.

Is that‐‐?
My mom's phone. She left it behind.

But that means‐‐
She can't call. I know.

She's just mad because of her mom.

Also, this whole
"our love will save the universe" thing‐‐

it's kind of a lot of pressure.

She loves the Wiccan.
I am aware.

Yeah, but how do you feel
about Karolina?

I care about her well‐being, of course.

Yeah, but do you love her?

I am certain I fulfill the requisite
quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Uh, it's not about
the requisite... whatever.

It's love.

You feel it deep inside.
And you just know.

It's like, you look at someone,
and every part of you just...


Inside and out.
You can't help it.

If you don't feel this way about Karolina,
maybe this whole prophecy thing‐‐

maybe it's wrong.

The prophecy is the only hope
my people have had for millennia.

I have devoted my life to it.

If she is not my great love...

Why is my face leaking?





You. What do want from me?

I told you before.
I want to help.

Maybe where you're from,
it's normal to pop into people's minds

or pretend to be their mirror reflections.
But here, not so much.

You have to‐‐
you need to leave me alone.

I can't do that.

Our fates are intertwined, Nico,
whether you like it or not.

But you need to embrace
the true power of the Staff.

The Staff was destroyed.

I burned what was left.
It's gone. Forever.

Except... it's not.

Nico, come here!

Los Angeles defense
attorney Catherine Wilder was found dead

Alex's mom, she's dead.

In her cell
in an I. A. correctional facility today.

Did Alien Alex do this?

She was locked in a prison cell
when it happened, so it's doubtful.

R.I.P. Mrs. Wilder.

In junior high,
she made the best after‐school snacks.

Pizza bagels.

She helped murder 17 teenagers.

And Darius.

Tamar, we need your help.

Uh, what's freaky‐ass cult
church lady doing here?

Take a guess.

Oh, shit.
I'll call you an ambulance.

No, no! Don't!

It's complicated.

We can't go to a hospital,
which is why we need you.

And what makes you think
I can deliver a damn baby?

You have one, don't you?

I got a 1983 Chevy
Monte Carlo SS with a V8 engine too.

It don't mean I can build you one.

Something's wrong. I need help.

All right.
Come on, then.

You're all right.
You've got ways to go yet. Just relax.

I need lavender oil.

Yeah, I'm fresh out of that.

I, I have some in my bag.
I just‐I left it in the car.

Alex, do you mind grabbing it for me?

Go! Get her the damn bag!

Where's your phone?
It's in the kitchen in rice.

I was holding Xerxes, tryna pee‐‐
damn thing's supposed to be waterproof.

Listen, we're in danger.
It's Alex.

L'il Wilder? No, please, girl.
We got nothing to fear.

He grew up in Brentwood.

It's really hard to explain,
but I need you to trust me, okay?

You wanna call the cops?
No. No.

I need you to get this message
to my daughter.

All right? Tell her where I am.

And take your baby and get out of here.

Here you go, Mrs. Dean.

Thanks, Alex.

Come here. Come on, now.

We got to get her in bed
and ready to have this baby.

Take her back there, make her comfortable.

Hold her hand, let her squeeze it
as hard as she damn well wants.

No matter what, do not let it go.

When she's having a contraction,
remind her to breathe through it.

Well, hold on.
Where are you going?

I'm gonna go get on the internet and
figure out how to deliver a freakin' baby.

Unless you became a doctor
in the last five minutes.

Okay. All right.

I'm not totally sure it'll work.

I am not going to make
the requisite joke

about a man's broadsword
failing him under pressure,

because shaming culture is the antithesis
of literally everything that I stand for.

But if you had made it,
I might've laughed,

because I don't base
my sense of self‐worth

on the shape of my body
or my sexual prowess.

That much.


Okay. Okay, so the plan exactly is?

Well, the compound inside the pods
is a highly concentrated version

of the alloy that made up
Karolina's inhibitor bracelet.

Interaction with the Gibborim's skin
should not only neutralize their abilities

but weaken them completely.

Like poison?

And we're gonna coat the weapons in it?

Yep. We don't have many of these,

so we're gonna need every last one.

Okay, hey, let me hold it.

It's working.

We just got a message.

Alex took Leslie to Compton.
They're with Tamar.

Okay, the weapons aren't ready.
We're gonna need at least another hour.

Keep working. We'll take Molly and Xavin
and we'll call if we need backup.

Hey, Tamar.
I could really use a hand in here!


Alex. Alex!


Hey, Tamar, I really think that‐‐

Now why would Tamar take Xerxes
and run off like that?


Now it's just you and me, Leslie.

The Hostel wasn't compromised.
You lied to get me to go with you.

I had to be careful.

You're in a very delicate state,
and my father very much wants this.

So, Jonah's making you do this?

He isn't making me do anything.

No one does.

But it's the smart play.

And also exciting.

The adrenaline response
to all this stress is amazing!

Second only to killing.

I do not understand
why my father is so fond of you.

I imagine he'll be very sad
to know that you died in childbirth.

You were supposed to run.
Really glad you didn't.

Moms got to stick together.

Xerxes is safe.
Let's get you out of here.


You know, I got to admit,

I'm impressed with your instincts
for self‐preservation.

Guess I was wrong about you.

I'm so gonna beat your ass, Wilder.

You should know by now
who you're messin' with.

Oh, no.

Clearly, Tamar,

you have no idea who you're messing with.

Did you think Alex Wilder
could take a hit like that?

What the hell are you?

Alex, please don't hurt her!

Oh, but I am so looking forward to it.

It's just too bad that your offspring
isn't here to witness the fun.

Leslie! KAROLINA: Mom!

Alex, open the door!

Tamar, are you okay?


He went out back.

Where's my mom?
Bedroom. She's okay.

Wait! Take this.

Whoever that is,
I don't think it's Alex Wilder.

Oh, God!

Less than a minute between them.

Okay, you‐help me get
some pillows under her hips.

Cold cloth, towels. Go!


You circle around, cut him off.

Oh, God!

You're doing great!
Is she doing great?

Yeah, she's doing great.

Wait, baby's crowning.
We need to guide the shoulders.

Okay, sweetheart, piece of cake.

You've done this before,
so your body knows what to do, okay?

Okay. On the count of three,

I need you to push real hard.

One, two, three.


I take it your friend here
didn't work out much.

Not really his thing, no.

You light that hand up, I'll put you down.

Yeah, I don't think you will.
That would mean killing Alex.

I can feel how close you two were.

You know,
I don't actually have to kill you.

Right? Maybe I can just
hurt you really bad.

Let you feel all the pain.

Oh, yeah, sure, go ahead.
Pain's kinda cool.

Makes me... I don't know.
It makes me feel alive.

Maybe you and I aren't so different.

Definitely shooting to kill.

Of course, I could always
jump into another body... like yours.

Ooh, and then I'd have the gun.

Imagine that.

Your pretty little girlfriend's face when
you turn around and shoot her point blank.

Oh, I would love to see that.

And there is nothing
that you can do about it.


Well, it's been fun, Nico.
I got to run.

I got to go meet up with my family.

Maybe I'll see you again.


What happened? Where is he?

He got away.

It's a girl.
She's tiny, but she's got powerful lungs.

She's gonna be a badass. Go.

Karolina, meet your baby sister.



Do you want to try?
Uh, no, I don't think I'm‐‐

- I'm not a really good baby person.
- I'll take her.

Xavin, you're a natural.

Look at that smile.

It's coming from Alex's duffle.

What... the hell... is that?

The Magistranian Abstract.

It's recognizing the next royal heir.

Oh, yeah. Of course.
I should have guessed.

Hey, after we're done
with this whole baby situation,

can y'all do me a favor
and literally never come back here again?

So, you're telling me Alex Wilder
is possessed by some kinda evil alien?

I know it sounds crazy.

Uh‐huh. Except for the fact that
he shot my ass with a beam of light.

From his hand.

Guess that makes you an alien, too?


Anyone else?

Xavin and the baby.
Well, Xavin's technically a Xartan.

She can shape‐shift.
You wanna see?

No. I do not.

I'm just gonna go ahead
and take your word on that one.

I'm gonna get you some water.

Xavin, I don't like that face.

Would you prefer
I appeared as someone else?

No, I meant the symbols.

And while I appreciate the gallows humor,

which proves that you're kinda
maybe becoming one of us,

kinda looks like you've got more bad news.

Interaction with the royal heir
has unlocked the Abstract's usage history.

It shows that a beacon to the Gibborim
home world has been activated.

As far as I can tell,
the Family plans to open

an interstellar gateway
between their world and this one.

Stacey told Gert
something about a portal.

Wait, they can do that?
I thought they needed a ship.

It's highly volatile.

And requires a very specific alignment
of gravitational fields.

But it seems conditions are favorable.

So, when's this gonna happen?


The coordinates are saying
some place called

the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant.

Pride's Clean Water project.

The seawater in the tanks
means deuterium is readily available.

They could turn the entire place
into a nuclear reactor if they chose to.

It's quite genius.

Wait, guys.
Isn't this good news?

Jonah and his family want to leave.

As long as they don't take
Karolina or the baby,

we should just let them go.

Except they'll use the gateway
to send back a Scrub Squad.

"Like a cleaning service?"
she said hopefully.

Elite soldiers tasked
with the elimination

of everyone the Magistrate's Family
has come into contact with.

We won't let that happen.

No. No, no. You can't go.
Jonah is too dangerous.

We don't have a choice.

And you have to stay safe
and with the baby.

Xavin, can you make sure that
that happens?


Please be careful.

I really hope Chase and Gert
have those weapons ready by now.

This is so dope!

I know, right?

What about you?

Well, since I can't really
hold anything with the Fistigons,

I outfitted one with this‐‐


- Nothing. It's really cool.
- Mm‐hmm.

And totally doesn't look like
you're compensating for anything.

See? I can find that funny.
I get it.

Everyone, get familiar with these.

We only have one chance at this tonight.

The inhibitor tech
should weaken the Gibbs

and keep them from jumping bodies.

But we got to make sure it stays
in direct contact until they're...

You know... Dead.

Are we really gonna do this?

Killing our parents?

And Alex?

We'll do what we have to do.

Have you decided on a designation
to address the newling?

Oh, you mean a name?

I was thinking maybe Elle.
After my father.

Speaking of my father...

Xavin, there's something
I need you to see.

It's in my bag there.

It's my father's journal.

Written before Jonah
twisted his teachings.

Read the marked passage.

I thought my father was a fraud,
exploited by Jonah.

But reading this now...

so much has already come true.

He writes of a great love
that will bring peace to the universe.

It's the prophecy.

It says my child will lead a world
very far from here.

That she will save
countless innocent lives.


Keep reading.

"But this will require
the greatest sacrifice.

"Because the child will be...

raised by another."

"A noble warrior",

who will love and protect her as her own."

Xavin, ever since I found out
about this child,

I knew in my heart that

it would be very different
than having Karolina.

That somehow she wasn't going to be
completely mine.

That if my father was right,

this baby has a greater destiny elsewhere.

With you.

Your prophecy and my father's prophecy‐‐

they're the same.

But if we're both wrong?

If prophecies are just stories?
They aren't.

I believe.

In the deepest part of me, I believe.

Do you?

Will you...

protect our child?

The Staff was cool and all but,

you do look pretty hot with that thing.

So, you like a girl with a sword.

Only if that girl is you.

Just hope it works tonight.

We're gonna make it.

You don't know that.

I do.

Because I have faith in us.

When my algorithm was breaking down,
I watched you die in my arms.

My head knew that it wasn't real but,

my heart‐‐

I know what it feels like
to lose you, Nico.

I don't ever want to feel that again.

We don't have much time.

No. But maybe just enough.

Okay. That's not creepy at all.

Sorry, I, um...

Wow, you look, um... That's...

I‐I just came to see if you had
any questions about the tech.


Because I, um,
helped you build the tech, so...

I probably don't have any questions.

All right, yeah. Of course.

Okay, look‐‐

You made it clear
that there's no more "romantic us"

and that you think
that I've been weak and stupid.

I also said "insecure."

I may have also said "jackass."
I can't recall.

I don't think you said it this time.

You may be right.

What's your point?

Since there's a very good chance
that we don't make it back from this...

I wanted to tell you
what I think of you.

Which is that you're amazing.

You're brilliant, you're strong,
you're not afraid to be unpopular.

I mean, you stand by your beliefs
no matter what anyone else says.

You're the most incredible person
I've ever met.

Chase, this is really sweet, but‐‐
I love you, Gert.

W‐wha‐what did you just say?

I love you.

And I have for a really long time.

I guess I've just been too stupid and weak
and insecure to tell you that before, but

I just needed to say it.

In case I never get another chance.

This is the part where you say something.

A clever quip, an insult,

a literary reference
that goes over my head.


You should get ready.
We're gonna leave soon.

Yeah, everybody likes a good snuggle,
no matter what planet they're from.

You are completely certain?

You risked your life to come all the way
across the galaxy to save your people.

I've seen you fight to protect
Karolina and the others.

Xavin, I'm certain.

It's the only way to protect baby Elle.

You have to do this.

You won't regret this decision.

I will lay down my life if I have to.

I know you will.

Baby Elle's sleeping.

The medics you called
are just checking her out now.

We didn't call any medics.


Don't look at me like that.
No, I couldn't tell him.

Because we're clearly just not endgame.

And we're too different.
And if he left us again‐‐

I cannot believe you're taking his side.

Time to go. Alex has the baby.

How dare you!

I suspected you might overreact.

But these bodies have certain needs.

And this last body
was particularly... virile.

First, you try to bring the blonde one,
and now this.

You really are far too attached.

Dad and I have a bargain.

The child returns in my place.

Absolutely not.

This family returns from exile together.
No new members.

You forget why we were exiled
in the first place.

Even if he wanted to, you know
he can't return after what he did.

You've been fooling yourself about that.

Mission accomplished.

I've given the engineers
their "promotion."

Ooh, what did I miss?

Your father has another bastard,
and your brother wants to stay.

I wasn't made to rule, Mother.

What will you do here?
It's so primitive.

I'll lead the kill team.

Something his talents
are uniquely suited for.

So, they'll all stay.

And start a colony?

Here on Earth?

Sorry to interrupt your grand plans for
intergalactic domination, but it's time.

Gravitational alignment's optimal now.

We'll need you to commence the sequence.


But after that, I'm going.

After we initiate, it will take
several minutes for full power.

Well, have a fun road trip.

Oh, hell no!

Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Not here. We can't risk it
until the gateway fully opens.

Draw them away.

Hide! Protect the baby.

That's right, you better run!

Uh, why did they run?

Should we just destroy that thing?

Xavin said it could
become a nuclear reactor.

Think we'd better leave it.

Guys, I really don't think
we should stay out in the open.

Go find them.
If they circle back, I'll hold them off.

Please make your way to the exits.

Please make your way to‐‐

Ah, shi‐‐

No dino this time, huh, little girl?

What the hell is this?

That is something that
we cooked up special just for you.

I don't know how you put up with
living inside these awkward husks.

I mean, they're fun
to ride around in for a while

but there are so many expectations.

What to wear, how to do your hair.

Save it. I'm not your therapist.

Oh, and I'm not your mother.

I thought about keeping her around
for a little bit,

but she was no fun.

So, I smothered her. She's gone.

That makes this easier.

The muscle memory
of her physical skills, though?

That's still here.

So, let's play.

Finally getting revenge
on the old man, huh?

Feels good, doesn't it, son?

Don't call me that.

I tell you what.
I'll let you win.

But you've got to look right at me,

so you can see the light go out
in dear old dad's eyes.

Bet you regret putting me in all those
self‐defense classes now, huh, Stacey?

Those are cute little knives,

but you don't stand a chance
fighting me alone.

She's not alone.

She has her sister.

I said I'd play. Didn't say fair.

Xavin? What are you doing here?

The Sacred Mother has a mission for me.

But we don't have much time.

There you are.

Father, what's happened?

They've made some sort of weapons.
Likely with inhibitor technology.

Give me the child.

Your mother and sister are back that way.
Go help them.


You're not going anywhere with her.

Xavin? We must hurry.

Wait, guys, what's going on?

Wait, you're taking the baby
back to your home planet?

I thought we were trying to stop that.

My mom's orders.
It's the only way to keep them safe.

It's true.
Your destiny is not yet written.

But mine is.

The prophecy.

The great love is the love for a child,
whether it is ours or not.

How can you be so sure?

I feel it deep inside.

I just know.

I'm gonna miss you, X.

I will see you again.
I'm certain of it.

Until then,
the Sacred Mother must stay safe.

I need you to protect Leslie at all costs.


Uh, guys?
We have to hold them back.

You have the power to stop this.

It's in you, Nico.

Let it out now, or your friends die.



What the hell was that spell?

Did you just kill them all?

No. They're, they're not dead.


They're gone.

Ma'am, you need to sign in before‐‐

Have a nice evening.

Venit umbra... Venit tenebris...

Ego pracipio tibi.

Hello, Robert.
It's time to get up.

We've got a lot of work to do.