Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Enter the Dreamland - full transcript

The kids find themselves in an alternate dimension that test their bonds. Not everyone makes it out.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

Hey, there, little witch.

Our fates are intertwined, Nico.

Molly, since before you were born,

we've been part
of an organization called Pride.

Give me a break. Stop.

You don't know shit about shit!




You didn't have to kill my father, Nico.

Feeling a little better?
Yeah. Thank you.

Quinton The Great.
The original owner of this mansion.

Some kind of old‐timey magician.

Must've been one helluva stage show.


This is gonna be fun.

You have the power to stop this.



Ugh, what the hell is that?

Maybe Alex came home?

And brought a tuba?

Guys, all of the Didion
is gone from my shelves.

What fresh hell is this?

Okay, I don't know if this is
some kind of dream or mass hallucination,

but I really need a minute to process.

I'm a little hazy as to
how we got home last night.

We drove, right?

Not that I remember,
but that makes sense.

The Hostel looks so weird.

And who are all these people?

Guys, I've been reading about this.

I think we're suffering
from carbon monoxide poisoning.

That would makes us dead.
And this is Purgatory?

Maybe we're back in Jonah's Algorithm.

Doesn't feel like that.

Feels like The Great Gatsby.

Well then maybe Leo's here!
One way to find out.

It feels more Burton than Baz.

What is happening?

Did we go back in time?

Maybe the alien platform tore a hole
in the space‐time continuum.

The problem with our lives is
that any of these theories could be true.

- And none of them are good.
- Hey, guys.

Oh. Great. Cool.

Our house has been taken over
by a creepy magician.

Which‐oh, sorry.
No, that was redundant.

All magicians are creepy.

Please! Come forward!

The‐the‐the show is just beginning!

No, thanks, we're good.

Hey, it's the guy from the magic room.

The original owner of the Hostel.
This is his house.

Delighted to see you!

That horrid music just lured away
the weak‐willed pleasure‐seekers.

But not you! Bravo!


Join me.

We're not really in the mood for magic.

That is a shame, ma petite Japonaise.

Because you are
the perfect size for my box.

Is‐is that blood?

And you...

You would be the perfect fit
for my knife‐throwing‐‐

Get off of me! What the?!

Wait. Something doesn't feel right.

Molly, your eyes‐‐

Are lovely.

And not yellow.

Karolina, light up.


Guys, we don't have powers here.


Which powers are you referring to?

Magic is the only power that exists here.

Now please tell me that you've
mastered the art of decapitation.

I mean, that one is still beyond me.
I can't find anyone to practice on!

This guy is no help at all.

And, um, as previously noted,
creepy as hell.

Fine! You don't want to
take part in the show, that's your loss.

But I'm warning you...

If you take one step
outside the protection of my home,

you'll regret it.

We're sorry.
We didn't mean to insult you.

- We need your help.
- Where are we?

When are we?

It's always the same, you know.

I just try to make my home
a place of merriment and hospitality,

and yet no one wants to stay
and watch the show.

What am I doing wrong?

Well, your tendency to self‐dramatize

may be a sign
of narcissistic personality disorder.

And the fact that you added "the great"
to your name is also a red flag.

Did you see anyone else new
before we came in?

Well, yes.
A... ditzy red‐headed dame,

an Oriental, a lunatic,
and a bespectacled negro child.

Dude, you cannot talk like that.

Offensive for sure,
but he definitely saw them.

Where'd they go?


But not before the dame
tried to spirit away my monocle.

Wait. Stacey needed her glasses?

That means that they're
back to their old selves.

The transition
from our world to this one

separated them from the light beings.

Just like how we got separated
from our powers.

This is all my fault.
We have to find them and go back.

You say that like it will be easy,

but I can assure you that it will not.

Where you stand now is the "thin place"

between this world and all others,
including your internal ones.

If you find your companions,

they shall be trapped
in a moment that tortures them.

And the longer you remain here,

the more you shall forget
from whence you came.

And soon,
this world will be all you know.

Cool, okay. Cool sales pitch.

No wonder no one comes to your shows.

Oh, aren't you the quick‐witted one?

Look, we need to find Alex and our
parents and get the hell out of here. Now.

If everything he says is true,
then our best bet is to stick together.

Hey. I...

Ahhh, Nico. Finally, you come.


That looks like my dad's car.

All you give me is excuses all the time.

That looks like my dad.
No, no, no, no!


Oh, good.

Mama? Papi? Wait, what?

You're late, honey. Come sit.

Is something wrong, sweetheart?

No. Not at all.

What the hell?

Where is this?


- Destiny?
- Karolina, is that you?

- How are you here?
- Karolina, please!

Please. Please, please, help us.


What just happened?



What was that?

Something you were never meant to see.

Mom! You're okay!

Yeah. Of course!
Why wouldn't I be?

But, sweetie, what are you doing here?
I thought we talked about this.

I came to find you and get you out.
Out? No, no, no.

Your father and I are
at a critical juncture in our process.

Um, speaking of your father,
have you seen him?

I thought he went for take‐out,

but now I'm not sure.

It's this place.
It's‐it's‐it's messing everything up.

Okay, that is not Old Lace.

No, uh, no, that's a prototype.
Flawed, clearly.

But it turns out making a dino
can be quite tricky.

Wait, so this really happened?

It's not my nightmare.
It's yours.

What? Your memory.

Kind of yours too, really.

No. No.

No, I don't remember any of this.

There might be a reason for that.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

You were always too clever
for your own good.

Molly, I love you too.
But it's time to eat.

I know,
I just can't believe this is happening.

It's like my dream come true.

Hey, what's that?

Go look. Okay.

It's a little something
I picked up for you today.

I saw it and I thought of you.

But, um... this?

This you got me when I was four years old.

You're so funny, baby.

You're so big now.

Look at you,
cracking jokes just like your Papi.

I can't believe
you're going to preschool.

Wait. What?
You guys think I'm going to preschool?

Where else would you be?

You guys only know me one way.
The way I was before you left.

You never saw me grow up.

Of course we watch you grow up, honey.

We watch you grow every day.

It's our joy.

But you need to finish eating.
We have to go to church.

Wait. We're going to church after dinner?

No, not that church.
We're going to the Church of Gibborim.

We're Gibbs?
Honey, don't call them that.

But, no, we're not members.
We are doing charity work.

What kind of charity work?

Please, please. Please help us.

Maybe you can talk to her.
Keep her from hurting us.


It's getting dark.
She always comes right after it gets dark.

Destiny, you're dead.
This isn't real.

We're here.
We're all here because of you.


We are "the seventeen."

Led to our destruction by your light.

My light?

I had no idea what my parents were doing,
what Pride was doing.

This is not my fault.

It may have been your father we fed,

and your mother's church
that delivered us.

But it was your face on the billboards.
You're the reason we came.

The reason we believed. Stop.

Stop, stop! Get her!

No! No! Get off! Please, get off me!


What the hell you doing here, boy?

I know what happens in this car,
and I'm here to stop it.

Hey, hey, hey!

You think you're man enough?

You look like my grandfather.

From what I hear, he was a dick.

Oh yeah?

Next time, I don't miss. Now go.

I hate to say this...

Come at me, bro.

My pleasure.


You remember your aunts,
Tokiko and Judith.

I remember that their house smelled funny.

We heard your mother was here.

And the Staff? She still has it?

No, it's mine now.

She gave the Staff to you?
You couldn't possibly be ready.

Well, that's a little judgy of you,
but I‐‐

Where is it now? I'm not sure.

I can't remember what happened to it

after I cast the spell
that brought us here, but...

Maybe it's gone back inside me.

Weird. And rude.

Definitely my family.

Look, uh, I just need a little help
finding my friends.

Yeah? Uh, should I go that way?

Or... what?

Personal boundaries, please.

When you say "back inside you,"
what exactly do you mean?

The Staff, uh, emerges from my chest.

Sounds crazy, I know.

I say we take a look. Agreed.

Oh, uh, do you have like X‐ray vision?
Or some kind of a seeing spell?

We have knives.

Wait. Wait.
Isn't that gonna hurt?

Of course! Terribly!

Why are you doing this?
I'm your granddaughter!

You're my ticket out of here.
Now hold‐‐

You're not wanted!

- Maybe not by you.
- Sisters!

Thank you. Thanks for that.

We have to move now, Nico.

They'll be able to return
in a matter of moments.

How do you know who I am?

'Cause I'm your sister.


How can this be happening?

I've missed you so much, Amy.

I, uh, I actually cast spells
trying to talk to you, but I‐‐

I have to stop you there, Nico.

It's clear that you have
strong feelings for me but,

I don't remember you.

It's like the magician said.

You've forgotten where you came from.
We need to go. Now.

Back to the "thin place."

No, not without my friends.

Alex is here.
And, and Mom. You remember her?

Not at all. Let's go.

I'm sorry, I can't go with you.

I have to find the others
before they forget... everything.

It's not safe for you out here.
You don't know how to navigate.

Then help me, Amy.

You're my sister.

You know me.

I can see it in your face.

Mom will know how to help us.

Very well.

If you know her worst moment,
I can take you there.

She won't be hard to find.

Ugh, why won't this start?
Because this is hell, son.

Dad, that's...

that's grandad
with the baseball bat, huh?


Which one of you chicken shits
wanna die first?

Dad, run! I can hold him off!

No, this is my fight.
Look, I am sorry for all I did to you.

Just go.
No, no! Dad, Dad, Dad! Wait!

You wanna try me, boy?

Not so much fun
on the receiving end, is it?

Chase, stop!

Look, go ahead, son,
if that's what you need to do.

But this...


is always a choice.

I hope you choose better than I did.

Let's go.

Hi! Are you enjoying yourselves? Good.


Let's see here.

I'm thinking third from the left.

No family listed. Good.

You take her to medical
and then to Leslie.

Thank you.

Hi! Are you enjoying yourself?

Drink up! Enjoy!

Are you enjoying yourself?

Here's an extra one for you.

I know what this is.

And what's that, sweetheart?

You're choosing.
You're choosing a sacrifice for Jonah.

You always were a perceptive child.
Makes me so proud.

No, no, no! This isn't right!

Molly, it's an honor!
He chose us!

No, you're supposed to be the good ones!
He forced you!

He never forced us.
We're proud of the work we do.

This isn't real.

This place is trying to tear me down.


Everyone get out of here!
These people are trying to kill you!

- You'll be okay.
- Somebody help him?

You poisoned them.

No, it's just punch, honey.
Your favorite!

Only for special occasions, remember?

My God, how could you?

Honey, you're gonna love the taste.

We made it special. For you.

Please. Please, don't.
Please don't.

One little taste. For Papi.

Sí, mi amor.


Whoa... that was weird.

What just happened?

Well it's a shadow spell.
It's how some of us get around here.

Imagine where you want to go,
step into the shadow, then step out.

Why are we here?

If this place sends you
to your nightmares then...

this is definitely where mom is.

This is the day that...

you died.

No, no!

This isn't happening!

Nico, wait.

Mom's in here.

In your room.

Nico? You just... went out.

That‐that wasn't me.

Or maybe it's your version of me.
I'm not sure.

But we need to leave, okay?

I can't.

I have to do this.

Maybe now I have a chance.
A chance to do what?

Bring her back.

Bring Amy back to life.

Mom... Except I...

I can't remember the spell.

Just like on that day, Nico.

I can't do it, but maybe you can.

No, I don't think I can.


I failed.

I failed.



See? It isn't Amy.

It isn't Amy.

This isn't the Staff.

This place isn't our home.

Someone's trying to trap us,
but we can't let them.

Okay? Of course.

That's where we are‐‐
some call it the Dark Dimension.

I can see why.

It wants to destroy me.

But I have to let Amy go.

What happened was terrible,
but it can't be changed.

You came for me.

You didn't have to.

Thank you.

We have to go.

Looks like I lost my guide.

She looked like Amy,
but maybe she was something else.

And why leave now?

I don't think we can trust
much of anything in this world.

I need to find Karolina.

Do you think the Dark Dimension
put a car in our garage?

You... you mind wiped me!

In the real world, I...

I‐I‐I came into the basement
and I saw what I wasn't supposed to

and you‐and you erased my memory!

Yes, and it worked perfectly that time.
So, why not now?

I measured that dosage properly.

Because this isn't your lab!
We're not in our world!

I was trying to keep you from suffering.

I think you may have
actually caused my suffering.

I wouldn't. I couldn't.

I was so careful.
How old was I when this happened?

Um, I don't know exactly.
Maybe 12.

Or 13?

Right when my anxiety started?

Pretty sure that was your father's side.

You know, his Uncle Melvin
locked himself in a room

and wouldn't cut his hair or his toenails
for the longest time.

No! It came from you!
Because you‐you violated me!

You took away my memories!

Because I was trying
to protect you from that monster.

That pathetic creature's
not the monster!

You're the monster!

Always so dramatic.

You know, I find that it really helps
to focus on the silver lining.

We're together again,
and that is all that matters.

Can you hand me the bone saw?

Why are you doing this to me?
I can't help you if I'm tied up.

You're not our savior.
You're our sacrifice.

Someone like you,
maybe she'll be satisfied.

Who? The darkness.

She comes every night and takes one of us.
It's how she feeds.

Listen to me, I am so sorry
about what happened to you!

If I'd known what the Church was doing,
I would've stopped it!

Well, maybe you can stop this.


Beautiful Karolina at last!


Are you surprised to see me?

This is just in my head.


I'm real.

So real. So real.

A kiss will prove it.

Don't. Please.

What's wrong?

Don't you love me anymore?

You said...

You said you'd love me no matter what.

This isn't you.

Kiss me.


Of course. Of course.

But you know that a kiss that isn't
given freely isn't really a kiss.

So, untie me?

I'm sorry.

I was just surprised
to see you here, that's all.

Like this.

But I'm so happy that you're here.

Liar! You tricked me!

But if you want a fight‐‐

I don't.

What have you done?!

What have you done?!

You don't have to
carry him around anymore.

Jonah was my problem to solve,
and I failed.

You never should've had
to take on that responsibility.

That's not the source of my pain.

My pain is loneliness.

And you are the cure.

I can't be that for you.
I'm‐I'm sorry.

But you swore!
You said no matter what!

Karolina! Where are you? Where are you?

You said you weren't afraid
of my darkness!

You said you'd love me no matter what!



It's really you.

Are you okay? What happened?

Yeah. Yeah. I, uh...

I‐I was just looking for you,
and now here you are.

Come here.

I need you to understand

that everything I do‐everything I did‐‐
I did for your protection.

I don't need your protection!
I can take care of myself!

Do you really think that?

You don't know me anymore,
and I really don't know you.


Hey, what are you doing?

It is feeding time.

Feeding what?

Well, she is hungry,
and you don't need me.

You're so goddamn tough,
let's see you face what's inside.


Not a problem for me.


Does it have a name?
Yeah. Number 33.

Wow, really inventive.
That just rolls off the tongue.

Here... Old... Old Lace.

New Lace?

Come on, girl.

I've got lunch.

Hey! Hey, girl. Okay.

Okay, so, uh...

Still kind of Old Lace.
I can‐I can connect to you.

Hey, it's me.
I'm not‐I'm not my mom.

It's me. Gert.

And I see beyond the surface level.

I know that my Lace is in there somewhere.



Yeah, there you go.
That's my girl.

All right.

That felt very transactional.

I'm good with it. I guess.


Whoa. Whoa. Wait. Wait.


Are we interrupting something?

I got here as fast as I could.



What are you doing here?

My parents were here.

They were horrible.
How‐how could they be like that?

Because those weren't your parents.

But they were.

There was truth in it.

Something I didn't want to believe before.

They were part of Pride.

Just as bad as her.

The only family that you need
is right here.

See? Everyone.

I knew we'd find Karolina here.

Hey, Molly!

Molly, are you okay? I guess.

Do I know you? What?

Sweetie, it's me. Stacey.

No. I'm‐I'm sorry.

She's forgetting.
Just‐just like the creepy magician said.

So, the longer we're here,
the more we're gonna forget our old lives.

It's happening.
We need to go. Now.

But we can't leave Alex.

Which one's Alex?

Great! The person who
brought us here has forgotten the mission.

I'm sorry about Alex,
but if we stay any longer,

we'll all be gone. Forever.

We'll find a way to come back.
For now‐come on, we got to go.

I can't believe I'm saying this,

but I really wish
that creepy magician was still here.

No, he's‐he's got to be here somewhere.

Hey. Hello? Anybody here?

- What if he left?
- He said he never leaves.

Yeah, well, he did,
because he's gone.

I'm sorry, everyone.

This is all on me.

Okay? You're my‐you're my friends,

and I brought you into something terrible.

If it makes you feel any better,
we can't be mad at you.

Because we won't remember that you did it.

It's not as bad as you think.

Oh, my God!

- Is it really...?
- Amy!


But it...

it can't, uh...

it can't be... can it?

I'm not sure of anything anymore.

Let me make it easier for you.
I'm an emissary of Morgan le Fay.

I should've known.
Morgan le what?

I made a promise to turn
Nico over to Morgan, but now...

Now that I know who you are,
what you mean to each other, I...

I'm reminded of my old life,
what it felt like to be over there.

So, I can't turn you in.

I'm afraid of what she'll do to you.

Thank you.

But you can still take us back, right?

No. I don't have that spell.

No one does.

That's not entirely true.

But I haven't done anything like it
in a very long time.

I'm gonna need your help.

What can I do?
I don't have the Staff.

I feel like you do.

I have this idea,
but you're gonna have to trust me.

Now you.

Just like I thought.

Now... I'm going to cast.

And, on my command, you will
open the circle and we'll step through.

If you say so. Okay.

Send us through the open door...

To where my spell commands.

I'm allowed to say more than one word?

We were all novices once.

Now, daughter. Do your part.

Holy‐Stephen Hawking!

Everybody through.

What about you?

Are you coming?

As much as I want to,
I'm safer here.

Morgan would sense that I was there,
and that wouldn't be good for me.

Or for you.

Time to go, Nico.

Nico, Tina, that was amazing!

I'm feeling a little car sick.

Teleportation spells have side effects.
You'll get used to it.

It's the magician's mansion...
in the future.

Or should I say the present?

Is this where you've been living?

Is there a spell to get
our parents out of the Hostel?

Yeah, uh, is "Mind Wipe" a spell?

That's a trigger word for me now,
so please don't.

Hey, it didn't look like this
when we left, right?

Well, the cobwebs are back
in full force.

Yep, and I for one couldn't be happier.

Where's Old Lace?

Hey, guys. Come check this out.

I turned it on and look‐‐

Alex was religious about
backing up his data.

So, that means...

We've been gone for six months.

So, does that mean that
Alex has been trapped over there

for the same amount of time?