Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Lord of Lies - full transcript

The Runaways become suspicious of one another with a traitor among them. Catherine takes responsibility for her past. Leslie seeks help protecting the child growing inside her.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

Prepare to die.

If your brother won't reveal himself,

we'll torture them
until we all find out who's inside.

Then we kill Xavin and the rest.

We've got to warn Xavin and the others.


Robert is in intensive care.

We're praying for his full
and speedy recovery. Aren't we, Tina?

Mm‐hmm. Totes.

Geoffrey, she confessed.

To a liquor store shooting?

She confessed to
the killing of Darius Davis.

You cannot do this.

Wait for me.

You're not strong enough
to take it from me.

I don't have to take it.

It's just as you said.

I can feel Alex unlocking the door.

I'm in! MOLLY: Hey!

You were right.
It didn't take long.

I'm already part of it.

- Part of what?
- The Algorithm.

But that means‐‐
I'm staying here .

I've been having
these waking dreams. Hallucinations.

I think that thing is inside of me.

And if it is, then...
none of you are safe.

May we come together to find
peace and strength in our bonds.

May we hold each other up
and let ourselves be held

in this time of grief,

so that we may say goodbye
to our beloved Amy.

Did Alex text you? No.

Can't believe he didn't make it in.

I can.


We're burning those red robes
the moment we get home. I am done.

You think I believe that suicide story
for one damn minute?

I've seen too many staged crime scenes.

We don't know that.


You need to calm down.
You're not thinking straight.

I am very clear. It was Jonah.

What if Alex is next?

Look. Nothing is going
to happen to Alex, okay?

We'll‐we'll keep eyes on Jonah,

but we cannot leave Pride.
Not now.

You know that.

Give us a minute.

I'm sorry.

Sorry you're standing outside
your best friend's memorial

instead of inside paying your respects
with the rest of us?

Yeah, I noticed that.

It's just hard saying
that final goodbye, you know?

You wanna talk about it?

It's just,
for Amy to do what she did...

she must have been in so much pain.
I should've done more.

Alex, I promise you‐‐

what happened to Amy‐‐
it is not your fault.

Evening, Mrs. Wilder.

Your husband is waiting outside.

Hey, pantsuit!

Don't you have a shirt to iron
or a fork to lift?

Yeah, we watchin' you.

You ain't gonna be special
for long, Ms. Wilder.

They'll transport me
to Chino tomorrow night.

I'll be there for the remainder
of my sentence.

With good behavior‐‐
You shouldn't be doing this.

We've discussed this.

It's the only way
to put our family back together.

By tearing us apart?

Geoffrey, sit down.

They treat me well in here.

I know how things run.

You and Alex are my concern.

Have you heard from him at all?


I need you to find him and get him
to see me before I'm transferred.

How? We're not exactly
sharing a group chat these days.

We still have people, don't we?

City officials, friends, enemies.
Use them.

I did all of this so we could have
a clean slate when I get out.

But if we can't be a family again,
none of it matters.

Even if I can track him down,
he won't see you.

Yes, he will.

I know something that'll get him
to come running the moment he hears it.

Me being the alien‐‐.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

I can't remember things,

my emotions are all over the place,

I‐I hurt people.

Jonah, my dad.

Nico, just stop.
It can't be you.

She admitted it.

Yeah, good strategy, Xavin.
Eliminate the enemy.

As you wish. Pump your brakes!

Xavin, that was sarcasm.


Not a concept I'm familiar with.

But if she is hosting
the Magistrate's son,

we must do something about it now.

It's Nico.
You're not hurting her.

If that a‐hole alien is in there,
we'll find a way to get it out.

They're not invincible.
Stacey broke through.

That's true. I‐I saw that, too.

She cannot be saved.

No host can survive the power
of a Gibborim taking control.

You don't know the power of Nico.

Even if she can keep the being at bay,

the fact that he's here means that
the Magistrate will be at our doorstep.

And they will not hesitate
to kill any of us if necessary.

She's right.

Not to mention,

we heard the father talking about some
rendezvous spot they're gonna build.

They needed four keys.

The four keys are
the Magistrate's family.

Father, mother, daughter, and son.

They will come looking for him.

Hi. Excuse me.

Um, who are you
and why are we all listening to you?

I'm Xavin.

I've traveled the cosmos
with the Magistrate's family,

and then got trapped with them
for several millennia.

Now I'm here to claim my betrothed.

Just when I thought we were making
progress on the whole betrothed thing.

Things move fast around here.

It's a prophecy that must be fulfilled.
That's not happening.

Destiny is destiny.

Yeah? Well, I've got some ideas
about your destiny.

Oh, can we just dial down
the intensity a notch?

Xavin makes one good point.

If this thing is inside any of us,
and they really are coming for him,

we got to find out who it is.

My x‐ray goggles!
I saw Jonah's light signature with them.

Find the goggles, find the fourth alien.

No, he's right.

I saw the Mother and her charming Daughter
glowing inside Victor's house.

The goggles are in my bag.
I'll get them.

No offense.
Maybe I'll go get them.

Oh, what, you don't trust me?

Need I remind you that,
up until an hour ago,

you were the Benedict Arnold of the group.

You may need to remind him
who Benedict Arnold is.

You got something to hide?
Other than my disdain for you?

Well, I think that's pretty clear.

Be my guest.

They're not here, Wilder.

Well, they were there an hour ago!

Where are they now?
Seems suspicious.

You think I ditched them?
Well, that's what the alien would do.

Or the alien stole them from my bag
when we weren't looking.

We've all been here together.
Not Leslie. She was here alone.

Way to deflect, when she's not around
to defend herself.

Well, where is she?
I don't know. She's sleeping, I assume.

- I'll go check on her.
- No. We can't split up.

We're not safe
until the Magistrate's son is found.

Ugh, I feel like we're going in circles!

Can't we just have one night
of our version of normal?

And then in the morning,
we'll fight the aliens.

She's right, okay?
We're all on edge.

No one is thinking clearly.
Everyone get some sleep.


I'll come, too.
Get some rest, Xavin.

And leave you unguarded?
I'll stand sentry for the night.

Not necessary.

If that alien thing was in Nico,
I would just know.

While I appreciate
your sentimental attachment,

that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

Daddy's home.

The GrubMates guy was right
about one thing:

They really do deliver dinner.

Old Lace, you scared me!

You may still be scaring me,
if I'm honest.

What are you doing here?

Oh, you missed me.

Makes you the only one.

Hey, since you've got
that psychic link to Gert,

does this mean she's secretly
happy to see me too?

Not quite.

But she, like me, wanted to
make sure you were okay.

Yeah. Fine.

The, uh‐the hammock's actually
more comfortable than it looks.

It's surprisingly sound from
a‐an engineering perspective.

It looks like
a literal death trap, but...

What I mean was more about‐‐.

That I'm here alone
in an isolated part of the house

when there's a killer alien
lurking in one of us?

I mean your mom.

I'm really sorry, Chase.

She helped me a lot when I needed her.

And I know she did a lot more
for you and Karolina.

Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks.

She's happy where she is.

She's probably more happy
than she's ever been.

And, uh,
I don't really feel like she's gone.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

But I believe you. CHASE: Gert‐‐.

I'm sorry I got us into this mess.

Going back to my dad
really screwed everything up.

What you did was stupid.

But to be fair, Jonah tricked you.

'Cause he knew how much you craved
paternal love and acceptance

and how you lacked a moral compass and‐‐.

That went south really quickly.

Look, I know I disappointed you.

It's not gonna happen again.

I think I believe you.

But that doesn't change anything.

Enjoy your, uh, swinging death trap bed.

Good night, Gert.

Good night, Chase.

My mom's still not answering her phone.

What if something bad happened?

Just because she's not here
doesn't mean she's in trouble.

She's an adult, right?

And she owns a Brentwood mansion
and a complex of church facilities.

She's probably fine.


Relax a little.

We, on the other hand, need sleep.

It's been the world's longest day.

That wedding was sweet.

Ours, I mean.

It started out great, but...

by the end,
it kind of turned into a nightmare.

You know...

I'm not that girl in that fantasy.

In the pretty dress.

Confidently saying "I do" in front of
a fancy altar and a bunch of guests.

I won't‐I'll never be that girl.

I'm not asking you to be that girl.

I want you, Nico.

Just the way that you are.

But... what if‐‐.

Something's wrong.

I don't know what's happening.

Whether it's this alien thing, or‐‐.


Whatever it is, it's‐it's unnatural.

It's‐it's bad.

Nico, Nico! No!

Maybe you just don't see
what's good about it yet.

You're still learning about yourself.
I'm still learning about myself.

I'm not gonna let your faith in me
put you in danger.

Or anyone else here.
Where are you going?

To get rid of this thing
once and for all.

No, Nico! No, not tonight!

We both know the truth.
You don't know anything.

As soon as I prove what you really are,
I will have to kill you.

If you're right, you won't have to.
I'll do it myself.

The prophecy is bullshit, okay?

And Karolina loves me.

Now out of my way.

What's wrong? The Wiccan.

You gonna stand
outside their room all night?

As long as Karolina allows the enemy
to sleep in there, yes.

Nico's not the enemy.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I cannot leave until
the son is discovered.

Well, that's gonna take a while.
You should really get some sleep.

Xartans don't sleep.

That explains the crankiness
and the constant urge to kill.

Lay down, like this.

These pillows are super comfortable.
It's like sleeping on a dingy cloud.

Okay. Next instruction.

Grab a stuffed animal.

Put your head on the pillow.

Now hug it.

I don't see the point‐‐ Hug it.

Now snuggle into your blanket...

close your eyes...

and dream.

I don't do dreams.

Dreams are the best!

Anything can happen!

Have safe and comforting
night illusions, Molly.

You're useless now anyway.


Turn around.

God damn it!

After all I've done for you,
you still fear me?

Yes, I do. You're scary as shit!

And what have you ever done for me
except totally freak me out?

I'm helping you become
who you were always meant to be.

You don't have your mother anymore.

Trust me, that's a good thing.

You need a mentor.

Someone who's there to cheer you on
when times get tough.

Tell you everything's gonna be okay.

These little talks we have
do not make me feel better.

They make me feel like I'm losing my mind.

You're not. I promise.
Fear is clouding your judgement.

Don't give in to it.

The Staff is just a tool.
Don't hate it. Master it.

I'll teach you.

I am so burning you.

No one saw us. I promise.

Thank you for convincing her.

It didn't take much.

And, uh, you know,
if there's anything else I can do‐‐.

You've done enough.

Yeah. Cool. Totally.

Should I bow?

I feel like I should bow,
but that would be totally weird, right?

Please leave.


I didn't know who else to turn to.

Well, then, you must be pretty desperate

because I'm not exactly the best resource
when it comes to motherhood.

You are my mother.
That's all that matters right now.

This is...

This is Jonah's baby.

And he's coming for it
just like he did Karolina.

I need a safe place that we can hide.

A place like the Crater?

Barbed wire and tasers
won't keep Jonah away.

And the presence of your child
would threaten the entire flock.

I'm sorry. The fate of this child
is in your hands.

You don't understand.
This baby, it is‐‐

I don't know exactly what‐‐

but it's not like Karolina.

Please. I can't do this alone.

I found this
in your father's old office.

It was one of his earliest journals.

I underlined a passage
that I think will give you comfort.

Mom, I don't need comfort.
I need an army.

To protect me and this child.

What you need is faith.

Just read it.

May you walk in the light.

And may this child bring blessing to you
and to the Universe.

I really hope you're feeling better.

You kinda ruined my night.

I'm so sorry saving my life
interfered with your dating plans.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Well, clearly you've fed.

Was there a battle?

What happened to the girl?

Oh, you mean his hybrid daughter.

Yeah, she kinda spilled the beans
that you know about her.

And then they all kinda got away.

You let them take the Abstract?

I'm starting to understand why it took you
11,000 years to get us out of that hole!

It was seven against one.

It would have helped
if you would've been here too.

Where have you been?

Formulating a plan to get us
off this decrepit planet.

Oh, I know about your plan.

Good thing, too,

because I had our daughter begin
building the platform while you were gone.

Thanks for sharing
your intentions, by the way.

Yes, I can see how including you

would have greatly increased
our chances of success.

That's called sarcasm.

I really like it. It's so mean.

Unfortunately, I've already
activated the beacon,

so we only have 36 hours to finish
construction of the rendezvous platform.

I already sealed off a floor at Wizard

and have ten of their hottest engineers
working 20‐hour shifts.

We'll be ready in time.

Go now and oversee construction.

You and I need to find our son.

I know we've had a rough couple of days.

Nothing that waffles and blueberries
can't fix.

Made them with a hint of cinnamon.
And Xavin was kind enough to help me out.

Who wants pressurized creamed sugar?


Also, not what it's called.


All right, guys.

Are we really gonna eat like toddlers

and pretend like one of us
isn't potentially hosting an alien?

He's got a point.

Who the hell is that?

Mom! Karolina?

Honey, you're back!
Where have you been?

You're okay?

Holy shit! Those are my goggles!

Wait. Where'd you find them?

They were at the front of the entrance.
I nearly tripped over 'em.

Wait, it's all smashed.
And I don't have the parts to fix them.

What, you just found them on the ground?

Yeah, that's where they were.

Oh, are those waffles?!

It is kind of suspicious, Leslie.

She's pregnant. It's not that weird
to be excited about waffles.

Except that those goggles
were the only way to know

if the fourth alien was in one of us.

And the fact
that we just couldn't find them‐‐.

And then you show up,
and they're broken.

Even I can do the math.

If she was the alien and broke them,

then why would she carry them in
and show them to us?

Or what if it's in the baby who
controlled Leslie and made her break them?

Okay, I don't know what the hell
any of you are talking about,

but I'm not an alien.
I'm starving.

Oh, is that whipped cream?

I believe the Queen Mother.

Doesn't it make the most sense
that the Magistrate's kid

is inside the Magistrate's kid?

This is hurting my head.

But someone here smashed the goggles,
which means the alien is here.

We have to find him.
Which brings us to my idea.

- All we need is a detection device.
- Sorry, Wilder.

I'm pretty sure Target sold out
their alien detection kits.

We might already have one.

Okay, so we have the schematics
for the inhibitor tech.

Forget making the pods.
Way too complicated.

We get our hands on what those pods
are made of, see who gets sick.

That person is the son. Simple.

Not quite. What if it's in me?

Or, the baby inside me.
They both share Jonah's DNA.

Okay, so the plan's not perfect.
We may have to improvise a little.

It's the only plan we've got right now.

Okay, how are we gonna find
this inhibitor material?


Schematics trace back to...
House Minoru.

We've broken in before.
We do it again.

And with my dad in the hospital and my mom
currently occupied at Chase's place‐‐.

Casa Minoru's open for business.

What are we all waiting for?

All right, yeah, let's head out in five.
I'll meet you guys in the car.

I'll, uh, yeah.
I'll‐I'll meet you guys right there.

All right, hold on.

Well, we wouldn't all fit in the car.
You can test me when you get back.

I have cravings.


Get out of the way!

I saw the news.
What are you doing out?

You're crazy for showing
your face around here.

Tamar, please. It's about Alex.

What about him, Geoffrey?

I need to reach my son.
He talks to you and Livvie.

Not anymore.
But you have his number.

So you want me to sell him out?

Let me get my purse.

I did not say you could come inside.

Alex, hey, it's your dad. Don't hang up.

You're out of jail. How?

Of course. Mom.
Always pulling strings.

There's no justice.
I didn't call to argue, son.

Then why'd you call? To gloat?

Your mother's inside.

She's going away for a long time.

She wants to see you.
Too bad for her. Bye.

Alex, wait, wait, um...

Your mother said
you'd know what this means.

Uh, 1‐5‐3‐7‐3‐2‐5‐1.


Cat's still inside?

For now.

Guess that feels like justice for you.

Not even close.

Chase? There you are.

What are you doing with that Wiz‐Cam?
Could you please use your library voice?

Look, I pulled these from outside.

If Leslie's the alien, well then,
we're gonna have proof while we're out.

What if I'm the alien?
You just showed me your hand.

You heard Xavin.
The son is supposedly a psychotic killer.

No way that's you.

So, uh, keep my secret?

We can partner up,
be alien hunters together.

You're supposed to meet me halfway.



We're waiting at the car for you and Alex.


Wilder, wrong way.

New plan. I'm not going.

What? Dude! Dude, dude, dude.
This was your idea!

I've got something that I got to do.

Oh, that doesn't seem suspicious at all.

I have to go see my mom, okay?
She's up to something.

I'm not running away.

I'm making sure that we're safe
from Pride. Remember them?

They're not all aliens.
Some are merely human psychopaths.

Find whatever you can,
and meet me back here.

If you can get what we need,
I'll take the test with Leslie.


Didn't realize your dad was
kind of a hoarder, Nico.

Turns out he's full of surprises.

Everyone search for anything
related to the inhibitor tech.

My bracelet.

Haven't seen this in a while.
What's your dad doing with it?

Wait! Holy shit! These are them!

Should we do it here? Right now?

Yes. GERT: No!

Back at the Hostel with Leslie and Alex.

We do it together and all at once.

Holy shit.

She knew my mom?




How long have you been here?

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

The Staff did this to you.
I couldn't control it.

You did what you had to do
to defend yourself.

Where is it, Nico?

Where's the staff? Destroyed.

I burned what was left.
It's gone.

Do you know who this woman
in this photo is next to mom?

A friend of your mother's.

They were close.
Trained together.

Trained? Like in a SoulCycle class?

It was before my time.

Your mother refused to talk about it.

Nico! Come on!

I should go.

Your mother gave you the Staff
for a reason, Nico.

There's more to it
than she told you, told me.

It's gone Dad. And I'm glad.

Mr. Minoru, you need to calm down!

Hey, baby!


You look good.

I know you can't say the same about me.

Thank you for coming.

You know why I came.

You found the IP address I use
to route all my hacking. How?

I have people I pay very well
to figure things like that out.

Computer fraud.

Hacking government computers,
manipulating evidence.

All felonies.

You'd be looking at a minimum of 25 years.

You gonna blackmail me?
Call the FBI?


I did what I had to do
to get you in front of me.

I just wanted to see my son.

I'm worried about you.

Are you still with Nico and the others?
Are you safe?

Why the hell do you care?

Alex, can we forget for one moment
how we got here?

Forget that you murdered my friend
and a bunch of innocent teenagers?

And that I got justice
by sending you here?

No, I can't forget that.

And if you want to come after me
for all the hacking stuff, then do it.

Because I'm not afraid.

You think you got justice?

Well, you're sitting in front of me

in an orange jumpsuit
instead of a red robe, so yeah...

I'd say justice was served.

I pled guilty to Darius' murder.
Aren't you curious why?

Because you murdered him in cold blood?

Because when I saw you
on that street corner in Chinatown

with that gun trained on me
and realized how you'd set us up,

it hit me‐‐

it was exactly what I would have done.

Manipulate the system
to get what I wanted

in the guise of doing
what I thought was right.

I trained you to become me.
I'm not you.

It's inevitable, Alex.
You simply followed the example I set.

But I am breaking that cycle right now.

Taking responsibility for what I did.
Accepting this punishment.

My hope is, in time,
we can fix what's left of our family.

We can't.

Sometimes you break things,
and they stay broken.

Not us. Not family.


I'm sorry.

I love you.

Go to hell.

Mrs. Minoru,
can I talk to you for a second?

I don't know. Can you?

It's funny because you used
the word "can" instead of "may."

As if your mouth might not be able
to form the words to speak to me.

It's a lovely mouth, by the way.

Is there a robotic
food dispensing machine nearby?

I'm famished.
I don't think you understand.

We don't have an energy source
powerful enough to initiate the device.

You don't, but I do.
It's basic quantum mechanics.

When the escape velocity
from the concentrated area

exceeds the speed of light,
you open up a black hole.

Indeed, but the amount of pressure
required to create even a micro‐black hole

would require the collapse of a mass

approximately three times
the size of our sun.

Not if you tap into
the fourth dimension.

That sounds dangerous.

That's what makes it so exciting!

Snack break!
Meaning, everyone go find me snacks!

I'm not kidding.
You have 20 minutes

to find me the best snacks you can
or you're fired.

Be creative, I don't know.
Winner gets... a million dollars.

You, too.

Bye, bitches!

And hello, beautiful!

The power's on.

Holy shit!


Still a little work to do.

As of now, it looks like we'd all be
crushed into interstellar balls of light.

Not cute.

It was foolish to even attempt
to operate that on your own.

I had to see if it worked!

You guys are putting
a lot of pressure on me.

Look, the only way to truly know
if the platform works

is when all four of us are standing on it.

The real failure here is your father.

Have you made any progress
in locating our son?

Not really.

Are you trying
or are you hoping that he's never found,

so that we're forced to take your hybrid
bastard human daughter with us?

Because that is never going to happen.

If I know our son,
one thing's for certain.

He'll reveal himself
when he needs something.

Our departure is imminent.
Find him.

Our agreement is still in place?

Oh, yes. Totes.

Have we even thought this
all the way through?

When we get the answer, then what?

We don't know if the son will surface
when the test confirms his presence.

If he does, there will be a fight.

- Which I am prepared for.
- And if he doesn't?

It'll be easier to destroy him.

Destroy like‐‐ Kill the host.

Okay, no.
We're not killing one of us.

As I said, there is no coming back
from hosting a Gibborim being.

They would no longer be one of "us."

Well, that's real easy for you to say.

No offense, you're kinda new
to being one of "us." Gert!

I'm sure some of you guys
are dying to kill me.

No one is killing anyone.
We'll figure something else out.

Chase, stop. What, here?

Yeah. Here.

Everybody out.

Gert, what are we doing?

We're taking the test right here.

I like it.
No one's killing anyone in a crowded park.

Unless we must. We're not.

Wait! Wait!

Don't think he's gonna
help you this time.

You open this door, goddammit!

Didn't I say you weren't gonna be
special for long, Ms. Defense Attorney?

Yes. I am a lawyer.

And I do have power.
Connections, money.

Whatever it is you need, I can get.
So, trust me, you do not want to do this.

I know who you are.

Hurt a lot of people where I came from.
Tore a lot of families apart.

Got rich off our pain
and never looked back.

And from where I'm standin',
you don't look that powerful.

Tamar says... "hello."

I can't believe I'm saying this.

Go for it, Xavin.

As expected, no response.

Ah! Ugh!

As expected, response.

Xavin, it's hurting her.

We already know
that Karolina is half‐Gibb anyway.

This is stupid.
Why are we even doing this test?

What does it even prove?

It proves that you're not the son.

Oh, right.

Not me. I knew it.

It definitely isn't me,
so not afraid to prove it.

Told ya.

Nico, it's your turn.

My work will distract me.

- Hello?
- Alex, it's me.

Please. Don't hang up, don't hang up.

It's about your mother.
She, uh...

She got into a fight and, um...

She's dead, Alex. She...


Alex, are you there?

I'm so sorry. I...


Alex, talk to me!

I knew that it couldn't be you.

Thank you for believing in me.

Even when I was an asshole.

A little optimism never hurts.

That was so frickin' scary.

We're all safe. Thank god.

I can admit when I'm wrong.
I apologize, Nico.

Apology accepted.

But if it had been me, you would have
killed me right here, right?

If it meant protecting her.

Can't argue with that.

Guys, if it's not us,
that leaves Alex and Leslie.

Come on, we got to get back to the Hostel.


Honey, are you okay?

Something terrible has happened.

Wilder? You here?


Maybe she's upstairs.

Karolina, proceed with caution.

If the son is inside your mother,
when provoked he will defend himself.

I can handle her.

I got your back, okay? Us, too.


She's not up here.

I don't think Wilder's here either.

Guys, I don't like this.

It's time to tell them
about the Wiz‐Cams, Chase.

Wait. Wiz‐Cams? In here?

What is she talking about?

I may have hid a few cameras
in the Hostel.

You were spying on us? Gross!

No, I was spying on the alien!

I'm sorry about the‐‐
Huge invasion of privacy!

Hey, it's a good plan.
Especially if it works.

That is your cue to go get the video.

Right. Yeah.

There's Alex.

Alex‐Alex, talk to me!

Is that Geoffrey on the phone?

Why is he smiling?

Time to go.

Okay, that's seriously creepy.

Not as creepy as that.

What's Alex doing in there?

Holy shit.

It's been hiding in Wilder
this whole time.

Oh, my God. Alex, no.

Alex. Honey, are you okay?

Something terrible has happened.

We have to get you out of here.
The Magistrate has found us.

How? Well, what are we gonna do?
Where are the others?

They're not back yet.

But get your things.
I'm gonna make sure you're safe.

He's taking my mom.
We got to find them.

It's his half‐brother.
He must have a plan.

No doubt terrible and murderous.

Okay, not helping, Xavin.
We'll find them, okay? I promise.

Problem is they could be anywhere.

Hello? Dad, hey.

Son, is that really you?

Where are you?
I'll come get you.

Yeah, thing is I like it here.

It's fun. I like this body.

But don't worry.
I got something to bargain with.

Something I think
you are definitely going to want.