Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Episode #2.11 - full transcript

Previously on
Marvel's Runaways...


I've been searching for you...


What are you doing in here?

Trying to find our kids.

We're under attack,
and we have to fight back.

Sweetie, that's so not you.

Or it's exactly me.

- Tina?
- No. Victor?



We are so happy you came home,
honey. How you feeling?

- If we want to save Gert...
- Then we need to give

- Old Lace the antidote.
- Dale.

You saved us.

Now how do we get out of here?

It's AWOL.
How did he find us?

I'm so sorry.

I can feel it clawing at me!

It's trying to rip through my skin.

You guys! Nico's losing it!

Move, move, move!

Get... out!

A reconditioning?

Please. Sit down, Leslie.

Please go to hell, Frank.

Ma'am, are you hungry?

Take this.

It's OK. It's for you.

Oh, shut up.

Let the Light enter you, Leslie.

Let it cleanse away the resistance.

Yeah, can you do that line again?
I'm still not really feelin' it.

This plan you have to close the church,
it's just wrong.

The church is pretend, Frank.
That's why you like it so much.

I am not going to let you

ruin our life's work.

"Let" me? You can't stop me.

Besides, you didn't actually
do any work, did you, Frank?

I can stop you, Leslie.
I told you I would send you...

Send me to the Crater?
Fine. Then do it.

This is not what I wanted.

Take her to the van.

Old Lace, we're trying.

Do you think anyone will come for us?

They should check here eventually.

That's if the Strike Team didn't get 'em.

- Here you go.
- Buenos dias.

For your first morning back
I made your favorite...

Blueberry pecan pancakes.

I'm not back.

And I even had your mom
buy those little vegan sausages

that taste like cardboard,
but I love 'em, and so do you,

so you're welcome, I love you.

Don't gaslight me.

You poisoned us
and then you kidnapped us.

And you're going along with it,
which makes you just as guilty!

Now, Muffin...

your mother and I feel like
this whole running-away thing

has gone on long enough.

And Chase, I know your parents
feel the same way.

I almost died!

Honey, I just wanted you home so badly
I was willing to do anything.

Gert, I mean, she's your mom.

Chase, no, don't drink that!
That's probably poison!

Come on, light.

- Hey, What are you doing?
- Nothing! I... I'm just...

- Did you find Gert and Chase?
- Not in the hospital databases.

I was gonna hack into Urgent Cares next,
but that could take all day.

We don't have all day.

- What were you doing in here just now?
- I said nothing.

I hope that wasn't
one of AWOL's grenades.

Whoa, Molly.
A little SnoBall's nothing to hide.

Is that a birthday candle?

It was my birthday yesterday. So?

What?! Molly! Happy birthday!

What are you, fifteen now?

Damn, girl, you're gettin' old.

Alex, no, it's over. We missed it.

Because we were trying
not to get killed.

Let me sing you the birthday song.

- I suck at it, but still.
- Forget it.

It's not like I need a quince
or anything.


A quincea?era?

It's what girls in Latin culture do
for their fifteenth.

But... it's way too old-fashioned for me.

Besides, you need a family, and...

I don't want to do it without Gert.

Family. That's it.
Chase was the one driving.

So where would he take
a sick dinosaur?

Really just two places.
His parents or yours.

And only one of those places
would know what to do with Old Lace.

But do you really think that
he would risk going to our parents?

There's one way to find out.
Come on.

Hmm. Leave me alone.

I brought you some...

I figured that maybe you were...

- Do you need anything?
- I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Please just go.





Who are you?

Hey. We think we know
where to find Gert and Chase.

- Let's get Nico. Come on.
- No. Nico's way too sick.

But... but I'm in.

- OK.
- OK.

Let's see how long it'll take
to get a car up here.

The Church of Gibborim is a lie!

- May the light shine upon you.
- Please, listen to me.

Don't bow to me. No,
Everything you're saying is bullshit.

David Ellerh made the whole thing up.
It's all a lie!

Everything you believe is bullshit!

Everything you believe is a lie!


It's all a lie!

Welcome home.

I'm S4E2R.
I see you and I love you.

Oh, keep it.

This is my church.
You know that, right?

Do you have any water?

What happened to your bracelet?

It's a good thing
I have a new one for you.

And of course...
here's your contract.

You want me to voluntarily submit
to indoctrination

for an undetermined length of time?

Yeah, I'll never sign that.

Tell me why you think
your family sent you here.

Hmm. My husband, the actor,

has just discovered that running a church
is the role of a lifetime,

and he wants me out of the way.

That's why my family has sent me here.

I haven't slept all night,
so if you could just give me

my confirmation number,
we could move on, that'd be great.

Going forward, you must never
use anyone's name. A name is...

Project of the ego. Yeah. Got it.

From now on,
you will go by L3D5E.

Would you like to repeat that back to me?

My name...

is Leslie Ellerh Dean, bitch.

And I'll say it a hundred times.

If I knew your name,
I'd say that too.

Now give me a drink...
of water.

It's not exactly
like you see in the movies, Stace.

Sodium thiopental doesn't force you
to tell the truth

so much as it makes lying
extremely difficult by...

Suppressing higher
cortical function.

Do you really think
that I don't know that?

- I'm just curious.
- I don't know. Well, maybe not.

Yes? Cut me some slack.

Most people aren't aware

that rapid onset barbiturates
are also short-acting.

- Please, just find the vein.
- OK.

I am. Here we go.

You know, hon, I used to find
your condescension sort of adorable.

- Oh. Thank you.
- But for some reason,

you're bugging the shit out of me lately.

So sorry, Stace, I'll work on that.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- Oh! Here he comes.
- Oh.

All right.

- We only have a few minutes. So, let's make it count.
- Let's make it count.

- Hi. Chase.
- Hi, hello! Chase!

Good morning.

Hi, Gert's parents.

- That's right. Stacey and Dale.
- Hi.

Uh... I'm having a dream,

and you're in it right now.

- This isn't a dream, sweetheart.
- No, it's not a dream.

- We need you to tell us
- DALE: It's real life.

- Where you and Gert have been living.
- That's all.


I know what you want. You guys
want me to tell you stuff. Secrets.

Secrets. Shh!

I can't do that.

OK. Uh, Chase. Chase.
Look at me. It's Dale.

- Hey, Dale. I can't do that, Dale.
- I know, I know.

Now listen...

we love Gert and Molly very much.

I love Gert too.

I love Gert so much...

that I'm afraid to tell her.

- And Molly...
- Yeah?

Molly? Molly I'm cool with.

Actually I love Molly.

But it's a different kind of love
because she...

Shut up, Chase.
Tell us where you kids are living. Now.

- You're scaring me.
- You're not alone.

- Who's that? Get rid of them.
- I don't know. OK.

- Chase, I'll be right back.
- Bye, Dale.

- He's nice.
- It's Tina.

- What the heck is she doing here?
- What do we do now?

Keep talking. The window's gonna close.
But keep your voice down.

Please leave. You're trespassing.

Actually, I'm the Wizey alpha user.

My voice controls all one billion units
currently in operation.

I opened that door legally.

PRIDE sent me to check on you two.

So this is what you've been working on.

Chase Stein and a hypodermic needle.

- Oh.
- You guys are in trouble.

I'm looking for her.

- Karolina.
- Karolina Dean?

You and everyone else.

She is amazing.

Can you show me something
she's touched so I can find her?

Your line of inquiry is...
It's very alarming.

What's your name?

She was right here.
Did you see her?

She was...

Darkness is a misuse of the mind.

An idea that only appears to be real.

There is no truth, but Light.

Darkness is a misuse...

Get away from me.

Are you ready to surrender yet?

Nothing you say will ever
change my mind.

Hmm. Surely you know
that's what everyone says.

I'm not everyone.
I am the head of this church.

You're a disappointment.
That's what you are.

If David Ellerh could see you right now,
he would be disgusted.

He was the kind of man
who believed.

Deeply. Fearlessly.


You don't know my father.

He believed in the truth.

He would want the church destroyed
if he knew what I've learned.

It stands for everything
that he was against.

My dear.

You could never destroy the church.

You don't have an army big enough.

And besides...

your new baby
couldn't handle the stress.

Who are you?

Hey, Chase.

- Dale.
- It's Dale.

- Hey!
- Hey, Dale.

Dale's back with his beard.

How ya feelin'?

- AOK.
- AOK. I'm gonna ask you

- a few questions, Chase, OK?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do you know who the president is?
- Yep.

- Yeah?
- Yep.

OK. Where have you been sleeping,

- Uh, with Gert.
- Oh.

Or I... I was, but we got in a fight.

But we're back together now,
I think.

Well, relationships are tough, right?

But we got the coolest bed.

Oh! Oh, I miss it. I miss it.

- We had some great times together.
- Oh, OK.

Yeah. Naked.

- Oh.
- OK, Chase? Chase.

- Yeah.
- What else?

- And Dale?
- Yeah?

Do you know Old Lace
and Gert are connected?

Of course. Yeah.

But I'm not sure which one is the animal,
if you know what I mean.

We do.

- Sexually.
- Yes, we got it.

- All right.
- What a shit show.

How did he get here?
You need to start talking. Now.

I told you, I can't say anything.

She means us, Chase.
And this is none of your business.

- Tell me how he got here.
- We're wasting time, Tina.

Oh, darn it. Chase!

Is he gone?

He's out.

Oh no, you don't.

No, you don't. We are one child away
from a clean break.

I am not going to let you blow it.

Get in the basement.


You wouldn't.

Don't you look at me like that.

You think because I'm wearing a tunic
I won't drop your skinny ass?

Go ahead and find out.

I would listen to her.
She's been a bit on edge lately.



- How was it?
- Great.

Clean bill of health.

Turns out that Jonah
was actually a damn good doctor.

Whatever he did
in that healing algorithm worked.

- What about the brain tumor?
- Janet, there was no sign of it.

Or the gunshot wound.

I'm beginning to wonder if we...

made a big mistake killing Jonah.

The man was a true genius.

How was the PRIDE meeting?

- It went well.
- Yeah?

Everyone was very impressed
with the new weapons.

Ha! As they should be.
Those weapons are some of my best work.

The light-reflecting thermal material
alone would win me a Nobel.

If anyone knew about it.

I even got to show off a little
of my knowledge of wave theory,

- which was fun.
- Great.

But you know, Victor...

I'm starting to wonder if we're
going about this the right way.

No, Chase needs to come home. Now.

- We can't wait any longer.
- But that's just it.

We're spending so much energy
trying to neutralize the kids.

Wouldn't an emotional appeal be faster?


I appreciate your maternal instinct.

But I don't think we can just talk about
our feelings and the kids'll come home.

We don't even know where they are.

But you're the brilliant Victor Stein.

If anyone can figure it out,
you can.

I probably could, couldn't I?

- Here's the Rolls.
- Alex, you're right. They're still here.

Well, "What would Chase do?"
isn't exactly a tough question.

Come on.

OK. Old Lace lives in the basement,
but Stacey and Dale

usually hang out upstairs
watching British cooking shows.

If we go through
one of the back windows,

- we can take 'em by surprise, and...
- I hate to say it,

but are we sure that Gert and Chase
are here against their will?

Gert would never leave me.

OK. So I brought the Fistigons,

I brought the X-ray goggles,
and I also brought this.

- Alex, is that from the Strike Team?
- What would we do with a gun?

Use it?

OK, OK, my bad.
Wouldn't use it. My bad.

Okay, let's just sneak around the back.

Hi. There you are.

Ohh, you had me worried.

Oh, I got a headache.

They tried to get me to talk.

What did you tell them?
Please say "nothing."

He told your parents
about your cool bed.

- The one you guys were naked in.
- Oh, my God. What did you say?

Nothing that wasn't true.
I mean, it's literally truth serum.

How could you
tell my parents about...

Speaking of orgasmic,
these pancakes look amazing.

- Tina, no more talking.
- Might be to your benefit

to speak to me.

I know some things about PRIDE
that you might find useful.

Oh, yeah? Like what? Tell us.

Why would she tell us
what's going on with PRIDE?

Don't trust her.
She's just another evil parent.

We're not all the same.

There are different kinds of evil, Gert.

Fine. OK...

what's going on with PRIDE?

They're declaring war. On you.

New weapons, the whole shebang.

If I were you, I would run...

while you still have time.

Or you could just stay here
and give in. Is this so bad?

- Stacey can cook.
- Of course it's so bad.

They've taken us hostage
and Old Lace is in pain

- and we have to get her out of here.
- She's bioengineered, Gert.

If she dies, they just make a new one.

Oh, you know what I just realized?

You haven't even asked me about Nico.

Are you wondering...
what's going on with your daughter?

You told me not to talk to you.

- Whoa.
- Oh, my, God.

- What was that?
- I've had enough

excitement for today.

Get down on the floor!

- Where's Gert?
- We saw the car. We know they're here.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

- Wait, what?
- It was yesterday.

You look so good.
Doesn't she look so good?

She does.
You look great, sweetie.

- So happy you decided to come home.
- Yeah.

- You guys are not my parents.
- What?

Because my parents
would never hurt Old Lace and Gert.

Go get 'em. I got this.



Alex. How experienced
are you with that thing?

Not very.

Oh, you're still alive!

What happened
with the Strike Team?

That's a whole thing,
but everybody's OK.

Strike Team. You mean AWOL?

You won't be seeing him for a while.

- What is she doing here?
- Also a whole thing.

It's been a day. And a night.
We'll tell you about it later.

You're not going anywhere.

- Gotta get Old Lace.
- On it.

Honestly, I...
I don't even...

Put them over there.
Her too.

- Sweetheart...
- Stop talking.

Everyone, let's just...

Honey. What are you
gonna do with us?

Nothing you don't deserve.

Let's go.

- Come on, Gert, let's go!
- Where's Lace?

I don't know. She was right behind me.

OK, Old Lace, we didn't mean any harm.

- I just wanted our kids back.
- That's it, we just wanted our kids back.

Speak for yourself.

Hey, girl.

Keep your damn claws off her.

She's taking way too long.
Should I call her?

No, we've made enough noise already.

I'm trying to tune into her,
but I'm not getting anything.

- What if something happened?
- How much longer should we wait?

None. The rest of our parents
could be on the way.

What? No, no.
We can't just leave without Old Lace.

Yeah, we have to.

You know we do.

I'm sorry.

She'll find us.

No more shall I suffer.

No more shall I be hurt.

No more shall I hurt another.

I sever my ties with thee.

I didn't tell anyone
I was pregnant...

because I didn't want
to face it myself.

My greatest fear is failing
as a mother again.

And I'm sure that is yours, as well.

But I want you to know
I forgive you.

They made you leave.

Didn't they?

Because you wanted to protect me.

From Jonah, from...
from his interest in me, so...

they declared that you were
an Aphotic Person,

that you had no light.

And they brought you here,
they... they kept us apart.

But you wanted to be with me
all along, right?



I know who you are.


Say something.

Please, Susan.

You weren't...

supposed to say my name!

No, no, it's OK.

I wish you hadn't done that.
I wish you hadn't...

Now I have to report you!

- Guard!
- Where are you going?

I told you not to fight this.

This is Dr. Novak's office

calling to reschedule
this morning's missed appointment.

Please call us back at...

A landline?

I thought you declared
those were for troglodytes in 2004.

I did and they are.

But California has what's called
a "soft tone" for emergencies.

Even a dead line works
to call 9-1-1.

Well, that sounds like great trivia
for our next cocktail party,

but how is it gonna
help us find Chase?

Well, a phone call's just
sound converted to electricity

then back to sound.

I think I found a way to reverse it

so that those lines
don't just make calls,

they can receive one, too.

My plan is to push a signal
into every landline

inside the grid
in which Geoffrey pinpointed the kids.

Think you could use
robo-call technology?

That way you can make
thousands calls at once...

Throw in some voice recognition software
to rule out everyone but Chase, and...

Victor, this could actually work.

We'll need plenty of luck
and a lot of patience,

but I think so.

How is it possible
that you're getting even smarter?

If this is fifteen, I don't know
how I'm gonna make it to sixteen.

I know, Mols, I'm sorry.

It's gonna be OK.

How can you say that?

Gert, you had to leave Old Lace behind.

Chase, you got drugged
and interrogated.

Alex, your mom killed Darius,
and now Livvie's gone.

And Nico lost her sister,
and then had to kill to protect us.

And Karolina, your girlfriend
killed your dad.

Why am I the only one crying?
We should all be crying.

We're trying to be strong for you.

Or we just haven't wanted
to feel anything.

I'm not much of a crier, actually.

Maybe we've all been in denial.

I'm not gonna lie. Till today
I secretly thought Dale and Stacey

were better than
the rest of PRIDE.

In their defense,
they did think they were helping us.

They lost their kids...
And their moral compass...

But I'm not here to judge.

I just think they would
take it all back if they could.

Yeah, well...
I'm totally here to judge.

I'm so sick of this.

We can't let our parents rob us
of everything good

just because they're bad.

It's Molly's birthday.

We're gonna have a birthday party.
And not just any party...

- A quincea?era?
- Yup.

What? I don't need anything like that.

I kind of love it.

I think that's a great idea.

We're doing it.

- Nico?
- Hey, you're back!

Nico, you're OK.

We've got money from the Strike Team.
Let's do something good with it.

What? But...

Old Lace isn't here.
We can't have a party without Old Lace.

We'll have another one
when she gets back.

- Which she will.
- Come on, Mols. We all need this.

A quincea?era? Really?

We need to find
some music for the waltz.

I'm not sure how much waltzing
you're gonna do in those heels.

They're for the changing of the shoes...

When you take off your flat ones
and put on your high heels.

And go from a girl... to a woman.

Or from a subject to object.

And after the shoes,
you dance with your chambelan.

With your who?

It's like your escort.

Have you thought about
who it's gonna be yet?

Guess it has to be between

Chase and Alex?

Hmm. Or me. I've got moves.

I assumed Molly wanted
to go heteronormative on this one.

I haven't decided yet.
Stop pressuring me.

- Don't even think about looking in these.
- I would never. That would ruin it.

OK, everyone,
find me some music.

Oh, um...

you mean music as in, like,
we're talkin' about dancin'?

Traditionally what people dance to.

'Cause I don't... I don't dance.

Little light flossing maybe,
but nothing in public.

So you floss in private?

I, on the other hand,

am quite graceful on the dance floor.

Coach Alphona made us
take ballroom dancing

to strengthen the lower body
and increase flexibility.

He's a very committed dancer.

We should have protein powder nearby
in case he gets depleted.


Would you like to be my chambelan
for my quincea?era?

Molly, I'd be honored.


OK, what's a chambelon?

Hi. I'm Xavin.


Do I know you?

I've been looking for you.

Hey! Karolina!

We need you over here!
It's v-important.

Nice to meet you, Karolina.

It's so "Molly." I'm basically killing
the chambelini game.

I'm wondering if we chose
the right color.

I have a feeling Gert's gonna say pink
is a signifier of hegemonic femininity.

Yeah, but then Molly will say
that she's reclaiming pink

and making it her own.

Trust me.

Not that I totally understand
what this thing's for.

It's a symbol. The last toy.

After this, Molly's supposed
to give up her childhood.

Hasn't she already done that?

I mean, who's had to grow up
faster than Molly?

Yeah, and then her adoptive parents
turn out to be serial killers.

Do you know that Dale and Stacey,

they were actually really nice to us.

Dude, they had you locked
in their basement.

Why are you so busy
trying to defend them?

No. I'm not. I'm just...

sometimes we forget that
our parents still love us, that's all.

Do they?

Got a funny way of showing it.

After what Tina said,
I'm starting to wonder

if it's even worth it
to fight 'em anymore.

Did you just say you're wondering
if we shouldn't even fight 'em anymore?

We can't win against our parents, Alex.

We can hide, but we can't win.

That's what they want you to think!

Look, all I know is that
I'm bringing my parents to justice

if it's the last thing I do.

All right, they've cost me Livvie,
Darius, home... everything.

I'm gonna go change.

OK. Now open.

It feels weird.

- You look so stunning.
- And check out this curl.

Molly, don't listen to these girls.

They're like drug dealers.

Repeat after me:
"I cannot be improved upon."

Hey, say it! Loud!

I cannot be improved upon!


- Chase.


- Thank God it worked.
- Wait, dad, is that you?

It's me, son.
We need to talk.

Your, um...

your mother doesn't know...

but I'm sick.

Really sick.

I uh... I thought I was getting better,
but I'm not.

And I um...

I want to see you...

before time runs out.

So can you come home?


Hey. Just about ready?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Wait, Dad.

Dad, are you there?

One day in the first grade...

I will never forget it,

I was eating my snack
of apple slices and peanut butter,

and my parents sat me down
and they said,

"Gert, we have life-changing news.

"Your little friend Molly...

well, she's gonna be your sister now."

And I remember thinking, "Finally!"

Because I had always wanted
either a sister or a puppy

ever since I realized the only thing
Barbie really does is wear outfits.

And Molly Hayes Hernandez...

you turned out to be
so much better than a puppy.

As you turn fifteen,

one thing is becoming super-clear.

I didn't just get a sister;

I got a hero.

Someone who teaches me

and inspires me and lifts me up.

And I think I speak for all of us
when I say,

"Molly, thank you so much
for being you."

# Tomorrow is still far away... #

I love you, Mols.

Gert's right. We are family.

And yet, no one can replace
your mom and dad.

They would be very proud
of the person you are today.

So... I would like to dedicate
this dance to them.


# We're still dreaming,
keep believing #

# Always coming back for more #

# We're too young to grow old #

# We're too young to grow old #

# Hold onto and gather that gold #

# We're too young to grow old #

# Tomorrow's never around #

# So I'll be gone
if yesterday is all gone #

# I'll be gone #

# If tomorrow's never around #

# So I'll be gone #

# If yesterday is all gone #

# I'll be gone #

# If tomorrow's never around #

# So I'll be gone
if yesterday is all gone #

# I'll be gone...
Is now #

Yes. I can feel the vodka
blocking the glutamate as we speak.

Do you think Tina's going
to tell PRIDE what happened?

- Well...
- Never mind.

I know the answer to that. Tina's going
to do whatever's best for Tina.

That is true.

She has been acting
rather odd lately,

- don't you think?
- Yeah, well, she is a Minoru.

You know, Stace, I... I feel like
I... I have to tell you,

I'm not sure that I forgive you...
for what you did.

Don't be absurd. You know I was only
doing what was best for the kids.

That's not an excuse for...
poisoning anyone.

Oh, look at you
on your high horse again.

Fine. Be like that.

Hang on.

That was a really difficult thing
for me to say.

Do you want a cookie now?

You don't get a reward
for confronting Mommy, Dale.

Wow, someone get into
the sodium thiopental again?

OK. Now, that is not good.

Stace, I'm gonna suggest something.

It may sound a little extreme,
but I need you to consider it.

Hmm. Just say it.

Um, well, I, hon,

think we need
to put the deinonychus down.

She's violent, she's dangerous,

after today she is clearly
out of control.

So you mean kill Old Lace.

- Well...
- Absolutely not.

Gert loves that beast.
And now we know they're connected.

Right, we hurt the dinosaur,
then we hurt Gert. Of course.

No. Well, I mean, yes,
but that's not why.

Well, why?
What other reason could there be?

Because we can use her.

We let Old Lace go,
and their little telepathic connection

means she'll lead us straight
to Gert and Molly...

- Wherever they are.
- Right.

And then...

we kill her.



You were so great tonight.

Thank you. I...

I've never seen Molly so happy.

I'm glad.


Do you wanna...

Do you wanna have a sleepover
in my room?

My bed's really cool.

What are you doing?

I, um...

I'm leaving.

- Gert.
- Oh.

Oh, I get it.

What do you mean you get it?
You get what?

I just got it.

Oh, my God.

I didn't really see it until now.

You're a coward.

You were always gonna leave,
weren't you?

That's not fair.
You haven't even asked me why.

Were you just gonna leave
without saying anything?

Don't try to act all perfect.
You wanted to leave too.

- You even said you wanted to leave.
- But I didn't...

did I?

Gert, my dad is sick. OK?

He needs me.

And we're against people
that we can't beat or outrun.

- You heard what Tina said.
- Tina?!

Oh, you know what?

Forget it, Chase.

I could argue with you,
I could... make a scene,

I could scream, cry...

I could give you
a point-by-point rebuttal,

and none of that would matter

because you want to go.

And if that's how you feel,
then that's what you should do. Go.

You're not just gonna sneak out of here
without saying goodbye.

Can't I just have one day?

Can I have one day...

where I have to have
everything bad happening?

Whoa. What's going on?
Why were these in my bed?

- Chase is leaving.
- What?

Where are you going?

- I'm going home.
- He's leaving us.

Wait, you're... you're leaving?

- Chase, you can't do this.
- Dude, come on, man. Don't leave.

I'm sorry. I really am.

Look, I don't expect
you guys to understand.

But when I walked into this place,
I was a dumb kid.

But because of everything
that we've been through, I...

I grew up.

Because of all you guys.

You guys taught me that

I don't have to just go along
with the group.

And you know what?

That's why I'm leaving.

I'm leaving because being here,
it doesn't feel right anymore.

You guys are... good.

You guys are so good.

But there's just somewhere else
I gotta be right now.

# Childhood dreams like movie scenes #

# Castles made of sheets #

# Memories that stick with me #

# I hope they never leave #

# Endless nights and dancing feet #

# Hiding in the dark #

# And I don't want to give it up #

# The light, it'll hurt #

# Where we going, what we doing #

# Tell me what we lookin' for #

# We're still dreaming,
keep believing #

# Always coming back for more #

He's here.

# And we are too young
to grow old #

# We're too young to grow old #

# We're too young to grow old #

Welcome home, son.

# We're too young to grow old #

Come on.

# We're too young to grow old #