Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Earth Angel - full transcript

Victor recruits Chase to intern at PRIDE to prove that they are nothing more than concerned parents, Chase is skeptical. Karolina discovers Frank is holding Leslie at a detention facility ...

Previously, on
"Marvel's Runaways"...

Get out!

I sever my ties with thee.

- What are you suggesting?
- We build our own weapons.

Turn on our kids?

Hi. I'm Xavin.

I've been looking for you.

Karolina, we need you over here.
It's v-important.

You still got that piece I gave you?

Hold it right.

You don't know
what's been done with it, but I do.

And it's on you now.


- Wait, Dad, is that you?
- I'm sick.

- What's going on?
- I'm going home.

A re-conditioning.
I invented re-conditioning.

If you don't sit down, we're going
to have to take this to the next level.

Go to hell, Frank.

Vaughn! Help me, please!

Welcome home.

I'm S4E2R.

This is my church.
You know that, right?


You weren't supposed to say

my name!

My light
will shine through another...

and cast out the darkness
covering the earth.

Don't you see?

Mom, where are we going?

It's in the scripture.

She's been chosen.

She's just a child.

He'll wait till she's of age.

You can't stop us
from leaving, David.

You don't understand, do you?

Leslie's not going anywhere.

You are.

She's just a child.


House meeting, five minutes.

I'm concerned about Chase.

He made his choice.
We all have to move on.

Just like that?

We're not Cylons
from Alex's Doctor Who show.

I appreciate the effort, but...

I-I'm just saying, I mean,
what if he knows he screwed up,

but now he's trapped?

Well, then, he'd reach out.

But I'm assuming he won't
'cause I'm guessing he likes

not having to dodge rats
on the way to the kitchen.

It's actually only one rat, and,
ironically, I named him Chase.

Look, Chase was the first to go,
but probably won't be the last.

He didn't just leave.

He went home.

How can we be sure he doesn't
tell his parents where the hostel is?

No. He may be asinine...

dimwitted, fatuous, witless...

We get that you're angry.
What's your point?

He's an idiot. He's not a traitor.

Assuming he has a choice. They used
the truth drug on him the last time.

Who knows what they'll do next.

My mom's in trouble.

Vaughn just called and said
Frank sent her to the Crater.

It's a Gibb compound in the desert

where they do religious trials
and discipline.

Which sounds
like brainwashing torture.

Which is exactly why
we need to go rescue her.

Whoa, what?

No way.

We're trying to put our parents
in jail, not break them out.

- This is different.
- May be better.

Given the current state
of the federal penitentiary system,

religious prison might actually
be more humane.

It's like justice with meditation
and yoga sessions.

No, it's not like that.

Vaughn sounded really scared.

He said some people that go
to the crater don't come back.

Well, that sounds like the logical result
of joining an alien-worshiping cult.

- Hey.
- I lost my dad.

I can't lose my mom too.

We lost all of our parents the day
we found out they were serial killers.

Actually, we saved your dad
when he was in trouble.

And if we rescue my mom,

maybe we could get some
information out of her.

You mean like turn her?

They get one of ours,
we get one of theirs.

I like it.

I'm-I'm not gonna decide for everyone.

Either we all go, or none of us do.

Great. None of us do.

You have no idea
why they want us to come here?

I mean, no one gets invited here.

Closest anyone from work
has ever been to the Stein house

is a layout in Architectural Digest.

I mean,
we're getting promotions, obvi.

PRIDE loves us.

You know, they probably
didn't want to do it around the others

'cause jealousy.

That makes a lot of sense.

Am I dressed appropriately?

What's appropriate promotion attire?

Exactly what you're wearing.

You too.

Oh, my God, Megan,
it's all happening.

It's the beginning of everything, Mary.

My God!

What's crappening?

Oh, my God, what's song with bee?

You're messing
with the pong weeples!

This house...

Belongs to me.

The neurodisruptor's intensity
was off.

She was still cognizant.

Is this really necessary?

These weapons were designed
specifically for our kids' powers.

It's better to make sure no one's head
explodes when they're used on people.

OK, let's mind-wipe 'em, do it again.

Wait, why'd they ask us
to come here again?

I don't know.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, probably.

Yeah, PRIDE loves us, right?

Yeah, they probably didn't want
to do it around the others.

Huh. That makes sense.

Season 02 Episode 12

Episode Title: "Earth Angel"

Pancakes or waffles?
I made both.

Uh, maybe just the shake.

And some pancakes.

I made 'em just the way you like.

Yeah, when I was... eight.

This is a big adjustment for everyone.

But... you did the right thing.

- Coming home.
- Did I?

I mean, yeah, I know I did.

This is where
I need to be right now.

I just... I don't know, I kind of
feel like I abandoned my friends.

Yeah, but that life
was never gonna last.

And if you tell us where they are,

we can make sure
they get home safely too.

Mom, I may not be a runaway anymore,
but I'm not gonna betray my friends.

Where's Dad?

Was he working late last night?
I thought I heard him coming home.

That was just some PRIDE
employees picking up a few things.

Hey, speaking of which,

we're still smoothing things over
with Atlas Academy.

It'll be a few days
until you're re-enrolled,

so, in the meantime,
we were thinking

maybe you could learn a bit
about our philanthropic work.

Hard pass. I don't want
anything to do with PRIDE.

It's a new day for everyone, Chase.

And with Jonah gone,
PRIDE can finally be

the benevolent force
that it was always meant to be.

Yeah, just try it out
for a couple of days.

It'll give us some father-son
bonding time out of the house.

That could be OK, I guess.

Then it's settled. Fantastic.

Hey, I bet you miss the view.

You want to head outside,
catch up with your old man?

Uh... sure.


We can toss
the old pigskin around.

I play lacrosse.

When have we ever thrown a football
around in the backyard?

Just trying to be fatherly.


I came home 'cause you were sick.

- Yeah.
- So, how sick?


I'm losing time.

Blacking out.

Waking up in the lab, in front of tech
I don't remember building.

And there's this.

I think I'm infected.

With, uh, something alien.

It's a little parting gift from Jonah.

That's why it means so much to me
that you came home when I asked.

If I don't have much time left...

Don't-don't say that.

If I don't, I'm glad I get to spend it
with you, and your mom.

As a family.

This doesn't bring me any joy, Leslie.

Then stop doing it.

I wish I could.
But you've lost sight of the path.


cut the shit.

This isn't about my soul.

I's about you stealing
the church from me.

Protecting the church from you.

It means so much to so many.

Yeah, especially you.

All this power and adulation,
it's all you've ever wanted.

No, all I ever wanted was my family.

Which turned out to be a lie,
thanks to you.


No, everything you always wanted
was to be part of my family

so that you could get close to the church.

Once the congregation
sees you for who you really are,

they won't follow you.

See, that is exactly why
living with you is so damaging.

You convinced me
that somehow I wasn't worthy.

That it wasn't my celebrity
that took this church to another level.

But I get it now,
and things have changed.

Have they?

You're still a cardboard cutout
I used to hide the fact

that I had a child with another man.

Not a man.

You are
so consumed with self-doubt,

so desperate for approval,

that you miss
what is right in front of you.

What am I missing, Leslie?

For starters, I'm pregnant.

You idiot.

How do you know it's mine?

I don't.

I'm happy to take a prenatal
paternity test if you'd like,

but one thing I will not do
is get back in that white room.

Um, I was expecting...

I know who you were expecting.

That's why I'm here and Liv's
at home watching Xerxes.

I want to tell you this in person:

Leave her the hell alone.

You Wilders have done enough
to that girl.

That's why I called. Right? To help.


do you want to lose that hand?

I just want to get something
out of the glove compartment.

Is this what you're looking for?


Darius got my fingerprints on it.

And I've been doing some research,
and I think I know what he did with it.

So you know how bad it was?

Then why do you want it?

Because I promised Livvie I would
get justice for Darius's murder,

and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.


My advice to you?

Ditch whatever clever plan
you got cooking up

and just shoot your parents instead.

- Could you tell Livvie that I...
- No.

Listen, Mini-Wilder,
I gave you what you wanted,

but it comes with a price.

You and Livvie are done.

You come around here again,
I will shoot you myself.

I gotta go pump
before I ruin this top, so...

You're gonna want
to have to step the hell back.

You... you can't rescue her alone.

I'm not going alone. Vaughn's coming.

Yeah, kind of worse.

No, I'll go too.

Not because I believe in the mission,

but because I-I believe in you.

What happened to
"everyone goes or no one does"?

I was bluffing to get everyone on board.

Hashtag leadership fail.

I'm on board too.

I heard everything.
Paper thin walls.

And I knew you wouldn't
let her go alone.

This is so awesome!
Girls trip!

Well... prison break.

Prison break girl trip.

Plus Vaughn.

Prison break girl trip plus Vaughn.

Hey, Karolina, hey, what's up?

Road trip!

To save my mom.

Yes, totally. To save your mom.

I hope she forgives me for the whole
re-conditioning thing.

I had no idea Frank
would take it this far.

I'm sure she will. Don't worry.

Have you met your mom?

Are those for us?

Yeah. Check it. Snack bags!

I put, uh, Sake Kit-Kats
in yours, Karolina,

because I head you say
you liked them once.

Like, literally once.

And the coup de grace...

No way! That's awesome!

Gibb garb all around, guys!

I mean girls. I mean women.

And, uh, Nico, you're gonna
have to ixnay the ake-up-may.

Goth look's a dead giveaway.

Also, it represents the darkness
of the human spirit.

No way in hell.

Interesting choice of words.

No, he's right, Nico.
You'll stand out.

And I need you in there with me.

Also, I, uh,
didn't want to make a big deal out of it,

because it's
enormemente embarrassing...


But, back at Vassar,

my nickname was kind of
Vaughn the Brawn.

'Cause I was muscular.
Am muscular.

So, I can handle any of the rough stuff,
if it comes to that.

The Brawnster's got you.

And this is our project in Zambia.

We built two new schoolhouses
in four months.

Shipped over 5,000 of these
to Third World countries.

Even more water filtration kits
to Puerto Rico and Flint, Michigan.

We're basically changing the world.

All because of your parents
and the PRIDE board.

They're so inspiring.

Um, what, does it sound like I've been
hitting the Kool-Aid a little too hard?

No. Not at all.

Um, actually, I was just wondering,
what's behind there?

I couldn't figure out how to open it.

Oh, that's off-limits
to everyone but the PRIDE board.

Do they ever come here?

Get involved directly?

What is your deal?

What do you mean?

I mean, we had
over 2,000 applications

for four internship spots this summer.

It's easier to get
into Harvard than PRIDE,

but you act like you don't
even want to be here.

And I get that you're
the boss's kid and all, but I just...

You know what? You're right.

I was kind of thrown into this,
but let's start over.

How can I help?

Well, you can start by
sorting some of that paperwork

into trash and recycling.

You know, maybe take out the bins.

Unless where you're from,
only the help does that sort of thing.

Oh, no problem. I can do that.

I feel weird.

Like, super hungover,
except I don't remember drinking.

What did we do last night?

Didn't we just crash at home?

Didn't we go out?

What day is it again?



No, it's Monday.
It's definitely Monday.

I just saw Chase out there.

The last time we let our kids
hang out nearby

while we did some
nefarious PRIDE shit,

it didn't work out so well.

Anything nefarious is well hidden.
You don't have to worry.

I'm worried about the current
state of PRIDE.

Meaning, Dale and Stacey
are out of control.

Um, sorry?

You poisoned Chase.

It was just a little sodium...


You threw me down the stairs
and locked me in your little dino-lair.

OK, our bad on that.

At least we didn't
mind-wipe you afterwards,

though maybe we should have.

We're already
down one, with Leslie gone.

I don't believe anyone's
buying the church's story

she's on a European pilgrimage.

Well, you know
what I call Leslie being MIA?

Great start.

And, as far as Chase is concerned,

I don't know, who's up for
truth serum, round deux?

We don't need to hear more
about Gert and Chase's sex life.

There are other ways to get him to talk.

Those weapons worked great
on the interns. Let's fire 'em up again.

Easy on the bloodlust, Mama Bear.

I didn't lure Chase home
so you could torture him.

If we mind-wipe him,
he'll never know.

Stacey, that's a little dark.

Though not untrue.

You know, Victor,

you were Team Weapons too,
before Chase came home.

The fact that I got my son back

while you all
failed miserably with yours

is why we're doing things
my way going forward.

Now, if anyone has a problem
with that, let's hear it.




Let me tell you about the plan.

This place is shrouded in mystery,

even to long-term members like me.

I haven't been here
since I was a kid.

Definitely more Alcatraz now.

It's OK, though, because...

Yeah, we know.
Vaughn the Brawn.

I was gonna say
because I stole Aura's Crater map,

but also that.

Morning prayers begin...

It's worse than I thought.

When we find my mom, we're gonna
have to fight our way out again.

You guys ready for that?

Always ready to kick
a little Church of Gibborim's ass.

No offense.

Have a blessed day.

Actually, change of plans.

Vaughn, you lead me in,
I confront Frank alone.

We can't trust him.

Trust me, I know how to work him.
Years of practice.

I can do this.


But if there's trouble,
send up a flare.

We'll come running.

Wait, you brought a flare gun?

Hi, Dad.

How did you get in here?

I needed to see you.

You drove here by yourself?
How'd you get past the gate?

They recognized me, I guess.

We have a whole new security
system in place, but...

never mind about that.

It's great to see you.

We have so much to talk about.

You mean Jonah?


He wasn't my father.

He donated DNA. That's all.

You've raised me.

Not him.

You're my dad.

And he's gone now, so...

And you and I can lead the church
into the future together.

You and me.

And Mom.

I know she's here. Can I see her?

Your mother has
turned her back on the church.

Then I want to help.

If she's lost her way,
she needs both of us.

She may be beyond reach.

She's an elite ultra.

She's never beyond reach.

You still believe.

In the church.

And in our family.

But you can't keep her here
if she wants to leave.

That's only going to drive her
further into the darkness.

Let me see her.

You taught me that anything
is possible if I believe.

I know I can lead her back to the light.

Maybe you're right.

But we go see her together.

She's in pretty rough shape.


Dad, no!

I spent nearly 20 years
with your mother, Karolina,

and you're not nearly as good a liar.

I'm sorry...

but I have no choice.

You know this room can't hold me.

Your powers can't help you.

There's no Wizard Tech at the Crater.

There's nothing electronic at all,
therefore nothing for your light

to hijack.

We're old school out here.

Dad, this isn't you.

It's who you and your mother
have forced me to become.

I'm sorry, Karolina.

I really am.



Dad, no, please, don't leave me in here!
Dad, please, no!

Dad, please let me out!
Please, Dad, don't do this, Dad!

Dad, please let me out!

Karolina Dean.

Who are you?

I've been S4E2R for decades.

Well, I don't do the whole
"numbers not names" thing,

and don't bother trying to convert me.

I said I've been that person
for many years.

That's not who I am.

I know that now,
because of your mother.

My mom? Where is she?

Have a blessed day.

And to you.

She's close.
That's why I'm here.

I don't understand.

My name is Susan.

Many years ago, I fell in love
with a man named David.

He was handsome
and he was passionate,

and he preached these wild ideas
about energy and light

and elevated consciousness,
and everything was beautiful.

Until someone showed up

claiming to be the embodiment
of his peyote-filled dream.


He could make himself light,

but he had darkness inside.

David couldn't see it, but I could.

Perimeter check. All sections report.

Section One clear.

I watched helplessly

as he poisoned everything
David and I had built,

and then...

he turned his gaze
on my daughter.

And when I tried to protect her...

they sent me away.


You're my grandmother?

They never told me I had a granddaughter.

They never told me about you.

If they had, I would have fought
harder not to forget.

The church said that you'd abandoned us,
that no one knew where you were.

They lied.

And I'm sorry we both had to find out
this way, but there's no time.

We have to go help your mother
before it's too late.

All chores
must be finished before curfew.

They went deeper into the compound,
towards the rehabilitation rooms.

Sounds bad.
We should go in.

Or that-that's where Leslie's being held,
and Karolina's plan's working.

I don't know, I got a bad feeling.

She hasn't shot off a flare.

Or she tried and we didn't see it.

Guys, I don't think she's got a flare gun.

We go in half-assed, we could blow
our cover and put her in danger.

We won't. Just get the staff out,
and we're gonna need one of your spells.

Like a magic staff?
Like Harry Potter?

- Molly, I'm in charge.
- T's kind of unofficial.

So you think
you're some kind of wizard?

Is this about you being afraid
to use the staff,

because of the whole darkness thing,

and making that strike team disintegrate?

Wait, what?

Are you some kind of wizard?

Because you're really brave,

and she might need us,
so I think you should get the staff out.


We'll move closer so we can see
a flare if she sends one up,

but, until she calls for us, we wait.

I mean, for all we know,
Karolina's with her mom right now.


You son of a bitch,
let me out of here!

Are you really here?

You-you came for me?


Are you OK?


Don't worry, this is...

I know who she is.

It looks like she does too now.

I do. I'm sorry about before.

Can we do all the family drama later?

We need to leave
before Frank realizes I'm gone.

Which way to the main gates?

Wait a minute,
that's not what this is.

I'm-I'm not helping you run away.

What do you mean?

You need to stay here, both of you.

You're the rightful heirs to the church.

We could expose Frank here,
turn the believers against him,

and take everything back.


Once we are safely out of here,

then we can shut this place down,
and the church too.

Frank Dean can still be purged.

I'm sorry,
but we're not staying here.

And if you won't help us,
we'll do it on our own, OK?

Come on, Mom, let's go.


This place is a fortress.
You'll never get out of here without me.

Then help us.



You realize the risk of accidental death
by firearm increases elevenfold

when some teenage idiot
actually brings a gun into the house.

Don't worry.

It's not gonna be here for long.


Revenge isn't gonna
make you feel any better.

Like, every study says that.

Well, it's not revenge I'm going for.

It's justice.


Kind of looks like revenge to me.

Agree to disagree.

And I have to get
back to my hacking, so...

Kind of wish you could, uh,
hack into Chase's brain,

make him come back.

Oh, that's sweet.
You think he still has one.

OK, look, I mean, I get that you're
all "facts not feelings" these days,

but, I mean, that stuff about Chase
being the first to go...

Do you really not care about him?

Or any of us?

Caring about people hasn't worked out
so well for me lately.

OK, you need medical attention

for whatever
that situation is right there.

Sorry. I'm just... I...

Weird! I just got, like,
really hungry.

That growl sounded angry.

Does her face look angry to you?

Well, hon, she has 70 blade-sharp teeth,
designed to strip flesh from bone.

Anger's kind of her resting face.

Sweetie, she's not gonna eat tempeh
marinated in Sriracha sauce.

Girl likes her chili peppers.

Or your sauce
reminds her of carrion.


That... was really gross.

But also incredible.

I really want you to leave right now.

No, wait, hang on, no!

That actually tastes like.

Dale's secret, special,
disgusting marinade.

That must be Old Lace.
She's alive!

And... and she's being fed
fake steaks at Casa d'Yorkes,

probably 'cause there's
no real meat in the house,

which they're really
gonna need to remedy

if Old Lace is staying there.

But as long as there's something
sustainable and organic and grass-fed...

She's okay.

And we're still connected,

and that means that I'm not completely
alone in this universe anymore!

See ya!

So happy for you.

And as it is written
in the Book of Gibborim,

be one with the light.

Let the light envelop you.

The light comes from within.

Just keep your heads down.

Should I call in my friends?
They can fight.

No. We fight, we lose.

You have release papers
signed by Mr. Dean?

You need them to leave.

Yes, we have them. Here.

We could rush through the gates
and take out those guards.

Not yet. If they can get through
on their own, no one has to get hurt.

OK. Let 'em through.

Karolina, stop.

Those are apostates escaping!


- Now?
- Now.

Oh, the staff is real.

So you are a wizard.
Why are your eyes yellow?

And the world is spinning so fast.
Why is it spinning so fast?

Leave him!

Take them down,

or they will destroy our beloved church.

No one has to get hurt.

Surrender, and no one will.

The Radiance.

Karolina, stop it, right now.

For my light
will shine through another,

and cast out the darkness
covering the earth

and lead you to your destiny,

where you will walk
as children of the light

and shine as brightly
as the sky above.

No. No!

This is not the Radiance.
This is not the prophecy.

This is...

She is not who you...

Open the gates.

Open the gates.

Come with us.

Wait, don't you see?
Don't you see?

Everything I ever learned here,
it's real.


I-It's not.

so much more for you out there,

everything they took from you.

Your father was right about everything.

He was right about the church,
about your destiny.

I need you.

Now more than ever,
with this new baby on the way.


I'm sorry, sweetheart.

But I'm... I'm needed here now.

I need to purify the church
from Frank's corruption.

This is my home now.

Thank you.

Guys, I got this.

I got it.

Fight's over, Brawnster.

Did we save her?

I don't know what happened,
but it was awesome.

Ah, you're-you're an angel.

Let's go home.

That man...

is the real apostate.

He tried to steal the church
from my daughter and my granddaughter.

No, that is not what...

Get off of me. I am Frank Dean!

You will listen to me as I journey
into the brightness!

And I am the light,
and I am the truth, and you...!

You know what we do to heretics here,
don't you, Frank?

Listen to me!
I built this church!

This is my church!

You can't do this! I'm Frank Dean!

I run this church!


Welcome to our home.

This is where you've been living?

Awesome, right?


What the hell is she doing here?
We did not agree to this.

She needs us.

After what happened to her
at the Crater, she can't be alone.

OK, well, then you can both go.

I'm pregnant.

I don't... I don't really have
anywhere else to go.

Alex, she's basically
like the Queen Mother,

or the Virgin Mary.

I don't know. I mean,
if that baby's anything like Karolina,

then we need her here.

She does already know
where the hostel is.

There's no putting that genie
back in the bottle.

She's a runaway now,
just like us.

She stays.

Well, it is good to know we're not even
pretending it's a democracy anymore.

Thank you for getting me out of there
when no one else would.

Get some rest.
We'll talk more in the morning.

I'll take her to a spot near us.

Come on.

Hey, so, uh,
next time you guys go

on a super secret sisterhood road trip,
maybe don't forget the driver.

- 'K?
- 'K.

What happened back there, um...

how did you do that?

I don't know, I just felt this...

surge take over me,

and I just let go.

Well, it was breathtaking.

It was an act, a lie.

I preyed on those people's beliefs.

Well, people who were
trying to hurt you,

and your mom and a lot of others.


You were brilliant.

I'm just glad you were
by my side through it all.


I-I wasn't.

I-I said it was strategy
to stay outside the gates, but I...

I was actually scared...

of that staff,
and of what I might do with it.

- It's OK, Nico.
- No, it's not.

You could have been hurt,
or worse.

And that's on me.

How can I lead this group
if I'm afraid to use my powers?

After the strike team, I...

I don't even know what I did.

Have you thought that maybe
your darkness is you?

Your power?

Like how my light is for me?

I was afraid to embrace my powers,

to be different.

To be a freak.

But, my true light, it comes from
being both human and alien.

I'm something new.

Maybe you're finding
your real power too.

You really are amazing.

I know.

Hey, boss's kid.

Great job with the trash today.

Uh, you were hazing me, right?

Oh, I absolutely was hazing you.

But now I feel guilty.

So, a few of us are heading to
this gallery thing in the Arts District.

You should come. It'll be fun.


shall we?

I, uh, I wish I could, but...

Well, just in case
you change your mind.


what have you found?


Well, come on, Chase, we both
know you only agreed to come here

so you could snoop, so...

what have you discovered?

Well, uh, pretty sure that Megan
and Mary are functional alcoholics.

Other than that, no, nothing.

Well, as I said, we're, uh,
we're different now.

The problem is, I know what PRIDE
does when no one is looking,

so I'm not buying the bullshit.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that
the criminal stuff

is happening right behind this wall.

Oh, y-you want to know
what's behind here?

It's your future.

Everything we've built
is for the next generation.

For you.

It's your birthright.

I told you, I don't want
anything to do with PRIDE.

It's true, we have done things
that we are not proud of.

Under duress from Jonah.

And nothing we say or do
will bring those kids back.

We've all done a lot wrong,
but we did one thing right:

You kids.

Well, and a genetically
engineered dieinonychus,

just to say it.

You can use PRIDE's resources

to make up for what we have done.

Think of it. With all this money,
technology, power,

you could change the world.

And I'm supposed to believe that, what,
you're all just gonna walk away from this?

Some of us want nothing more
than to just be moms and dads again,

and when you're all ready,

the rest will step aside too.

But... it starts with you, Chase.

You have to take the first step.

Lead the rest.

You can save the world
and your friends.

You can be the hero.

All you have to do is step inside...
and join us at that table.

Promise me none of them get hurt.

I promise, son.

♪ More than double ♪

♪ More than double ♪

♪ More than double ♪

♪ We could be the most psychedelic ♪

♪ We could shine brighter
than glitter ♪

Thanks for coming back home.


You won't regret this.

♪ We could be the most transcendent ♪

♪ Go deep like Dylan ♪

♪ There's only one way out ♪

♪ I see, I see, I see the dream
in your eyes and I want it ♪

♪ It's burnin' bright like a fire
from a comet ♪

♪ If there's a bomb in your heart,
I'll disarm it ♪

♪ If you want it ♪

♪ And I want it ♪

♪ We could be utopia ♪

♪ Utopia ♪

♪ You and me, utopia ♪

♪ Utopia ♪

♪ More than double ♪

♪ We could be utopia ♪

♪ Utopia ♪

♪ More than double ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Utopia, utopia ♪

♪ More than double ♪

Why are you in my closet?

I just passed you downstairs.
How did you even get here?

I don't want to scare you.

I want to be your friend.

Like this one.

You care about her, so...

I figured her image would be perfect.

Gert, did you stop taking your meds?

That's the thing:

I'm not Gert.

I'm Xavin, and I've waited
my entire life to be here with you.

Longer than you can imagine.

I've been watching you and your friends,

trying to figure out a way
to make you understand what I really am.

And what are you?

I'm your betrothed.

♪ Utopia, utopia ♪

My what?

Your destiny.

♪ Utopia, utopia ♪