Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Episode #2.10 - full transcript

Previously, on
Marvel's Runaways...

I'm shutting the Church down.
Effective immediately.

- You can't do this.
- Your services are no longer required.

We have a problem,
and its name is Leslie Ellerh Dean.

- We build our own weapons.
- Turn on our kids?

If it's the only way.

What are you doing in here?

Trying to find our kids who are
under attack, and we have to fight back.

Fight? Sweetie, that's so not you.

Or, it's exactly me.

Can we just start over? Maybe figuring out
what's wrong with Old Lace.


I don't get it.
It's like they're both sick or... dying.

Wake up!

I'm the guy that knows you
framed Darius Davis for murder.

You just messed up.


- We got a deal or what?
- No way.

- Deal.
- Alex!

The strike team remains intact,
under a new leader.

And clearly AWOL wants the job.

Trust is such a valuable thing,
and you have mine.

- Where are you? I've been waiting.
- Change of plans, Alex.

I'm in charge now.

First order of business,
find those damn kids.

Ain't no point in running.

- She's coming with me.
- We had a deal! Livvie!


You can't hold me in here!
I didn't do anything!


I was kind enough
to bring your ass a beverage.

And you repay me
by making all this noise?

Great manners.

I want to see a lawyer.

This isn't that kind of a situation.

What kind of a situation is it?

Well, no one really knows
that you're here.

It's just you... and me.

And I can't let you go
until you help me with something.


I promised your boyfriend's parents that
I'd bring him and his little friends home.

If you want to go home again,

all you gotta do is tell me
where they're hiding.

I'm not telling you shit.
You don't scare me.

That's because
I ain't been trying to scare you.

But if I wanted to scare you...

I'd do this.

Please, no!

- Mitch, you there?
- Please!

Yeah, I'm here.


Help us, please!

- No! Stop!
- Whoa, whoa!


Hey, yo, Mitch.
Go ahead and take the baby.

No, no, no!

No! Tamar!

No! Please!

Your ass scared now, ain't you?

- Livvie! Help us!
- Oh...

She doesn't sound good.

- Hey, it's OK.
- It hurts. It hurts.

Where the hell are Nico and Wilder?!

Got every stomach medicine they had.
Something's gotta help.

And if it doesn't, I've got this.

Whoa. What is this?

A Wiccan charm bag.

Just put it under her pillow.
It'll encourage good health.

It's pungent but powerful.

You do realize we're trying
to make her less sick, right?

Do something!

I don't know what to do!
And Old Lace is not helping!

- Guys, calm down.
- We're all worried about them, OK?

But let's not turn on each other.

I'm sorry. I'm just scared.

Maybe Old Lace is hungry.

She hasn't eaten anything
since she's gotten sick.

I'm so cold.

I don't get it.

She says she's freezing,
but she doesn't have a temperature.

What the hell is this?

We need to get them help.
Take them somewhere.

Where? The hospital? The zoo? I mean,
we don't have a lot of viable options.

Old Lace is awfully quiet.

Guys, we have to do something, fast.


Well, according to WizMD, she's either
got mercury poisoning or Parrot Fever.

Which I'm pretty sure only affects birds,
so probably not that?

No, though maybe that.

Because theropods have a lot
of bird-like characteristics.

Gert and I have been
debating this for a while.

- Look, Chase, it's gonna be OK.
- Is it?

Because the most important person
in the world to me is in pain and...

Look, I wouldn't be saying this
unless I was desperate,

but you're the smartest one here.
I need your help.

I get it. I'll keep searching.

Thanks. Seriously.

If it helps... I know how it feels.

Thinking that
you're doing the right thing,

and royally screwing up.

I appreciate your empathy, but that shit
you pulled with AWOL was really not cool.

I just wanted to make our parents pay.

Instead, I made a deal
with the wrong guy,

I ended up losing a girl
that I really liked...

and pissed everybody off.


I want to look like I know
what I'm doing out here,

but I don't.

Me neither. It sucks.

At least you get
to blow stuff up sometimes.

Yeah, I do like that part.

- What is that?
- Motion sensors!

I set up some WizCams around
the hostel for security. What tripped it?

Maybe Molly went outside
to find Old Lace some leaves?

Molly's right here.

Who's that?

- What do we do? They're gonna find us.
- Not if they can't see us.


Oh, shit. It's AWOL.
How'd he find us?

- Livvie gave us up.
- No...

Well? Where is it?

It was right there.

You think this is a game?

You keep playing with me,
how you think this is gonna end?

Look, please. I swear it was right here!
This is the spot!

I wouldn't bring you out here
just to kill me!

AWOL. Over here.

Great. You didn't want
to hide the cameras a little better?

If they know we're in here,
why aren't they trying to get in?

They can't see the entrance
with Nico's spell up.

They don't want to come in blind.

It's safer for them
to try to get us to come out.

You had to provoke him.
You had to bring Livvie back here.

She wouldn't be doing this
if those guys weren't forcing her.

Or maybe she did it as payback...
Since Alex betrayed her.

Look, you can hate me all you want,
but Livvie didn't do anything wrong.

She's only mixed up with AWOL
because of our parents!

- We have to get her out of there!
- How?

We're trapped down here with no phones
and no one to call even if we had 'em.

Gert and Old Lace, they're sick.
I mean, we're on our own here.

How do we save Livvie
if we can't even save ourselves?

Thank you very much for coming.
Journey into brightness.

Thank you.


Great to see you. As always.

- Beautiful.
- Thank you.

Vaughn, have you seen my wife today?

I have. She said not
to say anything to anyone.

I'm pretty sure she didn't mean me.

She specifically said you.

Vaughn, where is she?

She's out back by the dumpsters.

This is a strange sight.

Even at home,
taking out the trash is my job.

Seemed fitting that I be the one
to dismantle this place.

Brick by brick.

Leslie. These are some
of our most sacred texts!

And your father's dream journal?
How can you be so callous?

If you don't want this stuff, then I do.

After everything
that I've done for this place?

I have killed. I've sacrificed.

Are you really trying to compare
your sacrifices to mine?

Look, that chapter is done.

With Jonah gone, this church can finally
be what it was always meant to be.

It can save lives.

I can't be a part of something
I don't believe in.

It's time to set it all on fire
and start over.

But you have a responsibility.

"I am but an empty vessel
for the light.

No longer an individual
but connected to a greater purpose."

See? You have my father's writings
memorized. You don't even need these.

You're only taking this away from me
because you know I need it!

You told me...

that all you needed
was for us to be a family again.

Did you really mean it?
Because I believed you.

And I want that too.

Of course I meant it.

Then I need you to choose.

Us... or the Church.
Can't have both.

It's our move.

Let's get a conversation goin'.

I'm so sorry.

They made me. But Alex,
you're gonna have to come out

or they're gonna kill me and my family.

You better hope he cares about you
as much as you think he does.

I know you're in there!

You wanted to talk earlier.
Why you so quiet now?

His fight's with me. I can handle him.

Oh, like you handled him before?

Didn't we just have a heart-to-heart
of the fact

that you don't know
what you're doing?!

If you go out there, he'll kill you
and then come in anyway. Just stay put.

I thought you was a gangster, Alex.

You just gonna let your girl die?

'Cause that's what's gonna happen
if you don't do what I say.

Bring me that footage
and come out quietly.

- I have to go out there!
- Alex...

I'm not gonna let him hurt her!

I'm sorry, Alex.

- Jesus, Molly!
- Really sorry,

but you're not going anywhere.

It just feels like
we're taking a big chance.

Using a brain scrambler
on one of our kids?

It's not a brain scrambler, Janet.

It simply emits a high-power soundwave

that disorients and incapacitates
its target.

It's very safe.

I mean, I understand that we have to keep
Nico from being able to think of a spell,

but this could cause
permanent brain damage.

I can't believe that Tina and Robert
are OK with it.

No, I believe that Tina
is OK with it, but...

- What?
- Did you always talk this much?

Well, excuse me if I'm concerned
about the safety of our children.

Oh, I don't mean to offend.

And I... hope you understand

how instrumental
you've been to this process.

But if we want to bring the kids home,
we have to get these done.

All right?

Ohh. I'm so sorry.
I'll get this all cleaned up.

- Janet, you don't have to do that.
- Well...

It's all right.


If we're going to get these
weapons done and get the kids back,

I need you.

On my side,
and at the top of your game.

Your stress... isn't going
to help anything.

So relax.


- It's leather.
- Wiggle.

All right.

I, uh... haven't, um...

done this for a while.

I know.
I've missed you, too, Victor.

This is ridiculous! You guys
are gonna get Livvie killed!

I'm sorry, Alex.
But we have to stick together.

And we have to be smart. Negotiate.

If he's working with our parents,

then he's not going to really want
to hurt any of us.

You think he's bluffing?

No, he's not!
You saw what he did in Compton.

He didn't seem to have a problem
killing us back then.

You don't get a vote here, Alex.
All right?

You've already shown
that you're not capable

of making a good decision
for the group.

Please just do something! OK?

This is a big spell and I don't know
how much longer I can focus on it!

I've never held a spell
for this long before!

- All right, let's do this.
- Wait!

What now?

If you talk to him through the front door,

he'll know where the entrance is.

My security system's got an intercom.
Use it.

We want to negotiate.

It'd be easier if we could
look each other in the eye.

Not gonna happen.

And you can't see this,
but I'm pointing a weapon directly at you,

- so don't try anything.
- Huh.

- I'm not sure that I buy that.
- Take one step closer and find out.


All right.
So what are you gon' give me?

If you're working for our parents,
why haven't you called them here yet?

Or Flores?

Flores is out of the picture.
I'm in charge now.

And I can handle this
without your parents' input.

First things first. Get that gun
off of Livvie, and stop hurting her.

I'm so sorry.

They made me.

It's okay, Livvie.
We're going to get you out of this.

All right. Here's our offer.
We'll give you all the footage Alex has.

- No! Chase, you can't...
- But you got to give us Livvie.

You haven't done
much negotiating before, have you?

You can't see through this shield.
And we're not coming out.

So are you gonna make
a counter-offer or what?

That's a pretty impressive
little trick there.

Reminds me of
when the goth girl with the magic wand

froze our faces back in Compton.

But here's my counter-offer.

I'll take that footage,

as long as the witch
brings it out to me.

What do we do?
We can't send Nico out there.

He just wants to get the shield down
so he can come in.

But if we don't do it,
he's gonna kill Livvie.

No, he won't.

Think about it.
She's all the leverage he's got.

If he kills her, he's got nothing.

You really wanna
take that chance? I mean,

you were willing to risk your life
for her just a minute ago.

I know. I was being irrational.

But I swear, if you guys listen to me,

I can get us out of this...
All of us.

Hello! I'm waiting.

Boo hoo. You're going to keep waiting,
'cause you're on our timetable, pal!

Oh. Am I?

Come on, let 'em see you.
Let 'em see you.

There it is.

Y'all thought I was playin'
when I said I'd kill her?


and I don't need to do it quickly.

In fact, I prefer to do it slowly.

Pull her apart piece by piece.

All right! We'll give you the footage!
Just give us time to get the computer!

We can't give him Nico
or the footage.

We gotta get Livvie away from them,

and we got to get help for Gert
and Old Lace.

Listing our problems
isn't exactly solving them, Wilder.

Just do what he says, Chase!

And do it fast
so I can let the spell down!

AWOL is holding all the cards
right now. He has a hostage.

What we need is a hostage of our own.

OK. I know you feel terrible,
but we gotta move.

Alex has got a plan.

Given his unsteady leadership of late,
not sure it's a good one,

but we got no choice.

And as Coach Alphona always says,
"pain heals, but glory lasts forever."

So come on!

Come on, it's game time, baby!
Let's go!

Gert, please.

Hey! Nico can't hold
that spell forever.

As soon as it drops,
those psychos are coming in.

Inspirational speech didn't work.

Who should I carry first,
Gert or the dinosaur?

Guys, hurry! You have to go!

Dealer's choice.


Come on, Gert.



What happened in here?

- What do you mean?
- What do I mean? Look at this place!

Why are you staring at me
like I'm crazy?

Do you not remember?

Remember what?

Victor, we made love
an hour ago in here.

Are you saying that
you don't remember that?

Janet, that's ridiculous. You know
how important a clean lab is to me.

And it's two o'clock on a Wednesday.

What's gotten into you?

What do you remember?

I woke up, and then I came in here,

and the lab was wrecked.

You've been through so much.

And Jonah was in your head
for a long time.

Who knows what damage that caused.

I think... that maybe
you need to see someone.

I think I need to lie down.

You'll deal with Tina
when she gets here, right?

Of course.

- Aura and Frances for you, Mrs. Dean.
- Thank you, Vaughn.

Sorry to interrupt your day.
I know you're busy

with the Runaways Program,
but there are some things...

- We know why you called us.
- You do?

Frank filled us in.

We're happy that you turned to us

- in your time of confusion.
- My what?


I've known you
since the day you were born.

I was an Esteemed Witness
at your Corruscation Ceremony.

I crocheted your tunic.

We know how difficult it's been for you
since we lost Karolina.

But this church is a family.

And the only thing that matters
is keeping that family...

- Intact.
- Intact.

This church is not a family.

It's a scam.

Built on my father's bad poetry
and the gullibility of desperate people.

Which is why I'm shutting it down,
starting with the Runaways Program.

- We'd like to speak with Jonah.
- Jonah is gone and my decision is final.

- Who the hell do you think you are?!
- Do not forget who you are speaking to.

Oh, yes. Little Leslie.

Still playing leader.

Still thinking she can do
whatever she wants.

Well you can't. We won't let you.

You have no choice in the matter.

The Church is its people, Leslie.

Not its leadership.

Hey! They're making a break for it!

Mount up! Mount up!

- ALEX You wanted to see me?
- Halt!

I got your footage right here!

So you let your friends go,
but you stayed to save your girl, huh?

How honorable.
And stupid.

This is between you and me.
All right, they got nothin' to do with it.

I'll go to my parents without a fight.

You think that you're in charge here.

That you've got any say
on how this is going to end.

Well, I hate to disappoint you,
but I decide that.

Guess I didn't think this through.

Strap me up!

Jay! My go bag!

Stay with her!

Or maybe you didn't think it through.


I think I lost 'em!

They were on foot and I did
almost hit like 12 trees,

but incredible driving on my part,
I think!

If only I knew where I was driving to.

It's OK.

I got this.

Don't you just love metal?

It's so... unyielding.

S-So cold.

It doesn't give a shit about anybody.

Yeah. It's great.

I'm sorry Victor's not here.
He's resting.

- I thought we were on a tight timeline.
- We are.

Just, ever since he came out
of that healing algorithm,

he's been acting strange.

He keeps blacking out, losing time.

Maybe this is all too much for him.
He's been working here non-stop.

Working non-stop, huh?

No wonder he's exhausted.

Okay, you know what?
It's not funny.

- I'm very worried about him.
- Oh.

You seem tense, Janet.

Well, of course I'm tense, Tina.
I'm alone in a room with you.

What is this,
some kind of payback for Robert and me?

Robert and...


I don't understand why you're
so comfortable with all of this.

You realize that that thing is gonna
be used on your daughter, right?

I thought you wanted to get
the children back?

I do, but I guess I'm just
a little bit concerned

about how eager you and Victor are
to use scary alien weapons on them.

They're not scary
if you know how to use them.

- Has Victor shown you how?
- No.

Feel the weight.

Widen your stance.
Baby's got some kickback.

Just take a deep breath.

- Release the tension.
- OK. Tina, I...

You're not like metal at all, are you?

It's no wonder Victor and Robert
couldn't resist...

All right, you know what?
I don't need this!

I'm under enough stress
without you messing with me.

Janet? What's...?



- Victor?
- No.


Is that your Halloween costume?

This is a military grade
directed energy weapon.

I'll be happy to show you its effects
on human flesh at close range.

Drop the act. I know who you are.
I've seen where you come from.

You don't know anything about me.

I know that my men got you surrounded.

I know they have something that you don't.

An actual intent to kill.

We'll do whatever we have to.

Y'all think 'cause y'all ran
away from your mansions

and lived on the street for five minutes,
you got what it takes to survive?

- Shut up.
- What, you trying to be a big man?

You gonna take down your parents?

They got real power.

Money. Resources.
What the hell have you got?

I said shut up!

You know, what I'm gonna do
to y'all is nothin'

compared to what I'm gonna do
to your little bitch outside.

And I know something about you.

You talk a lot when you're scared.

You're bluffin'.

I'm havin' fun.


- Alex, stop it!
- Stop it, Alex!

I'm sorry. Uh...

I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.

Stay with Nico.

I'm gonna kill y'all.

What the hell was that back there?
Were you actually going t-to kill him?

I don't know what came over me.
OK? I just couldn't see straight.

I just kept thinking about what
he's doing to Livvie, and I lost it.

Well, do me a favor and find it,
because you and I have to figure this out.

There's nothing to figure out.
Only one side is making it out of this.

What is wrong with you?
AWOL was right about one thing.

- We are just kids. We're not killers.
- But they are.

And if we want to make it out of here,

we might have to make a decision
there's no coming back from.

There has to be another way.

I cannot use my powers
to take someone's life.

If Nico hadn't killed Jonah
he would have taken you,

and who knows what would have happened.

We have to face it.

If we want to survive and stay together,

we can't come out of every situation
with clean hands.

I just need some time to think.

You know,

I had girls like you
back at my high school.

I know why you dress that way.

'Cause you trying to hide, right?

Look, you don't need to be doing this.
I can see how much it hurts you.

Just let the shield down,
and you gonna be all right.

Ain't nothing gonna happen to you.
You could just walk away.

Alex and Karolina are coming up
with something. Just focus on it, Nico!

- You've got this!
- I am focusing!

You can't hold it anymore.

You're not strong enough.

I'm too weak from the last spell.
I can't hold onto it!

You're not weak.

You're the strongest person I know.

You're the reason why
we've made it this far, Nico.

I believe in you. You've got this.

You don't understand.
There's something wrong with me.

I killed Jonah,
and I didn't even think about it.

Because the Staff told me
that it was right.

I could feel it clawing at me.

Trying to rip through my skin.

- You guys, Nico's losing it!
- Time's up.

Your little friends?
You can't protect them.

You can't protect any of 'em.

Come on, little witch!
You was all big and...

Tell 'em to stop! Now!

Hold the ram.

Even without them trying
to break in, I can't hold it anymore.

You won't have to.
We're gonna let 'em in.



We're so happy you came home, honey.

How you feeling?

Sweetie, you're gonna be OK.

Can you think
of what she ate yesterday?

Well, we have been eating
a lot of literal garbage.

But I mean, we all ate the same stuff
and no one else got sick.

Oh! Okay, sweetie. It's OK. Just breathe.

Her stomach hurts less
when she lays on her side.

OK. Thank you, Chase.

For bringing her here
and taking good care of her.

- I just need you to make her better.
- We will.

As soon as we figure out
what exactly is wrong with her.

Go ahead and roll up her sleeve.

- What is that?
- The antidote.

The antidote to what?

Look, you said you would do anything
you could to bring her home.

Wait. You did this to our daughter?

When? Stacey, how?

This was what you were working on
down here, isn't it?

No wonder you didn't want me to see it.

Wait, what the hell is wrong with you?

This is none of your business.

And of course I didn't set out
to make Gert sick.

I sent a drone
between La Brea and the 5

that contained an agent poisonous
to the Deinonychus.

It should not have had any effect
on Gert's anatomy at all.

And you didn't think that germ warfare
was just a little bit extreme?

- It worked, didn't it?
- Did it?

Stacey, look at her.
Look at what you've done.

Can you honestly tell me
that bringing her home was worth this?

Can you?!

I understand that you're upset.

Upset doesn't even begin
to describe it.

How could you, Stacey?

This isn't you. This isn't us.

I can fix this.

Unfortunately, I only have enough
to heal Gert, and not the dinosaur.

But my objective was to bring
our daughter home.

- This is going to hurt.
- Wait, stop!

What is your problem?

Look, I don't know anything about
biology or poisons or dinosaurs.

But I do know that that dinosaur has
a crazy telepathic connection with Gert.

Yeah, she can give her orders.
What is your point?

Old Lace got sick before Gert.

Every time we tried to get Old Lace
to eat, Gert would get nauseous.

Old Lace would get a temperature,
but Gert kept saying she was freezing.

Doesn't it stand to reason
that Old Lace is sick

and Gert's symptoms are psychosomatic?

So you're saying that
they're so intertwined

that Gert can feel
what Old Lace feels?

- That's incredible.
- That's impossible, is what that is.

Listen to me! I'm telling you
if we want to save Gert...

Then we need to give
Old Lace the antidote.

- Dale!
- I trust him. He cares about Gert.

A hell of a lot more than you do,
it turns out.

Well, you are right about one thing.

You know nothing about biology.

And you know nothing
about my daughter.

This is our turf.

They're coming in blind,
so expect them to be trigger-happy.

Don't attack first.
Wait until they're in position,

and then Nico will use a spell
to take their guns out of play.

And that's when
we'll fire from the safe zone.

While we have them pinned,
Molly can sneak out and rescue Livvie.

OK, be patient.

Stay to the edges.
Do not get cornered.

And don't let 'em cross that line.

If we yield the higher ground,
we're screwed.

Got it. Where'd you learn
all this stuff anyway?

Simple video game theory.

My dad said playing Fortnite
till 4:00 a. M. Was a waste of time.

Nico, you OK?

All right.

Let down the shield.

Go, go, go!

Movin' down!

I got right!


They're at the top of the landing.

Nobody shoots till I give the order.
Leave Alex for me.

Nico, now!

The staff! Get their guns!

- Nico! Nico!
- Shit.

The witch is down!
Get up there and corner they ass!

- We gotta run.
- Blast them!

Go, go, go, go! Come on!

Stay low! Stay down!
He ain't hittin' shit!

Can you try
actually hitting something?!

That's the first time I used 'em!

- Covering fire!
- Move! Move!

Move, move, move, move!

- Looks like we don't need you anymore.
- Hey!

I guess I rocked his world.
Come on, come on, we have to help Alex.

- She's out cold.
- It's just us now.

Go, go, go!

Yo, Alex!

I told you not to play with me,
you little shit!

Get out!!!

- Alex!
- What happened?

- Are you OK?
- The cop outside disappeared and then...

What the hell?

# The stars are out tonight #

# It's clearing like the truth #

# And in another time #

# I find myself #

You saved us.

# And only love is caught #

Now how do we get out of here?

Not so fast. You still need to rest.

We left the others trapped
in a hole with a psychopath.

- We have to go back for them.
- Yeah, but you've been through a lot.

And your dad, at least, feels really bad
about what your mom did.

So when you're better, maybe he'll let
us leave. I mean, he's been really nice.

They're not nice!
They're evil, remember?

They're still your parents.

And who knows?

Maybe after seeing you this hurt,
maybe they'll finally change their ways.

People don't change, Chase.

The sooner you realize that,
the better.

# The heat is on tonight #

# Across ten million miles #

Is Nico okay?

Karolina and Molly got her to bed.

What was that?
What happened to them?

I don't know.

Do you think they're gone for good?

Livvie, I am so sorry.

About everything.

But you're safe now.
With us.

I'll sleep on the couch tonight
and I'll drive you home in the...

Safe? I... I can't stay here.
I need to go home.


Alex, they wanted to take away my nephew.

Just like they took away Darius.

And I couldn't let that happen.

They're all I have.

You have me.

If you want me.

I'm sorry, Alex.

But you need to protect your family.
And I need to protect mine.

# Find a way to wait it out #

# For the chance to lead you home #

# See the distant shining lights #

# With the brightest one... #

I'm not due in the worship space
for another couple of hours. Why are we...?


Are you serious? A Reconditioning?

You really think
that's gonna work on me?

I invented Reconditioning.

Please. Sit down, Leslie.

Please go to hell, Frank.

If you don't sit down, we're going to have
to take this to the next level.

And you know what that means.

Don't any of you touch me!

Back up! Get your hands off me!


Help me! Please!

For those of you who survived
the destruction of our ship,

seek out Victor Stein or Tina Minoru.

We eagerly await our reunion.