Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

You're up so early?

Are you not tired after staying up all night?

I couldn't sleep.
I'm going shopping, we have nothing to eat.

Hey, we're not done talking yet.

About what?

Gim Bung Do... Just who is that guy?

Flying for the first time, doesn't have any ID,
doesn't know how to drive...

Has no cell phone...

Has no idea of public transport fares.

But in his pocket, he carries checks
worth tens of millions!

Isn't it very strange?

Yes, it's strange.

What does he do really?

Tell me the truth, stop beating around the bush.

Didn't I tell you before?


Don't you remember?

He is a person from 300 years ago.

It's true.

It's true. But you still won't believe.

Let's meet in a month.

But do you have any reason
to come here anymore?

My lover is here. Isn't that a reason?


What is this?

Omo, you're awake?

You can't get up so hastily!

Doesn't your head hurt?

I was in a car accident, right?

I hit a street lamp?

Yes. It could have been a lot worse.

Fortunately, you just had a slight concussion and a few scratches.

You need to stay in the hospital for observation
and a few days' rest.

I have to rest ?

But I have filming tomorrow!

You won't be able to
participate right away.

Oh, that can't be.

Is there anyone around?
My manager...

Your manager is handling your admittance right now.

The doctor will be here to see you immediately.
Just lie down and wait for a moment.

Should have been more attentive...


- Where are you?
- You're awake? Are you okay?

I'm fine.

How's the car?

Is the car the problem right now?

Where is it?

It was taken to be repaired, of course

It'll take a week or so,
it wasn't anything too serious.

That's a relief!

Because I feel sorry...

What are you sorry for?

I feel sorry towards the
person who bought the car.

I already got into an
accident on the first day.

The person who bought it?

But what happened to me?

You dozed off, didn't you?


I didn't doze off. I suddenly felt
dizzy and I couldn't see a thing!


All I saw was like waves.
I couldn't make anything out.

I thought I was going to die.

Aigoo, doze or no doze,

you should have been more careful.

But this is not all bad.

Since you're here, let's take this
opportunity to do a full checkup,

They can free up some time in your schedule.

But it's my fault again.
I wasn't careful and got into an accident.

Wouldn't it be too embarrassing
to say that I need to rest?

What do you mean, 'again'?

This is my second time in the hospital.
What will people think about me?

Second time?

When was the last time you were in the hospital?


Just stay here and rest up.

We're always staying up late shooting and pulling
all nighters just to accommodate Yun Na Jeong.

I will tell the director properly.

What are you saying?

I've already caused too much trouble; the press
conference and the airplane scandal!

So much trouble.
If I stay here again I might just get fired.


I'm playing Queen In Hyeon, you know.
They might decide to kill her off.

What are you talking about?

What do you mean, 'what are you talking about?'?


How can I help you?

I have to do the paperwork now.
Let's talk again when I come up.

What's wrong with her?

She's even more clueless than I.

You're awake.

Are you okay?

How come you're here?

Hey, Miss Hui Jin is awake!

Han Dong Min is here, too?

What is it, now?

How did you know I was here?

Why did you come?

You fool...


Why do you make people worry about you?

Hold on...

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

What are you doing?

Don't do that! People will misunderstand if they see us.

Why are you like this?

The rumors have been stopped,

all three of us have sat down for reconciliation.
Why are you being like this?

I already have a boyfriend.

Please stop doing things that
will make people misunderstand.

Can't you just be cool about it?

What happened to Han Dong Min the player?

You have a boyfriend?

Why are you asking? You even met him!

I met him?

Your boyfriend?

I did?

What's wrong with this guy?

Wh... What?

What are you two doing?

Nothing, really.

Here. I'll get you something to drink
and be right back.

OK, I get it. Why don't you just relax and lie down, first?

Excuse me, the doctor
in charge of Miss Hui Jin?

He is coming,
he was called just now.

Please make him come quickly.
Miss Hui Jin seems a bit strange.


What was that about 'a slight concussion'?
Isn't her injury very serious?

Let go already. I'll lie down.

What are you doing? I said let go.



I won't touch you, all right?

Ermm... Doesn't your head hurt?

It's fine.

I'm grateful that you came to see me.
But I feel burdened.

Other people will think it's strange, too.

Stopping the scandal wasn't easy. If things
become noisy again, what about our drama ?


What scandal?

The ridiculous love triangle.

I was part of the the problem, but...

I am worried about you.

You're a Hallyu star...
(Hallyu - the Korean wave)

Should you be hunting down people
who you think are stalking some actress?

So, who is this boyfriend that you are talking about?

Okay, okay, I know. But...

It's just that I can't recall his name.

What's his name?

Gim Bung Do.

Gim Bung Do.

I see...

So, what does he do?

Didn't I say he's a graduate student?

Why do you ask? You should know.

Ah... Yes. That's right,

Graduate student.

So, your boyfriend is Gim Bung Do, a graduate student.
So that's how it is...

Miss Choe Hui Jin?


Wait a second. Let's talk.

What's wrong?

Please have a good rest.

What is this? Really...

Something funny here.

Why isn't she coming?

My man?

What's this?

What is it?

Aren't you calling me?

-=My man.=-

I'll be right back.

Who's playing jokes here?

Han Dong Min, it's not like there was a real stalker,
how could you... With people's relationship...

-=Han Dong Min. Edit. Favorites. Send Message.=-

Han Dong Min? What is this? Not cool at all.
-=Han Dong Min. Edit. Favorites. Send Message.=-

Han Dong Min? What is this? Not cool at all.

I'm changing it.

What are you changing it to?

So childish. I can't stand it.

Childishness has always been my charm.

Didn't you know?

- I'm going to change it.
- If you change it, it will be the end of you!


I love you baby.

What is this?

What is this?

There is nothing out of the ordinary
in the examination results.

The symptoms might be momentary.

Let us see if they persist.
Then she might need to see a psychiatrist.

This is really worrisome.

What should we do?

Why did you call?

Hui Jin.


Ah... Hold on a second.

Hold on...

What do you mean, hold on?

Don't touch me!

Please... Just let me be.

Where are you going?

Miss Choe Hui Jin?

What is going on here?

Hey. What's wrong?

Hui Jin. Are you okay?

Miss Hui Jin.

Miss Choe Hui Jin, I'm the doctor in charge.

Please open the door.

I'm all right, please, just let me be.
I'm a little confused right now.

Don't mind me. Just five minutes.

Hey. What happened, you brat?

Just be quiet.

I'll get someone to unlock the door. Please wait a moment.

Impossible. How can I have
called this guy so often?


Aigoo, stop calling and get some sleep.

You see him every day on the set,
what is there still to talk about?

There's so much, you have no idea.

Aigoo. I can't take this anymore.

Impossible. Impossible!

Hello everyone, I'm Han Dong Min.

This is my girlfriend,

Choe Hui Jin.

This can't be...

Impossible... How could this happen?

I don't have memories like this.
Why do I remember them?

What should I do?

Hui Jin.

Hui Jin, what are you doing?

Gim Bung Do.

Choe Hui Jin.

What should I do?

Hui Jin.

Choe Hui Jin.

Is it Su Gyeong?

Yes, it's me.

Hey. Open the door and talk to me.

Please ask everyone to leave.

I'll try and convince her.
Please just go out for a moment.

I'm going crazy here

Who is this Gim Bung Do?

Gim Bung Do?

She says that's her boyfriend.

Not me. Do you know him?

No. This is the first time I hear the name.

It makes no sense.

What? Gim Bung Do?

What kind of a name is that?

I'm a cotton swab. Seriously...

Let's just go out first. Come on.

Hui Jin, they left.

Hey. Open the door.

What's wrong with you?

Everything is a mess.

What is this?

What happened to me?

What mess are you talking about?

Am I going out with Han Dong Min?

Is he really my boyfriend?

Why are you asking?

You really don't know?

There are even photos on the Intenet
of us on a date. Are they true?

You were on a date. Of course there are photos.

You don't know Gim Bung Do, either?

Gim Bung Do... Who is he?

We met him on Jeju. The three of us...

And at the library.

First, you didn't approve of him, but
then you warmed up to him, later.

And you were together all day yesterday.

Didn't you teach him how to drive?
And didn't you buy the car together?


We bought a car?

It was a present for me.

You mean your car?

Your car was bought with the money from your CF.
You bought it yourself, right?

You bought it.
We went together, you and I.

That's impossible.

Don't you remember?

I remember...

You remember?

Then there's no problem, is there?

Why did you ask if you knew?

Tenth, hand over.

Please accept this as repayment
for your kindness to me.

But what is this?


Gim Bung Do gave me the car.

Gim Bung Do, who is he? Who?

You really do not know who Gim Bung Do is?

Does this makes any sense?

It's not just me who saw him,

you've seen him, too. Even Dong Min.

Everyone on that airplane saw him.

It was on the news that he was my boyfriend.

The whole country knew Gim Bung Do was my boyfriend.

But now, nobody remembers it.

There's nothing on the Internet, either.

There were so many photos of us.

But now there are none.

Are you sure it wasn't a dream?


You must be confused by dreams
you had when you were sleeping.

That's impossible.

How could a dream feel so real?

I remember every single conversation.

It wasn't just one or two days. It was a month.

Everything we did together, I remember it all.

You slept all day today.

You may have had a very, very long dream.

Hey, I thought had amnesia or something.
You frightened me.

Do you know how many people you've scared?

Dong Min oppa is really despairing.

It was just a dream. A dream!

A dream?

-=Royal Investigation Bureau=-

Your Excellency.

What about the guards?

I bribed them to get in, sir.

Have you found out anything?

I have, sir.

It was as you said, Your Excellency.

People are saying that Gim Bung Do disappeared.

The day that you met him, sir, the guards
were looking for him all over Jeju.

He suddenly reappeared again.
But he clearly was gone for 3 days, sir.

Is that so?

But how could he travel from Hanyang
to Jeju in just a few days?

Even if he could magically
shrink distances, it is still impossible.

Did you find out anything about what he did?

They say he cannot remember anything
about the last two months.

He lost his memory?

Is he pretending?

I was suspicious, too,
but it seems to be the truth, sir.

On the day he was leaving...

So if what you say is true.
I've managed to avoid hundreds of arrows?

I can disappear whenever
and wherever I wish.

I can travel to eight
different districts in a day?

With this ability, I could conquer the world.

But why am I a mere Officer
at the Office of Special Advisers?

Sir, I am not the only person who saw it.

You can ask Yun Wol, sir.
Perhaps you'll believe her words.


Do you know what can
be done with the talisman, sir?


Please carry this with you, sir.

What is it?

It's a talisman from the temple.
It's a miraculous talisman.

It will protect you, sir.

Are you talking about the
talisman Yun Wol gave me?

Yes, sir.

You were carrying the talisman
every time you disappeared.

You even told me,

"There's nothing as uncanny as this."

Where is that talisman now?

I don't have it, sir.

How would I know its whereabouts?

Aigoo, I didn't see it while
packing your things, sir.


He doesn't seem to remember anything.

So he really doesn't know anything?

Si. Do. Tong. Rae. Gan. Pil. Gu. In.

Is this the talisman that
they were talking about?

It should be.

He was holding it when he suddenly appeared in the woods.

Loss of memory...


We have not been able to learn more, sir.

The king ordered the royal guards to protect him
until he reaches Hanyang.

There was no way to approach him, sir.

How long do you think the king will keep me alive?

He lets me live now, but he'll kill me soon enough.

The wind will certainly carry
the stench of blood.

Gim Bung Do is about to arrive in Hanyang.

We will surely find the truth.


Yes, Oppa.

I'm at home.

Hui Jin's at the hospital.

Is the psychiatric treatment still going on?

What? Is there anything
else that she can't accept?

Why is it not right to be dating me?

It's not like that.

She's accepting it...

it's just that, occasionally, she will go back and forth.

Today's session might be the last.

Don't be like this.

It's only because she was in the accident.

All right, I'm hanging up.


Will Miss Hui Jin be filming today?

Hyung. I am really speechless.

Why do I have to compete with a guy from her dream?

Because there is this guy from a dream,
she is emotionally unprepared for me.

So I should give her time?
Does this make any sense?

I understand you 100%.

All this while, I couldn't understand
your relationships with girls,

but this time, you have my full support.

You must be really angry...

It's a side-effect of the accident,
how can I be angry?

But what kind of punk is this person?

I can't enter Hui Jin's head to meet him.

He should have some substance at
least, so I could teach him a lesson.

A guy from a dream?

Gim Bung Do?

She did say she's sorry about it.

There is nothing you can
do but wait and see.

I really...

Too hot!

Did you think it would be cold?

You should tell me if it is hot!

This is organized very well.

I did it like you said. Put all the memories
into order and wrote them down.

Can you differentiate
between reality and dream now?

Well... Not completely.

The confusion starts at the drama's
press conference, doesn't it?


I'm sure that I met that person
while the cast was being presented.

Everyone thought I fainted
and ruined the presscon.

But that's not what happened really.

Next, introducing Choe Hui Jin.

I was fine and attended the presscon, no problem.

Han Dong Min clearly directed attention to me.

What are you doing while
we're in the middle of work?

On the set, he kneeled and
begged me to start over with him.

Why are you being like this?

I am sorry.

Give me another chance.

Shouldn't you give me a chance, at least?

You're so ungenerous.

You see how serious I am, don't you?

Aren't you Queen In Hyeon?

Queen In Hyeon was chased out
because of Suk Jong's new concubine,

but she still forgave him.

People's deeds are a hundred times well deserved,
In the future, you'll get a chance to appear in movies.

You must be out of your mind.

Choe Hui Jin.

You're so tacky.

Don't you know I'm very persistent?

You should've known it already
when you got the role in this drama.

You're mine.

He was so stubborn

that I finally accepted him.

While the drama was shooting,

I appeared in a Commercial Film.

With the money I earned, I bought a car.

It was not a present
from Gim Bung Do.

This was sent by Mr. Han Dong Min.

Wow, how many stalks are there?

Smell it.

A wonderful fragrance, isn't it?

All this time, Han Dong Min
has treated me well,

ten times better than before.

That is what is real, isn't it?

Yes, that is the reality that makes South Korea's
women so envious.

I'm not really sure about it,

but the memories of this reality are
slowly coming back.

It is strange,

but... Doctor...


Why is this obviously the reality,

but the dream is much more clear?

You said I'm remembering a dream...

But every single word that this person
said is so very clear to me.

And the feelings that I felt...

I can recall them distinctly,
at any time.

Can a dream be like this?

Didn't I say that you were too drawn into it?

If you are too drawn into the Joseon character,

you may well feel that things of Joseon,

are closer to you than the
people around you in reality.

It is a very common
phenomenon that happens to actors.

So you are saying that I got
drawn into the role to that extent?

Into Queen In Hyeon?

Then I must be a great actress.

Now that you are able to
differentiate between reality and dream,

there is nothing to
worry about anymore.

Don't get too caught up in work,

and get some rest.

Meet up with friends and family.

Keep some distance between you and the
character. Then there shouldn't be any problems.

Yes, well...


Please come in.


Is there anything else
that you wanted to say?

Come in.

Actually, I...

I promised the man in the dream
that we would have a date.

Of course, I made the promise in the dream.

The promise was to meet in a park at 2PM.

And so?

I'm thinking of going there.

If I do, does it mean I still have
to continue with the treatment?

Go and have a look.

Go and have a look, you say?

It will be helpful for you to confirm,
personally, whether it is reality or not.

So that is how it is...

So you are sure that he
will definitely not appear?

That's why you're letting me go?

Isn't it just a dream?

Yes, it is.

But why do I feel that
he will really turn up?

Just go and see for yourself.

Yeah... I understand.

I won't go. Honestly, I don't even have the time.


We're almost there, My Lord.

Since this is Hanyang, sir, please don't
go around saying that you have cut your hair.

If that news spreads, all kinds of rumors are sure to start.

You seem to be more concerned about
my nobleman's image than I am myself.

What's the big deal
of cutting one's hair?

You're always like this, sir.

Sometimes, it's like I was wiser than you.

When we were at Jeju, I was the one who was
quick with ways when crossing the borders.

You're not just a nobleman, sir,
you are a high-ranking official.

You know what I'm saying, right? Sir?

In other words, your physique
comes from your parents, physique...

Anyway, your hair, really...
It must always be a secret, sir.

I can see home, now.

My Lord,

should I prepare the table
or the bath water first?

I will just wash and
then prepare to enter the palace.

Prepare my hat and clothes.

You want to enter the palace immediately, sir?

Yes, go and prepare everything.

I understand, sir.

But where did it go?


The sword, the one Father used.

It was kept in a case, and
later locked up in the cupboard.


It suddenly went missing, sir.

The sword disappeared?

That was one of Master's relics.

We were so shocked.
And you weren't around, sir.

No matter how much we looked for it,
it was not to be found.

We thought that someone had stolen it.
We searched everywhere, sir.

But a few days later,
it was found right here.

So you are saying that someone took it,
kept it for a while, and then returned it?

I do not know, sir.

But I was uneasy, and hid the sword in a good place.

Should I bring it here, sir?


Very good, sir.

With the exception of myself,

I try not to change the fate
of others as much as possible.

But now that things are
settled I feel relieved.

-=Man plans, but the success of it depends on God.=-

It feels like man proposes, and God disposes.
-=Man plans, but the success of it depends on God.=-

It feels like man proposes, and God disposes.
-=Man plans, but the success of it depends on God.=-

Man proposes... God disposes?

This is weird...

It's the first time I have heard words like that.

How can a person in my dream appear
to be more higher in standard than me?

Let's meet in a month.

It should take around a month to
settle everything and return to Hanyang.

Once I return home, I will
come and look for you.

But do you have any reason
to come here anymore?

My lover is here. Isn't that a reason?

Didn't I say that I would
try my best to be your lover?

I thought it was just for today.

Do you remember what
you asked me before?

You asked if our meeting was karma.

I've been thinking for several days

and still can't figure out how this will end.

Until I know the answer,
I will keep looking for you.

If he really appears,
what are you doing to do?

My Lord,

here is your attire.

It suddenly rained, sir. It's a bit wet.

Do you want me to re-iron it?

It's all right. The road will be wet, in any case.

But why are you dressed like that?

Aren't you Yun Wol, the gisaeng that I know?

I almost couldn't recognize you.

I've been waiting here, sir,

not sure whether it would be
shameless to stay.

But can a lowly gisaeng continue to live here?

So I thought of becoming a slave girl again.
And I am comfortable in these clothes, sir.

Choose. I will let you have your wish fulfilled.

Haven't you played the gayageum ever since
you were young?

If you wish be a gisaeng,
there's no need for you to remain here.

However, if you don't want it anymore,

just stay here.

But I can't allow you to be a slave girl.

Are you not a highly reputable gisaeng of Hanyang?

Are you saying you want to make me your wife?

Out of all the solutions, isn't that one?

It cannot be, sir.

Could there be a world that does not have all these boundaries
that cannot be passed?

I should like a solution like that,

but I cannot bring it about.

I hope I am able to repay you.

I hope I can protect you for the rest of your life.

This is all I wanted to say.

My Lord, you are saying,

there could be a better world
for a person like me?

You would bring me there, sir?

If there is such a world, please take me there.

I know you think of me as your family, sir,

but to become a wife,

and not see the wind and the rain...

It doesn't suit me, sir.

If I had hoped to live a life like that,
I would have never become a gisaeng.

Did I hurt your self-esteem?

No, sir.

I'm sorry.

Sir, it's not like that.

But didn't you hear?

I've lost my memory,

so I do not know where it is.
The place I said was a good world.

If I knew, I would take you there right away.

If that is so, then you've
not met that woman yet?


A woman you had to repay, sir.

That is why you went back there, wasn't it?

Excuse me.

Aren't you Miss Choe Hui Jin, the actress?


You look like her, though.

I hear that a lot. But I'm not her.

It has only been over 30 minutes.

A woman you had to repay.

That is why you went back there again.

You wanted to see me, sir?

I may have to
really look for the talisman.

Talisman, sir?

I sent a letter to the governor of Jeju.

If the talisman is found there, they will send it to me.

Perhaps it could have fallen
somewhere here. Search for it.

Mobilize everyone here and start searching.

Yes, sir.

Another thing,

have I perhaps mentioned a woman?

A woman? Who?

A woman who helped me in the past.


Do you have a hidden woman somewhere, sir?

Is that why Yun Wol is crying?



I saw her crying. She made believe it was rain water...

Are you really hiding a woman somewhere, sir?

No. I just may have done something absurd.

What is "absurd", sir?


Didn't you just say "absurd"?

What does it mean, sir?

I can't think of how to write it in Hanja,
it'a the first time I hear it.
(Hanja - chinese characters)

I don't know either. What does it mean?



Aren't you going a bit too far?

How did you know to come here?

I called your doctor, and she said you
went to meet the man in your dream.

I was going to just leave, but it rained.

You're really making me feel miserable.

Hey, I'm Han Dong Min.

There's not a single girl who would
ignore me in this world, you know?

How can you make me compete with
someone you met in a dream?

You have a point there.

What's wrong with me recently
that I'm doing this absurd stuff?

So you do know that you're being absurd?

Come out.

Look, you still feel awkward about me?

Really, you are...


I'm saying things that I don't understand myself.

Yes, I must have gone to some strange place.

So you must, sir.

Why would I be saying meaningless stuff?

Before I return from the palace,
search the whole house.

But My Lord...

It's raining this heavily,

wouldn't it be better enter the palace a little later?

There's no time.

I have to see Queen In Hyeon, too,
so we have to set off immediately.

Who is Queen In Hyeon, sir?

I just said Queen In Hyeon, didn't I?

Yes, sir. But...

Isn't this "Queen" the word used
for someone who is dead?

So you want to go to her burial grounds, sir?
In this heavy rain?

But our Queen is not called "Queen In Hyeon".

Who is Queen In Hyeon?

You are the one who said it, sir,

why are you asking me? How would I know?

That's right.

I must have eaten the wrong medicine.

What does "eaten the wrong medicine" mean, sir?

Didn't you just say "eaten the wrong medicine"?

Isn't someone who has gone crazy
said to have eaten the wrong medicine?

It's the first time I hear this, sir.

My Lord...

It's not because it's tasty, don't worry.

Be careful when talking in the palace.

You just find that talisman.

It really seems like I've forgotten
something important.

Really, you...

Queen In Hyeon?

Queen In Hyeon?

-=Next Episode Preview=-

We have to break up.

This is not it, we can't meet like this.

Because the man in the dream is much
better than the man in reality?

Married to Deputy Minister
Yeong Ui Jeong's third daughter?

Suk Jong wants to become a middleman.


Let me ask you.

Is there anyone who can wear
the queen's attire in the palace?

It's not forgotten, also there is nothing bad to remember about that.

Who are you?

Gim Bung Do?