Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Your Majesty, Officer Gim Bung Do of the Office
of Special Advisers is here to seek an audience.


Your Majesty. Your servant, Gim Bung Do,
has come to pay his respects. Long live the king.

What's wrong with your appearance?

Are you deliberately looking unhealthy to punish
me for the suffering you've been through?

Your servant did not
suffer at all, Your Majesty.

Please do not worry about me.

Officer Gim was ill and
lost his memory, Your Majesty.

Is it not just a rumor?
Did you really lose your memory?

I'm afraid I can't remember anything
that happened for the past 2 months.

It's really a pity,
but I'm glad it happened.

I still worried about
how to face you.

Should I fake an illness and not meet you at all?
It was a big worry.

You have had a hard time.

But now, everything is as it was.

How can I repay my debt to you?

You are too kind, Your Majesty.

I want to atone for my sins
by becoming a matchmaker.

The Prime Minister's third daughter is
reputed to be a rare beauty.

What say you, Prime Minister?

I'm honored to fulfill Your Majesty's wishes.

Your Majesty...

The match with her must atone for my sins,

so, she must be astonishingly beautiful.

We must not have Bung Do suffer any more.

The king has bestowed a marriage on Gim Bung Do
who has returned from exile,

a marriage to the
Prime Minister's third daughter?

Hers is not a beauty descended from the heavens,

but she is the most exquisite among the 3 daughters.

The King said this in a happy tone.

Americano or cappucino?


What is this? Why is it taking
so long to shoot Scene 15?

It's nearly dawn here.


- What is it?
- What?

- Are you in a bad mood again?
- I'm not.

It looks like it.

There's nothing wrong.

- What are you looking at?
- Never mind.

Is there something on the message boards?

What is this?

You're still reading this stuff?

Your counseling sessions are over.

I'm studying history, is all.

Studying? You're just searching
for this Gim Bung Do person every day.

Like now. You see... Gim Bung Do.

Well? What did you find out today?

So what is Gim Bung Do up to, now?

What did you find out that makes
you look like you're going to die?

Suk Jong wants to become a matchmaker.


A match with the Prime Minister's daughter.
Supposedly a rare beauty.

He will have to do what the King says
and get married, right?

If he doesn't, it's treason.

I knew this would happen. I knew that as soon
as Bung Do entered the palace, the King would do this.

He must be very happy.

If he becomes the Prime Minister's son-in-law,
his status will improve.

I know. It's a dream.
Everything is a dream.

I know it's a dream.

So don't even think of sending me to the psychiatrist again.

Even if it's a dream, it still makes me angry!

Just because it's not real,
can't I get emotionally involved?

We read novels and watch dramas,
and know they are fiction,

but still get emotionally involved, don't we?

It's like that for me.

So don't look at me
with that stare.

All right, I know.

So did your Gim Bung Do marry
the Prime Minister's daughter?

There are no records.

Then, probably, they never got married.

He probably couldn't forget about you
and lived his life as a bachelor.

A marriage with a common girl
would probably not appear in the records.

Why do I care if he really got married or not?

I know it's a dream. Really.

I really wish that it's not a dream.

I know. I totally understand.
I am a realist.

Scene 17 is about to start.
Please be on standby.


Come on out.


Her Majesty, the Queen!

It's been a while. I heard you were injured.

I have recovered completely. Do not worry, madam.

I am relieved. Your enemies
were really obstinate, weren't they?

They went all the way to Jeju
just to harm you, did they?

I am so happy to see you, Your Majesty,
healthy and well in the palace.

It is thanks to your dedication.

I was far away, madam, and did very little.

How could you be in my debt?

I feel relief
when everyone seems happy,

but when I think of the Royal Noble Consort's feelings,
I cannot sleep.

How many people have
been harmed because of me?

If people act, aren't there always

You're only returning to your original position, madam.
There should be no guilt.

To hundreds and thousands of people,
this is something to be celebrated.

Leave us for a moment.

Madam? Yes.

I have been waiting for your return.

Why is that, madam?

The events of that night...
I was so frightened.

Even now, it keeps me awake at night.
I can't even disclose the matter to the King.

Always worrying by myself,

and afraid that it would harm you.

Have I brought up something that
should not be mentioned?

Your Majesty, forgive me, I do not
understand your meaning.

His Majesty has arrived!

It is my mistake.
I will not mention it again.

I wish that His Majesty not know about this matter.

Your Majesty.

I was not aware that you are meeting
Bung Do. What was your conversation about?

I was merely comforting him after
hearing news that he barely escaped death.

Yes. But have you heard that I shall atone my guilt
by making a marriage match for him?

Is that true?

What do you think of a marriage between
him and the Prime Minister's third daughter?

The Prime Minister speaks
highly of his daughter's beauty.

Why are you not answering? Do you not
wish to be married?

Your Majesty... There is no rush.

How is there no rush?

If Yi Sang Gung was still alive,
wouldn't you be considered unfilial?

I also feel that there is no need to rush,
Your Majesty, isn't it still very early?

Is that so? Am I
being anxious again?

Isn't this his first day re-entering the palace?

Then I'll do as My Queen says.

Did I not promise to listen
well to your words in the future?

See it yet? Keep on looking.

Check inside a bit further.

There isn't anything.
I've already searched here.

There isn't anything here. Let's look
somewhere else.

Search for it thoroughly.

The talisman is very small.

We must look carefully, or we may never
find it, understand?

You've returned already, My Lord.

Have you found it?

Nothing yet. We've searched through
everything. The inner room is the last one.

But how is it possible that it's here?

Have you sent people to the temple?

Yes. But the master will not return
for half a month.

Then I must send an urgent letter to Jeju
by a messenger.

To Jeju? But that will take a while.

There's no other way, is there?

Let me ask you one thing,
although it may not make any sense.

What makes no sense?

Is there any woman who
can wear the Queen's attire?

Who do you think that might be?


A woman who wears the Queen's
attire of course is the Queen.

What if it is not the Queen?

If it is not the Queen,

who would dare to
wear the Queen's attire?

They would have to be beheaded.
It's not like they're wishing for death.

It cannot be that way, right?

Why do you ask when you should know better?

I asked because I?m desperately hoping
that it is not the Queen.

What? What are you saying?

Han Dong. What have I been doing
during these past months?


What did I do really?
Did I really eat the wrong medicine?

Ah, you said this is your first time hearing this phrase.

I must really have
eaten the wrong medicine.

My Lord, you look like you're very tired.
Should I get you some honey water?

Forget it.

Then again, it's probably
best to boil some medicine.

The incident that night.

I was really frightened and trembling,

even now I can't sleep when I think about it.

I can't even disclose the matter to the King.

Always worrying by myself,
and afraid that it would harm you.

Have I brought up something that
should not be mentioned?

What a treacherous thing to do.

Hui Jin!

In the future when we go filming,
we must remember to bring a small refrigerator.

It's all gone bad. Everything.

Where are you going?

I need to make a trip to the supermarket.

I'm sick of eating kimbap.
Let's make some dishes for dinner.

What do you want to eat?

Anything? It's up to you.


It's me. It's me.

It's just me.

I thought you were a burglar.

So you were wearing your headphones.
I got an even bigger shock.

When did you get here?

Just now...

I got someone to buy dinner and bring it here.
Let's eat out here since the weather is good.


Wait a minute. So, you were screaming
because you thought I was a burglar?

Or did you scream because
you knew it was me?

It's not like that.

It doesn't seem like it's not like that.

You saw me and then tried to run away,
didn't you?


It doesn't seem impossible though.
Look at this... Why? Running away again?

Who is?

Don't you dare try running away.

Other people can see us out here.

People will take photos.

You keep avoiding my eyes.
Look at me.

I am looking right now.

What are you looking at exactly?

- I am looking... at your stomach.
- Hul. (expression of disbelief)

What are you doing?

Let's have eye contact.

It's gross.

Why is it gross when
lovers look at each other?

What's with the hands?
Are you trying to push me away?

And what is this again? Are you going to kick me?

Hey, getting kicked when it's a
kiss between lovers? Is this normal?

You think it's funny too right?

It's not like that.

Finally it is back to normal.

I've waited a month for this kiss

Hey, you just kissed your lover.

Why do you look like you just drank poison?


Should we try it again?

Let's try a deep kiss this time, the suffocating kind.

What a mood killer.

What did you buy?

I bought a lot. We can have a feast today!

Did you bring the wine?

Yes, cabernet sauvignon.

Chinon Rabelais pinot noir.

I got one that's 30 years old.


I'll open the bottle.

This kind of red wine, how much is one bottle?

You don't want to know, so just drink it.

Where are you going? Come back here.

Hey, come out now.

What's wrong? Did something happen?

I want to break up.


This is not right, I can't date him like this.

I?m going to tell him that we need to break up.

You're really... Hey...


You're seriously, seriously...


Are you in your right mind?

Someone brings you dinner and then
you say you want to break up?

Then, what should I do?

Every time he comes close to me,
it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I know in my mind that he's my boyfriend.

Even though I know...

No way, I might as
well hurry and say it now.

It can't be like this.

You stop right there!

Stay right there.

I've been observing how you've been
behaving recently and so I've come prepared.

Sign here before you leave.

What's this?

I don't want to be your manager anymore.

I'm not kidding.

I'm saying it for real.


I really can't do this any longer!

I tell you, I've given up. I surrender.

I'm just going to live a frugal life and
do part time jobs in the future.

Everything about you becoming
successful. I give up, everything.

You can't make it.

You are someone who won't be able
to succeed.

You throw out every opportunity that
comes your way.

You have kicked away all of your good

You can't do it.

But now I know.

I've already given up.

Sign it, quickly.

Then you can go ahead with the breakup.

I don't want to be responsible
for your problems any longer.

Are you really going to be like this?

Who asked you to date Han Dong Min?

Did I ask you to?

It was you.

It was you who forgave him,

and said that it's all right to
start dating again, it was you.

Everyone in the whole country knows that
you are dating.

Thanks to that, your popularity has risen.

And you also got a CF deal.

You even received an invitation to
attend the award ceremony as a couple tomorrow.

And now you want to break up?

Anyone who sees this will think that
you're just using him and then throwing him away.

If you break it off right now,

in the future you'll
have countless number of anti-fans.

And you want me to help you block all of this?

I can't.

I don't have the confidence.

And I also don't understand.

You might as well really have an affair.

If you had an affair with
a Gim Bung Do who really exists,

I would try my best to understand you.

But what is this?

Because of a man who
appears in the records of history,

you want to break up with your real-life boyfriend?

Worst of all it's not just any kind of
boyfriend. It's Han Dong Min!

And it happens to be now.

What is this? I told you to sign it!

I'm sorry.

So you know how to be sorry?

I'm sorry.

But no matter how you think of it,

no matter how you think about it,
it doesn't seem like a dream.

Everybody says that I'm dreaming,

and they said that I was crazy.

I will try harder.

Hey. If it was a man that was real,

why would I do this to you?

If it's someone you like,
I would definitely be on your side.

I know.

What's going on?

A 30-year vintage.

Yes, we're going out.


You haven't seen the dress that you're
wearing tomorrow night, have you?

It's no joke.

There were so many from sponsors,
I got cross-eyed trying to pick one.


Hey, we've already risen to the top.
In the future everything will turn out well.
What is the problem?

Were there times in your life when
things turned out this well until now?

It's going too well,

so now it feels like I'm dreaming.

It's not a dream.

This is reality.



More enthusiasm!


Who is Queen In Hyeon?

I just said Queen In Hyeon, didn't I?

Queen In Hyeon?

My Lord.

Why did you come out?

Where are you going at this hour?

I'm going to the temple.

The master should already have returned.

Is it because of the talisman?

Everything has worked out well,

why are you insisting on finding it?

Even if you do not remember the past,

as long as no problems
arise it will be fine.

I don't think it is a memory
that I can just forget and live on,

that's why I'm being like this.

I fear, my Lord, that the talisman will distance
you even further from this world.

Since everything has worked out well,

I wish that you wouldn't look for it.

I know what you mean.


If it's real,

I may have committed a sin for
which even death cannot atone.

How can I possibly move on?

What do you mean by, 'a sin for
which even death cannot atone'?

I cannot be such a brave man

that I would violate the rule of law.

But I need to make sure.

So, don't worry.

Go in. It can be very dangerous out here.

It has been quite a while.

What brings you here at this hour?

I heard that you've been reinstated.

I should have come to look for you
in the daytime,

but because I was embarassed,
I didn't come inside.

Is it because of the talisman?

Even if you don't say it, I'm feeling very curious as well...

Did I mention anything about the talisman before?

Have you forgotten?

Before you were banished, didn't you
come and ask a lot of questions?

I should have come to see you sooner.

My heart feels at ease
after hearing what you said.

Then, what about Queen In Hyeon?

Queen In Hyeon?

You've never mentioned anything about that.

But you did say something
about a certain woman.

A fairy from paradise.

A fairy?

A fairy?

Although I have seen a woman,
her attitude is...
I do not think I have met a fairy.

She is not one.

If a fairy had that kind of look,

then the Immortal World is not immortal.

I've said something like that?

You said that you've met that woman several times.

You didn't know if it
was by fate, or chance.

But since you've lost the talisman,

you can't go to that paradise anymore, right?

I also wanted to go to that place with you.

I'm also curious as to what a fairy
who doesn't look like a fairy looks like.


Please apologize to Buddha in my stead.

What does that...

How could this have happened? Who is it?

I'm sorry. It seems like they followed me here.

Who is your master?

It is said to be Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng.

It's a method that can make one disappear.

Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng...

That is what you told me.

When you die, you come to life.

When I die, I come to life...

That's clearly what you said.

Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng. is the method.

Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng...

Is what you say the truth?

It can't be wrong, hyeong.

I heard it clearly.

You, go over there


It's not Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng.

Didn't I say not to report if you
can't take responsibility for it?

Who is Ja Su?

Look who we have here.

Who do you think it is?

You really are a brave person.

The world has changed.

and you still dare to
remain in the capital city.

Do you also know that the officers are investigating on all of you?

I'm only remaining here
because I have matters to attend to.


Something a person who is being hunted for as a result of a failed conspiracy has to do,

Are you here to kill me?

What is your gain if you kill me now?

If killing you is my purpose, then

I would've done it
a long time ago in Jeju.

Aren't you looking for this?

The talisman that allows you to come and go at will, foiled the conspiracy and caused the Right Prime Minister's downfall.

But now you can't remember
the method, or even find it.

You wouldn't have imagined before, that this would be in my hands.

How did you get it?

Why you...

The talisman's owner is like this,

so even if I were to threaten you,
I wouldn't get to know anything.

That's why I was eavesdropping on you
to find out what you know.

How does this unleash its supernatural powers,

The moment you know,

I would also know.

I didn't know that you had affiliations
with the monk on this mountain.

Good. What did you learn from the monk?

Is it perhaps the answer Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng?

I've already tested it out,

it's a complete nonsense.

I'm not sure if you've lied to the monk,

or the monk lied to you.

But Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng. is not the method.

It's not, it's not like that...

Looks like I've not finished listening.

Either way, I've already heard it.

After killing him, and you...
There's still a monk on this mountain.

Now that you've been reinstated,

you wouldn't want to go
to the other world do you?

I also do not wish to kill an officier
and provoke the palace guards.

So, you should just honestly
spill out what you've heard,

and then return home quietly.

Isn't it a good deal for both sides?

Queen In Hyeon? Queen In Hyeon.

Is it a name that is
worth risking my life for?

If that is so, then you've
not met that woman yet?

You said that you've met
that woman several times.

I meant about the incident that night.

I need to find out if
it's worth risking my life for.

If you say that you don't even know,

I will put an end to you,

break into the temple and
look for that monk.

Do what you want.

It doesn't matter who i hear it from...



What I heard...

If you wish to use the talisman

you'll have to recite the words first.

The words?

Do you mean these eight characters?


Pil. Sa. Jeuk. Saeng is correct.

He deliberately chose the road of death.

What do you mean by that?

Earlier on, it's clearly...

If that is what you say...

Whoever holds the talisman
will become immortal.

Isn't that something very dangerous?

But that talisman is like an obedient dog,

An obedient dog?

The effect of that talisman would
be vain if it's not in the hands of its master.

Isn't this a gift instilled
with Yoon Wol's loyalty to you?

So even if another person takes it,
it won't be of use would it?

Queen In Hyeon.

It means that you have
to die in order to live.

It's a talisman with no use before death.


If the talisman only works for him...

Then we must destroy it, right?

They obviously headed this way. It should be nearby.


I heard that you're going to the awards
ceremony with Han Dong Min.

Ah... Yes.

So, are you officially announcing that
you're a couple?

Ah... It seems that it's true.

It's not like that. It's just because the
organizers invited us that way. It doesn't
mean anything.

The organizers must have done this for some

There's also Lady Jang.

Why would they pick you two to be a couple?

Anyway, I think it's very good.

I support you as a couple.

What a relief.

Is the dress ready?

It's just right. Don't worry.

Good. Please close your eyes for a moment

Isn't it your phone?

It's probably mum. Please help me answer it.

It's not your mother though.


Yes, this is Choe Hui Jin's cell phone.

Now it's a little...


I am her friend Jo Su Gyeong. Who are you?


- Who is it?

A survey.


Who did you say you are?

Gim Bung Do?

I haven't seen you in a long time.

I don't think I quite heard you.

Who did you say you are?

Gim Bung Do...

What? What is this, what is this?

who did you say, Gim Bung Do?

What am I going to do?

Oh my god!

This... What am I going to do? What am I going to do?



Is this really Mr. Gim Bung Do?


I do not know who are you.

Where are you calling from?

Public park?

The park where you promised to meet Hui Jin?

Hold on a second.


It's inconvenient for Hui Jin to answer the phone right now.

I will ask her to call you back as soon as possible.

Yes. as soon as possible.

What is this?

How can someone from a dream appear out of nowhere?

Aigoo. The man that Hui Jin was talking
about is real?

Then it's not a dream.

It really isn't a dream?

No... That is not right...

Wait, wait. This...

Should I tell her?

If I tell...

That child whom had a hard time to settle down would...

Ah... What am i going to do with this?

Aigoo. I'm really about to go crazy here.

Miss Hui Jin, please wait for a moment.


Why does it take so long to take a call?


If that number calls again, do not pick it up

Why not?

It's asking you to do nude modeling.


Completely wild.

Absolutely don't answer the call.

What is this? I know.

What? Nude modeling?

Why are you looking at me like this?


No, Why are you looking at me like this?

No, I'm just imitating Lee Gyeong Gi ajussi.
Do we look similar?


I'm thirsty...


~ Will I be able to meet you again ~

~ When will it become reality ~

~ I'm afraid that you would
find another as you walk that road. ~

~ Today I will also appear on that road. ~

I am Queen In Hyeon.

You're also a player over there, right?

It's that number again.

Don't answer it.

What is this? What nude modeling

Get in, get in. Hurry get in the car.

Dong min oppa said that he's here. Please move over.


Pass me your cell phone now. I'll keep hold of it.


It's a live broadcast. I can't trust you with that
and you might make a mistake.

Hey, I won't answer the phone at a live broadcast.

That can't be taken for granted.

I'm sending a message

I still feel that the make up is too thick...

You look pretty, why?

(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)



Today is a good day Choe Hui Jin.

The car is very spacious, why are you being so close?

Hey, today... Should we announce
that we're a couple at the awards?


Since we're already here, we can't
just simply give the awards and go back.

I hate giving out awards the most.

It was a joke wasn't it?

I wasn't kidding though.

Are you really going to do that?

Don't, just go along
accordingly. What's with you?

Please sit properly. We're heading off

Really, don't do it.

Do you want to ruin the live broadcast?

Hey, I'm the king of adlibs.

What about ruining?

It will add the heat to the atmosphere.

Don't do it. Really.

Once it ends, I will make all the
internet searches directed to you.

Wow. There are so many people.

Don't do it. Really, really don't do it.

We'll see.

Yes. Now, it's Mr. Han Dong Min.

Wow. His companion is...

his wife in the present television drama.
He came together with Miss Choe Hui Jin.

Wow... It's Suk Jong with Queen In Hyeon.

In a king and queen style.

~ Even if time comes and goes, ~

~ my love remains. ~

~ Only by looking at you, ~

~ I grow closer and closer. ~

~ My tiny star, into my tiny heart, ~

~ you've entered. ~

~ Making me nervous as you're
standing in front of me. ~

~ Just as how I've imagined you. ~
~ You appear only in my dreams. ~

~ Just meeting you like this, ~

~ why does my heart flutter like this? ~

~ Even with the cold breeze, ~
~ you make me feel warm. ~

~ Just like this, the two of us, ~

-=Next Episode Preview=-
~ Just like this, the two of us, ~

-=Next Episode Preview=-
~ my love, you and me ~

It's fate that everytime we meet, we fight.
~ my love, you and me

It's fate that everytime we meet, we fight.

I clearly told you.

I've never intended to startle you.

Do I look like a crazy girl?


You've already seen everything
and you're going out now?

That is all there is to see, I'm leaving now.

Do you know you're unexpectedly childish?

I'm only curious as to what
it does, I was simply exploring.

Can I take responsibility for you?