Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

What is this, really?

I was debating on how to return your favor.

I heard that I could help.

So I came.

Your friend told me to
play the role of a good lover.

I do not really know what to do,

but I will still try my best.

Where did you learn this?

This pure innocence comes out a
hundred times in comic scenes.

Surprise, and you appear out of nowhere!
It's really so corny.

What does 'corny' mean?

Are you scolding me again?

It's a compliment.

If you want to succeed in
the role of my lover,

then just continue the corny stuff.

I totally like anything corny.

Where are you going? Hey,
you have to get changed first!

We don't have much time.

Come over in 5 minutes.

Did the reconciliation go
well, Your Majesty?

Hey, buy me a drink once we finish.

Buy you what?

I'm speechless. You lose face somewhere
and you come to me for comfort?

Two people are in a relationship,

and they left you out?

Don't go straight home, understand?

Ah, Mr. Han Dong Min, is yesterday's matter settled?

Yes, Director. Please do not worry.

That's right, Director...

I have an extremely good idea.

How about poisoning Queen In Hyeon to death?

I think it would be completely amazing!

It was not me who proposed it,
Director. Please do not misunderstand.

It is my idea. What do you think?

Why kill Queen In Hyeon?

Because I'm sick and tired of her.

Sick and tired, wanting to kill your ex-wife...

That's a psycho, not a king.

But Suk Jong is a psycho, right?

How many times has he changed his mind
about his two wives?

He dumps one, and lives well with the other.

The ex-wife kills the new wife, do you think this is right?

Director! Director!

Hey, you're not allowed to go home straight.
You must certainly treat me!

I'm sorry. Sorry I'm late.

I heard things were talked through.

What? Ah, yes.

Sorry for worrying everyone.

Why isn't she picking up?

After tricking people like that,
where did you go?

This... Please take this.

What is it?

You know Pak Jun Ho sunbae who is playing
Jang Hui Jae was taken to the hospital, right?

So the script was changed.

This came from the writers today.

Can't he be discharged soon?

No, it could even take a month.

What's going to happen now?

Why are there so many changes?

Mr. Director, I have to ask you
about the script.

What about it?

It's not only that Jang Hui Jae's
scenes have been cut down,

my scenes have changed a lot, too.

I would like to know why there
were so many changes.

What was changed?

The latter part of Gabsul Hwanguk...

Wasn't it changed once already?

Originally Min Am bribed
someone called Ha Min Hwan,

in order to betray Suk Jong.
But Suk Jong found out.

Ha Min Hwan?

Who is Ha Min Hwan?


The Gabsul Hanguk was originally
about Min Am's henchmen,

who betrayed him by passing
his letter to the king.

No, it's not like that.


Was there a change? Anything strange?

No. Only Jang Hui Jae's
parts were modified.

I'm really sure about this.

Because I was interested...

I memorized it.

Maybe you were mistaken?

No, the script is weird...

What do you want to do in Seoul?

I need to conclude some things
with the Right Prime Minister.

Right Prime Minister? Min Am?
What conclusion?


Ah, it's nothing. I must have been confused.

I'm very sorry...
Everyone, please enjoy your meal!

1694, year of Gabsul on the night
of the 27th of the 3rd month.

Min Am's henchmen took advantage
of the dark and entered the palace.

And passed Min Am's letter
to Suk Jong by shooting an arrow.

The letter revealed a conspiracy plotted
by Min Am with Jang Hui Jae,

The plan was to stop Queen In Hyeon's
reinstatement by assassinating her.

That night, Suk Jong sent the
Palace Guards to investigate.

The assassins attacking the Queen's
residence were killed.

Queen In Hyeon was saved.

It's unbelievable, how could...

In the morning, Suk Jong gave out an order.

Min Am, as well as the
Prime Minister, Gwon Dae Un,

and Left Prime Minister, Mun Na Seon,
were all exiled.

Results of investigations showed that at the event
that happened in the Office of Special Advisers,

was also conspired by Min Am.

Gim Bung Do and his family were relieved
of his banishment and regained his official status.

Aigoo... You're studying very seriously.

Yes, when I, too, was a new actor,

I read history books for films like this.

And when it was a hospital drama,
I read books about medicine.

But, after a few years...

What's the use? All you need to do is
to memorize your lines.

Thank you very much, sir.


Where are you?

The cafe. You have been calling a lot.

What exactly are you two doing?

We have things to talk about,
you just work hard at your drama.

Talk about what? Isn't
it enough that he came?

What else is there to discuss?

Never mind. Just work hard out there.

Get him on the phone.


You really don't listen, do you?

I am your employer.

Rotten girl.

Really frustrating...

Hello? What are you doing over there?
Say you're busy and leave.

She's going to say weird things again.

I don't mind.

I feel like in a swamp here.

Swamped by people who love to meddle
in other people's businesses.

I'm here because I need your friend.

Why do you need her?

It's a secret.

What? A secret?

Let's meet later.

Hold on, hold on.

I just checked.

They changed the script.
The part dealing with the Gabsul.

You saw it?

Was it really you?

The unknown person who
shot the arrow with the letter...

That person and me, it's our secret.

I must save my own life,

but if I change the fate of others,

I worry about what will happen next.

So with the exception of myself,

I try not to change the fate of others as
much as possible.

But now that things are
settled I feel relieved.

It feels like man proposes, and God disposes.

-=Man plans but the success of it depends on God.=-

Isn't it so?

Ah, maybe you don't understand.

It means...

Are you making fun of me now?

What about you, obviously you don't
understand when I'm reproaching you.

I never made fun of you.

I just reproached myself.


The change of history...

No one realizes there was a change, you know?

I seem the only one to know

what the Gabsul incident originally was like.

Correct. I think only the two of us know.

Why don't other people know?

I'm not quite sure, either.

Let's talk about it later.

How can you say such a thing?

Miss Choe Hui Jin, I'm sorry I'm late.


First of all, I would like to thank you.

But what needs to be asked
must be asked, right?

The reporters are asking,
and I have no idea about things.

I can't say anything.

There is a lot that I need to understand.

Exactly why don't you have a cell phone?

Because I have no use for one.

But why do you have no use for one?

Is there no way to call you?

Basically, there's no way.


I know very few people over here.

Apart from lady... No,
apart from Choe Hui Jin.

Didn't you say you live in Bukchon?

Why wouldn't you know anyone in Seoul?

I'm rarely at home.

Don't you live here?

No, I don't live here.

Then where do you live? Overseas?

Weren't you supposed to study at a university?
What about classes?

Sorry, I don't have much time.
Can I ask you a question as well?

What about?

What does Miss Choe Hui Jin
need the most right now?

Need the most? Why do you ask?

I want to give it to her.

You want to give her a present?

Hui Jin... She was so happy
that you were able to come here.

Do you realize how little self-respect she has?

It's not about self-respect,

She just has a kind heart.

Just having a meal together can't
count as returning a favor.

So you know that, at least.

So what should I get her?

First of all, what's your budget?.

My budget?

What she needs is not just one or two little things.

And the prices are a lot.

So first... How much are you willing to spend?

Then, I might have some ideas.

Rather than that, what does she need the most?

What she needs most, is extremely expensive.

Never mind the price.

Why the pretense?

How can you not mind, when you're a student?

What Hui Jin needs now is extremely, extremely expensive,

I'm saying this out of concern for you.

Would this be enough?

I already told you just a few
hundred thousand won't...

Are these 1-million-won checks?

I was told one can buy a lot with this.

Can't one?

No it's not that...
Why this big sum of money?

You don't even put it in a wallet?

You just casually...


I was too busy to get one.

I have another question.

What does 'corny' mean?

Corny, you say?

What could I do that Choe Hui Jin
would regard as 'corny'?

A,strange question, right?

But I'm not joking.

I'm asking you quite seriously.

I am wondering what Choe Hui Jin needs the most,

Also, I would like to do something 'corny' for her.

I hope you can advise me.

So night can turn into day, just like that.

I don't know what's what, anymore.

I heard all his properties are gone.

That's the Right Prime Minister, isn't it?

He must've thought that his offspring
would be able to enjoy his wealth.


forgive me I was not
able to gather close.

Investigate all of Gim Bung Do's
past whereabouts.

Did you say Gim Bung Do?

That fellow planned all this.

He entered my room and then disappeared like smoke in the air.


I'm not mistaken.

Find out what trick he used, no matter what.

If I die, I must certainly
have that fellow die, too.

I'm afraid to say this, but
Her Majesty the Queen

has personally sewn
His Majesty the King's clothes and bedding.

Isn't that the work of the palace ladies?

It was because I wanted to do it personally, madam.

So, please do not accuse her.

You can't be like this, my dear Queen.
Didn't I tell you before?

Please forgive me, madam.


Please, kindly wait a moment.
Just a moment.

Su Yeong, bring the apple juice over.


Excuse me, may I know what time it is?

I'ts 9:30pm.

Where did those two go?
What are they doing?

All right, we're done here.

Let's change location and shoot Scene 18.

Come on!

Just now, what were you trying to say?

This... this...

What do you mean?

This is how I feel after spending
a whole day with Gim Bung Do.

Don't know what word to use
to describe it.

So I mimed it.

How can an actor not
understand what I mean?


A manager like me dealing
with problems like this,

I don't know how to express it.

I don't know whether it's
a good thing, or something that I envy,

or something that worries me.

To stop you or to encourage you...

Get going. Your boyfriend is waiting for you.

He came here?

Where is he?

First, insert.

Second, press button.

Third, change gear.

Fourth, step on.

Fifth, stop.

Sixth, open.

What... are you driving? Are you crazy?

Seventh, change.

Eighth, press down.

Where did the car come from and how come
you're driving? Do you want to die?

Ninth, take out.

Tenth, hand over.

Please take it, as a
reward for saving my life.

Isn't this car something you have
wanted all your life?

I heard that you had to sell your previous car
to get money for living expenses.

I used shorthand methods to learn driving. It's
much easier than riding a horse.

If you have time, why don't you give it a try?

Why are you being like this?

Why do you always do things like this,
like straight out of a manhwa?

Your friend said that if I did
something this corny, you would love it.

But you don't?

What are you saying? All this cheesiness
is giving me a cold sweat.

Then, it's a success.

You stole this, didn't you? Completely crazy...

How could I? I'm not a thief.

Not a thief? You steal clothes everyday.

With clothes, I have no choice.

I really wanted to give you something more.
But this was far more expensive than I thought.

This took all the money I had.

Where did you get the money from?

I sold my father's relic.

This... This belonged to our great ancestor,
Yi Seong Gye..

That's right. It was bestowed through many generations.

But how did you manage to keep a
sword from the Joseon era so well?

It was well-protected.
What is it worth?

I do feel deceived somehow. This relic
from the Joseon era is very valuable.

But then I bought this car
and the money is gone now.

Whether it's now or then,
the merchants have their tricks.

You sold your father's relic
just to give this to me?

Yes, I did.

Are you really giving it to me?

Well, I can't take it with me, either.

According to my understanding, you
are not normally a hesitant person.


Then what kind of person am I?
According to your understanding?

Someone shameless, but charming.

Ah, but you don't understand what 'shameless' means.

Arrogant and stubborn, right?

I know 'shameless'. Who wouldn't know?
Do you think I'm that ignorant?

Are you insulting me or what?

So... Arrogant, stubborn and charming?

I sincerely think that you are charming.

If I die, then so does my family line.

if my father was still alive, there is no doubt
that he would repay your kindness as well.

You must know that a gratitude
heart is far greater than this.

Well, since you've already agreed that I'm shameless
and very charming, it's settled.

Why? Am I too thick-faced
to be charming?


Can I really get in?

As you please, Owner.


The skirt's too long.

You're acting as the Queen,
so I'll give you a bit of advice...

No matter what kind of palaquin the Queen sits in,
she never loses her manners.

I'm like this because I'm hasty. You think
Queen In Hyeon is any different?

The engine sounds great.

Since you're filming, don't go out.
That's what your friend said.

I'll just take a spin here.
Don't worry.

Don't feel proud just because
you drove from there to here.

That's not regarded as driving.

This is what we call driving.

Do you like it?

Why? Is there a problem?

Now you're scamming me, aren't you?

Since the beginning, you planned to
approach me and then scam me, right?

You're a con artist. You deceive people.

All this talk about a time machine
or something like that.

No, maybe the lies started out as a joke.

But the lies got bigger and bigger,

until they got way out of hand.

Initially you were after money,
but suddenly you became my boyfriend.

So you thought you'd give me this car and
then leave, is that your plan?

Be honest, you're a swindler, aren't you?

Oh God, how could there be a time machine?

I'm too naive. That's
why I'm so easily deceived.

I don't know how you could change
the information on the internet,

but it's still deceiving. A lie, isn't it?

What would you do, if everything was a lie?

Would you hand me to the police?

Of course I would hand you to the police, then,
after you had served your sentence...

you would really go out with me.

How I wish that you were scamming me.

Think about it, it's not easy
to meet someone you like.

Even if you don't understand why,
you are able to really communicate.

Even if the other person is a swindler
who deserves to die,

it is still better than someone from another era altogether.

You're a swindler, aren't you? A real pro.

Everything was a lie, right?

Yes, a lie.


Get in.

Don't you have to hurry inside?

I'll explain another use of a car.

A car's main use is transportation.
But that's not the only use.

Look carefully.

Get my point?

That's right.
A car sometimes is for this kind of use.

Remember it.

Really... I knew it, you must've
fallen for my charming kiss.

{\a6} I've imagined and missed you,
the you who is in my dreams. ~

{\a6}~ Keeping a lovely secret like you. ~

{\a6}~ You've entered my tiny heart, my tiny star. ~

{\a6}~ Making me nervous as you're standing in front of me. ~

{\a6}~ Just as how I've imagined you. ~

{\a6}~ You appear only in my dreams. ~

{\a6}~ Just meeting you like this, ~

{\a6}~ why does my heart flutter like this? ~

{\a6}~ Even with the cold breeze, ~

{\a6}~ you make me feel warm. ~

{\a6}~ Just like this, the two of us, ~

{\a6}~ my love, you and me forever. ~

Choe Hui Jin! Queen In Hyeon!

{\a6}~ Even if time comes and goes,
my love remains. ~

{\a6}~ Only by looking at you,
I grow closer and closer. ~

{\a6}~ You've entered my tiny heart, my tiny star. ~

I told you it can't be seen from outside.

{\a6}~ Making me nervous as you're standing in front of me. ~

I feel like selling the relic wasn't so bad after all.

{\a6}~ Just as how I've imagined you. ~

{\a6}~ You appear only in my dreams. ~

{\a6}~ Just meeting you like this, ~

You should get going.

{\a6}~ why does my heart flutter like this? ~

{\a6}~ Just as how I've imagined you. ~

{\a6}~ You appear only in my dreams. ~

{\a6}~ Just meeting you like this... ~

Starting from now, where and what
are you going to go and do?

I'll return to Jeju
and go back to my official position.

The reinstatement order would require some time.

In the mean time, isn't it
wiser to stay put in the prison?

And once you're released?

When that time comes, I'll return
to my home in Hanyang.

And re-enter the palace to continue my work.

Just returning to my
previous daily life.

Returning to your daily life means
you're going to get married too?

You said you
don't have a wife.

Wasn't the ancestral line important in that era?

Then that means you need to get married.

You will find a young lady...

Let's meet in a month.

It should take around a month to
settle everything and return to Hanyang.

Once I return home, I will
come and look for you.

But do you have any reason
to come here anymore?

My lover is here. Isn't that a reason?

Didn't I say that I would
try my best to be your lover?

I thought that was just for today.

Do you remember what
you asked me before?

You asked if our meeting
was karma.

I'm not a smart person,,
so can you tell me...

If we become lovers... How
will it end?

I've been thinking for several days and
still can't figure it out.

Until I know the answer,
I will keep looking for you.

Of course, only if you agree,

and I do not misunderstand with whom, where
and when you do the parting greeting with.

You're up so early?

Are you not tired after staying up all night?

I couldn't sleep.

I'm going shopping,
we have nothing to eat.

Hey, we're not done talking yet.

About what?

Gim Bung Do... Just who is that guy?

Flying for the first time,

doesn't have any ID,

doesn't know how to drive...

Has no cell phone...

Has no idea of public transport fares.

But in his pocket, he carries cheques
worth tens of millions.

Isn't it very strange?

Yes, it's strange.

What does he do really?

Tell me the truth, stop beating around the bush.

Didn't I tell you before?


Don't you remember?

He is a person from 300 years ago.

It's true.

It's true. But you still won't believe.


Aigoo, you're not filming today?

No, I'm resting today.

The drama is really interesting.

But when will you appear again?

I only saw you for a moment in the first episode.
That was all.

Some of the cast changes next week.
Don't miss it.

Of course, I'm looking forward to it.

You must be successful
and buy a new house.

How can an actress reside
in this crummy neighbourhood?

Young people nowadays, what do you call them?

Oh right, they will fall
off the apartment buildings.

I do not have money.

My paycheck is not nearly enough.

How can there be such a thing...

If you sell that car, you will
make enough to move house.

That's not my car,
I'm just borrowing it.

The owner is someone else?


He's not always here, so I'm helping to look after it.

I thought once you appear on
dramas it would be different.

Thank you for your hard work.


Are we going to meet
in one month exactly?

Let's spend the whole day together.
Have a real date.

What is a 'date'?

This guy doesn't even know what a date is,

what am I going to do?

I will explain it to you the day we meet.
Look forward to it.

Si. Do. Tong. Rae.

Gan. Pil. Gu. In.

My Lord.

You're going to get better.

Don't worry.

You're going to be all right.

Has he not yet woken up?

His wound has gotten better
but he's still not conscious yet.

This is really depressing.

Is he trying to persecute me to death?

Making me this anxious.

He is not going to die.

He will not be irresponsible
and just abandon everyone.

He has already been found,
where else can he go?

You're awake?

Is anyone out there?

He's awake!

Call the physician over quickly.


How do you feel?

You've been unconcious for more than
10 days, do you know how worried we were?

Where is this place?

It's an official's residence.

Official's residence?

I'm Minister Seok Hui Yeon.

Forgive me for having to greet you like this.

If you're a minister, then this place is?

This is the province of Jeju.


Your criminal charges have been revoked.

Your reinstatement order arrived here a few days ago.

Up until now you were unconscious, so we couldn't reply.

He was afraid you would feel abandoned,

and has been very dedicated.

I'm sorry. What you just
said, what does it mean?

I ask because I cannot understand.

Why am I in Jeju, and why the reinstatement order?

You're asking why you came to Jeju?

It's because you were sentenced
to be exiled here.

But now, you have been cleared of all charges
and shall regain your official status.

As regards the incident at the office
of Special Advisers,

Officer Gim Bung Do is to
receive Sin Gu and Bok Gwan.

My Lord, aigoo... My Lord.

Finally, hope has returned to the world.

I thought you were going to die, do
you know how sad I have been?

Why do you always make people worry?

How did you get here?

I wanted to accompany you back,
so I made haste.

Who would've thought that you were
roaming around stabbed and wounded?

I heard that venomous Min Am sent an assassin here.

We went to assassinate him that night.

At first he got away,

but we followed his tracks
in order to kill him off.

We thought that we were close
to getting rid of him.

But, suddenly, he disappeared without a trace.

After that, we ransacked all his rooms.

So did he royal guards.

But he was nowhere to be found.

On the fourth day, he disappeared, too.

-Catch him! Hurry!

Luckily, the guards on patrol
discovered you. It was such a relief.

They even captured that fellow.

He was an assassin sent by the Southern faction.

So, the gods do not close their eyes.

You were not annihilated, sir.

They say Min Am
will also be sent here.

After all that he has done,

he just gets sent here.

But my heart is all at peace.

Sorry, I didn't expect things
to turn out like this.

His Excellency's plight has turned out this way...

Is everything over now?

Do you have anything else to report?

It may not be important, but...

What is it?

When I got there it was all over,
only this was left behind.

It is a talisman carried by Gim Bung Do.

A talisman? He carries a talisman?

You shouldn't stay like this, should
I get you something to eat?

Can you eat?

Han Dong...

What day is it today?

Today? The 30th of April.

The 30th of April.

What's the matter, sir?

March 1st is the last day I remember.


Two months.

I cannot remember what happened in the past two months.

What... what are you saying, sir?

What can't you remember?


What's wrong, sir?

What memories?

Si. Do. Tong. Rae.

What exactly don't you remember, sir?

I don't remember anything at all.


My last memory is of two months ago.

I was stabbed at the Office of Special Advisers.

What exactly happened then?

Gil. Gu. In.

-=Next Episode Preview=-

This is my girlfriend Choe Hui Jin.

Is Han Dong Min really my boyfriend?

Why do you make people worry about you!

The man in my memory, Gim Bung Do.

Do you not know Gim Bung Do, either?

Who is Gim Bung Do?

Are you saying you want to make me your wife?

It was just a dream.


Nothing makes sense, what is this?

Queen In Hyeon...