Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

What are you saying?

He isn't stalking. We came together.

It was settled using my card.
You can confirm it if you want to know.

We sat apart so as not to be spotted.

Do you understand?

So, call the police at once and tell them that it was a misunderstanding.

If you get the police involved, the two of us will be the victims.

I will not let you go for
invading people's private matters.

-What is this big reversal?

This is the truth, Han dong Min ha become a complete joke!

Ah, it's completely different from a minute ago.

What's this?
Even beating up people's lovers?

Aigoo, fool.

Then again, you should
know your limitations.

Thinking that you're able
to grasp the situation

then ending up being laughed at.

Didn't I warn you?

You help fight for her
role and help publicized her.

You go all out.
But you don't know what's going on behind your back.

Why don't you just stop?

You fell into a hole. Well, you dug it yourself.

How sweet... She spends her one day off
on a romantic getaway.


You know, the guy's quite handsome.

What does he do?

Do you want some water?
It's hot here, right?

OK, forget it.

Ah, it's seriously funny.

I'm sorry but this is just too funny, right?

Superstar Han Dong Min,
mixed up in an absurdity like this?

When we land, you might become
the nation's top celebrity.

How long is this going to last?

Until we get off.

Don't look, you'll get your picture taken.

Looks like your friend was right.

About what?

About you being impulsive.
She warned me about it before.

You're not very grateful, are you?

You almost got arrested.
I helped you, but you still...

Thank you!

I'm very grateful, but the way
you helped me was quite daring.

That was all I could think of.
What should I have done instead?

Well, you could have thought
about consequences.

But I'm stupid. I did tell you
that I'm quite stupid, didn't I?

I could have just disappeared,
I'm saying this because I'm worried.

No need to get angry.

After saving you, you're being meddlesome, seriously.

What's meddlesome?

It sounds reproachful.

Looks like it wasn't a lie. Even Su Gyeong
had no idea either.

She said she just followed along
to meet an acquaintance.

You are not in the mood to
go back to the company, right?

- Hey, let's go home.
- Yes.

But you should at least
have some dignity, seriously.

Didn't I tell you earlier on
not to make an appearance!

- Stop for a minute.
- What?

They haven't left yet.

Go and talk with her.

Let's just go, I'm going to
meet Su Gyeong later on.

You want to just go
with me shamed like this?

You're really inconsiderate.

We must reconcile, only then will we
be able to put all the pieces together.

Ah, is... Is that so?

Get going and grab hold of that punk. Hurry!

It would be better to ride a taxi.

Will it be all right? Things won't
get blown out of proportion, right?

After the trouble made by Han Dong Min,
being seen together may not be wise.

Miss Hui Jin!

Come on!

Miss Hui Jin, hold on a
minute! Let's have a talk!

Quick, get in!

It's Han Dong Min.

Where is it? Where?

Where? Really?

It's really Han Dong Min.

It really is.

Being chased is probably your fate.

Chased by royal guards over there,
and by lunatics over here.

Is it all right to just leave like this?

What should I do?

I will do as I see fit.

Anyways, it is my life.
You take care of yourself.

Ai, really...

Wait, wait, wait.

Take care, don't die again.

Ajussi, please get going.

That... No, don't... really.

Ah, I said let's have a talk!

Omo, I didn't hear you!
He has already left.

Then can't you ask
him to turn around?

It's Han Dong Min. Wow...

Make him come back,
I didn't get to say goodbye.

He probably doesn't want to meet
the person who beat him.

Good point.

Hurry and take it. Quick.

What does this punk do, that he slips
off right away when we meet him?

Does he not have confidence or what?

But come to think of it...
Isn't something funny here?

If he's her lover, why did he
dress up like that in the hospital?

If saying he's not a psycho stalker...

Could he be an actor? An extra,
or something like that?

That's it, that's right!

Our team's extra.

Afraid of being exposed, he escaped.

So now, does this mean that I
have been defeated by an extra?

Choe Hui Jin...

Are you deliberately trying to
embarrass me?

You must be shocked, right?
I was shocked as well.

I couldn't even imagine that we
would end up on the same plane.

The "stalker" incident at the hospital
was unfortunate, really.

I didn't expect you to suddenly visit.

With the nurses there,
I couldn't say that he was my lover.

In fact, it was me who let
him secretly slip away.

Hey, you--

But how is it possible that
we met on the plane?

It's really interesting. Ha.ha.ha.

are you using me,now?

I even helped you get the role...

I was afraid you would think
that way, which is why I called.

I clearly told you since the
beginning not to treat me that way.

I've been emphasizing that all the time. But you
don't seem to get my meaning, do you?

You've changed a lot.

How are you going to handle this relationship?
Shamelessly announcing it in public.

It's because I've learnt it from somebody.

Being with someone arrogant,
I soon became arrogant as well.

See you at the set!

Hey, what does this punk do?

My boyfriend?

He's a scholar, a learned person.

Someone who's a very different type
compared to Mr. Han Dong Min. Well then...

Hey, that... Hello? Hello? Hello?


Wow, so happy. Showing off
like that, how refreshing.

Is this the time for you
to be happy right now?

A new actress detonating a scandal bomb.

It's all right. Seeing Han Dong Min being played,
it feels like 3 years of grievance has all gone away.

In order to see Han Dong Min
confused, you're exploding, right?

Seriously, who do you think you are?

Not all the people on the plane
would go on the internet, right?

Just some rumors
will be fine right?

Aigoo. Wait and see,

see what's going to happen.

By tomorrow morning, probably even
the crew won't be able to enter.

Because of the disturbance
caused by reporters...


If you talk about disturbance then?
Aigoo, we'll just think about that then.

Tomorrow, a new sun will rise.

You've got to be kidding.

But, what happened to Gim Bung Do?

Because of him that matters turned
out this way. He just withdraws?

It's really funny, seriously.

That time he called, it wasn't just to
borrow an identity card, was it?

He's a very busy person.

How busy could he be? Saving him...

It's not like it's something
that involves life or death.

It does involve life or death.

(Aigoo - oh my god)

How can a student have matters
that involve life or death?

Take a look at this.

This is already uploaded on
the internet, what should we do?


The photos came out well.

Hey, hey, hey!

Starting today, I'm not going
to be your manager anymore!

Go look for another manager!

Look at her, she can't be saved.

How can I transfer this to my phone?

(Aigoo - oh my god)

Since we don't have a
photo of us together.

She must've gone completely crazy.

Who's there?

Lord of Doctrines?

Have you been well?

Weren't you banished, sir?

I heard that you went to Jeju.

I'm here to see Her Majesty, open the door.

Why are you here?

Why are you here?
-=Queen In Hyeon=-

Did you escape?
-=Queen In Hyeon=-

Did you escape?

There's not much time,
I can't explain carefully.

Something is going to
happen before daylight.

What is it?

What has failed previously, will succeed this time.

How did you know to
come at this late hour?

Tonight's incident is directly
related to Lord Min Am.

This is the secret order to assassinate
Your Majesty, handwritten by Min Am.

There's no time to waste

before they make a move.
I must enter the palace

and relay this to His Majesty.

They will make a move today.

They still want to...

Please don't be alarmed no
matter what happens outside.

Also, my coming here is a secret.

I'm alone here, who can I tell?

Even if I say something
no one would believe me.

I hope that you will
not tell His Majesty either.

What can I tell His Majesty
when I can hardly meet him?

You might be able
to see His Majesty tonight.

What does that mean?

Tonight, I want every guard to come
out and vacate all the doors.


What are you saying?

Didn't you say that something is going to
happen here and we are to guard this place?

If you want to stay
alive then listen to me.

But first, we must hide in the surroundings
in order to protect Her Majesty.

Tonight, someone will definitely come here.

Why do you want to go to the
North Palace at this hour?

Ah, there is someone I need to meet.

At the palace?

During this hour?

By any chance, is that a sword?

It's a wooden sword for practice.

Ah, is that so?

I thought it was...

Your Majesty,

it is already past midnight.

Please go to sleep.

No matter how much
I read it never finishes.

how can there be so much resentment?

There's no empathy and just
a mouth full of disputes.

Your Majesty, you must
take care of your body.

Who is it?

Where is it?

Grab him!

What's going on?

Are you all right Your Majesty?

What is that?

It looks like a letter.

Take it down immediately.

Your servant who does not wish to be named
is writing to you to inform you, Your Majesty.

There will be a gathering at
Right Prime Minister's house tonight.

Present there will be Prime Minister Gwon Dae Un,
Left Prime Minister Mun Nae Seon
and Right Prime Minister Min Am.

Your servant has heard them conspiring for
an assassination. Thus I write this letter.


They want to harm the former queen?

Your Excellency,

this lady's Gayageum playing is
much better than Yun Wol isn't it?

I feel good after listening.

Is there still no news
about that presumptous girl?

It was because you were too lenient.

Unknowingly you got betrayed
because of your kindness.

Could've just killed her at
that time to pay the price.

Where are you going, My Lord?
I am about to sing a song.

Because of drinking alcohol I forgotten
that I have orders to be given out.

Please wait a moment.

Who touched it? I didn't even order...

All this while I've left you unharmed.

Who, who... Who are you?

How did you get here?

How dare...

Please sit down.

I've prepared the writing ink.

You should be in Jeju, you punk.

Don't tell me...

you escaped?

I have no other option and
things just turn out that way.

Looks like you have
really lost your mind.

Even if you escaped what's the
use of saving your own life...

Are you saying that you ran
all the way here from Jeju?

That's right.

Why? Is it hard to believe?

I only took half a month
just to return here from Jeju.

That is impossible.

When was the time you escaped?

Didn't I say I came all the way from Jeju?

Fellows mixing poision into
my food awaiting to...

carry out the order to kill.

Please sit down.

Starting now, do not leave
out a single word I say.

This will be an order under
Right Prime Minister Min Am's name.

More than a month ago, due to
Gim Bung Do's meddling, our plan failed.
Tonight, it will finally be carried out.

Your instructions when you get
to the former queen's residence:
Eliminate the former queen.

Why are you startled?

It is of the same content as the
letter that I had snatched from you.

Is it not to remove the head
and to dethrone the queen?

Is it not easy?

Just following that and re-writing
it over again will do.

Your servant who does not wish to be named
is writing to you to inform you, Your Majesty.

Because I am unable to watch helplessly
the safety of the royal family at jeopardy.

I only hope to preserve
the safety of the queen.

There's not much time left,
action must be taken at once.

Your Majesty,

The criminal still hasn't been captured.

He disappeared just like the wind.

That fellow wrote what kind of letter...

On another note, Your Majesty's official,
Hong Nae Gwan is one of Jang Hui Jae's people.

He will be in fear if he knows
the criminal could not be captured.

Your Majesty?

Call the Military Commander
to come and see me.

Now, at once!

Where exactly is the minister at?

Quick, go look for him.

Yes, My Lord.

Your Excellency!

The Lords are looking for you.

Come in.

Why are you here?

Your Excellency?

What is this?

Give this to Ja Su.


At once, he should be
at the banquet pavillion.


His Excellency personally gave it?


He said to deliver it at once.

There was no signs yesterday.

I got it.


Call the kids here.

There's things to be done.

Now, write another piece
with the same content.

This is for Jang Hui Jae to read.

This is for Jang Hui Jae to read.
-=Jang Hui Jae, Lady Jang's younger brother=-

-=Jang Hui Jae, Lady Jang's younger brother=-

Are you planning to even
frame the queen, how dare you?

It should be you who should be
blamed for framing the queen.

I'm talking about 5 years ago.

The queen, my father...

What is this? My Lady...

My mother...



The one who killed them isn't it you?

Don't you feel wronged at all?

Even if it doesn't happen today, I will
still report the event of your rebellion.

-=The event of rebellion : Min Am's stubborn instigation
to depose the queen from reinstatement and plotting
schemes with the western faction which caused
the event of the Gabsul Hwanguk.=-

-=The event of rebellion : Min Am's stubborn instigation
to depose the queen from reinstatement and plotting
schemes with the western faction which caused
the event of the Gabsul Hwanguk.=-

How did you know such--

I must have guessed correctly
what is inside your head.

And there's another thing
that I can predict is...

that plan will definitely fail.

So there's no need to bewilder me.

I've only been able to surpass
you earlier by a few days only.

I've told you before,
I'm holding the better card.

Go on, write.

There's no one.

Not even one person?

Even the gateskeeper is not
around, somehow it feels strange.

Could it be a trap?

It is a trap! Retreat!

Which one is the head?

Two people have escaped,
seems like it's one of them.

Has everyone been suppressed?


What exactly has happened?

What is the Palace Guard doing here?

Your... Your Majesty.

Are you unharmed?

Your Majesty, how could you...

Forgive me. All this while,
how difficult it must have been for you.

I had no idea you would encounter
something like this.

The king came here unexpectedly.

We fell into a trap.

In case there are any mistakes, I will kill everybody involved.
Do you understand?

Yes. But without evidence, we
won't be found out.

Wasn't the order destroyed, too?

All that is left is to keep this safe
and send it to Jang Hui Jae.

It will serve
as definite evidence.

Now, this is all that
needs to be done.

You can just wait comfortably
for your fate to come.

Open the door!

What's wrong?

Quickly open the door!
It's a royal order!

Royal order? Yes...

What are you doing?

Search thoroughly. Not even one should
be left out, arrest all at once!


What are you doing?

Let go of me!

Right Prime Minister, Min Am.
Please come out to receive the royal order.

Please come out now.

What are you doing?

Come out immediately to receive the royal order!

The place of your
exile will be at Jeju.

The place where I,

had poison in my food.

Moreover, where I did not know not when
a sword would come flying at me.

But if you come, I would welcome you.

Do you think you are able to just
slip away from here cleanly?

You, who have escaped exile, will not be
able to avoid getting beheaded.

What are you saying? I have
not left my banishment even once.


I will go and wait for you first.

Arrest him.

Yes, yes.

Right Prime Minister Min Am, you are arrested
for plotting the assasination of the queen.

This is a royal order.

Other than me, there is
another criminal here. Catch him.

What did you say?

The criminal who escaped his banishment,
Gim Bung Do is behind the screens.

There is no one.

That... that... that's impossible.

He was with me all along.

What are you talking about?

That person should now be in Jeju.

Take him away!

- Yes.
- Yes.

Regarding the masterminds behind these
schemes, there is now accurate evidence.

I must certainly punish all of them severely.

Guilty of leading the conspiracy,
Prime Minister, Gwon Dae Un,

Left Prime Minister, Mun Nae Seon,
Right Prime Minister Min Am,

will all be banished to Jeju.

Upon this event, Lady's Jang's younger brother, Jang Hui Jae
and Official Hong Nae Gwan are to be interrogated.

Also the queen who has
suffered threats of disposal,

that cannot be ignored,

is to be immediately reinstated in the
palace and to be strictly guarded.

Also, the incident at the office
of Special Advisers earlier on,

Officer Gim Bung Do is to
receive Sin Gu and Bok Gwan.

Officer Gim Bung Do is to
receive Sin Gu and Bok Gwan.
-=Sin Gu - To be relieved and regain innocence.
Bok Gwan - To be reinstated to official position.=-

Yun Wol!

Why did you come out here?

Didn't you know I came especially to see you?


Have you been well?

I heard it was the Right Prime Minister who was
behind the crimes.

Is it true, sir?

Seems like it is.

It's hard to believe, sir. How could he
hide his crimes so well?

But... Why did you come here, sir...

Because of the good fortune your talisman gave me.


Don't ask more. There's no way
I can explain it in detail.

I wanted to tell you the
news so I rushed here.

But you already knew all about it. A pity.

No, sir, it's not like that.

Even Her Majesty the queen's blessing
is not able to presever a life like yours.

When I you free of worry, sir,

it makes me feel happy to be living.

Going through all these
all this time, thank you.

My Lord is able to
withstand it, then so will I.

Without you, I could have given up.

The royal order means
I will be returning to Hanyang.

You should also pack your
things and return home.

Does that mean you are going to Jeju, sir?

Before that, there's a place I need to go to.

A place to go, sir? Isn't time pressing?

It wasn't easy returning. What would you
do if you get caught?

There's another benefactor
that I didn't get to thank.

A benefactor, sir?

This seems real, like it isn't acting.

He's probably feeling ashamed
and didn't get enough sleep.

The dark circles are all coming out.

I saw the video from the plane on YouTube.

It's really disappointing.

The moment Han Dong Min
makes a fool out of himself,

when Choe Hui Jin admits she was with
her boyfriend...

A complete reversal.

Delete this.

You saw it too right?

Watch it, it's totally a scoop.

Han Dong Min is a complete disappointment.

Omo, it's Miss Hui Jin.

Hello! Everyone must be very busy.
Here's some snacks.

Omo, we'll eat it well.

Wait in the lobby.
I'll be there in 5 minutes.

Yes. Good work!

But... he's very good looking.


Your boyfriend. He's my type.

-=Queen In Hyeon, Choe Hui Jin's notorious two-timing=-

-=Two-timing. Violence.=-

-=Scandal rumours increase=-

Don't you have filming today?

There's a scene at night, a palace scene.

I'm sorry.

Things have got this noisy.

All kinds of scandal is spreading around.

And they're saying that the 3 people are
in a love triangle.

Also about your boyfriend getting
hit and being sent to the hospital.

And that you're preparing to sue.

It's absolutely not like that.

He's not injured at all. And what's that about suing...

Suk Jong did get violent.

Queen In Hyeon is two-timing...

What do we do if the image is like this?

With two people like this,

our drama is in danger.

I'm sorry.

I do feel Dong Min went overboard,

but the two of you should come to
an understanding and settle this.

We're all in the same boat, aren't we?

How about settling it tomorrow?

So, according to Dong Min oppa,

you met at the airport the day before.

And, taking a photo of the two guys shaking hands
as a sign of reconcilation would have settled it?

Your friend should have stayed,
why did you send him away?

I told you he had urgent matters.

Well, meeting today will have to do.

Let's have lunch together. Give him a call.

I already said he's busy.

The director did say the first episode
had very high ratings

If the ratings fall now, it will be your fault.

What you say is all right, but my friend
has circumstances, you know.

I'm just saying to eat together.
What circumstances exactly?

How busy is he?

Even Presidents eat. Who is this guy?

-Give me.

What's the number of Gim Bung Do's cell phone?

If you're embarrassed, I will do it.

Give it to me now.

He doesn't have a cell phone.

He doesn't have a cell phone?

Then, home phone number?

There's none.

Then, e-mail?

He doesn't have an e-mail either.

No cell phone and no e-mail.

Then how did you keep in contact until now?

By public phone.

I'm going crazy here.

I'll just make a lunch reservation.

You contact him and bring him over.

I told you I can't.

There's no way to contact him.

Are you really dating him or not?

Is this a one-sided love?

Miss Hui Jin, the director wants to
confirm with you about moving lines.

Yes. I'll be right there.


Try to think of another solution.

If necessary, I will just do an interview.

This brat.

Does not having a cell phone make any sense?

It's not like he's the President's son.
Why can't he be reached?

I clearly saw his call.


Let's go out and have lunch.

Forget it, we'll eat at home.

Come out quickly!

I already said forget it.

At this point in time, is it wise to
go out and attract attention?

We just got a call, you punk.
Hui Jin wants to see you.

Where did she go to?

Miss Hui Jin.


Su Gyeong asked me to pass this on to you.


Why didn't she contact me?

She said that your cell phone was with her.

What? Why did she...

She said you should go to the CheongDam-dong
restaurant at 1pm. By taxi.

What? CheongDam-dong?

I have to go in for filming now.

Looks like the director has changed
the schedule. The lunch break is 2 hours.

What? Why would the director?

Didn't you make a lunch appointment
with Mr. Dong Min? That is what I heard.


This rotten girl just simply...

Madam, you are with...?

Yes, that--

It must be Mr. Han Dong Min, right?


This way, please.

Where's Su Gyeong?

What are the two of them doing there?

They're preparing to snap a photo.

Han Dong Min reconciling with Choe Hui Jin's boyfriend.

Nothing happened between them.

Anyway to improve my image,
you have to cooperate.

You should be thanking me, really.

This is called healing someone after making them sick.

I never imagined it would be this troublesome.

You underestimated my popularity.

What are we supposed to do?

She asked me to do this...

Once that punk comes,

we will greet each other
like brothers, respectfully.

After that I will give my
blessing to the two of you.

That punk will show that he
is fine from head to toe.

But, you know, he can't come.

I clearly said that there is
just no way he will come,

but it seems Su Gyeong didn't hear it.

I'm sorry.

What are you saying?

Have you still not finished taking your revenge on me?

It's not that, he really can't come.

He wants to clear up misunderstandings, too,

but his situation just does not
allow coming here.

Try to understand.

What, what?

What is it about that punk
that he can't make it?

He isn't coming.

No, no, no. He's coming.

No, he's coming.

Hui Jin said he's not coming, what's going on?

Give it to me.

Oppa, I've already informed
him of the time and place.

He will come.
Just wait a little while.

Really? All right, then.

He's coming. Su Gyeong has informed
him about the time and place.

What do you mean?

Here he is.

Here he is.

Didn't you say he is your boyfriend?

You guys don't even communicate?

I'm sorry I'm late.

It's all right. Thank you for coming.

First of all, let's place our
order before talking.

Just playing along will do?

What is this, really?

I was debating on how to return your favor.

I heard that I could help.
So I came.

Your friend told me to
play the role of a good lover.

I do not really know what to do,

but I will still try my best.

Where did you learn this?

This pure innocence comes out a
hundred times in comic scenes.

Bang, and you appear out of nowhere!

It's totally corny.

What does "corny" mean?

Are you reproaching me again?

It's a compliment.

If you want to succeed in
the role of my lover,

then just continue with the corny stuff.

I totally like anything corny.

-=Next Episode Preview=-

Why this huge sum of money?
You don't even put it in a wallet?

Go outside?

What's this?

This is my feeling of spending
a whole day with Gim Bung Do.

How about poisoning Queen In Hyeon?

I think it would be cool.

If I die, I must certainly
have that fellow die, too.

What's with the talisman?

What should I do that would
be "corny" to Choe Hui Jin?