Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The criminal has escaped!

The criminal has escaped!
-=1694, 23rd of the 3rd month. =-
-=Jeju, Daejeonghyeon.=-

-=1694, 23rd of the 3rd month. =-
-=Jeju, Daejeonghyeon.=-

The criminal has escaped!
-=1694, 23rd of the 3rd month. =-
-=Jeju, Daejeonghyeon.=-

The criminal has escaped!

The criminal has escaped!

What is this? How did this happen?

This sly fellow.

How can this happen?

Gim Bung Do escaped.

What is going on?

Be quiet.

-Be quiet. Hurry.
-Let's go together.

I don't want to be alone.

Hyeongnim, they must think that we
are the ones who helped Gim Bung Do escape.

If it were me, I would think the same way too.

What exactly does he want to do, escaping like this?

Don't tell me he's afraid of us but not afraid of them?

We must certainly catch him, otherwise...

We must catch him!

Certainly we will catch him, let's go.


You all go search there.

The rest, follow me.

Where exactly should I go?

I'm going to take the picture,
Mr. Lee go a little further.

I'm taking it.

1, 2, 3!

- Eggplant.
- Eggplant.

One more time. 1, 2, 3!

- Eggplant.
- Eggplant.

Good, let's move on to the next spot.

Quickly, faster.

-=Korea Tour.=-

-=Jeju, Department's Office.=-

We've searched everywhere in Seoul,
but there's no sign of him.

How can something like this happen?

He is not just a common
criminal, but a criminal convicted of treason.

Before matters get worse, it's better
to report to the higher authorities.

Before matters get worse, it's better
to report to higher authorities.
-=Jeju's department governor, Seo Hui Yeon=-

-=Jeju's department governor, Seo Hui Yeon=-

Is there perhaps a possibility
that he will be captured tomorrow?
-=Jeju's departmental governer, Seo Hui Yeon=-

Is there perhaps a possibility
that he will be captured tomorrow?

We've searched the whole east side,
even the female divers were called!

We've searched the whole east side,
even the female divers were called!
-=Jam Nyeo, Female divers=-

He must've escaped the island already.
-=Jam Nyeo, Female divers=-

He must've escaped the island already.

He must've escaped the island already.

Jeju's Governor, Seo Hui Yeon reporting.

On the 22nd of the 3rd month,

Criminal Gim Bung Do, who was placed
under vigilant watch in Daejeonghyeon,

has escaped on the
second day of exile.


Altogether, it's 2 500 Won.

1 000 won. 5 000 won. 10 000 won.

Altogether, it's 2 500 won.

Escape time was 7-9pm on the 23rd.

It should be along an angular
and bearing distance.

His motives are still unknown
and his whereabouts are unclear.

Riding a horse from Daejeonghyeon to
Hanyang would require half a month.

But if I were to take
something like an airplane,

it would take only a ban gak
to reach Hanyang.

it would take only a ban gak
to reach Hanyang.
-=Ban Gak - one hour=-

-=Ban Gak - one hour=-

Even then, to finish matters,
it will need a whole day.

=The number you have dialed is currently
unavailable, please leave a message...=

Have you been well?

You're alive?
You didn't die?

How did you know I was going to die?

How can I not know?
It was written in the records!

You were supposed to die 3 days ago.

I escaped. How can I just die
like that feeling wronged?

Pretty impressive, isn't it?

While on my own, I've been
learning how to use the phone.

It took me 3 full days. That's how hard it was.

What is it?

Who is it?

I'm asking you who it is.

Hold on for a moment.


I thought we were disconnected.

How do you know my phone number?

Because I saw it!

I never told it to you.

Can we leave our car here?

Get out.

They can just call.

You remembered it from that time?

At the time, I didn't know what it was,
so I just decided to remember it. Useful, wasn't it?

But in the records, it said
that you died because of an illness!

I am very healthy now.

Then, what was that about? Why did it
say that you died because of an illness?

They put poison in my food and tried to assassinate me while I slept. How could I have not fallen ill?

There is someone who wants to kill you?

My family was killed like that.
It's not a rare matter.

Where are you right now?

I'm at the airport. I wanted to ask you something.

Identity card? Of course you need it.

If you don't have one, you can't
take a plane or travel on anything.

What is it, who is it?

Yun Cheol, Yun Cheol.

Yun Cheol, where is he right now?


Yun Cheol! Over here.

Hi, Hui Jin.

Hey, Su Gyeong.

Sorry for calling you out so suddenly.

I saw Lady Jang's trailer,
you came out so beautifully.

I have always been pretty.

But why do you need my identity card?

I thought so, they look alike.
They look alike right?

Lend it to me for a day.
I won't do anything bad so don't worry.

A celebrity wouldn't do anything bad.

She's going to do something
bad. Don't lend it to her!

No, no.

I'll treat you to a meal in the future. Thanks!

A meal is unnecessary. Let's take a picture instead!

I keep telling people that you are my friend,
but nobody believes me!

1, 2, 3. Nice!

Today is the first episode, right?

I'm anticipating it!

Thank you. I'll call you.


Look at the clouds.

Doesn't the drama air at 10pm? It is only 3pm now.

There are seven more hours to go,
why are you dozing off like that?

That university student is still suspicious,
why doesn't he have an identity card?

It's not that he doesn't have one, he lost it.

If it's lost, he can go
and get a new one.

Why use other people's identity cards?

Because he doesn't have
time to renew it!

He has to come back
to Seoul by tonight.

There you go again...

Once you fall for someone,
you get all emotional and excited.

After that, you become enslaved
and slowly lose your conscience.

You're doing it again,
do you know?

With Han Dong Min, you were
always hanging around him.

Then he betrays you, and you
say that you will never do that again.

But now you're...

What did you say?
There's this buzzing sound, is it because of the pressure?

Don't worry, this is the last time.

There won't be a reason
to meet him anymore.

Really? Who believes you?

If you knew, you would realize that
he has an unavoidable personal history.

That's why I'm helping him.

He has an unavoidable personal
history? Exactly what is that?

My ears can't hear again. What did you say?

I really can't hear you!

=The number you have dialed is currently
unavailable, please leave a message...=

=The number you have dialed is currently
unavailable, please leave a message...=

What is this, seriously?

Why are we wasting so much time?

Didn't you say that it would end at 3?

It wasn't easy filming, and I wanted
to ask Hui Jin out to play.

Who? Ask who?

She's not answering her
phone, what a pity!

What do you mean, play?
We're going back once this ends.

Who's more compatible with me,
Yun Na Jeong or Choe Hui Jin?

Eh? I don't know...

I always wanted
a photoshoot with Hui Jin.

Reporter Nuna isn't listening to me.

After seeing today's broadcast, she
will definitely change her mind.

No taste, has she?

He's just joking.

Hyeong, why do you always
say that I'm joking?

-Mr. Dong Min.
-Yes, I'm coming.

See? If Hui Jin was over there,
I'd run over immediately.

But that's Yun Na Jeong...

Hey, let's go.

She's a human too.



He's so naughty.
But that's why people like him.

Honesty is Han Dong Min's charm.

That's not honesty, it's just random stuff.

People might take his jokes seriously.

You, don't take him seriously.

But he's telling the truth, isn't he?

Want to know why
I'm not dating Choe Hui Jin?

Not really.

I'm waiting for her to be
on the same level as you.

Only then will I not be
considered slumming.

Looks like you and her will never date.

Because something like that will never happen.

It won't be long now.

Yes, just wait... About 30 years?

We're starting!

- Yes.
- Yes.

30 years?

There are no coincidences in this world.

Why did the master
give me the talisman?

Is it a way of comforting me
so that I will not regret dying?

Or, is it about the
existence of a better world,

allowing me to prepare for such an existence?

Me going there and meeting that lady,

was it really accidental? Or inevitable?

Buddha tells us that there are
no coincidences in this world.

There is only fate.

That "Lady Jang" looks interesting.

Han Dong Min is so handsome!

That girl is called Choe Hui Jin?

Is she a model?
I don't know her.

-The look matches.
-Isn't she pretty?

Excuse me, the person who
needs an identity card?

Really, what would you do without me?

Just stand here all confused,

or forge people's documents to get an
air ticket, or just find a fishing boat?

Buy a forged air ticket or ride a fishing boat?
50-50, right?

Why aren't you welcoming me?
I came all the way here for you.

Are you playing the role of the Queen?

How did you know?

I just found out what an actress does.

Ah, you saw the trailer!

Now you believe me! I told you I'm Queen In Hyeon!

I'm the one you're risking your life to protect!

Why are you smiling? It's upsetting.

Why? Do you think I'm not fit to be the Queen?

No, it's the first time...


It's the first time
that I find you beautiful.

You look better in a hanbok.
(hanbok - korean traditional clothing)

Why does that sound more like an insult than a compliment?

The first time finding me beautiful?

Then, you used to think
I was ugly?

Do I really look that ugly to you?

Omo, that's it!!

I feel offended! I don't think
I'll be able to help you.

But aren't we even now?

What do you mean, even?

Living here for a while, I have
come to know what 'player' means.

I'm not a player.

You see me as a Casanova,

I see you as ugly?
We're even.

People are watching. Go
somewhere else to talk.

You know her, right? My friend.

Let's not attract attention here.
Come on.

What does that mean?

Never mind.

There are seats for 7pm, do you want them?

Yes, two people. And a different flight
for the third one.

Two tickets at 7pm, and the third...
What time would you like?

Any time will do.

Then is 7:20pm all right?

Yes, right. Make it like that.

No. Give me 3 tickets with the same timing,
separated by one seat.


Hey, apart from the ID card,
must we be on the same plane, too?

Separate seats will do.

What's the real reason we have to go together?

This is the first time in his whole life
that he's going on a plane!

Were you not scared, the first time you flew?

This is his first time to fly?

What did he do all his
life until now?

Just study.

Even if he just studied...

But does a hanbok suit me better?

Like, I look... Demure?

It's 273 thousand won for 3 people.


We still have some time, right?

Since we're here, let's find a good place to drink coffee.

Don't use ancient words with Su Gyeong.

Say it like this... that's how it should be.

She will think you have
a weird way of speaking.

I know.

I have a book about the standard language.

Good job.

Thank you.

Let's go together.

Would you like coffee?

How about green tea? Green tea is good, right?

Hey, you already paid for the tickets.
Are you buying tea, too?

Excuse me, why don't you buy the tea?

No, it's fine.

Just let him buy it,
didn't he say he would?

When you return to Seoul,
you'll need money.

Keep it.

Two capuccinos and one green tea.

Your friend seems not to like me.

Don't mind her, she's
always like that.

Just by seeing his face,
I can tell he's a loafer.

An expert at freeloading.
It's written all over his face.

When we first met, I told you, right?

That I am my friend's manager.

Which means, I am no different from
Hui Jin's parents or relatives.

Starting now, tell the truth.

If there is one bit of a lie,
I'll immediately investigate you.

I know many policemen.


You said you are a university graduate...

Which university did you attend?



Is that true?

You said I have to be honest.

Where do you live?


The houses there are extremely expensive.

By chance, is it a tile-roofed house?

Yes, it's a tile-roofed house.

Then, do you live with your parents?


Where are they?

They both passed away.

Both of them?


So if you're a student, how do
you manage your expenses?

They left me with some inheritance.

Inheritance? How much?


So what was it your father did?

National affairs.

National affairs?

National affairs? Is he a public servant? A high ranking public servant?

Are your words true?

No lies?

No lies.

I'll just... Excuse me...

Where did Su Gyeong go?

Seems like she had some business to attend to.

What business?

But, Sungkyunkwan still exists?

Sungkyunkwan University? It does.

I didn't expect Sungkyunkwan and
Bukchon to still exist. That's interesting.

A graduate from Sungkyunkwan University.
Good education. A tile-roofed household.

If it is so, then his family is certainly rich.

His parents have passed away. There's no need to
see an elder, and there's an entire inheritance.

He looks good as well. Seeing him this
honest, it doesn't seem like he's a beggar.

What's this? There's nothing
to be doubtful about!

Compared to the trash Hui Jin has
dated before, he's so much better.

Rotten girl!

Is it that tasty?

Coffee? It's addictive.

Seems like everybody likes to drink coffee,
so I tasted it once. But, there's nothing great about it.

You've only been here for a month. Maybe once
you fall in love with coffee, you won't go back.

But why did you come here?

Is my question funny?

What do you mean, why? Didn't I say that
without an identity card, you can't take the plane?

But I didn't mean for you
to come here to meet me.

I had a lot of time, that's why.

Aren't you a busy person?

I am. But I happened to have time today.

I also sympathize with you.

After seeing the history records, I got worried.
Seeing you were going to die a wrongful death.

I came all the way here, you should thank me.
Why are you asking so many questions?

Obviously you're receiving my help,
yet you're so arrogant.

I'm just asking because
I wanted to know the reason.

A master I know told me that
there are no coincidences.

The last time we met was
probably because of fate.

But this time, it was because I wanted
to see you, and contacted you.

And you also came here
because you wanted to see me.

So clearly it is not karma.

Because of the talisman that I have with me,

I met you.
That's why you came all the way here.

This fate, what incidents it will cause...

And what is the effect of it, aren't you curious?

Looks like you're not curious at all.

My head hurts.

You disregarding the foam is the cause. Me wiping it, is the effect.

I don't know about the rest, but
you certainly are a player.

And you say that you're not.

I just wanted to explain.

Explaining things like that is called flirting, you player, you.

This feels wrong.

You always being like this is the cause.
And me calling you a player is the effect.

This is clearly karma.

Now do you understand? Karma.

You laugh when you have nothing to say.

So,,, You have nothing to say? Cause.
You laugh? Effect.


Your Excellency,

in a challenge, when
someone throws away their best cards

what do you think is the reason?

No matter how you see it,
it is the best card isn't it?

What better cards I have, is
what you should be afraid of.


Other cards?

Your Excellency, I have come.

Come in.

We followed your orders to watch
Yun Wol's movements, but she disappeared.


It's not just Yun Wol alone, Gim Bung Do
has another attendant that he is hiding.

When did this happen?

They disappeared when Gim Bung Do
was detained by the military.

What do you want to do in Seoul?

I need to settle some things
with the Right Prime Minister.

Right Prime Minister? Min Am?

Settle what?

Whether he dies or I die.

Are you going to kill someone?

That can't be.

Taking revenge doesn't necessarily mean killing a person.

If it's not by killing, then it's politics.

Is the era now not like that?

That's it. Of course
he's conspiring something.

But what, exactly?

I heard he lives in Bukchon.

A tile-roofed house over there
costs at least a few billion.

Go to his house and take a look.

Let's see. Can it be found?

His father is a civil servant,

do you know what level?


If he's a minister then...
probably a vice minister?


Omo, you're...

How come you never once told me this?

You, Miss Discreteness!

Rotten girl!

It hurts!

Ajussi, do you believe that a big plane
like this can fly?
(Ajussi - older man, uncle)

I don't believe it.

I can't believe it, either.

It says here it's because of
the force of air.

Is that so? I would like to
read that book, too.

=Dear passengers, the aircraft is about to take off.=

=Please ensure that you have fastened your seat belts.=

Ajussi, are you afraid, too?

You think I'm afraid?

If I start crying, pretend that you don't see it.


A new card... a new card...

He has a new card...

What is it?

Seriously, if I argue I will
also turn into a crazy person.

I must make sure he writes an
autobiography book before he dies.


He is the first human to fly, ever.

His name must be recorded down.

Would you like something to drink?

Yes, coffee.

Thank you!

Anything else,sir?


Of course, sir!

Anything that we have!

Then, I want a first class seat.

Excuse me?

I would like a first class seat.

Our deepest apologies, we also would like to give
you the best comfort on the plane...

However, it has been fully booked.

Didn't you say anything is possible?

Miss, you sure talk big.

He is kidding.

He's just a little upset.

Then, would you like a beer, sir?

What can we do? It's my fault,
I mismatched the schedule.

I'm sorry.

I haven't sat here in three years! Does this make any sense?

The flight is 50 minutes. Not 10 hours, right?!

Will you only be comfortable
in a first class seat?

This is not to my liking...

It's so hard to please you.

Na Jeong-sshi is also here and she's fine!

Na Jeong is Na Jeong!

Haven't I seen this guy somewhere before?

You... who are you?

What are you doing?

Why are you hiding here?

I'm asking what you're doing.

Hyeong, Hyeong!

Take a look at him.

That fellow seems to be on this flight.


The one who ran away from the hospital.
With the hat! Hat!

Psycho stalker.


Quick, quick!

Isn't it?

Yes, the same guy.


Ah, I thought so!

But... Miss Hui Jin is on this flight, too.


Oh, she is.

But what is she doing here?

Don't know. But isn't the guy stalking her?

Hey, we need to tell Miss Hui Jin.
She might not even have noticed.

Wait, if you tell Hui Jin, that punk
would sense that he's been found out..

Ah, yes.

Then what should we do?

Anyway, we're flying in a plane here,
he can't escape.

Excuse me.

Yes, do you need...


What is he doing?

What are you doing?

Why are you hiding here?

I'm asking what you're doing.

Punk, now that you saw me,
what are you going to do?

Are you going to jump down from here or what?

We contacted the airport police.

They will rush over immediately
once the aircraft lands.

He runs like a ghost, so you must
certainly be fast to catch him.

Yes, please don't worry.


Wait, wait. Where is that punk going?

Isn't he approaching Hui Jin?

Hey, hey. Don't make a move yet.

Let go, let go! This is urgent.

I'm sorry, but I think it's
best if I disappear for a while.

Is there a place where I can hide in here?

There's a rest room at the back. What's wrong?

Let's go. We need to go there right now.

What if he does something bad?

Even so, where can he run?

Now is the right timing!

Just leave it to the
police, stay out of it!

Let go!


(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)

Hey, hey!


Hold on, don't cause a disturbance, just use words!

Please help, help.

Wait! Catch him! Catch him! Arrest him!

Catch him! Catch him!

It's all right, everyone please calm down.

It's nothing.

Are you alright? Are you hurt?

Oppa, what are you doing here?

You should be grateful.
If I wasn't on the same flight,

you would've been harassed by the stalker.

Who's the stalker?

That punk, him.

It's Han Dong Min!

Isn't that Han Dong Min?

It's Han Dong Min!


It's Han Dong Min and Choe Hui Jin!

Omo, really?

Please, let me explain the situation.

We suspected that this passenger
was causing a slight disturbance,

however we are taking control
of the situation, so please do not worry.


Hold on!

Can I do the explanation?


Hey... Hey...

Don't expose yourself, do you hear me?


Hello. I'm actor Han Dong Min.


Many were frightened, am I right?

Sorry for causing a disturbance.

In fact, there are actors from the new drama
series, New Lady Jang on this flight.

Me, Miss Yun Na Jeong and Miss Choe Hui Jin.

I was lucky enough to spot a person stalking Choe Hui Jin.

That is the reason for the disturbance here.

Everyone understands, right?

What a good example!

-So handsome!
-I love you!

I love you all as well!

You're just like a bodyguard!

Dong Min oppa is really great!

You're great, too!

Then, please, continue.

Upon landing, the suspect will be handed to the police.

Let's all calm down, now. Please enjoy the rest of the flight.

Take him away.

You're dead.


This was the stalker from before?

Why didn't you say anything?

If the police arrests him, we'll be in big trouble.

Wait a moment.

Why call the police?

What? Of course...

This person is not a stalker.

He's someone I know.


What is she saying?

Miss Hui Jin, what do you mean by that?

He is not a stalker. He boarded the plane with me.

I bought the tickets. We came together.

So don't call the police.


Don't say anything more. Just let it be.

You bought the tickets?


Because he's my boyfriend.

Just now... what did you...

He isn't stalking me. We came together.

It was settled using my card.
You can confirm it if you want to know.

We sat separately for fear
that there might be rumors.

You've got a rough idea now, don't you?

So contact the police at once and tell
them it's just a misunderstanding.

Under these circumstances, we're the victims.
If you let us explain to the police,

I won't let you off for invading our privacy.

What is this big reversal?

It's extremely funny.

This is a scoop. Han Dong Min
just became a complete joke.

Ah, it's completely different from a minute ago.

What's this?

Even beating up people's lovers?

Aigoo, fool.

I'm not very smart, so why don't you tell me..

..if we become lovers, what will become of us?

-=Next Episode Preview=-

From the moment you step off this plane,
you will probably become a national hero?

Hey, what does this punk do?

I'm saying this because I'm worried.

-After saving you, you're being meddlesome, seriously.
-What is meddlesome?

Someone who's of a very far different type
compared to Mr. Han Dong Min. Well then...

Wow, so happy.

Suffering all this... Thank you.

If My Lord is able to
withstand it, so will I.

Because of him that matters turned
out this way. He just withdraws?

Because I'm a busy person.

Kill him... immediately.

I have the power.

Have you been doing well?