Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - CLEOPATRA - full transcript

At the Farm,Owen teaches the recruits of the art of seduction on agent assets. In the future, Hannah Wyland interrogates Alex about her time at the Farm and inside the Crisis Zone.

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Eight hours ago,

I was trapped inside the hostage crisis

at the G20 Summit.

It was the work of a group
calling themselves

the Citizen's Liberation Front.

I saw the First Lady decapitated

and discovered a biological weapon

being used as a suicide fail-safe,

making all rescue attempts impossible.

I was captured, tortured, rescued.

The CLF released almost 1,600 hostages,

but 122 are still inside.

I don't know who's still alive.

I don't know who the
Citizen's Liberation Front are

and what they want.

I just know the FBI has to stop them,

which is how I ended up here.

All right, Parrish.

What'd you get yourself into this time?

Hannah? What are you doing here?

I think the better question is,
what are you doing here?

The center of a conspiracy

that no one magically
knows about but you, again.

Alex Parrish, national hero,

in the wrong place at the right time

two years running.

You're gonna tell me everything.

And you're gonna convince me
that you're not a part of it

so I can convince the FBI
before a Hellfire missile,

launched by our own government,

strikes a hostage crisis
in downtown New York,

killing everyone inside,
including the hostages.


pretend we never met.

Pretend the fact that I didn't like you,

then grew to respect you
but still... didn't like you,

never happened.

You told me this crazy story once before

that turned out to be true.

You better be able to do it again.

10 months ago, I went undercover

at the CIA recruitment facility
known as The Farm.

- Undercover?
- For the FBI.

With your ex-husband.

Your ex-fiancé.

I never thought I'd miss this place.

You know, some good stuff happened here.

Yeah, it did.

It looks good on you.

Too bad this is the only place
I can wear it.

Or... was the only place.

Or is?

You know that I can't talk
to you about FBI business

now that you're no longer an FBI agent,

including where
the new safe house might be,

or... if there even is one.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.


I feel like a weight's
been lifted off me

since I lost an "Inception" layer.

You know, now I'm just
a CIA operative in training,

not an undercover FBI agent

posing as a CIA operative in training...

much clearer lines.

But you still can't wear
the ring in public.

I know.

I said a layer has been peeled off.

I didn't say there weren't
still 20 more to go.

We were there to spy
on other CIA recruits

potentially being enlisted
into a rogue group

inside of the agency.

You failed. You left the FBI.

Yeah, they thought
I couldn't do the job.

Were they right?

Eight square blocks
of downtown Manhattan

say otherwise.

So, this hidden group,

Ryan infiltrated them, but you didn't?

So, you're on the outside now?

Depends on your perspective.

I may not be with the FBI,
but I'm still at The Farm,

rising up on the Murder Board.

Well, if you wanted
to simply be in the CIA,

that would be fine, but you don't.

You want to solve the riddle
of the terror threat

that's growing inside of something

neither you nor I are a part of,

but something you still know
next to nothing about.

- This Harry Doyle...
- MI6.

He went through The Farm with us,

but was there on an exchange program,

where someone from British Intelligence

learns U.S. training and vice versa.

And you brought him in
to your undercover mission?

Well, he pushed his way in.

I want to find out
who's above the recruiter,

who Owen is recruiting for.

Okay, how do you propose
to do that, Alex?

I'm gonna go back into Owen's house

and take those phones
that I found in his false wall.

Yeah, okay. What, this false wall?

You see, after our
little chat the other day,

I got curious and did some snooping,

and it seems like your only lead...

those phones... have vanished.

Maybe this is a good thing.

If the phones are missing,
it means they're in play.

Yeah, but you missed the window.

The sale is over.
The merchandise is gone.

How can you track down something
that you couldn't even get

when it was right in front of you?

If the AIC is now training,

Owen is training them.

I just need to figure out...

What? Cozy up to him?
Get him to trust you?

Yet you tried that, and you failed.

So, I'm sorry, Alex, but I can't
help you find the AIC.

The AIC?

That's just the name we gave it.

CIA in reverse.


Where was Ryan in all of this?

Still working undercover
for Miranda Shaw.

So, the text you got

with the three of you
killing that man disappeared?

Yeah. Not even a minute after we got it.

It's like something out
of "Mission: Impossible."

You did the right thing.

Doesn't feel like the right thing.

This is a game-changer for us,
the step-up that we needed.

You said that there were three of you.

Did you pull the trigger?

No. That was León.

- Then somebody up there likes you.
- Yeah.

The suspects, those fellow recruits,

the ones you thought were part
of this AIC at The Farm,

how did you know who they were?

They all got special phones.

And you didn't?

- Still no contact from the AIC phone?
- No.

Has Owen approached you?

And your fellow insurgents,

how are they holding up
after what you all did?

Better than you, I hope.

Well, one more so than the other.



Dayana, you...

Took longer in the bathroom than usual.

I know.

Are we still on
for dinner tomorrow night?

I thought I told you I can't.

Shelby Wyatt? Well, she was my
handler till I left the FBI,

but then she made a connection with León

and went undercover herself.

Your top-secret job.

When are you gonna tell me about that?

I think I've proven myself trustworthy.

It's better that you don't know
any more.

You haven't talked about Sebastian Chen.

- Oh, you're back.
- I am.

And you're talking to me. Wow.

He's two people...

the one you see
and the one he hides inside.

I took some extra time,
ran a Kairos retreat.

Had the chance to, uh,

contemplate my relationship
with my Savior,

help others do the same.

Never felt better.

Yeah. Seems like it.

So, do you want to talk about Alex now?

That's under control.

That has been a lot of things,

but it has never been under control.

She doesn't know about this.

And she's not going to.

She won't be a problem.
I won't let her be.

Tell me about
this recruiter, your instructor.

Owen Hall?

Why was he having a hard time?

Well, his daughter, Lydia, was there

teaching with him and then she left.

Something happened between them.

Gathering human intelligence

is the core of what you'll do
as operatives,

but the one true skill
that will determine your success

as a case officer is asset recruitment.

You don't look so good.

As case officers, you must be able

to recruit people face-to-face

and develop a personal
relationship with them

in order to utilize that
relationship for intelligence,

you know, when, um...
when the time is right.

A relationship like that
can begin anywhere...

at an airport bar, a university,

in your own bedroom,
even in this very classroom.

Wherever it takes place,
any active recruitment

must start with a form of seduction,

and that's exactly
what you'll learn this week.

So, do it right. Get your asset
to believe what you see.

And they'll give you
all the information you need.

Do you want to get back
in the game, love?

Now's your chance.

That is a shell of a man right there.

The easiest way to pick someone up

is from the bottom of the heap.

You want information, seduce your asset.

Why are you telling me all this?

Who are these people? Why should I care?

Because everyone I just
told you about is a hostage

inside that crisis right now.

And at least one is a terrorist
hiding amongst them.

This is prime Alex Parrish.

Some crazy theory
about a hidden terrorist,

with no ability to prove anything,

just conjecture and intuition.

You've said that
all the terrorists are masked.

Do you have x-ray vision?

If you could just give me
one name, just one,

then you might be able
to get out of here

and help whatever's happening,
but you can't, can you?

Ryan is a terrorist, Hannah.

She is talkative. I will give her that.

Anything we can use
to call off the strike?

You worked undercover with Alex,
and you were her handler.

You know these people.

She's saying Ryan is
one of the terrorists.


You're pretty much the only person
I can trust in this building,

and trust in this building
being a really relative thing.

So, take this com.

Listen to what she has to say,
use the information,

take everything she has,

and see if you can find a connection

between Ryan and the attack.

Because, right now, her
narrative, it isn't convincing.

Uh, León Velez... you were working him?


Well, I mean, he's on the inside, too.

Isn't he just as likely
to be a terrorist as Ryan?

Not if he's the man that I knew.

You've been spending
every night with León this week.

I have.

Are you okay? You don't feel
compromised in any way?

I'm good, Nimah.

I just need to make sure, you know?

The longer you stay undercover,
the lines can get blurry.

You can lose yourself.

I am okay.

I've done a really good job

at differentiating Shelby from Jane.

Shelby drinks coffee, Jane drinks tea.

Shelby reads, Jane watches television.

You're calling yourself Shelby.
That's not a good sign.

Said by the woman who had her own sister

use her name for six months.

Has he told you any more
about who he killed?

No, but he said it's for my own good.

Hmm. That's a good sign.

He wants to protect you from it.

Which means he is starting
to develop feelings for me.

For Jane.


And I think when he does open up next,

he's gonna give me actual details.

He's more vulnerable now.

I agree.

Just make sure you remember
who you need to be,

because if he finds out
about Shelby Wyatt,

both you and Jane will be in danger.

Leigh Davis, Jeremy
Miller, Angie, Surabaya...

why are you telling me this?

All these names, all these leads,

they go nowhere, don't they?

So, tell me, Alex,
what are you really thinking?

I should've seen this coming.

Maybe Ryan was playing me all along,

that everyone I know on
the inside could be in on this,

even the people I trust the most.

Your mission at the Gold Leaf...

seduce your targets and get
as many numbers as you can.

What was your approach?

Being Alex Parrish. Celebrity works.

I've already got Stephanie,
Courtney, and, um, Samantha.

I'm still working on Jeanne,
but she'll fold.

I agree.

You look comfortable,
so they feel relaxed.

Perfect approach.

Clearly, being Alex Parrish
works for you.

What?! There it is!

Thank you. Thank you so much.

All right, boys.
Put your numbers in my phone.

Don't complain. Them's the rules.

Yes, bruv!

Well done, Harry.

Sometimes all it takes is
getting everyone's eyes on you.


Just one, Dayana?

Interesting pick.

Chris here works at the bursar's office

at William & Mary.

He's just e-mailed me the number
of every student in here.

Top of the Murder Board, here I come.

Men alone at a bar traditionally
have a hard time, Sebastian.

You should make a friend or two.

Hello. I'm right here.

You know, you might want
to focus on your 9:00.

Might be more up your alley.

- I know what I'm doing.
- Oh, yeah?

By, uh, venturing beyond
your comfort zone?

You know, you could have
some of my phone numbers.

I've got a bunch.

I don't need to cheat to win.

Yeah, but you do need to win.

Why aren't you playing along?

I'm too nervous.

I keep waiting for that phone to ring.

Mine hasn't. Has yours?

During an assignment?

Look, whoever they are,
they know that we're here.

I can't sleep, I c... I can't eat.

We k...

We killed someone.

Someone who deserved it, I'm sure.

Who are we to say he was bad?

Look, whatever special division
we've been picked for,

whoever's running it,
it's still the CIA.

It's still for the greater good.

Or are they just seducing us
so we think so?

Very impressive, Ryan.

Using an advanced neuro-linguistic
programming technique

designed to produce
a rush of endorphins.

Once the hand leaves the subject...

a sense of connection
with the instigator forms.


is a proven way
to get someone to trust you.

You just sabotaged me.

I sure did.

Um, you see, we're not partners anymore.

So it's each man for himself.


You still gonna go after the AIC?

Are you?

That's my job.

That's my cause.


Look, I know I'm not supposed
to do this,

but how about we make a deal?

- Okay.
- Okay.

If I find out anything, anything at all,

I'll let you know.

You just have to promise
to stop digging yourself.


Because I want you still here
when it's over.

And because you don't want
to make enemies with the FBI.

So, you'd just do that?

Tell me everything that you know?

You'd really stop looking?

Sure. It's a deal.

Come with me.

Hey, excuse me.

This is my really good friend, Ryan,

and he's a nice guy.

You can trust him.

I promise.

Yeah. Thanks.

Okay, enough.

Ryan being a flirt, you helping him,

your song on the jukebox...

I mean, are you kidding me with this?

All right, evidence is evidence.

Just because you don't see how it fits

doesn't mean it's not important.

Did you read that on a tea bag?

All right, just...
if you would just listen.

I'm just about to get to Owen Hall.

That's what really matters.

Owen Hall matters?

The guy who's safely in federal prison.

I don't have a number you can get.

Oh, please.

I already have your number.

Something's up with you.

Excuse me?

You're dealing with something...

something big.

Something you want
to hide from all of us.

Okay. Yeah, I am.

So, um...

what's her name?

She break your heart?

- Time to wrap this up.
- Owen.

Uh, not exactly the Mata Hari
moves I was expecting, Alex.

Tonight was the kiddie pool.

Now it's time
to swim in some deep waters.

Tomorrow night, you're going
to the Estate nightclub

at The Scott hotel in Philadelphia

to attend
the post-rehearsal dinner party

of a lovely young couple
about to get married.

You'll be assigned your mark
amongst the wedding guests

when you arrive.

Your goal...

to seduce them.

You make them feel so comfortable

they're willing to spend
the night with you

and wake up with them after.

Someone who falls asleep next to you

is willing to show they're vulnerable,

and a vulnerable mark will talk in ways

no one you cold-bump into
in a bar ever will.

Y-You're gonna force us
to sleep with people?

- That's...
- Immoral, yes.

Prostitution, sick... yeah, yeah.

It's all those things,
and if you can't do them,

then you got no business here, Mr. Chen.

- It's make-it-or-break-it time.
- So, wake up next to them, that's it?

So, you think it's that easy, Booth?

I'll see you all there.

So, locked together, alone,

in a hotel in another city.

This presents an opportunity, Alex.

Well, not that it's any
of your business anymore,

but it doesn't.

You see, Owen's not
gonna recruit me for the AIC

because he saw me naked.

Some people don't need to use
their sexuality for everything.

Oh, fine, fine. Alex, okay.

But you can use your sexuality
to slip this into his drink.

Wait. You want me to roofie him?

No, it's not a roofie,

and it will not harm him, I promise,

but that is all I'm going to tell you

because you deserve
some plausible deniability.

And you could help out MI6
and really get in the game.

I don't know why I trusted Harry.

Think he's one of the bad guys?

He's not.

And I don't think that Ryan is, either.

The AIC are not responsible
for the attack.

They're the target.

The AIC was formed to work
outside of the law

where the CIA won't,
but they do it in the shadows.

I think I may have been wrong

to assume that this was their handiwork.

Who do you see in this picture?

Okay, so what are
the First Lady, Dayana Mampasi,

and the man that was executed
right in front of me

doing all together?

As soon as you said Surabaya,
I did some digging.

One day before this photo was taken,

an American journalist
living in Surabaya

died in a car accident.

Rumor was he used to be a CIA operative

who went inside the Islamic Front.

I think Dayana and Mike Murray

were the kill team sent in
to take him out.

Can we get back to the part
where Ryan's not a bad guy?

Okay, you said that the terrorists

are interrogating the hostages
and then executing them.

- Right.
- What are they looking for?

I think it is what we were looking for,

and we've had it backwards.

The terrorists are not the AIC.
They are hunting the AIC.

So, right now, downtown,
one group of rogue agents

has taken another group
of rogue agents hostage.

That's what's happening right now.

Okay, well, that is a new one on me.

I'm gonna go get Miranda.

Wait. She's here?

She didn't answer my last call.

You called her?

She didn't tell you?

I'll find her.

Okay. I'm... I'm coming with you.

Just in case.
Something doesn't seem right.

Sit tight. I'll be back.



I'm standing with the man
I'm gonna marry

and trying to spot the man
that I have to wake up with.

Traditional wedding in a white dress

is definitely not in our future.

Who'd you get?

She's pretty.

And there's your guy.

To the bride and the groom!


So, our assignment isn't just seduction,

it's home-wrecking?

Well, I guess the CIA likes a twist

just as much as the FBI.

But why? They're so in love.

Oh, well. Duty calls.

Listen... I know you're not asking,

but... you have my blessing, you know?

Do what you need to do.

Well, I got the best man.

I'll be putting that moniker

to the test in the next two hours.

We just got our assignment.

- How do you do that so fast?
- Well...

Ryan and I have the happy couple.

Ooh, waking up with the bridegroom

the morning of his wedding?

That should take you minutes to set up,

even less if she's the one
who picked this deejay.

You need to focus on Owen.

I'm on it.

Your mark?

Kareem Johnson. He's a fund manager.

Stand here with me for a second.

Make him think he accomplished something

when I talk to him.

Who's yours?

Got two.

The Benchleys...

- Brianna and Fred.
- Okay, then.

How do you know when someone's
seducing you for information?

You pay attention.

I'd think twice if I met someone

who only wanted to hear me talk,

who never want to talk about themselves.

Never pushes back, you know?

Your mark's on the move.

You've been staring.

And so have you. I just don't know why.

I'll tell you why...

if you can keep up with me.

Hi. I was just thinking about you.

Listen, I know I said
I couldn't meet you tonight,

but the conference
I'm attending in Philly

might not go as long as I thought.

You want to meet?

Sure. My place?

How about halfway?

Halfway, like...


I know an out-of-the-way motel.

Sounds good. See you then.

Ooh, Carly Klapp.

Well, that's one lucky lady
with a very unfortunate name.

So, what's the holdup?
She looks wholesome enough.

She's even wearing a cross.
That's good for you.

Go away, Harry.

You know how
good-looking you are, right?

This should be easy for you,
Sebastian, but it's not.

It never is, because you can't

go in cold and calculated like this.

You thought you could with the torture,

but that tore you up inside.

That's why you went to that retreat.

Nobody should have to defend
basic, human decency.

No, I agree, and yet, here we are again.

And again, you can't
keep your virtue here, mate.

You have to cross lines,
because if you don't,

that makes you a danger
to everyone around you.

And as much as I love dangerous men,

you're gonna put actual lives at risk.

See, people like you
want to save the world,

but it takes people like me
to actually do it.

I think it's about time
you find something else to do.

I can cross a line
when I want to enough, Harry.

And just now...

I'm gonna make sure you fail
this scenario and wake up alone.

Um, James... he's a super smart guy.

I-I mean, he's not like book-smart.

He's like life-smart.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

And we're gonna have... great...

- Oh, my God. You're such a funny guy.
- You okay?

James is talking to a very
beautiful woman I do not know.

James has a history of talking
to very beautiful women.

I'll tell you what.

How about I stay here
and make him jealous?

How jealous?

As jealous as you want.

Del Maguey, neat, please. Water back.

I didn't take you for the mezcal type.

And I didn't think
Uncle Sam covered bar tabs.

These... are on you.

Oh, okay.

- Cheers.
- Oh, so...

Or on me, which is why I was getting up.

Oh, sorry. Sorry.

You know what? Just drink this instead.

Go on. Water's good for you.



All right.

I'm sorry for prying so much earlier.

Are you... really?

I... I wasn't wrong
about your broken heart.

Just about who did it.

- Lydia.
- Yeah, that's not a hard leap.

She's gone.

- And I'm...
- Not quite yourself.


What did she do?

It's not what she did. It's what I did.

I let my career...

get in the way of our relationship,

when the relationship should've
been more important.

I know it is. I know it is.

I just... I just can't...

Can't feel it.

Instead of you sitting here talking
to me, you should be out there.

Don't worry.
My mark will wake up with me.


There are many hours
before the sun rises.

And I do enjoy our time together,

away from everything.

So, what is the point of all of this?

To prove to every woman at The Farm

that she's just
a pretty girl in a dress.

No, that's...

That's not what...

That's not what it is.

You know what? Let's...
Let's just get you out of here.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

I'm okay.

- You're good?
- Mm-hmm.

You lied to me.

No, I didn't.

Is everything okay?

I got to be honest with you.

I'm not sure that I can afford you.

Excuse me?

You mean, you're not...

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

I just...

I just figured you were...

Well, for someone like you

to be interested in someone like me...

Just stop apologizing,
and let's open the door.

I'm sorry. I didn't...

Are you sure you want to do this?

You've had a lot to drink.
I don't want to be that guy.

Kareem, be that guy.

I know this is what people say
who normally do this,

but... I don't normally do this.

Neither do I.

All right. Come on. You're good.

I know what you're up to.

Owen, I'm trying to make sure
you get here okay. Sit down.

Now, you know you're not
the first recruit

to try to get ahead
by going after the instructor.

But ju... You... You are the first one

to not take no for an answer.

Sit down. You look awful.

You're pissed at me?

I'm pissed at your assumption.

I just... I thought you were different.

Now, what? No, you couldn't have
thought I was that different,

'cause... you're here,
trying to make this story end

the way it did for you last time.

You think I want something from you,
and the only way I can get it

- is to sleep with you.
- Hey.

Do you know how archaic
this whole scenario is?

Like, the only thing a woman
has to offer is sex,

and men are so dumb

that they're gonna give up
anything to get it.

I can get whatever I want

without having to compromise myself,

and if you couldn't,

then you weren't a very good operative.

You're saying no
to a question I'm not asking,

which means this is about
what you want from me.

And what is it I want from you?


Oh, damn it!

I forgot something.
I'll be just a second, okay?

Whoa. Slow down, Alabama.

I hope I didn't take you
away from your marks.

I lost them.
I was actually on my way out.

You did this?

He's alive.

Look, I don't know what happened.
I just...

It's okay.


They told us the men would come for us.

Not to fight, just be ready.

I was just 10, and my mom,

she didn't want that
for me and my sisters,

and so... she taught us how to...

He was just a nice man,
a perfect gentleman.

He was harmless, and I just...

One second, he was touching me,
and the next,

I could just hear my sister
saying, "I'm not ready"...

- Hey, hey, hey, hey. Shh, shh, shh!
- "I'm not ready," and I just...

Hey, hey, relax! Shh! Calm down!

Hey, at least he's not dead.

But I wanted him to be.
I wanted him to be.

Where are you going?

I'm going downstairs.

In a place like this, the
bartender will have Rohypnol.

He'll sell, no questions asked.

This guy will not
remember a thing, okay?

You and I need to talk.

The fantasy of being an operative

is very different from the reality.

This morning, some of you
completed the scenario,

a few did not.

Seduction isn't a game.

It's powerful.

And power always has a cost.

You have to be willing to be used...


culpable, and even betrayed
to successfully seduce an asset.

But no matter how successful you are

in completing your mission,

waking up and accepting
what happened the night before

is one of the hardest parts of the job.

Now, for the next few weeks,
every one of you

will cross a line
you thought was impossible.

Because you are the ultimate weapon

to use on people you've never met,

those you love,
sometimes your country...

and even yourself.

All right. Get out of here.

- I think I found one of your phones.
- Where?

In your fiancé's pocket.

You're kidding.

I'll take this cup.

There's somewhere you need to be.

Hey. Are you okay? You didn't show up.

I got waylaid.

Yeah, well, I waited
at some creepy Motel 6

for two hours before I realized
you weren't coming.

Jane, we've known each other
for, what, a month now?

That's not a long time, right?

We met at a diner.

We... We... We spent a holiday together.

I've told you things about my life

I haven't even told my own family.

It's not normal for me.

Something doesn't add up.
Something about you.

Just because I'm interested in you?

That's what a relationship is.

I'd say it's a little more
than interest, wouldn't you say?

I mean, y-you sleep with me,
you pull back,

you leave me wanting more,

and the whole time, y-you're searching

and you're... and you're digging.

I mean, who are you, really?
W-What are you hiding from me?

I know that you have
skeletons in your closet.

So do I, but I don't
press you about yours,

because I know you need someone
who's not gonna judge you.

That is what I need, too.

Look, it's okay that we met,
and it's moving fast.

You're different
from anyone I've ever know.

I don't know. I-I can't explain it,

but it's just...

I know that I feel safe
when I'm around you,

and I hope you do, too.

You know what? Here.

Take my phone. Call anyone in there.

Ask them who I am, and see
if I don't add up to you,

because I have nothing to hide from you.

I'm not afraid to show you
who I really am.

So, top of the Murder Board.

Guess you woke up with her, then.

I slept with her.

All right.

It was, uh... It was, uh,

just like you said it would be.

It was easy.

So... I showed her some interest.

She's, um...

She... She's, uh... She's beautiful...

- Smart.
- Hmm.

She, um... She lives in L.A.

I've been to her church.

But, uh... none of that matters

because... I woke up with someone who...

who thought I was a good person.

And... And I'm not.

So, what I did...
What I did was... It wasn't good.

I d... I did it just to prove
to myself I could.

And to prove it to you.

What's wrong with me, Harry?

What... What did I do?


I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Oh, how'd I know this was coming?

I'll put a BOLO out for her.

No, just give her a head start.

I hate to admit it, but she's
the only one who can end this.

I'm so gonna regret it.

They took away the mattress.

They're rolling
this whole place up tomorrow.

Well, then, no one will know
what happened in here.

That's a little sad.

Well, we know.

Top of the Murder Board, huh?

And you?

Well, you saw my ranking. I failed.

Is there anything else
you want to talk to me about?

Is there something you want me
to talk to you about?

So, the AIC hasn't contacted you yet?

I told you I'd tell you if they did.

Yeah, well, you told me a lot
of things in our time together,

and not all of them have been true.

I thought we made a deal,

that you wouldn't persist
with this if I decided that...

We did. I lied.


Well, Miranda was right.

Yes, she was, but you lied, too.

You're really not
gonna give this up, are you?

Why should I, Ryan?
This was my assignment first.

So I'm not letting it go till it's done.

Hmm. Okay. Well...

we promised each other
we'd tell the truth in here,

and since it's our last night,
I hope you don't mind

what I'm about to say.

They chose me, Alex, not you.

It's over.

That's what I wanted you to believe.

I was hoping you'd call.

Well, that's good to hear.

Uh, you promised me dinner.

When's that happening?

How about this weekend?
I'd like to see you again.

You were good, Shelby.

Feels good.

We have him. We're gonna do this.

Okay. Take care.

I got the information
you requested from Kareem.

And you won't even find a single
fingerprint on him from me.

Because I used León Velez
to clean it up.

Because he's weak

and he shouldn't be a part
of what we're doing.

All good?

Well, that remains to be seen.

Hey, did that pill work?

Well, did you spike his drink?


Well, then, it worked.

Little radiation tracer he ingested

is a little tradecraft secret,
courtesy of MI6.

That's what was in it?

You... You poisoned him?

I already told you,
it's not gonna hurt him.

It's just a tag.

Our dear teacher/criminal mastermind

will simply secrete
a minor dose of radiation

over the next eight days.

And we can track everywhere
he goes with this.

So, where is he now?

He's just across the way.


You okay?


I'm fine.

When the jets are five minutes out,

I'm going to need a secure line
to the White House

in order to get the final go-launch
confirmation from President Haas.

You get that BOLO out immediately!

NYPD, State Police, get NSA to flag

- any number associated with her.
- Yes, ma'am.

Until further notice,
we keep this need-to-know.

The public's already dealing
with too much as it is.


What's going on? What happened?

Alex Parrish escaped, General.

And so did Miranda Shaw.



Give me one reason
why I should trust you.

You're right, Alex.

I wouldn't trust me, either,
but I will tell you this.

I am one of the terrorists,

and after the conversation
that we are about to have,

you will be, too.