Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - JMPALM - full transcript

At the Farm, Owen teaches the recruits a lesson on the necessity of betrayal, with a mission of getting the Venezuelan Consul to turn on his country. In the future, Alex teams up with Miranda to save the hostages, while President Claire Haas has a plan to end the crisis.

Previously on "Quantico"...

We believe Owen Hall,

the head instructor, is the recruiter.

Everything you'll learn
is a capital offense.

Something doesn't add up.

Something about you.

I'm not coming back, Miranda.

I'm gonna stay here at The Farm,

find the AIC, and take them down myself.

No one suspects you're a double agent?

- Nope.
- Good.

They chose me, Alex, not you.

It's over.

That's what I wanted you to believe.

President Todd will hand over power

to Vice President Claire Haas.

I wasn't wrong about your
broken heart. Lydia?

I let my career get in the
way of our relationship.

I am one of the terrorists.

And after the conversation
that we are about to have,

you will be, too.

This is where we're headed.

You're telling me there's been
a way inside the crisis zone

this whole time, and no one's found it?

Last week, Eric Boyer
edited a service tunnel

out of every digital map in this city

in case they needed a way out.

You say "They" as if
you're not a part of them.

You went inside The Farm

to stop a group of
insurgents inside the CIA,

and you failed.

Someone noticed, and they contacted me.


Someone else.

Someone who knew how ruinous
this group could be

to the very foundation of
this country, to the world.

They knew what it took to stop them.

We knew lines had to be crossed.

You have betrayed every oath
that you have ever taken.

Once all this is over,

you're gonna pay for
everything you've done.

Everyone will, Alex.

Including you.

I've done some digging,

and this group appears
to be very, very real.

And what did you find out?

No specifics I'd like to share with AT&T.

Let's just say the AIC
appear to be the answer

to a lot of unsolved questions

the home office has had
the past few months.

Okay. Well, how should I proceed?

I thought you had someone on the inside,

but your work with Alex Parrish
seems to be going nowhere.

I think I've been backing
the wrong horse up to now.

Then change horses.

Thank you, as ever, for
your encouraging words.

Next year you can come with us.

You'll see how much joy there is

building these shelters for these kids,

working with their churches.

You don't have to leave already, do you?

You are the one who has to drive

two and a half hours after breakfast.

I can be late.

Tor Miller - "Carter & Cash".

You cook, too?

Well, I've spent a lot of time alone.

Consider this the last piece to my apology.

Whatever did you do so I
could deserve all of this?

Why don't you go take a shower?

I'll plate this.


We need to talk about the other night.

Yeah, I figured this was bigger

than a "Run the bathroom sink
or blender" conversation.

I need to know what you're
gonna do with your phone.

You know that's none of your business.

Maybe not mine,

but I'm on my way to a
safe house somewhere,

full of people who will make it theirs.

Has yours even rung yet?

Yours hasn't?

I'm sorry. Look.

Separating our work and our
relationship is getting harder.

The mission will end.

Being at The Farm will end.

We won't.

No matter what's happening,

that doesn't change how
we feel about each other.

Not yet.

Please, go ahead.

No, no, you go first.

How about I just see you back there?

Yeah, okay. I'll...

I'll go west.

- Yep.
- Yep.

Clever girl.

Is this made by StarTAC?

Do you get free rollover minutes?

What are you doing? Put that back.

What, back in your pocket?

Where it's been through every conversation

we've had this last week?

Two weeks?

And there I was thinking
you needed my help,

but you've just played me
like you've been playing him.

I've been there before.

What are you, spying on us?

This should not be your concern, Harry.

You should be tracking Owen's movements.

Yeah, well, he hasn't been
anywhere besides class,

the Gold Leaf, and home this last week.

The radioactive isotope we've
put in him has since worn off,

and we are none the wiser.

But not that any of that matters,

because you've had what we've
needed this whole time.

You know, you had in me, unlike Ryan,

someone you could trust
who's on your side...

or was, rather.

Because I think I've just
found me a new ride.


- Don't.
- Don't what?

What are you gonna do, phone a friend?

How are you gonna do that, Alex?

"Operating an asset" means
giving someone a reason

to do what you want them to do.

Which is?

Spy for you.

Goes without saying.

What else?

Provide intelligence or secrets.

Getting warmer.

Change sides?

Betray their country?

Betray their loved ones?

Betray themselves.

Correct, all of you.

But there are many layers
to operating an asset,

and it all starts with leverage.

In our game, there are
four points of leverage...

money, ideology, coercion, and ego.

We call this "MICE."

But in my experience, I like
to add another letter...

"D," for "Doubt."

If you can give your asset
a reason to doubt...

doubt who they can trust,
what they believe in,

how they're perceived...

then you have found their
largest point of leverage.

But seeding doubt takes time.

You have to do the research,
find the pressure points,

get your leverage...

which is what you'll be doing
for the next few hours.

But doubt not, your
patience will be rewarded.

- What's up?
- I have orders from Miranda,

and you're not going to like them.

Ooh, hot.

I didn't know you were
into this sort of thing.

Let's be honest, I'm not surprised.

I want my phone back, Harry.

But you've already got one.

I've seen you 'gram all those
inspirational quotes with it.

You're not leaving.

This ends now.

What does?

Alex's time at The Farm.

We gave you the benefit of the doubt

that wouldn't stand in the
way, but that's over.

They recruited me.

Did they?

Because this phone has only
received two phone calls,

and neither of them were answered.

If I didn't know you better, Alex,

I would say you mocked this up yourself.

What do you want?

I want to know every single thing you know

and when you know it.

Or I can go to Ryan

and combine the powers of the FBI and MI6.

You wouldn't do that.

Wouldn't I?

You've already told your
boyfriend you have this,

which means your former employers now know,

and their next move is to eliminate

any threat to their mission.

She's not FBI anymore.

She could compromise your mission.

I won't sabotage Alex.

One way or another, she'll be done.

Better it be you.

You eliminate Ryan, and then we can talk.

In the meantime, I will just stand back

and see whether Mr. or Mrs. Smith survives.

But a word of advice.

Take Ryan out before he takes you out.

Better you...

than him.

We're against the clock, Miranda.

President Haas is ordering an air strike.

What are we doing waiting here?

You wanted to save lives, right?

How about we start with 121 souls

who don't know an air
strike is coming their way?

I never said redemption came easy.

Come on.

Come on!

No sign of Director Shaw or Alex Parrish.

Keep looking.

Let me know the moment you find anything.

All personnel must clear out immediately.

Remain in your office, Agent Wyatt.

The worst crisis since Grand Central

in unfolding in lower Manhattan,

and you just kicked the
FBI out of their offices?

It's a big building.

They'll find a place to work.

Madame President.

We need to talk.

I guess congratulations are in order.

The first lady's been murdered.

Downtown Manhattan is under siege.

There's not cause for congratulations.

Why not?

You got the job you always wanted.

I see this isn't going to
be a friendly conversation.

Why should it be?

You could've ordered the strike
from the Situation Room,

but you sent General Richards
down here to do your dirty work.

Why show yourself now?

Or did you just want to see my
face when you kill my friends?

In the brief time that I've been president,

I've been surrounded by experts

who don't think I'm equipped for the job.

Are you?

You see that office? It
used to be Greg Lawson's.

We trained together at Quantico.

He was one of the guys I came up with.

But I was never one of them.

I could pretend to be like them.

I could do the job better, I
could get the promotions,

but at the end of the day,

I look like I looked and I was what I was.

Men don't like to admit
that glass ceilings exist

because they are the glass ceiling.

Well, you just shattered it.

Only by default.

It's not getting the job

that's gonna change the way
Americans feel about women.

It's what I do with it.

If I listen to the people around me now...

people I did not choose...

then I might be able to stay president.

But those people want to strike,

and they say if I don't,
I'll be perceived as weak.

I didn't plan or approve
this, and I still don't.

There is a better way.

And that's why I'm here.

I need your help to call off the strike.

You're the commander in chief.
You just say "no."

I can't...

because I helped create the
rogue group inside the CIA.

The act of betraying someone,
or something, isn't easy.

And the target we've chosen
for you isn't, either.

Meet Gabriel Carrera...

a squeaky-clean, high-ranking
officer at the Venezuelan Consulate

whom the CIA would like
to use to gain access

to some of Venezuela's state secrets.

Now, you've already cased his house,

got his phone logs and his banks records,

and even obtained his garbage...

thank you, Mr. Chen...
all for one reason...

finding out what makes him tick.

Intel has told us certain
Venezuelan government officials

may be embezzling money
from their homeland.

Carrera has access to
classified financial records.

Obtaining this information
will allow the agency

to have leverage in Venezuela
during its expected collapse.

Now, we've already gathered an
array of intelligence on Carrera.

Your job is to learn all you can about him

and figure out how best to
turn him against his country.

Vaulted ceilings,
skylights, new appliances,

all on a government salary?

Well, maybe he's got a sugar
daddy or a rich uncle.

Either way, need for
money will not turn him.

Gabriel, his daughter,
and his husband, Robbie.

Well done, Gabriel.

Worked out pretty well for Robbie, too.

Gabriel got him a job at the Consulate.

How's it going with Ryan?

Have you worked out how to
clear that playing field yet?

I'm not going after him.

I have my mission, he has his.

Just so you know, this has
rung a few more times.

Wonder what they'll do if they
think you're ignoring them.

Living and working together.

Sounds like my personal
nightmare, no space.

Didn't figure you for someone
who had relationships.

Didn't figure you for one, either.

Relationships make for weak operatives.


Generationals - "Trust".

Something I can help you with?

You know what? I just figured it out.

See, I can understand falling into debt

for a really beautiful Tom Ford tuxedo,

but all these Bonobos?

Are we sure they're gay?

You do realize that I don't find you

as charming as everyone
else here does, right?

But you might find me useful.

Your girlfriend is trying to get
you bounced out of training

so she can have the AIC all to herself.

And why would I believe a word you said?

Well, because we're both real agents

who swore under oath to uphold the law,

and your fiancee over there is
just some disgruntled ex-employee

that HR hasn't gotten around to yet.

You see, I back winners, Ryan.

If you want to turn the tables
and get the upper hand,

I am willing to help.

Well, I might just take
you up on that offer.

That's very good to hear.

Money seems to be the
best point of leverage.

Maybe we can bribe him.

Or we use doubt to turn him.

Maybe he resents the lifestyle he has
to maintain to keep his husband.

We could make it seem like
Robbie's having an affair?

Get him in a vulnerable place.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more.

You call fidelity and trust into issue,

everything starts to unravel.

You're assuming there
isn't strong trust there.

What about the kid?

Gabriel is the biological father.

Venezuela doesn't support marriage
equality or LGBT adoption.

If we cause concern over custody,

we have a true pressure point to exploit.

What do you think is best?

You tell me.

You're heading to the Venezuelan
Consulate in one hour.

Your goal... plant enough doubt
in Gabriel Carrera's mind

to get him to give us access

to those confidential financial records.

Work as a team.

And remember, a Consulate is
technically foreign soil.

There is no "Get out of jail free" card

from your Uncle Sam if you get caught.

You blow your cover, it'll be a long time

before you see the outside
of a Venezuelan prison.

We could destroy an entire relationship

with the information we've collected.

A family.

How far do you want us to go?

As far as it takes.

Well, I might just take
you up on that offer.

You told him I was going after him first.

You lied.

Please, I barely tipped the
glass before he spilled.

He's coming for you, Alex.

Harry, please. You're playing us both.


It's not a race with just one person.

Look, all that matter is,

Ryan in an FBI agent

with legitimate government business here.

You are just holding a grudge.

He will betray you...

Maybe today, maybe next week.

But if you want to stay here,

you need to do it first.

So, what, are we supposed to just rush in,

get everyone out... hostage,
terrorists alike...

Before the strike?

That's a tall order for two people.

A little less tall for three.

Alex, I just need you to know...

Ryan is not a part of this.

I told him everything that was going on,

and he made me promise to help
him get you out to safety.

We can catch up on the way.
Come on, let's go.

Nobody's going anywhere...
Especially you, Miranda.

It was my first term as senator.

I was eager to reach across the aisle.

I would talk to anyone who had a good idea.

And then one night,

I found myself sitting
across from someone from DOD

who revealed, after
several bottles of wine,

that he was in charge of the Black Budget.

The federal-intelligence budget?

That is code-word classified.

It is, but he was drinking,
and I was fascinated.

There was in front of me...

An accounting of everything
we spend on surveillance,

foreign operations, assassinations,

arming rebels,

rigging elections in other countries.

I mean, if you want to know what
a country's priorities are...

- you follow...
- You follow the money.

That's right.

This country needs black
ops, that's a fact.

But he said that he
wanted to help facilitate

more transparency, more
accountability, as did I.

I campaigned on it.

I was proud to help.

We passed a bill that called for

independent oversight of the black ops,

with 10% going towards something
called "Alternative training,".

Which was supposed to mean new practices.

Instead, it meant the
formation of the group

you've dubbed the AIC in your white paper.

Once you knew, you could have come forward,

done something to stop them.

I didn't know they existed

until your report came across
my desk five hours ago.

I need you to disavow that paper.

I get it. I get it.

If you call off the strike and
the white paper comes out,

it'll look like you helped the AIC.

But that is not the case, and
you can defend your actions.

You just did.

Why are you making this a negotiation?

What is the point of a
woman even being elected

if she's just gonna act
like every man before her?

Why can't you just do the right thing?

Because I wasn't elected.

America elected a half-as-qualified man

with next to no experience.

A man who's never stood for anything,

who never served this country,

and who rolled over out of fear
when a terrorist demanded it.

He's gone now, and I'm here,

and we both want the same things.

Let's start with that.

The Joint Chiefs want an update.

They work for you.

I'll be sure to remind them of that.

How are you?

My wife and I are here for
our visa application.

This won't take too long, is it?

'Cause our sitter has to leave at 6:00.

Okay. Have a seat.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

We're in.

Well, you can sit tight.

We got this.

This isn't a solo mission.

I thought they all were.

Gentlemen, please.

Mr. Carrera,

I'm glad you could meet with
us on such short notice.

Two important men want to bring

much-needed investment capital
to the people of Venezuela.

How can I say "No" to that?

So, what's your play with Ryan?

No play, really.

Just a shot across the bow
to see if you're right.

As you can see, our firm
is well-capitalized

and prepared to meet whatever
requirements there are

to start our business in
your country immediately.

Including paying any
special fees, let's say.

I'm listening.

We have money... a lot of it.

And we're willing to spend it in any way

that makes our lives easier,

including lining the right
pockets in Caracas.

I was just waiting to
hear what your goal was.

Even if I had that information,

I wouldn't share it with two men

who represent a firm that doesn't exist.

You were incorporated last week,
and you have no investors.

What is this? Money laundering?

I don't care to find out.

Leave now, before I have
you forcibly removed.

We'll find another way.

Looks like it's time for plan "B."

Mr. Gold?

Mrs. Gold.

Excuse me, you're not
supposed to be in here.

We know.


We're sorry to come at you like this,

but we believe your
husband, Gabriel Carrera,

has gotten himself into trouble.

I don't understand.

We believe he's preparing
to flee the country...

And worse, for a crime he didn't commit.

Our office has been looking into Mr.

for helping Venezuelan ex-pats here
in America launder their money.

That's a joke. Gabriel
won't even double-park.

We know. We looked into him.

We just think he's being made a patsy
by someone from the government,

and he wants to leave the
country before he's arrested.

That's ridiculous.

He's right upstairs. I'll go get him.

Do you know where your daughter
is right now, Mr. Robertson?

Ginger, our nanny,

is picking up Isabel from school.

Are you sure?

Because from what we know,

they're boarding a 4:45 flight
to Caracas as we speak.

Are you sure you're up for this today?

Why wouldn't I be?

Because you almost ran out on
the last mission we went on.

You mean when I stayed
to clean up your mess?

That's our call.

Foxhall Elementary.

Yes, Mr. Robertson, I know who you are.

Your husband was here over an hour ago.

He took Isabel out of class.

Mr. Robertson?

If they land in Venezuela,
you may never see her again.

They don't recognize marriage equality.

What can I do?

Just let us have a look at Gabriel's
files upstairs at the data center.

We just need to confirm a
few things, get a warrant,

and stop that plane.

We can get your little girl back.

Follow me.

Just don't talk to anyone.

- Of course.
- Okay.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Is there a restroom upstairs?

No one but Consulate staff
is allowed upstairs.

Well, that's odd,

'cause I thought I saw a
fellow visa applicant

head right up there alone.

Frank, do you want to cover me, here?

You want to dance, let's dance.

You told me I was going undercover

to stop people from getting killed.

Instead, the group of
people you sent me in with

has been killing people.

It wasn't supposed to go this far.

Did you know that my
sister was gonna be here?

I told you that it wouldn't be easy.

There might be sacrifices.

I've been doing everything
that I can to keep her safe.

I even had to lie to her

to prove to them that she's
not who they're looking for.

All that, for what, Miranda?

For nothing.

We failed because we aligned
ourselves with the wrong people.

I believed we were doing
this for our country.

Right now, we need to get inside.

We need to find Lydia Hall
and get those drives.

N... no... no, no. We need to
get those hostages first.

The drives are more important.

I told you, Alex.

Miranda, you go find Lydia,

and Nimah and I will go get the hostages.

Now, can we put the gun down and
face the real enemy, please?

I'm sorry.

Lydia Hall will not trust me alone.

So I need you to come with me, Alex.

100 people are important,

but millions of lives will be lost

if those drives fall into the wrong hands.

Alex, move.

Go, Alex.

You'll be okay here with her?

I'll deal with it.



You're making a big mistake.

Alex, don't!

The files are in here.

My card will access them.

What's the matter?

I should call Gabriel.

No. There isn't time.

Without a warrant, we
can't stop that plane,

and we need these files
to get that warrant.

Sorry, this is just all so crazy.

I-I need to talk to him.

He took your daughter.

He didn't tell you about the
trouble that he was in.

How could you trust him
in that state of mind?

I just need to hear his voice.

Okay, I wanted to do this the easy way.

Who are you people?

We're the ones who have your daughter.

When are my dads coming?

They'll be here soon.

I promise.

Start filming.

We should take her back.

We should finish what we started. Do it.


Salude a tu papi.

Hola, papa.

If you hurt her...

Just give us the files, and
we'll free your daughter.

You'll never see us again.

Keep a lookout.

Excuse me, miss?

Miss, stop where you are right now.


We had a report of unauthorized
personnel on this floor.

Can you identify yourself?


I hate this game.

They'll be here soon, sweetheart.

Who are you again?

We told you. We're friends.

Go. Just go. Go.

Wait, what are you doing?

Wait. Isa... what are you...

We got what we needed.

We didn't need her anymore.

You don't know that.

What are you doing? You got
what you came here for.

This will only take a second.

Consider this one a personal favor.

Come on, you've already
aided an act of treason.

Aren't we just splitting hairs now?

I see you made it past the.

Ryan, we need help.

Something went wrong.

The security guard you sent after me...

Harry, he's hurt.

And you really expect me to buy that?

This isn't a game!

I need you right now.

Are we not working together anymore?

All right.

Will you do me a favor and
wait here for a second?


Are you kidding me?

I gave you first crack, Booth.

You should've taken it.

I'll meet you out back.

So that's it?

You're pushing me out?

You're literally going to obstruct justice

and put your little
crusade above the law...

And worse, sacrifice your fiance for it.

As if you weren't gonna do the same thing.

Of course I wasn't.

Yes, you would have.

If not this assignment, then the next one.

I know that because I
would've done the same thing

if I was in your shoes.

Harry played me your conversation.

The only thing Harry played was both of us.

Even if he did, what does it matter?

There isn't enough room at
The Farm for both of us.

You have to admit it.

You're right.

This isn't your job
anymore, it's just mine.

It was yours.

Have fun explaining to the police
how you ended up like that.

Your bags will be ready when
you get back to The Farm.

Give me that!

Give me the key.

Aren't you sick of this?

No, Alex, I'm not sick of it.

I hate it.

I hate what it's doing to us.

Look, I know that we said
whatever happens here

doesn't change things
between us, but look, Alex.

Look at what's happening.

If you do this, if this is
where we are right now,

how are we ever gonna get back to where
we were before this all started?

Parrish will be the key for us.

I am closer to her now
than I have ever been.

The field is clear for her to become
a great asset for us within the CIA.

And she will give us entree we
need to get to the other one.

Has the day yielded anything else of value?


Nope, it hasn't,

but I will let you know if
anything new does come in.

Okay, look, just love to Pip and the girls.


You're... you're Carly, aren't you?

Sebastian's friend?

Yes, that's right.

Is... he okay?


Yeah... sorry... yes.

I just... I wanted to say hello.

I'm Harry. I'm his...

I'm his flatmate.

Sorry. I-I didn't know he had a roommate.

I barely know him.

We've just met.

Yeah, well, I barely know him, too,

and I've lived with him
for under half a year.

But I just think Sebastian doesn't
open up to that many people.


Am I...

doing the right thing?

I work on the Hill.

That's a long commute for a guy.

For anything, really.

It's just, I don't meet many people
who aren't in the government.

And he's just so kind and decent.

And who's decent anymore?

Yeah... no, I know. You're... You're right.

Well, he's a very special person.

He, follows the rules,
doesn't give in to temptation.

He's uncorrupted, which,

in this world, is a harder
and harder thing to be.

Anyway, nice to meet you.

Good night.

Evening, Harry.


You had him right where you wanted.

You mean right where you wanted.

I don't believe you.

You're back where you started.

You're making an emotional call,

allowing your relationship
to stand in your way.

You betrayed a mission for it.


Because my relationship
gives me strength, Harry.

It doesn't hold me back.

It allows me to accomplish whatever I need,

including this.

We're done.

I'm cutting you loose.
You're a free agent now.

And, um...

I have all the help that I need.

It's not you.

What happens when he changes his mind?

He won't!

He will.

You want to talk about what
happened during that operation?

We did what we were told to.

Yeah, until you let that girl go.

Our part of the mission was complete.

You didn't know that at the time.

What if we needed more from her?

I had a moment of weakness, okay?

Sometimes a moment is all it takes.

Why are you being so hard on me?

Last week, you couldn't even
complete the assignment.

We grabbed a child today, Leon.

We convinced her she could trust us

so that we could take her
away from her family.

I know what it's like to be young

and trust the wrong people.

And I'm being hard on you
because you keep doing this.

Two steps forward, four steps back.

You can't pick and choose
how far you're gonna go,

and you can't keep
struggling with who you are.

The day I stop struggling with who I am

is the day I'll die.

You have doubts, Dayana.

You have doubts about what you've done

and doubts about who you are.

That makes you weak, and
that will bring you down.

You betray yourself every day

by not choosing which side to play.

And you?

You doubt nothing in your life?

Sometimes people doubt
themselves for a reason.

Just give up.

You want to explain this?

I may have been on the sidelines today,

but I'm always watching.

You two nearly got yourselves

and everyone around you
burned during this operation.

It was beyond reckless.

What you did doesn't just end operations,

it doesn't just end careers,
it sends people to jail.

And I think that just might
be where you belong,

unless you can give me one
good reason why you don't.

Who are you?

And what are you really doing here?

Alex was trying to get me burned

because she's jealous that
you recruited both of us.

She knew she'd been cut out of
the loop, and she wants back in.

She thinks I'm the one that burned her,

so she was trying to get me out of the way.

Which is why today I was
trying to get her kicked out

before she unraveled everything
that you've been working for.

Well, thanks for bringing
this to my attention.

Good night.

Good night.

I can't. I can't betray my country,

my oath, my friends.

People deserve to know what
the AIC are capable of.

They deserved to know it last year

when we could've prevented today.

If that paper goes out, it will be decades

before another woman is on the ticket,

let alone the Oval Office.

We don't know that.

Right now, you are president.

Listen, there's a version of this
where you trust everyone around you

and it probably works out for you.

But you wouldn't have flown to New York
in the middle of a national crisis

if that is what you wanted.

You said you wanted my help to call it off.

You want to say "No."

And if that means owning up
to the role you had in it,

then you know what, that's two
right things you'll do today.

I wish I could be more like you, Shelby.

Actually, I was you 25 years ago.

I believed in the American dream.

But now I know better.

"We the people" means
"We the corporations,"

justice still depends on
the color of one's skin.

Now I have a chance to
help change all that.

I will not give it up.
I need another option.

Call off the air strike.

Send in a team to breach the perimeter.

It might get messy,

and there will be no parade at the end,

but you will have done right by everyone.

Isn't that the better legacy of the first
female president of the United States,

even if it costs you your job?

Okay, I'm gonna go run a few errands

before I meet up with Leon.

Just text me when you
meet, and I'll get out.

I always do.

Do the dishes.

I always do.

Have fun, Jane.

Forgot your keys again?

Can I help you? You can't
just walk into people's...

You know who I am.

You must be Jane's friend.

She just left not 10 seconds ago.

Yeah, someone just left,

but her name's not Jane.

I know what you've been doing.

You're FBI, both of you.

Trying to get to me, to The Farm.

I don't know what you're.

You were right to.

What they're doing there is not right.

It reminds me of places I've
been right before an uprising.

You can feel it coming.

I will tell you everything I know.

I will work for you.

But only directly, not through her.


They made me kill someone for no reason.

The people I'm with, I care about them,

and I want to get them out.

But whatever's happening,

I'm afraid it will destroy them, too.

I came to the CIA

because I didn't want to
act selfishly anymore,

I didn't want to just stand
around and do nothing.

But what they're making me do there...

Let me talk to my people.

So, what's her name?

I'm sorry, I can't tell you that.

Is any of this real?


I'll let you know as soon
as I talk to my superior.

Speak to them quickly.

Things are moving fast.

What are you doing in my room?

I'm here to talk.


A group at The Farm

secretly selecting recruits
for covert training.

I didn't think you'd
drop the mask that easy.

You have the phone.

Come on.

This is how they contact you?


You really think I'd be part
of a secret organization

to train recruits at The Farm?

After all this time, that's who I am?

That's how I operate?

I have dedicated my life to this agency.

I've dedicated my life to this country.

And I'm supposed to believe that?

I don't play games, Alex. I train spies.

I train patriots to serve their country.

And I don't what you've
gotten yourself into,

but if you don't start telling
me everything right now,

I swear to God I will have
you arrested for espionage

and make sure you don't see the
light of day for a decade.

Tor Miller - "All Fall Down".

Anyone know what we're doing here?

You have a lot to be proud of.

Few make it this far,

and fewer yet make it where we're going.

Yeah? Where's that?

What are we?

You tell me.

No one knows what this is?

You've lied for it, killed for it,

and you can't even tell me what this is?

It's the CIA.

Everyone at The Farm, at Langley,

at stations around the world
think they're a part of the CIA,

but it's the people here.

It's the people who do what
we do who are the true CIA.

We make the real choices, real sacrifices,

without anyone knowing the truth.

For the rest of your time at The Farm,

we will be meeting and training
under everyone's noses...

The way that you will for
the rest of your careers,

the way that we who truly love
America have always had to operate.

Where's Alex?

She didn't make the cut.

Welcome to the other side.

Madam President, the F-22s are
50 klicks from the target,

closing in and weapons-free.

GBU-28s armed and online.

30 seconds out, Madam President.

We are a go.

Do we have final approval, Madam President?

Call it off.

Stand down. Do not engage target.

I repeat. Stand down. Do not engage target.

What now, Madam President?

Now we save them.


Alex, where are you?

I'm heading back into the perimeter.

My phone will be jammed once I get in.

Listen... the strike,
is it still happening?

It's off, but it's not over.

They're gonna breach instead.

A specialized hostage-rescue
team is going in, weapons hot.

Where are you, Alex?

Exactly where I need to be.

I'll see you soon.