Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 11 - ZRTORCH - full transcript

Alex attempts to convince Owen there's a traitor among them; the recruits escort an asset with a death wish out of Germany; the terrorists use a new method to receive information from the hostages.

Previously on "Quantico"...

You really think I'd be part
of a secret organization?

I don't play games, Alex. I train spies.

You have a lot to be proud of.

Few make it this far.

Your father-in-law is
a very... powerful man.

Well, that doesn't mean
he should get away with it.

I'm not gay.

I never was, I never will be.

You're FBI, both of you.

I will tell you everything I know.

I can't risk leaving the country.

Remember Helen Sharp?

After she was killed,
your name was leaked.

It wasn't supposed to go this far.

I know what you're doing. I'm in.

- Shelby.
- Where are you, Alex?

Exactly where I need to be.

Are you okay?

Well, well... roommates again.

They know how to torture me, don't they?


You're alive!

Where have they been keeping you?

In a room by myself.

I had hoped you'd escaped
or... were released.


What are they doing?

We're about to find out.

You've been given a
fast-acting narco-analytic

to ensure accurate responses.

You're gonna answer
a series of questions.

Answer truthfully, and
this will be over soon...

one way or another.

What are they saying?

They're asking where he's been.

I met an asset in Basel.

Then, I traveled to Badenweiler.

Under what name?

Glen Weller.

Two points. We need one more.

And after Badenweiler, where did you go.

To Oslo.

On June 19th.

You can't end this.

We're gonna do whatever it
takes to protect this countr...

So will we.


So, I owe you a drink, huh?

It's ironic, isn't it?

I spent the last three months

teaching you how to be an operative.

And you were undercover the
entire time, operating me.

Man, I missed the signs.

I'm sorry. But I know how it feels.

What are you doing here?

I need your help, Owen.

With what?

A crusade against a conspiracy
you can't even prove exists?

With tearing down my life and family

till there's nothing left?

Because we're almost there,

and I don't feel like you need any help.

Come on. That's not fair.

What's not fair is you
accusing my daughter

of being at the center of
what could only be called

the largest organized act
of treason in U.S. history.

And it's not fair you expect

you coming in here and buying me a drink

is gonna rectify that.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry! You can't
do this and be sorry!

Be right.

Are you right, Alex?

It's on her.

This phone and five others like it

were hidden in a false
wall in your house.

Who put them there?

Look, seven months ago, in Tikrit,

the prime minister's
motorcade was bombed,

and she landed 24 hours before...

So I noticed you haven't
been eating much lately.

I can't believe I didn't
hear you in my own kitchen.

'Cause I made it in mine,

and I just walked it over to your house.

Okay, what...

Why are you doing this?

You told me you wanted me to be right.

I didn't mean it.

- Walk away from this.
- I can't.

You can. You just won't.

Take it from me, I'm
offering you a life line here.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath,

and forget about all of this.

I lost my daughter
because of my obsession.

What will you lose
because of your obsession?

I will never close my eyes, Owen.

And up until last week,
you didn't, either.

As much as I've missed you,

this was a bad idea, meeting here.

Philip, please, as if
anybody's gonna recognize you

at the Gold Leaf in
Williamsburg, Virginia,

on Waffle Wednesday.

Just pretend we're two old friends.

We are old friends.

Oh, there we go. That's the spirit.

Now, just breathe, relax,

have a coffee, enjoy my company.

You usually do.

Thank you very much.

My meeting with the
D.C. office is at 3:00.

What do I do?

Now, you ask for the records department.

No, no, no, no, no. Come on.

Pip, you're the son-in-law.
They won't ask questions.

Once inside, you get
access to the manifests

for every ship the company
has sailed since '05.

You bring those to me.

And you intend to actually
do something with them?

No. No, all of this

was just so I could
see you eat a waffle.

He's my children's grandfather.
We have a son on the way.

I know.

What about Charlotte?

I'd hope she'd stand
by me instead of him.

I mean, if not...

He deserves to pay for
what he did to Elliot.

Look, Pip, just bring me the manifests.

I will do the...


I'm sorry, I-I'll let
you get back to breakfast.

- No, I'm done.
- No, no, no.

You can take my seat, yes.

Be well, Harry.

Is that...?

You know how Owen says

operatives should be
able to read a room?

You should probably work on that.


This is on him.

Has yours...?


No, and no sign of you-know-who
back at the Farm yet.

Well, I guess she doesn't
have time to train us

and teach at the same time.

I'm just glad to finally
know who I'm working for.

The real CIA.

So what happens next?

I get a badge and a gun?

What happens is simple.

In exchange for your
work as an FBI informant,

you get immunity for the
crimes you've committed before

and will commit for this mission.

But remember,

we need evidence of this
alleged group's activity...

Video, audio, anything that we can use

for when we take our case to trial,

which means, stay close to the others.

What, like Ryan Booth?

Focus on Dayana
Mampasi. She's dangerous.

We're not exactly friends lately.

Well, I suggest you fix that,

or the deal will be off the table.

What about Lydia Hall?

She's just a recruiter. She
won't get her hands dirty.

We need dirty hands.

You can't be here.

Don't worry. I made
sure that you were alone.


Owen Hall is not the one
recruiting for the AIC.

Lydia is.

His own daughter is operating
right under his nose?

I tried to tell him. He
just... he won't listen.

Wait, you told him about the operation,

about the AIC?

Ryan told him. He didn't tell you?

They didn't tell you.

Why are you telling me?

We may not be working together anymore,

but I still believe in the FBI,

and I never stopped believing in you.


He's your play.

You said it yourself.

He controls the Farm.

Imagine what you could
do with him on your side.

I've tried,

but he refuses to face up to the fact

that his own daughter's working
against his country and him.

So prove it to him.

I'm gonna send you a picture
of a map from his house.

It's all the places Lydia's been to,

operations she's been on.

I'll see if it matches
with any AIC activity.

I'll bring the proof.

You sell it to him.

I missed you.

Now get out of here
before you get me killed,

- literally.
- Right.


Does anyone recognize this woman?

Her name is Helen Sharp.

And, no, you've never heard of her.

But she's one of the
most important people

to ever serve this agency.

She didn't do it with a gun or badge.

She did it from a desk at a German bank,

tracking dirty money flooding
out of post-Soviet Russia.

I recruited her...

I handled her...

...and I buried her.

The Russians unmasked her,

and it was my job to get
her out of the country.

I tried.

I failed.

Russians got her first.

She paid the price for my mistake.

And I've spent the 15 years since then

teaching hundreds of you not
to follow in my footsteps.

Exfiltration is a skill
you'll be called upon to use,

and it is never easy.

For all the effort you make
in... in turning an asset

and getting them to work with you,

getting that asset out
when their job is done,

or worse, when...
something's gone wrong,

is far more dangerous,
but it has to be done

because if it isn't, you'll
spend the rest of your life...

paying the price.

What the hell was that?!

That is what we have to do.

Nimah said we could trust
you. It's time you prove it.

The next confirmed radical is your kill.

Or I'll take you out myself.

Olsen, who's next?

Harry Doyle.

Were you in Phnom Penh?

Well, you know I was.

I'm not shooting him.

The people I joined up with here today

have been tracking secret
acts across the globe

not sanctioned by our government
for the past eight months.

The people on trial out
there perpetrated those acts,

working far outside the law.

The Islamic Front is nothing
compared to these people.

If you could go back and stop ISIS

before they formed, wouldn't you?

That's 20-20 hindsight.
There is no way to go back.

We have 20-20 foresight.

The AIC are planning something big,

and I want to help stop them.

I've calculated the risks, the rewards,

the possible benefits to mankind,

and I'm on the right
side of this, are you?

You think you are, but you don't know.

You don't know!

We have a first point of confirmation.

Let's go see if Doyle lives or dies.

I can't talk right now.

I know, but you can listen.

Remember that story Keyes told us

about the CIA operative
killed in Berlin?

Sylvia Erlich?


He could tell her suicide was staged

because it had the
hallmarks of tradecraft

taught at the Farm.

So I started looking into
other suspicious deaths

of high-profile individuals...
Government officials, diplomats,

possible foreign intelligence officers.

- Where?
- Worldwide.

Anything flagged by the authorities

as suspicious but not murder.

Suicides, poisonings, car accidents,

and then, I found something else...

A common thread.

My good friend.

That's right.


Her operations list matches
at least five locations

where there was a suspicious death.

Thank you, Shelby.

This is Marcus Weber.

Marcus works in IT at
the German telecom company


In addition,

he's one of the CIA's
best assets in Munich.

Two days ago,

he was brought in by the Bundespolizei

for questioning.

They believe he hacked into
his own company's phone records,

but they don't know it was for us.

German intelligence
can't prove anything yet,

which is why he's under
surveillance round the clock.

So the CIA is gonna
exfiltrate him from Germany

before they make the connection?

Not the CIA. You. You. All of you.

Clock is ticking.

You've got 24 hours to
get him out of the country.

Figure out how to do it right now.

Let's get it.

First things first, to exfiltrate Weber,

we have to make an approach.

Well, that's easier said than done.

He's got a two-team surveillance
around the clock, right?

We do it right under their noses.

Play it casual,

make the pitch,

be discreet

so the surveillance team doesn't notice.

But they... are paid to notice.

And now they have your picture.

Within the hour, your
passport will be flagged

and your cover, blown forever.

And Marcus...

Anyone else want to send
Marcus to a German prison?

Okay, fine.

So we make the approach after
we distract his cover team

and get away quickly.

Very good.

And then what?

We bring him to the rendezvous point,

lay low, move him early in the morning

when German intelligence
thinks he's asleep.

Nice try.

But while Marcus might have been asleep,

German intelligence was not.

They spotted you...

and caught up with you.

Do you want some help?

Why would I want you to help?

Is it because I'm... How did you put it?


Well, you were.

Is that your version of an apology?

Depends. Is it working?

Surveillance target in Germany.

She'll give us details in country.

Well, at least she made it convenient.

Listen, this is gonna be hard enough

without going after each other.


or at least a temporary truce?


Okay, so when we grab
Weber, we have to move fast.

Okay, how?

We move Weber in the trunk of a rental.

The Austrian border is 50 miles.

No customs. No searches.

And they like American dollars.

No planned searches,

but they can always pull you over.

And when they do,

I promise you, they're
gonna look in your trunk

and find your asset.

When was Lydia in Malate?


St. Petersburg?


I don't...

Why are you asking me
about her deployments?

Unsolved criminal activities
in each of those cities

while she just happened
to be in that country.

Malate was a textbook
execution of a foreign diplomat.

Shanghai, St. Petersburg,
see for yourself.

The operations all bear the
hallmark of AIC practice.

Once is a phenomenon,
twice a circumstances,

but three times... That's a trend, Owen,

and Lydia's trending.

Listen up!

Now you all know the
pitfalls of exfiltration.

Let's see if you can get
it right in the field.

I want you to get packed and meet up

at the airfield in one hour.

You'll be on your own.

Let's go.

Let's go.

We got our mission from Lydia.

We have to survey a German national

by the name of Elsa Schmidt
once the recruits hit Munich.

Dayana's running point.

Just make sure whatever
is meant to happen happens.

There's no case without evidence,

and there's no immunity without a case.

What's the plan?

It's a big city. Marcus
Weber could be anywhere.

I'm right here.

When an asset is burned,

they're not safe in their own country.

But when an operative is burned,

they're not safe in any
country except their own.

I entered Germany not under one
of my old aliases, Marcus Weber,

but as Owen Hall.

When I passed through customs,

my very own name went out
through intelligence channels.

People are gonna wonder why I'm here...

Federal police, foreign operatives,

anyone with a personal vendetta.

Hang on, Owen.

You're putting yourself in harm's way.


Because when you exfiltrate someone,

your target is in real danger.

And now so am I, so you better act fast

and come up with a plan to get me out

by the end of the day.

What are you doing?

Is this about what I showed you earlier?

Sorry, Alex, but for
once, this isn't about you.

Just get to work.

Well, we've got our work cut out for us,

but before we can even think

about getting Owen out of the country,

we need to find a
safe place to stow him.

He's a sitting duck out here.

Was, Booth.

Where'd he go?

You can't exfiltrate
someone you can't find.

So, who's gonna get to me first?

You or them?

I want you to tell me everything you
know about this, about what's happening.


Because one of us is getting
pulled out there soon.

Listen, I know you never thought
I was cut out for this job,

but I was, and I am.

So finish what you started telling me

on the way to the bunker.

Prove to me I didn't
get shot for nothing.

Splendid, so we got a wanted
man on the loose in Munich,

multiple intelligence
agencies looking for him,

and no idea where he is.

We didn't prepare for
this. We don't have a plan.

But we do.

We developed it at the Farm.

It was for someone
else, but it could work.

All we have to do is improvise a little.

Yeah, even if we find him,
how do we get him out of here

now that his name's been flagged?

We get him new papers with a new alias.

It doesn't have to be good,

just enough to get him over the border.

Street quality, like
common criminals use.

Well, I'll have you know
street quality is far superior

to what the U.S. government use,

and when it comes to common criminals,

I may know one or three.

Why don't you two go and get Owen's IDs

while we work on finding him?

How? He doesn't want to be found.

Yes, he does. Marcus Weber is Owen Hall.

We use the pattern of life
that we established for Marcus.

We split up, we find him, we
meet at the rendezvous point

a few clicks outside of the border.

I'll go with Alex.

I-I'll be fine by myself.

Yeah, but I'm better
with you. Clock's ticking.

20 minutes in Munich,

and you've already got Owen a fake ID.

You're just full of colorful friends.

Mm-hmm, in places high and low.

Mostly low.

Your date from the Gold Leaf,

is he high or low?

I don't interfere in your little folly.

Leave me mine.

Well, there it is.

There what is?

What you really think.

I knew you don't...

Don't what?

Feel terrible for you
for forcing yourself

into something you'll regret forever?

Feel even worse for Carly,

having no idea what she's
getting herself into?

Tell you what, Sebastian,

I wish you all the
happiness in the world.

I just...

wish you were actually happy.

We need to get to the
rendezvous point, don't we?

No, no, no, no. That's
German intelligence.

We just need to look like we fit in.

Zwei Hefeweizen, bitte.


He gave us the clues.

Marcus Weber has a taste
for strong espresso,

and so does Owen Hall.

This caf? is the highest-rated
on Yelp near the square.

You've learned a lot
about Owen, haven't you?

There he is.

Call it in...

Leon and Dayana for backup.

You should try one. They
roast their own here.

Okay, this is not cute.

I agree.

The decor needs a refresh.

Okay, you're not just in danger.
You put yourself in danger...

Using your credit card?
Is this a death wish?!

Let's get you out of here.

I'm not going anywhere.

You guys go around the back.

Owen might try to make a run for it.

You must not have gotten the message.

The surveillance op is
on. We have to move now.

What? Alex needs backup.

The police are probably
already on their way.

Who do you work for?

Owen Hall, CIA,

or the real CIA that we
spilled blood for together?

Are you coming?

Tell me, Alex...

how's it supposed to end for me?

They tell me my career meant nothing,

and then you tell me, on top of that,

my daughter, Lydia, is lost to me, too?

Every relationship I've sacrificed,

they've all ended the same. So...

I'm leaving it to fate.

If I'm meant to go down
here, hey, so be it,

and if not, you and the
other recruits will save me.

You think you deserve this.

Lydia's not your mistake.
The AIC is not your mistake.

In fact, it's your chance

to make sure that your
career means something again.

Buy it all back, and
we'll do it together.

We'll make sure that we
bring Lydia back to our side,

but I can't do that
if you wind up in jail.

They don't look like the federal police.


All right, out the back.

You first.

Back entrance.

We can grab a taxi at Theresienstrasse.

Don't worry. They only want me.

Were you aware of an operation

in Laos December of last year?

You're gonna have to
be a bit more specific.

Laos. December.

Do I know you?

You don't want to shoot me.

Laos. December.

You're hoping I answer this high-stakes

"Jeopardy!" question correctly,

and you'll be spared the guilt
of killing someone innocent.

Well, not innocent, but not you.

The man behind the mask,

shooting people because
a speaker tells him to.

Answer the question, Doyle.

Do you want me to tell him, or should I?

Or should we just get this over with?

There was no operation
in Laos in December

that the CIA or MI6 were involved in.

I was in Cornwall.

He's not a match.

You're sweating.

Well, that makes two of us.


You've gotten it wrong before.

You built a bomb for
a terrorist, remember?

What if you're wrong now?

The data tells a clear narrative.

Since the formation of
the AIC two years ago,

there have been 81 operational
anomalies across the globe...

Terror attacks with no
claimed responsibility,

nuclear technology conveniently lost,

prisoners gone missing,

planes disappearing.

And that's all the work of the AIC?

Eric Boyer found the
list of CIA operatives

whose sanctioned activity overlapped

with those events in
all their countries,

and every one of those operatives

showed up to the G20 this morning.

Boyer was supposed to
get us more information,

but he wouldn't finish the job.

So now I'm here...

using information from
the hostages' phones

to reference against private
servers, flight manifests,

GPS locators, to see if
anyone here, on this floor,

was in the area of at
least three AIC events.

One incident is bad luck,
two is a coincidence,

three is guilt.

What, and then you're executing them?

Leigh Davis.

She left the Farm and
was recruited to the AIC

six weeks later.

While heading to Indonesia
for an event she was planning,

they had her snuggle two kilos of Semtex

into a crate of wedding
China into Surabaya.

The next day, 27 teenage girls died

in the bombing of a local madrasa.

The Islamic Front took
credit, like they always do.

The following week, the U.S.
bombed Mosul in retaliation...

Something they'd
wanted the pretext to do

for quite some time.

The AIC are forcing us
into war without oversight.

They want total control,
unlimited authority,

and they're succeeding.

So they have to die?

The messy deaths of a few guilty people

are worth millions of innocent lives.

What if not all of them are guilty?



You get him to the rendezvous point.

- I'll meet you there.
- Yeah, all right.

Is this what you wanted?

Not just get yourself killed,
but your recruits, too?

How do we even know
they're Bundes... Bundes...


We don't.

Ochsengarten is just around the corner,

so they could be pre-gaming gays.

Ah, I don't drink like this.

Why do you think I'm not happy?

Are you happy, Sebastian?

You think I'm not happy

because I'm not honest about who I am,

but I know what I am.


I let you into my head. I
let you tell me who I was.

And that's why I...

Kissed me?

Yeah, what do you
think of me, Sebastian?

Let's just drop the
act. Just be who you are.

What do... What do you
actually think of me?

I don't condemn people like you.

I just pray they find
their way through Christ,

to a life free of sin.

Okay, well, what do you
think about yourself, then?

I have sin inside me.

And I may never be redeemed.

That God sees inside my soul,
knows my sins are so deep,

so wrong that I will
never find salvation.

Okay, if you actually believe this,

how is this okay?

This. H-How...

How can I be your friend?

Well, once I met Carly,
I realized what you are.

You're here to tempt me.

And I will not give in.


Well, if you think
I'm... Think I'm so wrong,

how can I be friends with you?

I don't know.

One more for the road?


Change of plans. We got
to hit my hotel first.

Why, did you leave some
little soaps behind?

Just my evidence against

the group you're trying to infiltrate.

You're not the only
person who notices things.

You're good, but don't
think you can dunk on me.

Is the room compromised?

No, I paid cash, and
I have clean aliases.

You'd better hope so.

Let's go.

Package should be over here.

All right.

Elsa Schmidt's path home from work

takes her down this alleyway
in approximately 10 minutes.

Okay, what are we supposed to do?

I think this answers your question.

Okay, I'll be the trigger.

You be the spot.

This is wrong.

You don't know that.

Gunned down on her way home from work?

Who deserves that?

After everything you've been through,

you should be stronger than this.

And after everything
you've been through,

you should know better.

This... This is a person.

I don't know who she is.
I don't know what she did...


You don't. They do.

If you don't trust the CIA,

then you don't deserve to be here.

I'll do this myself.

How long is this gonna take, anyway?

Not long at all.

Owen Hall.

You probably don't recognize
me, but I recognize you.

Daniel Sharp.

I was only 14 when
they murdered my mother

right in front to me.

Because of you.

You don't have to do this.

There are a lot of things
I don't have to do anymore.

I choose to do this.

Any time now.

Why is it so important to you?

Did Lydia tell you to
ask me all these questions

to test my loyalty?

This isn't a test. We're
about to kill someone.

You killed someone.

I cleaned up the blood, remember?

You were okay taking orders then.

I see him over and over again.

Don't you?

Here she comes.

Get ready.

I knew my mother had secrets.

But I just didn't know what they were,

not until I was older.

Went looking and found
out she spied for you.

But why?

It wasn't for money. We
were broke when she died!

She believed in what
we were doing, Daniel.

No! She believed in you.

She trusted you.

She died because of you.

And nothing ever
happened to you, did it?

You went home to your little family,

and I went home to nothing.

No father. No relatives.


But always wishing for the
day I could finally meet you

and do what no one else
has been able to do.

Daniel, he spent his whole
life regretting what happened.

How did you find him?

I told him.

Listen, Daniel, the last
thing your mother told me

was how much she loved you.

She didn't get a chance
to see you grow up,

but you're a man now.

So now you can do what needs to be done.

- What are you doing, Owen?
- I failed my country.

I failed my daughter.
And I failed your mother.

So you'd be doing me a favor, Daniel.

Pull the trigger.

- No.
- Don't come any closer!


Okay, this is a good
man who spent his life

in service to his country.

- Do it.
- No.

You heard him.

He wants to die.


Your mother's death was his mistake,

but this will be yours, Daniel.

You can't stop him, Alex. Do it.

I know what you're feeling right now.

No, you don't!

Yes, I do!

I've been there, and
I've pulled the trigger!

Trust me.

It won't end what
you're feeling right now,

and it will not bring her back.

It will not bring her back, Owen.

Boy, pull the trigger! Do it! Do it!

Daniel, give me the gun!

- Do it!
- Give me the gun right now!

Pull the trigger!

Walk away from this! Go!

You okay?

You have no right...


I'll get Leon Velez ready.

What did they ask you? What did you say?

Well, I just told them the truth.



You were assigned to photograph

the trial of Pascal Doro.


At the...

At the Hague.

The... International Court of Justice.

That checks out.

But the only point of
confirmation we have

is for legal teams.

Were you sent to Zandvoort?

I was.

We coordinated the enhanced
interrogation of Doro

before he testified for war crimes.

We wanted to make sure he didn't

implicate the United
States in his testimony.

That's another point of confirmation.

Why do you sound surprised?

He's saying all the right things,

but the alias associated
with the torture of Doro

is female.

It's a match, but it's a false positive.

I think he's giving
someone else's answers.

What do you mean? Velez is lying?

His answers make him a match.

Why would he lie to kill himself?

The algorithm can't tell me that.

It only tells me he's not
who you're looking for.

You can't kill him.

He's innocent.

At least of what he's saying he did.

He's guilty of something.
You just said so.

We ask until we get a confirmation!

That's not how this
works. We are off base.

Just because our intention is right

doesn't mean our math is.

I think you need to let him go.

Who is Velez protecting?

Who is he protecting?


I'll put the bullet in him myself.

Why are two terrorists fighting?

Because one of them

isn't a terrorist.

You saved my life.

I thought you were on their side.

A program can't take into
account human emotions,

people covering for others,

people forced to do
things they didn't want to.

We're not doing good here.

So what are we supposed to do now?

We get them arrested.

I pushed you out to protect you.

I know, and I came back to save you.

But for now the military is
about to breach the perimeter.

And if the terrorists
find out about that...

They'll release the biological weapon

through the vents, and we're all dead.

Which is why we need to get everyone out

of this building now.

I'll send a message
to the other terrorists

that the interrogations have concluded.

Then I can jam the
remotes for the collars

so everyone can move outside freely.

And I'll go and get Raina
'cause I promised Nimah I would.

And we get everyone downstairs and out.

You can't move around
in civilian clothes.

There's tactical gear in there.

No one else dies today.

Don't you ever make choices
like that for me again.

If you're not up to the
task, then walk away,

but don't drag me down with you.

I did it to protect you.

It looked more like sabotage to me.

You don't understand.

This wouldn't have ended well for you,

for any of us.

What does that even mean?

You came here to do good.

This isn't good.

I don't need you to tell
me what's good anymore.

Round trip in 24 hours.

Not even time for jet lag.

So do I have to watch you every day now?

Every minute?

'Cause I've done that before,
and I'm never doing it again.


Don't go pretending
that you're all right.

When someone wants to
die, they want to die.

I don't want to die.

You want to get her attention?

She didn't show up, Owen.
She was probably there, too,

'cause Ryan and the
others had a mission.

She's not your daughter anymore.

She's a criminal that you have to catch.

And when you do...

...she could be your daughter again.

But if you really don't want to die,

if you really want to get through this,

you have to stop lying to
me, to them, to yourself.

It wasn't all lies.

I did have something
for you at the hotel.

I hacked Lydia's e-mails.

Those are her communications
with recruits at the Farm,

past and present.


test aliases,

recruiting assets.

This is your curriculum.

They're encrypted.

It's a code very few
people would recognize.

But you do.

It was the first code I ever taught her.

Now you have your proof.

What about you?

Will you be with me when I deliver this?


No, she's my daughter.

No matter what she's
done, I can't betray her.

Owen, you've given your whole life

to the very organization
she's trying to tear down.

You can preserve the
integrity of the CIA

and your relationship
with your daughter,

but you know to do that,
you have to go after her.

I'll be at the Gold Leaf...

if you change your mind.

That was brave, what you did for him,

not that I'm surprised.

I was just protecting my asset.


Look, I don't know...

I don't know what would have happened

if... you weren't there.

I may put the mission
before our relationship,

but when it comes to your
life, it's not even a question.

I know.

So you want to get out of
here, find a place to be alone?

Now's just not good.

I can wait.

Okay, well, let's meet tonight.

Just don't come back
down here again, okay?

What are you doing?

Uh... I'm moving into Leigh's old room

for the rest of training.

What? Why?

You're not my friend, Sebastian.

You don't accept me.

You literally pray for
me to change who I am.

I just didn't believe it.

I just thought you were
spouting and repeating something

you've been told.

But, uh... no. Y-You do believe it.

You feel it. It's in you.

Are you serious right now?

I thought we were just...
having a conversation.

You know what, Sebastian,
this isn't about you, okay?

I have to do this for me.

I have proof now that Leon
Velez is not loyal to the cause.

He stopped our work.

And our mission failed because of him.

He'll be gone within the week.

Do you think this is enough?

It's more than we had before.

But I don't know if we can
make this case without him.

Okay, I don't think that he's coming.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Owen Hall.

Special Agent Shelby Wyatt.

Please. Let's get started.


Alex, you're alive?

Yeah, and we're getting out of here.

All right, come on.

Let's go. Follow me.

Calm down. Please, listen to me.

We will make it out of here.

I need you to take off your collars.

Make three lines.

And I need you to
exit in an orderly way.

Something's wrong.

There are more people here
than there were before.

When I told the terrorists we were done,

they must have moved to the escape phase

of their plan... They're blending in.

They're amongst us.

What do we do now?

We get everyone to the
other side of this...

Good or bad.

And try not to get killed along the way.

All right, everyone.

We're getting out of this building.

Let's go.