Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 8 - ODENVY - full transcript

At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about the necessity of lying and cutting off relationships. In the future, Alex and company attempt to destroy the biological weapon.

Previously on "Quantico"...

After what I just found,

your help will be invaluable.

So if you know right now that
what I've been doing here

is a carefully curated
falsehood, I'd appre...

You need to drop this!
For your own good.

Your friend who died...
What was his name?


An operations meeting,
and we're on the outside?

Don't read too much into it.

Man: [Through cellphone]
You've been selected.

Take this phone. Tell no one.

There's an emergency NYPD
bunker underneath this block.

Your plan worked. Thank you, Nimah.

I just want to make
sure nothing's changed.

We're still us.

I'll give you the drives!
Her name is Lydia Hall.

She has her cellphone.

If you turn off the jamming
signal you can trace her.


What's going on?

Harry: It's called a rescue mission, love.

♪ ♪

I think we lost them.

Dayana: Did you recognize anyone?

- No.
- Sebastian: So we're safe here?

Uh, we aren't safe anywhere.

She's still bleeding bad.
We need to do something fast.

This should do for now.

You take the arm, you take the leg.

All right, Dayana.

Aah. Aah!


Miranda: This is not right.

This is not how you tell me

that you're dropping a
four-star general on me.

How about I tell you face to face?

General Richards.

Deputy Director Shaw.

So what brings the head of
the U.S. Northern Command

to the FBI?

What brings the FBI

to need the U.S. Northern Command?

[Cellphone vibrating]

- Hello?
- Alex: Hey, it's Alex.

I got the cellphones turned on.

Did you see?

Yes, but the phones were
only on for a minute.

Most were in the building
with the hostages,

but there's one signal
coming from 28 Liberty.

Even after the phones shut off again,

it stayed on.

Our working theory is that
it's some sort of receiver

for their biological weapon,

something that allows the terrorists

to activate it remotely.

So, if someone on the inside
disables the weapon,

- then the FBI can move in.
- Exactly.

If you could disable the weapon...

You could have some leverage.


Okay, we'll do it.

Wait, "we"?

You have people with you?

People you trust?

Ryan: Well, I don't know about you,

but I've been waiting all week for this.

[Cellphone vibrating]

- [Sighs]
- I think it's mine.

[Cellphone vibrating continues]


Nimah: Delivery.

Are you alone?

I will be.

[Door opens]

Alex, you're here.

Alex: Yes, I am.

And it's clearly not part of the plan.

Why are we having separate meetings

with our handlers now, Nimah?

And where's Shelby?
I've barely heard from her.

[Sighs] The mission's evolving,

and it's not my place to say anymore.

As far as Shelby's concerned,
I'm sure you'll connect.

- But now I need...
- You need me to go.



[Door closes]

Multiple tours in Afghanistan

and harrowing years at the FBI,

yet you still flee conflict
when it comes to Alex.

Do we really have to
keep this from her?

Until you're told otherwise,

your recruitment by the
AIC must stay between us.

Anything new on that brick of yours?

Not since I woke up next to it.

Maybe I failed some test without knowing.

I don't know.

They will contact you.

And when they do,

you must do exactly what they ask you.

It's the only way to rise up

and find out who's at the heart of it all.

You can't be the only
one who's been chosen.

Well, Sebastian's near
the top of my list.

Something changed in him

ever since the torture
scenario last week.

He seems haunted.

Oh, 5:59 on the dot

every night this week.

Sebastian, if you're gonna
sleep in Leigh's old room,

why don't you just move down there?

♪ ♪

What about Dayana Mampasi?

The front runner.

Torture brought out a
darkness inside her.

And it's only a matter of time
before that darkness comes back.

And if I've seen it, Owen
Hall has, as well.

♪ ♪

You haven't asked about León.

I have my own intel on him.

León: Are you gonna see
your family for Thanksgiving?

I'm not sure.

I thought you were close with them.

That doesn't mean I want to see them.

Every Thanksgiving,
it is the exact same thing.

Two hugs, two bourbons,

and a two-hour tirade
on the state of America.

Everyone disagrees with their parents.

It's a little bit more than that with us.

My father's a judge.

He's textbook law and order.

Last year, he called me an extremist

just because I told him I
was a member of the NRA.

I'm sorry, but I don't think there's
anything wrong with being a patriot.

All Americans should have the
right to defend themselves.

So you have a gun?

You don't?

♪ A dream of you and me ♪

Nimah: What about London spy?

Hall knows that he's here for MI6.

It's unlikely.

He wouldn't want to risk
a foreign government

finding out about him.

Okay, so in the pursuit of the AIC,

you burgled your way into Owen's home,

you found burner phones
and an air-gapped laptop,

and you think that means

he's an insurrectionist
of the highest order?

This is a real organization.

I can't tell you how I know,

but you need to start trusting me

the way I'm trusting you.

Okay, and Ryan?

Do I need to trust him, too?
Because he's not here.

What about you, Harry Doyle?

Where's your partner?

Oh, no.

MI6 does not do partners,

and I prefer it that way.

It allows me to focus more.

Now, come on,
let's just focus back on you now.

Let's talk about those phones.

Why don't you just ask the
advice of your handler,

Shelby Wyatt?

I haven't heard from
Shelby Wyatt for a while.

Are they freezing you out?

No? Okay.

I'm sorry. It's just a thought.

Uh, I will, um...

I will do some digging

during the break on my side of the pond

and see if I can come up with
anything to do with your AIC.

In the meantime,

do find out what's
happening with your handler.

I would hate for you to
be gone when I come back.

I do quite enjoy you.

♪ ♪

- ♪ Found a piece of me ♪
- [Sighs]

♪ Staring at the sea ♪

Ryan: Look, today's the last
day before Thanksgiving break.

I'm gonna try my best
to get more information,

but everything's about
to get put on pause.

I know, but we're not done yet.

And you're not gonna
like what I have to say.

What's all that?

Why? You still worried about
my work as an instructor?

No need.

Even I can handle our work today.

You're still mad about
what I said last week?

I get it.

But it was for your own good.


And what would I do without you here
protecting me from myself, huh?

You'll find out soon.

They finally granted my
request for another tour.

I'll be out of here next week.

If you think it's possible

for us to spend some time together,

not on your crusade against
the people who burned you,

I'll delay it.

Owen: The toughest lies are
not the ones we tell ourselves,

but the ones we tell those we love

to keep them out of harm's way.

I kept my career a secret
from my daughter,

- and I kept up that lie until she was...
- Lydia: 20.

Five years later, I returned the favor.

Spinning tales to loved ones

about where you are and who you are,

it's a challenge you'll all have to face.

Which is why

before you go home for Thanksgiving,

you'll create a cover story...

That can hold up in the real world

when you're done here.

Prove to us you can make up a lie

that people closest to you will believe.

Harry: Alex, just be careful
what you're doing,

'cause one more move and you'll...

[Exhales deeply]

Getting from here to 28 Liberty's

- not gonna be easy.
- Yeah?

Well, it's gonna be a walk in the park

compared to searching 64 floors

for a bio weapon
we're not sure even exists.

- [Collar snaps, beeps]
- 28 Liberty is their home base.

I've seen them go in and out.

The bio weapon has to be there.

And Shelby will get us
the location. I know it.

Oh, quiet. [ Man speaks Swahili ]

[Whispering] They're right outside.

[Man speaks Swahili]

[Door closes]

- Alex: They're gone.
- Harry: Let's just assume

we all make it to the
end of this video game.

How do we destroy a bio weapon

without setting it off ourselves?

It's really not like you
can just unplug it.

Biological weapons are alive.

Raise the temperature high enough

and you kill what's inside it,
bacteria or viral.

Alex: This bunker
should have enough supplies

to jerry rig a blowtorch.

The best part, if we do it right,

terrorists won't even
know their weapon is fried

till they try to use it.

How are we supposed to pull
that off with Dayana injured?

You worry about yourself, okay?

I'd rather come along and be in pain

than wait here to
die like a sitting duck.

This plan is totally mental.

Alex: [Sighs]

But I like it.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

♪ ♪

There must be many
things you want to know,

and I want to tell them to you.

Are you ready?

Fixed & Synced By clearFoster101

Please tell me the only
reason why you're here

is because they threatened
to kill you and me

if you didn't join.

There was no threat.

Six months ago,

I joined the Citizen's Liberation Front

because I believe in

what they're trying to liberate us from.

And what is that?

America, and the lie it
sold for centuries

that there's such a thing as freedom

and it only exists here.

So that's your enemy?

- Freedom?
- We have no enemy.

Only empathy...

for all of you fighting
the endless civil wars

this country has kept
you in every single day,

the same civil wars we
escaped from back home.

This is my home.


This country would
deport you if it could.

Deep down, all of us have built a wall

with all those we want
to keep out with it.

"You're white? So am I.

You're welcome here, but not them."

"You believe in equality? So do I.

You're welcome here,
but not anyone who disagrees."

We're all very different from each other,

and we don't all think the same.

This is why we have to stop believing

that it's possible to
come to a resolution

and admit what most of
the world already knows.

There's no way we will
stop fighting each other,

which is why I've realized
that if we want to survive,

we have to fight as dirty
as everyone else.

[Indistinct conversations]

Bobby, please.

We're their guests.

I don't believe we've had the pleasure.

Special Agent Shelby Wyatt.

I've been running point on
the crisis since it began.

And you've done an excellent
job with that, Agent Wyatt.

If there's anything you need,
just let us know.

Actually, it's not what
I need, General.

It's what you need.

I've got someone
on the inside of the crisis.

Alex Parrish...

She's trained, armed, and ready to help.

And you can reach her?


Just tell her to stay safe.

We have everything
under control from here.

♪ ♪

It didn't work.

I said the gun stuff and the stuff about

taking the law into my own hands.

He didn't bite, just like he didn't

when I mentioned sovereign citizenship

or the alt-right militias.

Seriously, León and
Jane talk about politics

less than I did with Caleb.

You're taking the wrong approach.

His profile is screaming survivor guilt

for all the ways he never stepped in

during crises he photographed.

That haunts him.

Try to find a way to exploit it.

Owen: You thought drones
were hard? Torture?

Try not being able to speak
to someone you love ever again

because doing so might
endanger your life undercover,

which is why none of you
will leave for Thanksgiving

until you craft a credible cover

even your own father would believe.

So come on up and let's hear it.

I'm moving to Mumbai to write
a book about my experience

during the Grand Central bombings.

Owen: All right, good.

I'm going undercover for the Bureau,

and if you contact me, you'll expose me.

Dayana: Having trouble?

I don't have many people in my life

who ask questions about me.

What about your new relationship?

León: I'm seeing someone new,

and so, if we're still together,

I would tell her

I got an assignment for the
Times or something,

that I'm unavailable.

I'm on a mission with the church.

Harry: [Imitates buzzer] Red card. Sorry.

What about when his family
inquires about him at mass?

Doyle's right, Sebastian.
Get back down here.

I have a sister

and a brother-in-law in the U.K.,

and I'd tell them I'm in the States

searching for my father.

And what would you tell your
sister when you didn't find him?

That he died.

Which he did.

And I never told her.

Owen: You can go.

Maybe you should stay
here for Thanksgiving.

Is all this talk about
family getting to you?


It is that time of year.

And you'll let it go?

Sebastian: I've got it now.

I will tell my family I was on a mission,

and everyone at the church,

that I was at conversion camp again.

♪ ♪

Uh, okay.

And you can go.

I'll tell my friends

that I'm going to a new boutique firm

and we're very competitive,

so as long as I can assure
them that it's a step down,

they won't care.

It falls apart

if even one of them calls the new firm.


I'll tell my family that
I'm going to pass the bar

in another state.

They're lawyers, so they'll understand.

They'll also know that
you can do that in a day.


I'm finally cashing in
on those vacation days

- that I...
- Fail.


Lydia: Nicely done.

All of you, except one,
crafted convincing covers,

which will work for most people,

but we all have someone in our life

who just can't let it go.

Which is why over break
you have one final task.

Figure out who that one person is

and how to cut ties with them forever.

Burn the bridge with the one person

who never lets go.

Happy Thanksgiving.

[Cellphone vibrates]

Hey, hey.

Looking forward to seeing
you back here in one piece.

Take care of yourself, Harry.

Dayana: So I just stay here?

That's my punishment.

You can leave

as soon as you come up with
something that'll work.

But something tells me

you're not gonna do that, are you?


Hey, you.

What are you doing tonight?

- [Chuckles]
- Or for the long weekend.

I was thinking maybe you
and I could get away.

Have you talked to Miranda?

No. Am I supposed to?

What don't I know?

Nothing, I was just...

You know, I was curious.

At least lie convincingly.

First Shelby, now you.

I really think you should give her a call.

I will.

All right.

Shelby said that the
weapon's on the roof,

which means we go through here.

[Man speaks Swahili]


- Dayana: [Groans]
- León: Shh.


Get in there.


Okay, stay here. I'll scout.

Just keep that door closed.

[Conversation in Swahili in distance]

Okay, look, I've got bad
news and a crazy idea.

- Crazy idea...
- Bad news first.

Bad news first...

Terrorist convention around that corner.

There's no way we'll make it through.

Okay, crazy idea?

We go above their heads.

What does that mean?



Shelby: I told her about Alex.

You know what she said?



Just look at me and act natural.

I dialed into the conference room Polycom

the second she arrived

from here.

My office would've been too obvious,

and no one cares if you get caught.

- No offense.
- Richards: USNORTHCOM.

A predator drone is being prepped.

Target is 28 Liberty.

This crisis has gone on too long.

Our country has become its hostage.

It's our job to end it,
and end it we will.

They're gonna kill everyone.

It's okay. You don't need to speak.

You're wrestling with how
everything you stood for

might be pointless.

It's hard. Believe me, I know.

And you'll see I'm right.

What I see is how wrong
I've been about you.

I always thought of you
as the other half of me.

We were taught the same lessons.

We played under the same sun.

We even matched each other
to become one person.

But you're not my other half.

You're my shadow.

You're the darkness I leave behind me.

I'm fighting for what is right.

You're not fighting for
anything but yourself,

your resentment, your anger.

We both felt the burden

of being ourselves in this country,

but you've carried it harder.

The prejudice, the bigotry...

You could never let anyone in.

You were always waiting for
them to show their true face,

and when they didn't,
you forced them to see it.

Like Simon.

You enrolled us in the
FBI so you could fight,

but the law wasn't enough, was it?

You couldn't simply fight hate,

because you felt hate, too.

I'd ask who changed you

who turned you into this thing,

but I know the answer is me.

How dare you come in here

and trample over the Constitution

and murder innocent
civilians in the process!

Innocent civilians?

You yourself said some
are terrorists in hiding.

I'm doing what you couldn't.
I'm ending this.

Those terrorists have a weapon

pointed at the heart of the city.

We have to take it out.

And if everyone dies,
that's the price we pay.

What if we can take out the bio weapon

without a strike?

We have someone on the inside!

Alex Parrish, miracle worker.

She saved thousands before.

She can save millions now.

Just give her a chance.

Or would you rather go to your grave

knowing that you took innocent lives

just 'cause it was easier.

There's nothing easy about this.

Permission to strike

will be granted in 48 minutes.

You give me results before then,

I'll call it off.

- 48 minutes.
- [Sighs]

♪ ♪

- Hey, don't let go.
- Don't tell me.


[All grunting]


I can't come with you.

Can't or won't?

Even after I've been tortured,

you still think I could be a terrorist?

Look, no offense,

but it wouldn't be today's
biggest surprise, okay?

I'll stay back with her.

Go back to the bunker.

If we're not back in 30 minutes,
call the FBI.

Tell them we failed.

You two good to go?


Charlotte: It was when Elliot

was working as an admissions
tutor while at Oxford.

Father made him to teach him

what a real job felt like,

as if admissions tutor is a real job.

[Sighs] Come on, must we?

No, we mustn't.

But I love this story, so shut up.

Dear, you act like I haven't
already heard it 12 times.

Oh, it's not for you.

It's for the girls.
Oh, who are positively rapt.


Anyway, Elliott calls me and says,

"Char, there's someone
I'm bringing for Christmas

you have to meet.

He's wickedly funny and vaguely depraved."

What walks in is this
street urchin he found.

Terrifyingly bleach-blond hair

and an accent one
could all but understand.

Something that had crawled
out of Camden Lock.

Next thing I know,

Harry's with us at the
estate the whole summer.

The three of us very "Brideshead."

I thought he was in love with me.

Maybe I was.

No, you weren't.

Phillip, is it time for bed?

Yes, yes. Come on, kids.

You're excused. Let's go brush our teeth.


While Pip puts the kids to bed,
we can talk shop.

Everyone at Vauxhall Cross
hopes your time at The Farm

is getting us what we need.


♪ ♪

[Car alarm chirps]

[Engine starts]

I finished packing for you.

You're going home.

Oh, that's not possible.

I wrote you a cover.

It's a good one, too.

You want to force me

to spend Thanksgiving with my family

and then tell them to go to hell?

This is not a negotiation.

It never is with you, Lydia.

I used to worry that if I
cut the ties in my life,

I'd feel lost without them.

But you will stand stronger on your own.

You have no idea where I come from,

what it's like there.

And after everything I have been through,

my parents mean everything to me.

Unlike you and yours.



[Cellphone vibrating]

Jane, what's going on?

You don't usually call.

I'm sorry. I feel like an idiot.

I probably freaked you out earlier

with all that talk about guns.

I know we don't talk about politics and...

And personal things.

Well, we can if you want.

It's just I wasn't
completely honest before.

I'm listening.

My father and I,

he had a public face of being so fair,

but at home, he was...


Not against me. My mother.

I was fine.

But the thing is, that's almost worse,

because when it happened,

I was forced to watch it
and be completely paralyzed.

That is a guilt that eats away at you.

You want to know why I have a gun?

So I never feel paralyzed again.

So I can step in and do something.

Wow, okay.

That... that's all you have to say?


Look, if... if this is just sex, I get it.

That... that's fun, you're fun,

but I can have fun with anyone,
and so can you.

So, I'm opening up to you,

and you can either step up
and show me who you are,

or you can find someone
else to have fun with.

Don't answer now.

Think about it,

and I'll understand whatever you decide.

Goodbye, León.

- [Cellphone beeps]
- We...


Nimah: How did it go?

I made a play.

Now all we can do is wait.

Maybe we should wait together.

Sebastian: Aah!



[Loud bang]

Harry: How are we supposed
to disarm the weapon now?

I'll go back.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

And just go down 65 flights

to where that thing exploded on impact?

You're one of them.

You are one of them. He's one of them.

I didn't say it before
because I couldn't prove it,

but you are one of them,

and dropping that canister
has just confirmed it!

You can't possibly believe that.

Shut up! Shut up, both of you.

Sebastian, you and I are
gonna find that weapon

and we're gonna guard it.

You are gonna go find another blowtorch.

There's an industrial
kitchen on the 39th floor

where Jeremy Miller attacked me.

You want me to leave you with him?

Yeah, well, I'm definitely not
leaving you two here.


Yeah, okay.

I'll be back.

Watch yourself.

Charlotte: No one suspects anything?


They all think I'm merely
part of a pilot program

between us and them.


I am making lots
of lovely new friends.

Mm. Good.

Every asset you develop at
The Farm is critical for us.

Once we formally leave the E.U.,

we'll need as many sources as we can

inside U.S. intelligence.

We need to stay informed
of what they're thinking,

what they're doing,

and what they're no longer telling us.


I mean, what respectable country

destroys itself over a nickname?

That self-destruction

allows MI6 to operate selfishly again.

The most important moments
in our country's history

have been born of self-interest.

We like to pretend we
do good in the world,


we only care if it serves
queen and country.

Now, as your handler,
it's important I know

who you think from The Farm
you'll be able to put in play

once Article 50 goes through.

Okay, well, Alex Parrish
will give us intel.

Ryan Booth, too.

Whether they're Agency or Bureau,

it can only help.

Now, I have been working
on Dayana Mampasi,

but she's a bit of a slow burn.

You're leaving someone out.

Am I?

Sebastian Chen.


Are you spying on me?

If we don't spy on our spies,

we'd never know anything at all.

Does your father spy on you?

Fine. Well, if you're gonna
look over my shoulder,

you can help me find some information.

Having the upper hand can only help.

[Sighs] The kids are down.

Enough business.

Cheers, mate.

Man: On your left.

[Cellphone vibrating]

[Cellphone beeps]

[Cellphone vibrates]

[Cellphone vibrates]

[Stun gun crackles]

I knew you and Ryan were
keeping something from me.


Shelby's given up her
work as your handler

to be in the field.

She's met someone,

a likely AIC recruit with
whom she's made...


So if you're not my handler, then who is?

You don't have one anymore.

Miranda was supposed to tell you in person,

but then she had an emergency.

And in the meantime, we
were getting things in order

for you to be pulled from the mission.

The FBI wants you back in New York.

They'll find something for you.

Does Ryan know about this?

It's better for everyone.

You weren't making the headway he was.

I had a feeling you didn't
like being my handler,

but to push me out, take my spot,

to betray me...

I did not betray you.

In fact, I'm usually the one
who is defending you.

Sure, this situation
could've been handled better,

and I'm probably gonna
regret what I'm about to say,

but I'm your best friend,
so I'm not gonna lie to you.

You didn't cut it, Alex.

You failed.

Harry: Ah.

I used to be better at sneaking out

without waking anyone up.

Well, I never fall asleep anymore.

- Kids, the world... keeps me up.
- Mm.

You and Charlotte have a good talk?

You know, there used to be a
time you'd be in there with us.

I don't miss it.

Though I am angry she does
save the good scotch for you.

Yeah, well, you have the family, Pip.

She has the life.

And I have...

A promise.

One you made to me on Elliot's behalf.

She's your wife.

He was my friend.

Yeah, well, he was everything to me.

Your father-in-law is a very...
powerful man.

Well, that doesn't mean
he should get away with it.

It was good to see you, Pip.

Say goodbye to the girls for me.

We'll see you at Christmas.

[Door opens, closes]

♪ ♪

[Both grunting]


No, no, no.


- [Whimpers]
- [Cellphone vibrates]

[Door slams]


[Footsteps approaching]

[Cellphone vibrates]


Owen: This isn't like you.

Now, you are deceptive, sure.

But not cruel.

These names in your bag, all fake.

Every single one of them.

But of course you know that,

just like you know

how badly I want to find
the person who burned me.

So what is this to you?

It's a test? What?

Is something a test

when you're already certain
what the person will do?


Yesterday, I asked you to drop this,

and you said stay.

And the first chance
you get... the first...

You throw it all away for nothing.

At least now I know for sure.

Your crusade against the
Agency will always come first.

Oh, Lydia, it's not even about that.

You made your choice.

[Knock on door]

Shelby: Hey. Hey, what's wrong?

It's okay, we...
we don't have to talk about it.

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

I slept with my boyfriend's father.


I killed a man.

In prison?


You're not...

What, mad?


León, I trust you.

And... whatever happened,

I'm sure you didn't have a choice.

It was self-defense, right?

Sebastian: Alex.


This is meant to kill millions of people?

That's strange.

It's not connected to the cooling fan.

It's connected to an intake vent.

This thing goes off,

it only spreads the virus
inside the building.

We need to get out of here.


Before the terrorists

bring the hostages
back into this building.

We need to warn the FBI.

- The threat isn't what they
thought it was. - Stop!

Why do we need to warn the FBI?

Because this weapon
was never meant to kill

anyone outside of this building.

It was meant to kill everyone inside.

Harry: Alex, Alex.

Alex: Harry.

The threat's not what we thought it was.

It's a suicide failsafe, not a WMD.

I said stay in the bunker. What happened?

- The bunker's been destroyed.
- How?

I don't know. Someone
must've tipped them.

Guys, guys, guys, guys!

[Men shouting in Swahili]

[Door opens]

What am I doing here?

Shelby and Nimah already told
me I'm out of the mission,

and... I won't ask if you knew,

'cause I don't want to know.

You know I knew.

I asked you here because I
don't know where else to talk,

because I thought that this was
supposed to be a safe place for us,

not just of the mission.

I get it.

You were just doing your job,
just trying to protect me.

That's not an excuse.

How do we get through this, Ryan?

I mean, we're already keeping
so much from each other,

and I don't like secrets.

I like answers.

And I may not always be
able to give you them.

But how we get through this?

I know that one.

Marry me?

Look, what we have is never gonna be easy,

but to have a real chance,

we have to build something together,

something that's so strong
that it can't be burned down,

so that even when we
want to cut ties, we can't.

And I'll never let anything
come between us.

And I'm prepared to leave it all behind...

The FBI, the CIA...

If you want me to.

Even if I have to lie for a living,

I need to know that I can
come home to the truth.

And that truth is you.

♪ ♪

So, what do you say?

[Chuckling] Yes.


♪ ♪

You said yes, right?

[Laughing] Yeah.

♪ ♪

So you made the choice to leave The Farm?

Lydia: Answers.

Real ones.

I hope they make you happy.

You're wondering if it
checks out, it does.

You're not at the center
of any conspiracies.

You just got burned because
of something you did.

Remember Helen Sharp?

She was an asset.

You failed to protect her,

and after she was killed,
your name was leaked.

The Agency agreed that that mistake

was endemic of too many others made by you.

♪ ♪

Whatever your next obsession,

I won't be here to get in your way.

♪ ♪

[Door opens, closes]

I'm sorry you found out this way.

[Scoffs] I am.

I'm not gonna try to
patronize you or justify it.

You don't have to.

I've made arrangements

for you to return to active duty

in the New York City
office in five months.

Are you ready to come back?

I'm not coming back, Miranda.

I'm gonna stay here at The Farm,

find the AIC, and take them down myself.

You cannot do this alone.


Well, then I guess it's a good thing

you don't get to tell me
what to do anymore.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Ryan: Anyone here?

Did you guys have a... test today?

[Cellphones vibrate]

[Cellphone beeps]


[Cellphones vibrate]

[Pounding on door]

[Man speaks Swahili]

You still have a chance
to do the right thing.

This is the right thing.

If you don't join us, you will die.

I'd rather die than join you.

She's not one of them. I told you.

Keep her in there until this is over.

[Door closes]


[Indistinct conversations]

She's still got time.

♪ ♪

[Man speaks Swahili]




[Grunts, exhales sharply]




[Remote beeps]

You cross inside,
you'll set the weapon off.

Everyone will die.
Alex: Ryan.