Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - Mockingbird - full transcript

While their newly appointed leader gets familiar with the team of CIA and FBI agents, Owen leads an investigation into the strange world of fake news. But hunting down the publishers of a fake story might lead to deadly consequences.

Previously on "Quantico"....

Anybody wanting to attack America

just got a huge windfall
if they know where to look.

I'm forming a select team to fight it.

A covert joint-task force.

This is Caleb's brother, Clayton Haas.

Each time information
from the cache is accessed,

it gives us a unique opportunity

to identify one or more
of these collaborators.

We just uncovered the
next Bernie Madoff.

- Have him arrested.
- We can't do that.

We don't want the real criminal
to know what we're doing.

I think Harry would be
an asset to this team.

You're no longer in
Her Majesty's service.

They threw me out after I
exposed their mission here.

- Jon Jeffries.
- I'm Sasha Barinov.

I'm covering this for the Journal.

Ryan Booth.

And we're just worried about you.

Yeah, well, you should be
worried about me getting killed.

Nick, you need to see this.

Th-There was an explosion at the plant.

Apparently, there's
some kind of PPh seepage?

- The water's contaminated?
- They don't know yet.

They think it might be terrorism.


Attention, residents...

This is the Brookwell Police Department.

This is not a drill.

You are being evacuated.

You must leave your
residence immediately.

Attention, residents...

The cache of information
was accessed again.

Emergency-response protocol for
all state officials in Virginia.

I know. The team knows.

But until there's movement
on the part of the AIC,

there isn't much we can do, so...

You don't like me very much, do you?

I don't know you.

And I don't know you...

or anyone else on the
team, which is a problem.

I need to know my team better

than any of the collaborators
that'll come after them and...

I would love your insight.

Your opinion.

I mean, what... what kinds of things
would they say about themselves?

Or what would the
opposition say about them?

Let's start with Alex Parrish.

All right.

You already know Alex is a hero.

Problem is, she always
has to be the hero,

no matter the situation.

Impetuous, reckless, and emotional.

She's also, at least up until now...

pretty incapable of change.

Hey. We just started a game
in the back. Grab your drink.

Hey, Franco, can I get
another pitcher, please?

Her and Booth?

A deep connection.

On or off, they're a team.

As for Ryan,

he's a good soldier...
Follows the rules.

But unfortunately, the professional rules

go out the window when
the personal intervenes.

And that starts and ends with Alex.

How did Harry take the news
that Clay said "no"?

He went from Pierce Brosnan to
Daniel Craig in seconds flat.

I mean, I don't have
the heart to tell him

it was probably for the best.

I mean, the fact that
we'd let bad guys go

in the hope of finding greater evil

is not really gonna sit well
with someone with his history.

You're still mad about
that Ponzi scheme.

Of course I am.

You might be CIA, but I'm still FBI.

My job is to catch criminals,
not turn a blind eye to them.

We're in it for the
long run, not the sprint.

What if the long run never ends, Ryan?

And then Dayana Mampasi?

In just six months, you turned
a pacifist NGO lawyer

into a dangerous operative.

Got to be a reason that happened.

She was a child soldier under Mugabe.

She'd tell you that
she shed her dark past

when she moved to this
country, but it never went away.

You're hustling me, aren't you?

- Nobody hustles like a lawyer.
- Mnh-mnh.

Just because I'm better at
pool than you thought I'd be

doesn't mean that I'm playing dirty.


No. I have to get back to
reading the intel report.

What intel report?

About the cache?


Now, I've never worked
with Nimah before,

just read her file, like you.

She's strong-willed,
determined, righteous,

weighed down by her sins,

- and doesn't know how to let go of her p...
- No need to continue.

Amin's not a real member of this team,

just a glorified mascot.

You didn't ask about Shelby Wyatt.

An orphan. She's worked hard
to craft her own identity

and now cares way too much about
how the world perceives her.

Think I'm pretty well-versed
on her weak points.

Here's to long days, short nights,

and wondering if you're
saying the wrong thing

every time your new boss talks to you.


Ignoring me for some townie

who's not even making eyes at you?

Oh, please, he totally was.

I think he just got cold
feet because of Ryan.

I don't see you going over there
and talking to him yourself.

I could. It's just...

Alex, admit it. This is about Ryan.

It always has been
and it always will be.

You guys may not be together,

but you're still tied to each other.

Oh, yeah, we definitely
need to get better lives.

Your ex, my ex's brother,
and saving the world.

That's all we got.

This one's a little
thicker than the others.


I'll save you the month of reading...

I have a bunch of weak points.

But I know how to call the shots.

Now, the opposition would
wonder if I can take them.

Can you?

After the year I had,
I'm still here, aren't I?

Not of your own volition.

Not initially, but I chose to stay.

So, what about you, Junior?

You're... You're intelligent.
You're dedicated. That's clear.

But you lack experience

required to make the kind of hard
decisions essential to this job,

and you don't want to be here, either.

Gather the team.

She always has to be the hero.

Impetuous, reckless, and emotional.

She's also, up until now,
pretty incapable of change.

Shelby Wyatt cares way too much

about how the world perceives her.

It's time we get things out in the open.

A free flow of information.

And these files?

Oppo research I've had done
on each and every one of you.

Nimah... righteous,
weighed down by her sins,

and doesn't know how
to let go of her pride.

We don't have time for petty squabbling.

You need to face how you're perceived

in order to work better moving forward.

It's brutal, I know,

but it only helps in the long run.

Was this stunt to enlighten
them or to undermine me?

What's to undermine?

You're not in charge here.

She'd tell you she shed her dark past...

First order of business...

two hours ago,

there was an incident
in Brookwell, Virginia.

Reports are still sketchy and
confirmation is trickling in,

but initial intel is that
there was an explosion

- at a chemical-storage plant.
- One of the tank farms.

Some of the residents
have taken to social media.

Nimah, monitor it as real-time
data for the time being.

The rest of you, it's time
to do our own oppo research.

I need to know what the
collaborators might want

from a chemical spill.

I don't want media spin.

I want what you think
they'd gain from Brookwell...

Whatever it takes to put
more faces on our board.

Clock's ticking.

I need actionable intel

from whoever is running
evidence recovery.

What do you mean
they're not on site yet?

Homeland Security doesn't
report it as a threat.

Well, NSA's got no foreign
chatter on it, either.

So, a rep from FEMA claims

that it's still too early
for a formal risk assessment.

I mean, the first report of the
incident came out two hours ago.

What were they doing all this time?

It isn't real.


- What?
- It's a hoax.

Like a prank? I-It's
on major news outlets.

There's photos.

It's like I taught you at The Farm...

It's... it's illusion, misinformation.

I think the Twitter feeds, the
news reports, the pictures...

They're all fake.

Like what happened in Louisiana in 2014.

There was fake reports

of a chemical release in St. Mary Parish

that was created and carried
out by Russian hackers.

It's a doctored video.

Wow, he's right.

You said they evacuated
the townspeople, right?


There's something in that town...

Something they want access
to without anyone knowing.

So, it's up to us to figure out
what it is before they get it.

This supposed spill
appears to be the next

in the ever-growing line
of well-crafted fake news...

A viral lie that's
cleared out an entire town,

spreading fear amongst thousands
who can't return to their homes

until every water source
is tested for contamination,

despite EPA and FEMA saying
there's no sign of a spill.

Yeah, a story like this

is the handiwork of a vast
and organized web brigade,

also known as "trolls."

Trace the elements,
see how it went viral,

and find the trolls responsible

so they can tell us
who put them up to it.

We find that, we're one step
closer to our next collaborator

and what exactly they're
doing in that town.

Let's go.

Misleading URLs are created
to confuse the public.

Take a legitimate news site,
change a few characters,

suddenly people think
they're reading stories

from the likes of CNN or The
Times and assume it's fact.

Maybe the collaborators
are trying to provoke action...

Drive people out of the town...

damage its reputation, the economy.

Could be.

Several of these URLs

can be traced to a server
warehouse near the Chesapeake.

The troll farm that's curating
all of this can't be too far away.

You know, you can stop babysitting me

whenever you want.

- A callback... well done.
- Mm-hmm.

How'd you find these URLs?

My boyfriend.
He's a... He's a journalist,

so I must be picking up
on his deep-dive technique.

Boyfriend? You haven't mentioned that.

Why would I?

A journalist. Do I know him?

He's a photojournalist...

so he's, like, gone all the time.

It's not super serious, but you know...

As long as he's not married
or has a brother or father...


Oh, my God.

I just lied to Clay that
Lean was my boyfriend

like something out of "The Brady Bunch."

What is wrong with me?

Well, you care too much
about how people see you.

- Touche. "I'm reckless and emotional."
- Oh, please, whatever.

Listen, I wouldn't
call Lean any time soon

and tell him that you're back together.

The last time I saw him,
he wasn't very good.

A convincing story preys on
emotion to transcend fact.

Fear, anger... They're
all the right fodder.

This took careful planning.

Not too careful. You see
that body of water?

- Yeah.
- Brookwell's near a river.

That's Willoughby Bay in Richmond.

Well, Shelby did think that they
were near the Chesapeake.

- We're getting closer.
- Mm.


I've traced several
hundred Twitter accounts

to the same IP address,

and it appears to be
transmitting from a complex

near the Norfolk Kroger.

Shelby was right.

Thanks. I'll take it from here.

You might be searching
for your role on this team,

but I'm its leader.

Well, start carrying
yourself like one, Junior,

and there won't be any confusion.

You're here, not at the bunker?

Shelby, Clay sent me here.

I'm not being overlooked.

I've been put away.

Then talk to him.

You belong on the team,
Nimah. Make him know it.

Good work, everybody.

All the elements of this fake story

can be traced to a troll farm

we think is based in Norfolk, Virginia.

FBI and CIA have had their
eye on these guys for a while,

but we're gonna pay them a visit.

Find out who hired
them to front the story.

The FBI and CIA, they're
gonna like us intervening?

We're top secret here. We
can't ask their permission.

So... that's your plan?

We know someone who knows these trolls.

May I?

These hackers are part of a larger
network of troll farms in Russia.

There's a declassified
report by MI6 on them.

Look who wrote it.

You're kidding.

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Nice to see some familiar faces.

Oh, I didn't know it was
"bring your son to work day."

Hmm? What? What, he's in charge?


George Dubya Bush?

Told you this would be a waste of time.

Hey, look, Harry's
just being Harry, okay?

Can you help us or not?

Well, I could tell you
a little over a year ago,

I did some undercover work

with a lovely little
gang of Russian trolls.

And my connections could get you access

to the den of their U.S. compatriots.

And then... Oh, I don't know...

Name your price.

You get the answers, I get the win...

Credit for this operation
goes to me for MI6.

Ah. Bit harder there,
lad. It makes the man.

Harry and Alex will
go into the troll farm

and learn who tasked these
hackers with the fake story,

since we know it didn't start with them.

Owen and I will be on comms.

Ryan, Shelby, Dayana are on backup

in case things go sideways.

How about me?

I don't put terrorists into play.

I am not a terrorist, okay?

Okay. Let's... Let's get back to work.

You missed last call,

so I took the initiative
and ordered for you.

You see, I love my vodka.

Jon Jeffries says to me... rum and Coke?

But Ryan Booth, I think,

is more of a domestic
beer kind of a guy.

Tell me, how is fishing
around these parts?

Better than Band-e Amir?

Two tours in Afghanistan,
five years with the FBI,

part of the president's
detail at the G20 summit.

And now?

Oh, private security pays
better than early retirement.

What brought you to Sean
Gregory's party last week?

Y-You're not a client. I checked.

Oh, Gregory's my client.

I was looking for shady investors.

That's a good lie.

Makes sense, can't be checked,
and it comes easily to you.

Mm. You're an arts reporter.

And it's all I ever wanted.

So, you think you'll
find something on me

that'll get you off the back page.

The Gold Leaf Bar and Grill
in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Well, there's not much around here,

unless you're teaching
at William & Mary...

And, well, no offense, you're not...

Or being staffed at Camp Peary.

And what's the other name for it...

The Farm?

The CIA is up to something,

and either you can tell me what it is

or you can read my
column online tomorrow.

It's all about how dapper

you and your fellow
Agency operatives looked

at the Gregory
Investment Partners party.

Well, now you're fishing.
You got nothing.

Call my bluff and find out.

Henry Gould... long time.

Our mutual friend in St. Petersburg

tells me you have a job for us.

Uh, well, I don't, but my
associate, Reema Sethi, here

- does, actually.
- Hello.

You look familiar.

Well, you don't,

which means you're very good
at your job, and so am I.

I'm a media consultant with
a very deep client list.

Including a major pharma company

that would currently love to squash

a fledgling competitor... PhioGen.

A false story about the negative side
effects of PhioGen's new epilepsy drug

could kill it before it
even gets to the market.

So, before I transfer
any bitcoins your way,

I need to know a little bit more
about your team and their work.

So, any recent story
that I might've heard of?

We're stringing out
a new one right now...

The chemical spill in Brookwell.

- Oh.
- Ah.

- That's a big one.
- Hmm.

Must have some major private
contractors behind that.

This kind of work gets you
involved with colorful people.

I can assure you, they
were very satisfied.

I don't know about you, but
I don't take a seller's advice

about their own merchandise.

I do research.

So, is there anyone we
can call or speak to...



Alex, what's happening?

Let's put the guns away.

You're going in. Are you ready?

- What do you think?
- Why are you asking him?

Listen, mate, this kind of
kink isn't really my thing.

We came here for your business,

for your help.

Tell me who you really are

and why you're asking so many questions.

If we move, they flinch
and everybody dies.

Is that what you want to happen?

Alex, Harry, if he was
so sure you were lying,

you'd both be dead already.

Just maintain your cover.

You want to know who we really are?

I'm Henry bloody Gould.

And Reema here came to offer you a job,

so either accept or
pull the pissing trigger.

- You can never be too careful, huh?
- Right.

If you would like a
testimonial on Brookwell,

I have a number I can get you.


The hackers were hired by Greypool,

the private American military
company and security group.

And Greypool created the
fake news to clear out the town.

Then it escalated the story to
keep it evacuated for longer.

So, they're buying more time

to find whatever they're looking for,

which means they haven't found it yet.

We know the who. We need the what.

So, how do we find out?

Go to Brookwell and find it ourselves...

whatever it is.

Greypool doesn't answer
the phone for just anyone.

Given they spend most of
their time in war zones,

they don't mess around, either.

It's safe to assume
they'll be blending in

with the emergency-response
teams already on site,

just like you will.

It'll be impossible
to tell friend from foe

until it's too late, so be careful.

Excuse me. Sorry. Do you
know who's in charge here?

Yeah. Curt Meyer, EPA, and you are?

Oh, I'm Nelson Florrick.

I'm Lily Rollins-Hoyt.

We're professors from William & Mary,

environmental science,
and we're here to help.

Nice of you to drive all this way,

but we're pretty sure this
is just a wild goose chase.

We have teams going door-to-door
now, testing the water,

but I don't expect to find anything.

Right, yeah. And where have
you, uh, looked, exactly?

Almost the entire town.

Okay, so, you've completed
south of Churchill.

That's fast work.

Yeah, but you've... You've
missed this entire area

near Main Street.

Harry and Dayana have
narrowed our search.

Whatever Greypool's looking
for, it's still out there.

That "X" means the house is clear.

Okay, how do we find
what they're looking for

when we don't even know what it is?

Well, first, we have to figure
out which emergency personnel

are actually Greypool
operatives in disguise

and then we follow them and
figure it out from there.

We've got company.

I'll handle this. Go.

I've got a sheriff. I'm
about to be questioned.

Give her your cover. It'll hold up.

I'm EPA, down from Region Two.

I should be out there with them.

Your place is here.

Right where you want me?

Look, I can't help if they
look to me as a leader.

Respect is earned. It's not a given.

Notice anything unusual?

Yeah. That house has
already been tagged.

But why would the EPA go back to
a house they've already cleared?

'Cause they're not EPA.

Ryan and I are at 961 Princeton.

May have I.D.'d Greypool operatives.

Going in to investigate.

Let's go.

Shelby's stuck with the sheriff.
We need eyes on that house.

We're on an op, and you're
supposed to be at The Farm.

If you picked up your phone,

I wouldn't have had
to brief you in person.

Brief me? Are you kidding?

Ms. Amin, I think you've done enough.

Nimah, what do you have?

I checked the crime
reports from Brookwell

over the last few days,

and I know why Greypool is here.

They're not looking for a thing.

They're looking for a person.

Who are you? What do you want?


Ma'am, we're not here to hurt you.

We're here to talk.

But you need to put
your weapon down now.

No, you're... you're lying.

You're here to kill me and
get rid of the evidence.

We're here to...

We are here to save
you from those people.

I'm FBI. He's CIA.

Trust me, we're the good guys.

Look, Greypool is right above us.

You pull that trigger, you're next.

How do I know you're not lying?

Do you know who I am?

- You're Alex Parrish.
- Yeah.

So you can trust me. We'll protect you.

Come on.

We got the package. She's with us.

All right, we need an
exit strategy, fast.

Exit strategy on the way.

So, fake news designed to
evacuate an entire town,

all for one girl.

Well, she better be bloody Beyonce.

I am stuck here.

The sheriff's running my credentials.

Not sure how this is gonna work out.

I told you to go help
the team in Region Two.

Why are you standing around?

What do you want me to do?

The sheriff doesn't
believe I am who I say I am.

You're stopping this
woman from doing her job?

- Why?
- Excuse me, Miss...

Miss? Try Special Agent.

And I will have your badge for breakfast

if you don't let this EPA
worker go back to doing her job

right this second.

I'm sorry. I'm just
doing my job. Your job?

Your job is to help the
citizens of this town

get back into their homes.

That's our job, too.

Yes, of course.

Uh, here are your credentials.

Thank you.

Shelby and I are en route.

Who are you, and why do these
private contractors want to kill you?

My name is Malory Haynes.

I worked for Senator Lewis Baynard.

Until a few days ago,

I was on his payroll as a media
guru, but that's not what I did.

- What did you do?
- I created stories

that weren't always based in facts.

You know that bakery in Richmond?

Well, we said that the owners

wouldn't make a cake for
a veteran's return home

because they thought that
U.S. troops were murderers.

But it was... it was just
to sure up military support

for the senator's re-election.

Somebody thought the story was
real and shot the bakery up.

11 people died.

And ever since then,
Senator Baynard's people

have been trying to get rid

of any connection between
him and the fake news,

including me.

So, what are you doing
here, hiding in Brookwell?

My parents live here,
just down the block.

It's ironic, isn't it?

They use fake news

to get the girl who
created fake news for them.

They clear out the town and
grab you. No one would know.

It'd just look like she left

during the evacuation and disappeared.

Shh, shh.

Uh... what are you doing in our home?

This area's been evacuated.

- No, no, no.
- You haven't heard?

The whole thing's a sham.

They're letting everyone back in.

So, I will ask you again...
What are you doing in our home?

Well, let's all step outside
and see what we can see.

All right.

All right, let's take a look. Come.

Rear exit momentarily cleared.

Three more just showed up.

I'll distract them, but be quick.


- You stay between us, okay?
- All right.

I'll go first.

You go first. Always
got to be the hero, huh?

Cute. Just... Just follow us, okay?

And can you believe they pulled
us out of our homes for nothing?

And right in the middle
of a UVA game, babe.

Yeah. Go Wahoos.

Yeah, it's a creaky old house.

Stop them! We got to stop them!

Whoo. Impressive.

Get her inside, now.

Whoo. Okay, I'll admit it...

I've missed this.

They have the package.

As far as the world knows,
our operation never happened.

Greypool covered their and our tracks,

getting their people out
before local LE discovered them.

And we have who they're
looking for... Malory Haynes.

I still can't believe
this was all for a person.

Not just a person, more
like a political liability.

I mean, Malory propagated fake news

to further a senator's agenda.

People lost their lives because of it.

Even if Baynard wasn't
working on behalf of the GOP,

an arrest would reflect
on the entire party,

making it look like they sanctioned it.

The good news is, we found
our face for the board.

The even better news is,

this incident wasn't terrorism
or linked to another plan.

But it was sloppy...

Baynard using the cache
for his personal gain.

We can't be sure Baynard is our guy.

Politicians help each other.

You need to be sure
that it wasn't a friend

offering a solution to this problem.


I don't see what's
funny about what I said.

I was a federal agent for two years

in the public-corruption program.

I shouldn't have to remind you
of this, but I'm on your side.


Malory's rattled, but ready.

She'll cooperate with
whatever's needed of her.

Look, guys, I hate to bring this up,

but she's not an innocent here, okay?

The press, they might
call it "fake news,"

but that's just another
term for "disinformation."

They're turning Americans
against each other

and fostering whatever
hate is inside of them.

No. No.

She shouldn't be allowed
to plead this one out.

Yeah, um...

Take a well-deserved break,
and we'll keep Malory safe here.

Greypool's gonna still
be looking for her,

and we need to do some
research on Senator Baynard,

see if Nimah's right.

- Okay.
- Okay?

You did a lot of good last night.

Took a big risk, and
you drew fire for us.

I did what was needed.

If you were trying to earn
your place on this team,

I'm pretty sure you got it.


My sister still hasn't spoken to me,

and I don't know if she ever will.

I tried to do the right
thing and I turned myself in,

'cause I believe that I should
pay a price for what happened.

And what did they do?

They sent me here

to be a part of a team they
don't really want me on.

I feel stuck, out of place.

If I'm weighed down by my sins,

it's because they keep pressing
them down on me, Shelby.

This isn't about what
they think of you, Nimah.

It's about what you think of yourself.

You need to decide if
you can stop regretting

what you didn't do in the
G20 and remember what you did.

You saved lives, protected
your sister, turned yourself in.

Let go of your pride.

Yes, you made mistakes, but
you're still a good person.

It wasn't Baynard.

Nimah Amin was right.

Tell her that.

I'm only trying to help.

Is this gonna work between us?

I don't know.

I've been a teacher a long time

and I can tell when
someone has a lot to learn.

And you, Clay, have a lot to learn.

I understand what it must feel like,

watching someone less skilled
stand where you used to stand.

But that doesn't mean I
don't have something to offer,

something that, maybe, you
never had... experience.

No, I've been in the
highest rooms of power.

I know how these people think.

They didn't ask me to teach at The Farm.

They asked me to lead a task force

created to take down people like me.

Yeah, I may not be perfect at it yet,

but I am never gonna
be able to get better

if you keep putting
yourself between me and them.

You got to let me
learn how to do my job.



I can't believe that worked.

Don't spoil it.

Um, maybe you can help
me with one small thing.

They want justice,

and... and they're gonna
have to wait, again.

They didn't like it last week.

I fear that, on top of this...

Well, they're agents. They're
used to getting their criminal.

Waiting is not their thing,
but you and I, we know waiting.

For politicians like you, it's
all a long game, right?

And I've waited a long
time to be operational.

So, what do I tell them?

You lie.

Tell them they won, they saved the day,

and that Senator
Baynard's gonna get his.

I've watched my mother's career closely.

I-I know what happens when you lie.

You end up having to cover it
up with another and another...

Or you learn to live with them.

Listen... You want to be a good leader?

Let your soldiers
believe in their success.

- And when they find out the truth?
- Maybe they never do.

Listen, Baynard could go unpunished

for something that
happened above your head.

As far as they're concerned,
you did your best, and you did.

We got another name on the board.

Yeah, we did, didn't we?

And still under the
collaborators' noses.

Let's just hope it stays that way.

Yes. Whoo!

Oh, somebody's been at it.

Still, there's enough for a tipple.

What are we celebrating?

What are we celebrating?

Harry Doyle,

the spy still left out in the cold.

No MI6.

There's no win to be had.

Do you really think
Prince George out there

is gonna call Charlotte
at the Home Office,

tell them all about
your secret efforts here?

Promise to cut them in
if she reinstates me?

No, of course not.

So, once again, I scratch your back

and I get kicked to the curb in return.


You don't have to leave.
You could stay here, join us.

Well, you're not authorized
to offer that, Alex.

And I don't see anyone
else knocking on my door.

Well, you really haven't
given them a reason to, Harry.

You said it yourself...
You're not a team player.

Cool. Well, now you finally get it.

- And on that note...
- All right.

- No, no, please don't get teary on my...
- Hear me out, okay?

This morning, Clay forced
us to face our weaknesses,

and I think it's only fair
that someone tell you yours.

You joke your way around everything

because you're afraid
to make a connection...

Maybe because the closest
connection you ever made

died right in front of you.

And I get that.

After my father died, I...
separated from the world,

hid inside myself.

Buried myself so deep that...

there was nowhere else to go.

And then I met Ryan...

and Shelby and Nimah
and Raina and Simon.

And... And they'd all been
through so much themselves,

but they could still smile.

And they wanted to get to know me,

just like I want to know you.

Mm-hmm, and all those connections...

How did they work out for you, huh?

Simon Asher... he good?

Raina Amin... Is she
around here somewhere?

You know, I'm still waiting

for that save-the-date
card for you and Alabama.

Ryan and I may not be together,
but we're very, very connected.

I think about him. I worry
about him all the time.

I'm his friend, just like
I'm your friend, Harry.

Look, there's space for you
here, but you have to choose it.

You can walk out that door

and end up where you always end up...

Separate and alone.

Or you can stay here and let us in.

I'm not going anywhere,
and I will not leave you.

I had a feeling you'd be here.

I had a feeling you'd find me.

You followed me.

Well... journalism
might be dead in America,

but where I come from, if
you want to find a story,

you go look for it.

And yet, all is well in Brookwell.

No chemical leak. People
are back in their homes.

I have a four-hour drive ahead of me,

so I figured I'd file my 500
words on the party from here.

Do you prefer to be called
Mr. Booth or Operative Ryan...

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Or what, you'll make me disappear?

This isn't Russia.
Journalists don't vanish here.

Drop it. I can't. I'd lose my job.

Yeah, and if you publish
it, I could lose my life.

You make your money one
way, I make my money another.

If you want me to drop a story,

then you give me something
else to take its place.

Is this real?

Strictly on background.

Someone's done this before.

Well, do right by me, it
won't be the last time.

Dayana, give us a moment.

All right, I'll get us some food.

I'm sorry, Malory.

We won't be able to
fulfill our promise to you.

What? You said you'd protect me,

that I could get some kind of a deal.

Yeah. Unfortunately, it
turns out I don't have

the authorization I thought
I did to make that offer.

But we want to help you get out of town.

Out of town?

What do you... What do you mean?

The people who are after
you, they may not stop.

You need to get farther
than they can find you.

Don't contact anyone.
Don't use a computer.

Change phones every two weeks.

Pay as you go, you
understand? No Internet.

You find a place that's quiet,
get a job that pays cash.

You want me to run? For how long?

For a long time.

But he'll find me.

Not if you're smart. And you're smart.

This is the best deal you're gonna get.

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand.

You used me.

You lied to me, you got
something you wanted,

and now you want me to just...


I'll walk her through the details.

Our friends at the DOJ are
with Senator Baynard right now.

He'll do time, even if
he makes a plea deal.

Malory will go into witness
relocation until she testifies.

You should feel good about yourselves,

and you should feel good about this.

Henry Roarke?

That's the Speaker of the House.

- Yes. Nimah was right.
- Thank you.

Baynard asked his old buddy
for help out of a predicament.

Roarke gave him what he
needed from the cache.

Roarke is the man in the government
that we've been looking for.

This feels like a win. Is this a win?

Oh, I hope it's a win.

- It's a win.
- One we wouldn't

have had without Harry.


I will take it under advisement.

- Over drinks at the Gold Leaf.
- Yes.

We finally deserve it.

- I'll catch up.
- All right, see you.

Come on.

All right, what's everyone
having? It's on me.

It's noon.

Not when you've been up
for 36 hours it's not.

Then I want a whole bottle of whiskey.

How about a Bloody Mary instead?

I don't get your Bloody Marys.

If I wanted a gazpacho,
I would order one.

What? I-I'm not being funny.

- We're gonna go order the food.
- What? What did I say?

All right. Good idea.

I'm hungry.

- Hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Um, so, I've been
thinking a lot about you.

- Oh, yeah? You haven't said much.
- Mm-hmm.

I know. I was just... I was
trying to be less impetuous.

Well, I'm a good soldier.
I follow my orders.

You needed time. I'm giving it to you.

Right, I... I did say that.

But I think, when I said that,

I don't think I was
being completely honest.

So, what did you mean to say?

Okay, so... we're connected, Ryan.

After everything that
we've been through,

there's no way for us not to be.

But when I said that I needed more time,

I didn't... I didn't... I
wasn't expecting you to wait.

I see.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no. Don't apologize.

I feel the same way.

Look, I love you, Alex. I always will.

But you and I, we just...

We got stuck in a pattern that
we just couldn't get out of.

And I want some time,
too, away from you.

I just was trying to be
respectful and honor your wishes.

Okay, if I'm being completely honest,

I do not know how I feel
about this right now.

Alex Parrish not in
control of the situation.

You see, you are capable of change.

Wow. You really came.

Someone told me it'd be a nice gesture.

Okay, you're not supposed
to say that out loud.

Oh. Right.

So, where's your boyfriend
this week? Europe? Asia?

Oh, my God. You know I made him up.

Yeah. That was pretty clear.

I'm just not entirely sure why.

Owen was right.

I care what people think
about me... you most of all.

Because if anyone does have a
good reason to hate me, it is you.

And yesterday, in that moment...

I don't know, I just...
I wanted you to think

that I was someone who
was worthy of being loved.

And that I'd found it,

even after all the mistakes I've made.

I don't hate you.

I want to very, very badly, but
I do not seem to be able to.

Well, can you try a little harder?

'Cause I don't want to like you, either.

Still a no.

Nimah Amin.

I wanted to officially
welcome you to the team.

I feel I've been remiss in doing so.

And I want to kick your ass at darts.

Let's both get what we want.

Uh... can I join in?

Oh, my God. Look who's here.

Harry wanted to know if
we had enough room for him.

I told him, "I'm not in charge."
You have to ask the boss.

Nice to have you with us, Harry.


All right.

I'm a member of the team
now, so I get to play, too.

Okay, well, seeing as I am the newbie,

I'm going to set the rules.

First to 20, and every time you miss...

You have to answer a personal question.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We've played this before. Let's go.


Oh, Owen.

Okay, personal question,
buddy... who's your favorite?


Uh-oh. I'm getting you a drink.

Where you going?


We're gonna run an op-ed
piece on Sean Gregory.

It'll get attention, and I'll
get my story once it becomes one.

I owe you.

Well, how about you buy me dinner?

I don't pay for stories.

Okay, so I'll buy you dinner.

Okay, but it can't be expensive.

I have a very strict code of ethics.


Friday night, pick the
worst restaurant in town.

You're on.

Lean, it's Shelby Wyatt.

I was just thinking about you

and thought I'd call
and see how you were.