Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 14 - LNWILT - full transcript

In the wake of the G20 hostage crisis, President Claire Haas assembles an illegal and clandestine joint task force, bringing together Alex and her friends from both the FBI and CIA to unmask a global conspiracy.


Dylan, this cart goes to 63rd and 6th

as soon as the C-4 is loaded.

But we got a problem with the propane.

I'm gonna need to switch it out.

Freeze! This is the FBI!

Stay where you are!

Don't move!

Put your weapons down!
We have you surrounded!

- We got a runner.
- On it.

Headed past 50th,
towards the embankment.

Mind if I join the party?

Better late than never.

Well, you took off running.
I didn't get a chance.

Oh, I'm sorry. Are we calling dibs or...


Alex, what is it? What's wrong?


You were saying something
about "better late than never"?

Ugh, I forgot about the FBI's
physical-fitness requirements.

You may have gotten your badge back,

but you still have to work for it.

- Aha.
- _

I was wondering when the
bat signal would go off.

Your car or mine?

Six-hour drive. If you're offering...

You know, you'd think a
top-secret task force like ours

would have some perks,
a helicopter maybe.

Well, there are perks.

We both get to work
with our ex-boyfriends.

Oh, yay.

What about Nimah? Heard from her?

What, since she wasn't arrested

for aiding and abetting a
domestic act of terrorism?

No, I haven't, and I don't think
that anyone else should, either.

Shelby, she's part of the
team. We can't ignore her.

We can try.

Just for that crack, you're driving.



Hey. Where are you going?


D?jà vu.

For you, sure.

For me, it's a whole new world.

Hey, I finally get to see The Farm,

the place you've talked
about for way too long now.

It's really not that special.

You told me they have a spa.

That was a rumor. Oh, my God.

Do I have something in my teeth?

No. He's here.

- Who, Ryan?
- Not Ryan.

Caleb? So what?

Alex, I am a big girl.

Besides, it's not like we had

some horrible fight last
time we saw each other.

We're Facebook friends.

We wish each other happy birthday.

Come on. Let's say hello.


Well, hey. Fancy bumping into you.

Shelby Wyatt, what are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

You know who I am. Why
would I answer that question?

Well, you know who I am. Why
would I answer that question?


Who are you, and how
do you know each other?

Well, even though we've
never formally met...

I think you've formally
met enough of my family.

Okay. This is Caleb's
brother, Clayton Haas.

- Don't ever say that name.
- Excuse me?

You say that name, and...
And I hear you saying

my father's name in places
that no child should ever

have to imagine their
father's name being said,

and then come the images and...


I'm Clay, not Clayton.

And this moment that's
happening right now,

I have gone out of my way

to ensure that it
doesn't happen in my life.

I need to make a call.

Caleb has a brother?

And a sister. She's nice, though.

Well, at least she was
the last time I saw her.

That was before I...

Just... Yeah. Let's drop it.

Claire, we need to talk.


So, this is The Farm.

You don't seem excited anymore.

I can't say that I am.

Nimah... hey.


- Alex.
- Hey, D. How are you?

- Good.
- You remember...

Corporate goddess and
badass agent Shelby Wyatt?

How could I forget?

We're about to become old friends.

So, what do you think happened?
Another terrorist event?

Well, If Alex is here, there
can't be one far behind.

- Funny.
- It's good to see you again, Alex.

You, too.

You changed your hair. It looks good.

I didn't, but thanks.

Good afternoon. Thank
you all for coming.

We have a lot of ground to
cover in a short amount of time,

so let's get started.

Madam President?

Terrorism is never spontaneous.

Every act takes
planning and preparation.

It take money to fund it,

strategy to ensure it goes off properly,

technology to be current,
arms for fear and control,

the media to ensure
that most people see it,

political parties who
gain influence from it,

fundamentalists who take credit for it,

and, finally, the power players
who benefit from it the most.

When these eight pillars come together,

they create a perfect storm,
which is what we saw on 9/11,

in the Moscow theater
siege, at Bataclan,

and, last month, at the G20 Summit.

Whatever this shadow group was planning

by stealing those
drives is still unknown.

Luckily, only one
country's got out... ours.

We call this information "the cache."

Four years' worth of
intelligence about this country.

Now, that cache was
accessed two days ago.

Someone downloaded security
and maintenance patterns

for domestic cargo flights.

And at 4:00 a.m. this morning,
an RNX cargo aircraft went down

just outside of Annville, Kentucky.

You need to figure out
if these are connected,

what it's a part of,
and who's responsible.

But you're not looking for the person

who sabotaged the plane.

You need to find and
identify the collaborators...

Who paid for it, who's behind it,

who benefits from it, and why.

What you're doing goes
beyond the FBI and the CIA.

It's illegal and sanctioned only by me

because we don't know how far this group

has infiltrated our own government.

I'm putting my Presidency on the line.

My son, Clay, is in charge.

As my top political
strategist, he knows how to see

what's coming and how to plan for it.

Listen to him. Learn from him.

And, whatever you do, watch your backs.

These people are not playing around.

Hey. What's up?

I'm sorry. I didn't
know who else to call.

What's going on?

Someone's trying to kill me.

N-N-Not just me. All of us.

Home sweet home. Dayana,
if you don't mind,

I would love to have my old roomie back.

By all means.

Upstairs. Back corner.

Okay, so... I guess
it's just you and me.

This isn't summer camp.
We don't need to share.


Single's over here, Nimah.

Hey, listen. Leon's gonna meet us later.

Okay? Don't tell the others.

Okay, so, I guess I'll just solo

Harry and Sebastian's old room upstairs.

So you kept in touch with Nimah?

Well, I figured she could use a friend.

She came over for
dinner a few nights ago.

You cook in that tiny studio?

It's a loft in Ballston now.

You moved?

I didn't know that.

I didn't think you cared.

I didn't. I mean I don't. I-I mean...

Whatever you want.

Whatever I want?


You cannot seriously ignore
me. I mean, we're both adults.

I'm not ignoring you.

I'm simply disinterested
in communicating.

Hey, look, I know it
might be a little weird,

us both being here, but
your mother asked me to come.

I did not volunteer.

So if you could maybe just
be a little bit professional.

Prof... Professional?

Did you just say that?

'Cause I'm pretty sure that
your definition of that and mine

do not line up very well.

Okay. All I'm asking
is a little courtesy.

A smile, a handshake when I say hello.

I've gotten far on the Hill

because of my honesty,
directness, my humility.

I can smile and shake
hands with people I dislike

and disagree with on
a fundamental level.

But they never mistake
that smile for approval,

which, if we're being honest,
direct, and true to character,

is what you're really seeking from me.

I told my mother I would take
this job on one condition...

That you were not a part of it.

But since she needed your
help during the G20 crisis,

she's afraid to let you
out of her sight now.

That is why you're here.

Not for any net gain
you bring this group

of far better operatives than you.

You're here because you know too much,

and you must be babysat till it's over.

So, sit, baby, wait, and
stay out of my way, okay?

Welcome to the bunker.

What you're working on is
beyond codeword-classified.

It doesn't exist.

Here, two stories underground,

you should have the privacy you need.

Can anybody tell me what this is?

A canvas on which we can
paint our hopes and dreams?

It's a smart board.

It's a roster with each
position to be filled

by the names and faces
of our collaborators.

Each time information
from the cache is accessed,

it gives us a unique opportunity

to identify one or more of these faces.

When we find every single one of them,

we'll bring them down, once and for all.

It begins by analyzing the
crash of RNX's cargo flight 284.

Who benefited from this crash?

That's where we start our investigation.

Every conspiracy that
I've ever been around

ultimately has the government behind it.

So which party or
politician benefits the most

from the fear and panic
caused by a plane crash?

This was a cargo plane,
not a civilian airliner.

No one's gonna panic over
some missing deliveries

from Nordstrom Rack.

Politicians aren't corrupt
just because they wield power.

I don't think that
pillar's holding this up.

The single biggest
beneficiary from terrorism,

dollar for dollar?

That would be the defense industry.

You think defense companies see

a huge increase in orders for weapons

after a cargo plane crashes?

Look, the type of government
contracts that occur

after an act of terrorism
are not to be ignored.

Alex, back me up here.

Well, I don't think
that pillar holds up.


If you can't reach consensus,

how are you gonna convince my mother?

A sentence I haven't
said since high school.

Leon didn't sound like himself.

He sounded desperate.

As desperate as this?

"I'm being hunted." What is this link?

A recruit from The Farm
died in a car accident...

Drunk driver.

But Leon thought it was a conspiracy.

He's been texting odd stuff
like that for days now.

Look, I've been the
paranoid one no one believes.

Let's set a time to meet.

You want social control? That is media.

From personal experience
as "America's most hated,"

I know these are not people

who care who they hurt for a story.

I know the press has been cruel to you,

but it's not the right path.

Is that your role in this, Nimah,

poking holes in everyone else's theories

without pitching any of your own?

Not having a solution
doesn't mean she's wrong.

You still don't have it.

Okay, Doogie Howser. We get it.

You know my brother...
You're gonna have to find

deeper cuts than that if
you want one I haven't heard.

Jimmy Neutron? Wesley Crusher?

Clay Jong-Un?

Oh, no. They're bonding.

This is an interesting theory.

Why don't you bring it up?

You guys, we've been at this for hours

and still no answers.

Well, Nimah has one.

No, I don't.

Guys, we can do this. Let's just focus.

But we don't need a
cheerleader right now.

- We need results.
- Really? A cheerleader?

Is this how it's gonna work?

Endless debate without any action?

There are horrific plans
in motion as we speak,

and we're doing nothing to stop them.

Since you were so good at
stopping them last time.

Well, I'm glad you're finding
time to get a jump-start

on your mother's State of the Union.

You must be way ahead of the game.

You said you were
supplying me with a group

of highly-trained professionals

equipped to take down an
unfathomable conspiracy.

Instead, I'm a hall
monitor in high school.

It's day one.

They're adults.

Day one or day 100,

they should be able to work together.

They need more than a boss.
They need a... drill sergeant.

It came to my attention
that you needed some help,

so I called on an old friend
to offer his expertise.

Follow the money.

When that plane
crashed, people profited.

That was Nimah's theory earlier.

Airline stocks were
shorted in huge volumes

on September 10th.

And if you look at yesterday's index,

the same thing happened with RNX.

So how do we "follow the money"?

The old-fashioned way...
Human intelligence.

Two days ago,

a hedge-fund manager named
Sean Gregory got sloppy

and made a small fortune for his firm

by short-selling RNX,

the shipping company
whose plane went down.

It has all the classic hallmarks
of inside-information trading.

Only this time, those
insiders may be responsible

for the very act of terror
from which they profited.

So we go after Gregory.

Gregory executed the short,
but we need to find out

who gave him the
tip... The collaborator,

which is going to require
you to do the one thing

you haven't been able to
do yet... work as a team.

And if we can't.

Well, there's no endorsement
card at the end of this rainbow.

If we're exposed, POTUS goes down,

I go back to jail, and
you all come with me.

So, who's ready for a
little "Mission: Impossible"?

Our target,

Gregory Investment Partners, or GIP.

Our villain... Sean Gregory,

the portfolio manager who made
$112 million for his clients

off of shorting RNX
stock prior to the crash.

One of his clients tipped him off.

We're gonna find out which one.

Three clients filed to cash
out immediately after the short.

All three of them will
be at a GIP party tonight.

You're gonna find them, work them,

get their reasons for cashing out.

Whoever lies is our man... or woman.

So get changed. It's black tie.

Dayana will stay on
site, providing support,

while we do the rest.

Shelby will be herself,

an heiress searching
for investment options.

I'll be on site as myself, as well,

making sure nothing goes wrong.

Alex and I will be posing
as private security,

pitching Sean Gregory on
our company's services.

Care to make an exchange?

And Ryan will pose as
one of the fund's clients.

You look good.

That hasn't changed.

Nothing's changed.

It's all changed.

I can't find an excuse not to come.

- Well, I'm glad you are.
- Me too.

One small problem.

There's a closed guest
list, and I'm not on it.

Yes, you are. You
just don't know it yet.

Hey, where are the Navigators?


- Thank you.
- I never knew that.

Excuse me? Logan Martin?

You work for Omaha Pension, right?

So do I. I, um...

I just started, and I would love

to get the inside scoop on everyone.

You want to grab a
drink at the hotel lobby

where it's quiet?

Shelby Wyatt standing by.

Ms. Wyatt's assistant standing by.

I'm not used to parties like this.

Oh, a room full of people who
think they're the good guys,

when, in actuality,
they're destroying America

for their own gain?

You fit in just fine.

Dayana online.

Logan Martin is taking a
nice propofol-assisted nap

in the backseat.

So, you're clear to go, Ryan.

Jon Jeffries, Omaha Pension.

Thank you, sir.

Omaha Pension is now represented.

Alex, Owen, you ready?

Standing by.

Thank you.

You were in a cell just a day ago.

This must be surreal for you.

Not as surreal as
having you as my partner.

But I don't expect you'll be
on the task force much longer.

Sean Gregory's coming
in hot. Put a pin in it.

- Mr. Gregory.
- Mr. Hall.

Thank you for making the time.

Ms. Parrish.

Always wanted to meet the
woman who saved New York.

How do you like our little party?

Well, it's nice to see how
the other percent lives.

Well, if you invest in my company,
you could see it more often.

Well, we were hoping you'd invest in us.

I already have a private security firm.

Yeah, but do they have the FBI and CIA

on their r?sum?s?

It'll take us just five
minutes on your systems

to convince you that you need us.

My office is just down the block.

Happy to take a breather from this

and watch you try and convince me.

Good choice.

Let's go.

Shelby, Nimah, Ryan, any
eyes on the three clients?

Remember, one of them
could be our collaborators.

I've spotted someone. I'm moving in.

Just spotted one, too. Moving in.

- Emily Meyers?
- Do I know you?

I'm a new investor with the firm.

Sean told me to come find you.

Now's not a good time.

I'm Sasha Barinov.

I'm covering this for
the Journal, Life & Arts.

Can I get a photo of the two of you?

I-It's for... It's for the Instagram,

not for the paper.

I don't have a photographer present.

Maybe later.

A new investor in a rented tux?
I would have walked away, too.

This isn't rented.
I just... lost weight.

Who are you talking to, Ryan?

Sasha Barinov, from
the Journal, you said?

Repeating my name.

I read "The Seven Habits of
Highly Effective People," too.

But you haven't said yours.

Jon Jeffries, Omaha Pension.

I heard you guys are
having a tough quarter.

And which section are
you asking that for?

Arts or Life?

Unless you want to blow this
op, maybe turn off the charm?

You fish, Sasha? I fish. I love it.

I was down in Cabo a few years ago,

I caught a roosterfish. The
thing was the size of a dog.

I got some pictures of
it if you want to see?

Uh, sure.

Yeah, that'll work. Bore her to death.

I know what you guys want...
and you have a good pitch.

But I'm happy with my security.

Oh, we are, too. It
was so easy to crack.

This is our client list.

And we didn't even use our best cracks.

You're highly vulnerable, Sean.

You need to delete this now.

You can delete it yourself.

We don't care about your clients.

We just want to make you one of ours.

I have to talk to the partners,
but if you get us a proposal,

a follow-up is not out of the question.

Sounds great.

Now, why don't we go
and enjoy the party, hmm?

Okay, so, why don't I
head over there with you

while my colleague
whips up that proposal?

Just don't like to let
a potential client go.

You don't mind, Alex, do you?

Sure. Of course.


Just go easy on my firewall, would you?

I got you, Sean.

Owen and Alex got Sean's finger-scan.

As soon as it gets to
you, log into their system

and download their trade history.

Already on it.

Plan trade data coming in.

Alex, I've put us on closed comms.

I got an answer from Keyes
about the recruit Leon mentioned

who died in the car crash.

They didn't.

Everyone from The Farm
is still very much alive,

except Leigh, of course.

Now, apparently, Leon has been
on Keyes' radar for a while now.

Keyes thinks that what happened
to him at the G20 changed him

and that he hasn't been the same.

I'm worried.

Me too.

- So, are you a client?
- Potential client.

Sean's wooing me. I'm
here via courtship.

Shelby Wyatt. Like McGregor-Wyatt?

That's right.

I thought you were FBI.

No, I am.

Everyone in my family
couldn't get over an heiress

- taking a government salary.
- Yeah.

- What are you doing here?
- Well, um, I was...

Is GIP under investigation?

Changed my mind. I do feel like dancing.

Excuse me.

You've just helped me.

I thought you would
want to see me go down.

I don't want the mission to fail.

You worked at the
Children's Defense Fund.

You wrote for "The Daily Show."

I mean, you may have
graduated from Quantico,

but you quit three months
later to write speeches

for Eric Garcetti.

This type of thing is not for you.

You want to shape the law, not break it.

You read up on me?

Your father used to talk about you.


I think it's only
fair if in the morning,

you respectfully decline
working on this team any further.

You want me gone, I'm gone.

Why would I withdraw?

Being here is like printing money.

Unless you want to
lose out, I'd go all in.

Yeah, but I can't be the only client

looking for the exit
after this week's windfall.

Excuse me. I have to go.

Emily on the move.

She got a text to go up to GIP's office.

Dayana cleared my mark. I can follow.

She's my mark. I got it.

It's not your mark if
she left you behind, Owen.

Looks like ditching me at the office

is about to pay off.

I see Sean and Emily
meeting, moving closer.

Alex. Shh.

- Okay. We got to go.
- No, no, no, no.

You tell me why you're
here or I'll flag security

and bring an end

to whatever it is you're
doing here definitively.

Oh, if you had a cover to
be on this floor yourself,

you would have done that already.

Well, I'm here on company business.

So am I.

- Which one?
- Both of them.

Okay, well, I will show you
mine if you show me Langley's.

Funny, I've played that
game with you before.

Whatever you show me, it'll
definitely not be yours.

Stop me if short-selling stocks
based on terrorist activities

rings any bells?

I can neither confirm nor deny...

Get up.

We will accomplish
so much more together.

Okay, hot. But is now really the time?

I do have a hotel.

Why do you keep talking?

No, no, no, no, no! Less handsy!


Kiss me.


I am so embarrassed.
Please don't tell anyone.

I'll definitely lose my job
if they find out about us.

- And, as I'm a man, I probably wouldn't.
- Yes.

Thank you so much.
This'll never happen again.

Speak for yourself.

Great idea... Two
operatives in plain sight.

We should pose for pictures.

Well, small talk's what
parties like this are for.

You know what jeopardizes missions?

Personal vendettas.

- I have no beef with you.
- And Alex?

Is that why you left her up there?

Prison was my choice,
to protect my daughter.

But Alex was the
reason I had to make it.

But that doesn't make
her responsible for it.

Sasha on your six.

Oh, you brought a friend
for more fishing tips?

No, I just caught something myself.

Jon, this is Ilene
Landry, from Omaha Pension.

That's where you work, right?

Oh, Jon, I'm sorry.

We were supposed to have that drink.

We got to do that. I'm
gonna bring him back.

Just a little drunk.

That's odd.

Um... I'm cross-referencing
GIP's clients' trades

with other terror attacks, and
nothing is lining up at all.

I need to get out now.

With the proceeds we
reaped from the RNX crash,

you can more than cover my withdrawal.

This only works if the other
investors don't get spooked, Em.

Pulling out now...

Looks like one smart
investor capitalizing

on a freak windfall.

How did you ever think
to bet against RNX anyway?

They pissed me off.

They lost my mother's birthday present.

So I decided to make a
run on their stock price.

They're not funding the AIC.

They're running a Ponzi scheme.

I got to go.

What are you doing up here?

How did you get in? This
floor's restricted access.

Emily Meyers, right?

Um... Sean left me here
to finish up a proposal.

You're still up here, Ms. Parrish?

Mayday. Mayday.

We need immediate help
getting out of the GIP.


I'm close to the exit. I'll head over.

But we'll be done for before
you even hit the pavement.

Just a last-minute check to
finish up the proposal for you.

Were you eavesdropping on us?

Ah! There you are, been
looking all over for you.

Oh, hello. Sebastian Chen.

I'm Ms. Parrish and Mr. Hall's partner.

They do data hacking.
I mine AV weaknesses.

And right here, right now,

your AV system is completely corrupted.

We'll send you our proposal.

- See you later.
- Get in the elevator,

take it to the next floor down,

take the stairs to the fire exit.

They'll have security
waiting for you in the lobby.

- What about you?
- I have my own route.

It was nice seeing you, love.

So you caught a criminal,
just not the right one.

So, the cache led us in the right
direction, just to the wrong target.

We'll do better next time.

You're not getting a next time.

That's it? It's one try, and it's over?

You succeeded in proving you're
nothing but petty teenagers.

Other than that, you failed.

We just uncovered the
next Bernie Madoff.

They're guilty of fraud,
money laundering, perjury,

and theft, just to start.

So he's not the link to the AIC,

take the win, have him arrested.

We can't do that.

We don't want the real criminal
to know what we're doing.

These people are real criminals.

Okay, let's just treat this
like a textbook RICO case.

- It seems easy enough.
- You were brought in to fix this, fix it.

I can't.

It was broken when you selected
these people for your team.

You can't succeed with
traitors in your midst.

And that's all I see.

I'd rather go back to jail
than spend one more day here.

If anyone should be leaving,
it should be him, no?

He's right. I shouldn't be here.

I shouldn't be here.

No, you shouldn't.

Clay hates me.

Nothing's gonna change that.

He doesn't hate you. He blames you.

It's easier to blame someone.

What's hard is to understand someone.

To understand that we all live

with the pain of what's happened to us.

Clay blames you for what
happened to his father

because it's easier
than living with the fact

that he wasn't perfect.

Clayton was my biggest mistake.

Clay doesn't know that. He
thinks you're the mistake.

And you? What about your mistake?

Nimah, I love you. I do.

And I don't love a lot of people,

because I don't have a lot of people.

I have Alex and you, and that is it.

But what you did at the G20.

I mean, how... How am
I supposed to love that?

How can I even understand that?

Because I am not my biggest mistake.

Neither are you.

Thank you.


Ooh. I figured you'd know where to go.

Earl Grey. Whole milk.

- Mm, sweet, you remembered.
- I did.

I'd say it's on you, but your
credit cards are maxed out.

I checked.

I also checked some other things.

You're no longer in
Her Majesty's service.

Of course I am. What,
you think they'd tell you?

I spoke to Charlotte Bishop.

She said it happened
right after The Farm.


They threw me out after I
exposed their mission here.

Well, now you have your
answers, Alex, so I'll...

Harry... I know how you feel.

- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.

I was kicked out by the CIA and the FBI.

The great Alex Parrish
has never been unmoored.

You're a national hero.

You'll always be wanted somewhere.

Me, well, truth be told, MI6...

didn't really want me.

They just wanted to use
me as long as they needed.

Even Charlotte couldn't
get me back in there.

So I took a job.

It was private security for Barclays.

That's why I was at the
G20. Nothing glamorous.

I was just polishing the
boots of some blowhard banker.

And after we got through
that calamity in one piece,

I thought MI6 would welcome
me back with open arms.

You know, I'd saved
some lives, at least.

Part of a team that tackled
the biggest hostage crisis

the world had ever seen.

But your country covered it
up, so what proof did I have?

I was left with nothing,

so I've been doing what
I can to prove my worth...

on my own.

Look, I know the information

that Lydia has released
from those drives

is being used for dangerous purposes.

You were chasing that stock tip.

So was I.

And you figured that out on your own?

It's a brilliant ploy, I must say.

Profit off of terror.

So, you know, any smarter,

they'd be making money on
both sides of the trade.

You're a good agent, Harry.

You deserve back in.

We could really use someone
like you on the team.

Well, I'm not for hire, Alex.

Everyone is. We both know that.

What's this for?

You said both sides of the trade, right?

- So...?
- So...

We know what happened the day before.

What happened the day after?

Fine, but I am submitting my receipt

for the Acela to you.

That bloody train cost
me an arm and a leg.

Here we go.

I've been fully briefed
and so has the President.

She's rather disappointed.
I'm not entirely surprised.

We try things all the time that fail.

But the President's told me

that it's Clay's decision to make.

Any last words?


I would have chosen
something a tad more poetic.

What's ENGIN?

The missing piece we
never thought to look for.

When you look at all the trades
surrounding the RNX crash,

there was one big one.

Someone took a major
position in ENGIN Industries

shortly after the crash.

Why does this matter to us?

Because ENGIN is an avionics start-up,

and the cargo plane that crashed

was carrying a prototype
of its new technology.

Any loss of pressure, the
system automatically uses

real-time information
to find a crash site

where there'd be no
casualties on the the ground.

It saved lives.

The government just signed
a billion-dollar contract

with them this morning.

Meet Christian Kelly.

Mr. Kelly is an independent investor,

who just reaped a $200 million
windfall off of the crash.

And he didn't do it using a hedge fund.

He invested in ENGIN Industries
personally, four days ago.

And a search into his
trade history indicates

that this isn't the first time

he's profited in the
wake of a terror attack.

And all of that money is
in an off-shore account

waiting to be used.

We found our first collaborator...

Christian Kelly.

I'm actually impressed.

How did you put this together?

I had help. Harry Doyle.

I think he would be
an asset to this team.

No, after what he did last time,

there's no way I'm gonna
let him back on the inside.

So, what now? We take out Kelly?

No. No, Kelly's just
one spoke in the wheel.

You take him out now and the
others will scatter so far,

you'll never find them.

He's right.

This is just the first
inning in a long game.

We wait...

until we have all the
faces on that board.

I'm sorry... about what I said before.

I was speaking out of anger,

and I don't want to do that again.

I want to do as much
good as I can to make up

for all the bad my daughter did.

If you'll have me.

The game begins again tomorrow.

Get some sleep. You'll
need it. All of you.

You did change your hair.

I did.

I knew it! Why would you lie about that?

I don't know. I just...

I didn't like that you noticed,

and, I mean, Shelby didn't even notice.

You didn't call.

You didn't either.

I thought you didn't want to talk to me.

What, because you gave me the ring back?

Because I wanted more time...

to figure out how to move forward.

But here we are...

pushed together again.

There's just so much between us...

so much weight.

All of us have so
much weight between us.

So, how are we supposed to move forward?

We help each other carry it, I guess.

I love you, Ryan.

I know.

I just need more time.

Hey. I'm going on a
walk. You want to join me?


I haven't seen this place before.

They have a spa.

I think that's a rumor.

I say we look for it anyway.

Sure. Let me just get my coat.


Good evening.

Mr. Haas.

Catch up, okay?


My fianc?e says I'm too tough on you.

Maxine Griffin.

Founder of The Roster,

a networking and visibility platform

for professional women committed
to helping each other rise.

My father tell you that, too?

I'm a member.

I'm sorry...

that you have to deal with me,

with any of it.

I know what it's like
to lose a parent, and...

I'm sorry.

I should have just
stopped at "I'm sorry."

Unlike most people in America,
I believe in freedom of speech.

Keep going.

I make mistakes.

I make a lot of mistakes.

But being an FBI agent
is not one of them.

I do not make mistakes in my job.

You can trust me.

I will be professional.

I will, too.

Maxine wants to know

if you want to come over
for dinner next week.

That's a little weird.

Sorry. Freedom of speech?

I totally agree.

So... if you don't mind,

I will just tell her you're busy.

That's perfect.

Good night.

Ryan Booth.


You look into what I was talking about?

We confirmed it at the highest level.

Everyone in our class, except Leigh,

is still very much alive.

You talked to Keyes.
That's what you did.

Why would you trust
someone on the inside?

He's in on it.

Leon, um... have you talked to someone?

Like a shrink? I'm not crazy, Alex.

No one is saying that you are, okay?

Just maybe what happened
to us stayed with you.

And we're just worried about you.

Yeah, well, you should be
worried about me getting killed.

We are.

We're all burnt out, so we get it.

The Company has people.
We could get you help.

I asked for your help.

You brought me nothing.
You believe their lies.

- Leon.
- No, it's fine.

You can't help me. I understand.

I'm on my own.