Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 16 - MKTOPAZ - full transcript

The whole team reexamines their personal connections, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Meanwhile, Alex forges an unexpected bond with an asset at the center of a conspiracy, and Harry struggles to find his place on the task force.

Previously on "Quantico"...

Anybody wanting to attack America

just got a huge windfall.

I'm forming a select team to fight it.

My fiancée says I'm too tough on you.

Maxine Griffin, founder of The Roster.

If you want me to drop the story,

then you give me something
else to take its place.

- Hello?
- I owe you.

Well, how about you buy me dinner?

- I don't pay for stories.
- Well, I'll buy you dinner.

I'm sorry. We won't be able
to fulfill our promise to you.

You could stay here, join us.

- You're nothing.
- You are my sister.

Leon, it's Shelby Wyatt.

Thought I'd call and see how you were.


Good morning to you, too.

I've missed you.

You say that like I'm the
one that keeps leaving.

It it were up to me,

I would be with you all day, every day.

Save it for the vows.

You know, assuming you're
not gonna get called away

during those, too.

I would never do that.

A runaway groom. How
devastating that would be.


And he's leaving again.

Are we gonna talk about
this new job of yours?

Let me rephrase that.

Okay, let's talk about this
new job of yours right now.

You're still a strategist, right?

I plead the fifth.

And now you're lying?

What are you saying,

that I can't have
this job and marry you?

I'm saying that I can't be with somebody

that doesn't trust me.

When all this is over,

I will be able to tell you everything.

Until them, how about
the trust going both ways

and you trust me?

Give me a reason. A real one.

I love you. That's all I got.

- Looks like I am the welcome committee.
- Yeah?

Well, I thought there'd be a big banner

or some home-cooked lasagna, at least.

I mean, isn't that what you people do?

What, you mean FBI agents
or clandestine task forces?

You know, no one welcomed me here,

but Alex said it was mandatory
that you feel at home.

Well, I already lived here, so...

So, my work here's done.

I'm welcomed.


It's nice having you here.

Make yourself useful, and
help me with this trace.

Well, I was on my way to the gym.

Did you sleep?

This is more important than sleeping.

Is everything okay?

I'm fine.

Help or leave.

All right. Let's see what you got.

Wish we could all have dinner,
but we're off to Savannah.

Next time you're in Delhi.

Of course.

It was so lovely to see you again, Mira.

Bye. Bye.

Bye. Be safe.

Cute family.


An old friend from an old life.

She asked a lot of questions.

I gave a lot of vague answers.


It's hard to reconnect

when everything I do is a secret.

You know what's so strange?

She knows me,

but there's nothing that
connects us other than our past.

It's like we existed in
two separate universes...

Me in my crazy one and she in her...

Normal one?

Is that what you want? A normal life?

Doesn't even matter.

We should go.

They'll be waiting for us.

Where's Dayana?

On a case going to federal court.

If she didn't show, her
cover could get blown.

But she didn't say goodbye.

Yeah. And you didn't say hello.

I'm so happy you're here.

I'd like to bring something
to everyone's attention.

My hope is that Sean Gregory's
Ponzi scheme coming to light

just weeks after our visit
is merely coincidence.

But if I discover that someone
on this team has been talking,

you're not only jeopardizing
this entire operation,

but you could get us killed.

That said, we need to
keep moving forward.

We can thank Nimah for
catching this latest ping.

Normally, we have to wait
for something to happen.

Not this time.

Whoever accessed our cache
of stolen surveillance

got sloppy, downloading to a cellphone,

thus revealing herself quickly...

Rebecca Sherman of New York City.

The socialite?

Her taste, personal network,

and dinner parties are legendary.

Everyone from Janet Yellen to Jay Z.

She's a power broker.

She can summon influential
people in a room

and get them talking,

even when no amount of
official diplomacy has worked.

Okay, and what did she
exactly access from the cache?

Classified Intel on vulnerabilities
in U.S. passport control.

But she hasn't put any of it to use yet.

So, for the first time, we have a chance

to get ahead of a
collaborator before they act?

Exactly. She accessed the
cache this morning from her phone,

bounced her IP off a
sole server in Riyadh.

Shelby, thank you for offering
to utilize your asset there,

but we were able to trace it to Rebecca.

Who's your asset in Riyadh?

I thought I could reach out to Samar.


The woman who conned you into believing

she was your sister
for 15 years, Shelby?

Are you crazy?

It was just a thought.

I-I don't want to diminish this woman

or her groundbreaking work

with seating arrangements
and artisanal cocktails,

but are we all agreed
here that there is no way

she's a pillar of
some global conspiracy?

No. We are not all agreed.

According to my research

into our two identified
collaborators, Roarke and Kelly,

Rebecca is connected to both.

Her contacts include
very powerful people

from all walks of life.

What if... Yeah, what if
this is how the collaborators

contacted each other in the first place?

What if Sherman's the connective tissue?

Really? The hostess, the ringleader?

I really appreciate the
thought you've put into this,

but it's kind of absurd.

I wasn't aware it was
our job to convince you.

Well, my apologies for
taking a contrary opinion.

If this theory is correct,
then Rebecca could be the key

to unlocking identities
of every collaborator.

We need to figure out a way
to get all her information.

But how?

You don't get to be as famous as her

without being a locked box.

So, she works with
people of note, right?

She hosts dinners, plans parties,

weddings, even.

You want to use me... as bait?

Okay. Now I'm on board.

No. No. No way. It's not happening.

You and your fiance are planning

the highest-profile wedding of the year.

You reach out to
Rebecca, make the intro.

She would never think
it's under false pretenses.

This is a good idea.

- This is a bad idea.
- Why is that?

Because, like the rest of us,

you'll finally have some
real skin in the game?

This is more than skin.
This is my marriage.

Please respect that my life is my life.

I want Max as far away
from this as possible.

Okay, so that's that then, is it?

It's okay for First Baby

to be in the sandlot with the rest of us

as long as he doesn't
get his hands dirty?

- Harry, stop.
- What? What?

You all put your lives
at risk every day,

and he risks nothing.

You have no idea what
I have on the line here.

Clay, if there were any other way...

Maxine can't find out.

All right. Get her to
want to meet with Rebecca.

She's the event planner
for your wedding.

Entrée into her Manhattan
townhouse is the first step.

I bend the truth in my profession,

but with Max, I don't lie.


But the key here is
not to focus on the lie.

Focus on what the lie gets you.

What makes you so equipped
to give me this advice?

I had to manipulate Raina
for her own safety at the G20.

And how's that working
out for you and her?

We're closer than ever.

I knew you were lying.

And you sent the text.

After Maxine agrees to meet,

she and Clay will go to Rebecca's home,

accompanied by Alex,

acting as a member of
Clay's private security team.

Rebecca Sherman's gonna recognize you...

- Thank you.
- So your first job is to look like

you don't want to be recognized.

You'll draw her in.



Is your head into this?

Sorry. Yeah. Of course.

And what is it I need
to get the information?

You need to access
Rebecca's personal computer.

Not hard to do once we've
obtained the password.

Okay, so, Rebecca's old-school.

Her computer's closer to
a Commodore than a MacBook,

which means she'll have
a rudimentary password.

That's the good news.

The bad news is, we
can't hack it remotely,

so we'll have to use good, old-fashioned

human intelligence instead.

Sasha Barinov.

The same reporter who
exposed the Ponzi scheme.

Yes. I met her at the party.

She's written a bunch
about Sherman's soirées.

She could help us get what we need.

I could pay her a visit,

get her to help without
her even knowing,

and get to the bottom of
who leaked the Gregory story.

Maxine's in.

She said she's always wanted to meet

the great Rebecca Sherman.

Tried to get her to speak
at a company event for years.

The meeting starts at 4:00,
which means we have to leave now.

All right. Let's go.

Not him.


Okay, so, what do you propose that I do?

Stay back here in the bunker

while you all go off and
play "Say Yes to the Dress"?

No. I've done the research.

I can get us out of that
house in six different ways.

Tell Nimah or Ryan.

Clay, what do you need
me to do, kiss the ring?

- Stop it.
- You're new here.

You can wait your turn.

Now, why don't you guys go
ahead? I'll take care of this.

"This"? Really, Owen?

Is that what I am now... "this"?

Okay, I don't know what
you are, drunk maybe?

No. Stupid. Stupid to ever think

that anyone would want me here but you.

Do you know what, guys? I don't
work in teams. I never have.

And to be honest, I don't think
many of you like it, either.

But I will tell you something.

If you leave without me,

I will not be here when you come back.


Thank you.

The wedding is not a problem.

I must admit, I was a little surprised

not to be asked to serve on
the board of your Ranker.

It's called The Roster.

I'm sorry. That's probably
why I wasn't asked.

The Roster, it's very tech-centered,

and, well, you're famous for...

Hating the Internet. I do.

I like people.

I like seeing the way a room changes

when someone new walks in.

I like seeing people connect

who never knew they
had so much in common.

So do I.

That... That's what drives me to
keep The Roster going...

To create a community of women.

We just use the Internet to do it.

I think as long as you don't send out

your wedding invitations
via Paperless Post,

we'll be fine.

Well, yes.

- I think that we are all agreed on that.
- Yeah.

Um, if you don't mind,

I would like, to
check in with my mother.

- Of course.
- See if she's okay with all of this.

She had the person that she wanted,

but we like to do things our own way.


Max, why don't you ask Rebecca

about the last weddings that she's done?

The upstairs gallery is lined

with personal photographs from
previous events that I've done,

- so let me show you, Maxine.
- Okay.

Ms. Sherman, um,

in the interest of both your time

and the First Family's safety,

I'd like to address some logistics

before you start, if you don't mind.

Call me Rebecca, please.
And it's not a problem.

I've been through this a hundred times.

You go on up. I'll join you.

Excuse me.


Our date's tomorrow, isn't it?


- Well, thank you.
- You're welcome.

You know my coffee order.

I pay attention.

You need a favor.

You're good.

You ever think about government work?

I have a feeling I'm
about to do some for you.

So your last event
with the Secret Service

was two years ago?

How does one of America's heroes

wind up doing protective
detail for the First Family?

I decided to pursue a life

that was a little less, um, involved.

Aren't you bored?

That wasn't a real
question. You're bored.

I can tell.

I speak eight languages,
three of them well,

and number one is body language.

You have to be able to tell from
across the room if it's working,

and you are not comfortable here.

Yes. I'm not.

I have parties with people like you.

There's aren't many like
you, that's for sure.

But when I come upon one, I
never know where to put them.

No matter who I sit next to them,

it's never a good fit.

Because you're not one thing.

You're not someone who can be placed.

You're not a part of all this.

You're always outside it,

above it.

Hey, you passed the gallery.

Where are you going?

I told you to stay with Rebecca.

Your new secret job?
That's why we're here?

Do not treat me like
I'm stupid, Clayton.

Just hold on for four minutes, okay?

And I don't mean "above it"
in the ego sense of the term.

I mean you see everything.

You can't close your
eyes even if you want to.

And neither can I.

That's how I know that
you're keeping me here.

With due respect, ma'am,

you're the one who's doing the talking.

Listening can be just
as active as talking.

- Ms. Sherman, I...
- I told you, Rebecca.

We still have some
final details to go over.

So, you're a hacker and a liar?

Please. Not right now.

Just stand guard outside

and make sure she doesn't come in here.

Mnh-mnh. Use the landline.

You're bossy when you ask for favors.

I know.

Rebecca's one of my favorite
people I've profiled.

She has lovely kids.

And to this day, she'll tip me off

when she sees something on sale
that would look great on me.

You're really not gonna
tell me what this is about?

I'm really not.

Then you're gonna owe me
a lot more than dinner.

Ms. Sherman.

Rebecca, I love the house.
Can we have the wedding here?

- Excuse me. I-I have to take this.
- Of course.

I'll go check on Clay.

Ms. Barinov, I'm in
the middle of something.

I'm... I'm sure.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up

that one of our journalists is
running a piece on Peggy Deagle,

and she says you're old friends

and mentioned you quite
a bit in the piece...

Peggy has been gunning
for me for 10 years.

What does she have now?

Mostly things about your
family. Your childhood.

Could I... Could I run
some of the details by you?

Like, did you have a pet growing up?

- A dog?
- She talked about Dale?

I went to Miss Porter's, not Dalton.

She's a moron. Why are
you running this piece?

I'm sorry. I know.

- I'm leaving, Clay.
- You're staying, Max,

because you're not the kind of
girl that throws a temper tantrum.

"The kind of girl"?

And your mother's name was Robin Marks?

No. Robin Stark.

Why is she... She was
talking about my mother?

I'm sorry. I need to go.

- Maxine.
- No. I'm leaving.


You're still FBI.

- And you're onto me.
- How? I...

Thank God.

Can you help me before they kill me?

Turns out Rebecca isn't the
sinister force we thought.

Over the course of her career,

she's been doing what she does best...

Bringing people together.

Unfortunately, along the way,

she helped facilitate
connections that led

to the formation of our collaborators.

Why didn't she stop once
she realized what she'd done?

Because she has a husband and two kids.

And that adds up as leverage
for the collaborators.

She was being blackmailed
this whole time.

After the G20, she started
looking for a way to get out,

and that's why she accessed the cache.

She was trying to hack
into U.S. passport control,

looking for a means to disappear
with her family undetected.

And we're gonna help
her do exactly that.

In exchange for safe passage,
Rebecca's gonna provide us

with the identities of the collaborators

and the information
and the evidence we need

to bring them to justice.

But she only knows one
for sure outside of Roarke.

Anyone ever heard of Thomas Roth?

Big-league attorney in New York.

D.C. politicos call
him the "101st senator."

Right. He uses his
legal prowess to litigate

the collaborators' enemies into ruin.

He operates in the corridors of power

to write and shape the laws

that allow them to build
their long-term agenda.

This guy must be stopped.

Rebecca lied her way
into an urgent meeting.

And like every good lie, it
carried a hint of the truth.

She told him that she was compromised.

So he agreed to a meeting
tomorrow morning in Central Park.

Okay, we'll have her on comms,
and she'll get Roth talking.

Once we get what we need on him,

we'll get Rebecca and her
family out of the country.

- Understood?
- Yep.

All right. Let's get it.

If you're nervous, don't
be. It's normal, okay?

You're not alone.

I thought I would be scared,

but now that I'm here, I feel ready.

The shadow these people have
cast over my life this past year,

you have no idea what it's done to me,

my marriage, my relationship
with my children.

I'm afraid to see them,
afraid to even call them

for fear of putting them in jeopardy.

But when this is done,

after you've helped Stewart
and me find safe passage,

even if it means spending the
rest of our days in Greenland,

I'll be able to breathe again.

But you'll have to give it all up.

I mean, the career
you've worked so hard for.

My career will outlive me at this point.

That's the thing about
women like us, Alex...

Our achievements will
always be bigger than we are.

Well, those achievements
don't really leave

too much room for anything else.

Or, at least that's how I
like to explain my love life.

A woman bright, brave,
and selfless enough...

to save our country from
crisis not only once, but twice?

That woman doesn't belong to
any man or agency or bureau.

She belongs to history.

What if my place in history costs me...

everyone that I love along the way?

You have to choose.

Do you need them more
than the world needs you?

We're up. You know what to say?

I always know what to say.

Wyatt in position.

Any word from the
reporter on who talked?

No. She's protecting her sources.

According to my experience,

Russian women stand their
ground with the best of them.

Why did this one help
you with our mission?

Well, I can be very
persuasive when I need to be.

Or she owed you a favor.

Did you leak information to her?

Amin is in position.

Booth is moving.

All in position.

We're ready, Clay.

Rebecca, you're a go.

Harry. You're here.

- What, you thought I'd left?
- You did leave.

No, no, no. I-I just ran some errands,

I got my... got my ducks in order,

whatever that means.

So I could be fully present
without resentment or ego.

- How'd you find us?
- See? That's...

that's why you want me on your team

because I am very good at what I do.

Plus I... I put a-a tracer on the van.

I-I figured if I just showed up,
you'd have to put me into play.

I have nothing in my life,

so it's either this or private security.

And you know what? I like what I do.

And you're still giving
me a chance to do that.

So, if you'll take me back,

even with the occasional outburst...

We could use you to cover
east of the fountain.

Yeah? Cool. Um, comms?


I have eyes on Roth.
He's approaching Sherman.

Doyle in.

I run the loop through this
park a half dozen times a month

and never take notice of it.

Stunning, really, if you take the time.

Has someone been looking into us?

You're nervous, Rebecca.
You're never nervous.

Given the circumstances,
you should be, too.

Our involvement has
been... acknowledged.

Why don't you start by telling me who...

and how you can be so sure?

- I was approached.
- By who?

Look, I can save us.

We can give them the names of
the others and save ourselves.

Where's our signal?

I don't know.

Come on.

We lost communication.

All we have is visual now.

Rebecca, you're putting
me in a difficult position.

I mean, this meeting,

the fact that someone approached you,

what would you do
if you were in my shoes?

I would listen.

I think someone got shot!


We can't stay here!

Come up the stairs! Come on! Let's go!

Get these comms back online now.

Got it.

Someone tell me what
the hell is going on.

Thomas and Rebecca are
both down. Two shots.

I thought I heard them
come from behind me.

Negative... it came from the
joggers' path in the woods,

to the east.

The sniper could be heading
west for a quick escape route.

That's where I would exit.

No way of knowing who's right
till we find the shooter.

Split up.

Clay, she's still alive.

I'm going in to recover.

No. EMTs and paramedics
are on their way.

Police are even closer.


Hey. No.

We can get to her.

If she has any chance of surviving...

We can't risk further exposure,

especially you.

Alex Parrish spotted
at a scene like this?

Alex, we made a mistake.

We cannot afford to make
another one right now.

Owen, that goes for you,
too. Maintain position.

Alex, he's right.

Owen, we need her comm.
The cops can't find it.


Rebecca, can you hear me?

Alex, I'm hurt.

I know, and you're gonna be okay.

The ambulance is on its
way. You're not alone.

Just hold on. Listen to my voice.

Focus on breathing.

I'm trying. I'm trying.

You're gonna make it
through this, Rebecca.

I know it. Just hold on.

W-Why isn't anyone... helping me?

We have to move, Alex.

Not yet.

They can't find us here.

Rebecca, just listen to me.

Help is almost here. Just hold on.

Tell my family...

I love them.


Rebecca, can you hear me?

Talk to me!


NYPD. Let's move!

NYPD is here.

No sign of the gunman. Anyone?

There's nothing here, either.

I need everyone back here now.

Which way did it come from?

I don't know.

No, I don't... I don't see you.

Where are you coming from?

I don't... I don't know what's going on.

Can you tell me what's happening?

Where's Harry?

Harry, we need to go. Are you...

He's offline.

We needed to leave five minutes ago.

He'll have to meet us back at The Farm.

No, wait. What if he's in danger?

Harry's a trained assassin.
He is the danger.

Now what?

There's no contingency for
collaborators getting assassinated.

That's a new one on me.

Whoever did this, they
they knew we were there.

Maybe the same person
that talked to the reporter

talked to the collaborators,

tipped them off as
to what we were doing.

I don't think that's true.

Neither do I.

Will they pull the
plug on this operation?

They wouldn't do that.

We just need a new angle, a new plan.

What we need is to admit we screwed up.

We didn't. It could have
nothing to do with us.

Someone else may have been
watching Rebecca Sherman

or... or Thomas Roth.

If the collaborators are behind it,

killing their own so they wouldn't talk,

it's unlikely we will hear
anything from them again.

And if they weren't behind it,

then we're up against
something we know nothing about.

Either way, I have to
tell Keyes and my mother.

Two people are dead. The
cops might be onto us.

My own fiance won't talk to me.

We were so close.

Now we're nowhere.

Call her first before
you do anything else.

She won't speak to me.

Well, I can tell you
what she's thinking.

You tricked and betrayed her.

Everything you said was half a
truth, which makes it half a lie.

Are you trying to help me or...?

Look, this is what happens.

People don't understand at first,

but she knows you.

She knows if you're doing something,

it is for a good reason.

She'll find a way to survive it.

I don't want her to survive it.

What I mean is you will find a language,

a way to talk about it without
really talking about it,

until it becomes just another
contour of your relationship.

No. You don't get it.

She knows that I lie now.

Maybe she will forgive
me, but even if she does,

like you just said,

she'll say she forgives me,

but she will never
really trust me again.

I have destroyed the one good
thing in my life for this.

For nothing.

The NYPD called Rebecca's husband.

They told him it was an
active shooter in Central Park.

I really thought it would take
them longer to frame someone.

You know how easy that is.

Who gets a call when I die?

We don't have many connections,

people in our lives to grieve over us,

and we made that choice.

Doesn't feel like a choice.

Well, it's because you've
made it time and again.

It's who you are.

You're the woman who shot your
father to save your mother.

You're the woman who chased a terrorist

to stop a nuclear bomb.

You're the woman who raced into a crisis

instead of away from it.

You're not the person
to hide from anything,

and you never will be.

What about you?

Are you hiding?

Looks like you have a choice to make.

What she is...

What she is is your daughter, Owen,

and that's never gonna change.

You're still connected.

What you do with that is up to you.

We are where we are now because of her.

So tell her that.

Tell her how disappointed
you are in her.

Tell her how you wish
things were different.

But you can't cut her out of your life

because she's not the person
that you want her to be.

You told that reporter
about Sean Gregory.



Because she put together who I was,

followed me to Brookwell.

So you gave her an exclusive.

And, in exchange, she helped
you with Rebecca Sherman.

Well, she is beautiful.

She's all right.

No, don't tell me that
you compromised yourself

for someone who's just "all right."


- She's beautiful.
- Mmhmm.

But that's not why I did it.
I did it to save everyone else.

Well, you exposed yourself,

and now, you should leave the team.

Yeah, I should.

Yet I don't want you to.

You don't?

No. Because I'm gonna miss you.

You're my friend,

yet you make the worst
decisions when it comes to women.

I could blame you for this,

but I make bad decisions, as well, so...

So what should I do?

Find something on her, this woman.

Compromise her, and you
are no longer compromised.

Nothing is easy, is it?

I don't know.

Sometimes I think it's easier.

We can't have real connections,

so we're free of the
mess that comes with them.

What do I know?

The only real connection
I have is with my sister.

Well, the only real
connection I have is with Alex.

And neither of them wants us.

- Sorry.
- Don't be. You're... you're right.

Come on.

If we're not going to be
able to have real connections,

we might as well have
fun while not trying to.

Go. Get compromised.

I am going to drink

until I forget we had that conversation,

and you are going to get
yourself out of this mess

so we can stop making mistakes.


Call your sister.

One day, she'll answer.

The dead father-in-law
and brother-in-law's ex

in my house.

That's about where I
thought this day would end.

Clay's not home.

Unless you've come to tell me
that he's left me for you, too.

No. I-I'm here to see you, actually.

He sent an emissary?

He doesn't know I'm here.

I thought I was the only
one that didn't know things.

Your fiance is a great person.

I used to think so.

No. He is.

His father and brother, not so sure.

His mother? Well, the
verdict is still out.

But Clay? I mean, he's the one.

He's the one that they got right.

Okay, so you've come all this
way to tell me to trust him

and accept him and this double life.

I know what it's like when the
people you care about lie to you.

I found out a couple years ago

that my parents had been lying to me,

exploiting my love for them,

using my loneliness as a weapon.

That was a real betrayal.

That's not what Clay's doing.

It's not who he is.

Well, I fell in love with an honest man.

Yeah, he is still that man.

The guilt of him not being
able to tell you what he's doing

is killing him.

All of us working together, we
are single without exception,

and there is a reason for that.

It's easier to have no connections

than to explain away secrets
to the people that you love.

But Clay is different.

He doesn't want to live like that.

Don't let him.

I don't understand.

Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

Push back when we pull
him away. Threaten to walk.

Keep him in his guilt.

That is the only way to
make sure he'll come back

from this job as the man you know.

Don't let him change into one of us...

because that's not something
he'll come back from.

You are making that up.

Hand to God. Right
there in the Oval Office.

Was this while you were on
the president's briefing team?

Do you know everything about me?

Because it could make
for a very boring date

if I can't even tell a story.

I did my research. That
doesn't mean I know everything.

Well, I don't know anything.

What would you like to know?


Why'd you leave Russia?

This isn't first-date material.

It's not our first date.

We were supposed to go to the
worst restaurant in town, remember?

Yeah, I think this qualifies.


I was a kid when communism fell.

And we're supposed to live in a new era,

a time when government was
for the people by the people.

That sounds familiar.

The government wants to
control the people of Russia.

They call it democracy,
but it isn't real.

Money is real.

Power is real.

Oppression is real.

And the only way to fight
those is with the truth.

I couldn't tell the truth, so...

I left.

Do you miss it?

When you leave your... your home,

you can never be sure if what you miss

is what it was or what
you wanted it to be.

My memory is forever
changed being outside of it.

I know exactly what you mean.

Hey. You're still here.

Yeah, we were just going over

all the guest lists Rebecca
gave us from her events.

Trying to see if we can
figure out the connection,

but I can't find anything.

Same here.

Hey, listen. I'm sorry about yesterday.

I was wrong about Samar.

No, you were right. Some
things are unforgivable.


This life that we live,

this work that we do,

it's all so lonely.

She may not be your real sister,

but if she feels like
family, you can't ignore that.

Call her.

And what about you,
Nimah? What's going on?

She doesn't answer my calls.

Well, the Nimah that we know...

wouldn't wait for the phone to ring.

She is right.

When is she not right?

You gonna be okay here by yourself?

Yeah. I got stuff to
do. I'll... I'll be fine.

- All right. Well, good night.
- Okay.


Good night.


after days at a time
away, my fiance is back.

I hate lying to you.

That's why I'm marrying you.




It's good to see you.

I could get into so
much trouble for that.

Yeah, it's probably
not a good thing to do

your first day on a new job.

No, probably not.

Well, look at that.

It's 1:00 a.m. I'm done.

Well, where are you headed to next?

I know a terrible bar that's still open.

Lead the way.

Let me tell the editor on duty.

Harry, what happened?

I'm starting to get worried about you.

Well, don't. I'm fine.

After what happened
today, Alex, I-I can't.

- I understand.
- I don't want to die for this.

I'm sorry.

I thought you might want
to be a part of something...

with me.

Yeah. So did I.


Goodbye, Harry. I'll miss you.

Take care of yourself, okay?