Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - Over - full transcript

In the future, the FBI computer system is hacked and confidential files go public, leading Alex to the conclusion that a second bomb is in play somewhere in NYC. Back at Quantico, the recruits are given individual assignments, only to realize they are all connected as part of a lesson to look about the bigger picture.

My name is Alex Parrish,
and I've been framed.

It all started seven months ago
at the FBI Academy.

MIRANDA: I have been running
a project with Nimah Amin

and her sister, Raina,
since you arrived.

You've been reinstated

with an assignment
to the L.A. Field Office.

They told me that they weren't
quite done with me yet

and they bumped me back
to NAT.

ALEX: Whoever framed me,
they left that behind.

This wire
is the key.

You follow Agent Booth.
He leads you to Parrish.

- [door bursts open]

I never thought before
I'd save our country,

I'd have to save myself.

[police radio chatter]

[siren wails]

All right, listen up!

Our suspects are trapped
in this six-block grid.

No one gets out
until we find them.

Tonight, we are the hunters,
and they are the prey.

Block by block, door by door...
we will do whatever it takes.

[breathing shakily]

[weakly] We got to get
this bullet out.


First I need to get you
off the road.

- [siren wailing]
- [both groaning]

Okay. Come on.

[breathing heavily]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[grunts] God. You ever perform
field surgery before?

No, but I feel
like I'm about to.


All right.

We will find them
and bring them to justice.

[Ray Lamontagne's
"She's the One" plays]

Thank you
for letting me move in.

ALEX: No, not at all.

They were consolidating rooms
after the cuts.

I'm just glad you asked me
before I got stuck

with someone
I didn't like.

Are you gonna miss
living with your sister?

I will, but it's time
for me to be myself.

I'm grateful
that the only person

I have to match now
is me.

- Fighting in the West Bank...
- I'm sorry.

- I didn't realize that was...
- Oh, no, no, leave it. I'm interested.

...across the border,
only to be met

- with resistance and violence.
- Yeah?

- This is all unfair to you. - There have
been increased bombings and shootings.

I know you,
but you don't know me.

- [newscaster speaking indistinctly]
- You're like a puzzle.

Which part
of "Franken-Nimah"

was actual Nimah
and which part was you?

You wear a hijab,
she doesn't.

You are more religious.

My beliefs
are important for me.

...surrounding neighborhoods...

It's something that you and I
have in common.


It's a disaster. You believe
in a two-state system, right?

- For BB3 news in Lancaster,
this is Zachary Halpert. - That was Nimah.

How'd you pull it off...

You know, f-fooling everyone
the whole time?

- ♪ She's the one! ♪
- Not everyone... only our fellow trainees.

- ♪ Oh, she's the one! ♪ - Miranda and
Liam knew... our campus staff, too.

You can sell any lie you want
if you have enough help.

- ♪ I just got to get to know that girl ♪
- Hey, uh, you know what story I love?

It's, uh, the one where, um,

boy was so mean to you,
and the day he got circumcised,

you kicked him in the...

- [chuckles] That's also Nimah.
- ...needs to be met with resistance...

Getting eliminated
from the surveillance drill

- so we could...
- ...increased bombings and shootings.

I was in the room,
but the whole idea was Nimah's.

♪ I can't even
walk down the street ♪

♪ Without my feet falling out
from under ♪

- [both breathing heavily]
- Mm.

♪ She's the one! ♪

[both laugh]


♪ Oh, she's the one! ♪

♪ She's the one ♪

- [door closes]
- CALEB: Vasquez and Brandon outlasted us.

How is that possible?

Well, I'm sure they have
a lot to go over

after what he pulled
last week.

Their door
was still closed, huh?


I really miss bunkin'
with Elias.

Unlike Brandon,
that dude never got laid.

Hey, can I borrow your phone?
I left mine in there.

And I want to check
my FantasyFootball scores.

Oh, so we've reached that point
in our relationship, huh?

Did you just say

- ♪ I just got to get to know that girl ♪
- What's your passcode?

It's my birthday.

[inhales sharply] What,
are you trying to get hacked?

You got to change that.

Oh, you don't know
my birthday.

Well, it's not like
you know mine.

What's my sister's name?

What's my middle name?

Where did I grow up?

What color are my eyes?

How old am I?

How old are you?

Ah! I'm almost 18.


CHARLIE: So, what is this,
bring your kid to work day?

It was Liam's suggestion.

What, to remind me that your job
is your highest priority?

Well, if that's true,

wouldn't you want to see
what you come in second to?

You'd be surprised...

what people do
to get into the Bureau.

They sell their houses,
they quit their jobs,

they leave their families,

all to be a part of a cause
greater than themselves.

That's my hope for you,

that you have that purpose
in the end.

You just want to
keep your eye on me.

Maybe I do...

because I like what I see.

♪ ♪

[indistinct conversations]


So, you're back.

What, do you think
I went somewhere?

MIRANDA: So, you survived
last week's exam.

And how's it feel?

[cheers and applause]

Because today begins
the next phase of your training,

and that means thinking bigger,

specifically about
the world outside of Quantico.

From now on, you'll be able
to leave the campus

on nights and weekends.

[cheers and applause]

MIRANDA: But it also means...

[both laugh]

...thinking about the field
you're going to be assigned to

when you leave.

Once you're out, you're gonna be
building cases on your own

before you reach out
to your superiors.

We've been teaming you up,

and now we're going to see
how you fare solo.

Based on your performance
so far,

we're going to assign each of
you a test case that suits you.

Good luck.

What are you still
doing here?

I told you
you could leave.

I'm not going anywhere

until I know
you're leaving Alex alone.

You're not gonna mess
with her head

the way
you messed with mine.

This is the first clue of what
they think is right for us.

"A bomb threat
at the CDC in Atlanta"?

I guess
they want me in Terrorism.

"The employee database

at the D.C. Parks Department
was hacked"?

Cyber Crime?

Oh, great.

I guess all that time
stuck behind a computer

as an analyst
really impressed them.

They typed me too...

"Cop killed in a hit and run
on I-95."

I got the kidnapping of a doctor
at Mass General.

Guess I'll be seeing you
in Violent Crime?

I got Organized Crime.

[chuckles] It's a case
involving the Russian mob.

Jewelry theft.

Wait. We both have
the same case.

Same case, separate work.

Just like our assignment
after we graduate.

Hey, guys, you know
what I just realized?

After graduation, we may all
never be in the same room again.

How weird is that?

[indistinct conversations]

[telephone rings]

Leave Wyatt with me.

Take them away.

I can't believe
you're a part of this.

You know me.

And considering our history,
you should trust me.

I wouldn't do something
like this

if I didn't think
that it was right.

There's so much more to this
that you're not seeing.

You're so...
you're so fixated on Alex,

but she's not the one you...

When did she turn you?
What did she say to you?

Or have you always been
a part of this

and that's why
you got close to me?

Is that really
what you think?

The press is ready for you.

I'll deal with her later.


Shh! Shh! Shh!

Not too loud!

Okay, okay. Listen to me.

ALEX: No, please. I can't.

- Okay.
- All right.

You're fishing for it.

You got to just go in there
and get it, okay?

- Yeah.
- All right?

- [both breathing heavily]
- Hold on, hold on.


[breathing shakily]

[inhales sharply,



Okay. All right.


- Ready?
- Yeah.

Go, go, go!


[muffled screaming]

Hold on! I think I feel it!
I feel it, I feel it, okay?

Hold on.

Okay, okay.

Go. Okay, okay.

Oh, I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry.



You got it?

Uh, okay,
I got it, I got it.

I think I got it.



[both breathing heavily]


CLAYTON: Good evening.

I'm pleased to report that,
within the last hour,

the FBI has conducted
a successful raid

on a house in Astoria.

Alex Parrish,
Grand Central bomber,

is trapped within a six-block
perimeter as we speak.

MAN: Is it true that
the co-conspirators are also

- FBI special agents?
- Aah! Whew!

Make no mistake about it...

this is Alex Parrish's
last stand.

- Hey. - MAN #2: Is the Bureau taking
any steps to prevent...

- Don't lose hope.
- ...this type of bombing in the future?

WOMAN: Care to comment on rumors
the President has requested...

- He's right. - ...additional oversight
from Homeland Security?

- Everyone that's helped us - CLAYTON: We
don't need any additional oversight...

- is either in custody or worse.
- ...now that our suspect is nearly in custody.

- The suspect is... - There's still
got to be another way to clear your name.

Even if there was,

how am I gonna find it
before they find us?

[monitor beeps]

[rapid beeping, whirring]

Excuse me. We must be having
some technical...

- MAN: What's happening?
- MAN #2: Sir, has the FBI been hacked?

- [cellphone ringing]
- WOMAN: Are these classified documents?

- What's going on?
- Nobody knows.

- [indistinct shouting, beeping continues]
- But all the documents are coming

from your server.

- Well, shut it down.
- They can't.

Who else had access
to your computer?

This is the Bureau's entire
Grand Central investigation.

What, someone leaked it?


I don't know.

But whoever they are,
they just gave me everything

I need to clear my name
once and for all.

[suspenseful music plays]

[siren wailing]

- Two men... [indistinct]
- [indistinct shouting]

There, there! Turn around!

Somebody just peered
from that dark house.

[police radio chatter]

[suspenseful music plays]

Come on.

How'd you get through
the checkpoints?

We just had to prove
we live inside the perimeter.

RYAN: Who are they?

ALEX: Mia and Duncan
from The Unknown.

Sweep's closing in.

We need to get you
both out of here.

- How?
- I don't know.

But it's gonna take more
than a ConEd bill.

How'd you hack
in to the FBI?

We guessed their password.

There'll be time
to look through all that after.

What matters now
is getting you to safety.


Somewhere in there is proof
that I'm innocent,

proof they might not even
know they have.

Mia, you know how to
look through this stuff.

Just... just help me
until we have to go.

CNN has 10 experts

combing through
every E-mail I've ever sent.

MSNBC knows Miranda
helped Alex escape,

and they're having
a field day with it.

And Fox News is saying
I'm the one behind the leaks.

Huh. So I guess it's only
a matter of time

before they find out
about you and Agent Wyatt.

Do you think she did it?


I think
it's an awful coincidence

that this happened an hour after
she was taken into custody.

And after 20 years in the FBI,
I don't believe in coincidences.

But if it's not her,
if it's someone else,

then they may be
going to private E-mails next.

And that's where
I communicated with Shelby.

I was hoping
you could scrub my account

of anything sensitive.

No, no, no, no.

You do
your own dirty laundry.

In case
you haven't noticed,

I'm running a citywide manhunt
at the moment.

You're the only person
I can trust to protect me...

and your mother.

If it's true the nomination's
coming in a few days,

I don't want to put her career
at any unnecessary risk

- because I... - Because you thought that
you were in love with Shelby?

Well, guess what.

So did I...
until she got what she wanted

and she tossed me aside,

I'll scrub your E-mail.

But you can't un-send

It's gonna catch up to you
at some point.

Not if you delete
hers, too.

You thought
I was gone for good, huh?

Listen, I just went to visit
a senior agent

at one of my old field offices
to see if he could help out.

He gave me this.

Your father was O'Connor's boss
when he graduated.

They worked together
until '93,

when O'Connor put in for
an immediate transfer request.

Nobody knows why.

Only thing I can think of
is maybe your mom

might have an idea she could
tell you or something.

I don't know.

Yeah, well, she's had 15 years
to come clean.

Whatever she knows,
she's not telling.

We have to find out.

We need to do it
on our own.

Our own?

[indistinct conversations]

$5 million in diamonds
goes missing two years ago,

and half of them show up
on the black market for sale

last month
in Brighton Beach.

Brighton Beach,
that's where my mobsters are.

are these cases connected?

Miranda said
we each got our own.

Let me see
what everyone else has.

Shelby's a part
of your case?

No, Brandon.

I just need to be prepared next
time she tries to make me feel bad

for not knowing
where she went to college.

something that my dad says

when he digs up dirt
on other politicians...

"You find
what you're looking for."

I'd just be careful, man.

I'm just looking
for details.

Well, your mom's
a Democratic senator.

Her dad basically
ran Blackwater.

I mean, their companies
have their hands in things

that you don't want to
know about.

I'm telling you, man,

you're like one click away
from permanent E.D.

What is the attraction
between you two?

Daddy issues?
Master race?

You know nothing
about him and me.

I know you're moving fast,
and that never ends well.

Last time I moved fast,

once I got to know the guy,
what I found out,

I wouldn't wish that
on anyone.

- Well, Caleb doesn't have secrets.
- [cellphone ringing]



Oh. Uh, sorry.
I forgot to give it back.

Are you spying on me?

- [chuckles]
- [ringing continues]

Uh, must be a misdial.


changed it to my birthday.

[all talking over one another]

You can't work your cases alone?

Not if the cases
are connected.

Yeah, they all seem
to form a path to D.C.

[raps desk]

LIAM: There's no such thing
as a solo assignment.

There's always a bigger picture.

And oftentimes,
another agent or investigation

can help you crack your own.

You just have to connect
the dots.

Each of you holds a piece
of the puzzle.

Your job will be
to fit them together.

You're going to present
that bigger picture

at headquarters this afternoon.

You're making your first trip
to the Bureau.

Welcome to
935 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Also known
as FBI headquarters.

Today you will be briefing
some of the Bureau's

special agents.

I urge you
to impress them.

They may play a crucial role
in your future.

Nimah and Simon,
since you found out

that the assignments
are related,

you'll lead the briefing.

The briefing starts
at 2:00.

In the meantime,
look around at your future

in case you make it here.

I can't believe he's lied
to my face

about knowing my father
this whole time.

Oh, I can.

Well, we can't exactly go up
to him and ask him, can we?

We don't have to.

If there are real answers
to be found,

they're right here in this

This place?
It's Fort Knox.

Well, you know,
I guess it's a good thing

that I'm not a trainee.

I think we should
end the briefing with a joke...

you know, go out on a high.

I'm gonna give them facts,
and that's it.

I don't seek
their approval.

It's not about approval.

It's about, you know, standing
out to make sure they hear.

Like lying about your sexuality
to differentiate yourself.

I prefer being honest
and straightforward.

Pardon the expression.


I'm sorry, you haven't been
honest this whole time.

That wasn't my choice.

I wanted to be here,

but they wouldn't let me
without Raina.

from where I'm standing,

you're doing just fine
on your own.

[cellphone ringing]

It's that same

I thought you said
it was a misdial?

Yeah, well,
they left a message.

A telemarketer
left a message?

This picture was taken
in Nebraska. Look.

Maybe we should
start there.

I think that's a great idea.

"Houston, Vegas...

'93... that's two truck bombs,
one FBI field office...

200 dead.

[suspenseful music plays]

Ryan, why's my mother's name
on this file?

Let me see.

She was interviewed
as a person of interest

and then released.

The FBI questioned her
about her history with the ISI.

My mother has nothing to do
with the Pakistani intelligence.

"Where in Bombay
did you meet Michael Parrish?"

What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

We got to go.

We got five minutes
till the briefing.

So put that in your bag,
and let's go.

ALEX: All our cases
were connected.

Here's what we found.

The bomb threat at the CDC
was a distraction

so someone could steal
the virus.

And the doctor kidnapped
at Mass General

was an immunologist.

And the Russian mob was hired
to do this

on behalf of separatists
in Moscow.

RAINA: And they used
stolen diamonds to pay a courier

to transport the virus.

The courier killed the cop
that caught on to him

and made it look like
a hit-and-run.

And the last place
that he was spotted was D.C.

And we all think it points
to a biological attack

on a D.C. park.

Why a park?

Low security,
high foot traffic.

You maximize casualties.

on a successful briefing.

You made your case.

Yes, well done.

But there is one thing
you don't know.

This is based
on a real-life scenario.

We stopped it.

Can you?

Just like the FBI did,
you have to find the suspect

and retrieve the chemical weapon
before it goes off.

You'll be stationed at
Marshall Park down the street.

If you see
any of these suspects,

you have to pursue them
and retrieve the target,

a specially weaponized
strain of Ebola,

without causing panic
and without getting made.

Because if they see you coming,
we're all dead.

[metal clinks]

Do I get to watch this?

If you want to, yes.


Uh, Raina.

Only one of you can be
outside of the building.

Your sister and Simon seem to be
working well together.

Why don't you
sit this one out?

MIA: At least
there's one bright spot.

The leak really did reveal
everything the FBI has

on the bombing... forensics,
field reports, interviews.

It's all here.

Wait. Go back.

[man speaking indistinctly
on TV]

I think I found something.

These are credit-card receipts
in my name.

The bomber bought...

"Insulation, reflective paint,
noncorrosive drain cleaner."

Yeah, but that doesn't make
any sense.

None of those components were
found in the Grand Central bomb.

Well, maybe they needed them
for a dry run.

- [sighs]
- Alex.

What's wrong?

What if Grand Central
was the dry run?

[suspenseful music plays]

There's another bomb out there.

DUNCAN: Explain to me
exactly what I'm looking at.

Okay. I found that wire in
the apartment next to mine,

where the bomb
was really built.

What's so special about it?

Simon told me
it's a lead wire, and...

and according to
all the preliminary forensics,

the only wiring that was used
in the bomb was blasting wire.

So the bomber used the lead wire
in the second device.

Well, they used it
for something.

- [sirens wailing in distance]
- You have to admit that,

if the terrorist has this kind
of wire and those materials,

another bomb
isn't just some idea...

it's an inevitability.

If you pieced this
all together in 10 minutes,

so will the FBI.

Yeah, the problem is
the FBI doesn't have this wire.

And without it, they won't know
what they're looking for.

Hey, I think
I just found something.

The person
behind the leak?

No, bigger.

This is an E-mail
that your assistant Tracy

sent to you
the night before the bombing.

I-I remember.
It's not any help to us.

What? Are... are... are you...
are you kidding?

This is huge.
L-Look at this.

"Sorry to disturb you
on your night off,

but Agent Goodwin
just called.

Another agent
used Alex Parrish's badge

to gain entry into the New York
Field Office tonight.

Goodwin asks
that you call her back."

So, w-why would anybody else
be using Parrish's badge?

I don't know. Maybe you should
ask one of her accomplices.

You don't know
that they're accomplices.

We've got a whole roomful
of them downstairs.

We have a whole roomful
of people

that are trying
to help exonerate Alex.

You don't know that they were
in it from the beginning...

unless you know something
that I don't.

Did you call Goodwin
that night?

Well, she sent me
an E-mail telling me

it was a glitch
in the system.

You can search through it
and read it for yourself.


I just thought,
after 20 years in the FBI,

you didn't believe
in coincidences?

I'll call Goodwin now.

- ♪ I've never been in love before ♪
- LIAM: Remember, you're on the lookout

for one of 10 possible suspects
we showed you

- ♪ I've never been in love before ♪
- in the photographs. Keep your eyes open.

ALEX: This exercise is the only
thing keeping the words

"your mother might be
Pakistani intelligence"

out of my head.

I don't think
that's what the file will say.

I don't know, Ryan.

Nobody I know seems to be
who they say they are.

Why would my mom
be different?

Unless you're using an app
to track airborne contagions,

you should
put the phone away.

No, I'm staring at my phone
so I don't look like a stalker.

You're being weird.

No leering,
no snarky comments,

no trying to take me
behind that tree.

I'll grope you
on the bus ride home.

Well, good.

I could use something
to look forward to.

Ms. Wyatt. We need you
to join us back at H.Q.

We have a few questions.

Is this part of the exercise?

If you'd just come with us.

MAN: Haas, you, too.

Sit on that bench
and take a look at the file.

If I see anyone
that looks like a terrorist,

I promise
I'll let you tackle 'em.

Two minutes, okay?

[indistinct conversations]

everybody stay together.

If you have all of your stuff,

we're gonna head over
to the National...

Hey, does anyone have eyes on
the guy with the tweed blazer?

I think he's one of the suspects
they showed us.

Oh, you do? Okay.
Yeah. Okay.

I can't see him,
I can't see him.

Uh, I think I can help.

I got a plan.

- Yeah?
- Start walking towards me.

Just follow my lead.

All right.

[suspenseful music plays]

Aah! Go... watch.

- Watch where you're going, buddy.
- What's wrong with you? - Really, Waldo?

- You only got eyes in front of your head.
- What'd you call me?

[all arguing indistinctly]

It's him. It's him!

[suspenseful music plays]

WOMAN: Stay close, honey!

- Oh! Watch it!
- Hey!


Hey, look out!

- Come over here. Come over here.
- Hey!

- Whoa!
- Ow!

[indistinct shouting]




[both breathing heavily]

I got him.

[indistinct conversations]

[footsteps approach]

Hey, Tracy.

My dad wanted me to take a look
at your personal E-mail,

specifically anything
that you sent to him.

It's okay. He already
talked to me about it.

Deleting the one
about Agent Goodwin?

Thank you.

[suspenseful music plays]

Alex, we have to focus
on getting you out of here.

Then we can call an anonymous
tip about the bomb.

The Bureau's getting
thousands of tips a day.

They're just gonna add this one
to the list.

Not if we say
it's coming from you.

[sighs] If you think
getting out's gonna be hard now,

you wait until you give 'em
your cellphone to trace.

Our phones are untraceable.
We can call on the way.

Okay, even if I wanted to go,
we don't have a way.

Well, it's too late now.
They found us.

No, they haven't.

That's our ride.

[police radio chatter]

How is that our ride?

The leak included
the VIN numbers

of every FBI vehicle assigned
to the New York Field Office.

I used the list,
hacked into one of their cars

a couple blocks away,
drove it over here.

How the hell'd you do that?

Dashboard computer,
it's wired to the Internet.

- [groans]
- Listen, grab your stuff.

We got to be at the airport
in half an hour.

The airport?

We're not just getting you
out of the neighborhood.

We're getting you
out of the country.

I can't leave the country.

There's still another bomb
out there.

You'll never find it
like this... on the run,

wondering where
you're gonna sleep or eat.

[breathing heavily]

You can't keep going on
like this.

And you don't have to.

We're offering you a chance
to be a part

of our global network,
to be free.

Being free isn't the same
as having your freedom.

Doesn't matter
where I'll go.

The government
won't stop hunting me.

If you stay,
there's only one way this ends.


- [indistinct conversations]
- [telephone ringing]

- Get out.
- [door closes]

- Get out!
- Hey.

Keep your voice down.

You deleted the E-mail
about Alex?

You just broke about

a dozen different
federal laws...

obstruction of justice,
for starters.

I did what was necessary.
I eliminated...

No, you eliminated
the only piece of evidence

that was there
to exonerate Alex.

- And luckily for her, I kept a copy.
- [thud]

How are you still
so naive?

You think
this is about Alex?

Read the E-mail again.

Why do you think Tracy
apologized for disturbing me?

Because she knew
I was in the hotel with Shelby.

That's where I opened up
the E-mail, on the hotel Wi-Fi.

So you're worried
about the I.P. address

on the read receipt.

Because if it gets entered
into evidence,

it's only gonna be
a matter of time

before they place
Shelby and I together.

- [sighs]
- There's no cover-up, Caleb.

I'm just trying
to protect your mom

from any unnecessary pain.

So unless you have
any other accusations,

I suggest you get back
to scrubbing Shelby's phone.

I'm sorry,
but what is going on?

Did we do
something wrong?

Not if you can explain
why you've sent

thousands of dollars a month
to a bank in the Middle East...

- bank with ties to terrorism.
- I, uh...

Until last month, that is,
when you sent a million dollars.

Don't say another word,

Who gave you permission
to interrogate my trainees?

- We're doing our job, Miranda.
- Mnh-mnh.

Doing your job would've been
asking me first

because, if you had,
I would've told you

that the name on the account
is Samar Hashmi.

It's my half-sister.

Did you really think
that you would know something

about my trainees
that I didn't?

I thought you said you never
spoke to your half-sister.

I lied 'cause it was
no one's business but mine.

My father used to travel
to Saudi Arabia for work.

He met a woman there,
then they had a daughter,

and then he left her
for my mother.

For two decades,
he hid Samar from me,

my mother, everyone.

But then after my parents died,
she reached out.

She was desperate, so, yes,
every month, I help her out.

Last month, she asked
for a deposit on the house,

and I gave that to her,
as well.

The million dollars?

It was the least I could do

after everything
she's been through.

If you have any more questions,
I'm sure

Ms. Wyatt will give you the name
of her lawyer.


I'm sorry. I have no idea
how or why that happened.

I do.

You did this?

Look, Shelby,
I-I knew you were lying to me,

and I knew it,
and I-I just asked a friend

to check that number that...
That's... Shelby.

Well, I caught him,
but there's nothing in his bag,

- [air hissing]
- so what's going on?

- Aah! What?!
- Oh!

Come on, Alex.

You know
there's always a twist.

While he was the suspect...

you were the terrorist.

But I've had that bag
on me

since the moment
we left Quantico.

Yeah, well, while you were
running around the park

looking for a suspect
you thought you knew,

one you didn't
slipped it into your bag.

He was the decoy meant
to lead you to FBI headquarters,

knowing he'd need you
to get in.

And I was so focused
on following him

I didn't realize
I was a part of his plan.

Bigger picture... it's not
always something you can see.

And today
none of you saw it.

[indistinct conversations]

The file, it's gone.

That was
kind of cool today.

- Yeah, you think so?
- Yeah.

They actually have fun learning
all that stuff...

running around,
[chuckling] helping each other.

I try to make it fun.

'Cause when they leave here,
it's real.

And real isn't always fun.

Still, those are the people
who are protecting us?

- [both chuckle]
- Yes.

And every one of them
would die for you.

Do you think
I could ever be an agent?

[dramatic music plays]

- You know what? Forget it.
- There... there are background checks.

Um, our agents have to have
clean records.

You know what?
I was just kidding.

D-Don't even...

there are other things

that you could do
with your life.

Yeah, like what?

- [knock on door]
- Come in.



Wanted to see if you wanted to
maybe go for a drink.

[door closes]

First night
away from campus.

Uh, unless you don't drink.

That's my sister.


Keep getting it wrong.

You know,
Raina lives down the hall,

where she's always been.

She's the one you should be
talking to, not me.

She likes you.

But you surprise me.

I'm not interested
in surprising you...

or doing anything else
with you, Simon.

I'm here for myself.

Whatever you may like about me,
maybe you can find it in her.

But please leave me alone.

[dramatic music plays]

Where's the file?

Back where it belongs.

You have no right to...

I have every right.

Can you even
hear yourself anymore?

You stole classified documents
from a federal building.

The week before,
you planted

surveillance equipment
in my office.

Do you have any idea
how much trouble you'd be in

if I told anyone?

Tell 'em.

Tell the entire world
for all I care.

You're still lying to me.

You're still
manipulating me.

When does it stop, Liam?

I am not scared
of you anymore,

and I will do
whatever it takes

to find out the truth
about my father,

and there's nothing
you can say that'll stop me.

What happened in Omaha?


Who was behind
the bombing, Liam?

That's enough.

204 people died that day.

And you don't think
I know that?

Whose fault was it, Liam?!

It was mine!


It was my fault.

Mine and your father

and a dozen other agents.

[sighs] Your father, Michael,
and I had gone undercover

with a local militia group.

We knew they were planning
something, but...

we missed the signs.

So you covered it up.

Oh, your father,
he couldn't forgive himself.

He couldn't live with it.

And my mother...

was she involved?
Was she ISI?

No, the... the FBI was looking
for anyone to blame, anything.

And you let them.

We'd given our entire lives
to the FBI.

We couldn't survive
without it.

There was nothing we could do
to bring those people back,

- so we buried the evidence.
- [sighs]

Evidence that would destroy
your career.

Not just mine.

People who've risen here...

who've become some
of the top-ranking agents...

great agents, great people...
who've spent their whole career

trying to make up
for what they did.

If you don't believe me,
ask Miranda.

Now all I can do
is beg you.

Let it go.

Let it go, or...


turn me in.

[Brandi Carlile's
"I Belong to You" plays]

It looks like
they're at it again.

Unh-unh. You are not allowed
in this room anymore.

Shelby, I'm sorry.

Apology not accepted.

You know what? I'm actually...
I'm actually glad you asked

to borrow my phone
this morning

because now I've seen
the real you,

and you are not
who I thought you were.

- Okay, please stop. Just listen to me.
- There's nothing else to say.

♪ Last night, I had the
exact dream as you ♪ - Okay, Shelby,

look, I-I violated your trust,

- ♪ I killed a bird to save your life ♪
- and I just want to give you

the opportunity to violate mine.

- ♪ And you gave me your shoes ♪
- Caleb, you are not hearing me.

- ♪ You said, "Clip my wings and walk my
miles" ♪ - We're done violating each other.

- ♪ And I said I would, too ♪
- When my father

said that he saved my life,
this is what he meant.

- ♪ Then I woke up ♪ - When I was 17,
I was part of an organization.

- ♪ But I wasn't gonna tell you ♪
- Organization? What, like a cult?

they made sure legally

nobody could use
that word but...

♪ Today I sang
the same damn tune as you ♪

- ...that is what my dad called it.
- ♪ It was "Lady in Red" ♪

- ♪ I hate that song and
I know you do, too ♪ - One night, him and

a-a bunch of agents,

- ♪ You didn't catch me singing along ♪
- they stormed in,

- ♪ But I always sing with you ♪
- and they rescued me.

Rescued you from what?

♪ Nice and quietly 'cause
I don't want to stop you ♪

From the things that
they would do to you in there.

- ♪ I know I could be spending ♪
- They would tell you that they would

make everything better,

that they accepted you
in ways that your...

- ♪ A little too much time with you ♪
- your family wouldn't.

- ♪ But time and too much don't belong ♪
- And... and you believe it

because you need to believe it.

- ♪ Together like we do ♪
- And they hold on to you.

They hold on to you,
and you don't let go.

They hold on to you so...

so tight that
you can't breathe, and...

- ♪ If I had all my yesterdays ♪
- and then there's only one way out.

♪ I'd give 'em to you, too ♪

You could've told me.

- ♪ I belong to you now ♪
- Nobody knows, Shelby.

- ♪ I belong to you ♪
- My... my dad scrubbed it from my record

because that's my secret,
just like your sister's

your secret, and nobody
knows about your sister.

- ♪ I see the world the exact same way
that you do ♪ - You keep her a secret

'cause you care about her,

- and you want to protect her.
- ♪ We lend our hands and take our stands ♪

- ♪ In tandem when we do ♪ - I don't tell
anybody my secret 'cause I'm so ashamed.

♪ When I lied and said
I knew the way ♪

- ♪ I hid my eyes from you ♪
- I'm so ashamed that,

the last time
that somebody cared about me

- ♪ I still don't know why ♪
- the way that you care about me,

- ♪ I probably didn't want to scare you ♪
- that they were lying

to get what they wanted.

- ♪ I know I could be spending ♪
- See, I...

- ♪ Too much time with you ♪
- [chuckles] I never really believed

that somebody could like me
for... for me.

♪ But time and too much don't
belong together like we do ♪


- ♪ If I had all my yesterdays ♪
- Caleb.

- ♪ I'd give 'em to you, too ♪
- I don't just like you.


♪ I belong to you ♪

♪ I belong to you ♪

[both sigh]

[indistinct conversations]


Are you okay?

No. Actually, it's not
a lot of fun reading about

how your ex
fell in love with your dad,

especially when they bond

over how concerned they are
about you.

What are you doing
with my phone?

My dad didn't tell you that
he's got me deleting E-mails...

his and yours?

What are you talking about?

He's distancing himself
from you.

And he's lying to me
about why he's doing it.

But I know it's because he never
really cared about you.

He only cares
about saving his own ass.

Your dad might think
what I did was wrong.

That doesn't make him
a bad person.

He takes his job seriously,
and it takes a lot of character

to hurt someone you love
in order to do what's right.

Clay has that character.

You have no idea
what he's capable of.

I had no idea
what you were capable of.

Look where we are now.

[dramatic music plays]

[car door closes]

Here we go!


Thank you.

I'll make sure
everything's ready!

Yeah, okay.
Come on.

You're okay, you're okay.

You ever thought the first time
we flew together

we'd end up like this?

How could I ever forget?

Going to Quantico was the
hardest thing I've ever done.

You were just trying to find out
the truth about your dad.

And I did.

He made one mistake,

and he regretted it
for the rest of his life.

I left your meds in the car,

I'll just get them.

All right.


Where's she going?

Where's she going?!

[suspenseful music plays]

Oh, finally
allowed off campus at night,

you know what that means.

The globe and eagle.

FBI, DEA, and Marines
all gathered in one place,

aided by copious amounts
of alcohol.

Count me in.

Me too. Around 10:00?

Yeah. You in, Raina?

Raina doesn't drink,
but if you want to go with her,

I can stay here tonight.

We just cannot be seen in public
at the same time.

That's right.
Um, next time?

Yeah. Next time.

[indistinct conversations]

Hey, uh,
I could make us some tea here.

Thank you. But, no.

did I do something wrong?


I did.

We didn't accept you into the
Academy because of who you are.

We accepted you
because of who you could become.

You might not see
where you're going, but we do.

So he was telling
the truth.

Yes, he was.

what are you gonna do?

Aren't you upset
that Liam told me?

Why would I be?

That's his story.

Were you a part of it?

Not at that time.

Another chapter maybe.

And the others?

The higher-ups?

Good people...

who've all done
great things.

How do you live with something
like that inside you?

[cellphone ringing, vibrating]

I have to take this.
Excuse me.

- ♪ Walk through the field ♪
- Yeah, sure.

MIRANDA: We have a perspective
that you don't have.

- ♪ Sat in a tree ♪
- Hello. You must be Mark.

Raymond. Yes.

- ♪ I love you ♪
- Ooh! I'm nervous.

Oh, don't be.
Be excited.

Prepare for
the most transformative

two hours of your life.

Your assessment
is waiting for you.

♪ Pick up a gun ♪

[speaking Arabic]

- ♪ Shoot the TV ♪
- _



- _
- ♪ Never want to see your face again ♪



SALLY: Miranda,
this is Sally from next door.

I think I just saw somebody
on your roof.

- Miranda?
- [glass shatters]

MIRANDA: My goal for each one
of you is that you see the world

with a new point of view,

a point of view
that we don't have.

The tough part is figuring out
how they all fit together.

- ♪ Never want to see your face again ♪
- [cellphone vibrating]

On 9/11, the FBI and the CIA
had all the pieces they needed,

but they couldn't connect them.

[speaking Hebrew]

[speaking Hebrew]






And we see the world
differently now.

And we will stop it
the next time...

ALEX: Miranda?

...all of us working together.

You coming back?


[breathing shakily]



What happened?

[weakly] Charlie...

[glass shatters]

[suspenseful music plays]

Are you sure about this?

I'm positive.

I hope you know
what you're doing.

[door opens]

[indistinct conversations]

MIRANDA: And the reason
that we accepted all of you...

MAN: It's her!
Hands where I can see them!

...is because we knew you would.

MAN: Stay where you are!
It's Parrish!

[grunts, panting]

There's another bomb hidden
somewhere in New York City.

I can't tell you where it is,

but if you don't find it fast,
it's all over.

♪ ♪