Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Go - full transcript

An explosive assignment results in some new agent trainees being sent home; as Alex continues working to clear her name, she encounters Raina and Nimah, who provide more questions than answers.

...sh and I've been framed.

It all started eight months ago
at the FBI Academy.

LIAM: What the hell
are you doing here?

Look, I told you,

your job watching
Alex Parrish is over.

RYAN: You need
to stop talking.

You just blew your own op
with Alex.

Nimah? You ready?


What the hell
is happening?

- Simon, please, just...
- What is happening?! Who are you?!

just give us a second
to figure this out.

[pounding on door]
SIMON: Let me out of here!

I think Agent Booth
is in contact with Parrish.

He may be helping her.

That's one of the twins.

At Grand Central.
That's days before the attack.

It's them.

Look, three-quarters
of a million people

pass through Grand Central
every day.

All right,
coincidence is not evidence.

This is solid evidence.

These are shots of Nimah
or Raina

all over Grand Central
two days before the explosion!

We don't even know
which one it is.

It could be both.

Yeah, well,
I don't plan to find out.


no one has heard
from the twins in months.

Running out of NATs who were
close enough to frame me,

and with Caleb chasing down
the same footage,

I am running out of time.

This is a real lead.

I know you have risked
so much already.

And with everything
that's happened between...

I'd understand
if you didn't want to help.

But I can't find the twins
without you.


I might be able
to find them.


That's maybe.

I'll take maybe.

This is the twins' burner phone
from their last undercover op.

You may be able
to trace their location,

but only if they're still
using it.

This isn't
my operation anymore.

Hasn't been
for a long time.

I know.

Thank you.


The twins may not be the people
you remember.

Be careful.
Keep Alex safe.

You're right.
He's working with her.

We can arrest him
as soon as he gets up here.

You know,
make a show of it.

- Let everyone know now...
- No, no, no, no.

Look, you follow Agent Booth.
He leads you to Parrish.

Don't do anything until you know
she's with him.

We can't lose her again.

- ♪
- _

You're a third of the way
through your training,

which means one thing...
your first exam.

We know what
you're thinking.

Hasn't this been
one long exam?


This week, we're going
to push you past your limit

to see how much of what
we've taught you

you've actually retained,

which means you're going to use
your skills of interrogation.

You cannot conveniently forget
our boiler room date

just because I demanded

That is unfair, unacceptable,
and quite frankly,

I'm just gonna stop
letting you...

Dad, Shelby.
Shelby, my dad.

Assistant Director Haas.

I-I-I've heard so much about you
and, um... good.

Well, now we've heard so much
about each other.

I'll meet you downstairs.

♪ Till we learn
to get together ♪

♪ And see who we really are ♪

- ♪ Ain't nothing gonna change ♪
- _

♪ Ain't nothing gonna change ♪

♪ If nobody's gonna wake up ♪

- ♪ And start asking who's in charge ♪
- Brandon, you almost done?

Out in a minute, babe.

♪ Ain't nothing gonna change ♪

And finally, surveillance.

CLAYTON: And Parrish?

LIAM: She has exhausted
every avenue there is

for digging
into her father.

She's done.

As long as you're sure.

I am.

Booth's the only one
I'm worried about now.

When he followed orders
in Chicago,

I thought
we could trust him.

We make Quantico hard

to ensure that only
the strong survive

so that those of you who can't
don't get a badge!

LIAM: This is the physical
component of your exam.

Beat your scores from your first
fitness test, or you're out.

♪ Ain't nothing gonna change ♪

You did 22 last time,

I better see 23 right now.

I took my eyes off
the ball in surveillance,

my marksmanship scores
are off.

You're breezing through,
and I'm barely hanging on.

What's your secret?


He has so many,
who can keep track?

MAN: Analysts, you have five
minutes to track your target.

Hamas loves Hulu.

I found my wannabe terrorist
in under 10.

If I knew I was giving up
high six figures

to type 100 words a minute
for the FBI,

I might have reconsidered.

So, are you gonna tell me
how you and Ryan

from hot and bothered

to the cold shoulder
in 24 hours,

or do I get
three guesses?

you'd only need one.

Turns out
I have a type.

Pathological liars.

what'd he lie about?

You know what?
You don't have to answer that.

We shouldn't even be having
this conversation.

Relationships are forbidden
at Quantico for a reason.

They knock you
off your game.


Especially when your game is
playing Hoover and Clyde Tolson

in the boiler room
and Clyde's dad catches you.

[laughing] Oh, my God.

All right, if Caleb's father
wanted to bust you guys,

you'd be in front of
the N.A.R.B. by now.

Well, it just wasn't
the intro

to the Executive
Assistant Director

that I had hoped for.

I barely survived.

But you did.

I got your back
on the next exercise.

We're all in it together,

Where's Simon?

I'm sorry about all this.

I'm sure
you have questions.

You ever read "Hapgood"?

It's a play about the KGB's use
of twins during the Cold War.

How they used them
to infiltrate places

with large amounts of intel
but limited access.

Swap one out, debrief,
switch again.

Constant flow
of information

without any of that pesky

"where'd that girl we trusted
with our terror plot go?"

I'm a pretty smart guy.


And yet you chose
two women

who couldn't remember
to keep their door closed,

who jeopardized your career
by locking me in this bathroom.

So, no,
I don't have questions.

I have plans.

Don't you dare help me.

I know you think you have me
in your crosshairs, Mr. Asher.

But let me assure you

no one's jeopardizing the twins
or their training.

And why the hell not?

Because you're
a good agent.

You put your country first
and your ego second,

and when faced with ruining
a good project

and all the good
it can do

or keeping a secret

and having your probation struck
from your record...

I don't want to see them
right now.


Trainee Wyatt, I just wanted
to properly introduce myself.

Sir, about earlier,

I'm the one who owes you
an apology

for violating
your privacy.

You're not upset?

How do you think I met
his mother?

[chuckles] Yeah, we're gonna
skip that story.

Yeah, okay, well,
we won't go into it,

but it was a pleasure
to finally meet you, Shelby.

And hope to do it
again sometime,

and, if you don't mind,
I have to talk with my son.

Pleasure's all mine.

Well, your mother and I
wanted you to know

how proud we are that
you've made it this far.

But we want you
to be realistic.

No, I'm near the top
of my class.


But we both want to know

that you're prepared
for that status change.

So, do you have
a contingency plan?

Kid, you're 25 years old.
You need a safety net.

I don't need
a safety net.

I was there the last time
you screwed up,

and the time before that,

So, look.
I'll make you an offer.

You fail this midterm,
I'll unlock your trust fund.

That's 10k a month to do
whatever you want

as long as it has nothing to do
with the FBI.

You know,
for a second there,

I actually thought
that you believed in me.

I do.

I believe you'll make
the right decision.

Defending this country
is not a job.

It's not a skill set.

It's not a stepping stone
to something else.

It's an honor.

And it's an honor
that you have to earn.

As I was walking through
the campus this morning,

I was thinking back to how
difficult this training was,

but also how rewarding.

And I look forward to seeing
who among you

has what it takes
to become a special agent.

Good luck.

You okay?

I will be as long as
you stay away from me.

That's both of you.

Upon your arrival at Quantico,

I promised myself
that I would graduate

the best class
the Academy has ever seen.

We don't need more agents.
We need better ones.

This test is designed to see

not only what you have
learned so far,

but what you have become.

In front of you is a piece
of paper and a pencil.

When I leave this classroom,
the exam begins.

When it ends is up to you.

[door opens, closes]

It's blank.
What's the test?



[praying softly]


Why are you pointing
a gun at me?

And what are you doing
with her?

The better question is,

what were you doing
at Grand Central

two days before
the bombing, Raina?

We saw you on cameras.

You saw Nimah.

She's still alive?

Yes, that's Nimah.

But I don't know what she was
doing at Grand Central.

Last Friday,
she missed our swap,

and then she
missed it again.

Five days without hearing
from her or seeing her,

and then the bomb.

I worry she may be hurt
or worse.

do you think Nimah

could have anything to do
with the bombing?

Don't you dare accuse
my sister.

You're the one everyone's
looking for.

Okay, where's Nimah now?

Three months ago,
we infiltrated a terror cell

living in a house
across the street.

They are a part
of the Islamic front.

They've been looking to send
a message to America.

We knew they were
targeting landmarks,

but they didn't
tell us where.

They never
told us anything.

Yeah, or maybe
they told Nimah,

and that's when
she went dark.

So she could help them
carry out the bombing.

She would never do that,
not unless they forced her to.

Yeah, nobody's ever forced Nimah
to do anything.

Yeah, well, nobody's ever forced
you to do anything, either.

ALEX: Okay, okay.

Bottom line is, Raina,

we both want to
find your sister.

Do you think
she's still in that house?

I don't know.

I've been watching,
hoping to see something,

anything that would allow me to
know if Nimah was still alive.

Nobody's come in or out,
and we can't see inside.

I can.

[cellphone chimes]


- [cellphone chimes]
- _

Thermal goggles...

courtesy of the Federal Bureau
of Investigation.

How is a blank piece of paper
a test?

How's a raven
like a writing desk?

Just another twisted Quantico
psychological experiment.

Maybe we're supposed
to write an essay?

- On what?
- Why we deserve to be here.

Then leave yours blank.

- You guys, maybe it's evidence.
- Of what?

Well, Miranda did say they're testing
all the skills that we've learned so far,

and the only thing
this falls under is evidence.

VASQUEZ: I can't believe
I'm agreeing with you,

but it's worth a shot.


All right, everyone.
Give them up.

Let's take a look.

8 1/2 by 11
and 3/8 inches tall.

Maybe it fits

Or maybe it has something to do
with the number.



Wait, are you sure?

I did it three times.

There's 61 of us here.

Did anyone not hand in
their piece of paper?

Or not get one at all?

whoever is holding out

could be the key
to cracking this exam,

so you better
speak up now.

NIMAH: If no one's
gonna come clean,

we can always move
to surveillance.



What are you doing?

Combing through
footage I found

of one of the Amin twins
outside Grand Central Station

to see if she might be
a Parrish co-conspirator.

You think
they were involved?

Is that really what you walked
all the way over here

to talk to me about?


and to say thank you
for not telling your dad that...

That I know that
he's screwing my ex?

No, I'm gonna save
that little tidbit

for my

Well, you took the high road,
and I appreciate it.

Okay, let's just make
one thing clear.

I didn't do it for you.
I did it for my mom.

Do you have any idea
how close she is

to becoming
the Democratic Choice for V.P.?

I'm gonna
tell you something.

When Clayton finds out
that she's the nominee,

he will drop you and he will run
back to her in a heartbeat.

I just can't wait
to see that happen.

You're still just
a sad little boy.

Good luck finding Nimah.

Who said
that it was Nimah?

You did.

Now get your hand off of me
before I hurt you.

Ryan, I think I just
blew our cover.

Follow me.

[indistinct conversations]


Guess it must be kind of boring
the second time around, huh?

We didn't have a written exam
when I went here.


Just a practical
on how to lie,

manipulate, and seduce.

Hey, look, you asked me to leave
you alone, and I did.

You came over to talk to me,
so... which is it?

Why didn't you say no to Liam
when he asked you?

Why didn't you tell me
when you should have?

And, more importantly,
your job is done.

What are you still
doing here?

You think I want to be stuck
in this room with you

seeing how much
it's killing you?

I hate seeing
what I did to you.

Almost as much
as I hate knowing

that you'll never look at me
again the way I look at you.

I don't suppose your dad

gave you an inside track
on this test?

Yeah, right.

I'm sure he designed it
specifically for me to fail.

You're crazy.
Your dad is great.

More like
The Great Santini.

Come on.
He's really proud of you.

Proud? Shelby, he offered me
money to fail today,

right now, just so I wouldn't
ruin his reputation.

Okay, I'm sure that's not
what he meant.

Maybe if you just show him
how hard you're working,

if you could explain...

No, I can easily see why
you'd say that.

'Cause you don't know what it's
like to disappoint your parents.

You're always gonna be their
perfect daughter preserved in amber,

but for the rest of us who have
to sit across from them

- at the dinner table...
- Okay, I'm gonna pretend

that you didn't just say
I'm lucky

that my parents are dead

and walk away from this
conversation right now.

Shelby, I...

[sighs] Is this how the FBI
trains its agents?

By playing games,
setting us up to fail?

All right,
Big Brother is always watching.

Last chance
to come clean.

ALEX: Wait, stop.

RYAN: Why didn't you say

Nobody likes a coward.

You saw how much I was
screwing up out there.

And you thought keeping this
from us would help?

When I didn't get a paper,

I figured it was how
they were kicking me out,

and when it turned out
all the papers were blank,

I-I thought it was a game and
I didn't want to mess that up,

so I just
kept my mouth shut.

Yeah, and made this take
twice as long.

Haven't you
figured it out?

This isn't
some complicated test.

There are 60 pages because
I'm not supposed to be here.

They wouldn't put you in this
room if they wanted you gone!

You don't know half the things
I've done, okay?!

Screw it, I... I'm not gonna wait
for them to tell me.

I just have to...
I have to go.

Brandon, wait.

that was interesting.

did you guys hear that?

The A/C just turned off.

[alarm blaring]

Is that the fire alarm?

Should we evacuate?

[blaring continues]

The door is locked!

Yeah, so is this one.

ELIAS: Hey, guys.

I just found this under
Brandon's chair.

Either Brandon is a stickler
for punctuality,

or something really weird
is going on right now.

[blaring continues]

I see heat signatures
of... of five men.

There should be six.
One must be out.

There's a female form,

She really is alive.

Why hasn't she
contacted me?


Even if the cell
is responsible,

my sister would have never

willingly helped those men
do what they did!

You and your sister,
you might look alike,

but you are both
very, very different people.

She's a good person.

There is an explanation
for that.

Yes, that explanation might
involve her framing me

for a mass murder
she's responsible for.

Interesting how someone
who's wrongly accused

finds it so easy
to point the finger.

- She's innocent!
- Okay.

Even if you're right...
and there's a big if...

she knows something.

She has answers
that we both want,

and she won't come out

We have
to flush her out.


Where are you going?

To see her?

[sighs] I tried to tell you,
but you wouldn't listen.

She's using you.

No, she's innocent.

She shot you!

No, I only said that she did
so I could help her.

After what she did to me,

I wanted to believe
that she was guilty,

but someone set her up.

Natalie, I know you have
to bring us in,

but just... give us
a little more time, please?

You've got one hour.

[engine turns over]

When we know Nimah's alone
in the house,

we'll give you
the signal.

There's a bathroom in the back,
away from the men.

Wait until she's in there,
and then I'll go in.


What if someone spots me?

Just do what you always do.

Pretend to be Nimah.



- [banging]
- _

NIMAH: There's nobody
in the hallway.

Can you break the window?

it's... it's bulletproof.

does anybody have any tools?

Search your pockets, guys.
Tha... thank you.

The wire to the hydraulic lock's
been cut in two,

meaning the next time this door
closed, it'd lock tight.

NIMAH: Are you saying Brandon
locked us in here...

just before he left?

Yeah, I know,
it doesn't make any sense,

but... Can you guys just give me
some space here, guys?

Just clear out just
a little bit. Thank you.

This is feeling
less like an exam

and more like the last
10 minutes of "Saw."

Come on, you guys. They've
pulled this stunt on us before.

It's all some mind game
meant to test us.

SHELBY: Like when Miranda
told us to choose 3

or she would cut 10.

Or like when Elder Eric
ate a bullet

in the interrogation room.

I know for a fact
that the Bureau

opened their doors wider
this year.

A guy like Eric got in
with skeletons in his closet.

Do you really think that there's
not room for another psychopath?

What, are you saying
that JFK Jr. just snapped?

That's insane.

You mean
unlike all the other

well-balanced kids
of politicians?

You know how many children
from prominent families

I've kept out of jail
the last three years?

He fits the profile.

That's it!
That's the next step.

- His profile.
- RYAN: I agree with Alex.

If this were real
and something was going on,

I would have heard
about it.

[pounding on door]

If something really was
going on out there,

your sister
would come for us, right?

If she's not trapped
or hurt, yes.

She'd come for me.


And for you.

You guys, let's not get bogged
down by accusations, okay?

We need to keep playing
Miranda's game so we don't lose.

Evidence led us to the papers,
surveillance led us to Brandon.

That can't be a coincidence.

So, what's left?

I suspect that we're the "H"
in that scenario.

Yeah, no sign of the "R."

What about interrogation?

Interrogate who?

Who knows Brandon best?

She's sleeping with him.

Mind your own business.

Isn't personal.
I just want to finish the test.

Fletcher's not crazy.

Okay, if he was,
I'd be having way more fun.


If you guys think I have
the answers, interrogate away.

Nimah's in position.
Raina, go.

[door opens, closes]

What the hell
are you doing outside?

I went shopping.

In the middle
of a lockdown?

Nobody saw me.

Don't worry.
I'm careful.

I'm always careful.

[cartoon music
and sound effects play on TV]

- What are you doing here?
- Shh!

You will do exactly what I say
so we don't both die.

[knock on door]

KAMRAN: Everything all right
in there?

I'm fine.
I'll be out in a minute.



We can't waste time running down
her friends.

We need them
to lead us to her.

Well, if we cut off
her resources,

she'll be easier
to find.

She's always been
a team player.

- Sir.
- Take her team away and...

She'll just find
someone else.


Booth and Shelby
slipped out.

You lost them?

No, but he thinks I did.

I put a tracker
in his jacket.

He'll lead us
right to her.

Excellent work.

For someone who's sleeping
with Brandon,

you don't seem to know
an awful lot about him.

Well, what we did didn't involve
a lot of talking.

See, not all of us grow
so attached so quickly.

You know what?
Just... just give me anything.

We have half an hour left
on this midterm,

and I know you want to keep us
in this 100-degree oven.

She doesn't know anything because
this clearly isn't part of the exam!

Really? Then how do you explain
the blank pages?

Who cares about the paper?

You could look at this
any way you want,

but I saw the panic in Brandon's
eyes when he ran out of here.

And it's the same exact panic
that was in Eric's eyes

when we went into the
interrogation room on day one.

It's the same exact thing.

He's right.

Brandon hasn't
been himself lately.

Last night, he went on a walk
alone for hours.

He came back talking about
how mismanaged the FBI is

and how something needed
to be done about it.

He's also on
a bunch of meds.

Sometimes he doesn't
take them.

Wait, what time did Brandon
go out last night?

10:00, maybe 10:30.


That might be
our next step.

rewind the footage, please.

Yeah, that's Fletcher.


What the hell
is he doing?


Looks like Brandon left us
a parting gift.

ELIAS: Is it real?
It looks real.

CALEB: Yes, it's real.
Of course it's real.

We just watched J. Crew
put it in there!

ALEX: Come on.
It can't be real.

He had to have been told
to put it there.

It's obviously a part
of the test.

What if you're wrong?

Haven't you heard?
Parrish is never wrong.

She has "instincts."

but unlike last time,

if she's wrong here,
we're dead.

Okay, if it is real,
then we have to disarm it

'cause we can't go
anywhere anyway.

And if it's not real,

if it's part of the test,
like I think it is,

then disarming it
gets us out of here.

I'm presuming this "bomb"
is connected to the doors.

Oh, okay, so you just want
to disarm the bomb

just in case it's real.

But none of us know
how to do that.

He might.
He's been around bombs before.

All right,
it's an integrated timer

with built-in redundancies
to prevent tampering.

Dual batteries,
dual mercury switches,

which act as
pressure sensors.

And 10 pounds of C-4.

That doesn't sound fake.

Do you think
you can disarm this thing?

In 20 minutes?


- Okay.
- Just, uh, give me some space, okay?


NIMAH: Do you idiots
have any idea

how badly you've screwed
everything up?!

You think
you were helping?

Everything you've done has put
my sister's life at risk.

I need to get back in there
before she gets hurt.

I need to protect her.

- ALEX: From what?!
- SIMON: From you?

We know you were
at Grand Central!

Why were you there?

Because after months
of undercover work,

we knew the cell's attacks
were imminent

but we didn't know where.

I was searching
every landmark

for any sign of
a planned attack,

but I haven't
found anything.

If that's true,

why didn't you come out
after the bombing?

the leader of the cell,

was to blow up a symbol
of American strength.

He left two days
before the bombing,

and he hasn't
returned since.

I was waiting for him.

I realized that only he knew
what was gonna happen,

and in the days leading up
to the bombing,

I got close enough
for him to trust me.

You slept with him?

I was handling it.

And I wasn't about to ask that
of Raina.

Now we have to get her out of
there before Hamza is back.

He might expect something
from her.

[knock on door]













She's trapped.

[pounding on door]

The FBI is onto us.
All of us.

We're not going anywhere
without Raina.

Look, I think I can disarm it
if I can cut the battery power,

but... but if I'm wrong...

Do it.

ALEX: Yeah.


- [lock disengages]
- WOMAN: Okay.

MAN: Okay. The door's open.
Let's get going.

- [rapid beeping]
- No, wait!

What the hell
just happened?

There must've been
a secondary trigger.

A motion sensor,
either someone did it remotely.

Is there another way
to stop it?

We're supposed to be learning
how to save the world,

not dying in a classroom.
Let's just go, Simon.

Look, I don't know
if this is a real bomb

or if this is some
screwed-up test,

but I can't take my hands
off these wires.

You guys volunteered.
I... I was recruited.

I didn't grow up
wanting this like you.

- I'm... I'm sorry, I...
- Just... just go.

It's fine.

Just go. Okay.

Rest of you
should go, too.

How can we help?
Talk me through it.

Tell me what
you want me to do.

Okay. We need to get
to the circuitry

behind the timer panel,
but to do that,

we need to remove
the mercury switches,

so, Shelby, Ryan,
I need you to take those off.

Okay, which ones
are the mercury switches?

- It's the two corner boxes.
- These two?

- Yeah.
- All right.

But I need you to take them off
very, very carefully.

All right.
Shelby, you good?

All right,
three, two, one.


SIMON: Okay.

Alex, I need you to slide
that panel off.

- This one?
- Yeah.

All right, you're looking
for a blue wire.

There is no blue wire.

Okay, then I need you
and Vasquez

to pull the purple and the red
wire at exactly the same time.

Three, two, one.

[all sigh]

Okay, if there is a chance this
is real, you both should go.

We're not going anywhere.

We are in this together.

I really want
to pray right now,

[chuckling] but the only thing
I can think of are Joan Osborne lyrics.

- [laughter]
- Think I know about four songs

from "Pippin."

Maybe some "Fantasticks."

I think we're more okay with
dying than hearing you sing.




Your country appreciates
your sacrifice.

[all sighing]

I can't believe
you did that.

Well, if the Assistant Director
asks you to play along,

you play along.

What about everyone else?

Well, if they ran,
then they failed.

Well, that's a bit harsh,
isn't it?

If you're not willing to sacrifice
yourself for your country,

why are you here?

NIMAH: Hamza is still
planning something.

If it wasn't the attack
on Grand Central,

it will be something else

What are you saying?

If you storm in there
guns out,

we will never know
the truth.

Swap me back in.

That's not happening.
It's too dangerous.

He's in there.
I can get our answers.

Or help finish his work.

It's not what I'm doing.
This is my assignment.

If he tries anything
with her,

he'll know Raina's not me
and he will kill her!

You have to let me go.


I can't compromise
a fellow agent

just because
it might save me.

I'll get us the truth.
I promise.

All right.

Look, we'll be 30 seconds away
if you need us.

Just get your sister out and then
we'll keep her safe, all right?


Nimah's swapping back in.

Alley door.
Two minutes.





I knew you were right,
B.T. Dubs,

about that bomb
being fake.

No, you didn't.

But you didn't run.

Stupid, right?

That's not the word
I was thinking.

Thank you for trying
to save our lives.

Well, trying to save yours
was incidental.

I know you're angry.

But do you have any idea
how painful it is

to have to hide yourself
from the world?

All this time,
you've only

thought about how
it's affected you.

It's been hard on us,

I'm fine.

No, you're not fine.
You're angry.

I threw away a seven-figure,
partner-track job

for some
ridiculous notion

that I was meant
to serve truth, justice,

and all that
Superman crap.

And then I abandoned it
with seconds left to spare.


I'm sorry.

Whatever hang-ups you have
about what happened in Gaza,

you're a man
who saves everyone,

and I'm a man who runs
from a firecracker.


I should go.

It sucks.

[inhales deeply]

But it's right.


Last chance to unveil the
mystery that is Simon Asher.

Probably better that way.

Always keep them
wanting more.

I'm gonna miss you.



♪ Shattered at dawn ♪

♪ So far for so long ♪

♪ Feeling newly baptized ♪

You have a very strange

of "stay away from me."

Look, I would say
I'm sorry if...

You have to
stop apologizing.

I trusted you.
That was on me.

I made choices.
That was on me, too.

We both came into this
with secrets.

Me my father,
you... Chicago.

♪ Coffee-colored sheets ♪

♪ Looking down at pale knees ♪


♪ With a cigarette
and my morning beat ♪


I guess that is the Ryan Booth
way, isn't it,

or should I say
Agent Booth?

"Special Agent,"
if we're being technical.

You know the only reason I
didn't tell anyone your secret

is because it wasn't mine
to tell.

That was on me.
This one, it's all you.

was a blown sting.

♪ Sky high ♪

Someone above me screwed up,

and, uh...

[sighs, chuckles]

and people got hurt.

I took the blame.
I'm a good soldier.

I did what
my superior asked me,

and you can see how well
that's worked out.

Liam was your superior.

I didn't want
this assignment.

Okay, I told Liam "no" more
times than I could even count.

But he said if I wanted a future
in the Bureau, I had to.

All this time, I...

I blamed you for taking
this assignment.

You had no choice.

I'm sorry, Ryan.

I'm sorry, too.

Um, if you're looking
for Caleb,

he went to say goodbye to
the analysts who got the ax.

He passed?

Miranda's test and yours.

You didn't really want him
to take the bribe, did you?

Miss Wyatt,
my son is a screw-up.

I want him to find his place
in the world.

I just don't believe
for a second it's here.

And if you're honest
with yourself, you'd agree.

No, I don't.

You will.

Caleb is a smart, brave,
capable person,

and he does belong here.

Miss Wyatt,
I'm not hard on my son

because I don't
believe in him.

I'm hard on him because

it's the only thing
keeping him alive.

He's a greater danger to himself
than you know.

But I do.

I was there.

I saved his life
and the lives

of those around him
with my own two hands.

Pleasure seeing you again,

Hope it's not the last.

My sister and I
can't continue

to keep this operation
a secret.

Asher has been handled.

It's not just him.
It's our class.

We can't keep lying
to them.

Lying is a small price to pay
for the good of this project.

I know you think
you're protecting us,

but you expect us to put our
lives in each other's hands.

That requires honesty.

It requires trust.

Everyone in that room deserves
to know who we are.

If we can't trust them
with our secret,

how can you trust them
with our lives?

on passing...

What have you done?

Let's just say I know things
you don't want me to know.

I told you everything.

No, you didn't.
We both know that.

So, I'll make you
a deal, Liam.

I'll forget about
everything I heard,

stop looking
into my father,

his relationship with you
and the E.A.D.

if you let Special Agent Booth
get back the career

that he worked
so hard for.

And if I don't?

Then I'll keep digging

until I find
whatever it is

that you and Clayton had him
cover up in Chicago.

Your call.

ALEX: I hope Nimah
can pull this off.

When this is over,
you need to stay away from me.

Too many people I care about
are getting hurt.

I think
we're way past that.

Why are you
doing all this?

Vasquez, you are a go.

Don't move!

- On the ground!
- Get on the ground right now!

Get out! Get out!
We're blown! We're blown!

All right, stay back.
Get back.

Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!

[siren wailing]

Yalla. Yalla!

We kidnapped you two.
You did nothing wrong.

- Okay?
- You guys, you got... Aah!

[both gasp]

Go! Go!

[siren wails, tires screech]

Go! Go! Go! Go!

[indistinct shouting]

This test was not only
about survival...

It was about sacrifice.

Survival and sacrifice...
they go hand in hand.

Why would they cut Nimah?

Out in the field, you have to
stand with your fellow agents

no matter the cost.

Where's all their stuff?

♪ New York ♪

Your boy
didn't tell you?

♪ She sits and cries ♪

The analysts graduated.

This wasn't their midterm.
It was their final.

♪ She's had her moment
of glory ♪

Well, for those who made it
through, anyway.

MIRANDA: Because this job
will test you.

It will push you
beyond the limits.

This better be good.
I'm missing class.

Actually, you're not.

You've been reinstated.

Think the words you're looking
for are "thank you."

Can I think about it?

I think the words
you're looking for are

"yes, Booth,
you can think about it."

You owe me at least that.

♪ But she goes on ♪

It will throw curves at you...

and it will never
not surprise you.

So, what, you're done?

You're just leaving
without saying goodbye?

Wait, why are you
wearing that?

They told me that they weren't
quite done with me yet

and they bumped me back
to NAT.

I-I don't know what you said
to my dad, but thank you.

Is that okay?


♪ It ain't how
you spend your time ♪

This exam showed me
you are capable of sacrifice

for the greater good.

It is why all of you are here
and the rest are not.

I believe it is time for me to
share something with you myself.

♪ How I say a lie ♪

♪ I'm infatuated
with the human mind, yeah ♪

I have been running a project
with Nimah Amin

and her sister, Raina,
since you arrived.

And I am trusting all of you

that you will stand with and
protect these two brave women

and keep their secret.

There's two of them?


I'm Raina.


♪ And we go on ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

MIRANDA: You can either
stay alive together

or you can die alone.

The choice is up to you.

[engine turns over]

♪ When we go on and on, on, on ♪

♪ And when we go on
and on and on ♪

♪ When we go, go on ♪

- [breathing heavily]
- Come on.

Drop your weapons... now!

- Natalie.
- Don't move!

- Natalie.
- Hands where I can see them... now!

Okay, okay.


Natalie, I give up.

I-I mean it.

You can take me. Just...
just please help Ryan right now.


RYAN: Natalie, please.


Go now!