Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - God. - full transcript

The NATs practice surveillance with Miranda and her troubled son; Shelby tries to keep Caleb at arm's length, while Raina allows Simon closer; Alex gets help when she tries to hack an FBI computer.

My name is Alex Parrish.

My life took a very drastic turn.

It all started nine months ago
at the FBI Academy.

How do I know
you won't lie to me?

Maybe you already have.

Simon likes you.

MIRANDA: My son was serving
two years,

and he's up for parole.

SHELBY: You think
some anonymous hackers

are gonna
get you out of this?

It's time to tell my story.

You got a leak
in your unit.

Somebody tipped her off
we were coming.

You didn't
give us up.

I don't think
she did it.

We're streaming
to over 12 million people.

If you could say anything,
what would it be?

I am innocent.

[camera shutter clicks]

We have some new video

related to the Grand Central
bombing two days ago.

FBI sources released this video

in response
to an interview yesterday,

- where the chief suspect, Alex Parrish...
- They framed the brown girl.

...claimed she is innocent.

FBI officials think the box
Parrish is seen carrying

likely contained
the final detonator

- that started the chain of explosions.
- I was delivering flak jackets.

You don't need to yell
at me.

- I'm not accusing you of anything.
- ...show growing public support

for Parrish.

But the FBI claims

- this video essentially proves her guilt.
- So you'll help me, then?

Caleb was stationed
in San Diego.

He requested
for a New York assignment

days before
the attack.

I need you
to talk to him, Shelby.

Caleb hasn't spoken to me
since Quantico.

I highly doubt
he's gonna start now.

Look, as much as he and I
have our issues,

I can't imagine a world
where Caleb Haas is a terrorist.

You know
what he's capable of.

You know his past.

And everyone's up for grabs
right now.

...files found on social media,

photo-sharing apps,
and security-cam feeds.

[cellphone vibrates]

Everything okay?

They're trying
to hit us back

with data mined
from personal accounts.

that was a matter of time.

But they're only looking for me
in the footage.

If I can see
what the FBI is seeing,

I might be able
to find Caleb.

I'll look into it
when I get in.

Okay, thanks.

[cellphone beeps]



Who was that?

It was just O'Connor.

I'll go shower first
so you can stay in bed.

[door closes]

♪ I was on a heavy tip ♪

♪ Trying to cross the canyon
with a broken limb ♪

♪ What kind of man
loves like this? ♪

How about
we save water?

♪ Whoa-oh ♪

♪ To let me dangle ♪

♪ At a cruel angle ♪

- ♪ My feet don't touch the floor ♪
- _

Why did you say
I wasn't your type, again?

I didn't think
you were trustworthy.

You trust me now?

♪ And then you're half out ♪

- ♪ But you never close the door ♪
- Yes.

But I want to know more
about you.

You never talk
about yourself.

Not that much to say.

♪ What kind of man ♪

Are you worried
that you will scare me off?

'Cause you won't.

The only thing
I'm worried about is how...

is how late we're gonna be
for P.T.

♪ You do such damage ♪

♪ How do you manage ♪

♪ To have me crawling
back for more? ♪

♪ And with one kiss ♪

- ♪ And with one kiss ♪
- _

♪ You inspire ♪

♪ Inspire a devotion
that lasts for 20 years ♪

♪ 20 years ♪

It's okay. I've got you.


♪ What kind of man
loves like this? ♪

Women have been asking men out
since the 1950s.

Even gay men.

You should just
bite the bullet.

Thank you.

It sounds very current
and uncomplicated.

[both breathing heavily]

Where's the fire?

I have a carefully timed route
to avoid a walk of shame.

If anybody should be worried,
it's me.

I have a reputation
to live down to.

I can't be seen spending all my
time below the Mason-Dixon line,

as much
as I like the landscape.

Say the word,
and I'll secede.

End before
it gets boring, right?

No, I-I have a better idea.
You want to get dinner?

I kind of told somebody I'd
have dinner with them already.

Do you want to meet me in my car
when I get back?

[chuckles] Yeah.

♪ What kind of man
loves like this? ♪


- My bad, Miss Wyatt.
- No, no, no.

That was all me,
Mr. Fletcher.

MAN: Looks like
I just won a bet...

how long it would take JFK
and Jackie O. to get together.

CALEB: What,
Shelby and Brandon?

The two richest NATs?
Where have you been?

They avoid each other all day,
then disappear all night.

Or do you think
they just meet up

to discuss how pretty
their babies will be?

- ♪ What kind of man loves like this? ♪
- She still isn't in, sir.

Day three. No Miranda.

♪ I may be crazy ♪

♪ Yes, I know you're fine ♪

♪ But I've got something
that will blow your mind ♪


♪ And I'm not going down
with the rest of you ♪

LIAM: Miranda?

You've missed
some work.

Charlie hid my keys
from me.

This is the same crap
he was doing before.


They were
in the front door.

He didn't hide them.

But he is
playing games with me.

I should have never let
the court remand him to my care.

It's only
been three days,

and it's already clear
that this is a huge mistake.

One that I'm gonna have to
live with for the next year

if I don't
lose my mind first.

And the worst part
of this is...

I don't trust him.

I don't trust him.

And I don't trust myself
to catch him.

The boy
tried to shoot up a school!

Who knows
what he's planning to do next?

Maybe you're losing
some perspective here.

You know,
you're stuck in this house...

Do you know he's never
accepted responsibility

for what he tried to do?

Maybe he's afraid
to talk to you.

Maybe he'll talk to me.
He used to like me.

What are you gonna do,


Throw a football around
with him?

Call him "pal"?

Go to work.

Okay, maybe if he thinks
you trust him,

even a little bit,
he'll stop hiding and open up.

The art of surveillance.

Watching people
in their own environment.

It's one of the most important
tools an agent will use.

These images are from computers
across the country,

being watched by DITU...

Digital Intercept Technology

housed here at Quantico.

DITU watches what happens online
as it happens,

making it the most powerful
surveillance tool

you've never heard of.

If somebody posts a manifesto
against the President,

a DITU agent will be the one
who sends the I.P. address

to Secret Service.

Now, technology changes,
so do surveillance methods.

However, one thing
will always remain the same.

You don't know we're watching.

Surveillance is intimate.

You're looking for what
someone doesn't want you to see.

[light laughter]

Or things
someone's desperate to share

but they're too afraid
to be judged.

So, are you ready to see
what someone's really thinking?

[siren wailing]

All right, good news
and bad news. You ready?

The good news is, DITU is being
run out of the command post.

They're aggregating every photo,
video, traffic cam,

social-media post...

anything from around
Grand Central,

before or after
the attack.

What's the bad news?

Only personnel assigned to DITU
have access to it,

and you'll never believe
who that is.

CALEB: Booth!

So, how'd you swing this,

Besides being the fastest-rising
FBI agent in Bureau history?

By telling everyone
who will listen

I'm gonna make sure
they reinstate the chair

for your ex-girlfriend.

- [sighs]
- ALEX: Caleb's running the op?!

That's convenient.

Yeah, well,
he has friends in high places.

Yeah, people who just gave him
unlimited access to footage

that shows what he really
was doing at Grand Central.

He's gonna hide
his tracks.

He doesn't know
I'm on to him.

Ryan, I need to see
what he sees.

Well, that's gonna be hard,
considering who's watching over him.


You have
everything you need?

Don't worry, Dad.
We'll catch her.

There is a long-standing
FBI policy

prohibiting family members
from working on the same op.

There's also an FBI-trained
terrorist on the loose.

I think that trumps policy.
I volunteered.

Because of the other day?

Because unlike you
and O'Connor,

I can keep my personal
and professional lives separate.

The Bureau needs men
who are focused,

not men
who can't see through the fog

of their mid-life crisis.

Let me do my job, okay?

Is there anything
I can help with?

[computer beeping]

All right, all set.

Now, once I install
the PairViewer software

on Caleb's computer,

you will have a mirror
of whatever he's looking at.


If he sees it,
you see it.

Now, they're gonna try
and build a timeline

from the moment
of the explosion,

working backwards,

keep your eyes open.

- Got it.
- All right.

Hey, Simon?


Be careful when you sneak
into Caleb's computer, okay? If...

Let's just get the evidence
to clear your name, okay?

I'll be sneaky.

It's not like we didn't both
learn how, right?

MIRANDA: As you can see,
hidden cameras and microphones

can be disguised
almost anywhere.

a Hogan's Alley apartment,

actors will stage scenes
in which they reveal intel

vital to an FBI case.

Each of you will select

one of these pieces
of surveillance equipment,

install it,
and use it to find that intel.

Is it better to watch?
Is it better to listen?

Choose your location
and your equipment wisely.

Good luck, and remember,
someone is always watching.

- ♪ Fly as a mother ♪
- You and Booth, huh?


Well, it's promising,
you know?

Which is a nice surprise,
given my history.

Well, next time
you and he have a nice surprise,

maybe you could warn me
if it's gonna be in our room?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Am I not as discreet
as you and Caleb?

So, you and Elias...
is that a thing?

That is no "thing."

♪ I'm a good, good girl
who needs a little company ♪

You and Alex?

We're friends.

♪ Looking high and low ♪

It did sound very friendly
this morning.

ALEX: True love?

Just lust.

In the past,
all the guys I dated

I thought of
as marriage material,

and I always ended up
getting hurt.

Not with Caleb.

It's not complex
because he is not complex.

There's no feelings,
no talks.

Just us
and an empty room.

Or sometimes
not an empty room.

[both laugh]

Hey. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just trying
to figure out when

or even if I should tell Alex
some stuff.

You ever worry
about that?

How someone might react
to something in your past?

I don't understand.

Why would anyone
go into an empty room

and make love to someone
they have no connection to?

Mm, who said anything
about love?

All Caleb is is an athletic
and energetic stand-in

until the right one
comes along.

Even more depressing.


Haven't you ever wanted
the company of someone for...


I made my choice,
and I'm proud of it.

When I meet the right man,
he'll be glad I did, too.

My advice... you got something
to tell Alex, don't wait.

Get in front of it.
Do it face-to-face.

♪ Hide away, hide away ♪

- ♪ Looking high and low ♪
- If you do...

♪ Someone let me know ♪

Let me know
if it works.

♪ Where do the good boys go
to hide away? ♪

what are you doing?

This is my room,
not the kitchen.


I thought we could spend
some time together, you know?

Catch up.

I used to come by
all the time.

Yeah, until my dad found out
about you and my mom.

And then
I never saw you again.

I guess you really
cared about her, huh?

You put up
a good fight.

You have no idea what happened
between the three of us.

Well, you're here,
he's dead.

Does that mean you won?

Do you miss him?

I don't miss anyone.

'Cause I never had anyone.

My dad never liked me,
and my mom never trusted me.

Ignored then,
suffocated now.

And somewhere in the middle...
the school.

Are you kidding me
right now?

You wanted people
to pay attention to you.

That's what I'm doing.

I don't want anything
from you.

If you want
to talk to somebody,

you go
and you talk to my mom,

and you ask her why she was
so desperate to get rid of me

that she made
the whole thing up!

You know, you're not
a little kid anymore, Charlie.

You're a grown man.

And grown men
don't hide behind lies.

And grown women do?



You're on her side.

So you
wouldn't understand.

So why don't you just pack up
and eat your BLT someplace else?

You mind
if I borrow this?

Get out of my room.

VERA: Meet our surveillance
suspects... Edward and Donna.

Married three years,
they're behind on their rent

and they have
a failing corner store.

And yet the bank
tipped us off last week

that several
hundred thousand dollars in cash

was deposited
into their account.

So we suspect Edward of being
involved with organized crime.

Now, will the piece of equipment
you installed in Hogan's Alley

enable us to hear or see
what Edward is involved in?

Go on. Impress me.

I noticed you put your bug
under the sink.

That was smart.

I tried to think
of where in my home

I have
real conversations.

Never had real conversations
in my home.

You must miss Elias,

It's a shame you don't spend
your day off together.

I don't want
to spend my day off with him.

I meant I'm glad you found
someone who makes you happy.

I have.

Do you think
after you wake up tomorrow,

maybe we could go...

- Yeah.
- Just a second.

That empty apartment
would be the perfect place

for us
to sneak away to.

You mean after your date?

I'll see you there.

Yeah, well, what about
all these cameras?

How long have you guys
been together?

We're not.
I'm more like her butler.

Which was fun the first time
we role-played that,

but now
I'm, like, stuck in it.

And you're complaining?

she's got a date tonight

with somebody
that she actually likes,

and I'm stuck here,
sitting on my hands,

waiting to see
whether or not

she's gonna take me out of
the bedstand when she gets back.

[chuckling] That doesn't
happen to Haas men.

Yeah, I can see why.
It makes them unattractive.

Find out who she's going
on a date with tonight

and take them out.


I'll give her a B-plus
for effort.

for hand placement.


When can you and I
get some real time together?

Maybe grab that cheeseburger
at that diner down the road?

Is this you asking me out
on a date?

You are familiar
with the concept?

Well, I was kind of hoping...
to ask you out first.

Well, what the hell
were you waiting for?

For you
to finish your task.

Simon Asher
just asked me out.


From the way
he talks to us,

I never really believed
he was gay.

Miranda said not to get close
to anyone, especially Simon.

If she had her way,

we'd be quarantined
until she needed us.

I'm not like you.

I believe
in following rules.

If he asks again, just make sure
he knows I am not interested.

You're good at that.

I put that book in his room
so I'll know he's okay.

[chuckles] If you wanted to know
if he's okay, then you talk to him.

You think I haven't spent every
visit over the last two years

asking him, "What did I miss,
and how did I miss it?"

I'm done
asking questions.

If he's planning something,
he's not gonna tell me.

I learned that
the hard way.

He's not a minor anymore,

So your surveillance operation
is potentially illegal.

If his parole officer
found out,

Charlie would be
in a halfway house,

out of your sight.

So if you really want
to lose track of him,

keep doing
what you're doing.

VERA: Congratulations.

Each of you
have earned a spot

on the
live-surveillance exercise.

Vasquez, you run point.

you'll act as a DITU analyst.

CALEB: Let me guess... we'll be
surveilling each other,

secrets will be revealed,
and lessons will be learned?

that is how this goes down.

But I think you're up
for a challenge, Mr. Haas.

This time,
you will be surveilling... me.

We're looking
into you?

But we know you.

You think you know me.

You only know who I am
inside this building.

There are things
you do not know.

And in order to figure that out,
you have to follow me

and everyone I talk to
outside of these walls.

Those of you who do well
will know who I am

and what I'm planning.

you'll be tapped out.

I'll be on the move
in 20 minutes,

but you can start panicking now.

[horns honking]


- SIMON: Come on.
- _


I'm in.

You're 15 minutes
into the exercise.

You have eyes on Miranda.
So, what do you know?

We have two teams
on Miranda herself,

including Booth and Parrish
at her house.

And on campus, Miranda just
talked to a marine in dress uniform.

We need to discover
what his connection is

to the Assistant Director.

Maybe he knows
what she's planning.

Hey, Brandon,
intercept and interview.

On it.
I will catch you later.

What do you have
for me?

We need someone by
the main gate as Miranda exits.

On it.

Oh, and don't worry...
I'll make sure

the only person tapping
Brandon out tonight is you.

you figured it out.

Oh, you are a better analyst
than I thought.

And you're more predictable
than I thought.

I look forward to your romantic
wedding announcement

in the Financial Times.

That's Liam's car,
and Miranda isn't here.


Maybe Liam spending the night
is Miranda's plan.

Hey, I-I'm sorry
about before

if I...
I made it awkward.

Like I'm doing now.

How about we get eliminated from
this futile exercise on purpose

so we can have
a real conversation

without everyone around?

Wait, you'd... you'd fail
just so we could talk?

I'll meet you in my room.


Trainee Vasquez,
you don't know Miranda's plan.

What are you gonna do
with the agents you have left?

How about
we follow her assistant?

Intel says that she has
Miranda's computer on her,

and she's on the move.

So get someone on it.

Way ahead of you.

What you got?

Asset moving toward you,
heading to her car.

I don't have a car
to follow her with.

I got you.

Behind you,
there's a black GLK350.

Keys are in
the center console.

Ignore the condoms.

Well, Liam's not alone.

Thermal scan shows
two warm bodies,

which means our potential
for scandal has just increased.

ALEX: Ooh.

In the meantime...

Now it's
a proper stakeout.

Did you at least
get us coffee?

Oh, my God. You stole this
from Simon, didn't you?

- No.
- Yes.

- Yes. I did.
- [laughs]


LIAM: Hello?


So you were right.
You win.

If Charlie's
gonna do something,

me watching him
isn't gonna stop him.

I'm glad you came around.

You don't have to stay.

Let him have some freedom,

Oh, and, Liam?

Thank you.

Charlie... who's he?

says Miranda's son.

Just out from juvie

on possession
of unregistered firearms.

That was your mother.

I, uh, think
I'm gonna take off.

Watch me cry bitter tears.

- [static]
- Oh!

We're getting interference.

Yeah, you think?

Let me see
if I can get our mikes clear.


Intel came back

that Miranda's computer
wasn't with her assistant.


Why is Fletcher
following her?

Because game, set, match...

You told me
to take out the competition.

I heard the assistant

was heading for
a three-day weekend in Maine.

So that means no date
with Shelby tonight

or tomorrow
or the night after that.

Brandon's gone.

You're a moron.

I'm the one
dating Brandon.

She lied to me?

CHARLIE: You said
you were leaving. Leave.

One more thing before I do.

It's gone...
the interference.

Maybe it passed.

I'll wait here.

I can't really move
right now.

That is Felix.

He went to Georgetown...
full scholarship.

That is June.

She took a year off
to study performance art.

Really pissed
her parents off.

And that's Louisa.

She retook the S.A.T.
three times

'cause she thought
she could do better.


And once made her father
stop traffic

to help turtles
cross the road.

And she's my daughter.

We don't talk
very much.

And why do I care
about your terrible parenting?

Each one of these kids
is alive

because your mother
stopped you from killing them.

of visiting graves,

their parents get to visit
dorm rooms.

And every time
Louisa ignores my call,

at least I know
she's alive.

And there's still hope
she'll forgive me one day.

Do you get that you almost
took that hope away?

ALEX: He's been rewinding
for hours.

He's not stopped.

He's looking
for something specific.

- He is... you.
- No.

He's going too fast
for that.

He'd miss me.

I think he's looking
for himself.

What was that?


He just
deleted something.

Maybe it wasn't important.

Simon, I need control
over Caleb's computer right now.

SIMON: Of course.

Want me to get you a unicorn
while I'm at it?

Look, as long as he is at his desk,
the second you take control,

he will notice, report it,
and find you.

Well, pull the fire alarm,
steal his car.

I don't care.

Can you please
get him away from his desk

so I can see
what he trashed?

SIMON: All right, I might
be able to get you 60 seconds

to drag the file
from his trash to your computer,

but that is it.

- That's fine.
- If the file's large,

you're not gonna have time.

I'll get Caleb
off his desk.

Call Ryan so he can tell you
when the 60 seconds is up.

Got it.

[cellphone vibrates]

O'Connor for you,

LIAM: Booth?

What the hell
are you doing here?

Can't talk right now,


That's... that's rich.

Are you so far off the reservation
that you're spying on me now?

I had no idea
that you would be here.

So, what... you're spying
on the Assistant Director?

Are you trying
to get yourself arrested?

That's not why I'm here.

Wow, you really can't let it go,
can you?

Booth, I told you, your job
watching Alex Parrish is over.

You really need
to stop talking right now.

As far
as I'm concerned,

your standing as an agent
in the Bureau is finished.

The Assistant Director
actually had us surveilling her

for an assignment.


You just blew your own op
with Alex.

[engine turns over]

Alex, wait!



Do you like
the tea?

I... [chuckles]
Yeah, I do.

Does Elias like tea?

I'm... I'm sorry, I-I shouldn't
have brought it up.

It's okay.


at a certain...

point in my life,

it became easier for me

...to let people believe
I was gay

rather than show them
who I really was.

So they wouldn't see
the real me,

who I am.

And the longer that
that went on, the...

more comfortable
it got.

It gave me boundaries.

Just like
you have boundaries.

I have boundaries until I know
I can trust someone.

Do you trust me?


Look, uh...

I should probably go.

You don't have to...
to do that.

I know.

- ♪ Cicadas and gulls ♪
- But I want to.

♪ They scrape on the hull ♪

♪ I'm in the sky, sky, sky ♪

You're so beautiful.

♪ I'm in the sky ♪

♪ Thoughts are like pearls ♪

♪ And flags are unfurled ♪

♪ Because you're mine,
mine, mine ♪

♪ Because you're mine ♪

Why are your clothes
still on?

I thought
we had a deal.

You know, if you want to be
a good FBI agent,

you're gonna have to learn
how to lie better.

You didn't have a date tonight
with Brandon...

o-or anybody, I figure.

No, I didn't.

So, you just wanted to make sure
that I knew

that I wasn't good enough
for you...

that I could take the car out
for a spin,

but I could never
afford it.

That is not
how I think of you.

I know exactly
how you think of me.

Caleb, I like you.


A lot more
than I should.

Every time
that we're together,

I don't want to leave
when it's over.

But I came here to do one thing,
and that's become an FBI agent.

But when I'm around you,
it's like...

it's like I forget that,
and I just become a girl.

And I cannot
let that happen.

This is
too important to me.

Listen... I really need this
to be what it is.

You know, the fun thing we do
when we have the time,

not the thing
that takes time away

from what it is
that we're doing.

Just don't lie
to me again.

♪ Maps can be poems ♪

And do this, please, before
anyone catches us in here.

[laughs] Done.

♪ And distance is braille ♪

♪ As high as a stage ♪

♪ When we're in the spoon ♪

- [computer beeping]
- SHELBY: He can't see this?


I transferred it from his trash
to my desktop.

- What are you doing here, kid?
- I could ask you the same thing.

Who was that?

You think Caleb and his dad
could be doing this together?

Who is that in there?

Caleb and his dad have been
having this fight for years.

You can dump that.

he deleted this.

There has to be a reason
why it's worth hiding.

He's just
hiding family drama.

What matters
is what he's looking at

on his computer
right now.

He's not watching anything
right now!

He didn't want anyone
to see this.

We need to see it.

You're lying to Mom.

Get your hand off me.

it's just family stuff.

I told you,
you can close it out.

...you understand me?


That was it?

Th-That was
all he deleted?



Oh, my God.
Shut that off.

Shelby, stop.
He'll notice!

He wasn't looking
for me.

He was looking
for you.

Caleb wasn't here
to bomb Grand Central.

He was looking
for you.

You're having an affair
with his father.

Caleb knew
about the affair.

He just didn't know
who it was with.

Until now.

When I got stationed
in New York,

Clayton and I
were working closely together.

At first, it was just drinks
after work and a lot of talking.

That's all that it was ever
supposed to be.

But, I don't know,
drinks turned to dinners,

which turned to walking
around the city late at night,

which turned to...

We didn't want this
to happen.

We pushed it off
as long as we could,

but then last week,
we thought, you know what?

Why don't we just...

why don't we just
spend a few days together,

you know, and see if
there's really something there.

So I told everyone I was taking
a vacation to Buenos Aires.

I even bought tickets.

We checked in to the Andaz
by the library,

and... Well,
you know the rest.

We didn't think
that we would run into anybody.

We had no idea
that Caleb was even in town.

You could have told me,

About what?

becoming a mistress?

We don't talk, Alex.

And when we did,

you were not that trustworthy
with my secrets.

I'm sorry, Shelby.

But secrets have a way
of getting out.

You know that.

Why do you act
so scared of me?

You lock me in a house
with cameras everywhere

like I'm still
in prison.

You will be.

If you stay close
to this school, you will be.

I'm 201 feet away.

Come here.

Trust me.

Come here.

Next time,
it won't be juvie.

It'll be prison.

You want to go there?
Be a man about it!

- Be a man about it!
- Let go of me!

You know
why I'm scared?

Because I stood in front of you,
knowing you had a bag of guns

and a list of kids
you wanted to kill.

You're making this up because
you want to make an excuse

- for me to go back to prison!
- I found your note.

I found your note!

I didn't want you
to find the note.

Who did you think
would find it?

I didn't think.

You didn't, but I did.

I burned it.

And that's the only reason
you're out of that place,

and that terrifies me

because I don't know
if I did the right thing

or if I just
made it easier

for the next time
you want to shoot somebody.

And you wake up
every morning

wishing I made good
on that note.

I wake up every morning

thanking God you're alive.

And you have a chance
to be the man I know you can be.


- Leave.
- No.

Then I'll leave.

- ♪ I am nothing without pretend ♪
- You know what?

I actually
want to know.

When did you
start following me?

My mom's house
in Oakland?

- My runs at Lake Merritt?
- At the airport.

I spotted you
at Security.

You bought a bottle of water and
read a couple of magazines...

The Atlantic
and Us Weekly.

I followed you
to the gate,

I figured out
where you were sitting,

and I got the ticket agent
to switch my seat.

Flashed your badge?
Flirted a little?

No, I paid
an extra 49 bucks.

What was
the assignment?

Oh, I'm sorry. What was
the assignment, Agent Booth?

Get close enough
to keep an eye on you

and report back
to O'Connor.

Because of my father?

No, I didn't know about that
at the time.

- ♪ You still sleep in the bed with me ♪
- And sleeping with me?

What was that?
A perk?

Something you did
when you got bored?


The first time in the car,
what did you think?

what a cushy assignment.

I get to put my feet up
at Quantico

and tap a piece of hot ass

- at the same time?"
- That's not what I did!

- Then what was it?!
- That's not what I did!

Look, I wanted
to tell you the truth!

I tried!

And screw up your mission?
Why would you do that?

- Did he tell you to sleep with me?
- No.

That was me.

Not the assignment.

That was me.

Liam took me off the case

when he found out
we got too close.

I lost my position at the Bureau
over you.

Do not talk to me
about what you lost.

In fact,
do not talk to me at all.

Get the hell out.


- Now!
- Okay.

We need to talk.

I don't even know you.

I don't even know your name,
so if you don't mind...

You know, don't you?

Yeah, and neither one of you
guys had to tell me, either.

How convenient.


It's not convenient
at all.

It's terrible.
It's a mess.

It's completely ridiculous.
I mean...

first there's you and me,
and now...

Oh, God.
It's so embarrassing.

It's so humiliating.
It's a total soap opera.

I'm just...
I'm so sorry.

We never
meant to hurt you.

Yeah, well,
he's married... to my mom.

They don't even
live together.

She won't grant him a divorce
as long as she's in office.

You know that.

What I know is that I loved you
and you rejected me.

And for what?
For him?

That is not how it happened,
and you know it.

I spent my entire life thinking
that I wasn't as good as him,

but you're
the one person...

you're the one person who
made me feel like maybe I was.

I guess that was just a lie,

Mr. Booth was asked
to keep an eye on you,

to inform me
of your true intentions

and warn me of any danger signs
based on your father's history.

he got far too close,

and he has been
appropriately reprimanded.

Well, I hope I can help erase
whatever concerns you

or the Bureau might have
about my intentions.

No need.

I ended the assignment as soon
as I saw what an asset you are.

- I would have told you, but...
- You don't have to.

You were doing
your job.

You didn't lie to me.

So if you don't mind,
I just want to go back to work

and concentrate
on moving forward.

I can respect
those wishes.


I'm never gonna find out
the truth about my father, am I?


Even if he were alive,
he couldn't tell you.

You're his daughter.

Is that
how it is with yours?

That's how it is
with everyone.

♪ Because I'm gonna be free
and I'm gonna be fine ♪

♪ Holding on for your call ♪

Surveillance teaches us
how to pay attention...

not just
to how a suspect plans a crime,

but to how all of us
make decisions.

Because you surveilled me
one night,

you know that I have a son
and his name is Charlie

and he's in trouble.

And because you know this,

you will never look at me
the same way again.

You're doing
the right thing.

♪ It's a different
kind of danger ♪

Enjoy your day off.


Have fun.

♪ Never knew I was a dancer ♪

♪ Till Delilah showed me how ♪

But seeing the action
doesn't mean you understand it.

We'll never know why the people
we watch do what they do.

I didn't know
you were here.

I left
strict instructions

for the office not to call me
all weekend.

♪ Too fast for freedom ♪

♪ Sometimes it all falls down ♪

- ♪ These chains never leave me ♪
- _

- ♪ I keep dragging them around ♪
- And that is the danger.

We have a window
into someone's life.

- Hey.
- But not their head.


You're not
taking the day off.

You're not, either?

- Want to go for a walk?
- Yes, I'd love to.

- ♪ Took anything to cut you I can find ♪
- Anytime.

I'll, uh,
pick you up in a bit.

♪ Holding on for your call ♪

♪ A different kind of danger
in the daylight ♪

But that doesn't mean
you stop looking.

Yeah, I'm doing
a lot of pull-ups.

I'm sorry. He's busy.
You ready?

♪ Now it's one more boy
and it's one more lie ♪

♪ Holding on for your call ♪

where's my car?

I'll tell you
from the Uber.

♪ Taking the pills
just to pass the time ♪

♪ I can never say no ♪

Parrish switched rooms
with me.

♪ I'm gonna be free
and I'm gonna be fine ♪

Guess now
we're sharing a shower.

♪ 'Cause I'm gonna be free
and I'm gonna be fine ♪

MIRANDA: Because once you know
how to watch,

you can't stop watching.

- This is O'Connor for Haas...
- Until you know...

...tell him it's urgent.


You ready?

♪ It's a different
kind of danger ♪


What the hell
is happening?

- Did you tell him to come here?
- Sorry.

Who... who are you?!

- Simon, please.
- What is happening? Who are you?!

Just... just give us a second
to figure this out

- and I'll tell you.
- Wait. Who are you?

- Please.
- Wait. Let go of me!

Let me out of here!

- No, I'm not letting you out of here.
- Stop pulling on...


Go get Miranda!

I'll be with him.
He'll be fine.

♪ It's a different
kind of danger ♪

♪ And the bells
are ringing out ♪

♪ And I'm calling
for my mother ♪

He's still watching.

Two full days
before the bombing.

If he's looking for me,
he's way past when I showed up.

Yeah, that'll be fine.
Thank you.


What is it?

I think Agent Booth
is in contact with Parrish.

I think...

I think
he may be helping her.

- ♪ And I'm calling for my mother ♪
- [sighs]

♪ As I pull the pillars down ♪

- ♪ It's a different kind of danger ♪
- SIMON: That's one of the twins.

- ♪ And my feet are spinning round ♪
- At Grand Central.

That's days before the attack.

- ♪ Never knew I was a dancer ♪
- That's it.

♪ Till Delilah showed me how ♪

It's them.

[pounding on door]
SIMON: Open the door, Nimah!

Let me out of here!

I swear, Nimah!
I swear to God!