Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Found - full transcript

Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their first undercover assignment; Alex tells her side of the story in a public interview.

My name is Alex Parrish.

Protecting our country
had always been my dream.

But my life
took a very drastic turn.

It all started
9 months ago

on my way
to the FBI Academy.

We're committing to life
as one agent.

One person.

- I have nothing to hide.
- Good.

Then I have nothing to find
when the UAWC e-mails me back.

Hi, Mom.
I joined the FBI.

You're on probation.
If you fail out of here,

you are out.

I never thought
before I'd save our country,

I'd have to save myself.

You could've rigged the bomb
to blow remotely.

The bombs.

They had to have been triggered
within a two-block radius.

You're gonna tell me how this
wire from your family business

ended up
as a part of those bombs.

Parrish has taken
another hostage.

From here on out,
it's shoot to kill.

I need to find the truth.

What I want to know is,
"Who is Alex Parrish?"

They say,
"She's an American."

But what kind of American
murders 130 innocent people?

What kind of American
hates this country so much

that they infiltrate the FBI
to destroy us?


I don't know where
she was born... India? Egypt?

But it's time to catch her

and teach her what
this country's really about.

You've been pacing
for over an hour.

They're going to catch you,

The E.A.D. is a personal friend.
He won't...

Would you please
stop talking?

- Why did you do it?
- I didn't.

So turn yourself in.

To who? The Bureau, where
someone's trying to frame me?

You need to
turn yourself in, Shelby.

The only real piece of evidence
points to you.

What, you mean the wire
that you found

in the apartment
next to yours?

That could point
to anyone.

It's military origin,
so that's Ryan

or the... the friends
that Simon made in Gaza

or the cartels
that Vasquez dealt with

as a cop in Texas.

Even Caleb could have
gotten his hands on it

through his family.

And if you really are

you should worry about
how guilty you look right now,

because an innocent person
does not take someone hostage.

Even an innocent person
needs leverage,

and you're mine.

So you better
get comfortable

because we might be here
for a while.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

All right, show me something,

I know you're tired.


- [buzzing]
- ♪ We all like blades of grass ♪

- ♪ We come to prime ♪
- Nimah!

- ♪ And in time, we just wither away ♪
- It's your morning!

You were supposed to be at P.T.
an hour ago!

I'm sorry. I stayed up all night
studying what I missed.

You said you'd step it up.

If you can't,
this is never gonna work.

I know you've been working hard.
I know you're homesick.

Mom, that's enough.
I know you don't want me here.

MOM: Well, what do you mean
you know what I'm going to say?

Because we have the same fight

- every single...
- Whose fault is that?


But if you think
this is pressure,

wait until
you're out in the field.

- Look, if you're just gonna yell, then...
- You shouldn't have enrolled there

- behind my back!
- ♪ Scream ♪

♪ Well, I was too young
to understand what it means ♪

RYAN: O'Connor knows
that I'm on to him.

And he can put the screws to me
all he wants,

but he's up to something
with Alex, too.

I don't know what to do.

Right now,
you do nothing.

He already put you
on probation.

If he really thinks Alex is some
sort of threat to the Bureau,

I'll find out why.

♪ Now I wish I could
freeze the time at 17 ♪


♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪


where did you learn
to fight like that?

Hebrew school.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

- ♪ 17 ♪
- ELIAS: Bad time?

♪ Now I wish I could
freeze the time at 17 ♪

Just Skyping with Max.

Your boyfriend?

I'd love to meet him.
Get him back so I can say hi.

Oh, well,
he, uh... he's...

That's what I think, anyway.

♪ They keep you grounded ♪

20 seconds, then you're done.

♪ With good advice ♪

What are you doing here?

I thought you gave up
this ghost.

there's no Xboxes around.

And I need to do something
with my hands.

Unless you got
any better ideas.

What if a field counselor
sees you?

Then my man Tom at
the front desk will warn me.

Hey, Tom.

- We've got a system.
- You could get kicked out.

Hey, Buns and Ammo,

I got it under control,
all right?

♪ I was too young to understand
what it means ♪

All right, hit the showers.

Class in 10 minutes.

You know what I could go for
right about now?

A pepperoni pizza.

Oh, yes.

That was the first thing I ate
after I got back from each deployment...

a pepperoni pizza
and a beer.

Or six.


The first thing I ate
after 10 years in Mumbai...

mmm, a cheeseburger.

You know, a guy told me about
a diner about a mile from here.

I bet you they serve
a mean cheeseburger.

Except we can't
leave campus yet.

Or did you forget about
that little rule?

A guy can dream, can't he?

I hope so.

That's about
all we can do these days.

You do know your cologne arrives
12 seconds before you?

I don't wear cologne.

So you clearly respond to me
on a cellular level.

Does the FBI process
restraining orders?

You know, it's my job

to analyze each NAT's
strengths and weaknesses,

- and I think I just found yours.
- Hm?

It's me.


Yes, sir?

Didn't I already warn you about
operating a gun on campus?

Yes, sir.

Then why do I hear you're
at the range twice a day?

This is your second warning.
There won't be a third.

You told them?

No, I didn't tell anyone.

Oh, so Tom decided
to rat me out

after five days
of letting me in, no problem?

If that's the way you want
to play it, Heigl,

you better watch
your back.

Next time, you're not gonna
smell me coming.

15 weeks,
and then we're all free.

If we all make it.

[cellphone vibrates]


aren't you a sorry bunch?

Usually it takes recruits
months to look this exhausted.

You must be
doing something right.

Which is why you're getting
the night off...


...outside of the Academy.

Well, not exactly you.

This week's exercise
is about going undercover.

Each of you will build a persona
of a white-collar employee

at a Fortune 500 company.

Now, I know this is not as sexy
as the mob.

But in today's state of affairs,
it is the most likely scenario.

Those of you who excel

will get to try out
your personas tonight

in a real-life setting
to see if they hold.

Agent O'Connor?

In everyday life,
you know who you are...

the place you live, your career,
your religion,

how you were raised.

There's certain things
you can change,

but the cake, as they say,
is baked.

Undercover, you get a chance
to start over.

Control how people see you.

Can you create a person so real

that you convince the world
you are who you say you are?

Can you disappear?

Ryan? Where are you?

I'm here with Simon.

Thank God you answered
Shelby's phone.

What is it?
Did something happen?

An order just came down.

From now on, they're not trying
to take you in.

It's shoot on sight.

They've sentenced me
to death.

We're gonna find the person
who did this.

I promise you that.


No one's looking but me.


they're getting desperate.

Okay, that's all this is.

I don't understand.

These people know me.

I'm no different than I was
two days ago.

For the moment, stay indoors.
Stay off the radar.

What if I don't make it?

Look, don't say that,
all right?

Alex, don't lose hope, okay?

- [cellphone beeps]
- Alex?

She hung up.
Look, we have to move fast.

There's got to be something
we can do from here.

Okay, Shelby said that the bombs
had to have been triggered

within a two-block radius,

So whoever
carried out the attack

needed a reason
to be near Grand Central.

If we find a list

of FBI personnel
on duty yesterday...

The bomber's most likely
on that list.

Let me send an e-mail.
I'll track it down.

[cellphone thuds]

You look worried.

What's wrong, Alex?
Is reality finally setting in?

Doesn't matter if I
find the real terrorist.

The world thinks
it's me anyway.

You could hire
a P.R. guru.

I'm sure Rachel Maddow
would love to have you on.

Or you could just wait

and tell the prisoner
in the next cell

after you're caught.

There won't be a cell,

That was Ryan.

The FBI wants me dead.

The moment they find me,
I'm done.

I need to talk to someone.


Anyone who'll listen,

anyone who can
change the conversation.

If the public hears my side,

if they know me as more
than Jihadi Jane,

then... then the Bureau
can't just kill me.


It's time to tell my story.




The Dark Web?

You really think
some anonymous hackers

are gonna
get you out of this?

Actually, yes.

Because they're
the only ones

who can anonymously
broadcast my message.

They're actually people
who care about the truth.

They don't just blindly accept
the official narrative.

And if I find them,
I stand a chance.

[computer beeps]

- Oh, here we go.
- _

Take my picture.


[gun cocks]

Take my picture.

- [cellphone clicks]
- LIAM: Gaining someone's trust...

that's what being undercover
is all about,

not putting on a costume
or speaking with an accent.

It's about
inhabiting a life completely.

That's why when you go
undercover, you need to have

a 360-degree view
of who your persona is.

Start with the things you know

and use them to build someone
we don't know.

Think of this exercise

as an opportunity to explore
the path not taken.

It's bad enough
that I have to play you...

now I have to
play someone else, too.

That means starting with

your persona's
academic background

and professional ambitions.

- You wanted to be a lawyer?
- Mm-hmm.

- Really?
- Yeah!

I love to argue,
and I'm really good at it.

That's not enough.

You have to know

- your persona's likes and dislikes.
- [cellphone rings]

- Hey, Max!
- Are you sure?

There should be a copy on hold
for Shelby Wyatt.

You looking for this?

LIAM: Their favorite book...
read it.

Who you are is also about
where you're from.

You have to know your hometown
inside and out.

But it goes beyond
just the facts.

You have to sell this persona.

9 times out of 10, what blows
a cover is hesitation.

Now let's meet
your undercover identities.

My name is Jordan Weaver.

I spent five years
as a human-rights attorney,

and now I work in legal.

J.D. Rollins
from Concord, Mass.

I started out as a contractor

and spent the last eight years
in building ops.

Miss Casey Regan.

I work as a financial analyst,

but my background
is in I-banking.

[Southern accent]
Samuel Berry,

but everybody just
calls me Sam.

I work in Dallas
with, uh, corporate giving.

Dr. Aviva Cortas.

I work in human resources
in Egypt.

I used to teach religion.

What's on your
DVR right now?

Oh, I'm watching this
incredibly powerful documentary

on mass executions in Indonesia.

Oh, and... and "The Good Wife."

What street
do you live on?

Sunnyvale. Uh, it's just off
of Robin Ridge Road.

That's near East Tripp Drive.

It's just past
the middle school.

You can't miss it.

Don't showboat.

Saying too much is just as bad
as not saying enough.

Do you believe in God?

I believe in Tom Brady
and the Patriots.

And the last year has proven
to me that God is fallible.

That rehearsed line
constitutes a fumble.

Who'd you go
to prom with?

David O'Neil.

He cheated on me in the bathroom
with Libby Howard.

But I still beat her out
for queen.

I missed my prom. I was
a student volunteer for Oxfam.

Tricia Hamilton... as friends.

We'd appeal the case
to the next higher court.

The Nikkei Index...

Sexual harassment...

It's been real nice
meeting y'all.


You've all done well.

But now it's time to see
if your undercover identities

can survive out here
in the real world.

In the hotel behind me

is the annual
Dystek Corporate retreat.

The goal of this exercise
is simple.

Gain a private audience
with the C.E.O., Norman Reed.

In order for you to do so,

you'll need to
infiltrate the event,

establish yourself
as a Dystek employee,

and network your way
to a meeting with Mr. Reed.

If you're going to succeed,

you don't just need
these employees to believe you.

You'll need them
to like you, too.

Oh, and one more thing.

In the field, you often have to
go undercover quickly

without time to craft a persona.

It's the same way here.

So those identities
you created today...

pass them to your left.

Wait, what?

Go ahead, pass them.


Now open up your notebooks
and say hello to the new you.

RAINA: Sarah Meyers?

DUNCAN: Hello?


Over here.

Who's the blonde?

I would rather not
identify myself

her insurance policy.

Dragged here at gunpoint.

We're gonna need
your gun.

If you'd like,
I could hold onto it.

I call the shots here.

DUNCAN: There's a lot of things
we can do for you, Alex,

but none of them at gunpoint.

[magazine clicks]

Is that what you're gonna use
for the broadcast?

Yeah. Once you've answered
a few questions.

That wasn't part
of the arrangement.

We have a platform
that reaches millions.

All right?
It's a platform people trust

in an age where
trust is a rare commodity.

We can't just
hand that over to you

until we're sure
you deserve it.

So you're gonna put me
on trial?

If you're innocent,
what do you have to hide?

Let's get started.

DUNCAN: How'd the blueprints
of explosives

wind up
in your apartment?

Why don't you ask
the person who framed me?

Should we also
ask that person

how you wound up unconscious
at Grand Central

moments after the attack?

That information
is classified.

Nothing's classified.

Look, you want me to prove
my innocence? I can't.

If you want to talk to them,
you have to convince us first.

Tell us about
your missing year in India.

Well, not exactly missing.
Backpacking through Pakistan?


What about the people
you were with?

Amir Salaam.

Did you know he had ties
to Pakistani intelligence?

Did you know
he was responsible

for a club bombing
in Bangladesh?

[dance music plays]


out of all these people,

who do you think can
introduce us

to the C.E.O.,
Norman Reed?

All right. What about her?
Yellow jacket.

Middle management.
Don't waste your time on that.

Okay. See her trying to find
someone to talk to?

An executive doesn't have to.
People come to them.

You don't miss a beat.

No, I don't.

You try.

What about him?

That guy right there?

Well-dressed, good tailor,

- Okay.
- Well-rested, so he sets his own hours.

He seems important.

I agree. Which is why I'm gonna
go introduce myself.

- Really? Great.
- Okay.

I'm Dr. Aviva Cortas.
Nice to meet you.

My boyfriend's
meeting me here tonight.

- Max? The one from New York?
- Yeah.

If you have time, I know
he'd love to meet everybody.

Okay. But I'm working now,
and so should you.

- You used to work in Academia, huh?
- Yes, I did.

So, how's the backstabbing there
compared to here at Dystek?

Oh. [chuckles]

Um, everyone's been really nice
to me, actually.

Please, Doctor.

I've never seen a company
this dysfunctional.

It must be particularly hard
for you in H.R.,

with all the turnover.

[chuckles] I suppose.

Which is why I have a pitch
for a new hiring initiative.

You're friends with the C.E.O.,
aren't you?


Where'd they find you?

I was a human-rights lawyer.

- Human rights?
- Yeah.

What are you doing here
at Dystek, then?

Um, focusing on
the working conditions

in our Chinese factory.


Aren't our factories
in Taiwan?

♪ Some things
aren't meant to last forever ♪

[Southern accent]
Gin and tonic.

Light on the tonic.

Name's Samantha.
Where are y'all from?

How long have
you been on the board?!

WOMAN: The what?!

The board... how long...

No, thank you.
I already ate.

♪ Some hearts, they burn
like a wildfire, wildfire ♪

- Caleb?
- Elias?

What are you doing here?

Liam thought the analysts
should get to observe.

So tonight, I'm gonna
observe you... going down.

Speaking of, looks like
Kate blew her cover.

- [inhales sharply]
- Ooh.

Wait. Wait.

Another 20 minutes,
that's gonna be you, "Samantha."

- [cellphone chimes]
- SIMON: Oh, my boyfriend's here.

Max, you made it.

Glad you could make it.

I've never traveled this far
for a date.

- Hm.
- And you better be worth it.

The moment that left my mouth,
I regretted it.

It's cool.

I like a challenge.


[both laugh]

- I'll get your bag.
- Are you sure?

♪ Burnin' like a wildfire ♪

You know every guy in here
is watching you right now?

Where were they
when I pitched

the redesign
of our corporate branding?

Maybe if the C.E.O.
had been there,

they would have
paid more attention.

Have you ever met Norman?

You know I'm like
his right hand, right?

He's at a dinner with
the Board of Directors now,

but he'll be back later.

Do you want to meet him?

- [cellphone vibrates]
- Yes.


Excuse me.

What the...?

I told you,
it looks better on me.

This is my night, Nimah.
We agreed.


You were not recruited
to be traditional agents,

and you will not be trained
that way.

The whole point
of having twins

is so that one of you will always
be undercover, collecting intel,

while the other one
reports back to the FBI.

So tonight, you will trade
places every hour on the hour.

Like in a real operation,

you can only brief each other
in passing.

The challenge will be
to quickly communicate

all necessary information
to maintain cover.

Unlike the other NATs...

if you're caught tonight,
you're out of the Academy.

We can't send agents
into terrorist cells

if they can't survive
a cocktail party.

And... you both look beautiful.

[footsteps receding]

You said you'd step it up.
Now is the time.

Tell me
what I need to know.

But what is the point of
a charitable-giving program

if you don't track the impact?
Am I right?

Samantha, we should kick some of
these ideas up to Norman.

Don't listen
to a word she says.

She stole my idea,
and I can prove it.

I have my lawyer
on the phone right now.

What are you doing?
Analysts are here to watch.

I am watching.
I'm watching you fail.

Turnabout is fair play.

I'm surprised you even know
what that means.

Hank, there's someone here you
got to meet.

Jordan Weaver, this is Hank Hadley,
head of development.

Pleasure to meet you.

And I'd like you
to meet, uh...

Dr. Aviva Cortas.

Pleasure to meet you.

Jordan Weaver.
You as well.

The doctor here
has great ideas.

- Let's get her up to meet Norman.
- Okay.

♪ Tell me why ♪

♪ We can't make this work ♪

LIAM: I thought you didn't
like it when I drink.

I don't,
but I need you to talk.

And in my experience,
this is the best way.

Remember when
we used to come here?

Feels like old times.

The last time
we were here,

we decided to end our marriages.

And you almost did.

- And you didn't.
- I just needed more time.

[sighs] So you said.

And I gave you
the benefit of the doubt,

a mistake
that I will never make again.

What are you
talking about?

Why are you running an off-book
operation on Alex Parrish?

Does she pose some threat
I'm not aware of?

Does she have something
on you?



It's not just me
she has something on.

It's all of us.

Buy me another drink,
and I'll tell you everything.

[knock on door]

MAX: Hello?



Um, who are you,
and how do you know my name?

Simon and I
work together.

We're friends.

Maybe you've heard of me?

No? Okay.

Well, Simon's stuck

so he told me to come entertain
you for a little while.

Uh, he told me to stay
in the room until he got back.

I can entertain you in the room,
can't I?


LIAM: Listen up!

- We've just received intel
- _

that Parrish is colluding with
The Unknown here in New York.

When did you last see

March 3, 2008.

So, you had no contact with him
between then and last year

when he was killed
in Bajaur?

He wasn't
what you think he was.

As we speak, they are preparing
to stream a live interview.

Now, the bad news is that
they have the tools

to cover their tracks.

You must have been mad.

You must have wanted
to get even.

The good news is,
they cannot cover them for long.

I spent a decade in India.

I traveled to Pakistan.
I traveled to Iran.

I wanted to find out
more about the world,

form my own opinions.

And along the way,
I met people.

You can label them
as you want,

but my experience
was my own.

10 of the people I met
have since been killed.

Three, including Amir,
in drone strikes.

I'm sure you're not saying
that just because I knew them,

I was a terrorist.

Hell, I don't even think
they were terrorists.

It's just easy to blame them,
like it's easy to blame me.

Now turn on that camera,
or I walk.

As soon as they go live,
we can isolate

the origin of the broadcast
within five minutes.

They just have to stay on
for that long... five minutes.

We got her.

[light switch clicks]

And we go live
in 60 seconds.

If you didn't
bomb Grand Central, who did?

The morning of the bombing,
the FBI got a tip

that the bomber was someone
from my class at the Academy.

Everything that I've found
so far supports that theory.

The bomber knew exactly what
they were doing from day one.

Why do you say that?

They framed the brown girl.

I'd spent time
in India and Pakistan.

In this country,
I'm an easy person to blame.

So, one of your own classmates
betrayed you?

I guess.

The closer I was to someone
at the Academy,

the easier it would have been
for them to frame me.

That's why it's so hard
to trust anyone right now.

if a friend lied to you

from the first moment
they laid eyes on you.

Imagine if they were
still lying to you.

And worse,
the people who knew you best

didn't believe you,
no matter what you said.

I'm in a nightmare.

We're streaming to over
12 million people right now.

And if you could say anything
to them, what would it be?

I love this country.

And I want to protect it.

That's why I became an FBI agent
in the first place.

But the country I love

shouldn't shoot first
and ask questions later.

If it were up to the FBI,
I'd be dead already.

That's why I hope
that this interview

makes them think twice
about silencing me

before the truth comes out.

I am innocent.

[dance music plays]

Now that I'm
a little drunk,

I can tell you this...
forget Norman.

Okay, he's...

he's on his way out.
You don't need him.

- But he's still the C.E.O. tonight, right?
- [cellphone vibrates]



The next one is on me.

She has
a 4-year-old daughter... Avery.

The father's Mike...
total deadbeat.

She hates the C.E.O.
and thinks he's gonna be fired.


exhales deeply]

Here you go.

- That's insane.
- [chuckles]

So, you and Simon didn't
know each other at all?

He messaged me once out of
the blue... mutual friend...

and asked me to take a photo
with him by Grand Central

of all places.

And then he takes off.

After not hearing from him
for weeks,

he reaches out
and asks me to meet him here.

I'm suddenly realizing
how pathetic that sounds.

Who gets on a train
to meet a guy they barely know?

Simon's fascinating.

I get it.

I saw it
the second I met him.

So, I figured, why not?

At least I'd have a story
to tell my friends on Monday.

Which it turns out I do,

since he invited me
to his corporate retreat,

surrounded by
all his co-workers,

like you, who he wants
to introduce me to later.

Well, at least
you're not up here alone.

So, with the money from
the charitable tax rebate,

I'm thinking we have
a few options...

what on Earth are you doing?

The doctor told you you ain't
supposed to be drinking

you're breast-feeding.

Do I need to take you back
to rehab right now?


What the hell
is your problem?!

Oh, I-I don't have
a problem.

That's just payback.

This isn't about
this morning.

This isn't about anything
other than the fact

that you're not
a NAT anymore.

But guess what, buddy...
that is your fault.

The only reason
I'm not a NAT anymore

is 'cause a mormon
exploded on me.

You drove a man
to suicide!

Yeah, well,
you'd drive a man to murder.

you are such an idiot.

I'm an idiot savant.

You look stupid
in that shirt.

Well, you look stupid,

[laughs] Oh, my God.
I just can't stand you!

So shut me up already.

♪ Ahh, aw, yeah ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ The leaves,
they don't change you ♪

♪ The leaves don't change you,
so I never saw it coming ♪

♪ Winter hit me, Hiroshima ♪

♪ Where did the sun go? ♪

♪ Just a cruel rain pouring ♪

♪ You say that it's over ♪

We made it.
We get to meet the C.E.O.

Looks like it.

- ♪ When I never saw it coming ♪
- Bad news.

I'm afraid Norman
won't be coming back tonight.

What? Why is that?

You'll find out
soon enough, I guess.

The Board just let him go.

But if you're looking
to talk to the new C.E.O.,

I guess you already have.

Wait. It's you?

[gasps] I won.

W-Won what?

My God.
I have so much to do.

I have no idea
where to start.

You, come downstairs.

Show me some of those
logo ideas.

I need to re-brand
right away.

Well, I guess we all won.

Looks like we did.

So, should we go back downstairs
and rub their noses in it?

What's the rush, Aviva?

We have the whole bar
to ourselves right here.

♪ Eager waves
keep on crashing ♪

MAN: We found the source
of the unknown transmission.

- [tires screech]
- Pulling up there now.

Go, go, go!

Now, now. Let's go!

[man shouting indistinctly]

This is the FBI.
We have you surrounded.

Put your hands up
and come out now.

I'm sorry,
they shouldn't have been able

to trace the signal
that quickly.

It's okay.

I knew this might happen.

What are you gonna do?

I don't have to do anything.

[radio chatter]

She's smart.

I'll give her that.

this is a P.R. nightmare.

More than you know.


It's a matter
of national security.

Then you should have no trouble
obtaining a warrant.

Imam Darr, you've always been
a friend of the Bureau.

And the rash of violence
and racial profiling

against our community
in the past 24 hours

has made me
rethink my position.

Get me Judge Rakoff.

We're taking those doors
in 60 seconds either way...

- I don't care.
- O'Connor, look.

[tires screech]

[reporters shouting

Everybody back! Back!

Get back, get back.

- Stand down! Go!
- [vehicle doors closing]

Let's go. You heard him.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.


Asher, Booth, give me eyes!

[helicopter blades whirring]

Anybody seeing her?

Are you rolling?
Are you rolling?

Are you getting this?

Okay, there appears to be
a standoff between the FBI...

[indistinct talking]

Got to let them pass.


It's okay. It's okay.
Go on. Go on.

Anybody got eyes on her?

Go ahead. It's all right.
It's all right.

Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.

Everybody stay calm.


That's a negative.

Where is she?!

We lost her.

AGENT: Parrish is gone,

but we found Agent Wyatt
in the basement.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry.


We proved something

We switched places five times
without anyone noticing.

We can do this.

Now we just need
to get out of these clothes.

I think Simon would like
to help with that.

Simon doesn't like people
like me.

Simon likes you.

And if you want to
spend more time with him,

I'll make it work.

[door closes]

Looking for Max?

He came and went.

Here's the thing
that bothers me.

It's not just you lying
about being gay.

Don't get me wrong,

that deeply offends me
as a gay man,

a man who was actually

a man who actually fought
for marriage equality,

a man who's actually done things
to another man,

and recently, too.

Look, Elias, this is...

And it's not how you're about
to suggest life is complicated.

Or that you're bisexual.

I'm not gonna say it.

No. Unh-unh.

Don't co-opt
that struggle, too.


The thing that bugs me is
the lengths you're willing to go

to maintain this facade.

You manipulated a complete
stranger to come here,

an innocent person.

Who does that?

You want to know the truth,

The truth is...

you're dangerous.

So when we get back

I'm making sure you never
step foot in Quantico again.

[door opens]

Quite a view, huh?

One of the perks
of working for

the General Counselor's Office,
Dr. Cortas.

♪ She said,
I don't want a model ♪

♪ I don't want a movie star ♪

This your first time
at one of these retreats?

- ♪ Oh, I want you to win my heart, yeah ♪
- [gasps] Is it that obvious?

Oh, my God.

Well, I know
they aren't much fun, but...

It's nice to escape
for the weekend.

♪ She said I just want
someone to smoke with me, babe ♪

What are you escaping from,


- ♪ And lay with me, babe ♪
- A wife?

♪ Laugh with me, babe ♪


♪ I just want
the simple things ♪

- ♪ Smoke with me, babe ♪
- What happened? You cheat?

I lied.

About what?

♪ And lay with me, baby ♪

I told her
I still loved her.

♪ I just want
the simple things ♪

- ♪ I just want you ♪
- She knew I was lying.

How do I know you won't
lie to me, too?

Maybe you already have.

♪ I want you ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

what about you?

What are you
escaping from?


♪ I just want someone now
to smoke with me, baby ♪


- ♪ Lay with me, baby ♪
- My family.

- ♪ Laugh with me, baby ♪
- Men.

I don't know.

♪ I just want
the simple things ♪

- ♪ To smoke with me, baby ♪
- One day, I just started running.

♪ Lay with me, baby ♪

♪ Laugh with me, baby ♪

Why don't you stop?

I never have.

♪ I just want you ♪

♪ Look at me, baby ♪

♪ I just want you ♪

You know,
it's okay to stop.

♪ You ♪

♪ I want you, baby ♪

- ♪ You, all right ♪
- I wouldn't know how.

♪ I just want you ♪

I'll help you.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Smoke with me, baby ♪

♪ Lay with me, baby, now ♪

♪ Laugh with me, baby ♪

♪ I just want
the simple things ♪

♪ I just want you ♪

♪ I just want
the simple things ♪


[horn honks,
engine turns over]

Oh, damn it!

[siren wails in distance]

It's perfect.

You booked it under the name
I gave you, right?

And what about the other stuff?

New I.D., laptop,
encrypted phone.


I owe you guys.

What happened to you, we don't
let that type of thing go.

And there are
many of us.

If you ever have trouble
getting something or somewhere,

we can make it happen.

[chuckles] Good.

'Cause I may
need your help again.

Well, who knows?
We may need yours.

Thank you.



How was your weekend, Nimah?

Very good.

I need to study.

How about you, Parrish?

It was fine.

Just fine?


I did make
one new business contact

I wouldn't mind
following up on.

Oh, I'm sure
he'd like that.

I'm sure he would, too.

Caleb. Caleb.

I don't know what the hell
you thought you were doing,

leaving me behind
in that hotel room,

but I missed the bus
back here.

And if I get in any trouble

I will make it
my mission in life

to string you up
by the short hairs.

You're not gonna apologize?

Well, we're all
on our own here, sister.

That's it?

That's all that the Idiot Savant
has to say?

You, me, your car?

Meet you there in 10.

[knock on door]

Knock, knock.

Don't bother.

I already made an appointment
with Miranda's assistant.

[zipper opens]

You were right about me.

I am dangerous.

Look, not now, okay?

I don't have time for
whatever new fiction

- you're trying to...
- Please.


I was in
the Israeli Defense Forces.

They sent me into Gaza.

I didn't just see things.

I did things.

Things that haunt me
every single day of my life.

After I got back,
living undercover

was the only way
that I could cope...

with what I did...

with myself.

So I made myself a lie.

I don't wear glasses.

I don't even like coffee.


And I'm not...

[voice breaking]
I'm... I'm... I'm not...


I'd understand
if you hate me.

You should
keep the glasses.

They look good on you.


Speaking publicly today for
the first time, Alex Parrish,

the accused
Grand Central bomber,

made a plea for her innocence,

leading many to question
whether she's the real bomber

or the victim of a cover-up.

All I can do is
tell you what happened.

What happened to me.

I know it will be hard
for me to convince everyone,

but it's all I have.

OFFICER: Given Charlie's
exemplary behavior,

the Board felt he could safely
re-enter the community.

Okay. [sighs]

- ♪ And we will leave the empty chairs ♪
- Okay. Thank you. Thank you for the call.

♪ To those who say
we can't sit there ♪

I know that there are
people out there,

people I can count on.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Um, would you like to
go for a walk with me?

- ♪ No mistaking we make our breaks ♪
- Yeah. I'd love that.

♪ If you don't like our 808s,
then ♪

People who see me as
who I am, and not some killer,

or some fiction that's been
created out of thin air.

♪ Find me
where the wild things are ♪

Because the one thing
I learned at the Academy...

is that people aren't always
as they appear.

- ♪ Find me where the wild things are ♪
- [door closes]

Did you find anything
on O'Connor?

Yes, I did.
And you need to drop it.

What? Why?

He told me everything,

and though I don't agree
with Liam's methods,

what he hired you for is
a matter of national security.

Sometimes, all you see
is a cover.

♪ Find me
where the wild things are ♪

She knows
we're working with Alex.

Okay, so when you got to
the mosque...

Alex broke in through
the service entrance.

I only saw the hallway
that led into the basement.

Did she talk to anyone?

Just the people
from The Unknown.

No one upstairs
even knew that we were there.

What about
where she was headed?

Did she give
any indication?

[indistinct conversations]

The camera light switched off.
Everyone started scrambling.

That's when
you were knocked out.


When I came to,
Agent Gardner and his team

were sweeping the room.

Okay, well, I guess
that is all for now.

I mean, unless there's
something else I should know.

But I choose to believe
that when the world sees me,

when they hear me, they'll
believe that I'm innocent,

because I am.

You didn't give us up.

I have my issues with Alex,

but I don't think
she did it.

[cellphone chimes]

SIMON: Got it.

It's a list of all the agents

who were at Grand Central
yesterday morning.

The only names I recognize
from our class are me...

- Alex.
- And Caleb Haas?

Why was he in New York?

There's a real terrorist
still out there.

And no one is looking for them.

They must be found.