Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 9 - Guilty - full transcript

The NATS attend a class with guest speaker Dr. Susan Langdon, played by Anne Heche. Dr. Langdon is a former agent and profiler who tasks the trainees with looking at serial killer cases to find the one victim that doesn't fit the case, but when Simon becomes too good at finding things that don't belong, it's his life that becomes endangered. In the future, Alex is interrogated by a highly sophisticated FBI team while Ryan's life hangs in the balance.

My name is Alex Parrish,
and I've been framed.

It all started seven months
ago at the FBI Academy.

LIAM: Your father and I had gone undercover

with a local militia group.

They were planning something,
but we missed the signs.

I beg you, let it go.

What else should I know
about your bomb-maker friend?

SIMON: Don't call him bomb-maker.
And he's definitely not my friend.

I thought you said you never
spoke to your half-sister.

Yeah, I lied.

I think I just found something.

This is an E-mail sent to you.
"Agent Goodwin just called.

Another agent used Alex Parrish's badge

to gain entry into the
New York Field Office."

- She'll make sure he's safe, right?
- Absolutely.

- Miranda! What happened?
- [weakly] Charlie...

I never thought before
I'd save our country...

There's another bomb hidden
somewhere in New York City.

...I'd have to save myself.

- HAYES: [echoing] Alexandra Parrish.
- [handcuffs click]

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say... say
can and will be used...

can and will be used against
you in a court of law.

- ...court of law.
- [beeping]

You have the right to an attorney.

You have the right to an attorney.

LIAM: Oh, that's enough, Agent Hayes.

We don't want her Mirandized yet.

This is a public-safety exception.

[radio chatter]

Take her to the vault.


[indistinct conversations]

[gate creaks]



We've extended the BOLO
to Maryland and Delaware.

The Bureau's offered to assist in any way.

Just let me know when you find him, okay?

In your statement,

you said your son came at you from behind.

How can you be certain it was him?

It was him.

You all right? Ooh.

Okay, Shelby?

Trainee Wyatt.

Trainee Haas.

We're good!

I thought you said not during class.

Well, this isn't class.


- _
- ♪ You write my name on your walls ♪



- _
- ♪ But you don't know me ♪


♪ I feel you tracing my scars ♪


- ♪ But you don't know me ♪
- I'll see you out there.

- Yeah.
- [door closes]

♪ You don't know me at all ♪

♪ I see you down on your knees ♪

How you feeling?

Oh. Tired, sore, in
desperate need of a week off.


Well, you're almost halfway through.

Me? What about you?

You know, you haven't said much

about the stuff we found
on your mom and dad.

I don't want to pry if you're processing,

but I just thought maybe, you know...

I... I'm just trying to
figure out what to do next.

Wait. You haven't talked
to O'Connor about it?

No. Why?

He hasn't shown up for almost a week.

They're talking about a
permanent replacement for him.

I... I thought it had
something to do with you.

He's still out?


I-I told Shelby that I'm gonna run

some arrest procedures with her,

so I'll find you before class.

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ You don't know me at all ♪

♪ I see you down on your knees ♪

- ♪ I see you down on your knees ♪
- [doorbell rings]


- ♪ You don't know me at all ♪
- Where are you? Are you okay?


Come on. Get up. Get up.

Hey, oh! You're not supposed to be here.

Yeah, I know. Well, lucky for you, I am.

- Where we going? Whoa.
- All right.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Anyway, I'm fine.

- Yep, you're fine.
- [thud]

- Oh! Move. Careful.
- Hey, oh!


Oh, don't even think about it.

I did this way too many
times with my father,

but I'll only do it once for you.

Ahh, oh.

[exhales sharply]

Sir. Soft-target searches
turned up empty so far.

No sign of a second bomb.

[sighs] Thank you. All right.

Priority number one is to find out

if she even has a second
bomb or if she's bluffing.

She'll talk to me.

She may talk, but she won't say anything.

This is Parrish. She's playing us.

Okay, S.O.P... rapid-fire interrogation.

Shift changes every 20 minutes.

Let's keep her back on her heels

so she never gets a bead
on the line of questions.

We taught her the protocol.

You'll have to do better than standard.

You have a green light to use

whatever means necessary with her.

Oh, you hear that?

That's the sound of a senate subcommittee

sharpening its knives for you, Dad.

I hear a terrorist frying
for treason and murder.

Define "treason and murder," Mr. Haas.

He's talking to you, not me.

Gentlemen. Elias Harper,
Alex's legal counsel.

How did you even know she was here?

She called me before she surrendered.

- Now, where is she?
- Sit tight, Counselor.

You'll see your client when we say so.

You know, before you recruited me,

I took pleasure in destroying
your cases in court.

Then you threw me out and pissed me off.

Imagine what I'll be like now.

Sirs, there's a situation.

E.A.D. Haas. A.D. O'Connor.

My name is Vernon James.

I'm with the High-Value
Interrogation Group.

We have authorization

to lead the interrogation
of Alexandra Parrish.

No. No, no, no, no. This
is our case, our suspect.

This is an executive order
directly from the President.

That means we'll take it from here.

- What the hell was that?
- Bad news.

Elias, look, we have no
choice. This is HIG's case now.

Don't you want it back, O'Connor?

HIG's only concerned
about getting a confession.

They don't care about
making a proper legal case.

They'll do whatever they feel's necessary

to get the information they want.

You don't want her in that
position, and neither do I.

[cellphone vibrating]

Special Agent Haas.

WOMAN: You've been
looking for Agent Goodwin?

Yeah, I've been trying to reach her.

This is the FBI medical examiner.

Okay, I'll be right there.


Thought you were gonna
find me before class.

Shelby needed more help than I realized.

MAN: I've been asked to introduce
today's guest instructor...

a former special agent

and one of the preeminent
forensic pathologists

in the field, Dr. Susan Langdon.


Not only is she one of the
Bureau's top consultants

on serial-murder cases,
but some of you may know her

as a best-selling author
and television pundit.

You caught the Welfare Mom Killer.

Clearly, I need no further introduction.

I read your books.

Then you know what I'm about to ask you.

What is your truest self?
What do you really want?

If I were to look at your life's work,

would I know who you really are?

A serial killer's crimes

are the expression of their truest self.

They are their life's work.

Maybe yours is to stop them.

Today, we're going to be
looking at serial killers

where they really live...

not in prison, not in the movies,

but in the lives of their
victims as they died.

- Real killers?
- Real killers, real victims.

Some you'll recognize, some you won't.

The relationship between a
serial killer and their victim

is the most important
relationship in an investigation.

These are the victim's crime-scene files

from infamous serial-killer cases.

Each one of the killers
has gotten an extra victim.

They almost fit the profile, but not quite.

You're going to work in teams to determine,

using only the profiles and the M.O.s,

no outside resources, who they didn't kill.

So... pick your killers,

pick your teams, and get to work.

Bring your "A" game. I don't impress easy.

- I'll go get the file.
- Simon. Okay.

MAN: Nimah, join us.

WOMAN: Shelby, get over here.

Hey, do you guys mind if I join you?

I've seen "Silence of
the Lambs" so many times,

I know it all by heart.

As long as you don't do
the Buffalo Bill dance.

Hey, I don't think that
Langdon knew about twins,

and you make class an odd number.

Do you want to be our sixth?

- Yes. Thank you.
- So study your killers...

who they are, what they've
done, how they did it,

and remember you never really know a killer

until you've caught them.

- _
- She was dead before the bomb went off.

They found I.D. on her when
they pulled her from the rubble.

Special Agent Diane Goodwin.

Where's her phone?

No phone on her.

Maybe it got crushed in the rubble.

But she had her wallet,
badge, keys, and gun?

Elias, I just found
another piece of the puzzle.

I'm on my way back now. Just...


Just make sure Alex doesn't
say a word before I get there.

Oh, no! Ah.

They took her. Damn it!

[breathing heavily]

Hello, Ms. Parrish.

Shall we begin?

GRIFFIN: I'll start by introducing myself.

My name is Griffin Wells.

I run an intelligence-gathering service

that reports directly to the President.

I know who you are.

We studied your work at Quantico.

I'm flattered.

What did you learn?

Before you were in charge of HIG,

you ran the Special Activities
Division at the C.I.A.

We all know how painless
and safe interrogations were

under those auspices.

One-time offer.

Come clean now,

and I may be able to make sure
you don't get the death penalty.

Okay, then.

Then I'd like to apologize in advance.

Our conversation may end up
being quite... unpleasant.

Will you tell him my wife, Senator Haas,

sits on the committee that
oversees their operating budget?

Well, then I suggest you find a
way to wake up the U.S. Attorney

before another bomb goes off in this city.

[indistinct conversations]

Hey, take a break.

What are you doing here?

Alex retained me as her counsel.

Consider me yours, too.
Anything you say right now

falls under attorney/client privilege.

No, he's lying. He has Caleb with him.

All right, relax, Amanda Knox.
I'm joining team Alex for a bit.

Look, I may have stumbled
onto a conspiracy,

and I-I just want to see where it leads.

One of your agents reported

someone else having Alex's badge
the night before the bombing,

and it went ignored.

That agent was found dead today...

staged to look like
she died in the bombing.

What's more, her phone was missing.

Goodwin might have been killed

because she could I.D. the terrorist.

When the one person
presenting conflicting evidence

shows up dead, without that evidence,

I'd be a fool not too
look at it at more angles.

Yeah, well, that's all well and good,

but why are you down here
with us and not with Alex?

She isn't here. She was taken by HIG.

You could have led with that.

You've been on the inside here.

While they were looking for Alex,

what weren't
they looking for?

Look, they never established
a timeline for Alex

leading up to the bomb, all right?

With the video of her
entering Grand Central

with what they believe
to be parts of the bomb,

and on top of the physical evidence,

that's all they needed.

They had me and DITU looking
for Alex at Grand Central,

nothing before that.

So we start there.

- _
- ♪♪

[indistinct conversations]

All the victims are single
mothers with a child under 1.

- _
- The Welfare Mom Killer was notorious.

John Duncroft wanted babies
to see their mothers die,

to be mute in the face
of unspeakable horror,

just as he was when his
father beat his mother.

Hey, what about number four right there?

Duncroft never assaulted
any of the other victims.

Yeah. No, I-I think it's nine.

But victim four is
outside his usual pattern

by at least two points.

And it's not just the assault,

but the fact that the baby
is almost 2 and not under 1.

The Widowmaker always
strangled his victims,

- but our number five was stabbed.
- [cellphone vibrating]

BRANDON: It's too obvious to be a fake.

Langdon said we were on the right track

following the victim's presentations.

I-I can't stop looking at nine.

The... the food spatter
behind the kid's high chair

doesn't make sense.

Maybe he moved the baby

or maybe the kid likes
throwing food behind him.

No, but he never moved a kid before.

LANGDON: Does anyone else
agree with Trainee Asher?

We haven't reached consensus yet.

LANGDON: You better hurry
up. We're running out of time.

Convince them that you're right

or jump on board with their theory.

I already know the answer.

Are you okay?

The Jeffers case is pretty brutal.

I mean, I'm... I'm sure you've
seen stuff like this as a cop.

Yes, I have. So I'm fine.


Which team had Alan Jeffers,
A.K.A. The Widowmaker?

Um, we picked victim number eight.

He was asphyxiated but not strangled,

so we thought maybe a
plastic bag over his head.

Good work.

That was Bob Berdella's
victim, not Jeffers.

That's correct.

And now for my very own Welfare Mom Killer.

ALEX: Well, we're going with number four.

There are many factors,

but it's the age of the
witness that really cinched it.


Really good work. You all passed.

But now for the real test...

how not to take it home with you.

Everything you see in
this job you cannot unsee.

But you can find a way
to compartmentalize it,

put it in a box in your mind,

choose when to open that box.

And then sometimes you just
need to take the edge off.

So The Old Settler... tonight.

First round's on me. Good work.

Thank you. Good job today.

There was more than one
fake in each group, right?

I-I mean, there's always
a twist to these exercises,

and you put an extra body
in our pile, didn't you?

[chuckles] No. No, just the one.

Yeah, but, I mean, if...
if you look at this...

You know, your work
impressed me today, Simon.

I was watching you.

You considered all of the evidence,

you didn't jump to any conclusions.

Good profiling like that can't be taught.

It can only be felt.

But I'll give you a tip every
good profiler will tell you...

the longer you stare at something,

the more out of focus it becomes.

Finding the truth can be simple.

It's accepting the simplicity that's hard.

- [beep]
- _


- Oh.
- [beep]

Oh, no. Go ahead. Make your call.

- I'll wait.
- No, it's not important.

And here I thought we were
trying to trust each other again.

What is that supposed to mean?

Well, you didn't like
it when I lied to you,

but now it's okay for you to lie to me?

I know you went to go see him.

What I don't know is why you
don't want to tell me about it.

You and me working the DITU system...

just like the old days, huh?

Okay, no time to reminisce.
Every second counts.

You don't know these HIG guys.
They could break the rock.

I'm grabbing CCTV footage, security cams,

ATM cams, Snapchats,

anything in the vicinity
of Alex's apartment

the morning of the bombing.

- [beep]
- Whoa.

There she is.

From the security camera across
the street she told Simon about.

Okay, where does she go next?

Where did she go?

She's gone.

No camera has her on the block after that.

She just vanished into thin
air? How is that possible?

It's a blind spot.

There's plenty of them in the city,

but they're not very big... 5 to 10 feet.

Somebody must have been
waiting in one to take her.

If the terrorist really is in the FBI,

they'd know about them.

Okay, we need help.

We need someone who can leave this building

without being noticed.

I guess a lot happened
after I got thrown out.

CALEB: We're holding three
of Alex's conspirators,

and you're both still free.

How did that happen?

What do you want, little man?

Can we trust you?

Can we trust you?

We are trying to save Alex's
life. Are you with us or not?

What do you need?

We need one of you to find
out what's in this blind spot

and the other to make it look
like you're both still here

as to not raise suspicion.

You guys are the only ones who could do it.

You listen to me. There's
a second bomb out there,

and you need to be focused on finding that.

Let the Bureau focus on your second bomb.

It's not my bomb, and
neither was the first.

Oh, any lie can become the truth

- if you tell it to yourself enough.
- Just please listen to me.

I found a piece of braided copper wire.

The FBI data breach
contains a list of components

that does not match the...

You cannot be the firefighter
when you're the arsonist.

And until you tell me what I need to hear,

I can't believe a word you're saying.

See, that's how it works.


Please remember I sat across
from hundreds of storytellers

just like you.

You don't know me.

I am telling the truth.

And I believe you believe that.

Which is what makes you so dangerous.

Ah! [breathing heavily]

You're right. I don't know you.

But I'd like to learn.

Especially your threshold for suffering.

The longer you hold out,

the harder it's going to
be for those you care about.

Think about your mother.

What if her secrets came to light, huh?

And your friends.

Their careers are already over.

They're gonna get life for treason.

So you're right... I'm
not gonna torture you

because pain isn't your weakness.

Your weakness is your sympathy for others.


Let me go!

Let me go! Get off me! Ryan!


Tell me what is going on, Wyatt,

and I will get your sentence reduced.

The twins.

Haas. Harper.

You're all up to something.

Nobody's up to anything.


I have watched her change every 15 minutes.

I'm the only one who's noticed.

So spill... or I do.

Why should I? It's clear where you stand.

You made the call, sent in S.W.A.T.,

and got your boyfriend shot.

I'm sorry. That was harsh.

It is my fault that Ryan got shot.

I tried to keep them from finding him.

[voice breaking] But...

I promise you he's okay.

Alex told Elias she got him to safety

before she turned herself in.

Do you want to make sure he's okay?

Help us save Alex.

Ryan! Let me go!

Let me go! [screams]

Two hours ago,

we intercepted Agent Booth
here and a member of The Unknown

trying to land a helicopter at Teterboro.

Oh, God.

He needs medical attention.

- Please...
- That bullet wound you operated on

has grown infected with sepsis.

I'm afraid he'll suffer

unless you tell me what I need to hear,

which is that you did what you did and why.

From the look of him,

he's got about an hour
before he goes into shock.


- Come on! All right!
- Oh.

Pretty good. Not bad, not bad.

So, off-campus rules apply, right?

- I'm out here drinking with you, aren't I?
- Drink up, Nimah.

Good point.


Oh, get a room.


- Gentlemen!
- BOTH: Hey, guys.


- Join us.
- Thank you.

Cheers. Okay, ready for a game?

Pick a killer.

The person after you has to
pick one with more victims.

You get it wrong, you take a shot.

I'll start easy... Richard Angelo.

Uh, "The Angel of Death." He killed four.

- Zodiac? Five.
- Yep.

- The Night Stalker, 13.
- Yeah! Way to up the ante!

Uh, Midtown Slasher, 14.

Okay, well, you get
points for the deep cut,

but you're off by two.

He only killed 12. Drink up, Mr. Haas.

Uh, Boston Strangler.

- Yep.
- John Wayne Gacy.

LANGDON: How many did he kill?

- I don't know.
- Drink up.

- Damn.
- [laughter]

♪ Says he sorry then he puts me out ♪

- ♪ I got a big chain around my neck ♪
- Gary Ridgway.

Yang Xinhai.

♪ Like a train wreck, well, it's over ♪


Shocking. Shocking, that's wrong.


- I thought you knew everything.
- Huh?


Dare I say another round?

I love this. I'll buy again.

Well, with that Centurion
Card, you're always buying.

I'll be right back.

- Another round.
- Right away.


Mine's 9/11.

My blind spot.

The thing that I don't want to look at

but I'm always forced to see.

I'm guessing that yours is
kids from when you were a cop.

You don't quit, do you?
Leave it alone, okay?

Leave me alone.

Dr. Langdon, look, I-I know
you said to drop it, but, um...

You just can't stop thinking
about victim number nine.

- It's just... it's the high chair.
- Mm-hmm?

It's... it was facing away
from the food on the floor,

and I-I think that it was rotated after...

If you're gonna make me relive
the night I caught W.M.K.,

I'm gonna need a burger and fries.



[Joe Cocker's "Bye Bye Blackbird" plays]

♪ Pack up all my cares and woes ♪

- [laughs]
- ♪ Feeling low, here I go ♪

♪ I should arrive ♪

Hey, everyone.


Who put this on? I love this song.

That would be me.

I put a whole 20's worth
in the minute I got here

because I know what
these Marines listen to,

and there's only so much
jam band a man can handle.

♪ Sugar's sweet ♪

You like Joe Cocker?

When I was in Mumbai,

I had my mom's record player
and her collection as a kid.

He was my dad's favorite.

I should hate listening
to him, but I don't.

I just remember the good times

when I'd watch him and my mom dance

after they thought me and
my sisters were asleep.


Uh-oh. I think we're dancing.

Oh, one of us is.


Come here.

I think we should talk.

When the 20's up.

- ♪ Bye ♪
- ♪ I want to say bye-bye ♪

[cellphone vibrating]

♪ Bye ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ Blackbird ♪

- ♪ Oh, blackbird ♪
- _

[sighs] Don't do it.

Just give me a second.


Yeah, there's a guy
here. His card says Liam.

Your missed call was on his home screen.

He's at my bar, The Catacombs?

- In Georgetown?
- Yeah.

I'll be right there.


You're kidding me, right?

- He's obviously in trouble.
- Yeah, and you're... [chuckles] you're...

I'm what? I'm what, huh?

- What were you gonna say?
- No, don't... do not...

Do not make me the bad guy here, okay?

- Then do not be the bad guy.
- Really?


This is what this has come to now?

Me hoping that you're not
gonna chase after the guy

that tried to destroy both of us?

He's playing a game with you, okay?

What... what did he say
to you? What changed?

You didn't see him today, Ryan. I did.

And I recognized it for what it was.

It was exactly like this with
my father when I was younger.

I need to help him.

He's a grown man. He can help himself.

You know this isn't you or him, right?

- ♪ Bye ♪
- ♪ Oh, Lord, yeah, darling ♪

- ♪ Bye ♪
- ♪ I want to say to you ♪


- ♪ Blackbird ♪
- ♪ Bye-bye, blackbird ♪

♪ Lord, have mercy ♪

Bye, Nimah.


♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪


I found what was in the blind spot.

It's a van.

It must have been parked here for days.

They left behind a rag possibly
covered with chloroform.

Someone must have
grabbed her as she passed,

pulled her in here, and drugged her.


Well, a few minutes after Alex disappears,

a cab pulls directly into the blind spot,

it stops for about 20 seconds, and then...

Can you track it after
it left the blind spot?

And 17 minutes later.

That's right where Alex was found.

Keep O'Connor and your pops
off this till I get back.

Hey, hurry.

Alex doesn't have any time to waste.

[breathing heavily]

He needs your help, and I need answers.

Don't tell him anything.

ALEX: I-I don't know anything.

I can't... I told you
before. I didn't do it.

- Aah! Ow! Ohh!
- No! No, please! Oh, God!

Alex, no! Alex, don't tell him anything!

- I'm okay. I'm gonna be okay.
- Please. I can only...

I can... I can only tell you what I know...

that there's a second bomb
out there, and if we don't...

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Please, don't! You'll kill him!

- You'll kill him.
- No, I'm not.

You are, Ms. Parrish.

- Aah!
- [screaming]

Tell me what I need to know now!

E.R.T. confirms chloroform in the van.

Our working theory is that
the bomber expertly used

the blind spot to grab Alex,
chloroform her in the van,

and then hailed a cab
to transport her to GCT.

I tracked down the cabbie.

He remembered the fare...

the last one he took
before the bomb went off.

He couldn't recall the passenger's face,

but he remembered there was a man

with a very large duffel
bag and where he took him...

The Hyatt right next to Grand Central.

- And where was Parrish?
- VASQUEZ: I called The Hyatt.

It's not operational,
but I found the manager

and got her to cross-check
the guest records

against the same fake
name that rented the van.

But John Stein didn't just
rent a van that morning.

He rented a hotel room. And
guess what he left behind.

It must have been used to transport Parrish

without anyone noticing.

They're running it now for
DNA, prints, the full work-up.

Whoever we're dealing with here
is meticulous and calculating.

They knew exactly where they needed to be

at all times to never been seen on camera.

This is something that they must
have been planning for months.

Or maybe years.

Do you think this is enough
to get Alex back from HIG?

Sir, with respect, when the
people you trust the most are

all on one side and you're
the only one on the other...

...what does that make you?



Let's get you home.

No. Why? I'm just having a drink.

I know, but I can drive
you. Where are your car keys?

Look, I'm not going anywhere.

This is my daughter's favorite bar.

She's tagged here all
the time on Instagram.

Maybe I should ask them

why they're serving

Hey, hey. Listen.

Do you really want Louisa
to see you like this?

I'm staying put.


Liam. What is going on with you?

Why now? Why all of a sudden?

Have you been to the
hospital to see Miranda?


That really scared you, didn't it?


If you're not gonna have a
drink, why don't you just go?

Fine. I'll go.

But I'm taking you with me.

I'm not going. I'm not going.

Why are you here?

You shouldn't even be here

after everything I've done to you.

What is that, some sort of apology?

Why haven't you ended my career?

I don't want to end your career, Liam.

All those people...

they died because of me and your father.

No matter what happens,

no matter what this job does to you,

don't end up like him...

or me.

ALEX: Let me get you home.

Come on. Just stop.

Stop. Stop.

Let's go.

SIMON: Okay, and there's,
uh... there's this.

Look at the stove.

Look... the plastic's melted

as if the burner was left
on and the water boiled off.

But in your report, you
state that the stove was off.

Well, maybe she left it on earlier.

I mean, she is a single mom.
She could have gotten distracted.

O-Or the stove was on when she was killed

and it stayed on.

Okay, just hear me out.
This is... this is my theory.

All right, the room was so warm

that the lividity of the
body would have been quicker,

meaning that there would be no drag marks

if the body was moved posthumously.

Moved where?

In front of the kid. Look.

Look, the high chair was moved, too.

That's why there was food on the floor.

But he had never moved a
victim after he killed them.

Yeah, but that's because he didn't do it.

Somebody wanted it to look like he did.

It was a copycat.

Well, I was the first one on the scene.

I guarantee you it's the way
you see it in this picture.

- The stove was off.
- Well, then, somebody was there before you

that you just didn't know about.

Nobody had worked that
case more than I did.

He had been taunting me for years,
and we caught him. I caught him.

Yeah, well, then, maybe
you did it. [scoffs]


I read your book.

So I know that he called you that night.

He told you he was gonna kill again.

Somebody spotted him out by the projects,

so you went over there,

and that's when you
found Ronnie Moore dead.

Except you realized that it
wasn't the Welfare Mom Killer.

Maybe I thought it was close enough.

He hadn't done it.

But the heat... that
gave you a chance to...

Drag the body, turn around the high chair.

All of a sudden, a crime of passion became

the way I caught my killer.

Now, even if somebody did do that,

that doesn't account for
the DNA of the killer being

the same as the DNA around her neck.

You're a medical examiner.

You could have placed the DNA on her.

You could have done anything.

I put away a mass murderer.

- You falsified evidence.
- You don't know that.

Same as you don't know if you could die

of a pulmonary embolism sitting
right there in that chair.

If you tried to do something,
somebody would see it.


My friends are just feet away.

There's cameras all over this place.

I've been coming to this
bar since I was a NAT.

I happen to know

where all the security
cameras' blind spots are.

RAINA: A toast to Miranda.

VASQUEZ: May she get well soon.

- [glasses clink]
- MAN: Cheers.

Hey, I'll be right back.


Hey. Can I get one more?

- I think you've had enough.
- Yeah... of you. I agree.

WOMAN: [scoffs, laughs]

[indistinct conversations]

Hey. Hey!

Everything okay out here?

We were just going home together.

Simon, is that what you were doing?

It's not like you to not hold
the door open for somebody.

Almost looked like you
were being pushed out.


Maybe tonight's not the night.

You'll never prove it.

Goodnight, guys.

[door opens, closes]

[engine turns over]

What the hell was that?

I think you just saved my life.




Oh, no, no, no! No! Please!

He wants you to end this.


And in my line of work...
you hear so many screams.

They all start sounding the same.


I'll say whatever you want me to say!

Please just stop! Stop!

LIAM: Hands up!

Hands up right now! Hands up!

- [guns cocking]
- Hands in the air right now!

Up, up, up, up... in the air right now!

That's enough. Get him down.

We'll take it from here.

Let's go.



LIAM: We're gonna need a little privacy.

[door closes]



Our medics are attending to him.

And everyone who... who helped me?

They'll be reinstated just as soon

as the charges against you are dropped.

I am... sorry

it took me this long to believe you.

[scoffs] It's okay.

You were doing your job.

So were you.

You know... whoever, um...

whoever framed you...

they expected you'd be caught.

You being on the run
wasn't part of their plan.

And if you're right,

if there really is a
second bomb out there...

So you think if I'm
free, you won't find it?

All I'm saying is if you
do what they always wanted,

if you let yourself be caught,

well, then they'll still
think that they're in control.

It's really our only hope to catch them,

to play into the next phase of their plan.

What exactly are you asking me to do, Liam?

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

- So...
- [door closes]

They found the knife used to stab her

in the woods by her house.

- [sighs]
- The prints weren't Charlie's.

Because of that and multiple
sets of footprints found

around her property, police think

he might not be complicit in the crime.

They're looking at this
as a possible kidnapping.


Well, I'm glad at least
you're here for her.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't
be if it wasn't for you.

[sighs] I just drove you home.

No, you... you helped me.

Even after everything I did to you.

I want to get my act together.


I'll keep my phone on just in case.


All right. She'll be happy to see you.

[chuckles] Okay.


♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ Swallow the sun ♪

♪ You have only just begun ♪

It was my kid's birthday.

Excuse me?

That's why I was such a jerk yesterday.

It wasn't the crime photos. It was...

it was the one of the girl
when she was still alive.

♪ Your day will come ♪

She looked like Renata.

♪ Your day will come ♪

She's 4.

I had no idea.

She's beautiful.

I haven't seen her in over two months.

Her father said that if I came here,

he'd petition for full custody.

- ♪ Your day will come ♪
- But I'm here for her...

to protect her.

Did I make the right choice?

Of course you did.

♪ Tell me what you hear ♪

I hope you're right.


- ♪ Tell me what you hear ♪
- [indistinct conversations]

- [cellphone vibrating]
- _


CLAYTON: Listen to me very carefully.

Something's just come to my attention

regarding your girlfriend.

She's been giving away large sums of money

to a woman she says is her sister.

I've just received intel that
this woman may not even exist.

How much access do you have to her,

and how much does she have to you?

♪ Tell me what you hear ♪


So, how did it go? Did you save the day?

[sighs] Look...

I know you disagree with
my attitude towards Liam.


I hope it doesn't hurt our...

♪ Close your eyes ♪

our friendship.

Oh, our friendship.

[sighs] Come on, Ryan.
What do you want me to say?

You don't need to say
anything. 'Cause I'm leaving.

O'Connor told me I could go weeks ago.

There's an office with
a stack of cases in it

waiting for me.

But you stayed.


Yeah, I guess I did it
for the wrong reasons,

and it took me till
just now to realize that.

So you can say goodbye or just let me go.

It's up to you.


I'm doing this for me.


- MAN: I can't believe it.
- WOMAN: Me, too.

He killed eight women,

but she still did something illegal.

NIMAH: Yeah, but look
at what she has achieved.

- What happened?
- Someone told the FBI

the one murder that the
Welfare Mom Killer was

actually convicted of was
based on false evidence.

It's all over the news.

Langdon wanted the guy put away so badly

she doctored the M.E. report.

And got a serial killer off
the streets... a greater good.

I mean, how did this even happen?

We just saw her in class yesterday.

Isn't this what you were saying
about that victim number nine?

SIMON: Yeah, and you didn't believe me.

So I found somebody who did.


You called the cops?

Do you know what you've done?

If it's true, they're gonna release him...

a killer of eight women
back on the streets.

Langdon doctored evidence, all right?

Whoever killed victim number nine,

they're still out there.

Yeah, but did you talk
to anybody in the Bureau?

Maybe they could have sanctioned Langdon

without exonerating a killer.

The FBI missed it the first time,

so I-I had to go around them.

Then why are you even here?

I'm here for the same reason you are...

to do better, to hold the
Bureau to a higher standard.

A higher standard or your own standard?

You can't be mad at me.
I did the right thing.

Who are you to say what is right, Simon?



[train whistle blows in distance]

Alex Parrish lied to us,
and we all fell for it.

Her con, her manipulation...

she wanted to make it look
like she was being framed.

Everything we found was because
she wanted us to find it.


WOMAN: The prosecution charges

that on or about the 11th of July 2016,

Special Agent Alexandra Parrish unlawfully,

feloniously, and after deliberation caused

the death of 130 people.

Ms. Parrish, on count one of using

and conspiring to use a
weapon of mass destruction...




...on count two, malicious
destruction of property...






...on counts 3 to 133
of first-degree murder...



Ms. Parrish, I ask you, how do you plead?