Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 21 - Right - full transcript

The NATS are excited that graduation is near as they prepare to leave Quantico and head out into the real world for their new assignments. In the future, Alex learns someone she cared about at Quantico is not who they seemed to be, as she finds herself at the heart of another possible attack.

Previously on "Quantico"...

Shelby, I was
trying to protect you. I...

Why would you write these lies?
Mr. Haas, it's about my parents.

And I need you to help me bring them

and their crimes to justice.

I figured you
might be missing home,

so I got some orange flower water.


I start in two
weeks... Or should I say, "We do"?

There's a flash drive.

It'll decrypt Ryan's computer passwords.

What the hell did you do?

What was on that flash drive?

A manifesto
implicating Ryan as the terrorist.

That's Ryan's truck.

You have more instructions,

and if you don't follow them,

I'll kill Simon and
set the nuke off right now.

Stay on First Ave. Until
you hit 51st Street.

How do you know where I'm headed?

The truck's GPS is wired to my tablet.

If you deviate from the
course, the bomb is set to detonate,

and I'm watching you.

Drew, just listen to me, okay?

Let's just talk.

You and me.


I may not have graduated Quantico,

but I know what you're trying to do.

First rule of a crisis situation...

establish a connection.

Yeah, you always could read me.

You know, after you left,

I thought maybe we
could meet again and...


Get dinner?

See if you could ruin my life again?

I know you're angry.

This is not gonna solve anything.

I'm sorry, but you made your choice.

Left on 51st.

Whatever your plan is, wherever
you're taking me,

you're not gonna be
able to get away with it.

Ryan, Miranda,
Nimah... Everyone saw everything.

The FBI's probably
tracking me as we speak.

I'm counting on it.

I caught Alex uploading these
files to my computer.

I tried to subdue her, but I...

These are schematics for a nuclear bomb.

Miranda. You need to see this.


Alex said there was a
nuclear bomb out there.

Miranda, look.


CCTV footage of the parking garage

just before Parrish escaped.

Okay, people.

I'm initiating WMD
containment protocols.

Get me Director Haskins and
Deputy Director O'Connor.

Now, please!

Frain, get on the horn with NYPD

and alert them to
possible citywide evac.

I need NSA, DOE, and FEMA.

Today is not the day a nuclear
bomb goes off in New York City.

Amin, escort Agent
Booth to holding, please.


You're throwing me in there with Caleb?

I just got done telling
you Alex is trying to frame me.

And the bomb is in your truck,

and the plans are on your computer.

Until I know what the hell is going on,

you are a person of
interest in this investigation.

Amin, do it.

In one week, your
training will be complete.

It may have taken almost 140 days,

but we have broken you
down and built you back up.

You've come a long way since
you first got here.

I never gave this back to you.

Top of your class.

Your father would be proud.

Now, I'm not sure if that's a comfort.

Or a curse?

I don't know, myself.

I know you and I had a rocky start.

I wasn't sure you had the
right intentions of coming here,

but you proved me wrong,

and I would be honored

to work with you in the field someday.

You all came here strangers,

but you've forged a deeper
trust and an inner strength.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

O'Connor offered to
take me with him to D.C.

break you two up, can you?

Well, it's a big promotion,
and there are other benefits.

D.C.'s only three
hours by train from New York,

where you're going.


I hope you take it, then.

And you're going to need
it, especially in the beginning.

Field office
assignments... finally.

Held up pending my security clearance.

Of course.

Why did they even
bother graduating me, anyway?


What'd you get... Tampa?

Hey. I got sunny San Diego.

- What'd you get?
- You're sick.

"I'm sorry we haven't been in touch,

but circumstances beyond our control..."

I told you to stop, and I meant it.

One more of these, I will report you.

I didn't write this.

Those first few
months, you may feel lost...

unsure who you can trust...

Two days ago, a woman using
one of your mother's aliases

landed in Montreal.

Is it her?

I assume so, but we can't be sure.

Look, Shelby,

I know you want to
bring your parents to justice,

but once you go down this
path, there's no turning back.

Or the dangers you're about to face.

Good news... Intel says we have a window

for infiltration into Kouri's cell,

- but we need to move now.
- Now?

You have 24 hours to
get your lives in order.

What about graduation?

Consider yourself graduated...

- unless you don't feel ready.
- We'll be ready.

But, remember, there
will always be light.

Wow. I feel for your pedicurist.

I don't. That was the old me.

The new me feels no
pain and doesn't care.

What's going on with you? When
did you go all Kylo Ren?

I'm sorry, but did you corner the
market on dark and brooding?


And that's my girl.

Okay, what happened? Is it Caleb?

Look, honestly, I don't
want to talk about it,

but as my friend, I want you to know,

so if I tell you, you promise

- you won't ask a ton of questions?
- Okay.

I was wrong about my parents.

They weren't
interested in getting to know me.

- They just wanted my money again.
- What do you mean?

I thought when you met
them, everything was fine.

And... And those letters?

Caleb was writing those,
like some demented Cyrano.

- Why would he...
- You promised.

You know this whole "we
don't talk" thing?

Let's not do it again.

I'm here for you, okay?

- Whatever you need.
- Okay.

Every trainee dreams of leaving Quantico

and being a hero one day.

But that's not always the case.

20 weeks ago, your first assignment

revolved around stopping
a terrorist attack

before it happens,

but what happens after
a terrorist attack

is just as important.

Each team will be assigned

a terrorist attack to study.

Pan Am Flight 103,
Omaha, Olympic Centennial Park.

9/11, the Boston
Marathon, San Bernardino.

And you have the benefit

of these agents'
firsthand experiences to learn from.

And we have a mission to
apprehend the suspects

and bring them to justice

because you don't
get to bomb a marathon.

The morning it happened, I
was at a diner in Lincoln,

which is an hour from Omaha.

It's still tough to think about.

200 hundred lives were
lost that day in an instant.

And felt like I did
on my first day of training...

scared and confused.

But only for a moment, because
something kicks in

when you realize you just
saw a plane fly into a building.

Over the next few days,

you will be working these
cases from the inside out.

I was wondering if I could work Omaha.

I mean, it's a case that
changed my father forever,

and it could help with the closure.

No agent can work a case they
have a personal connection to.

I mean, you don't
see Shelby working 9/11.

I, um...

I thought about what you said,

and I'm ready to do whatever it takes

to bring my parents to justice.

Okay, well, I think the first step

would be to lure them out of hiding,
if you can even do that.


Look out your window.

None of those people are innocent.

They're apathetic.

This country only takes
action when there's a crisis,

so I'm giving them one.

I need to talk to Claire now.

Photo op with the mistress

of the VP candidate's late husband

- is not on the schedule.
- I know that she is in there.

Look, the senator doesn't
have time for you.

The election's less than 24 hours away.

If you don't let me
speak to her right now,

there's not gonna be an election.

Why did Natalie have to die?

To keep you in line, and it worked.

Threaten me all you want.

I'm not gonna help
you kill these people.

It's already done.

You try anything, and that bomb blows.

And don't try rolling down a
window or opening your door.

Everything's rigged.

I knew you were perfect for this.

I knew you'd do what you were told.

How hard can it be to find
a blue Tacoma in this town?

Where are we with street closures?

I'm coordinating with NYPD.

What about DITU?

I want eyes on every ATM
cam, every red-light cam...


Alex Parrish isn't any
more a terrorist than you or me.

She's under the
influence of one... Drew Perales.

You're getting closer.

Soon, all this will come to an end.

Please, Drew. You
don't have to do this.

Release my son, Miranda.

He and Ms. Wyatt are the
key to finding and stopping this

before it's too late.

If we're going to release Caleb,

we have to release Ryan and my sister.

We're gonna need all
the help we can get.

Do it. Let me see that.

The Forensic Science Research
and Training Center

is the premier crime lab in the U.S.

It is its own division within the FBI,

with over 500 scientific
experts and agents

working alongside one another.

Today, you will have unrestricted access

to actual physical evidence

from the terrorist
events you've been assigned.

You've all been given key
cards to evidence libraries

for your cases, and yours alone.

Gather the evidence you
need and get to work.


Please, Shelby, don't hang up.


Did you get my letter?

I'm sorry I didn't
call like I said I would.

I thought after what your
friend said to us...

Where are you?

I'm far enough away to be safe,

but close enough, I wish I was closer.

Listen, we just really need to talk.

I've made a horrible mistake.

Is there any way that
you could come here?

Well, as much as I want to see you,

it's just too much of a risk.

What if I can get you an immunity deal?

Would that change your mind?

I heard a rumor about a couple

who got offered a deal
by the 9/11 Commission,

but it took years to get it.

But if... if I could.

Well, yes. Of course.

Yes, sweetheart.

Okay, stay by this
number. I'll call you back.

So, you and Dad are working
together again, huh?

Yeah, we'd like you to come
by the house for dinner tonight

so we can discuss what it means.

Uh, I think I'm gonna pass.

Watching you and Dad play
the Underwoods all day

is enough for me.

I wasn't asking.

And wear something nice.

We're gonna have our picture taken.


What's up?

I found something
new I find interesting.

Jeff Michaels.

That was one of your
dad's undercover aliases, right?

Yeah. And this is his handwriting.

- How many books are there?
- Dozens.

Every week that he was
undercover in Omaha,

he turned one of those in to
his handler, Fred Baxter.

All undercover agents have to.


Interested in
switching assignments for a bit?


An undercover
assignment your first day out.

You must be excited, Raina.

Or not.

What are we walking
into, and... and for how long?

I've read Kouri's file.

Will we even survive it?

I don't know how to
say goodbye to my life,

and I'm terrified.

Well, it's normal to
be nervous, all right?

Just know that the Bureau isn't
gonna put you anywhere

if they didn't feel you could handle it.

Have you talked to Nimah
about how you're feeling?

No, Nimah is fearless.

Or at least she needs
to tell herself she is.

I can't talk to her about any of this.

She won't understand.

Well, look...

let me tell you something that
my first handler told me.

Find an emotional
anchor... the person in everyone's life

that keeps them
grounded, that keeps them sane.

If that's not Nimah, you
need to find that person.

What is up with you two?

You were a lot more fun
before your "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" act

morphed into "By the Sea."

She is not my problem anymore.

Is that why you're secretly hacking

into her parents' bank statements?

What do you want?

Shelby just stole the
Department of Justice file

my team was working with.

What was in them?

Statutes, transcripts, redacted
immunity agreements.

She's gonna get caught.

Look, I know I'm not
supposed to work a case

a family member's worked on,

but my friend, she wanted
me to see my father's logbooks,

and I can see here that you
were his handler during Omaha.

Yeah, I was.

And slogging through
logbooks... That's gonna take you weeks.

You know, all the
information's already culled.

Right, but it says that
there should be 84 logs,

one for every week,

but there are only 83 in the system.

Maybe he couldn't report in one week.

You know, I can't remember.

That's what I thought, but if you look,

there's a book 78, and
there's a book 76,

but there's no 77.

Perhaps it's mislabeled.

I wouldn't worry about it.

All right.

Skycam has eyes on 11 blue Tacomas

moving through
Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens,

but none of the
plates match Agent Booth's.

The terrorist replaced them.

We're running a check on the others now,

but here's the thing...
When we approach the truck,

we have to make sure it's the right one,

because if it's not,
Perales could find out

and it could push him over the edge.

I agree. We have to
keep this operation quiet.

If anyone finds out about this,

there will be so much
chaos, we'll never stand a chance.

People will panic, and
people will get hurt.

I'm glad you're here.

through Manhattan, and we've

- just received word...
- Miranda. Look.

That video has leaked of
Alex Parrish, seen here,

in the garage of the
FBI's New York field office

with what appears to
be a bomb of some kind.

We'll keep you updated on
the nature of the bomb, as well...

Alex, you look scared. Don't be.

Drew, listen to me. Is this how
you want to be remembered?

A terrorist? A traitor?

Nothing you say can change my mind.

Welcome to the end.

Do you think the President should
use his emergency powers

to suspend the election?

I can't speak for the President.

I can only speak for myself, which
is why, as of this moment,

I am suspending my campaign

so that I may fully assist the FBI.

Miranda. I think I
know a way to find Drew.

Okay. What is it?

All this time, Alex has
been trying to ping a cellphone,

but what if the voice
was using a land line?

There are too many carriers in the city.

It'll take too much time.

Unless we can narrow down the field.

This guy, he's skilled when
it comes to subterfuge.

We need to listen to
what's between his words.

Well, we could use
DITU to search for activity

that matches the sounds we hear

and then use that to narrow
down on Drew's location,

but there's just one little problem...

We're not exactly in the FBI.

You are today.

Track down every lead.

Don't screw this up.


Caleb is two days into
withdrawals and jonesing.

And we're gonna ignore the charges

against her for the moment.

Raina hasn't been in
the Bureau for months.

Why don't you let me
conduct my operation?

Wait, Miranda. You're leaving?

I have a secure briefing upstairs.

You can hold down the
fort for 10 minutes, right?


What's wrong?

That's odd.

Miranda said she was
headed upstairs for a briefing.

Agent Baxter.

You lied.

Alex, please.

Look, you have the missing
logbook, don't you?

I joined the FBI to find
out the truth about my father,

and I realized, over the
course of the last year,

that I'll probably never know.

So you don't have to
tell me why you lied.

That's your right.

But I still think I deserve to know.


Not here.

Your father and Agent O'Connor

went undercover with that militia,

- hoping to catch them in the act.
- Right.

Sometimes things don't
work out that way.

Sometimes the bad guys need a nudge...

a push to do the thing that
you want to catch them doing.

You might even supply them with
blueprints to the building

so they know where to
park the trucks with the bombs.

Sometimes agents keep their mouth
shut when they're told to.

Someday, you'll do the same thing,

and if you ever cross that line,

you better hope that you bust them

before they actually push that button.

I-I'm sorry.

A-Are you saying that...

No, I'm not.

And no one ever will.

That's why I burned that logbook.

A tragedy happened.

Americans died...

servicemen and women...

their children in that daycare.

We moved on.

I hope you do, too.


Hey, did you give
Shelby your 9/11 access card?

- Yeah. Why?
- She used it to steal

a witness immunity agreement

from the files.

And we're sure that it has something

to do with her parents.

Our friend Spy-ris here

overheard her talking on
the phone with her mom.

Yeah, but an old witness immunity
agreement's useless.

Unless she's using it to set them up,

get them here before
calling the feds on them.

That's entrapment.

If EAD finds out, it's over for Shelby.

What if she's willing to
tank her entire career

just to try and get them arrested?

Listen, I know that
you guys are friends,

but, I mean, even you have to admit,

she's not the same
person she was before all this.

She's changed.


Thank you for helping me with this.

I'm helping Shelby.

I may have momentarily felt
bad for you last week,

but I still think you're a
dark prince unable to do any good.

Dark prince?

I'm sorry I called you.

I'm glad you did.

Everything is going so fast.

I-I can't even remember why I
said yes to coming to Quantico.

A-And now...

I'll be losing my entire life.

You said "yes" because
it's what Nimah wanted

and you love your sister.

It can't be reason enough.

You... You don't realize
it while you're there,

but the Bureau is a business.

And there are other
ways to do good in the world.

Like what?

The company I work
for... They gave $10 million

to charitable causes last
year in Africa, the Middle East.

You should come work for us.

No, I'm serious.


You'd make a great living,

and you would be
contributing in a meaningful way.

I can't just walk
away that close to the end.

Quantico might be ending,

but you are about to
start something else.

Are you ready for that?

No, I...

- No.
- I got this.

I should be treating you.

What, are you kidding me?

- What?
- You got a tea.

All right? You're the
cheapest date ever.

Cheap? What does that mean?

That came out wrong.

Did you really just use my access card

to steal and forge
witness immunity agreements?

Yes. I did.

Shelby, what is wrong with you?

If somebody found out, your
career could be over.

Don't worry. I'm protected.

What... What does that
mean, you're "protected"?

This doesn't concern you, Alex.

You used my access card,
Shelby, so now it concerns me.

I get that you want your
parents to pay for what they did,

but breaking the law is
not the way to do it.

I am bringing to justice two people

who have defrauded the
American government for 15 years.

That is what I was trained for.

You're literally forging the
document right in front of me.

You realize that it's my
duty to report this, right?

- Sometimes the world is gray, Alex.
- Yeah.

I learn that more and more
every day, including today,

but there's a big difference
between vengeance and justice.

Yes, and sometimes there is both.

Now get out of my room

and stay out of my way.

Okay, after sifting through
all the BG noise,

I zeroed in on an area on
49th in between 9th and 10th.

Then I ran a search for
all Drew's known associates

living in that area,

and I found a rental under
the name Alicia Landon.

Drew's fiancée who was killed.

With me.

Caleb, forward me the address.


You may have saved millions of lives.

If they get to Drew in time.

Thank you for the veil.

finally found it, Alex.

Do you know what that feels like?

I wish you could.

I wish things could
have turned out differently

for you and me... for us.

Is that my voice?


What happened? Were we drugged?

Where are we?

I don't know.

I only did what the voice told me to do.

Yeah, me too.

What have I done?

Well, we're gonna need to
rain-check our feelings,

'cause we got to get out of here.

That's a trip wire.

If that door opens, everything blows.

We're not supposed to be seen...

In public together?

What does it matter if
you're walking away?

How did you find me?

I asked Coombs to show me

how to use the Cellphone
Trace Protocol program

in case you were ever late for a swap.

You didn't tell her where I am, did you?

I didn't.

Do you care?

You're backing out, aren't you?

You read Kouri's file.

He's a monster.

He incites murder and destruction,

and we're supposed to live
with him for who knows how long?

Echo his beliefs?

Recruit for him?

Pray with him?

You can leave with Simon. Go ahead.

I won't stop you.

I can't.

I can't go anywhere because
I'm tied to you.

Tomorrow, you would be.

But today, not yet.

I've been pushing
you all year to do this,

thinking you'd come around,

and during this time, I've
learned things, Raina.

This life is hard.

There are compromises, hard choices,

people who want from us more
than we want to give them.

Trust me, I've made those choices.

You can't do this for me.

Only for you.

I can find another way,

and I'll support whatever
decision you make.


I need advice.

What's up?

You okay?

So many stories here end
the same exact way.

Someone buries the
truth, a line is crossed,

everyone gets hurt,
and no one knows why.

My father in Omaha,

Liam and the guns that
killed Drew's fiancée.

Me in Chicago.

Look, I think Shelby's about

to make the same
kind of mistake, and I...


We need to talk.

O'Connor, what's going on?

Why did I get an e-mail from
one of your classmates

accusing you of taking
evidence from the Omaha case file?

Wait. Was this classmate Shelby?

'Cause that's exactly what I
came to speak to Ryan about.

She stole an immunity
agreement from my 9/11 case.

Before you recriminate
against Wyatt, you need...

Liam, listen to me!

Shelby's about to cross a line.

She's gonna make a mistake

that she'll regret for the
rest of her life, and I know...

I know you know how that feels.


Caleb, what are you doing here?

I've got about 5
million different reasons

to ask you the same thing.

Well, did Shelby send you? Where is she?

We had a deal.

You were supposed to
take the money and stay away,

but for some reason... God
knows why... you can't.

You need to leave.

Shelby's on her way here,

and I promised myself I
would tell her everything

and we'd finally get
this all sorted out.

You're not gonna get a chance to do that

because that whole immunity deal,

That's just a trap to
get you onto American soil

so you can be prosecuted
for... I don't know...

a dozen different federal
laws that you've broken.

You're lying.

Where are the other
agents, the sirens, the handcuffs?

They're coming. Trust me.

And why would you warn me?
I know what you think of me.

You deserve to go to jail.

You deserve to pay for every
single thing that you've done,

but Shelby doesn't.

I read the letter that you wrote her,

that you would do
anything to be in her life again.

I just don't believe you.

I meant what I wrote.

We came for the money.

We thought it would be easy.

Shelby had been out of
sight, out of mind for so long,

but seeing her...

It brought back all the
emotions that I had buried.

I regretted
everything the second we left.

Well, if that's true,

take responsibility
for what you've done.

Turn yourself in.

That's the only way you could have

an honest relationship with Shelby.

You got about seven minutes until
HRT breaks down that door.


I-I just... I just want to
be in my daughter's life.

Well, that's the thing about family...

You don't get to choose
when you want to be a part of it.

Don't do this, Shelby.

Go out for dinner?

Listen, it starts small.

You cover your tracks, get lucky,

and then the lies start getting easier.

What are you talking about?

Please, just... just let him finish.

Don't tell me what to do.

Listen, if you want to
accuse me of something,

then by all means.

When we recruit sources, we
pull them in with a sin,

something they'll do anything
to keep buried,

but when you cross the
line, you recruit yourself.

Then you start doing
worse and worse things

to keep it all buried.

And then, over time, the
bodies under the floorboard...

They eat away at
whatever's left of your conscience.

Sometimes it's better

to let the bad guys get away with it

than it is to be the
one who gets away with it.

Can I go now?

Don't do this, Shelby.

All you
have to do is sit there

and let what happens happen.

I know you want to
move. I know you want to run.

But you don't want to
kill all these people, do you?

Just stay put.

Don't open a door. Don't open a window.

This will all be over soon.

This last part is going to be...

Aah! All right, I'll think of something.


Wait, wait! Aah! Just wait!

- Hurry!
- Break my thumb.

- What?
- You need to get to Alex

before the FBI takes her out.

Break it now so we can get out of here.

I'm sorry about this.

Take the fire escape! Go... now!

Alex! Alex, can you hear me?

It's Drew... the real Drew.

You were talking to the voice.

Simon's on his way over
to you right now!


Agent Booth.

Agent Booth, are you okay?

Nod if you can hear me.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

How you doing? You okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

What happened?

It was a homemade explosive.

Whoever was inside is
probably already dead.

Come on! This way!

Come on.

You all right?

I need to borrow this.


It's Ryan!

Ryan! No, don't touch that.

No, just please wait!

Ryan, I'm so scared.

I don't know what's happening.

The line just went dead. It just...

There was an explosion.

I don't know if Drew's dead or alive,

but I'm coming to
you right now, all right?

- This street is closed, sir.
- Step back, sir.

I need to speak to Alex Parrish.



She's not coming with me, is she?

She's chosen our mission, Simon.

She's chosen to fight a
world that looks at every Muslim

with fear, suspicion, or hate.

She cares about you more
than I wish she would.

You're not ready for her.

You never think I will be.

Are you willing to choose

between your heart and your faith?

Because that's what
you're asking of her.

And whatever choice is
made, both people will lose.

You will say
anything to get what you want.

Do you see me holding her back?

She's right there.

You don't need her to redeem you, Simon.

Forgive yourself.

- Hey.
- We should go over

the trainees' final exam

one more time
before... What happened in Omaha?

Why are you asking me that?

Omaha was your first case assignment
out of the Academy,

and you were in Chicago, too.

So I'm just wondering, "What's
under your floorboards?"

You want to know the truth?

Or what they told me to say?

And who are "they"?

You know who they are.

They're the ones who
talked to you after Chicago,

told you how to handle it.

You talked to me after Chicago.

They are the ones who
decide what secrets

the American people can and can't know.

And you either fall in
line, or they zero you out.

It was my first deep-cover op.

Alex's father and I

had infiltrated a
right-wing militia group...

the Nebraska Liberty Defense.

Six months in, and it was mostly
just talk on their part,

so Michael and I were
told to expedite things

by giving them the blueprints to
the federal building in Omaha

that they had talked so much about.

Ah, well, we were in over our heads.

Before we knew what
happened, it was too late.

The guilt sent Michael down a spiral.

And you?

Well, I held on to the top
of the bottle with one hand

while he drowned at the bottom.

You know, he wanted to come clean.

He wanted to tell the
truth about what had happened.

But they wouldn't let him?

I thought that Chicago was a mistake,

but it was a pattern.

You find the shortcuts, and
other people pay the price.

This isn't an exact science.

I'm sorry. I can't follow you to D.C.

I need to start my own career

as far away from here as possible.

No, no, no, no, no. Look.

You're making a mistake.


but at least it'll be mine for a change.


- Shelby, stop.
- For what?

- We need to talk about this.
- No.

When I got to the hotel, she was gone,

and I may never find her again.

- I know. You...
- You had no right, Alex.

You and... and Caleb and Iris and Liam.

These are people that care about you.

We were trying to protect you.

You... You broke the law.

You shot your own father and
lied to the police about it,

and you're gonna tell me about
what is right and wrong?

Alex, what you had to live
with, it almost killed you.

You came here to get
answers, and you got them.

But what you just
did... You took away my answers.

You took away my agency.

We just stopped you
from making a mistake

that you'd regret for
the rest of your life.

Do not tell me how I will be.

You don't get to take
away my emotions, too.

You know, when we first
met, we got so close.

I thought, "Here... Here is my family.

Here is who I was meant to know."

I let you in on my life. I
trusted you with everything.

You want to talk about a mistake

I will spend the rest
of my life regretting?

How about meeting you?

Clear the area!

Come on, let's move out!

What happened to you? I didn't...

I-I thought you might have been...

Listen, Alex...

I need you to get
out of the truck, okay?

I can't.

Drew said that the entire
truck was rigged to the bomb.

- If I even move, it...
- No, no. That wasn't Drew.

It was just a voice. It's
just more theatrics.

Just like all of this.

The WMD team has
swept the entire vehicle.

There's nothing hardwired to the bomb.

The bomb's not even activated.

No, that's because it's a
remote-detonating device.

Look at the bomb. Look at it.

There's no receiver.

They never put it on.

This bomb was never meant to go off.

What if you're wrong?

What if the voice is playing you again?

What if... What if I open the door and

- the bomb goes off?
- Alex, they're not.

- Alex, stop. Alex, stop!
- No!

Or it goes off somewhere
else, like the ECC?

- I can't!
- Alex, listen to me!

I have been where you are,

in that hotel room with
my hand on a trigger.

And I would never let you make
the same mistake I did.

- That was my mistake.
- No, Alex, it wasn't.

I told you to let it go,

and I'm not making that mistake again.

I will not hurt all of these people.

Alex, you are not gonna hurt anybody.

You're not, okay?

You can't. I promise you.

You will not hurt anyone, but
you have to unlock the door.

- No!
- Alex, listen to me!

Just look at me.

Why did you come and get me?

Because you trust me, right?

So just trust me now.

Unlock the door, Alex.


- Yeah?
- You got a second?

Yeah, sure.

How'd it go with Shelby?

I'm sorry.

You know, when I got here,

I hadn't had many friends in my life.

It looks like I'm leaving
here the exact same way.

You know, there's something
they don't talk about at Quantico.

For all the partnership and teamwork

that they teach you here,

they don't tell you that
being an agent is...

is actually pretty lonely.



Mm, we're all alone out there.

What if I don't want to be?

I mean, it doesn't
have to be the way it was.

We don't have to be the
kind of agents that cut corners

to close cases or miss signs

or put covering our
asses over saving lives.

You know, we... we both have two weeks

before we start our new jobs.

Why don't we take that
time and run away together...

you know, off the
grid, completely off the map...

and get to really know each other

before we have to start working together

and never get a chance to?

I'm sorry.

You came here to say something,

and I completely steamrolled you.

That can wait.

Thank you for your reports.

We save this lesson about
the Bureau's darkest days

for the final week

in hopes that it will stay with
you long after you leave...

'cause too often, these
lessons are forgotten,

especially in times of crisis.

They get traded in for
personal crusades...

I was so close.

I know.

I know, but cases like
this don't get solved in a day.

They take months, years.

Yeah, well, I can't do it by myself.

Okay, well, when you work in
my office, we'll do it together.

It'll be our project.

Don't worry, Shelby.

We'll get them. I promise.

Sacrificed in favor of
what comes easiest...

Hey, Dad, you coming?

- Hello.
- Hey.

Oh, you changed your mind about dinner.

I did.

And the portrait?

How come?

Because we're family.

Abandoned in the face of fear or greed

or both.

But if there's one
lesson I can teach you,

it's that each of you knows
in your heart what is right...

Kouri's recruitment plans have changed.

It won't be tomorrow.

Intel says next week.

We'll be ready.

what is fair, and what is just.


You got your security clearance.

Senator Haas signed it herself.

No matter how surrounded
you are by lies,

don't let them in.

Resist, because someday,

you are going to be asked

to follow an order you don't agree with,

cut a corner for the greater good...

and in that moment,

you're going to have to
decide who you want to be.

It was all theater.

We were just players.

Even Drew.

Between the threats to his family

and trying to protect Alex,

he had to do whatever
the voice told him.

If it was all theater,
was the bomb even real?

As real as it gets.

But why?

To spread fear and
make a joke out of the FBI?

The nightmare is over.

Thanks to the brave and
tireless work of the FBI,

the nuclear device is
securely in custody.

I would also like to
commend Special Agent Alex Parrish

for her strength and heroism.

She really was born for this.

It's the WMD team.

The bomb is gone.

Response team confirms... It's gone.

The terrorist took it.

But only high-ranking
members of the Bureau

would know where it was taken.

In this office, that's Miranda.

Where is Miranda?

I need to know where Miranda
Shaw is right now!

I got suspicious when I
saw the footage of Alex

leaked from inside the FBI building.

Only a few people could
have accessed it.

I should have known.



Why are you doing this?

To make things right.