Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 22 - Yes - full transcript

It's graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist.

My name is Alex Parrish.

Protecting our country had
always been my dream,

but my life took a very drastic turn.

I am not
responsible for Grand Central.

Somebody stole my
plans, fixed the flaws,

and used them for themselves.

You are not invisible.

In the Senator's
purse is an identical bottle.

You'll need to swap it out.

It's safe. You can let it go.

You told me it was gonna be okay.

And I had to live with that.

There's still another bomb.
Thousands of people will die.

- Bomb's missing.
- Terrorists took it.

- Where is Miranda?
- I should have known.


They're blaming me for Chicago.

I'm gonna get fired.

And I won't even collect my pension.

Well, it's a good thing

you have a friend who
can give you a job.

How do you feel about Quantico?

This is my father.

But I need to know the truth.

I killed a hero!

Come here. Come here.

Up and at 'em, people!

Mandatory gun test in 10 minutes!

I will never have friends.

I won't leave again. Don't worry.

That's what
you are, Simon Asher...

one big warning sign.

They recruited me.

I didn't grow up wanting
this like you did.

I'm s... I'm sorry. I...




He's at my bar, The Catacombs?

- In Georgetown?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Happy New Year!


Come on. I'll take you back.

Let me take your coat.

Got something to drink?

Sure. Full bar.

I don't want her knowing

I found this apartment for
her, Agent Goodwin, okay?

My friend gets a
sublet. Alex gets a deal.

Everybody wins.

Harper, you have many secrets.

If you want me to keep
them, do exactly what I say.

Why are you doing this?

To make things right.

Why didn't you kill me?

I thought you'd enjoy watching it all

burn down to the ground with me.

You ready?

You say you want to leave right
after graduation tomorrow?


Why the rush?

I don't see the
point of sticking around.

It's not like I have
anyone to say goodbye to.

That's not true.

You know what, it's fine

if I didn't end up with any friends.

I have you,

and you'll just be a
train ride away in D.C.

And before that, two
whole weeks together.

- Hmm.
- No assignments.

No distractions.

No intrigue.

A hotel room. A beach.

- Mm.
- Us.

Not until tomorrow, remember?

It's official.

The entire Fletcher
clan touches down at 09:00.

What about your folks? Are they coming?

Oh, yeah, they thought I'd
be the first Haas to flame out.

I made sure they'd both be here

just so I could rub their
noses in it, you know?

Just got to get through today.

I don't understand how he
landed at a big office like San Diego.

I know you
think Caleb isn't ready.


How many FBI agents have
been recently De-programmed?

I know, which is why you have my word

he'll be confined to
a desk for his career.

He'll be in no position to
do damage, I assure you.

Thank you, Clayton.

Photos for badges that
no one will ever see.

And we can't even both go to graduation.

It's too public.

I know. It's unfair.

I wish Miranda would see
you up there tomorrow.

She hasn't returned my calls.

I hope she's okay wherever she is.

I hope so, too.

Congratulations, and
welcome to your last class ever.

You made it to week 20.

So look around.

You are the FBI's best and brightest...

our great hope.

But you are not agents yet...

not until you finish
one final assignment.

And I hope you're ready for a long night

at the Old Settler.

That's right.

We rented the whole place out.

So tonight it's just you,

Academy faculty, and
some trusted friends,

so you get to cut loose one last time

before the real work begins.

Don't forget to turn in
your red handles on your way out,

and do not expect your Bureau
firearms until tomorrow.

Yeah, you know, when you're sober.

They should just let him keep his.

It's the closest thing to
a real gun he'll ever have.

Nobody keeps a Baby Haas in the corner.

Well, I told you what Clayton said.

I don't care what he said.

A Haas is still a Haas...

always short of a murderous rampage

or blowing up a building.

I don't see how you keep him down.


I just want to say congratulations.

Oh. Um, yeah, thanks.

I won't be far.

I know we're both
disappointed with Ryan's decision,

but at least you'll have one
friend on the East Coast.

Wait, what decision?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought he would have told you by now.

Ryan turned me down.

He took an assignment in Texas instead.


I guess you never
really know people, huh?

Hey. What's happening?

We think that it might be Miranda.


We're looking at every request

for classified material she
made in the past week.

It's generated a few
leads, but nothing has panned out.

Hopefully Ryan's team will find her.

I just can't believe
it... Miranda of all people.

I've been going
through Miranda's correspondence...

e-mails, texts.

Grand Central was based on your plans.

You partially built the
bomb we're looking for.

Don't you think you've helped enough?

Nimah. We need him.

He's the only one who
knows about this technology.

And he knows Miranda.

Fine. Let him help... out there.

Simon. I'm sorry.

Thank God you're here.

I jumped on a plane the second
I heard about you and that bomb.

All right, I want
everyone's attention, please!

Locating Miranda Shaw is
now our top priority.

We have to find her and stop her

before that bomb goes
off, wherever it is.

And we will not fail.

Her entire career, the
FBI held her down,

passed her over for
promotion after promotion

just because she was a woman.

They killed her son

and then turned their backs on her.

What were those bombs, then?


Why let me go?

The first bomb took out agents
in town working the convention.

And then your manhunt drew even more in.

And then once you were caught,

Miranda knew the
bigwigs would come in town

for your arraignment, which they did.

If she wanted to draw as
much FBI blood as possible,

it worked.

It just doesn't make any sense.

I mean, why?

To cut the head off the beast

and grow a new FBI in her image.

I know this is hard on you.

It's hard on me. She's my friend, too.

But we have to find her

and take her out before it's too late.

You with me?


Of course I'm with you.

You know, the FBI has a saying...

"Family comes first."

I wish someone had told
me it is a total lie.

I wish someone had told me

that graduation is your
last day of freedom.


Hey, you.

Déjà vu much?

You have no idea.

So, what's the first
thing you're gonna do

when you get to D.C.?

Hey, can I get two more, please?

Thank you.

Hey, um, my name's Shelby Wyatt.

I'm a classmate of Caleb Haas.

He's going to be at your field office.

Yes, Ms. Wyatt.

We're looking forward to having Caleb.

Good, uh, that's
actually why I was calling.

I wanted to send a
gift, and I was just wondering

is there a floor or a cubicle number?

Yeah, 13-J. Great view of the water.

On the corner, in fact.

He has a corner office?

Only the best for Claire
and Clayton's kid, right?

If you want, I can transfer you

to the woman who will be his assistant.



You have got to be kidding me.

Hey, it wasn't me, I swear.

They should just do
it and get it over with.

Worked for us.

Come on.

Any regrets?

Oh, as many as anyone.

But everyone doesn't have someone
they can share it with,

you know, and be completely honest with.

Remember the first
time we danced like this?

There was still so much about
you that I didn't know.

Well, you weren't
exactly an open book, yourself.

okay. Well, look at us now.

You know me.

And I know you.

I know everything.

I thought we had to wait until tomorrow.

It's after midnight.

You're really getting
good at this, Ryan.

I was gonna tell you.

Yeah, but not until you had to, right?

Shelby, you're leaving?

It's your last night. Savor it.

Thank you, Senator Haas.

Claire. For you, always Claire.

I know things, uh,

didn't work out with you and Caleb,

but I hope that we can still be friends.

I see a lot of myself in you.

Thank you, Senator. I'd like that.

You know, you once told me

that women get judged
more harshly than men,

so I don't want what Caleb's been up to

to get out and blindside you.

What's Caleb been up to?

I thought you went
out. What are you eating?

tomato, lettuce sandwich.

- Don't judge.
- I don't.

I-I didn't know you liked bacon.

I don't.

I just hate the fact that
starting tomorrow,

I won't be allowed to have it.

I needed one last taste of my life.

It didn't hit me until tonight...

When we're in the cell,
we won't see each other.

When you're in, I'll
be out, and vice versa.

We're gonna be pretending to
be someone else half the time,

and the other half, we're
gonna be isolated and alone.

I won't be able to talk
to you for a year or more.

Who knows?

That's assuming we both...

I came back because I
wanted to spend time with you.


We have the whole night.

Let's make it count.

We can't be back here again.

You're the one who's
always bringing us back here.

I thought the lying was over,

but you just can't help yourself.

I wanted to tell you after graduation.

I wanted tomorrow to be
about you, not about us.

Oh, so it could be about
us after it was over?

I'd get off that stage

the happiest I've ever
been in my whole life

only to find out
everything that I've looked forward to

was off the table,

that the man I finally wanted to be with

wanted to move
halfway across the country.

Well, that's... that's just geography.

That's a lot of work, Ryan.

That's why we have this trip

so we can figure out if
it's worth it or not.

"Figure out if this is worth it"?

Oh, wait, come... You
know exactly what I mean.

If we think we can make...

- Do not backtrack now!
- I'm not backtracking!

All right? I'm trying to find a foothold

because you keep overreacting.

You keep making rules. You
tell me to walk away.

You tell me to come back, and I do it.

I do it every single time...

because I love you.

And this time...

This one time that I
want to do something for me,

and suddenly, it just means

that I've done something
terrible to you.

Do you honestly think that I'm wrong

for wanting to spend the
next two weeks together

before I decide to put my
entire career aside and follow you?


Sometimes I really wonder

how much we mean to each other.

Well, there's still time to find out.

I don't think either
of us would trust it.

Why don't we just skip to the end?

We've done this so many
times, we know it by heart.



Yeah, no, I think you're right.

Still no sign of her on CCTV.

No luck pinging her phone, either.

It only works if her phone is on.

Even if it's for a
second, we could find her.

All right, let's just
keep trying in case.

Hey, any luck?

She's not at her
apartment, but I found something else...

a camera.

Somebody was watching her,

but that doesn't make any sense

because why would she run
surveillance on herself?

She wouldn't.

It's got to be another
play or... or a distraction.

Okay, even if that's true, where is she?

And where's the nuke?


No! No!

Shh! Be quiet!



What are you doing down here?

Uh, I'm just... I'm just getting my bag.

I'll be right up.


why don't you turn
around and look at me?

I'm sorry, Ryan

um, but, you made me do this.

The president has specifically
commended the FBI

for, "the strength it has shown

in averting a national crisis."

That one.

Senator Haas had this to say

when asked for comment.

Special Agent Alex Parrish

is the real hero.

I was simply doing my job.

Is that a message to voters?

I'm not gonna politicize today's events.

Alex, you got a sec?


Okay, we've been going over Miranda's
timeline, all right?

Her entire week.

It doesn't match the Voice at all.

When did the Voice first contact you?

- Where were you?
- My apartment.

Um, the night I
testified for the commission.

That was, uh... That
was around 11:00 p.m., right?


She was on a commercial flight to Lyon.

She had a meeting with Interpol.

The software that the terrorist uses

to disguise their voice,

it's not just some app on a phone.

Plus, Air France doesn't
have transatlantic Wi-Fi.

There is no way she
could have made that call.

The first time I got a voice call,

Miranda's schedule said she
was with three other agents

and a U.S. attorney prepping
for trial testimony.

One of the agents confirmed it.

You guys, what if she
really is being spied on?

Ryan called me 10 minutes ago and said

he found a surveillance
camera in her apartment.

Now, why would she have that

if she was the one who
was responsible for this?

Frank, was Ryan with you?

Yeah, he was right behind
us in the parking lot.

He's not up here?

Nimah, can you access the
CCTV footage in the garage?

Come on, Ryan. Pick up.

Alex, this is the feed from the garage.

That's Ryan's parking
spot 10 minutes ago.


Where's Liam?


Glad to get rid of that.

I hear you.

You think they really need these?

Get over it. The rest of us did.

Steph Curry for the three!

Did I hear you two singing
nursery rhymes

at 4:00 in the morning?

As an agent of the law,

I'm required to be
truthful at all times,

and I would like to tell
you something, Brandon.

I won't miss you at all.

I'm not gonna miss you or you.

How much did I drink?

You asked me not to count.

A lot.

What's this?

It came in the mail for us.

"I may not be at graduation,

but I will always be
there for you if you need me.


So, what's this? Round 16?

Actually, I came by to
give you a graduation gift.

Oh, yeah? Cyanide? Strychnine?

"Hamilton" tickets?

Your parents aren't coming,

not after I filled your mom
in on some of your poor choices.

Guess she wanted to keep her distance.

I-It is election year, after all.

Why would you do that?

Because I know how much it meant to you,

just like you knew how much getting
my parents meant to me.

Oh, and I have it on
pretty good authority

that your office in San Diego

is between the copier and
the janitor's closet.

So you might want to
rethink all that SPF.


Well, let's not act like
you're Little Miss Perfect

because you're the
one that writes people off

the second they disappoint you.

Oh, no, no. I'm not writing you off.

I'm forgetting you ever existed,

which is convenient,

since that's what the
FBI will be doing, too.


Hey. You good?

Yeah, I just can't
believe all this is over.

Yeah, me, too.

I start at the D.C. field
office tomorrow.

Oh, so it's like your graduation, too.

Well, I better get up there,

or nobody's going anywhere.

And here I thought you didn't
want me to make it to this day.

I didn't. But I'm glad you did.

I have plans for you, Alex Parrish.

Dad, is that you?

Who are...?


Wait, you're...

I'm Alex Parrish. I'm from the FBI.

Yeah, no, I know who you are.

You're everywhere.

Plus my dad talks about you a lot.

Um, oh, I'm Louisa, his...

Daughter. Yes, I know.

He talks about you, too,

but I-I thought you were...



What are you doing here?

Uh, my dad's still in D.C., isn't he?

He told me my boyfriend and
I could stay here this week.

I thought he was in New York today.

No. No, I just spoke
to him like an hour ago.

I must have been mistaken.

Um, good to see you.

Yeah, yeah.

See you around.

It's Liam.

It's always been Liam.

Remember he said, "Information
only counts

if you trust the source it came from"?

He's been playing us this whole time,

steering us in
whatever direction he wanted.

I think he's headed to D.C.

- Headquarters?
- No.

I think he's going back to Quantico.

Liam wanted Louisa in New
York to keep her out of harm's way.

He even called her to check
and make sure she was there.

If what Liam said to me about Miranda

was really his confession,

he wants to do something symbolic,

something that stops the
FBI from moving forward.

Just killing the
director is not gonna do that.

But the new generation of
NATs on their graduation day

and all the other NATs that are here...

Caleb can get us into
the surveillance system.

- Yeah.
- Okay, good.

Simon, where would you put a bomb?

Dorms. It's the highest point.

Most damage due to fallout.

Like you said, the
ceremony sends a message.

Okay, so you two go to the ceremony.

We'll take the dorms. Stay out of sight.

If Liam sees people evacuating,

he'll know his jig's up, and then...

It's global thermonuclear war.

What about Miranda and Ryan?

We find the nuke, we find them.

Let's go.

- Alex.
- Yeah?

"Stay out of sight"?

This is my fault.

I got to fix this.

And we will, Simon. Together.

Come on.

You may have wondered
why this course was so long,

make you leave your lives,

fly you here, away from the real world

for six long months.

While the real world, the
one you used to know...

It evaporates the moment we
hand you your badge and gun.

And I know some of you may think

that it's your gun that
gives you your power.

But it's your badge that
will truly change you.

Another graduation day.

Every four weeks. 300
to 400 new agents a year.

'Cause that badge is a promise.

It's a promise that you will never again

walk through this
world as a regular citizen,

a promise to protect those
around you at all costs,

and a promise to be
responsible to this country above yourself.

You are joining an elite group

of American
heroes... people who have stock.

You can't let the badge down.

You can't give your
fellow agents a bad name

by forgetting your promise.

You'll make mistakes.

You'll follow leads that take
you to terrible places.

You'll live apart from
the rest of the world,

but that doesn't mean that you
can stop caring about it.

Care more. Be better.

Live up to the badge.

Don't live through it.

And, bingo. We are in.

What, the end of the
world makes you happy?

No, I just like watching you work.

You aren't infallible. None of you are.

But you are better than
the day you walked in here,

and I hope that this
country is thankful for that.

Because I know I am.

Thank you.

You may feel alone.

But everyone...

Even if we told the field counselors

and even if they believed us,

we'll never be able to evacuate in time.

I could have said no.

I could have let him
kill me, but I built it.

Saved myself, just like I always do.


Save them now, and it'll be okay.


No one agent...

Caleb, any sign of Liam?

No, not yet.

If he's out there, he
knows where to hide.

Hey! Over here!

- Alex!
- Over here!

Over here! Over here!

Come on.

She has a pulse.

Where is he?

I don't know. He left
us two, three minutes ago.

Alex. Alex. He has the bomb.

Caleb, you got that?

All right, I'll rally the troops.

She needs help. Find him.


We split up, okay?

If you do anything stupid...

Let's save the world,

- and you can lecture me later, okay?
- Alex.

I need eyes on the sixth
floor, east stairway.

Copy that. Approaching from the west.


I know you're in here.

Even if you find the
nuke, you can't disarm it in time.

It's your fault, Alex.

You were supposed to get
caught with it in Ryan's truck.

I didn't want to be
here, but here we are.

When you were telling
me why Miranda did it,

you weren't talking about her, were you?

You were talking about yourself.

I'm not ashamed of what I've done.

You're not ashamed of
killing hundreds of innocent people?

They died to save millions,

to kill the cancer that is the FBI

before it takes the country with it.

Are you really proud to wear that badge?

Of course I'm proud.

You're proud of the organization

that tried to blackmail Martin Luther
King into killing himself,

put the Japanese in internment camps,

botched Waco, instigated Omaha,

let flawed DNA put innocent
people behind bars?

You're proud of that? You
want to defend that?

Alex, you were so busy at Quantico

trying to get
redemption for killing your father

that you never saw me making
you into a scapegoat.

And you make a great scapegoat, Alex,

because you believe in this country

even after it
thought you were a terrorist.

You still love America,

and you think it loves you back,

but it doesn't.

Never did.

And now you won't be
there to see it burn.


Take the shot, Alex. I'll be fine.

He's right, Alex. It's your only move.

You'll still never find
the nuke in time.

- Where's the bomb, Liam?
- This has to feel familiar.

Your gun trained on a
man that you think is bad,

but you just can't be sure.

And you're scared.

Maybe it's because you
know you were wrong back then.

What are you talking about?

Your father was a good man, Alex.

I know you were never sure, but he was.

After Omaha, he wanted
to come clean so badly.

So did I, but
Clayton pressured us not to,

just like his superiors pressured him.

Can you imagine what it was like for me?

I was brand-new, just
out of this place,

and that's the first thing that I see...

corruption, cowardice,

callousness towards the loss of life!

I did what I was told,

and that's what my career became.

Instead of bringing people to justice,

I covered up their mistakes and my own

and kept getting promoted for it?

You didn't just cover things up.

You framed people. You killed people!

I had no choice!

Okay! Calm down, Liam.

You have to admit...

it was kind of poetic,
Alex, making you the fall guy.

You never paid a price
for killing your father,

but here was your
chance... penance for your sin,

bringing about the change

Michael himself would have wanted.

He would have never wanted this.

I wanted to get you kicked out.

That way I could say

that you turned vengeful, disgruntled,

but you just wouldn't quit.

And, Ryan, it wouldn't have
ended like this for you

if you had just come with me to D.C.

We could have rebuilt this together.

But you chose her instead,

just like she chose you

when I gave her one
last chance to frame you.

So what's it gonna be, Alex?


Him or me? Once again.

The way it's been, or
the way it could be

'cause I'm thinking, for once, it's you!

The bomb's not here.

Then where is it?

So the Marines are
scrambling a WMD team,

but they're about eight minutes out.

I don't think we can evacuate.

5,000 people between here and the
Marine base in four minutes?

If we're lucky, we get
them from the instant death zone

to the die-a-slow-death zone.

No one is gonna die.

Is there any way you can fix that?

Not without triggering the fail-safe.

Well, way to go, Dr. Strangelove.

You built a bomb that can't be stopped.

Okay, okay, just let him
think. Let him think.

Okay, I can't stop the
plutonium trigger,

but I can remove the uranium core.

Fewer casualties.

Maybe none, but either
way, we got to get this nuke

as far away as possible in case I fail.

No, he's right.

There's thousands of
people on this base.

It's our only option.

Okay, we could... we could drive
it out to the small arms range.

That's not far enough.

Well, can't the
Marines send a helicopter?

In two minutes? No. They can't...

We're running out of time!

Simon is gonna have to... Simon.

No! No! Simon!

You knew you couldn't
remove the fuel core, didn't you?

It's got to go off underwater.

At least 100 feet.

The Suburban will sink fast,

so no fallout, minimal
damage, nobody gets hurt.

Except you.

I won't feel a thing.

Guess I earned that
medal now.

You never needed to, Simon.

Guess I thought valor would
feel a lot less scary.

Just don't hang up, okay?

No, no. Never.

We're all here with you.


- Raina?
- Hey.

I-I always knew you would save us.

Kept thinking about all the things
I didn't do in my life...

a life where I hurt more
people than I helped.

But I can only think of one thing.

I didn't spend more time with you.

You want to grab a tea sometime?


I would love to.

Thank you, Simon.

Simon, we love you.

I love you.

We're all still here.

I'm always with you.


You okay?

Who can be on a day like this?

I know.

Someone looks better.

Appearances can be deceiving,

given the fact that radiation damage

is almost entirely internal.

Well, almost.

Aside from the superficial scarring

and the lifelong elevated risk

of rare mutation-based cancers,

I'm surprisingly healthy.

And what about your previous situation?

Oh, "The Company" has not come knocking.

Perks of being called a
player in the story of the century.

So can't take me off the grid.

It's good to see you, Caleb.

How you feeling,
buddy? Good to see you, too.

- How you doing, man?
- Good. How are you?

Ryan, how was D.C.?

Well, I briefed Congress,

who seems to think that I
know exactly what happened.

Still not sure I do, but...

Well, ride the horse in the
direction it's going, right?

Yeah, pretty much. Oh, hey.


I brought you a gift.


Welcome back, Agent Wyatt.


The new deputy
director pulled some strings.

How does it feel to be the
highest-ranking woman

in Bureau history?

Aah, I wish it felt better.

Maybe someday I can get
Alex her badge back, too.

You guys ready?

- Um, give me a minute.
- Okay.

I thought his Medal of
Valor was already in the casket.

It's the one from Grand Central.

I want him to have this one, too.

Come on. Let's go inside.

Oh, it's nice your mom came.

Who are you kidding?

She's already planning her run
for president eight years from now.

I'll be with you in a second.

Hello, Alex.

Thank you for being
here, Madam Vice President.

Thank you for inviting me.

I hope you're well. How's your health?

My health's fine. Why?

Blood pressure not
bothering you anymore?

According to your medical records

that were released after the election,

you don't have a blood-pressure problem,

hence you don't have a
blood-pressure prescription.

So I don't understand

why Liam O'Connor would blackmail me

into swapping out pills that
you were never really taking.

I'm sorry.

Were you asking me a
question or making an accusation?

I'm giving you a
chance to tell me the truth

before I devote my life to proving it.

And you already know
how stubborn I can be.

So how involved were
you with Liam O'Connor?

I wasn't involved with Liam O'Connor.

I'm not wearing a wire, ma'am.

Wire or no wire, the answer's the same.

But you knew about him.

All that matters now
is that we serve our country...

Me as vice president of a nation

that is in desperate need of leadership,

and you

wherever your blinding
idealism takes you.

My idealism isn't blinded at all.

In fact, I'm seeing
things very clearly now.

I see a woman who
colluded with a terrorist

to fake a nuclear bomb attack

right at the eve of the elections

to remind her voters

about her national security bona fides.

Wow, you really wanted to
win that election at any cost,

and not for the greater
good, but for yourself.

You do realize that you are insinuating

that I killed people... Natalie
Vasquez, Drew Perales.

You have no idea who I am.

What was the plan?

Getting me arrested with
a nuke in the car?

Having me spend the
rest of my life in jail

while you helped him rebuild

America's highest-ranking
law enforcement agency?

But you went on TV and called me a hero.


He must have hated that,

to have you go back on your word.

So he decided to do it himself.

He stole the nuke,

and Simon Asher had to
pay the ultimate price.

Simon Asher died a hero.

He died with more purpose

than most people have
in their entire lives.

And before you continue threatening me,

you are not with the FBI anymore.

So even if I did it,

you don't have the
authority, the resources, or the proof

to come after me.

I don't need proof.

I have something else.

I told you I wasn't wearing a wire,

but I didn't say I was alone.

Just remember this...

No matter where you are or what you do,

all the souls of the lives that you cost

will be watching you,

and so will we.

I see you.

Alex, what do you want me to
do with this magazine we're in?

Oh, you can have it.

Hey, save that Us Weekly for me!

What, the one with your face in it?

Yes, right next to that very important

"Who Wore It Better, Kerry or Sofia?"

I still can't believe you're
the one they dismissed.

Yeah, well, we mutually settled.

You can't go undercover when your
face is on every magazine.

Yeah, but out of all
of us, you're the one who leaves.

I mean, if it wasn't for you...

If it wasn't for us.

So what now?

Well, um, my room at
my mom's back in Oakland

is still exactly the way I left it.

Oh, yeah?

No hard feelings about that whole,

"My daughter's a
terrorist," press conference?

Who's keeping score?

Caleb is. Always.

And I'll settle it, eventually.


Oh! Look at you! Hey.

Hello, Nimah.

Hey, you.

Hello, I, uh... I got you these.

Um, straight from the bodega.

How romantic.

Yeah, well, I almost chickened out,

but the last time that
happened, I kind of got shot.

You did get shot.

Um, I'd put these in
water, but everything's packed.

I'm thinking about
something else I chickened out on.


That trip we were gonna
take after your graduation.

What about it?

Well, it turns out

that I have some leave days saved up.

How many?

Let me think.

One... carry the...



Hop in. This won't take long.

Alexandra Parrish, my
name is Matthew Keyes.

It is my belief,

as it is many others who work for me,

that the FBI treated you terribly.

They didn't trust you, they
certainly didn't help you,

and then they hung you out to dry.

But I know that you love this country.

And although you can't do
very much for it right now,

I know you wish you could.

What do you want, Mr. Keyes?

Well, I'd like to make you an offer.

We hear you're looking for a job.

I'm considering my options.

Well, allow me to add us to the mix.

Can I think about it?

This offer expires the
second you step out of this car.

Why me?

That's a good question.

One that will be answered in time,

but you have a decision to make first.

Excuse me.

So, are you gonna stay here,

or are you ready for what comes next?